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  1. The Butterfly Effect

    Thuria smiled a jittery smile. The Padawan had found her. She faced her now, stunned to see the straight blonde locks of hair and her Padawan's eyes covered by a white cloth. Yes, definitely a Miraluka. This was going to be new process, but she hoped this would be good for the both of them. She stood up finally, interested in seeing what her new Padawan could learn next. "Yes, I am. I'm Thuria Drinna, but you may call me Master Drinna. This is the lesson I'm giving you." She sighed. How was she to explain this? "Basically, what I was allowing you to do was to search for me through the Force. The Force is connected to all living things. It's binds everyone together. Without the Force, where would life be? We need the Force, but we also need to trust it. Do you understand?" She hoped her new Padawan did. This was an important step. She was not about to waste her lesson, but rather hoped her new Padawan would become the Jedi she hoped she would be. "I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Who are you and who is this droid?" She smirked at the droid next to the Miraluka.
  2. The Butterfly Effect

    Thuria sat up. While this was fun, she needed to rely on the Force to guide her to her Padawan. She closed her eyes and began to meditate. The deepening threads of the Force were pulling her towards someone. Yes, the Force was guiding her and her Padawan, in ways neither understood yet. All she needed to do was call out to her and see if she would follow her voice, the voice in Thuria's head, straight to the Eye of Zallow monument. Maybe a few words of encouragement might help her Padawan along? This was her first lesson to her, and she would use it wisely. Reach out... you'll find me, Padawan... all you have to do is let the Force guide you, let it flow through you and take shape... You'll find me soon enough... All you need to do is relax and have patience... I will be here, waiting. She said through her thoughts, hoping the Force would deliver her message. Yes, she felt her Padawan through the Force, as well as someone else, someone she couldn't quite distinguish. No matter. She was sure they would seek her out soon enough.
  3. The Butterfly Effect

    At first, Thuria thought she was kidding herself. She could sense someone coming, but didn't know who it was. She reclined on a bench, thinking over her lessons and wondering what the Force was telling her now. Was it enough that she questioned everything? For every action had a reaction, and this sensory was strong. Maybe it was her Padawan. No! That had to be correct! Her Padawan was close now! Interesting! Only where was her Padawan. No! She mustn't run out and find her Padawan. She would make this interesting and let her Padawan come to her, but was this really the best idea? Well, it was the first thing she thought of and might be a good way to let her Padawan learn to sense things through the Force, including her. If her instincts were right about this, then she did her job. Oh, what was her Padawan going to be like? Would she like her? Would she distrust her? Well, she hoped her instincts weren't wrong, but anything could happen today. She just hoped, above all else, that she did her Padawan justice and treated her right. There was no way Thuria would allow her Padawan to slide. She would ensure that he or she passed the trials and became a Knight! Even if that meant going into battle and risking their lives for it. Oh! She was risking everything just thinking about this. She needed to think and to relax. Everything would go according to plan....
  4. The Butterfly Effect

