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  1. Imaginary Enemy

    Yusanulis had sunk into his own mind as he listened, drawing on his own teachings and what could perhaps help Talia - and with Shui occupying the time, Yusanulis was capable of reaching some form of how to draw on his example of how a blaster or any weapon was similar to the Force. Easing back to reality as he opened his eyes, he shook his head as he turned to Shui, a curt nod following as he turned back to the initiate, hand floating over his lightsaber's hilt. She could be brought to the crystal caverns, but that was more of Homra's own territory - something she would probably do as her next assignment. "With your impulsive use of the Force, there are many things that you can do to control your reactions, and even use it to your advantage - control is the most important part, as Shui has mentioned," speaking softly as he unhooked his lightsaber from his belt, he activated the blade after a moment of examining the hilt, "The Force isn't something we can command at a whim, the Force must be welcomed before anything. Think of it as shooting a blaster, you obviously know how to pull a trigger, but it isn't as effective as actually understanding how to aim and understanding how to modify it - that requires practice. Like everything that requires practice, I want you to try and strike me with your electroblade and feel out with the Force - your biggest advantage as a Force-sensitive in any confrontation is a slight tingle you will feel when being struck at or striking another individual." Stepping away from the two other individuals, Yusanulis lowered his stance and held the blade across his body, calming his breathing as he laughed slightly - it felt awkward assuming the defensive stance of Soresu, but it was one way to help her understand how the Force worked, and how her impulses occurred. Turning to look at Shui, he adjusted the intensity of his weapon's blade - it wouldn't be enough to cut into the durasteel electroblade, but if it did connect with flesh it would probably leave a small burn mark. "Shui will be the judge for this match, but try to feel the Force and let it flow through you, then strike me with it or your electroblade - the first one to three strikes wins," the humming of the Echani's lightsaber caused him to speak a bit louder than his typical soft tone, he wasn't going to go full on with his skill with a lightsaber, but if she proved to be tactical enough to be a challenge, he definitely would consider swapping to a more comfortable lightsaber form. Post Information
  2. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    Commotion practically brimmed from the prefabricated house as the squad of peacekeepers neared it - it sounded like there was issues beyond just drunken fun. The entire area was pitch black, and without a form of light or specialized visor, many of the group would have probably walked into the other countless prefabricated houses - what little light the one prefabricated house gave off didn't help at night. Reflections weren't much of a thing until you got close, and even then it was obvious as to what they were. The soldiers had already pressed themselves to settle the dispute within, entering through the back door of the house as the two Jedi approached the front, to close off all exits in case there were any.. unruly characters. There was small group of individuals gathered near the front entrance - a tall woman, a female Miraluka, three men - one who was rather short, while the other two were noticeably taller - and then two soldiers requesting to give assistance to the Miraluka to get her back to the enclave. Yusanulis soon followed behind the man as he stared at Shui, then to the casually dressed Initiate, then finally to the one who couldn't look more ridiculous with a concaved nose. Though, they found the situation suspicious but had to deal with the first problem first - the occupation of a prefabricated house. The Mirialan approached first, his fist cracking quickly at the door before opening it to announce their arrival - masked and garbed in almost pitch black gear could end awfully, had any of them been intoxicated with spice, but it was from their understanding a simple house party that had to be shut down - not because the Jedi and the Peacekeepers didn't want them to get together, but because of curfew and trespassing. "This is the Peacekeeping Corps, this party is being shut down right now!" "I'll be seeing myself out right now, I thought this was just a normal party... It got weird after.. that scenario with the two guys and the Miraluka.. and the mentioning of Tython, don't know if the guy realizes we're part of the Unified Jedi Order or not..." the words of one of the peacekeepers nearby brought more questions than answers to the pair as they watched the man and a small group approach the back to be dealt with - cooperative at the very least. As the pair closed the door hard behind them, they approached the four Jedi and stood there before Yusanulis removed the lower portion of his mask to expose only his lips and chin, soon followed by the Mirialan doing the exact same thing. The masks were designed to mask all