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  1. Just a scratch.

    Thuria calmed herself. There were so many flames around the house. Okay, she needed to relax. Use the Force. Remember her training. She approached the first flame and closed her eyes. She could feel the flames absorb into her hands. Her heart raced inside her chest. She could do this. No. She was losing the flame! She lost the flame. She had to try again. She closed her eyes once more, feeling the flame come up to her hands, absorbing into her. Sweat poured down her forehead. She wiped it with the back of her hand. She could do this. The first one was beginner's luck. She needed to be careful or else risk getting burned. She moved around the house, feeling the small flames penetrate her skin. The Force was with her. She breathed in and out, feeling the flames as they licked the smoky air. Each flame had a unique texture, and yet they all represented one thing: a force to be reckoned with. The weight of the second flame was worse than the first. "Ow!" Her hand barely got burned, but the pain reached the skin. She needed to calm down, think on the Force and all it could do. At last, she absorbed the flame. The third and fourth times were better. She moved about the house now, absorbing each flame, feeling its warmth drive her to do more. Exhaustion filled her up, taking root inside her. With the last flame absorbed inside her, she moved a good distance away, right next to Brison. She collapsed on the ground, sweat pouring down her face and her chest. "I did what you - asked - Brison." Thuria panted. Yes, she did indeed.
  2. Just a scratch.

    Thuria nodded. Her attention focused on the bowl. She didn't need to think too hard. The bowl was hot in her hands, but warm to the touch. She could feel the pulsating energy surface around the bowl, feeling the temperature rise within herself. It wasn't too hot. At the same time, she felt much better. She took another sip, feeling the warmth surface all the same. She shook from the heat, the tremors sinking deep into her skin and through her chest. It was so good to eat hot food. So this was the energy Brison was talking about. That invisible energy absorbing through her hands. It was the same concept. "I'm not trying that hard to let the energy absorb, just by holding onto this bowl. It's just happening." Thuria admitted. It was true. It felt good, but something was missing. Some concept she had yet to understand. Something stood out, nonetheless. "It's going to be much harder when I do absorb energy. Isn't it?"
  3. Just a scratch.

    Thuria nodded. She needed to ask these questions. It was necessary that she do so. Some part of her wanted to tell Brison everything there was about her, but there wasn't much more she had to tell. Besides, what her master already knew about her. But these questions she wanted answers for. "Brison, I still want to be a Guardian. I know I should have been more prepared for battle. It took me by surprise. I need to be ready for surprises and death, wherever it comes. I know that now. I just wish we could do more training in that, so I become a full-fledged Jedi Guardian. Is this still possible?" "Also," she wasn't finished yet, "how does Force Absorb work? I can see, from what you've shown me, that I need to absorb energy. Allow it to come in me and maybe be safe from the enemy. Is that not correct?"
  4. Just a scratch.

    Thuria moved as best she could towards Brison. Ever since she freaked out on her - what had she been thinking - she was caught up in a series of small tasks, small and out of harm's way. It was what she wanted, right? Surely, there were ways to pass to Jedi Knight, but this one was small. But was it the right path for her? In time, she wandered out to the campsite. There was food brimming over the campfire and lots of medial supplies. Thuria looked on at the stars. Thoughts of wanting to explore other worlds and be part of the action took hold in her heart. She wasn't ready for any of it. Everything had moved so quickly. To have that first ounce was relief was what she wanted, right? Then again, she did freak out. Maybe taking it slow, for the time being, was the best option. At least, for now. "Brison." She said, joining her by the fire.
