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  1. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria admitted with a smile. "I don't think that's how the Jedi Master and Apprenticeship is supposed to be. They should be equals, learning from each other. Believe me, you are not my servant, Mirran. You're my friend and I'd rather treat you as such." She patted Mirran on the shoulder, trying to calm her down. Hopefully, this would shed some light on the master-apprentice bond. Thuria turned to the young man, admitting to him with a kind voice, "We're friends, actually. Kind of difficult figuring out the whole master-apprentice bond right now."
  2. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria closed her mouth. She needed time to think on that decision. Right now, it was better not to alarm Mirran, but instead help her out. Maybe they could learn something from this. "Yes, we should." She pointed out, "Well, Master and Apprentice isn't so arbitrary as you might think. Jobs usually require masters and apprentices, before the apprentice is ready for the next stage. But right now, we can leave it at that until we're ready. It's up to you." She was still leaning towards the Master-Apprentice scenario, since she didn't know if or when she and Mirran might return to the Jedi Order. For now, she was lucky to be alive. "Then let's go and find him."
  3. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria smiled. "Then I guess I am not the first who heard our lightsaber crystal's song then." Even though inside, Thuria was saddened to know she was no longer was the first to do something. Someone else heard the lightsaber crystal's song, too. It was good while it lasted, but she knew she had to try to find something no one else did, no matter how long it took. She shrugged, telling Mirran, "You can call me a friend, you can call me master. But I'm sure there are things about the Force that you have learned that I haven't." She smiled, hoping Mirran was alright.
  4. A Pilgrimage Home...

    "Oh," Thuria understood... sort of. She still had her way of saying "making up something", which must have been different from what Mirran was implying. Then again, Mirran already convinced her that she won the argument, just like everybody else did. She sighed. Why couldn't she win her own battles? Thuria sighed in despair. She shook her head, admitting freely, "Oh, they basically didn't tell me something, and then surprised me... sometimes with not what I what i was ready for or prepared for. They just did it or said something that shocked me, without telling me. That's basically what I meant by the Jedi keeping me in the dark, and they did it a lot of the time I was an Initiate and a Padawan." She admitted, waving her hand in the air, "It's happened to me, Mirran. I wasn't kidding about that!" She listened to MIrran, understanding, "I don't think my nanny approved of what the Jedi did, but I'm not sure if she understood either what it meant. It took an Animal Test for the Jedi to take me away from her. So yes, I have an attachment to animals and animals are attached to me. It's a curious bond we share. Same with me hearing a lightsaber crystal's song. I've always had an attachment for things, animals, and people. It must be due to sensitivity." She nodded, approving of Mirran's statement. "Yes, I like that. Us as friends. Oh, that's good! We can start searching for the Luka Sene member." She nodded, pleased.
  5. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria's mouth gaped open. She couldn't be serious? "Never making up for it is like saying I can't do anything at all." She raised her eyebrows, shrugging. "It's better than not remembering anything or snippets of memories. Which one do you think is worse: photographic memory that remembers everything or the mind that forgets conversations and other memories? Which one is worse? They both have burdens to bear. I'd rather remember than forget; so, that way I could undo more of my mistakes. So, people wouldn't be so hard on me all the time." She shook her head. "Maybe there's a reason you have a photographic memory. So, that way, you don't forget the parts that are your childhood. Me, I'm starting to forget my childhood, unsure if I should stay an adult or go back to being a child. I wish I could remember more about my past, instead of feeling in the dark all the time, like the Jedi did to me multiple times: leaving me in the dark. It was awful." She admitted, "We were both taken by the Jedi, Mirran, probably because the Jedi wanted us to forget our past and live under their Code. They do it to infants all the time; so, we don't know who our parents are. So, we don't feel emotions. I'm sorry for what happened to you. Everything that happened to you. I want to help you out, Mirran. I just don't know how." She listened intently to what Mirran had to say. It was better not to upset MIrran anyway. "Then we'll find another way."