    Dantooine Enclave Selona, 3629 BBY Thuria walked swiftly through the enclave. The whole time, she thought over to her first meeting with Far-Shan Nadiito. That was before she had a master and she was still a Padawan. At this point, everything was about to change. Questions formed in her mind: who was her Padawan? Would she like her? Would her Padawan do the same? Honestly, Thuria was nervous about this whole arrangement. And yet, she wondered how she would do as a master herself. She momentarily glimpsed up at the high ceiling, This temple was her home for years. She was ready to start a new life, even if it was something grander than herself. She had no choice. She would just have to get used to battles and fighting. She was a guardian, and with that came duty and honor among the Jedi Knights of the Republic. Her silver hair flowed with each step she took. Now more than ever, she hoped she treated her Padawan with the best intentions. At last, she came to the Eye of Zallow monument. It's huge holocron shaped sphere floated above her head. She looked down in angst, wondering when her Padawan might yet arrive, if she was coming at all.
  5. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    Thuria looked up in wonder. The wait was tough. Even then she knew she recalled the lives she had met and the choices she had made that brought her to this point. Would she have a Padawan? What new adventures would take place when the next journey had begun? There was so much she was excited to take on, and yet, even now she wondered how this knighting ceremony would take place. Would Master Kast be the one to knight her? And what of her fate to come? She looked on at the room, wondering what would take place next. She turned to her friends, curious about what would transpire. "What happens now?" She asked, nervously.
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  9. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    "I'm glad to see you unthwarted by difficulties. It will serve you well in the future as it has until now." Master Kast said. Thuria smiled. She was glad of this, too. Now Thuria hoped she would become a knight. That would give her something to look forward to -- okay, calm down! Calm down. Everything is going to be alright -- She looked up again, following Master Kast and Homra into a room with little furniture, but plenty of lights. Wow! This room was so huge! The red carpet helped give the room some needed atmosphere, the kind of atmosphere suited for the Jedi. Would she gain the rank of Guardian? She breathed in and out, knowing that she wouldn't hesitate in a fight. She must be prepared for what is to come... of course, this wasn't about her. It was about the people she would protect in the near future, just as she had done as a Padawan. She would uncover mysteries, possibly find more crystals, and do so much more. She nodded, ready for the responsibilities to come.
  10. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    Thuria stood up and turned around, meeting the gaze of her old master. The black hair had been fluffed up and those blue eyes... they had seen years of distress. When was the last time Thuria recalled something like this happening to anyone? Not even she recalled doing too much meditation... nope! No. Even that was incorrect. She did some serious meditation when she was younger after Dek Fisher moved to the rank of Padawan and earned a Jedi Master to help him complete his training. It was a test for Thuria to get see her affections and learn what a true Jedi could be. She would have to thank him for that lesson later, if and when she saw him again. Maybe they would meet under different circumstances. For now, there was only this moment with her limping old master, Ellina Kast. "Padawan Thuria? Master Kast, I'm sure you couldn't have done anything to get yourself into trouble, so I'll take the pleasure of reassuring you that the council has told me of your Knight status and asked me to escort you." Master Kast grinned, giving a small bow to the younger woman. "I am sorry. Truly, for not being here for you to train you and support you these years." Thuria shrugged. "It's all right. I've been on quite the journey during my Padawanship. It hasn't been easy." She dived into her tale of woes, "I just lost another master and a few more friends." She lowered her head, doing her best to keep calm. So far, her muscles tensed, but it wasn't too bad. She sighed, realizing she could do it. She looked up in remorse. "Well, I might as well get used to it. These things happen." She switched subjects, doing her best to be happy. Somehow, it worked. "So, I can't wait to be a Knight! This truly has been worth the wait! Now I can train a Padawan if I want, go on missions to other planets, do all sorts of things. It'll be another exciting journey. I can see it now!" She smiled, glad to have gotten through one journey without too much damage. That was good, but now it was time to let her old master speak up. "I'm sorry. I get so excited! I can't help it today!" She sighed again, knowing this was the right path and she would take it wisely.
  11. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    The Dantooine Enclave Elona, 3629 BBY Thuria made her way through the training grounds. The scent of fresh pine needles caught her nostrils, bringing up memories of the past. Oh, the long years she spent wondering when this day would come: the day she would become a Knight of the Republic. She was about to get her wish! She was becoming a Guardian! Her chance to explore other worlds, train a Padawan, and more. She stopped once to see two Padawans face off against a Mark III droid. How could she forget her training against that droid or the many droids she faced on her travels? If there was one thing she learned from being a Padawan, it was to not give up and not to give into temptation. She learned this the hard way with Dek Fisher, the Jedi who she had feelings for and the Jedi who taught her that sometimes love is not the only thing that matters. It was friendships, but also the need to see past the pain and come up with a more realistic solution. It was time to let go of the past, to let her wounds heal. She made it this far as a Padawan and had her frequent stumbles, but Brison, Inoy, and Coventry had been with her to see through the pain and suffering. They helped mold her into the Jedi she was now and she was grateful to have become their friends. Then there was Far-Shan Nadiito, the first fox to ever speak to her when she was still innocent and naive. She was still naive in a lot of ways, but she couldn't help growing out of that and maturing. She learned a few tricks along the way, learned how to use her lightsaber and craft it into what she wanted. Her wood cased lightsaber was useful for calming her down, but also to help her become more aware of her surroundings. It was an extension of her and she would make sure to use it to help her stay on the Light Side. She wasn't about to give up the good in others, solve problems without first finding its source, and from that becoming a better person. Within the few minutes she stood watching the Padawans, Thuria realized she was ready to move forward with her life. . Thuria entered the temple, finding the familiar stone pillars, the statues of the Jedi Masters long past, and the Eye of Zallow monument floating in-between the two ramps, leading to the second floor. She stopped here, searching for the way to her knighting ceremony. Where was she to go? No. She would think this through before she acted. Surely, there was a Jedi Master who could guide her to the ceremony. She took a seat in front of the Eye of Zallow, which strangely reminded her of a massive Holocron. It was a familiar to her, the place where she met her first Jedi Master, Ellina Kast. She sighed, wondering if she would meet her old master during her knighting ceremony this year. She hoped she was right.
  12. Just a scratch.

