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  1. A Glance Into Darkness

    A few of the city's citizens still surviving had shied away from the padawan, and even with the mentioning of the surviving sith they had encountered during the secret meet, the people hesitated, showed obvious skepticism. General directions to the ship were given and they were left to make their own choice, the Miralukan rejoining the newcomers at Zyann's side. Flashing a carefree grin at her companions, the Togruta pulled out a smoke grenade taken from the smuggler's stash aboard her ship. Naturally the alien hadn't planned on using it in such a way, wanting to use it for escape purposes, but one must adapt to every situation. "Just who do you take me for, buckethead," she laughed, using a term for the helmets of their armor she had picked up when treating Republic troopers some time ago. "I am a Jedi Master. Don't underestimate me. Now, when they all run out and are shooting at me, that's your signal to slip into their stronghold and find the prisoners. Be alert. I will guard the rear when everyone's out. Comms off so they don't trace you or the ship." Turning to the other Jedi, the woman smiled, letting her energy coat her figure and gently reach out in a comforting manner as one would with a hand on a shoulder or a hug. "Support them as best as you can, and save your energy. Heal only critical wounds just enough to get them to the ship. If you use your lightsaber, you will draw attention away from myself, so only use it as a last resort. You can do this, Mirran. Focus on the immediate surroundings, worry about the darkness and its creatures when we step foot into its territory." With that, the woman gave a nod to the group and let the energy pool at her feet, muscles tensing before she leapt through the air from where she had stood, landing in the clearing visible from every angle. The smoke seeped from its condensed case with a slow hiss, stinging her eyes and nose. Immediately the atmosphere turned tense, the feeling of figures becoming alarmed, alert, swnding ripples through the Force. Feeling her skin prickle, she sidestepped a single balster shot her way. There. She was nearly fully surrounded, though most kept their distance. Spreading her arms out, a wave of energy shot outward from her form, clearing the smoke and slamming into troopers nearby hard enough to cause them to stumble back a few standard feet. Amethyst gaze roamed over the armored beings, her free hand sliding her hood back to reveal her easily identifiable face; some troopers hesitated, their feelings conflicted for the Jedi Master had been known amongst some, had saved the lives of a few present at the least. White plates shifted, the young woman letting her cloak slip from her body to reveal the shimmersilk robes draped over her form, her saberstaff hilt grasped in her extended arm. A pauldron and colored bands indicated the Republic trooper approaching was in charge, or one of the higher ranking beings amongst the lot that had survived and taken over the city. "In the name of the Galactic Alliance, I demand you all surrender-" "The Traitor's Alliance you mean," the captain sneered, his helmet being removed to reveal a human male with dark brown short cropped hair and dark almost menacing eyes. A few scars distorted his face, as though a creature had mauled him. Laughing, the woman scratched at her montral with her free hand, shaking her head. "Ah, it does seem bad given enemies bent on killing one another are suddenly helping eachother out. But was that not the original goal before the Republic - Jedi included - committed genocide upon the Imperials? One faction, one people, should not have rule over all in the galaxy. So again, I urge you all to surrender so that you may be treated fairly and return to your homes after being tried for crimes against innocents." "Sound the alarms. She can't take us alone-search for more of her kind!" "You lot are nothing when facing a Jedi Master. Forgive me for the injuries you will end up with." Rushing forward, the woman's weapon lit to life with a loud snap-hiss, the two blades flashing around her as she blocked various bolts of condensed plasma shot from blasters all around her person. Movements swift, her gaze steady and intent on the captain, the Togruta knocked men and women aside, the white armor plates being marked black from where her lightsaber made brief contact with the material covering their vitals. Her hip and shoulder burned where a particularly skilled sniper struck her inbetween the spinning and maneuvering of her wewpon and body. Shots reflected off her weapon harmlessly into walls or the ground, her goal being to spare every person present regardless of allegiance. Tbc
  2. A Glance Into Darkness

