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Star Wars: Fates

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Roleplay Character Application


This thread is a helpful guide to creating new Roleplay Characters for existing Star Wars: Fates Members or future members, the forum for applying to the site is located here.


To apply with a new Roleplay Character, you must provide a number of details before that character can officially be used in any plotlines or stories which involve this character. This ensures that no characters which are potentially rule-breaking or borderline God-tier are brought into the Star Wars: Fates Roleplaying Community, without first being vetted and checked by an administrator. This forum is so that the guidelines are uniform across the site - so that no characters get left behind or forgotten, and that due process is taken care of while problem character traits can still be fixed or altered without the need for undue stress.

Applications must be made in an individual thread, with the title "Roleplay Character: {{Character Name}}"


To make this uniform, the requirements to apply with a new character are as follows;

  • The character must have a decent biography.

By decent biography, this means that the main characteristics of a character as they arrive in the Star Wars: Fates Community must be reasonably explained. For simple characters, like a Shoe Maker on Coruscant, their backstory might only consist of a couple of paragraphs explaining how they entered into the shoe making business, and what is their main motivation for being a roleplay character. Perhaps his shop burnt down, or his family was abducted by the Hutt Cartel. There are no surprises in the manner of the backstory - certain facts may be omitted (if you want to allude to the fact that his daughter actually staged the abduction, for instance) but for the most part the biography exists to get into the mind of the character.

The biography is also a helpful tool for the writer, to get into the mindset of a character. There have been plenty of times that I've been writing a backstory for a character I've been thinking about, when I realize something important about their past. Something that gives the character dimension, or could potentially be a problem in the future. It can give you a clue on what sort of problems they might face in the future - and let you into the mind of the character you intend on sending out into the world.

  • Your character must have a profile picture, and a purpose.

Like all characters that apply to the Star Wars: Fates, you are required to have an avatar which in some way represents your Roleplay character. They must also have a purpose for existing - and comply with the site rules about characters (including Mary Sue / Godmodding). Characters should not exist for the purpose of a single RP, Roleplay Characters are expected to grow, learn and be a part of the community in their own way. They should not simply be support characters for another character's benefit, they need to have their own agendas and goals.


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Member Application


If you are new to Star Wars: Fates, we need you to fill out these couple quick questions to help us get to know you before we begin working on your application. We are going to be working, playing, and writing alongside you for the foreseeable future, so we could like to get an idea of who you are, before we begin working on your character. 


  • Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom?


  • Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general?


  • Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones?


  • What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging?


  • How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things?


  • Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order.


  • Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind.


  • Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You!


Once you've completed this section, please post a topic in this forum with the title "Application: [[Name of your character]]"




Character Application


Now we've gotten to know you, help us get to know your character! If you are already a member of this site, you can ignore the first half, and simply apply with this character information.


Name: (The first and last name, singular name, or the moniker of your character)
Gender: (The gender of your character)
Species: (The species/race of your character)

Rank: (The rank of your character, and/or Force rank based on their strength in the Force and availability of teachings)
Date of Birth: (Staff can assist with this, basically take the character's age and add it to the current year located on the front page.)


Appearance: (Go into some detail on your character's appearance, their skin color, eye color, hair color and style, their physical condition (are they skinny, muscular, lean, or some other build), their height and weight, in addition to notable markings such as scars, tattoos, cybernetics and other distinct features.)

Possessions: (List your character's possessions, from armor, their own apartment, etc. It is expected that you are realistic with these things. Note what your character typically wears (if it's armor or robes), if you do not often describe your character's appearance. You may add as much detail as you want to describing your character's possessions, though we do not enforce people to do that.)

Personality: (A brief summary of their personality, in addition to potential voice tones)


Skills, Abilities and Talents: (A summary of the character's strengths, or just a summary of what the character is average at. This will allow members and the staff to gauge how well balanced, or specialized the character is. Updating this section is not required, though it is encouraged to show your character's growth by expanding on their more simpler feats.)
Biography: (A simple three, or more, paragraph biography to describe the character's history and background, potential tie-ins for future plots and potential collaboration with members. Updating this is not required, though it is encouraged as your character progresses)
Character Statistics:
(These are for determining the strengths and capabilities of your character. The reference can be found here.)
Final Notes: (If you are to request something, please leave it here so the staff can see it, this is not part of the full biography. If you are a new member and were recruited by a fellow member, please leave their name here - or their alias used.)


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