  5. Immune to Your Consultations

    Thuria sat by herself for some part of the flight to Generis. She hadn't expected to be away from her master, and yet this was the best that time could accommodate. Maybe being on a diplomatic mission might straighten her up. Then again, was she truly ready to prove herself as a Guardian? Last she recalled, she panicked, but she didn't stray too far away from the situation of war and the injured. Now here she was: ready to prove herself again. Physically, she was learning to adapt. Mentally, she was on an ongoing battle against herself. That wasn't the least of her worries. Most of the time, she found herself either engaged with the Jedi socially or spending time by herself. Either way, she benefited learning the ropes and doing things on her own time. But what didn't add up was why she chose to entangle herself again in another one of these missions? She finally focused on Homra and her new companion, after snapping out of another deep meditation. "Hi Iman," Thuria said, shaking his hand and playing it cool, "I'm Thuria. Thuria Drinna." She turned to Homra with newfound eyes. "Homra, in truth I haven't been on many diplomatic missions." She shrugged. "In all honesty, I believe this is the first time we've been on a mission together. As for my thoughts, I just hope we get through this in a peaceful manner. I still hope this diplomacy works out well for us and for the citizens of Generis." She turned to Iman, asking politely, "So Iman, are you prepared for this mission?"
  6. Promotion Orders: Homra

    Congrats Homra. I know we didn't get to do that much in the thread we worked on, but congrats anyway.
  7. Plotter - Thuria Drinna

    Character: Thuria DrinnaRank: Jedi PadawanAffiliation: Unified Jedi Order Allies: Brison Yi Coventry Desperaux Inoy Llimetch Apprenticeships: None Aquaintances: Homra Azner Enemies: None Schedule: I'm mostly on throughout the day, but it varies. Sometimes I'll be on close to late in the evening, other times it will be early in the morning, etc. It also depends on what I am doing throughout the day away from the computer as well. But I do my best to stay on this site regularly. Current Roleplays: Axiom Team-Up Thuria/Inoy/Brison The Knife's Edge Just A Scratch As of right now, I don't have a whole lot of ideas, but if any come up I'll put them here.
  8. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria nodded in understanding. She was calming down some more, a good sign that maybe all was not lost from her. Now she could rest easy and think on the day and all the events that transpired. And she did, finding herself a bed to sleep on to gather up her strength and renew herself to the next morning or the night to come. She couldn't help but think about all that had happened. In such a short amount of time, she was put in situations she never thought possible. Sure, she would have battles to face, but today's events really made her scared. She could have ran, but no. She chose to face what she was feeling and confront her new master. Brison was her friend, but now she was her master, too. And should battles come again... she sighed. She would have to face them. She couldn't just escape and think that nothing else would come from it. She was a Jedi, but a Jedi in what field? Where did she belong? Was she about to pass the trials and complete her training? Now, she was back to the beginning again. She was pulled back for a reason and because of what she did, she was pulled back again. Oh, would she become a knight yet? That was a good question. She needed to relax. There is no emotion, there is peace. Yes, she could do it. She could find peace within herself. She needed to calm down and think carefully. Healing. She could try healing. She could try and be someone who she never thought she would become, even if that meant becoming a healer, but was this the proper path? Was this the right decision for her? She didn't know. She just knew her destiny was about to find her or had already done so. She might as well try healing, see how she would do. It would be better, for now at least, to prove her worth there. She woke up, wondering where Brison was. Oh, now she remembered. She needed to find her. Slowly, she rose from the bed and approached one of the soldiers, asking them, "Where can I find Brison?" "She's over there, resting," the soldier replied, pointing her to the appropriate tent. "Thank you," Thuria walked across the campsite and inside the tent. There was the Togrutan woman, meditating. She sighed. Could she do this? This was for the best. "Brison, I think I'm ready to start healing people, whenever you're ready." She was so calm, it surprised her, but in a good way. She never felt so good before, but in this moment, joy returned to her at last and it felt good again.