    Ration bar half devoured, the remainder sticking out of her mouth as she looked to her new companions (well, where both would be if the man's camoflaging tech didn't function by distorting energy and senses around his form), the young woman went to answer in regards to which were hostile, enemy, and so forth. Unfortunately the food fell from her mouth, causing a slight panic as she hastily swiped at it, catching it just before it landed on the dirt, her amethyst eyes large. She had just completed the image of a startled manka cat. With a sigh of relief, food tucked safely away in one of her hip pouches, the alien began to gesture to various points around their location. "It's a bit distant, but a creature native to this place and a single trooper are likely having a standoff. There's three nearby locations that have a few alert signatures, likely citizens of Kaas City guarding entrances to wherever everyone seeks shelter. Patrol units are there and there with guards posted at these spots... Try not to kill anyone if you can help it. Most of these men and women are just following orders, and continuing to condemn others to death for wrongs that aren't fully their doing will only cause more animosity and endanger any we cannot get off this planet." Flinching, the Togruta shut her eyes and immediately closed off her mind, fingers pinching the bridge of her nose for a long monent before her body finslly showed signs of her muscles releasing tension. The dark energies were like Akul nails or teeth stabbing into her head, seeking to draw in and drown out the light she emitted unconsciously. The amount of time she could use her abilities, could tap into the force without repercussions was very limited. Thankfully two heavily armed Mandalorians had showed up. "So, friends, we have a couple ways to approach this, most requiring a lot of noise and flashy techniques!" Hands clapping a bit, she grinned at the two. "Diversion, stealth, or boldly walking in like we own the place. I don't look like much, but I make an excellent target and draw attention. It's amazing how lightsabers can catch so many gazes ~ "
  3. A Glance Into Darkness

    So many weapon barrels were pointed towards her, the tension in the air quite thick oddly enough. Though unnerving, the young woman knew she could possibly protect herself against at least the lesser of the teo weapons, but had only had luck blocking multiple pistol blasts at once. More powerful shots meant less chance of success on her part. With a motion that knotted the simple cloth bandage around her head - no use wasting precious bacta and kolto bandages on a flesh wound - the Jedi shifted to face both of the armor clad warriors. One had appeared without her knowing, her senses still reigned in too close to alert of enemies at his distance, yet it might too have been a neat cloaking device he seemed to have integrated within his armor. If chance came, she would love to test it against ger typically vast range of sense through the Force. "Hm? Are you unaware of...yes, that must be it. Come along and I will fill you in-oh, unless the two of you don't follow your leader. What was she called, Mand'alor I believe? If that's the case, let's pretend we never saw one another here, eh?" Winking, she motioned to the unconscious trooper. "He will be awake before long. Best move on before the guard change happens. Our presence will be noticed soon enough." Not waiting to see if they followed, the Jedi turned to begin down a path towards the main entrance of the crashed Republic ship. It was a more round about way, yet if they were careful, sentries could be avoided, and the attack be swift and surprising against the Republic loyalists that remained in control here. "The Republic declared war on all that would not aid them in destroying the Imperials. For the first time, the many factions that were enemues have declared a truce. I'm one of the representatives for the Jedi, and even though they are Imperials, no one deserves to be slaughtered. Ah ~ I lectured! I'm turning into an old boring Master at this rate! And all that talking makes me hungry." She mumbled the last bit, her attention drifting to where the path became an open space. After that, there was one more destroyed building before the final clearing that led to their target entrance. Amethyst eyes scanned the area, narrowing a few times when the Force tickled her mind to indicate a sign of life that was outside her physical view. The question was if they were harmless or hostile. Deciding to think over her options, the Togruta lifted her sleeve back and checked the two remaining mini syringes with a simple anaesthetic in them. Like it or not, at this rate she would have to use most of her energy in combat, and perform triage healing should it be required. The mere idea of having to open herself up to the darkness that consumed the dying planet sent chills down her spine. While she was the rare light the energies of this place sought to snuff out, Zyann knew she could handle it, could survive the onslaught. If her having to suffer for a time meant the lives and safety of many, it was a worthy sacrifice to make. Master Suto, how did you not crumble while spending most of your time on places like Kaas? Let me borrow your strength for a time.
