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  1. Quiet Time

    "My original intent was to trade with them in exchange for use of cultivation lands, but they attacked us before we could make any kind of offering. But excuses are excuses. I will travel out to Sector A-7 with my droid and attempt to bridge the communication gap, my Lord." She said, finishing her second cup of tea. Holle had no taste for the jungle yet, and thus far going back into said jungle had been the last thing on her to-do list. It felt bad to admit that she was afraid of the native warriors of this planet, but they were quite a lot more competent than her initial appraisal. The assumption that their technology level dictated their skill in battle was so vastly incorrect. It was times like these that she missed living in a city. For her part though, she had some plan to provide coffee just short of growing new plants in the land yet to be secured for use. There were certain inherent risks with importing to Dathomir, but there were also disreputable channels that could be used to great effect among the spacers abroad. If she could not immediately grow coffee she could at least try to secure a cargo of coffee in the meantime. At least importing something could hold her place while she works on trading with the natives from a place where they understood one another. That would require trying to establish a contact outside of Dathomir, likely in Hutt space, which in and of itself presented various challenges. On the other hand, making contacts among the Hutt gangs could also pay off in terms of other more dubious acquisitions as well. Holle had several things to consider.
  2. Quiet Time

    "That is difficult to say, my Lord. As I am now I cannot say that I feel appreciably weakened by the loss of my legs, at least as it relates to my connection to the Force." Holle answered honestly. She had no concerns as to the reasoning behind the question. So far as she understood it was an entirely logical thing to want to know. There were Sith that had numerous cybernetic replacements, far more than she, and they seemed fine. She felt pain every single time she went to her knee before her master, yet she did so out of devotion to the social order. Without order there was nothing, and the Sith were nothing if not held accountable on the hierarchy of power. The Zeltron sipped her tea, "They cause me great pain at every waking moment though. I cannot say if it is true pain, or if I am recalling the feeling of having lost them in battle. My desire for power has not changed, though, as your question might suggest. We all face struggles in our pursuit of power, correct? I have had tremendous difficulites adjusting my life around my prosthetic legs, and it has finally shown in my ability to produce positive results. It would seem that now is the time that I should change in order to adapt to this new challenge as I clearly cannot tackle this as directly as I would have liked to." She continued. If she was going to answer a question she was going to leave nothing else on the table. With their previous meeting ending in a less than stellar fashion she was not going to answer in any other way than how she felt was fitting to the line of inquiry. As she paused for consideration she put her own honest opinion of herself on the table as well. "This, more than anything else, has shown me that my effectiveness is not in the realm of direct conflicts or battle. My strengths lie elsewhere, and while I attempted to push myself toward a more battle-ready mindset I only hindered myself by not focusing on what I was already capable of doing and developing that further. I am not made for open warfare, simply put." She finished, nodding to the droid as she refilled her tea.
  3. Food coma complete.