  6. A Pilgrimage Home...

    "You're reasons are sound. I know how it feels. I was angry, too, when I was abandoned by my Masters. Angry and sad. I'm sorry I did that to you. I don't know how I'll ever repair the damage I did to you," Thuria sighed. Maybe she shouldn't have abandoned her Padawan when she did. Selfish or not, she still hurt her old Padawan. She stared at her Padawan's braid, realizing she had more challenges to face. She sighed, admitting calmly, "To be honest, I wish I had a photographic memory. But I don't. I only remember snippets of my life. But I can't forget what I've done. How can I make it up to you?" She listened to Mirran, understanding. "I'll help you find this Luka Sene member. You don't have to go through this alone. I'll help you through this trial. It's better to have help than to feel completely alone, even during a trial. If we're on our own all the time, we'll just feel abandoned, as opposed to when we're doing things by ourselves. I mean, doing things on our own is great, but I can't help feel like neglect is there, too, neglect that no one helped us out. I'd rather you not feel abandoned again, but know that there are people who care about you. That's important, right? Helping each other out?" Attachments. Thuria always had an issue with that as a Jedi. Issue? No. She was sensitive, which explained why she heard her lightsaber crystal's song. She couldn't help having attachments. It was who she was. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.
  7. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria nodded. She didn't remember much about her parents. It made her wonder what happened to her father. He left her to her Twi'lek nanny Soresu Yei, but she didn't remember much about her either. Maybe now that she wasn't with the Jedi and the Jedi Temple on Tython, she could explore more of her personal journeys with Mirran. A favor for a favor. It would help teach Mirran some detective work and boost her morale. But first, she needed to help Mirran with this task. It was the best way to gain her trust again. "You are not your parents. You are you." She sighed, explaining her past, "I don't remember much about my parents. My mother died when I was born and my father took to drinking, until he joined Corellia's military. I haven't seen him since, but then I was really little. I lived with my Twi'lek nanny, Soresu Yei, until the Jedi discovered me. She was kind to me, but I haven't seen her since. I've always known kindness since she taught it to me. It wasn't easy after I entered the Jedi Temple." She shrugged. "I could tell you more about my past or we could search for answers about my nanny and my father after this is over. We don't have to. It's been years since I saw either. They must have moved on." She sighed in sorrow. Having emotions again made her numb. She had her random outbursts during her Jedi Trials. Maybe now, her emotions calmed down, but she felt numb since leaving the Jedi Temple. At least, she wasn't going to the Dark Side. She felt at peace, but she wondered how Mirran was doing, how she was coping.
  8. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria nodded, closing her eyes and allowing the Force to show her what was happening in the room. Suddenly, it seemed like her sight through the Force was getting back to normal. She just needed to keep her eyes closed and not open them, but use the Force to guide her. She listened to Mirran's explanation, deciding they might need to do this a better way. "Then what do you suggest we do?"
  9. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria nodded. Her eyes did feel a little irritated. It wasn't bad. Well, she knew she couldn't stay on this planet for too long. "My eyes are a bit itchy. We need to hurry then. The last thing I want is to go blind." She sighed. "No offense. I just love to look at nature. I don't know what would happen if I lost my eyesight." She hoped she wouldn't go blind. That would be bad. She followed Mirran over to the terminal. "Mirran, do you think you can sense a Luka Sense Master on this planet? I need your sight around here."
  10. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria smiled. "Of course. It's better to just be yourself. And no, you're not alone!" She nodded, hoping they could be friends. "Then let's learn more about Visas Marr." She added, admitting sheepishly, "I kind of overheard some part of your conversation with the librarian. I nearly thought you were talking about me. I guess I was wrong."
  11. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria turned to Mirran. She smiled, glad to see Mirran had calmed down, but then she did, too. She nodded, admitting, "Yeah, I didn't feel free in the Jedi Order either. I was angry half the time. I thought being with the Jedi was a good idea. At first, that's what I thought. But then, after all I've been through, and with bursts of anger coming out, I couldn't take it anymore. Having a life devoid of emotions is not good. You're right about that. Having no emotions damages a person. I think having emotions is what helps keep the Force balanced, but then it is my opinion." She nodded, grinning happily. "Yes, I think that's a good idea. We can start as friends and work from there. I'll tell you that I'm not a know-it-all. So, if you're willing to share information with me, you can do that. Don't be afraid to share knowledge. It's okay. Your opinion counts, too, Mirran, and it matters." She added, shaking her head, "Yeah. The Jedi and the Sith have their own codes. One is more aggressive than the other, while the other is devoid of emotions and thinks its peaceful. I'm still learning about the Grey Jedi. I'm not there yet with the Grey Jedi, but if it doesn't work out, then we could take our own path, try something new. Work as a team. What do you say?" She asked, allowing Mirran to decide what to do now. "And it's okay. We all change." She said with a calm grin.