emotions, though their own mouths did not betray any emotion - only through the Force could agitation be felt, and even then it was mostly smothered by disappointment. The faceless mask of Yusanulis turned to Shui as he pursued his lips momentarily thinking of what to ask - or what question was the best but then it came to him. "Why is the nose of that Jedi concaved and why are the initiates here?" To start simple and build up to the monstrosity that was the first thing mentioned was the plan, "I trust you all can speak the truth and only the truth, especially from you ma'am." The appearance of the man betrayed far too much for what Yusanulis knew about the man - how he had a tendency to provoke soldiers back on A hand lazily pointed towards the Miraluka as the Echani spoke, his face remaining roughly on Shui and Jun, but within his mind's eye he could look at them all. The Mirialan raised a hand to his chin and scratched the stubble, pulling out a data-pad to record all the information to present to the Jedi and to the Peacekeepers - it was easier to find out everything and then make a judgement call than simply force them to waltz back to the enclave immediately. "The peacekeepers, excluding Commander Lee, are to leave out the back entrance and stick with the rest of those gathered as each one of you will be dealt with according to rank. Any misdemeanors will be dealt with immediately, should there be any, and any felonies will be dealt with at a later time - though those unlucky enough to have any committed any felonies will be kept in the brig," the words of the Mirialan rolled off his tongue as he recited from the data-pad and soon he paused to let the peacekeepers leave, "Anyone that attempts to lie will be dealt with accordingly, and I recommend not trying to lie. Making this any more difficult than it needs to be will perhaps end with you being dragged to the Jedi Council - and that meeting wont be to be chosen by one of the Jedi there as their successor or Padawan, so don't even get your hopes up." The final threat was true, and if they had half a brain they'd know the truth. Post Information
  3. Imaginary Enemy

    Yusanulis stared at the initiate as she talked about her experience on a freighter, and what had almost transpired - to say he didn't feel bad was wrong, but his face didn't betray any of it. She at least understood the galaxy wasn't hers for the taking, and that the galaxy had more tragedies beneath the shimmering banners of the Republic. The discovery of her abilities was normal, many Force-sensitives called on their potential during times of need - and she rightfully reacted in a manner most would. His displeasure at her not mentioning what the Jedi Order was at least to her, was displeasing at first, though the appearance of the new man brought the Echani's attention away momentarily as he listened to the cold, yet calming voice of Shui. They had met previously, though from what Yusanulis could gather, the Atrisian male wasn't exactly the most shining example of the Jedi Order - though, his presence wasn't unwelcomed. Smiling as he nodded at the answer of Shui, Yusanulis turned to listen to Talia as she finally spoke of why she came here and what the Jedi did - she wasn't wrong, but that was so good about the question, there wasn't really a wrong answer. Though, she seemed unsettled by the sudden appearance of the other man - perhaps it was the fact he was missing an arm, or another reason, he didn't probe much through the Force. Everyone was allowed to feel emotions, but it was best to conquer them in time. Perhaps it was the idea of an unknown variable such as Shui entering their conversation. "No, of course not Knight You, your presence is welcomed and perhaps you can help this initiate here better than I can. Initiate Linecay, meet Shui You, a Jedi Knight who serves in the AgriCorps - some would view those that serve it as failures, but it's the one way we can help the galaxy and even then they are sometimes the more noble ones among us," smiling as he spoke, he pulled down his hood and stood up to his full height, "The Jedi Order do serve as protectors, but as proven by your previous situation, we can't always help victims - but the Jedi can always try. While the Republic views the galaxy as at peace, we understand that the Hutts and other criminal factions are still alive - but it isn't our job to intervene to cause larger issues." Fixing his robes as he readjusted himself, he nodded at the thoughts that came to his mind. They could perhaps teach her to feel the flow of the Force, to understand that one needed to open themselves to it and things would come easier, or they could show her that immediate forms of danger could give slight 'triggers' to the body and mind - the possibilities were truly endless. "How defenseless do you feel without your blaster? You seemed.. uncomfortable without it in your holster when I first saw you - though perhaps changing lifestyles from something so tragic to something more serene is a culture shock," speaking in a peaceful and almost inquisitive tone, he turned his attention to Shui and smiled, "Shui You, perhaps you can relate to her better than I can - being brought to the Jedi at such a young age, I simply lack the experience outside of what the Jedi taught me." If she felt defenseless, perhaps they could show her that her own pacified senses could be her savior to feel comfortable even without a weapon. His life wasn't tragic enough to force him to rely on instincts to use the Force, not like how Talia had explained her experience with drawing on the Force, but he could sympathize with her being uncomfortable and being untrained. Post Information