  4. Quiet Time

    Failure. Holle had a long and storied relationship with failure if her own personal assessment was to be believed. It was true that her successes were limited in their scope and impact, but they were still successes in the end. Her failures though, had been far more monumental in terms of the personal impacts they had on her life. The greatest was to lose her legs below the knees, and even that seemed like an easy recovery after damaging the trust her master had in her to complete even remotely simple tasks. Nothing felt right anymore, and her confidence had most definitely been shaken. Fear had motivated the Zeltron to avoid the general halls of the Academy. Her meditations and personal interests in the history of the Sith Order kept her occupied in her self-imposed isolation. The room she called her own paled in comparison to the apartment she lived in on Dromund Kaas. There was a general feeling of resentment for the downgrade in her living arrangements but there was no true target for which her scorn could be placed other than the Jedi. That she was still alive was somewhat of a blessing these days though, considering her struggles ever since the war. Things had been difficult to adjust to, and she had been more squeamish as a whole than before. It still sat on her shoulders that she had not managed to even defend herself adequately in order to retreat with the Empire. She had to be rescued, yet again, and it felt to her that she was simply being kept alive at this point rather than living on her own. Her isolation was required to end though, not by choice but by obligation. In avoiding the student body and the Overseers she had spent time reevaluating her priorities. What she found was that her master was right and that she had no real drive or purpose thus far. She was learning, and receiving training, but without an end goal it was time spent teaching someone without a plan for their life. Holle had never planned her life out though. Even as a Sith the chain that bound her most fiercely was the remnants of the mental conditioning that slaves received. Her life was her own now and while she knew her place as a Sith she still did not know ultimately that it was well within her right to plan ahead for her own motives and goals. The relationship of the master and apprentice further compounded her inner conflict to the point that she was convinced up until two days ago that she was meant only to serve the Empire. Her master admonished her fiercely, and in doing so forced the reevaluation in directly. If it was not satisfactory for her to be servile, and it was not satisfactory for her to be fully independent based on the nature of the master and apprentice relationship, then somewhere in the middle was the ground she had never covered. For once she considered her own needs, her own desires among the Sith and found that she had been little more than a doormat to be ordered around. If that reputation had garnered any footing among the students then there would be no respect for her anywhere. Overseers hated her, the students resented her, and now her master was angry with her. Holle returned to her master's office though, intent to at least try to repair the damage she had done with her incompetence. On bended knee she offered her respects as befitting his office, "My Lord." she said, and nothing more. She had nothing to report, nor did she have anything of value to offer him. If he required her to speak at this point after her latest failure he would either request or demand it. Holle accepted a hot tea from Maggie and seated herself across from the Zabrak, expecting to be further admonished or at the least criticized. With nothing under her belt to call her own success of late it was anyone's guess as to how long she would yet last if this latest pattern continued.
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  6. Quiet Time

    There was an obvious tension that she had not felt before, that her master was legitimately furious with her for what seemed like the first time. Holle was understandably nervous, but chose to attempt concealing that emotion beneath a veneer of calm. "Because the geography of Sector A-7 is a heavily forested hill, as you well know. The proper cultivation of coffee must take place in an environment where frost does not occur, which is why there have been difficulties in scaling the two-thousand meters without losing the majority of our reinforcement to ambushes and guerilla tactics. They are not ignorant tribals, they are intelligent and it is their home field." She answered, herself getting more and more irritable as the moments passed. Holle took the message he delivered, though her thoughts on the matter remained likewise hidden. Perhaps it was time to rethink the matter of unity among the Sith and more about what she should do to bring herself into power. "If you would prefer, I could take an entire batallion of soldiers up, violently wrest control of the hill from the tribe, but the potential for causing the rest of the planet's inhabitants to become violently opposed to our presence seems like too great a risk. It would only end in a battle of escalation that would draw attention to Dathomir. Diplomacy has failed, subtle attacks have failed, the other option is overt destruction. Infiltrating and assassinating the leader of a tribe only means another leader is elevated and the tribe becomes hostile. It is a no win situation, but if you wanted me to destroy them all and think about the consequences later I will do just that and truck my happy ass back up that hill and slaughter them all and just throw caution to the wind." She continued on, giving into her anger and frustration. It did not feel good to be berated like this. For all her efforts to fly relatively under-the-radar there was no chance of that on Dathomir. The avoidance of conflict out of a self-preservation instinct was, at least to many, antithetical to Sith philosophy. The Dark Side fed on conflict and the most she sought was petty arguments with people she considered to be ignorant. Now that she was confronted with actual concrete failure that she could not ignore, things felt worse than they had before.
  7. Quiet Time

