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  1. Hey does anybody know how to say "The Horror" in Mandalorian?

    1. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      Te shu'shuk


      Not really horror though. Shu'shuk means disaster but close enough. 

    2. Coventry


      Thanks so much.


      *In best Marlon Brando voice*


      : "Te Shu'shuk...Te Shu'shuk..."

  2. Reaching Out

    "It's alright, Initiate Kai. No one becomes an expert in a day. You'll build up your mental muscles enough with long practice. A lot of initiates over exert themselves. But learning to tune out distraction will be just as important," Coventry replied calmly, before heading back to the pond. He concentrated, holding out his hand and his mind strained with the effort. But he kept calm, and after a few tries, the water began to rise. He concentrated very deeply, in and out came his breathing as the water began to take shape. He pictured the tendril rising out of the water, which he struggled to maintain cohesion of, deeply in concentration at this point as the image in his mind began to imprint on the tendril. The water flexed and shrank at the tip, splitting into appendages...fingers and a thumb on a large hand. Slowly, carefully maintaining his concentration, he he was absolutely still as his hand channeled the force into the one made of water. The water arm moved, slowly, deliberately towards Coventry and carefully delicately, picked up his lightsaber which he held in his other hand. The arm of water held it for a few seconds, shifting over to Char, before Coventry's concentration failed and the water arm collapsed, splashing in front of Char and Coventry's long hilted lightsaber tumbled into the grass. Coventry went over and picked it up. He looked clearly winded. "As you can see, Initiates. I do not have full expertise any more than you do. Only through great study will I be able to make that arm last longer. But the more you are able to concentrate, focus, and more importantly trust the Force, the more it will respond to the requests you make of it, and the more detailed it will be able to respond. Hydrokinesis is not necessary to becoming a good Jedi knight, but it doesn't hurt to sharpen your skill in accessing the Force along this route. But I must stress again, such an immense gift should never be abused or used to hurt people. Now, are you all ready for the final part of this lesson?"
  3. Reaching Out

    Coventry took out a small mechanism, stock shaped, that tested the water. Char had gotten a lot of it, but the water was still showing more than thirty percent contaminants. "Not quite but you were very close. By now I'm sure the rest of you can see the benefits of knowing this skill. You could make water safe to drink, give it to others in need. Make sure no one dies of thirst on your watch. You honor the Force the best when it is used to help people in need, as the Jedi Order are protectors of the innocent And you shouted doing that anyway. And what of you, Initiate?" asked the Knight, going over to check if she had somewhat recovered. "You strained yourself hard but you will be alright. Do you think you are ready to try again, or would you like a few minutes more to compose yourself?" he asked gently, trying to be accommodating to the student that had passed out in front of him, before turning to Char. "I never caught your name, by the way."
  4. Sign In/ Out