    "Right," Thuria said, returning her gaze to Holmad Lyysks. The man smiled at her, laughing his full head off. She would have to try something to get information out of him. "So, what's your story? Surely, you must have a reason for starting the fires." "It's none of your business, little girl!" Lyysks spat at the ground. "Move along and let us dealers handle things." "Dealers?" Thuria asked, surprised. "You're working with the Exchange or Czerka?" "Oops! Did I let that slip." Lyssks said, cackling. "Well, it isn't the first time a pretty example showed up on my doorstep. I must say you are beautiful--" Thuria closed her eyes. She had to be rational about this. She mustn't let her anger get the better of her. Calm down, she thought. There is no emotion, there is peace, she recited. Yes, she could handle it. Besides, Lyssks was bound. There was no way he could escape. She could do this. She just needed to relax and focus. "I'll tell you what you want to know," Lyssks said, pleased. Thuria opened her eyes. "And why should I believe you?" Thuria asked, doing her best to keep calm. She breathed deeply, letting the Light Side course through her veins. "You're working for the Exchange or Czerka." "Because I know a few people from Czerka Corporations who would love to see a pretty example, such as yourself, working in the cantinas. What do you say?" Lyysks asked, nodding. "Are you flirting with me?" Thuria asked, disgusted. "No. Let's focus on the fires." "Well, if you must know, Neela's my executive. I just work with her. She promised to keep me alive, as long as our deal was done. The Exchange doesn't know we're here, but Czerka is keeping things under wraps." He added, "Also, the fires were caused by Czerka. Says they don't pay me well enough, so they'll burn this whole place down. So, I agreed, but I couldn't pay them in time. You can blame Czerka for this or me, but why would a pretty example be interested in affairs well above your station, child?" "I am not a child!" Thuria said, keeping her voice even. "You're not an adult either." Lyysks shrugged. "Go ahead and imprison me. Czerka will release me. I'll be back in this neighborhood before too long! You'll see." Thuria pulled out her holocom, telling Brison, promptly, "Brison, I found out that Lyysks is working for Czerka. Neela's his executive and he works with her. Czerka is responsible for burning these houses down. What should we do?"
  13. Sign In/ Out

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  14. Sign In/ Out

    Just popping in and out for the next few days or so. Going to be playing my video games for a bit and I want to make some progress. Will get back to posting sometime after that, hopefully. Thanks.
  15. Just a scratch.

    Thuria gulped. This was ridiculous! It also was surprising the owner had caught the green-skinned Togrutan Neela right on time, and captured her, too. It was suspicious! "Brison," Thuria faced her master, "if the information is accurate and Neela is responsible for this mess, then it still doesn't add up to this bad feeling I've been having since we got here. The owner is suspicious - I didn't quite catch his name - but doesn't it seem like a coincidence either. Something doesn't add up." Maybe it was time to ask more questions. "Excuse me, sir!" Thuria approached the owner, determination in her eyes. "I didn't quite catch your name." "Holmad Lyysks." The owner introduced himself. "Right." Thuria pressed the matter further. "You're saying your information is accurate and Neela is responsible for these fires?" She glanced at Holmad's arm. "Mr. Lyysks, is your arm all right?" "Oh that!" Holmad caressed his arm. "It's nothing! Excuse me, child!" He wandered off to speak to another couple. Thuria turned to Brison, uneasily. "I think we need to ask the owner, Holmad Lyysks, more questions. His arm is injured."