  4. Imaginary Enemy

    Helona 5th, 3630 BBY The Training Fields, Dantooine A day had passed since he had met initiate Linecay, a way to allow her to get comfortable and to settle in to the new environment. Yusanulis knew much of that, far too much, but if she was to become a Jedi, she needed to embrace the bare necessities of the Jedi lifestyle - and luckily, or unluckily it was early in the morning meaning there were few and far between groups training within the plains the training area was situated in. Yusanulis sat there, the soft grass underneath him and the cool breeze coursing over his body as he exhaled sharply. His cloak had been discarded for a simple grey robe that now sat over his body, covering his personal armor and covering his features in the darkness of the hood. A simple datapad sat on his lap as he sent the message to initiate Linecay, a message simply to remind her that her first assignment was to begin once she got there. The contents of the message detailed the location, as well as what she was supposed to do once she got there - to sit and meditate, to try and feel oneness with the Force. Simplistic was a bit of a loose term, to gauge one's ability in feeling the Force and one's ability in using their Force-enhanced senses to try and anticipate danger wasn't one that was frequently trained; but it was necessary at the end of the day if one wanted to properly survive a fight. Lightsaber combat was built around the Force, and if one couldn't anticipate strikes or feel their own lightsaber through the Force they would immediately die - that much was obvious. Sitting there as his breathing slowed, he felt the early morning sun warm his body as he delved into the Force. Dantooine was nothing like Tython, but the Force was alive - and through meditation one could draw on it. As he waited in meditation, feeling out towards all the presences within in, he attempted to sense the arrival of @Talia Linecay and once he did, he opened his eyes and spoke softly. "Initiate Linecay, welcome to your first assignment - or test, whatever you prefer to call it," the words were spoken significantly different as he didn't look towards the young woman, "My first two questions for you are these: What is the purpose of the Jedi Order and why did you come to Dantooine?" Post Information
  5. Peacekeepers! At the Disco

    A shadowy group of silhouettes were positioned far enough away as the sun slowly went down behind them, robes and plastoid armor marking them as a glob of unidentifiables off in the distance. Yusanulis stood there, eyes focused on the prefabricated house that was full of life - something that wouldn't be the case, had there been some form of control. Kneeling as he watched from afar, his macrobinoculars adjusting to see through what windows were available. Soldiers, mostly, and rightfully so - many would have been celebrating for their families to settle, but they would have to celebrate when the houses were all finished. Handing the macrobinoculars to the peacekeeper beside him, Yusanulis slid down the white and golden mask that obscured his features - the peacekeepers that were on duty had to ensure they at least were capable of fulfilling the duty of keeping the peace. "Corellian Hells, they're going to cause more issues than anything.. wait, is that a Jedi walking into the building after tying his.. robe around his waist? Are all Jedi limmie moms or is this one just.. a special case?" The soldier laughed out his question as he handed the macrobinoculars to another, their face contorting as they held back from bursting into laughter, "What in the.. at least the peacekeepers at least know how to dress casually." As time passed more Jedi came, including initiates and a dark robed one who seemed fine not blending in entirely by trying to appear less Jedi. Yusanulis adjusted his mask and activated the vocoder within it - they were to be discreet and practical, no violence but making sure the party was ended before things got too out of hand. Each peacekeeper being handed the macrobinoculars to try and make sure they were all prepared for the task ahead. No violence unless forced, and to force those with curfew to actually get back to the enclave - and to the barracks. Having hungover peacekeepers on-duty the next morning wasn't the most acceptable thing. "I think we'll need to tackle this issue by nightfall. We'll have more reason to do this, and it's not like they'll argue - if they do, then I suppose hitting them with stun rods wouldn't be out of the question," the mechanicalized voice of the Echani was quiet as he focused outwards with the Force, his eyes glowing softly as the Force provided him with truesight, "I will deal with the Jedi that are resisting our authority, you all can deal with the rest. Now let's slowly make our way towards it, perhaps welcome them to the neighbourhood once we get there." Cracking his fingers as he clenched his fists tightly, the Echani followed behind the group of peacekeepers as they adjusted their helmets and activated their own vocoders. They could have their fun for a bit, that was at least what the peacekeepers deserved - but the Jedi, well, they'd be in for a surprise. "As for the limmie mom comment.. I'd like to think there is a special breed of Jedi that I am not a part of..." Post Information
