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Found 2 results

  1. round in circles

    Homra waited patiently at the Enclave's entrance. Between his work in the archives and the occasional mission or two, the Echani sometimes felt stretched thin - especially when there's research to be done. Instructing initiates always felt like a breath of fresh air from being trapped within his office for too long. This time around, he's waiting for a Togruta initiate to arrive. Clouds drifted lazily in the sky, and the air was temperate. There were a couple of Master-Padawan pairs training in the fields, and a couple of initiate classes having lessons close to the river. @Gakowa Raso should be arriving some time soon. Homra did mention the details on how to get to the entrance. So he just waited, tapping his foot in tune to a pop song's rhythm.
  2. Carry On Wayward Son

    25 Helona 3630 BBY Hangar Bay, Dantooine The last time Homra saw Tython in person, craters filled the ground and smoke billowed from the remains of a heavily bombed Jedi Temple. The Echani didn't know if it was him or the Force grieving for such a violent loss. It was hard turning away from the destruction. He had to turn his attention to the children he helped escort after surrendering and then being taken away to transports. Homra shook his head. This was not the time to think of things long past, they have an objective here. He gave each of the non-Knight that accompanied them an appraising glance. There were Mirran and Char, two initiates Homra had the pleasure of taking to the Crystal Cave before being attacked by the local pest. Then there's Iman. Homra easily associated her with Khoonda Plains' pleasant breeze and freshly caught fish. The Echani nodded at the twi'lek in acknowledgement. Yusan had been there long before Homra arrived. The Echani just quirked his lips in greeting, not really expecting anything in reply. He had a holoprojector turned on, showing a hologram with an aerial view of the ruins of the Jedi Temple in Tython. It was... difficult, looking at it. Homra had expected smoke still rising up from the ground. Except, Tython had already moved on and now showed a different face altogether. The cupolas had ivy and different sorts of flora nearly covering every inch of what still stood up. The most damaged spire was the eastern one, built right into the cliff face. That's where the High Council met behind closed doors, and now it's mostly debris and wild flowers. The eastern and northern spires still looked relatively intact, and Homra sighed in relief back when he was given the image. That meant most of the archives and its contents can be salvaged. It hurt to know that their knowledge remained in a place that was devoid of those that can learn from it. Now, they had a chance to save what remained of the Jedi's past and culture in Tython. Homra cleared his throat. "Is everyone here? Anyone missing? None? Good." The Echani approached the hologram and pressed a button on his datapad, and the ruins turned to the once whole Jedi Temple. "This was the Jedi Temple in Tython. Aerial bombing destroyed most of it, and the Order had to relocate to Coruscant - leaving behind thousands of years of culture within it." "Our objective is pretty straightforward and simple. We need to retrieve any and all holocrons, datacrons, etc, from the ruins of the temple and bring it here to Dantooine." Homra returned the image to the ruins and a yellow highlight surrounded the ruins that used to be the northern spire. "This is where the archives used to be. It's an enormous domed chamber on the second floor of the temple, stacked with tomes and datacrons from floor to ceiling. I'd like to think most of it is still intact, and that we could bring all of it here to Dantooine." He took a deep breath. "This are remnants of our culture, a temple built on the planet where the Order was founded thousands of years ago. We need to bring it home, not just for us, but for future generations of Jedi and servants of the Force." "If anyone has questions, you may approach me or Knight Yusan." Homra gestured towards the taller Echani. "Otherwise, we should all get a move on, then."