  5. Sign In/ Out

    Out for a week.
  6. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    This was why, exactly why, he did not respect the military, and likely never would after this. The moment one of them starts talking out of their ass and you called them out on their nonsense, they got violent. He'd gotten the same treatment on Anaxes the moment he had talked back. Feeling the nose break was nothing...that had happened before, and he was familiar enough with it that the intense pain and migraine was something he could tolerate, though his vision was very, very blurry and there was a severe swelling that made it hard to think. He hadn't even yelled in pain when Chavric headbutted him. And now Knight Shui was basically siding with the arrogant jerk that had busted his nose. He thought about disputing the events, but decided against it. The military had never taken his side in prior disputes and he doubted he'd be able to persuade them this time, Chavric was gonna get away with her stunt, he'd bet credits on it. He was the one with the broken nose, but he'd get treated as the bad guy. Coventry made up his mind then and there, to never reach out to any member of the military again if he could help it. They had demonstrated their bias one time too many. He would work alongside them during assignments but that was where it would end. He stood there, silently, holding his nose, swallowing blood, tasting copper. He stood straight, not wincing, a rather high pain tolerance letting him keep some dignity. He wanted this night to be over, but he knew it wouldn't be until the Peacekeepers had their say. Should have just gone to meditate like he had planned, he thought, mentally drained. He wondered if they would get around to questioning him. He didn't plan on contradicting Shui's statement, for despite how skewed it leaned in Chavric's favor, it was basically the truth. He wasn't surprised they had shown up so quickly...they must have been making noise, or someone had told them, or they had known all along. He wondered why they hadn't intervened then and there, the moment Mirran had gone through that. Instead, escalation. Lee was staring at Shui, and he had caught that self satisfied nod of hers as Chavric had busted his nose. So much for making a good first impression. Then again, she hadn't done any better with him, having accused him earlier of not being willing to do anything to stop Mirran's ordeal. He waited for everything to wrap up, releasing his frustration and getting ahold of himself.
  7. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    And the woman was yelling at him again. Well if there was nothing wrong with the screening how did this happen? She still hadn't answered that. He was also surprised at how willing Mirran was to try and explain away the behavior...he was not certain he would have been so understanding in his assessment, he thought to himself, staring at Mirran, even as that soldier continued to berate him. And like all military with a chip on their shoulder she saw fit to remind him of the Order's mistakes, of which any good Jedi was already conscious of, which only further annoyed him. In no mood for her holier than thou grandstanding, and perhaps the inner defiance inherent to those who shared his blood stirring him to a laconism, he said only one word to the soldier, clearly and crisply, and with a clear look of dismissal to let the woman know he was not some doormat she could yell into submission and remain self satisfied at having told off the cold, mechanical Jedi. He leaned forward precisely, hands clasped and said it clearly, so she would not miss it. A way of reminding her the Republic wasn't any more clean than the Order: "Tython." He went back to ignoring her and focused on Mirran. "I would be more than willing to escort you back, unless you prefer Char's solution." He then turned back to Commander Jun, hoping she was less willing to antagonize him and more willing to get this matter resolved so that everyone could go back to their night and what was left of it in peace. He hoped she was. He didn't need the Commander making this even harder. "Commander, I'm truly sorry at how this night turned out, and that our first introduction was under such unfortunate auspices. I hadn't even been planning to come originally. I saw the lights and thought I'd stay a moment, eat a breadstick, meet peacekeepers, see what they were like with their hair down, and move on. And the dominos fell from there. If you find my presence too disruptive than I will of course vacate the premesis as soon as this incident is completely cleared up in this area. I will cooperate with any further inquiry you wish to conduct on the matter after tonight," he finished, bright green eyes focusing entirely on her. He hoped she took the olive branch. He may have subtly told off her subordinate in front of her, but that was just because she was loud, obnoxious, and distracting, all three of which were traits that made it very easy to render him unsympathetic to whatever Chavric said.
  8. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    "I gave Mirran a simple advisement. As for you choosing to pickle your liver...wait a minute, you're twenty three?" Coventry said to Char in surprise before getting back to his point. "Anyway, The reason I asked to speak to you is because I caught your trick with the whiskey. The Force cannot be treated as a toy, Char, nor used to entertain. Its effects are too potent, and the consequences of abuse too terrible to use it for basically a cheap thrill. Better you hear it from me than get your ear talked off for an hour--" Distress in the Force at last caused him to lose his train of thought. He turned away from Char, saw Mirran in distress outside the prefab, relatively far from him and Char, having fended off what looked to be an unwanted advance. He agreed with Char on how Mirran had handled it...she was no one's victim. A real Desperaux always admired that. Coventry frowned. He'd just come in to have a breadstick, stay for a few minutes, and meet some of the Peacekeepers. And he had met them, and one had already proven they needed to improve the screening process. Just a desire for a snack and socializing lightly, and he was already in the midst of three different fires that needed putting out. He sighed, releasing his annoyance into the Force, and clasped his hands behind his back as he silently told Char to follow him with a gesture as he walked back into the Drama. He spotted someone else with dark hair, had never seen him before, but he got the distinct feel of the Force from him. Looked weird too. Mirran looked winded and he didn't need the Force to know she was disturbed. He saw one as he approached viciously berate the party responsible... ...and then take it out on him after wards, yelling at him for giving a simple advisory to her that she might not want to kill too many braincells. It was a party, and he got that, but Mirran was young and naive, and Char was acting reckless, so what did they expect him to do? This was why, the soldiers he had fought alongside with on Dromund Kaas aside, Coventry didn't like dealing with any members of military organizations. It wasn't the occupation; it was the hot headed black and white thinking it tended to foster. Worse, Char verbally agreed, and Coventry grew further annoyed still when Char repeated his point about the drink. He listened to the beratement, but did not respond, having not the energy required , nor the will, required, to respond to a lecture that petty. He instead let her stop yelling and then ask Mirran if she was alright. "I was about to inquire much the same, Initiate," he said quietly. "It is unfortunate that you were accosted in such a manner. I commend you though, for showing restraint and not seriously harming the attacker, despite his revolting behavior." Just then another face came into view, and Coventry steeled himself mentally, for this was a face he had been hoping to speak to under far better circumstances, and she looked upset. Commander Jun. In casual wear. And now she was asking why he had done nothing, throwing around the word 'Insipid'. But then Char spoke up for him, which surprised him. Neither were fond of the other, but Coventry nonetheless appreciated it. "Char is correct, Commander. I was unfortunately distracted by an infraction I had witnessed Initiate Char commit, and had decided to address him in private