  4. A Glance Into Darkness

    Green flashed with a hiss, the Togruta advancing on the Republic trooper; the man had drawn his weapon on the Jedi after stumbling across them by pure chance, her weapon activating the moment his finger shifted to the trigger. A single shot sounded, was reflected back at his hand with very practiced movement and aim on the woman's part. Disarmed of the favored weapon, he could reach for a spare blaster or the vibroweapon fastened at his back hip. Smiling sadly, the woman deactivated her saberstaff, continuing towards him, his clear fear of her clouding instinct and training - he was a greenhorn, one brought up with horror stories of those that could use the Force, of Jedi and Sith. "Your fear is misplaced, and though you won't believe me, I have no intention of hurting you. I just need you to sleep for a bit..." Pushing off the ground, the xeno closed the distance between them with the tiniest aid from the Force, her body spinning into his as she avoided the punch he attempted to throw at her in self defense. Trying to hold his arm in place by tightening her arm against his limb to hold it against her body, Zyann reached for the clasp of his helmet. Her wrist was grabbed with his free hand, a headbutt causing her to stumble back a few steps. The feel of hot liquid slowly running down her face, the metallic smell, and the spreading of intense pain told her said blow had cut open her forehead. Fighting the daze from his counter, she barely sidestepped his vibroknife, its buzzing noise enhancing the headache forming. Choosing to forego using her lightsaber in order to spare his life, even his body from major damage, the female continuously dodged hos strikes while practically dancing around him. It hurt to reach out with the Force, to concentrate on multiple things, but time was running out before an alert of an enemy spotted would sound. Energy flowed outward from her form, settling over some remains of a metal fence. It began to lift, creaking in the process and drawing his attention. As the man turned to see what she was doing, the metal net-like structure flew at him and bent around his body, securing his arms to his sides. Carefully she walked up to him and removed the helmet, her hand resting on his forehead and eyes closing. A slight blue glow from such concentrated energy could be seen only a moment before it faded and the man lost consciousness. Breathing heavily, the Jedi turned to where the Mandalorian was crouched, where weapons were aimed her way. Smiling, she let out a little chuckle and wiped at her cut, blood leaving a faint smear across her melon and white colored skin, her cloak sleeve now stained. Directing her companion towards the remnants of a fairly intact building a little ways off, she briefly explained civillians were there and to be careful as their emotions felt a bit unstable. Attention back to the armored woman, the Togruta gave a slight bow, wobbling as she straightened. Rooting around in her pack, she spoke as she began dressing her wound, not wanting to waste any energy on tending to her own injuries unless they were too large to ignore. "I didn't think anyone else was here on a rescue mission too, but what luck we have! Imprisioned here are some Imperial officials that need freeing before they are executed, plus we are here to also rescue any civilians that so desire to flee this place. I am Jedi Zyann Aari. Shall we help one another out?"
  5. A Glance Into Darkness

    With a glance to their pilot and her ship, the comms on all three beings set to the same frequency and directly linked to one another, the Togruta slowly, carefully reached outward with her already heightened senses; the Force slipped from her like small strings of light extending around the pair just beyond an average line of sight. It was too much to open herself further just yet, and while the feeling would be weak at best if her energy found something, it was better than being taken completely by surprise. "Can one heal such damage, or would it be merely tossing a bandage on a fatal wound and wishing for the best. In this galaxy, planets and even stars are destroyed and reborn in another form. These planets were in their later stages of life, and it is a process all experience eventually. Do not mistake the pain of the flora and fauna for that of the ground we stand upon... If you prune a plant, it will feel pain, no? Yet the pruning keeps it healthy, extends its life. The dark feelings and energies here are sourced around the death that took place. Imperials were happy before the Republic interfered, otherwise there would have been no Empire. "The Force, light or dark as it may be, is neutral until we, beings that utilize it, come along. Through our personal practices and beliefs, we cause change. We create the imbalance by infusing ourselves deeper within the Force. Through studies and experience as you gain a strong control over your mind, you will fully see it. Your people have some of the best understanding of the Force and how it works based on your genetic composition." Pressing herself against what used to be a building and a fence that barricaded the city, Zyann glanced around the corner. Two guards were stationed there, and blocking the quickest and most direct route to their destination. With the men fully armored, it would cause too much commotion to inject both with a sleeping stim, and so they had to be dealt with directly. Turning to the Padawan, the woman smiled, slipping a hand to the other's shoulder in hopes to help ease the nerves. "While I deal with the guards, I need you to seek out any life signatures in our direct vicinity. You can do that, yes? Chances are there are citizens hiding, and we need to get them headed for the ship before our situation becomes hostile." Without waiting for a reply, the Jedi walked out into the open, hands flying out in front of her the moment the men looked at her cloaked figure. They flew back, smashing into the wall. The impact would only deter them a moment, likely knocking their breath from their lungs. No further action and the Republic stationed on this desolate place would know of their presence. Fingers twitching, it took precious time to forcefully undo the clips to their helmets, but the moment their faces and necks were revealed, the Jedi apologizes and made a flicking motion with her right arm, two darts filled with a sleeping tonic hitting them in the neck just below their jaw. Her brow had been furrowed, eyes never wavering from the targets, her senses honed in on them and not their surroundings; it was a hard lesson in combat she had to learn on her solo journey to various secluded locations, most host to the lesser scum of the Galaxy. Walking up to the slumped over men, Zyann checked their pulses before nodding and taking the dart-like vials that were now empty. They could be sanitised and reused in the future. "They have some time before they wake...maybe just before we get out of here. Vitals are strong, no signs of abnormal reactions," she mumbled to herself before picking up the helmets to put on some rubble that was roughly the same height as the men. No need to alarm anyone taking a quick glance and not seeing those meant to be stationed at a post. "Padawan Mirran. Anyone nearby, or are we set to move?"