    "The same reason any sensible student is in the Academy, to grow more powerful and become a scion for the Sith. It is my duty to the Order and the Sith'ari to grow more powerful and become something greater than I once was, and discard the trappings of my past to be born anew in the Dark Side. My purpose has never changed." "Holle said, quite firm in her statement. While she began as someone more self-interested than she was now, her motivation to grow more powerful had been shaped by the war. In her humiliating defeat on Dromund Kaas she was given at least one thing, the clarity to focus on growing more powerful not because she wanted to remain free of the chains of slavery, but because it was only through powerful Sith that the Order would once again be reborn into the galaxy. It was a tonal shift in her personality, but to be nearly destroyed and mutilated by the Jedi was quite a bit of a wake-up call for the otherwise lax student. Her training had not progressed since then, not fully, but she had become more gifted in keeping herself hidden from view, if not entirely from the Force. Those with powerful extrasensory capabilities could still find her, which was distressing, but if she was going to be a tool of destruction and change wrought by the Dark Side she needed to re-focus her efforts on becoming powerful rather than a simple spy her master could rely on to deliver news of the academy. The Zeltron left herself in that resolute place while she looked at her master, "We are all here not because of some accident of the Force, or some trick played on the Jedi. The Dark Side gifted us with this location. Without the Force we are powerless. I consider our presence on this planet a sign that our work, our Order, was not meant to be fully destroyed, but instead put to the fire. Those that died, those who did not return once the Sith'ari called them back to service, are just as dangerous if not more dangerous than our Jedi enemies. There is no telling who among us is working to sabotage this effort in regrowth." She continued on, confident in what she was saying. There was one thing Holle had gained and it was dedication. Her near-death experience had helped her shed the final chain that held her from fully committing to the Sith Order. "There are two ways to filter these people out, and eradicate them. We allow it to foment unrest, and track those that commit to undermining both your and the Sith'ari. Once we have a more comprehensive list of those that week to undo the stability we have established on Dathomir we wipe them out as an example, a showing of power. Those who do not commit, are crushed for their weakness and disbelief. But that raises the question of how to handle those that would choose to repent. Do we offer them clemency, or simply crush them in the same sweeping act? There are benefits to either one. On one side you grant clemency to those who wish to return to the fold and it may renew their loyalty and dedication, but they may yet still be prone to desires to undermine the organization we have achieved here. In destroying them we make sure that they cannot possibly convince others that it is right or fair for them to continue their destructive path. The Dark Side thrives on strife and change, but it is my thought that those who would seek to cause destruction among the Sith should be given no quarter." Her voice carried with it a deep sense of paranoia that to her was not unjustified. She had brought this news to her master for his discernment though. She might have been the messengers, but she was not allowed final say on what should be done among the academy. Her position as his apprentice only afforded her so much leeway afterall.
  8. Quiet Time

    Holle could tell he was in a bad mood, that much was obvious. Her late reports were likely the case, as they reported little to no success regarding her recent assignments. Under the circumstances she felt fairly justified in her nervousness, but did not hang her head when she offered her master the knee. The Zeltron waited for a moment, before rising, "My Lord, there is talk among the Overseers that some of the recruits from the current batch are performing adequately or ahead of schedule. With all things hearsay should be taken with a grain of salt, but I myself have witnesses several of the students and have found their dedication wanting. It would be remiss of me to lie to you and say the Overseers are correct in their assessment, but they are being quite generous with at least half of the students, and the other half seems to be getting by on bare minimum. Whether or not this is the fault of the students or the Overseers is unknown at this time, but I suspect it to be a combination of both issues compounding into a greater one that we cannot allow to blossom." She said, her voice more concerned than it normally would have been. The students were in some way her responsibility if only because her master was the head of th Academy, but she was not responsible for the behavior of the Overseers. "Should you wish it, I will investigate the matter more thoroughly and find the source of the problem. I have my suspicions that there is someone or a group of someones that are not entirely on board with the new agendas and are trying to undermine it. There is an uneasiness in the Force, in the halls, and I know that I cannot be the only one to have noticed it. Something is wrong, something feels wrong and I cannot put my finger on it." Holle continued, offering her opinion on the matter. It was not asked for, but it seldom was in the span of her apprenticeship. She simply offered it, as if it was some great gift to be granted to someone with whom she discussed matters. There was no mirth in her voice, just a subtle unsettled feeling that surfaced only briefly. She was worried though, that much was obvious in her uneasy body language. It was as if the air in the acadmey had been stifled, and the walls had been adjusted ever so slightly that the building felt just that little bit smaller.
  9. Quiet Time