about it. This unfortunately came out of nowhere for me as much for you. Bad timing is all," he explained calmly, crisply, as physically still in her presence as he had been outside. The voice absolutely was out of synch with his face, having the weathered, deep rasp of a seventy year old man despite being in his late twenties. "Insipid is still a rather strong word to throw around. Was that man who attacked this Initiate merely heavily intoxicated or was he not screened properly?" Coventry asked the Commander, wanting a damn good answer from her for his trouble. She might have gotten on his ass for not being here in time, but that man was still under her command, and thus ultimately her responsibility. His eyes, green, and piercing, and mechanical in the way they darted around when not observing the Commander all but asked the question without saying it verbally: Why was that man so undiciplined he thought he could pull this in front of you? "I should have been more mindful of what was going on, and Mirran, I apologize for being too slow to notice until it was too late. I own that. I regret you had to go through such an ordeal. I hope you will forgive this failure on my part someday," he said sincerely to the Miralukan, genuinely ashamed at not having caught her predicament until he was too late. He then turned back to Commander Jun, who had offered Mirran her own words of comfort. "You should get a statement from her, while the memory is fresh. Before the hours and the alcohol dull everything. I, of course, am prepared to contribute a statement of my own," he said calmly, his rasp somehow giving oil to the way the words came out of defective vocal chords, the way his figure shifted minutely as he stood was both irritatingly precise and slow. "Mirran, I know you experienced something repulsive and disgusting, but the more you tell us, the more airtight the case against your attacker will be. If you need a moment to compose yourself, take it," he told Mirran as gently as his voice could allow for, though it still came out as a deep, odd rasp of a request. He turned back to the Commander for a split second, thought about asking more directly about how the Peacekeepers had failed to detect such a undesirable in their ranks but thought the better of it. He didn't need the ire of the Peacekeeper Commander who was likely asking herself the same question he had asked with a stare, and wasn't here to get anyone pissed. Hell, he'd actually been planning on introducing himself to her before all this, stay a few minutes afterward, then heading out to meditate like he originally planned. He'd be lucky if he got to sleep tonight. Then again, considering his own momentary distraction, perhaps he needed to stay up.
  9. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    Coventry was surprised when he saw Char here, playing around with whiskey. Wasn't he a bit young for that? He was even more surprised when Mirran popped up, also with a drink. How did she not get carded? She clearly was too young. So was Char. Before he could pull them both aside and inform them both as to how unwise this decision was, Char was whisked away by another man, likely an acquaintance. Grabbing another breadstick, Coventry was getting the feeling that perhaps this wasn't the best party to crash. The breadsticks were delicious, and quite possibly of divine origin, but some were a little to raucous for his taste. As he was lost in thought about whether coming here was a good idea, he saw Char do something that made him go still at the audacity of it. He used the Force to swirl his whiskey around. Coventry was aghast at the disrespect of it. The Force was not to be used to entertain. He didn't teach Char that skill just to flaunt it. It was meant to be used to save his life. To understand how the Force tied to everything. Coventry was an understanding person. Reality was a complicated place, and many Jedi had their own approach to conduct that, while not always straight and narrow, at least was not violating the core tenents. He had seen Jedi occasionally play fast and loose, go unorthodox, but creativity was a necessity in this occupation and occasionally being brazen could yield an impressive result. But even those who occasionally were brazen had all warned him the same: The Force was not a toy, and treating it as such was a particularly galling form of disrespect. Coventry decided to deal with it then and there, nip that while it was a singular error. Mirran first. He walked up to Mirran. "Initiate," he called out to her. "I understand study can be stressful, but you strike me as being rather...young for drinking. Intoxicants harm the brain and The Force needs an absolutely healthy brain to flow through you properly. It might be relaxing, but think carefully before you imbibe any further. Sometimes stress must be excised through slower but more rewarding methods. Now if you will excuse me," he said, his voice calm but to the point, not lecturing, but letting Mirran know that perhaps what she was doing was unwise. Char though... Char would be getting the lecture. Coventry crisply went over to Char, Coventry said quietly, politely, "Initiate Char, may I speak with you a moment? This cannot wait. I will be outside," Coventry told him, heading away from the prefab. A Jedi's work was never done. So the others were partying. So there was music, and so there was revelry. The initiate's were still too young by half, and Char had just abused the Force. That settled it. Coventry was going to ask around, see who else had taught Char. He didn't want to screw the initiate's chances before he was even an actual apprentice but Char had done two infractions already, and right in front of him both times. Which was unfortunate, as he disliked the role of disciplinarian, and as a padawan had been apprehensive at the idea of being perceived as authoritarian. But Char had crossed a line. As he waited outside, Coventry begin to wonder if people would start to be concerned in the neighboring areas. Sometimes small parties like this got shut down. Coventry personally didn't see the problem, as long as padawans were not trying to sling shots down in front of him, a party would not burn the countryside down. He stood, still as a statue, and it was hard to tell if he was breathing as he clasped his hands behind his back. He stared straight ahead and opened himself to the Force, asking it for guidance, its whispers giving indecipherable responses as its tingle traveled down his spine. He wondered how best to reason with Char. He sank himself into it deeply, feeling it spread out from him imperceptibly. He felt a tingle of something, could not tell what, but he focused on his task. He would be firm. Reasonable but firm. Char was still young. Prideful, but young. As he opened his eyes, he breathed out. Keep it simple, he thought to himself.
  10. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    Coventry had been leaving to meditate in the countryside when he saw and heard the revelry down the street. The Peacekeepers. The neighborhood was being built for them. He had little familiarity with the Peacekeepers, and their paths had not had any reason to cross before. Maybe that should change. Always good to know who one was working with. Coventry was clad in his short cut, Dark Green robes, his almost archaic looking Lightsaber clipped to his belt, the blue eye on its emitter shroud staring outward. He decided he could mediate later. Better to get a handle on these people now, and there was no better way than to interact with them. Coventry casually strode to the street where the party was, the slowly vanishing sun ahead of him. He arrived shortly after, watching people in their relaxed state, some dancing some partying. He stuck out, so before he entered, he removed his outer green tunic and tied it around his waste, his brown, long sleeved undershirt having a slight sheen in the sunlight due to the fabric. He walked amongst them, relaxing. He didn't dance, but he watched others do so. He spotted Jun Lee, a high ranking peacekeeper he had never met before today and knew only by her face being seen often around these parts. He grabbed a breadstick off a party platter and crunched into it. Not many were here yet, but he didn't mind waiting. Maybe he would run into someone he knew or perhaps he would just get bored and mingle. He was in no hurry. The lights around here were pretty.
  11. Reaching Out