  6. A Glance Into Darkness

    Selona, 3628 BBY Dromund Kaas - Kaas City Where tall spires of buildings once stood jutting out of the clearing within a lush jungle, only few remained intact; having a ship crash into a populated city was damaging enough, but the Limitless had been the size of Kaas City, had wiped out nearly the entire area and then some upon impact. Many trees no longer stood, those that did showing signs of fire and wind damage. Rubble littered broken streets that all led to what remained of the vessel. The Republic occupants hadn't bothered clearing away the destruction they caused that day, hadn't cared to rebuild homes for the living occupants of the city. No, they converted the crashed ship into everything they might need: communications center, housing, storage, prison, and cantina. Patrols watched the entrance to the makeshift city, and groups made regular rounds near problematic areas such as the jail cells and cantina. Having transferred all spare credits to the smuggler @Kala Ming, Zyann made sure all her supplies were packed, her comms silenced, and her weapon fastened at her hip. She had to be fully prepared, had to be as stealthy as possible given the fact all Jedi would be targeted along with Imperials and Sith according to the holo received in the midst of the supposed secret meeting. Besides, the woman was practically going in blind, suppressing her signature a bit as well as reinforcing her mental barriers - too much suffering took place there, and should she not stay on the defensive in every form possible, the woman would be overcome with images and emotions not her own, would be paralyzed, vulnerable. ... As much as the brunette longed to take the alien's place, for now Darth Sanguira knew her use would be in providing needed supplies, using and expanding connections that would only strengthen her rule when the time was right for her to don the title of Empress. Saving Imperials meant more subjects to rule, more beings to favor her over other possible candidates, more loyalty and support. Yes, the decision to contact the drunken pilot was an easy one after hearing the female tell the Jedi a trip to Kaas wouldn't be free. With their lines properly secure now, the Sith woman waited until all had made it clear of the surprise attack and were far enough away to not have the transmission so quickly intercepted. "Miss Smuggler, I am Darth Sanguira. While I currently don't know your name, I don't really care - I am only interested in ensuring survivors make it off of that planet. The Jedi has little funds, I assume, given their nature and lack of personal belongings, so if my guess is correct, that girl has only enough for a one-way trip." Leaning back in her seat, her expresdion neutral save for an amused glint in her eye that may or may not be noticeable in the call, the woman elegantly laced her fingers together, hands resting in her lap. Oh what she would do for some wine about now... "I have a map with secret trade routes, and a sector that will accept your business with a simple word from me. The map belonged to my father, so only a select few in his trade have knowledge of these routes that help you avoid trouble from other factions. Both the trading access and map are worth more than you can possibly imagine, but in exchange for these, you will wait for the Jedi to gather survivors and get all of them safely off the planet. Do we have a deal?"
