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  1. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria sighed. She looked at the Librarian, telling her, promptly, "Mirran just passed out! Won't you do something to help her out? Oh! Um..." Thuria stared at Mirran through the Force, concerned and worried about her. She turned to the Librarian, surprised she would ask such a question! She did come here of her own volition, on her own quest, but at the same time she wanted to help out her old Padawan! Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to seek out the holocron she needed on her journey to become a Grey Jedi. Thuria stood up, facing the Librarian. "I'm eager to learn more about the Grey Jedi. I've been doing a lot of research on them, but I wonder about their teachings, as well as learning more about the balance in the Force and all it has to offer. It's always been about balance. So, it makes sense that the Force should be in check, too. Is this all right? Can I seek out a holocron that teaches the Grey Side of the Force?" She tensed up. The Light Side enveloped her, made her feel lighter, cooler, stronger, but stronger in a good way. Well, here she was, hoping that she didn't screw up with her own task. But would Mirran be okay? She looked at the Librarian through the Force, asking her, "Will she be all right? Is Mirran okay?" She looked at Mirran through the Force, wondering if she was all right and if she needed some help, a place to rest after what she went through. Thuria felt like she needed to do that, but then her concerns were towards Mirran and the holocron she sought after, whichever one came first. Oh, there was so much to do! Well, here she hoped that both their missions worked out well in the end! It was all she could depend on, for the time being.
  2. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria smiled, keeping her eyes closed in the waking world and open through the Force. She sighed in relief, grateful that task was done. She just wondered if the Librarian would do the same to her! That was her concern anyway. Besides, they got what they came here for. "Well done, Mirran," Thuria said, congratulating her old Padawan.
  3. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria opened her eyes through the Force, while keeping her actual eyes closed. She listened to the Librarian intently, realizing she couldn't choose which holocron held the knowledge they needed. Even though some of the holocrons asked her to open them, she couldn't decide which ones would open for them and which held the knowledge that she and Mirran sought after. Perhaps it was for the best, but then she felt so out of place in this world. She looked to Mirran with curiosity, wondering what choice would she make. "Go ahead, Mirran. I doubt I'll be much use here," Thuria said, keeping her focus on the holocrons. She was tempted, but decided it was for the best to let some things happen through the Force. It was better than nothing, right?
  4. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria retracted her hand. She hadn't touched a holocron, and now, it seemed like the task was impossible! She sighed in despair. Oh well. Well, she might as well try something else. She turned to Mirran, nodding and listening to her old Padawan speak to her. There was only one thing to do: meditate. She agreed with her old Padawan on this, finding nothing else better to do right now. But how was Thuria supposed to know if this was a trap? It was best that some things reveal themselves with time. "Well, it's better than nothing," Thuria said, sitting down on a bench and closing her eyes through the Force. For a while, she drifted off, her mind calm and focused. However, she kept picking up various noises surrounding her. The holocrons hummed and called out to her, beckoning for her to touch them and reveal their secrets to her. It was a tempting move. No, Thuria ought to go against the idea of touching the holocrons. What if one of them opened up when she wasn't looking? What if one of them dared show her its secrets? It was a mystery, but it was one that would have to wait for instruction to come her way. She calmed down, wondering what Mirran was doing right now.
  5. A Pilgrimage Home...

    "Oh," Thuria said, saddened by this news. She was only trying to help Mirran. She went inside the room, observing the holocrons. There were so many! What if she took just one holocron? Would that make things better? She didn't know. She was lucky to have made it this far.
  6. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria sighed, nodding in understanding. There wasn't much she could do for Mirran. All she could do was be there, supporting her on her own journey. That seemed like a better idea at the time. "Well Mirran, I know what it feels like to be an outsider. The Jedi made me feel that way, too. Look, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here. I know what it feels like to be alone. I just hope that you're all right. It's all I'm worried about." It felt so good to say how she felt and still feel the light side within her grasp. The Jedi were wrong. Sometimes emotions made one feel better, and she certainly felt that way even now.
  7. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria looked at Mirran with concern in her eyes, but also understanding. Still, she thought she'd ask the one question that might help her old Padawan out, if she could. Maybe she was pushing her luck. "What do you want to do? Dark streak, light streak... what difference does it make? We're all flawed individuals, Mirran, some of us more than others. I'm not going to force you to choose a side. That would be wrong of me and unfair to you. Just do what your heart tells you to do. We'll go from there."