    Since the beginning of her apprenticeship, Holle had done her level best to survive and perform her duties to the best of her abilities. That had not been the case on Dathomir. She had been given responsiblities, work that her master needed done that she promised to succeed in, only to in turn find a way to snatch failure from the jaws of success. Something had taken root on this planet, something had foiled her at every turn and she could not figure out just what it had been. Had she lost favor in the Force? Had she just gotten too lax and forgotten the struggle that it took to even begin to walk again? Whatever it was that had seen to her endeavors ending in misery it was driving her to the brink of madness. Her recent trips through the Academy were often filled with public chastisement of other acolytes, and for reasons only known to her. They could simply have worn the wrong color, or they could looked at her the wrong way, but her open hostility was a definitive change that likely had not gone unnoticed in her master's neverending watch over the Academy. She feared him, though. Holle feared Darth Verrin's power and her own failures were haunting her no matter what she attempted to do. Things began to compound on one another, and slowly her performance in things she used to be the most competent at began to slip. It was self-doubt creeping in where confidence had once been. She had been given challenges on Dromund Kaas and succeeded in them, though with the proper stimuli. Here on Dathomir she felt as if she was still the student and knew it, but had lost some of her edge given the long recovery time it took for her to literally get back on her feet. While she had certainly focused on her abilities in the Force, she was given to second-thought which often saw her efforts to push the boundary further falter. It was much like the stone slab and her attempts at learning more advanced telekinetic power; the challenges kept mounting and her weakness kept haunting her like a curse. Holle knew she should have spoken with her master sooner, but there were certain things her pride held her back on. There was no room to show weakness among peers, but that spread to showing any weakness at all. Her hindsight was the only thing that granted her the clarity to see that her failures were only making her look worse, and by extension her master. If she was to receive forgiveness, if that was possible at this point, she had to prostrate herself and beg for his mercy. While she knew he was by no means as harsh or brutal as other Sith, he was still Sith and still prone to the same things other Sith felt or wanted. He wanted power just as much as any other among the Academy's halls, for her to fail him so much of late had to have made him look terrible. That did not mean it would be easy for her, nor did it mean that even now before his office door that she had the courage to admit her defeats. Even with all the reluctance and fear, she wordlessly requested entry rather than barging in as she was prone to doing. She wanted to prolong her life as long as she could if today's unscheduled meeting meant she was to lose it.
  10. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Holle had been watching and waiting the whole time, kept invisible by the Force. The young man before her had a poor understanding of the way the Academy worked if he felt he could debate his own terms of punishment for failure with Darth Verrin. It was the purest form of disrespect for her master's authority. Her frustrations were only further compounded by the showing of her master's temper turning into what she felt was going to do nothing to see to it that he learned his place. While he had blown up over the misplacement of a droid, he had opted for something that, to her, seemed like a punishment out of place in the Academy. Perhaps she had missed some kind of contextual threat that such work could level on him, but she had ideas of what he deserved for his clear disregard for the hiearchy that kept things operating smoothly around here. Her anger and irritation had compounded for multiple reasons by this point. That the boy continued debating his usefulness meant he was completely unaware of what the situation meant to him. Darth Verrin had instructed him to do something, and he refused it. It was simple as that, so when she was unleashed to see to it that his punishment was carried out she delighted in dropping her invisibility, "Do not presume to tell the master of this academy your place." she spat with a familiar vitriol. Holle followed up on this immediately by throwing a sharp right elbow toward the back of his head. The Zeltron imagined she would have an easier time punishing the boy for his transgressions if she were to daze him before going to work teaching the hard lesson she had just been instructed to deliver.
  11. The Folly of Idolatry

    Sutem, it appeared, had some sort of self-destructive desire with the tone in which she spoke. Holle would have to note that in her report to her master. Impudent behavior like this had no place in the hierarchy, and had to be taught against. When teaching failed, it had to be broken out of them. It was not as expedient as those who understood respectful behavior from the beginning, but ultimately a necessity lest the student find a less charitable Sith than Darth Verrin. There were few things that really seemed to bother him unfortunately, so whether or not Sutem could get away with being that kind of person for long was up to how long Verrin could tolerate them being so disrespectful. If she had her way, and she would relish the opportunity, she would love to break the Clawdite down until they were prepared to learn without their blatant disregard for authority. That ultimately came down to whether or not her master would allow her such a delight, but at the moment she was not holding her breath. Holle, rather than lash out, replied with a very short and very terse message, "Focus, acolyte. There is no time for your attitude. Keep your eyes open for snare traps or pitfalls." which she delivered before continuing on herself. She may have been a student herself, but she was definitively the one in command of the assignment. Only time would tell if Sutem would adjust to authority. Still, that there was not a mass of angry tribal villagers descending on the immediate area was a good sign that they had not been detected. Ideally it would remain that way, which was why Holle had no designs on going into the village herself until she absolutely had to. Her only concern was observation of the infiltration, and if the student had the capacity to adapt or learn under duress.
  12. The Folly of Idolatry