  6. Carry On Wayward Son

    Watching as Homra returned from his visit, Yusanulis had kept himself supported against one of the trees as water continued to pour onto his body - what leaves remained kept him from being completely soaked, yet he wanted to just get to it. The information was just as he thought - though luckily the Flesh Raiders tended to split from their main group and make smaller sub-groups around Tython. The smaller ones could easily be culled by a group of Jedi Knights, but unlucky enough for them was the fact they didn't have Jedi with them - they had children that were fine with continuing to rib and bicker. Pushing himself off the tree, he reached out calmly with telepathy to give a warning towards both Mirran and Homra that he would deal with them, at least for now. They never understood the severity of the assignment and mission - they never grasped how quickly their bickering could draw the attention of scouting parties. "Enough! Act your ages, I've seen younglings with better emotional control," growling out his response as he reached down to seize Char by the collar of his tunic, he turned to look at Iman, "You both are comrades in arms regardless of your preferences. Acting like bickering children and acting like spoiled brats will get you killed out here. Knight Azner doesn't need to babysit a group of adults when you all are around our age - now act like it or I will drag you both across the courtyard to the front entrance." Agitation was perhaps the one emotion the Echani tried to snuff out, but with how both acted it would get them all killed - something Yusanulis did not want Homra and himself having on their track record. The Twi'lek and the human fought like children, children wanting to be right in their own way and both would be sent to the AgriCorps if Yusanulis had any hand in their success. This was a field test of their skill before throwing them towards the Grand Master to be judged, and if an Initiate and a Padawan couldn't put aside their differences, they were better off serving as farmers and relief workers. "If you think napping out here will keep you safe from the Flesh Raiders, you'd be better off attempting diplomacy. You speak of yourself as intelligent while I see a spoiled brat, one who hasn't experienced the tragedies of life - someone who would be fine watching his comrades die because he is so set on getting apologies. Our lives and jobs are thankless, you'd be best to learn that quick," as Yusanulis's eyes refocused on the man below him, his restraint was perhaps the only thing keeping him from striking the initiate, "Now get up and follow me. Any more arguing and I will gladly have Knight Azner discipline you both when we're back on Dantooine." Pulling away from the group as he clenched his fist, he turned to look towards Iman with the same dispassionate look, for someone who had been recorded as a practitioner of Broken Gate she lacked the understanding that antagonizing others merely meant they'd strike back harder and more precisely. "Padawan Zana, use your understanding of Broken Gate to properly control yourself. It's a martial art based on peace and dedication, antagonizing others will merely make you a bigger target in the future. We don't want another.." speaking as he placed his hand to his face, he dreaded making mention of the moronic title one Padawan wore once before, "Mad Padawan. I'm sure you don't want that name to be placed on yourself or any others after that person decided it was clever to mark themselves that." Pushing himself through the bushes, he knelt down as he reached outwards with the Force and attempted to count the presences within his mind. What seemed like a possible task soon turned impossible as his senses were stretched thin as he exhaled sharply and opened his eyes. If the images Homra had provided them with were true, then they could use the vines to hoist themselves up near one of the towers - but it would require teamwork. "Knight Azner, I want you to lead us towards the least populated part of the encampment and we will use our.. wonderful teamwork to get into the temple through the overgrowth. Once inside, I will be breaking off from the group to scout a potential exit," speaking firmly as he turned back to Homra, a grin was placed upon his lips, "I want you to also locate the map room and activate these once you are there." Yusanulis unclipped two spherical objects from his belt as he exhaled and tossed them towards Homra, a slight bow of his head motioning that they were for the thing they telepathically discussed prior. Post Information
  7. The Docking Ramp