  7. Won't Get Fooled Again

    The offer to be given a ride to assist those in need was almost accepted, even if it would cost her what few credits she had saved (most went towards food or the purchase of new flora to study and find medicinal uses for). Opening her mouth to agree and demand they shake hands to complete a verbal contract, her words died in her throat when a transmission interrupted their meeting. Pausing on her way to the exit, the xeno gazed over her shoulder, listening with a slight scowl as this General of the Republic declared war on their traitorous gathering. Being called a criminal stung a bit, but some of what had been said rang true; too long had the Jedi veered from their purpose in order to battle Sith in the nane of peace. A balance in the Force had existed, teetering, but relatively even between dark and light. And then few individuals gained power, a shift took place within the factions, and an attempt to fully eradicate a threat tipped the scales. Now a so-called holy war was to be waged against the Republic. All her years as a Jedi, most spent witnessing the casualties of violence, of battle, it was no wonder the Republic was tired of such things - she had been tired of it too and pushed to change things. Now, though, her voice of peace and reason would flip upside down and promote using their gifts against others versus for others. When the station shook from being fired upon, her thoughts were interrupted, the young woman being pulled back to reality. Everyone seemed to begin scrambling to get aboard a ship and flee, a few separate groups offering to take her with them. Feeling bad at having to turn any down, the Togruta would have bowed her head and apologized to everyone, but most were already gone from the room. Sighing, she began to casually head towards the hangar, humming cheerfully to herself and easily avoiding debris; between her connection to the Force and her heightened senses due simply to her anatomy, harmful objects that could obstruct her path were no threat. Boarding the smuggler's ship, having followed the Miralukan Jedi and woman, Zyann took a seat out of the way, feeling a familiar energy gently prod at her. Smiling, the woman allowed the Grand Master to examine her through the Force, the Jedi allowing her own energies to reach out and form a connection with his, accepting a telepathic link. Destination enclosed, along with confirmation that he was unharmed, the female laughed a bit. "You had a rough time, taking quite the verbal beatings today. It seems you found your resolve. That pleases me, and I am here to support you - we are friends after all! I will begin gathering survivors from the recent attacks the Republic executed." Pausing for a long moment, her hesitation to continue with her message to @Grand Master Eidolon obvious in their connected energies. Never one to shy away from speaking up, she finally voiced her thoughts further. They were words coming from her as a friend more than the Speaker or any other role she held...not that they were very familiar with one another either, but Zyann had a tendency to treat everyone as a companion she had known for ages. "You know, C'er-C'er, the Jedi and Sith joining together against a greater foe is almost like the first step in rejoining our factions to become one like so long ago. Such a thing would never have been possible had you not led an attack on them... I believe it was the will of the Force, and now all the pieces are in place for a potentially very bright future amongst all in the Galaxy. So don't dwell on lives lost during that time, but rather think of the lives you will be saving in the future. You are a good leader. Stay confident-ah, we are about to take off. Let me know if you need anything ~" Opening her eyes and shifting to stretch her previously crossed legs as her meditative like state was broken, the Togruta stood and hurried to @Kala Ming. "Ah, I'm Zyann Aari. It's nice to meet you miss smuggler! I only have a few hundred credits that I can offer for your services...is that enough? I want to get any Imperial survivors to the rebellion base as soon as possible, once those coordinates come through I mean." Turning to the other Jedi present, the Togruta beamed. "And you can help!"
  8. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Though it came with scolding, food was being offered by a Sith no less. Grinning happily, the Togruta grasped the gauntleted hand with her own after having untangled herself with ease from her fellow Jedi. Bowing her head, she beamed at the masked male, tilting her head while looking him over, the protein bar now being unwrapped with practiced ease. "I'm sorry, but thank you so much! I was told I have a high metabolism, and I thought three would be enough, but I ate one planetside while waiting for Grumpy there, then two on his ship while we waited for the transmission. I had a fourth from his supplies, but there was mostly alcoholic beverages, and I didn't want to become strange from the liquid-not that he offered me any. Why do you wear a mask? And you are suppressing your energy, aren't you. Not a showy guy like Grumpy huh. But strong, I bet." About to munch away on the food, the Admiral spoke up, causing her to wince and mumble an apology for being part of the off topic rambling. It seemed a few leaders of their dynamic group were taking charge, though most individuals gathered still seemed to lack interest. The recording from the datacube that played, however, caught everyone's eye. It was slaughter, plain and simple. There was no trial, no chance for the Imperials being shot and discarded like waste. How could anyone do that to another being and act so unaffected?! "Admiral Vansic, was it? This is happening where your home is, right... Send me the coordinates. This may be a rash decision, but regardless of what everyone here decides to do, I refuse to stand around when I could be protecting others. I will prepare to leave immediately-taking any longer will cost too many lives, and others are here to represent and lead the Jedi Order." With a pause, her voice quiet to help hide how it shook from the anger she tried desperately to suppress, Zyann bowed low to the man. "If you will excuse me, I must prepare, and see if I can borrow a ship. I promise, I'll help them." Nodding, the female turned to exit the room in search of the trio that were responsible for gathering everyone. Surely they would assist, especially when she only needed transportation and a few supplies, an entourage being unnecessary given her capabilities in defensive maneuvers.