    "There is no freedom in death." Holle said in an instructive tone. Someone who had that kind of reckless attitude about living would not do well among the Sith. While it was true that much of Sith thought and philosophy was entirley self-interested, it was simply not feasible for the Sith Remnant to grow out of the ashes of war if all those who sought understanding of the Dark Side were so uncaring about their demise. It was an alien thought process to her, and one that she found positively abhorrent when she considered it even a moment further. She had been a slave, and instead of falling limp as the implication was from Sutem, she killed for her freedom. They were the first murders she had ever claimed, and she would never forget their fear when she sank the knife into their flesh. There were times when she recalled that moment, where the vivid memories made it feel as if the warm blood was still on her hands. It was that rush of power, just the one time, that saw her dropped on Korriban and again picked up as an apprentice to Darth Verrin. Her drive to ensure that she not only obtained power, but secured that power at any cost, was at least valuable to someone other than herself. The Zeltron could not help but be irritated by the woman's almost lackadaisical approach to training among the Sith though. While she considered the gift of power in the Dark Side akin to receiving a spark of divinity, this one seemed to treat it like some kind of weekend holiday. Holle could not abide by that, "Your reasoning to be among the Sith is as insulting as your outlook on life. Only the Dark Side can break the chain that binds you to your fears and doubts. Slavery is by no means worse than death, nor should death ever be considered the easy escape. If you fail me, or you fail my master, we could most certainly ensure that you find no rest among the dead. This is a life of dedication, one that you do not yet possess the attitude for it seems. You tread on dangerous grounds in the Sith Academy if you do not commit your full life to your training and understanding of the Dark Side." There were times when Holle could say she was angry, but nothing made her quite so angry as this. She had struggled for everything she achieved, survived a selection process to even be chosen as an apprentice, and now the student she was guiding only came because they were curious? In her eyes there was no escuse to half-commit to something simply because one had doubts about the Republic or the Jedi. There was but one simple universal truth, and that was power. Everything else was ancillary. Power was what motivated the Sith to achieve. Power was what kept the Sith Order in constant flux, allowing it to avoid the same type of stagnation that made the Jedi truly complacent. It was power that freed her from the fear of enslavement. Holle had dedicated her time, effort, and even her body in the loss of her legs below the knees to the Sith Order. "My master was kind to you to allow you this opportunity, but my kindness ceases when you insult the Sith by treating the Order like a sideshow that you can peruse at your leisure. I will render one warning to you. Dedicate yourself fully to the Sith Order, or you will find a slave's collar around your neck as soon as I drag your carcass back to the Academy. Am I understood acolyte?"
  13. There's Nothing You Can Do

    Holle had developed the habit of follwing her master about the academy throughout at least a short part of the day. It was not so much to be at his beck and call whenever he could need her, but to watch over him in the event that some ambitious knife in the dark had the audacity to try and unseat him. His power was her power, at least partially, and as his apprentice it was her dedication to her service to him that continued to ensure that she was trained to the best of his ability. She had to appreciate the respect he commanded from the students, but whether or not it was out of fear that he would strike them down or just deference to the title he possessed was a question she preferred left unanswered. Under the circumstances though, uncertainty that the new students would adhere to the rules as they should was still enough to draw her paranoia out and give her a reason to shadow her master on his walks thorugh the halls. It was these walks that had afforded her the time to shore up her ability to conceal herself in the Force. Stealth and guile were certainly the things she needed to rely on in the aftermath of the Empire being crushed by the Republic. The loss of her legs certainly put things in perspective for her, as well as forced a change in her training away from a more overt and physical nature. Her failure on Dromund Kaas was just the beginning though, and that she remained alive meant that the Dark Side had purpose for her that had not been fulfilled yet. She had learned on Dromund Kaas that to conceal herself in the Force it was to manipulate the natural world, to bend the light around her that she might be unseen by casual observers. If she was visible, then her master had not yet told her, nor did the students of the academy address her. The thought that she was just creeping through the halls following Darth Verrin around had occurred to her, but there was no evidence to support that she had failed to remain hidden yet. Of course it had also crossed her mind that her master absolutely knew she was there, but did not breach the subject in their intellectual discussions. Either way, Holle certainly felt pleased with herself. That self-indulgent enjoyment of perceived success also grew while witnessing her master truly lose his temper and admonish a student. She had not been a perfect apprentice, by any means, but the one thing that she understood to enrage the Zabrak was the disrepect of property that belonged to the academy or the library. It was sinful to be enjoying a day as much as she was right now, but there it was before her. An uppity rich child speaking to her master as if he was beyond reproach. These were the kinds of people she delighted in deconstructing. Holle did not wait for the call or opportunity, but rather contacted her master telepathically the moment he offered some kind of punishment, light as it was, "My Lord, if I may interject with the student?" and rendred her sadism available for use in the education of this young man. If she had her way, the work as a towel boy would be secondary to the legendary suffering she could force him to endure. Holle made certain that she remained invisible, if only because of the prospect of sudden fear and anguish of her potential victim.
  14. The Folly of Idolatry