  9. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria fell silent the second Brison spoke. It was taxing enough as it was being summoned straight into a war without being prepared. On the other hand... no! She would not think terrible thoughts. She was a Jedi, but how much of that affected her, truly? She had enough of being let go of by those she loved. Her nanny first, then Dek and her other friend, who she only barely remembered, and then following up with Brison's rigorous jump start training. It was too much for her as it was. She had to have things taken one at a time, not dive in headfirst without a second's glance. And yet, she was discouraged from head to toe. She knew Brison meant well, but... how was she to endure going through the trials? They were becoming harder and harder with each lesson. Maybe a Jedi's life was difficult after all. She just didn't ask for any of this. "Well, I have been tossed around a lot throughout these training sessions," Thuria spoke, tensely but doing her best to stay calm. "I wasn't prepared for this, Brison. Diving into battle and then to see all those dead - it shocked me. It shocked me to my core. I'd rather see lives won and alive then witness carnage, but if that's what it takes to be a Jedi...." she sighed deeply, "....how do you expect me to cope with this?" Her body trembled from all the emotional tension. "What can I do? Maybe something simple until I'm ready for another fight might be better for me. We're moving too quickly. I feel like I'm about to burst." She admitted, looking at Brison now, "I won't run like that. Not again. I'll stand by you and fight, but this is all too much for me right now. I hope you understand. I still want to be your padawan. I'll do my best not to have another breakdown. I'm sorry about that." She rested her hand on her warm forehead. This was all too much for her. It was too much. What more could she do now? That was the question. All she could do now was hope for the best, wherever hope may come.
  10. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria sat and sat inside the tent, wondering when Brison would return. A part of her wanted to leave the Jedi. That part had been prodding her mind ever since Dek Fisher parted from her twice. She had no business with this sort of thing. And yet, she couldn't run from the fight either. Why then did this all have to be so hard? And her injury was certainly going to cost her much, if not while it was healing. She knew what her difficulties were: letting go. The Jedi let go of a lot of things, but did that mean their emotions, too? The Code made it very clear: there is no emotion, there is peace. So, were Jedi then droids, taking command of whatever they pleased? She wanted to be free from this kind of burden. She thought often of leaving the Jedi now. There just wasn't any reason to stay. Why then did she feel the urge to stay and help? Because she had been pulled into war very fast, before she was truly ready to face it. War was the only thing keeping the Jedi and everyone from defending the galaxy. But some battles were worth fighting more than others. And if she was not to have anyone to love, then what did she have to lose? It hurt now even thinking about that. Maybe she should stay with the Jedi, but their ways... their ways didn't fully satisfy her need to make connections with others. What was more important than making connections? They already broke up her connection with Dek.... she wondered if she would ever get over him. She had, but it was the manner that their connection broke that just made things worse. Brison was the one who, time and time again, coaxed her into settling the matter, even when it was her decision. There were just some days when she could not agree with the Jedi ways. What was she to do now? Just pretend their breaking connections with people didn't happen? Of course they did happen. Brison admitting she had been a Sith didn't change what she had made her do, even if it didn't seem like she was making her do it. No, there was a fine line to be drawn here, a line that had already been crossed. If she chose to stay with the Jedi, all these unsteady emotions may not settle. Whether she would truly come to terms with what the Jedi were doing was another matter. She just hoped that one day, the Jedi would see their faults and fix them, just as she wondered if they noticed her faults and why they kept holding her back to being a Master's Padawan until she was in her mid-teens. How many more strikes would she have to endure before this war was over? There were so many questions, and yet if she left the Jedi, where would she go? If she stayed and fought, what good would that do? She'd be killing lives, lives that may yet have a second chance to see where it would take them? If she stayed with the Jedi, all these emotions would resurface. She was stranded, stuck and unable to move forward. She just hoped that someday there would be a balance in the Force, even if it did not come in her time.
  11. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria sighed in relief. The light was surrounding her more now. She didn't have to hide who she was or think she was doing something because she thought it was intriguing. Well, interest in something wasn't a bad thing, but the reality was just too much to bear if she ever thought she would become a guardian. No. She might, in this case, try something that didn't involve fighting. Maybe working at the temple would be better suited for her. Well, whatever happened to her, she would be glad either way of the decision she made today. And she was calming down now, so that was a relief, too. She grabbed Brison's hand, the moment she healed her. She winced in pain. It wasn't too bad as it was before, but at least she had enough strength to walk to the shuttle. Still, as she took her seat inside the shuttle, thought streamed through her mind. She had been tested in so many ways. Testing her so much that sometimes she could hardly bear it. And yet, it was true, she wasn't capable of fighting any battles through mere force and killing. She just couldn't handle the pressure. No. She was a diplomat and chose to make decisions through words rather than conflict. And yet, how would the council respond to her actions? Would they think she could no longer obtain the rank of knighthood? Or if she did manage it, what was the best way she could complete it? She was nearly there, but fighting in battles wasn't for her. She'd been through that. The memory of her final meeting with Dek Fisher haunted her thoughts. She wondered if she would ever get over what happened that day. She knew she couldn't let her emotions cloud her judgement, but why then couldn't she forget it? There were too many questions that needed answering, and she didn't know them all. The shuttle stopped in the campsite. She wouldn't run, but instead found a spot to sit and breathe. She was offered water by one of the soldiers, who checked her injury. It wasn't bad, but it did need bandaging. Fortunately, the medic gave it to her the second she was inside the tent. "Had it rough, Jedi?" the medic asked, curious. "I see you're not fighting." "There's other ways to fight a battle. I guess I failed at this one," Thuria said, calmly. She was disappointed in herself, but at the same time still relieved to be alive and not in the battle. She just hoped Brison was doing all right.
