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  1. If anyone else is in Florida, stay safe this weekend.  


    If I die, Atrox will let everyone know.  I want icecream cake and wine served at my funeral, and fireworks in the background.  


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      Darth Atrox

      Don't worry, your lack of self-esteem can help you survive. This world is too cruel to actually end you.

  2. Will work on Jedi stuff throughout the week - adulting and prepping for my new job takes priority sadly.

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      Darth Atrox

      Old hagging*

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      Homra Azner

      *nudge nudge wink wink*


      Psssst, hand me some of dem Jedi stuff? ;)

  3. Enclave Information

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  4. Below is a list of all known club members that separated from the Republic so as to follow the leadership of the remaining Jedi. The characters are categorized by their current rank, and will be put in their rightful category upon rank change. Their branch in which they serve will also be included. This list serves the purpose of finding others within your faction to roleplay with, or even as a way to find masters and padawans. Updates will happen frequently. If you don't see your character listed, please post their name and rank to be added. ⇢ C'erian Eidolon (Caretaker Of First Knowledge - Grand Master) ⇢ Zyann Aari (Speaker Of The Jedi Order) ⇢ Yusanulis Rasudan ⇢ Coventry Desperaux ⇢ Brison Yi ⇢ Homra Azner ⇢ Giran Antur (Pending) ⇢ Dantius Octavian (Pending) ⇢ Thuria Drinna ⇢ Iman Zana ⇢ Mirran Kai ⇢ Char Zha'o
  5. Introductory To The Forge

    Welcome, everyone, to the Forge! As you can probably guess, this is the location for creating custom items, allowing your imaginations to flourish. Here you can create weaponry, armor, and even vehicles whether for mass production or personal use. Like all systems, this one does have some limitations of which will be elaborated on below. Personal Items As tempting as having unique one-of-a-kind items are for our characters is, please understand that personal item submissions, even if marked as Mass Produced, will be looked at the closest due to the items being for the writer's character. It's not to be unfair, but rather because they must serve some sort of purpose other than completing your character image or for your own story. Having normal armor, be it cortosis-weave or something along those lines without any modifications, do not require a submission. Do not feel your item has to be that significant, such as unifying factions, but do think of its greater purpose than aesthetic appeal and being 'lightsaber resistant.' Mass Production Items These items are more of what we would like to see, given they can benefit multiple characters versus a single character. The modifications and materials used on these will be looked at closely to make sure the functions and appearances make sense for what the item is. Event Items Like always, active participation events tend to result in a reward. This reward will be a Forge Credit, allowing you to submit an item creation. Helpful Links Forge Rules - Read before starting your submission. High-Quality Materials - Keep this open in another tab so you know restricted tech/materials. Templates - Thoroughly follow the templates for the item type you wish to make. Wookieepedia - Use this site to research the materials, item type, and so forth as you fill out the template.
  6. Plotter - Sanguira

    Plot Ideas: (Describe them in a paragraph sized summary)
  7. Plotter - Sanguira

    ❘❘ Character ⇢ Darth Sanguira❘❘ Rank ⇢ Kaar❘❘ Affiliation ⇢ Sith Remnant Allies ⇢ Darth Atrox Apprenticeships ⇢ Amari Sehrin ⇢ Bara Zaar Aquaintances ⇢ Valyrian ⇢ Darth Tanit ⇢ Darth Verrin ⇢ Sirakar ⇢ Ma'rik Alesha ⇢ Enemies ⇢ S C H E D U L E Kitty generally is available in the evenings to early mornings (think past midnight type morning). As her work varies, and her husband's schedule is changing, her availability alters rather frequently. For now, her focus is on staff work versus role play, and so she is currently not accepting new role play requests - if you see posts of hers, they are due to threads needing to be completed. In a week, a more specific timetable will be offered. Unavailable Days: 8/6/2017 - 8/16/2017 R O L E P L A Y S ??????? : ⊱ Worthiness ⊱ ????????? : ⊱
  8. Plotter Template

    Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Tᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ Below is the format of information needed per thread. The information is in a specific order, so please do not change that, though you may add color and such as you please. All information except for plot ideas are in the first post of your thread. Each new plot idea should be a new post. Thank you. Character: (Name - linked to profile thread)Rank: (Character's rank)Affiliation: (Character's faction) Allies: (List here) Apprenticeships: (List here) Aquaintances: (List here) Enemies: (List here) Schedule: Give a general time-frame (mornings, afternoons, evenings) of when you are available, and definitely post when you are not available for contacting, replying in roleplays, etc. Current Roleplays: (Thread name with a link and status - active, delayed, dead, even completed if you wish.) Plot ideas should be written in a proper paragraph of four or more sentences to summarise the idea. If you want to get specific and list roles of partners you need for it and so forth, you may do so.
  9. Plotter Rules

    Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Iɴғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ A "plotter" is a thread that acts as an advertisement on your behalf, promoting members to interact with one another. It has basic information on your character as well as any ideas pertaining to said character that you come up with. The thread will also act as a tracker for your activity so that roleplay partners aren't left cluelessly abandoned. Pʟᴏᴛᴛᴇʀs → Rᴜʟᴇs · One thread per character. · These are not mandatory, but highly recommended. · You must completely fill out the form. ↳ If you do not fill out the form, a Staff will hide the thread until you make the needed changes. ↳ You may decorate it as you desire, as long as all information is there and in the order given. · You must link your character's profile thread. · You may have multiple plot ideas. ↳ Plots do not need a ton of detail in their summary, but enough to grab one's attention like a proper ad. ↳ While you are free to think up as many plots as you want, limit plot submissions to three a month. Spamming of plots will result in a warning and deletion of extra posts for the first time, removal of ability to use Plotters if this continues. · If you see a plot/character you are interested in, contact that person via Private Message.
  10. Mistakes

    We are family, and shall forever support eachother through thick and thin. <3
  11. And Then The Murders Began

    It would be so much easier to use the Force to shove bystanders aside, their gathering making it difficult for the Togruta to slip through despite her presence being needed immediately. But using powers against defenseless, even if they were irritating people, that was just uncivilized at best. The constant buzzing of questions, reporters demanding to know what was taking place, it all faded as soon as she was allowed past the line of security and began to ascend the steps to the temple. Dark brown robe flowing behind her as the teen walked with meaning and haste, she narrowly spun aside to avoid crashing into the white-haired male upon rounding a corner. Well, it would have been more of tripping over him than running into his frame, the way he was planted on the ground. Color tinging her cheeks, she bowed slightly, it taking a moment for recognition to hit her. Tilting her head slightly, she grinned cheerfully at him despite the not so positive situation, her hand extending out before gently resting on his head. It was an action her best friend did often in order to cheer her up, so perhaps it would help the man. "It's difficult leading the way, being the first to face what is to come. Whatever is happening, don't think as one of your great titles. Let the Force guide you... You are not the only one to continue Jakar's purpose and desires for the Order, so let us help carry those burdens." As she spoke, the healer had allowed her energy to wash over herself and the Grand Master, her desires to calm and restore his reserves that had been spent during his battle laced into the cool feel of the Force. "Ah! I forgot we never met formally! Zyann Aari, at your service. I was called to look the prisoner over, but I couldn't just ignore someone so tired now could I. If you can't stay standing, let's at least move you out of the way. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would almost fall over you if you stay here-then again, Yusa always said I was clumsy..." pouting from her own words that were rambled, she shook her head to clear her mind before giving C'erian's head another friendly pat, leaving to examine the corrupted jedi only when called out to by those that summoned her. Likely her behavior was seen as odd, overly-friendly, especially with someone of such stature. Even Master Forseti had cautioned her about her behaviors, but to the Togruta, titles meant nothing. They were comrades, and this was her way of showing support. Of course, when it came to anything medical, she was all business and mature. Gazing at the limp body of the passed out prisoner through the plasma barrier of the containment cell, Zyann gave a nod to the guards and walked to the unconscious male once they deactivated the barrier. They were tense, hands on their weapons, ready to deal with him the way one would deal with a Sith. It made her stomach churn, a slight sigh escaping her lips; even with removing some memories, others that knew it was him who had atracked his own kind would forever feel negative about his existence, and he would have to learn to accept it. At least she could take away some of his pain... Removing the gloves from her hands, she sat on the ground and pulled his body towards her, cradling his head in her lap. Slender digits pressing against his face, his temples, the Togruta opened herself to the Force, allowed the energies to flow around her and through her as though it were greeting her as a friend. Smiling to herself, the teen called out to her own source of power, slowly letting it cover her and the male Jedi before she began to sink deep into meditation, gradually pushing her presence into his mind. Sorting through images that were memories was a long, tiring process, the flashes allowing enough of a glimpse at a significant period in time that she could identify if it was one needing removal or not. Still, it drained her much like when she used her psychometry ability. The filtering of all she saw, even with constant training, it was overwhelming and caused her senses to shut down for a day or two. Giving pause at the more present menories, the healer reached out towards one, towards the moment he confronted the enemy they were ordered to seek and destroy. But a bright flash caused her to hiss and pull back, her energy retreating until she was back in her own body, a silent cry of pain on her lips as she clenched her jaw while pressing her hands to the sides of her head. Shadows fought fiercely, a dark and light, two figures that felt equal in power, but separated by their practices. They fell at the same time, and as she tried to get closer, all she saw was a mask. Gasping, eyes opening wide, her melon skin extremely pale, the alien had to be helped out of the cell and sat down, her body shaking and words inaudible as they left her lips. After muttering about a mask, she finally had enough control over herself to speak up though her voice was strained. "I must rest. I will return and tend to him after. He was a victim as much as those slain by his hand. I can mend him, but not at this moment...foid, and rest." Staggering to her feet, she numbly took a few steps before collapsing, the guards alarmingly moving to pick her back up. Fumbling with one of the pouches at her hip, the Togruta finally withdrew a holocom, using it to contact her friends, the ones she could trust the most, the people that fought with her to keep and protect the Jedi Order. "Ves, Yusa... I'm in the temple. Bring food."
  12. War Thread: Coruscant

    Im still in too - in case ya didnt see my message in chat bout it.
  13. Zyann Aari

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