    Still prideful, Coventry noted about Char. In either case they could continue with the lesson once Mirran was back on her feet. And then she puked. Coventry remained stone faced at the sight, not saying a word. His eyes darted over her in small, precise movements. "Initiate, it seems the exertion took more from you than I thought," Coventry noted, watching her droid run off with a raised eyebrow. The smell of Mirran's spilled stomach contents was unpleasant but he was not visibly affected by it. Instead, he knealt down and patted her on the shoulder. "You should comm your droid for a towel. But you should be fine. In any case, learning to tolerate the stresses of the Force is going to be a long and difficult study, not just for Mirran but for all of you as well. While Mirran recovers, I think we should take the time to move onto an essential skill, and one of the best skills in Hydrokinesis...the purification of water. Coventry removed a clear plastic bottle from his robes. The water inside looked dirty. "The water here is filled with a number of unhealthy, waterborne viruses. Drinking it would give you a similar reaction to what Mirran had just now...except it wouldn't come from the mouth," he added with a knowing wink to the class. "Now, what might we do with this water? Boiling is a good solution...but this is Hydrokinesis we are learning. We have a skill within perfectly geared to survival...we can use what small skill we have to purify the water, make it drinkable. Imagine how useful this would be if you ever get lost in the woods. To do it, we access the molecular backdoors of the water, much like we did to move it...but this will require greater control, and we will be using the water to increase the oxygen content and purge it of toxins and other ills. It requires greater focus. You may have to meditate as you try. You," he said to Char. "It is not enough to understand a concept, a perception of reality. You must become familiar with it on a personal level. Self discipline will be absolutely necessary to focus properly and purge the water. I have a device that will test it, because I don't want to see you trapped in the restroom for a week while your intestines sort out a mid-life crisis and buy an expensive speeder they don't need." Coventry held the bottle out to Char. "Focus. Ask the Force to purify the water. Knowledge of water and its properties can be helpful, but do not become to reliant on such knowledge. It is more important to change your own perception of the water's purity or impurity. When you can do this easily, it will make it easier for the Force to alter it, as its host has altered itself to do so."
  12. Reaching Out