  8. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria raised an eyebrow, suspiciously. Even though she was away from the Jedi Temple, she had to keep her guard up towards anything that looked suspicious. This Lorrash was suspicious, but at least she could rely on Mirran to help her out with these... tests. She turned to Lorrash, telling him, "Mirran and I will take this test of hers. If only to get what information we want from her. But I am not letting Mirran take this test alone. That's for sure." She meant those words, but had to wonder if she was turning into a Grey Jedi. A Jedi normally wouldn't gain anything for themselves. But for a Grey Jedi... that was a different story entirely. At least, she was starting to feel more like herself now. That's what counted.
  9. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria nearly felt doubt clouding her mind. However, she looked at Mirran, realizing that Mirran had wisdom enough to solve this puzzle. It gave Thuria hope. She turned to the Miralukan, admitting freely, "Look, how many more tests or trials do we have to go through, before we get past this obstacle? I'm honestly tired of tests and trials, but I think Mirran is capable of solving this one, too. Yes, it's fragile right now because me and her just reunited. Of course, it takes time to a friendship to blossom again. Everything takes time. Without time, where would we be? You can't expect something to rebuild overnight. Give us both a chance, before you judge us. Please?"
  10. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria sneered. She told the Miralukan, flat out, "Look, in my experience, whenever someone says that I should hang around other people, odds are that same person who said it abandons me! I get that I should hang around other people, that Mirran and I should do that, but let us do it in our own time. Honestly! Mirran and I just reunited!" She nodded, agreeing with MIrran's statements. She told the Miralukan, "I'm sorry if we're close minded for you, but we've had a rough time with the Jedi Order. So, if you don't mind, we need your help. We didn't come for a lecture. Will you help us out or not?"
  11. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria stared at the Miralukan with concern. All she had known was the Jedi, until she left the temple. Maybe she was isolated, but that's usually where she went whenever she wanted to be at peace. What was wrong with that? And close minded... honestly! She couldn't help it! Or could she? She looked at the Miralukan, telling him, "I usually have an open mind, not a closed one. If I had a closed mind, then I wouldn't be able to feel emotions. Thanks to me leaving the Jedi Order, I feel freer, like I'm not bound to some code that requires one to not feel emotions. I'd rather have my emotions in check than not have them at all. It's dangerous not having emotions. It'll tear you apart, if you're not careful."
  12. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria gazed at Mirran through the Force. She didn't know what else to do, what else to say. So, maybe it was better that they let bygones be bygones. Well, at least, they were friends, right? She returned her gaze to the man through the Force, glaring at him through the Force. "That depends, but then my previous friends were all Jedi Masters, Knights, or Padawans. Back then, it was the job that mattered; at least, that's how it always seemed. Mirran would be my first friend outside and inside the temple. More outside the temple anyway. Of course, I did have friends in my Initiate years."
  13. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria admitted with a smile. "I don't think that's how the Jedi Master and Apprenticeship is supposed to be. They should be equals, learning from each other. Believe me, you are not my servant, Mirran. You're my friend and I'd rather treat you as such." She patted Mirran on the shoulder, trying to calm her down. Hopefully, this would shed some light on the master-apprentice bond. Thuria turned to the young man, admitting to him with a kind voice, "We're friends, actually. Kind of difficult figuring out the whole master-apprentice bond right now."
  14. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria closed her mouth. She needed time to think on that decision. Right now, it was better not to alarm Mirran, but instead help her out. Maybe they could learn something from this. "Yes, we should." She pointed out, "Well, Master and Apprentice isn't so arbitrary as you might think. Jobs usually require masters and apprentices, before the apprentice is ready for the next stage. But right now, we can leave it at that until we're ready. It's up to you." She was still leaning towards the Master-Apprentice scenario, since she didn't know if or when she and Mirran might return to the Jedi Order. For now, she was lucky to be alive. "Then let's go and find him."
  15. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Thuria smiled. "Then I guess I am not the first who heard our lightsaber crystal's song then." Even though inside, Thuria was saddened to know she was no longer was the first to do something. Someone else heard the lightsaber crystal's song, too. It was good while it lasted, but she knew she had to try to find something no one else did, no matter how long it took. She shrugged, telling Mirran, "You can call me a friend, you can call me master. But I'm sure there are things about the Force that you have learned that I haven't." She smiled, hoping Mirran was alright.