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again

    More observing. It was something she struggled with in that her attention often deviated, yet it was her earnest feelings, pure heart worn for all to see that made her a decent choice as a diplomatic leader of the Jedi - other traits also came into play, of course. Here, however, the alien was seen as a fool, naive, looked down upon. It hurt, yet she would treat them all equally, would hide the sting their looks and scoffs and words had. When the youngest of the children had been handed over to the man, Zyann became completely certain it had been that woman she saw in an attempt to prove her visions true to the Sith'ari. And despite the fact that group was surrounded by a darker, thicker air, the young woman could tell the child was unnatural, was more creature than anything. It was unnerving, sent chills down her spine. Surely the parents knew... But if so, why ignore it? Peeking around the white-haired man, a gasp escaped her lips as she saw the tattoos that looked self inflicted, as though ink had been mixed with blood and embedded into skin, not like many modern tattoos soldiers or Mirialans tended to get. It explained why he didn't want her healing his arm, why she had had to push him to his wit's end just to accept a stim for his ailments. So childish! If it was that important, the dumb Sith should have just explained it and allowed a basic cleaning that wouldn't disturb such inflictions. Shaking her head, the Jedi burst into a fit of giggles, muffling them with her hand and murmuring an apology. "We are quite silly, huh! Willingly offering ourselves to the supposed enemy once current matters are dealt with. The thing is, our factions will do as they please regardless of our decisions, our attempt to end old animosity to make room for more to come..." Climbing onto one of the nearby seats, the Jedi grinned, blushing slughtly when her stomach rumbled - she was hungry...again. "Sith'ari, you said if you survive... I will protect you. I will watch and protect the backs of everyone present. I don't look like much, but I'm far from useless anymore. While I plan to be on the front lines side by side with any who will fight, I do request to take charge of the medic teams. Get me anywhere there are injured and I can do the rest." Eyes blazed with determination and promise, the young healer going from showing her mature passionate self to childish and carefree, likely destroying any reassurance her words had, if they had any at all upon this very difficult crowd. With the Grand Master being the closest to her, the Togruta threw her arms loosely around his neck and leaned in to rest her chin on his shoulder, acting as though they were more familiar with one another (had it been her best friend, she'd have begun raiding his person for a snack). Fact was, before she became a Padawan, she had seen the man in passing, noticed him in the clinics, but never spoke prior to the various attacks by the Empire and Republic. "...Do you have food?"
  10. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Hearing all that others had to say, the animosity felt towards her faction, the young woman cleared her throat, calmness radiating from her, serenity, peacefulness spreading outward through the Force like small ripples in a pond. She refrained from pushing it upon the others gathered, though a shift in the air could be felt by sensitive and non sensitive beings alike. Speaking out, voice holding more authority and firmness than before, the Togruta made sure that she could be heard, that all understood what exactly she was saying. "Many atrocities were committed in the past by all factions represented here today. Many more will take place in the future, for that is what sentient beings do: in hopes of a favorable outcome, we use any means necessary. That does not make it excusable, mind you, but shouldn't those responsible be given a chance to make ammends, to be forgiven?" With a pause, Zyann shot a look to the Grand Master that clearly said for him to remain silent - she was playing her role, and was about to seal her future's fate. "As I stood by and let my comrade's relations get the better of him, as I did nothing despite having the ability to stop him, I take full responsibility for the role the Jedi played in the attack upon Imperial territory. If you want revenge, any and all are welcome to face me. But only once the immediate threat has been handled. Further debate on how we all despise one another's beliefs and ways of life should be held off until later, for we are being rude to our host who has risked a great deal in attempting to begin a proper revolt against a strong power." With that, the alien turned to face the one that had called everyone to this secret meeting, bowing her head in respect while wondering how much time they had before the Republic figured out where they were or what they were doing. Encrypted message or not, even disguised as a party invitation, the man at the head of the Republic was surely careful, maybe even a bit paranoid; obtaining great power, wielding it, and maintaining it did many things to the mind.