  12. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria listened to Brison with care, but her left leg was pretty much shot. So Brison was a Sith before she became a Jedi. That calmed her down somewhat, but now she found it hard to do much of anything. The whole battle was already taking its toll on her and she hadn't been prepared for this. Now, she might not have the strength to fight another battle. Oh great. What could she do now? And Brison asked her a question, but it was clear what was to happen next. "Brison, I can't go on. I'm injured!" she cried, truthfully. She could barely stand up as it was. She looked around at the ground before her. All the dead soldiers, the lives taken. Maybe she wasn't meant to be a guardian after all. This was hopeless. She'd rather be at home now. She wanted to confess, but... maybe she should to Brison. Brison, I'm injured and I'm not sure if I want to stick with being a guardian. I'd rather be back at Tython. Not killing innocent lives, no matter who or what they are. I'm sorry. I truly am. She just hoped she got the message across to her. She felt awful and she wasn't even a knight yet. Another failure she made herself to be. And yet, something dawned in herself. She had seen war, but she hadn't witnessed death. And yet, could she be merciful. Wasn't there a way to show mercy in this fight? "Brison, you speak about fighting as if that's the only thing Jedi are capable of doing. Haven't you heard of mercy? Isn't that stronger than showing fear? Isn't that what makes Jedi who they are. I can be a guardian, but I'd rather like to discuss things. It's what I do. And fighting with a weapon isn't going to change that." She added, to make her point clear, doing her best to show courage in this. "Brison, a blaster bolt hit my leg. I don't think I can walk. It isn't running. I mean, do you automatically walk clean from this kind of injury?"
  13. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria did stand next to Brison, deflecting bolts as she did. She moved her blade in the Soresu stance, doing her best to keep the bolts off of her and Brison. She had to defend Brison, who was clearly more experienced with this than she was. She knew it. This would be the end of her if she wasn't ready. She deflected a few more bolts, doing her best to keep her composure. But as far as she was seeing, the question remained was whose side they were on. Truly. There were Jedi who weren't fighting in this battle. So, why did Brison choose to defy the Jedi orders and dive into battle, when she clearly stuck with the Code? Wasn't Coventry in this battle, too? Honestly. Even she knew her reasons for being here. She didn't always agree with the Jedi ways. Look at what the Jedi ways did between her and Dek, and Dek, like Brison, was for the Jedi Code. It tore friendships apart more than unite them. Was this to be the way between her Jedi friends, too? She shook her head several times. No. She was a Jedi, but what parts were being a Jedi? Her attention returned to the present in moments. A blaster bolt came straight at her, smacking her in the leg. She winced in pain, collapsing on the ground. This was hopeless. She should be back on Tython, not out here doing combat. She had to do something. "Brison, why did you come here? No really," she asked, serious. "The Jedi who come here fight the Dark Side. True! But there are Jedi who aren't fighting in this war. They're sticking with the Code. What about us? What are we sticking towards? If it towards the Jedi, then there must be another reason." She wasn't ready to reveal her own plan to Brison. She wasn't sure if she could trust her entirely, given what happened between her and Dek. Those two seemed more in league with the Jedi. Where did she stand? She didn't have purity to her. So did that mean she was becoming more and more a Grey Jedi? That was the question she was facing, asking herself. Normally, the Jedi didn't question these things, but she was. So what did that make her? That's what she would like to know.