  12. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria nodded. Then we are alike then, aren't we? Forced into doing things we didn't want to do. Maybe that's why we left the Jedi Order. It's okay, Mirran. You have every right to be angry with me. I understand what it's like to hurt all the time. It takes a long time to recover from that kind of pain, especially if it's damaged you so much. You can let out your anger, let out all your emotions, how you feel about everything. Who knows? You may feel better. Sometimes it's good to get all of the pain out of you and talk to someone about it. I'll listen.
  13. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria grunted. She shook her head. So, it was a pattern for the Jedi Masters to abandon their Padawans, so early in their teachings. Why did the Jedi do that? Did they ever stay with their Padawans for a long time? She sighed, realizing what she needed to say. Look, I'm sorry you went through that ordeal. At least, you didn't give up with finding a teacher, even if it wasn't me. I'm sorry I lied to you. Our paths are different. I will not fight you, Mirran. And since you have a teacher, you don't need me anymore. You can live out your life as you want, not because I'm interfering, but because it's your choice, Mirran. You chose this path. You have a choice, something that I didn't have when I was a Padawan. To hear you say I left for selfish and pathetic reasons makes it seems like my leaving was worthless, that I should stay with the Jedi until I die. Is that really what you expected me to do? Wouldn't you want to break free, after being forced to do things you didn't want to do? You're luckier than I was at having a choice, but to fight me with words just confirms that I had every reason to leave the Jedi. Life happens, Mirran. We cannot control what happens to us. Think about it.
  14. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria stared stunned. What had Mirran gone through? Oh, now she realized what she did. She left Mirran before they truly got to know each other. How was that different from Thuria getting to know Master Kast for a brief time? She had more time with Brison than she did with Master Kast, and yet she looked up to Master Kast. Master Kast was the best Jedi around! Oh, now she saw what she did to Mirran. And yet, no forgiveness? What happened to Mirran? The Sith? Thuria asked through the Force. She calmed down. It was another trial. Yes, but we are all hypocrites at some point, Mirran. But Mirran, do you honestly think that confrontation is going to make you better, make you happy? You'll earn none of that through a fight. Only more anger. Mirran, we only met a brief time and now you think you you know everything there is about me. I hardly know you, Mirran. I don't know what you experienced, but you've got to face sense at some point and see that confrontations will only lead to more confrontations. It won't be healthy and you'll feel worse. Fight me all you want, but I will not fight you. She shook her head. No one said I was better. I'm not here to compete with you. I want to make amends. Yes, I am pathetic, but selfish... no. What did the Sith do to you, Mirran?
  15. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria's senses perked up. Mirran had found her and she was angry. Well, that made two of them. They needed to straighten things out, but even she knew she couldn't talk about private matters too much in a library. At the same time, she had to talk to Mirran, see if there was a way to apologize for her behavior. Still, the wave of anger from her old Padawan sent chills up her spine. We need to talk. Thuria spoke to Mirran through the Force. She paused, knowing she would have to explain everything now through there. It seems the Force brought us back together for a reason. I'm sorry for abandoning you, like my Masters did to me more than once, leaving me with other Masters. That wasn't supposed to happen, but it did and now I am to blame for that, for abandoning you in the way I did. She went on, explaining through the Force, By that point, by the time I became a Knight and you my Padawan, I was too overwhelmed with everything going on at the Jedi Temple. I'm not sure if I did everything in the Jedi Trials to get to Knighthood, but all of a sudden I was a Knight and didn't know how to take it. I know I'm not a teacher. I wouldn't have known what to teach you, even after everything I had been taught. She paused, continuing through the Force, During my time as Padawan, I was forced to do things in ways to stay with the Jedi Ways. Things I didn't approve of. If I stuck with the Jedi any longer, I doubt I would ever feel love again. I fell in love at one point with another Padawan, but I was told that love is forbidden and I had to choose to either stick to the Jedi Ways or leave the Jedi Order and not continue my training. I lost the man I love because of the Jedi. I nearly lost myself every time the Jedi kept pulling me back to their ways. So, by the time you became my Padawan, I was too overwhelmed to do much of anything else. So, I fled. I fled to seek out the Grey Jedi ways. I intend to find a silver crystal and make a new lightsaber. It's no excuse that I abandoned you, but so many things happened at once that I couldn't take it anymore. I'm sorry you wound up abandoned. We don't even have to be Knight and Padawan, Master and Padawan, anymore. We can be friends, if that's what you want. I'll leave that up to you to decide where we go from here. Thuria sighed, glad all the things she needed to tell Mirran came out. She hoped Mirran would understand why she left. It was the truth! Who could deny the truth?