  11. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Expecting a longer discussion than had taken place regarding the Sith'ari's presence, apparently the young woman had quite the reputation, or at least the title she held allowed for it - vouching on her honor and even life that the man would behave, be civil, they were granted access to the meeting room, a small crowd having already begun to gather. The remark made about being unable to kill what feeds from pain and suffering made her roll her eyes, her reply simple: "You will never truly be immortal, just difficult to kill like a weed amongst flowers." Did it really bother him the way he was treated despite knowing his presence would be an unwelcome surprise (in part thanks to her own meddling)? Easily hidden by her companion's large figure when they approached the others, it had been only when the man bowed low that she stepped up beside him, smiling cheerfully at everyone. Laughing at how the intimidating man was acting, even if showing respect, it felt too stiff, too formal for her taste. Patting him upon his armor clad back, ignoring the sting it caused when she made contact too roughly, the Jedi stepped forward. "I present the Sith'ari, a representative of the Empire, and my honored guest..." Peering at the white-haired man, her amethyst eyes shot a sharp look towards the Sith when he mentioned the Grand Master. Ignoring the new dark presences felt as the other Sith appeared, the Togruta spoke up, voice clear and commanding, yet laced with kindness. These verbal bites towards one another had to be nipped in the bud before matters snowballed and the issue they were summoned to discuss became moot. "Every one of you gathered here were invited for a purpose. Every one of you here is an equal - power, alignment, skills, rank, it doesn't exist here in this very moment. This could have been a trap, but the fact we all risked it shows our common ground, no? The purpose is to discuss what we want and can do about a common enemy: The Republic." With a pause, she made sure to let her gaze roam over everyone's face, whether hidden or not. "No one here is innocent, and we must individually live with that fact. Let past grudges remain there until the balance in the galaxy is righted. Mister Sith'ari and I have already done that, and promised a duel at the end of what will likely become yet another massive war." Grinning at the man, the alien folded her hands together before her, turning slightly to those that wouldn't know who she was. "Ah, and I apologize for the late introduction! I am Zyann Aari, a representative of the remaining Jedi Order. It is a pleasure to meet you all ~" When the clicking of heels could be heard, a face she had seen through physical contact, memory, with Evastus, the Jedi Healer shifted so she could stand beside the other Jedi figurehead; the two had been meant to work together in some ways, two gears meant to connect and allow their followers to prosper. Sadly times and emotions had not allowed it, but anyone could change in time if given a chance. The Grand Master was no different. Reaching out, she placed a gentle hand over one of his crossed arms. Speaking quietly so that few others would overhear, her hand gave a reassuring squeeze, a gesture of support. "The past has worn on you, the burden aging you. I knew the Light would shine for you again, it was just a matter of how soon. Do not worry, though. You are not alone, C'erian."
  12. Calm Before the Reform

    Watching the way the man treated her, she sniffed, her smile attempting to return, yet still failing to do so. It was rare when these negative moments appeared, the young woman generally a happy and almost childlike being filled with curiosity, boldness, and innocence. Instances pushed her to try to mature too rapidly, adding many responsibilities onto her shoulders, but even then she couldn't betray who she was. “You're a parent, aren't you. It makes sense when I think about it, why your anger spiked at any mention of familial death. My family consists of my Master and friend. Will your children be hidden away? I hope so, should the tides against us be stronger than anticipated.” This new knowledge, even if he chose to deny it - and she expected no less - made her feel regret at seeking him out, but his power was nightmarish, and he commanded an army, could fight. They needed him if any Force Sensitive was to survive. “In the span of two standard weeks, nine visions about the upcoming battle came to me. Two showed unmatched victory in our favor, what bit I could see. The others showed our defeat, and a grim future with no balance in the Force. The one just now was the clearest, and revealed no sure victory for any side. It just showed loss. You are correct regarding visions, and I usually don't pay much mind to what is shown. But this was too clear to ignore, from the little experience I've had.” Watching the recording, the Togruta looked the man over before fishing in her small pack and offering what looked like a stim: a small syringe held a pale green liquid that was thick as syrup. “It'll help the head pain. It's made from the oils of a few plants, though I doubt you would know their appearance or any data on them if I told you the names.” When he held out his hand in a civil manner for her to shake, to make the temporary truce official (at least between them), she placed the needle in his hand and smiled, nodding at him. “I planned to risk my life and reputation before the others. No one anticipates any but rebels and Jedi. I will vouch for you - you have honor, Grumpy, and I respect the kind treatment you have shown me. You know, I was chosen to lead the Jedi because of my visions, the way the Force spoke to me. You lead the Sith because they respect and awe you, want to become what you are. We are night and day, and while you are correct that I searched you out for your capability to fight, it wasn't to save my people. It was to keep the Galaxy from being torn apart, and to ensure the next generation of those with our gifts have a chance to live.” Pausing, the alien pushed her headtails back, turning to face the man. “Fluffy won't make any messes. He prefers to stay in my pocket where his nesting material is. Oh, and if you don't tell me your name, I will introduce you as Grumpy Pants ~”