  14. Intent: To create a reward item for Thuria for participating in the creation of the 'system'. Affiliation: Thuria Drinna Production Rate: Unique Materials: Nanosilk, shell spider silk, and synth-leather Armor Type: Light Modifications: Not Applicable Armor Rating: High Quality Armor Appearance: Brown in appearance, the cloak that attaches by a chain around the neck which looks significantly different than the rest due to the materials used. The robes of this armor have been dyed a tan, similar to the robes worn by Jedi Consulars and the gloves that accompany these robes are tan in color. The pants are a shade of black and are loose around the knee area to provide as much flexibility as possible during travel and combat, while the boots are up to Thuria's knees and are made of synth-leather material. When damaged, the nanosilk appears to glimmer at the damaged areas due to the nanites repopulating the area with more nanofibers. Strengths: Resistance - Due to the shell spider silk on the cloak, it provides some resistance to bladed weapons and energy weapons. Flexible - The silks used in this armor create loose cloths that are not restricting on the limbs. Nanofibers - Due to the nanite technology in the nanosilk, most of this armor can mend small cuts and burns on the armor itself overtime. Weaknesses: Kinetic Resistance - As with all types of armor, all types of kinetic energy can penetrate it. Modifications - Due to the light armor used in this armor, it can not be modified with technology outside of simple attachments such as wrist-communicators. Silk - Unlike heavy materials with some form of resistance, these items can still be penetrated due to it being made of light materials. Description: Obtaining this armor after ascending to the rank of Jedi Knight, Thuria located this armor on Jedha in one of the many ancient ruins while the Jedi were rediscovering their past. Worn long ago by older generations of Jedi, this armor has been cleaned up to be more comfortable and to appear less rugged. While it is possible to look into the past to see who once wore this armor through high levels of foreseeing, those that only capable of seeing through psychometry experience brief glimpses of the peace the Jedi once maintained before. The materials used in the cloak of this armor are of one of the highest qualities known to the galaxy, providing substantial resistance to bladed weapons and blasters, though unlike cortosis-weave, beskar, phrik and other high end materials, these are much more easy to damage due to the textile nature. The materials used in the actual armor are also regarded as high quality due to their 'regenerative' properties, though due to the dyeing of the material the 'regenerative' properties have significantly been reduced to the point where it can take up to two days to properly mend the fibers. As with all loose and flexible clothing, there are areas that can be grabbed in combat that are detrimental to the wearer, especially the cloak worn.
  15. The Knife's Edge

    Thuria kept up with Brison as best she could, but not too quickly as to draw attention to herself. She might make these soldiers think she was still a child and she was in many ways. She was still a teenager, but even so she was growing up. If anything it would have been better to not look like a teen, but then she couldn't help it. Even then, her stance presented itself as one used to the Jedi ways. And that was exactly what she would need now. Distraction played its part well in this case. She caught a glimpse of a medic tent, filling up with injured and dying soldiers. The very look of the blood and the horrors -- she couldn't look away, but she had to before she became sick. She would not let this sort of thing bother her, but she had to bear it. This was war and a fierce battle. Would she wind up hardened due to all the fighting? Would she live up to the expectations of the Jedi ways? Was what she was doing wrong in any way? The last thing she wanted was to prove herself a coward and in turn wind up in a cell, injured herself or killed. She would not die. Not today, not ever. Her gaze returned to the present as amidst the brown land, there lay a grey shuttle, ready to take off. She took one last look at the soldiers, wondering how she would survive this battle. If anything, she needed more training before she was ready for a fight such as this. If anything.... but then, what did she know? She would have to know much in order to survive. Where was the archives when she needed it? She hardly knew. This was war, she repeated in her mind. Now what am I to do? Quietly, she found a spot inside the shuttle next to Brison. The chair felt uncomfortable to her rear, but so far, this was the best accommodation she could adjust to. She silently turned to Brison, asking her in turn, "Brison, how many battles have you been in? What were they like? Tell me the truth, please?" Her voice trembled with fear. She wasn't ready for this. What was she getting herself into? That was a very good question.