    Coventry watched with only a raised eyebrow as Mirran dipped into the pond, keeping track of the other initiates efforts as well, all of whom were concentrating to try and ask the Force to properly move the water. He'd give the boy some credit...he caught on quickly. The Miralukan also. He saw Char succeed before he saw Mirran collapse into the water. Fortunately it was not deep. But all the same, Coventry went over quickly and lifted her out of the water gently, making note of the male initiate's reaction as he asked if she would be okay. So, he wasn't completely self centered. Still, he was unsure as to the exact nature of his regard for the young woman. He didn't think it was a serious attachment, but still, the Initiate's worry was obvious even without the Force. Was she a buddy to him, like Inoy and him? "She's unharmed. She simply fainted from exertion. You may ask the Force to do the job, rather than trying to subsume it, but it still requires a living body to channel its energy. And that can be very exhausting, even when you do everything right. The strain mentally can be great, especially when learning a new ability. She's fine. She simply isn't used to channeling it, especially not for an obscure form of psychokinesis. She'll be alright. Just let her wake up naturally. I should have brought a towel. Its a good try though, on both of you. The rest of you initiates, take note: Do not overexert yourself unless its an emergency. Learning especially complicated or new techniques can cause extreme exhaustion. Even death in some cases." The rest of the initiates nodded and Coventry knealt over the young Miralukan, tapping her on the shoulder to try and stir her. "Initiate?" he called out gently, the wind gently rustling tall grass and leaves from bushes nearby.
  13. Reaching Out

    Coventry observed as Char made his second attempt. And then another apology, and this one did not seem forced at all, so this one Coventry believed...somewhat. The Miralukan girl seemed to relax, not reacting like she had before, meaning Char had actually tried to do it according to instructions. And he seemed to take her opinion seriously. Very seriously. Coventry didn't want to be the one to have to let the boy know that any attachment he had to her could never become more than a friendship, and even that came second to the code. That was always the bit that was hardest to deal with. It had taken the entire course of his training as a Padawan to let go of Carra Bhakti's death, and he knew first hand just how painful letting go was. That was a part of his training he did not like. He didn't want to have to be the one to have to do any splitting up of the two. But he would, if it came to it, though there would be a bile in his throat long after at the act. For now though, the two kept it professional, the Miralukan more noticeably. "Learning the Force is never easy. Even the simplest technique has multiple catches. But as long as the Force works through you instead of for you, you will over time find a great sort of clarity. Attunement to it. When you feel how it ties to the molecules around you, how you, me, and every living thing on the planet is linked to it and by extension, each other, you will understand why the Force should not be abused for personal power...because it hurts ALL of us, in some way, when you do. You, me, your friend...all can be harmed. This is part of the reason for the Jedi's opposition to the Darkness. Ordinary men can cause suffering. And it will be a suffering that can linger. The Darkness though..." Coventry trailed, stepping closer to Char so he could be heard as the wind picked up. "...the Darkness causes suffering on a sub-atomic scale. And that is why it is so terribly dangerous and why the Jedi are so strict sometimes. We do what we do because no one, no place should experience evil at a quantum level." And then, Coventry got back on subject. "You have experienced moving water. You have made a small shape. Bubbles. Try something else. Try making a...small tendrill of it. Pretend its an extra finger. Note this will be more difficult. It requires more focus so the Force can actually form what you ask it to."
  14. Reaching Out