    Holle did not stay around for questions and answers. She had related to the student what the assignment was and that was enough. The Sith Academy followed a relatively stringent sink or swim policy, and those who were incapable of adapting and reacting properly to external stimuli were likely to fail at any level among the Remnant. Still, she went ahead not to take out any of the potential opposition, but to scout the region herself. Her time learning with her master Darth Verrin had at least afforded her a better grasp of how to remain unseen and unheard, which suited her just fine in the hostile jungles of Dathomir. The more she could avoid unnecessary contact with the tribal groups that called the planet their native ground, the better. The Zeltron was quick on her feet, which was no mean feat considering the massive adjustment required to get used to her prosthetics. It felt good to finally be back on balance, and able to move like she had before. Holle preferred to feel as if she was still whole, even though she knew that was not the case anymore. The Jedi had taken that from her on Dromund Kaas and left her there to wallow in her defeat. It planted a seed of hatred that had only grown over time. She did not know what she could do to the Jedi, but what she did know is that they deserved whatever misfortune could fall upon them. This hard planet only worked to make her just as hard, and in such dire times only hard Sith would survive. Under the circumstances the most important trick was not to blend light with the Force to render herself invisible, but to silence her footfalls. There was no use in being unseen if she could still be heard, so her progress through the jungle was measured rather than rapid. Her focus was entirerly on maintaining her ability to remain hidden though, and not on tracking down the village. Getting lost was not what she was worried about, so much as she was worried that someone would hear her approaching rather than see her. The student would have to worry about the very same things, but without the ability to visually conceal herself. It was a test of how well she could infiltrate using her natural talents though, and to appraise just how useful they would be to the Remnant when more serious missions came along. Heat certainly was the only thing on this planet that Holle hated more than the natives she had thus far encountered. It was humid, miserable, and it always ruined her hair. Her vanity had not been quelled by the loss of her legs, and even now she knew what she wore was not flattering in the slightest. It was a thought for later, and so she pushed it aside and paused at the base of a large tree to open the communication channel between herself and the prospect, "The natives on this planet, at least the ones in my experience, do not take well to strangers entering their territories uninvited. Were this another time many years ago that would be understandable, but it seems they do not know when they are overmatched. Technologically speaking they are so far behind what we are capable of that to bring it all to bear against them would surely grant the Remnant total control of this planet. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to draw that kind of attention to ourselves. While the Jedi and the Republic are not actively searching for us anymore, at least as far as I can tell, something of that scale would certainly draw out unwarranted inspection." She said, quietly, apprising the student of the situation. Holle knew all too well that the weapons were primitive, but they should never be underestimated. An arrow made of stone and wood could just as easily kill as a lightsaber, and hurt just as much. It was something with which she was intimately acquainted, which she did not want to repeat. "Though, I imagine since you have joined us you have been made aware of the circumstances we Sith now find ourselves in. But that raises a question to me, and one that I expect an honest answer to. Why did you come to the Sith, what is it that made you choose to put yourself in this position knowing that failure means enslavement or death?" She asked, getting to the heart of her discomforts. It was not often that someone chose to come to the Sith under the circumstances as they had been related to her. Her master had told her just enough about Sutem that she could guide her on an assignment, but that did not mean that she took what was relayed to her at face value. If her experiences among the Sith had taught her one thing, it was that she could trust very few people to be forthright with their intentions. Even she veiled her intent when she was among her peers, and it had previously been one of the most infrequent things for her to do.