  13. Calm Before the Reform

    Fuming in the room he left her, the woman grumbled to herself about how much of a child the grown man was, how his arm would fester and rot at this rate, how grumpy he was. While Jedi were taught to suppress their emotions, it didn't mean they had none - it was simply a means to remain level-headed during confrontations and live a peaceful life. Compared to most in her faction though, Zyann expressed herself more freely, something that was frowned upon by others. In fact, at times she wondered if her free spirit caused one of those she mentored to go astray. Hearing the Sith call for her, the Togruta wandered into the room, about to shove him aside when a wave of nausea hit. Her world swam, the alien staggering back and gripping at the wall in an attempt to support her collapsing body. The images that rushed at her were of a world burning, blaster bolts flying, a child crying for its mother. Bodies littered the ground, red and blue and green lightsabers flashing before blinking out of existence. The Force screamed in pain. Blinking, her melon-colored skin ashen in color, tears running down her cheeks, it took Zyann a long standard minute to recall where she was. Pushing off the wall, the Jedi numbly walked to the console and entered her code, the message forming upon acceptance. “It is just on the horizon, our graves…” Licking suddenly too dry lips, her fists clenched around the fabric of her outer robe before relaxing, shadows visible under her eyes. Glancing at the Sith, she went to place a small hand upon his shoulder, but withdrew it after hesitating. “...It will be a long war, one we cannot afford to lose. I need food…
  14. Calm Before the Reform

    Arms crossed over her small chest, the alien narrowed her eyes in displeasure when the man pulled away from her and the healing she was about to perform. He wanted her to call him by what he strived to be (oh yes, she knew of the Je’daii and Sith'ari from a few missions and history lessons with the late Grandmaster when exploring abandoned temples) instead of by a name. Was it so hard to be a little more civil and welcoming? As though sensing her agitation, her fuzzy companion poked its head out from her robes and made a growling noise at the Alderaan male. “Yes, I agree, Fluffy. A patient should do as they're told like a proper adult instead of childishly shying from having a wound efficiently cleaned and bandaged, with or without Force Healing.” Having his back facing her made no difference, her authoritative healer mode in place. Tilting her head slightly while moving to stand at his side, her head tails falling over her shoulders, the girl reached up on her tip-toes to lightly knock on his forehead, not wanting to flick him or grab him by the ear or nose like she did to Yusanulis when her friend was noncompliant - the man would probably stab her or eject her into space if she tried that much. “If you won't let me heal it, let me redo the bandages mister grumpy pants. You did a horrendous job of wrapping your arm yourself. And if you want to keep the dark moody look with black bandages, that's fine. You have more I assume-and no. No arguing with me on this. Sith or not, you are a person who has an injury, and it is my duty to tend to it. Even if you try to kill me in the process, grumpy, I won't die until I fix your arm wrappings.” Wondering if it pained him, Zyann nibbled on her lower lip with her sharp teeth for a moment in thought, debating on using one of her abilities to take his pain from him. But he likely would repel her attempt or feel she violated him and the fragile truce they temporarily had. “Oh, and this is Fluffy. Isn't he cute?! While I like droids, I feel more connected to critters. And don't you say it's because I'm like an animal myself. That'd be too rude and too much like what Yusa tells me! Do you prefer droids as companions? The one flying the ship is an assassin droid, right? What if he malfunctions and turns on you? Does he have his own personality like astromechs, or is his programmed?” A pause. “I'm hungry again. Hurry and point out the bandages so I can get us food. I wish you had fruit. Sweet things are my favorite ~”
  15. Calm Before the Reform

    A drink intrigued her, but recalling how Master Suto became after indulging in alcohol made her not bother asking for a glass of the pleasing scented liquid; the late Jedi Master had become red in his face, hugged her Master, then ended up getting his nose and lip busted up when he kissed her neck while gripping the woman's chest - it took herself and Yusanulis to keep the Miralukan from further damaging the man. Raising a brow at the extended hand, part of her expecting to be stabbed with a hidden blade, she shook her head and grinned, gripping his hand firmly to allow the man to pull her to her feet. The black ichor that dripped onto their joined grips made her gasp and hold tight with her other hand, worry visible in her big innocent purple eyes. “Are you hurt?! I don't know humanoid species that bleed black, but such dark blood can be a sign of many things. Let me take a look-ah… Um, what do I call you? You can call me Zy since we will be comrades for the time being ~” Attempting to examine his arm after tracing the blood drips up his limb, the Jedi began rustling around in her robes before pulling out a cloth pouch that held a salve of her making and clean bandages. Her energy surrounded her hand, glowing a comforting blue color, voice gentle and soft when she spoke. “You didn't fail, you know, but your honor and sense of responsibility make you blame yourself for the fallen. Why do you continue on? For me, I have promises to keep. Well, that and I put my trust in the Force to guide me to whatever fate.”