    Yusanulis leaned against the wall as he awaited the arrival of the new initiate he was to instructor - a young woman named Talia Linecay. A scoundrel from the information provided, one that would probably be a hard shell to crack due to what was known, but perhaps her time in the Jedi Order could help her get away from all her past issues and help her into becoming a shining example of the Unified Jedi Order. Her first assignment was going to be simple; a simple introductory to combat and a way to test her Force-enhanced senses, and if the holster on her hip was anything to go off of, she perhaps only knew how to defend herself through lethal force. Even upon closer inspection, she didn't look like much of a Jedi with her current attire and posture, but that's what the enclave was for - to provide her with the same irritating and heavy robes worn by all Jedi initiates and a way to help her learn more about the Force. Dressed in a long, ragged brown cloak, Yusanulis pushed himself off the wall and approached the woman as his hands pulled back the hood of his cloak. Pale features appeared from the shadows of his hood, and his platinum hair fell down in different places across his forehead. Motioning towards her with a simple hand gesture, the Echani stopped a few meters away before her before gently bowing his head as he took in her features. She could've easily been his age or a bit younger, but age didn't truly mean much in terms of experience - the older one was, the more attached they would be to personal possessions at most. "Greetings Initiate Linecay, I have been entrusted with guiding you through your first assignment," speaking aloud as he ran his glove through his hair to push what hairs fell in front of his face away he decided to introduce himself, "I'm Yusanulis Rasudan, or you can simply address me as Knight Rasudan if my name is too much. There is no safer place in the galaxy than Dantooine at the moment, and should you have any questions I will gladly answer them once we meet again." Extending out a hand from his robes, he twisted his body to allow her to move around him towards the enclave - a friendly gesture perhaps, depending on how she took it. Within the enclave she would be provided with all the necessary equipment and a living space, as well as keeping what other possessions she had in a safe location. The robes and tunic luckily came in different shapes, sizes and colors but they were all the same at the end of the day - everyone and everything within the enclave was equal in some manner. "I would recommend getting out of those clothes for something a bit more traditional and loose, as well as securing yourself an electroblade - I wouldn't want to bring you out to the training pits without you being prepared. Your first assignment will be simple, but I would recommend meeting with some of the other initiates that hang around the river, the training pits, and of course the Jedi archives during your free time," speaking in a calm, yet upbeat manner, the Echani cracked his knuckles before flashing a grin, "I will send you a message after you've settled in, make sure to keep the communicator you're provided with on your person at all times. Try to get comfortable and adjusted to the life style - it's a difficult life, but definitely rewarding!" Post Information
  8. Intent: To give Yusanulis his former master's lightsaber that he forgot to take on Tython, as well as fleshing out the lightsaber he will be using now. Affiliation: Yusanulis Rasudan Production Rate: Unique Weapon Type: Lightsaber Materials: Durasteel Nerf hide Permafrost crystal Durindfire gem shard Meditation crystal Modifications: Meditation crystal Dual phase switch Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse Weapon Rating: High Quality Weapon Appearance: Sleek in design, the lightsaber of Alluk Suto is of the curved hilt design that some Form V practitioners favor. Customized to accommodate three crystals within it, this lightsaber was the original design for Yusanulis's lightsaber he created during his apprenticeship, though this lightsaber is of masterwork quality in comparison. This lightsaber is embossed with groves to mirror vines and other natural designs, with the dual phase switch located at the side of the weapon. The weapon is also customized to fit in a single palm or two, the nerf hide used in the creation of this lightsaber gives the wielder the extra grip on the hilt itself. The blade when activated creates an icy blue blade with a silvery sheen, thanks to the permafrost crystal and durindfire crystal within it. Strengths: Meditative Trance - Thanks to the meditation crystal inserted into the hilt, the wielder of the weapon can feel closer to the Force while utilizing it. Specialized - Thanks to the curved hilt and dual phase switch, the weapon is incredibly unpredictable and specialized mostly for Form II and Form V practitioners. Weaknesses: Modifications - Due to the extensive work placed into the lightsaber hilt itself, modifying it is incredibly difficult and can only be modified through changing the crystals. Training Setting - Due to the addition of the dual phase switch, there is no way to properly adjust the power of the lightsaber