    Coventry knew the words of someone trying to cover their ass when he heard them. Char was going all respectful, saying exactly what Coventry expected someone who had just violated the ethos to say. But it didn't ring of sincerity. Frankly, Coventry would have been less suspicious if the initiate had at least tried to challenge him on some aspect of his thinking, but not even that. Just immediate backtracking. Not that he was going to let Char know that. No need to risk making him sneakier. Coventry watched in the morning air with a clinical manner as the young man went to observe the other initiate. Unlike with him, Coventry got the sense his interactions with her were not as forced. She expressed concern, asking if he needed soup. So they know each other, he observed, filing away the remark the girl had made about the boy's aura, namely the fact it had hurt to stare at. Never a good sign. She sees something, but clearly has no experience with what she is seeing. True rookie. Green as a newly sprouted tea leaf, he observed. Coventry wanted to know more about this boy, whose apology was too quick, which came after clearly ignoring what he had told him, and decided he would ask around to see if anyone else had instructed him. He was not certain why but he got the feeling whatever he heard would not be good. And he did not let it escape him that the boy's vow to be more cautious, was not a vow to be more respectful. Anyone could be cautious. That was instinct. Mice are cautious before crossing open fields to avoid predators. Respect had to be learned. Earned. Coventry of course, was impassive as he observed them, wind blowing through his black hair. His bright green eyes fixed on them both mechanically as they exchanged words of comfort. In the back of his head, he found himself thankful he had never been a good liar. He decided to continue with the lesson after a moments debate. The initiate had disregarded ethos in the first time attempt to learn a secret. And had been insincere in his apology. This was cause for concern, but neither of these things, even combined, were enough to torpedo the initiate's prospects of becoming a Jedi. All of these were character defecits that could be rectified, corrected, perhaps by more skilled Jedi than he. "It occurs to me that you should try again, Initiate," he told Char. "Psychokinesis is an extremely difficult discipline. Any branch of it presents its own rules, its own complications. One cannot master it early. Most Jedi will never touch more than the empty method of psychokinesis. Even my own knowledge of Hydrokinesis is in relative infancy. There are those with exceptional talent at focusing and letting the Force work through them of course, but such skill is rare. Do not fuss over mastery. Mastery, like the concept of power, is largely a term of perception as well. A Jedi does not stop learning. And even those who are called masters are only so because of discipline and focus. But this does not make them masters of the Force, no matter how long they study. No one masters the Force, Initiate," he told Char, hoping at least some of his words would get through before turning to the Miralukan. "As to your question...the Force is alive, and it has a will, though that will is hard to discern. Life generates it. Matter houses it. But it has its own will all the same. Even as each of us generates it and this water we ask it to alter for us lets it into its molecular back door, it casts its will upon the galaxy, altering the probability of a given outcome, sometimes in ways so subtle we can only get a hint of the full scope of its actions in hindsight. The Jedi can train for a lifetime...ten lifetimes in some cases...and still only get glimpses of its inner workings. Important glimpses, but glimpses all the same. This is a good thing, for any mortal that could see the Force in its full complexity could not fully comprehend it. As psychokinesis can increase your understanding of how all are connected, I study it to hopefully find enlightenment feeling the connection between the Force and various states of matter. Does this answer your question?"
  15. Reaching Out

    Coventry focused on Char like a laser, studying the boy as he...felt something. The way the Force had reacted to Char affecting the water...it was almost... ...almost like Char had tried to make the Force obey him. Analysis of initiate commencing, something in the back of his head noted as he watched the initiate strain improperly. The Force shuddering around the initiate as he tried to crudely make it obey him. With all the subtlety of a tach eating its own excrement. With a grin that matched such a hypothetical scenario as he smiled after making it pop in the water a little, saying how easy it was. Even Dantius had more tact and respect for the Force. Dantius, who had nearly gotten everyone around him killed on two different occasions Coventry was personally witness to. "Initiate," Coventry said softly, politely. "You seemed to have performed the technique improperly. Yes, the water moved, but I did not feel the Force working through you properly, more like you were trying to assert your will over it. Perhaps you can try again? Trying to make the Force obey you is not only counter-productive, it is not in keeping with the way of the Jedi. And do not be so quick to pride...pride interferes with a proper assessment of a scenario. Let the Force work through you. Let it carry out the request you make of it...but do not try and make it obey you. Such a mindset will only harm you down the road. Your fellow initiate is a good example to follow, despite what she did to the pitcher." He studied the facial features, posture, the way he smiled, the way he concentrated, not in the way he did with the Miralukan, where it was just idle analysis, but focused analysis, like how many seconds on average he took between breaths, the impression he had gotten from the Force around him, the way he spoke, his accent, how quickly his bodily movements were. The initiate's statement betrayed a certain level of arrogance, which was...not healthy. Char, in the span of seconds, had Coventry deciding to keep an eye on him for the rest of the session. He turned back to the Miralukan. "And how are you doing so far?"