itself, setting it at a normal power setting with the only way to dampen the effectiveness being through the Force. Description: Created by Master Suto during his youth, this lightsaber has seen only so much use due to the fieldwork Alluk Suto pursued as a Jedi Knight and even during his time as a Jedi Master, the weapon has only been a symbol of the man's dedication to the combat style of Form V, as well as his dedication to utilizing it as a way to be closer to the living Force. His Ithorian master, Jhuls Auxlut, had shown him the lightsaber design that wasn't typically common amongst Form V practitioners, as well as showed him how to wield the weapon properly in both hands - something he would pass onto his own Padawan. After countless prototypes that either ended horribly with the blade not properly working, to being far too heavy for a lightsaber, Alluk eventually decided to turn the crystals within the weapon into shards to accommodate the hilt, eventually forming the prototype for this weapon. Once he ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight, the man started his work on the weapon, using what resources he could muster between missions for the AgriCorps for the parts and pieces, eventually settling on simple nerf hide and durasteel. After realizing that he had to remove the power adjustment knobs and other knobs, the young man settled on creating a dual phase switch to provide it with different lengths, while learning to master the fact the lightsaber could inflict injury during spars - focusing on the control the curved hilt provided him with. Deciding to focus primarily on Form Zero to compensate for his inability to lessen the power settings, Alluk eventually decided to become a charismatic pacifist - also known as a flirt. After the bombardment of the Tython temple, Alluk Suto met his untimely fate saving a group of individuals and became one with the Force, leaving behind only his lightsaber. Eventually recovering the weapon from Tython, Yusanulis has decided to keep it as his main weapon in memory of his master - with all his flaws and the lessons he taught. Due to the weapon being only modifiable through the crystals within, Yusanulis replaced the primary blue adegan crystal with his permafrost crystal that he had attuned himself with. While the weapon is specialized in Form II and Form V, Yusanulis keeps a standard lightsaber as back up while utilizing the other lightsaber forms - this is mostly due to how overly specialized the weapon is, and the fact the other lightsaber Forms perform significantly better with a standard lightsaber.
  9. Carry On Wayward Son

    Yusanulis sighed as he shook his head, he hadn't meant for the Miraluka to enter the temple blind, though even Homra thought he meant that - perhaps after the rest went with Homra he would inform he that even he had the ability to see through the Force. Watching as the rest of them left the starship, Yusanulis followed in pursuit as he threw his hood up, making sure none were left behind as he watched Homra lead the way towards the hill - the path wasn't the most optimal, but if Homra believed he could lead them, then the Echani wouldn't argue. Walking down the ramp as he took in the sight of the abandoned buildings, their durasteel frames weathering the storm like the Twi'leks had weathered the Flesh Raiders. Though, pieces of durasteel had been torn off certain buildings and most of the canvases for tents had been ripped to shreds. Watching Char slip and fall into the mud, the Echani placed his hand to his face - the words sounded like a youthful brat, something similar to what he was when he was perhaps fifteen standard years. Perhaps the initiate would learn in time, but learning was perhaps the hardest thing for the Jedi. As Homra, Iman and Char made their way down towards the cliff, Yusanulis shifted his gaze from the cliff to the Miraluka with a nod. "I meant reaching out with your senses to touch the beings within the temple, or any objects, Initiate Kai. To allow the Force to flow through you is fine, in fact perhaps it would be easier to show you what can do with the Force without relying on it for your senses," speaking as he approached the ledge, he let the Force flow through his being as he felt it coil within, "My expertise isn't in the Force, but I have a firm grasp on the applications of augmentation, though you probably won't be able to do the same as me yet - if you feel like you're gonna fall, let the Force guide you and strengthen your body." Taking one step off the ledge as he felt his feet sink into the wet mud, he allowed the Force to be his guide as his body fell backwards. As the Force hastened the Echani's mind, the Force even slowing down the torrential rain that fell, the Echani allowed his body to fall backwards into a crouching position as the Force spread throughout his leg muscles. Perhaps it was to show that the Force was the smartest way to scale the mountain, though the Echani simply didn't want to potentially cause a mudslide as he watched the others through his hastened mind - any slip could have buried them all, yet perhaps the Force was on their side today. Landing with a soft thud as the Force exploded out beneath him, cushioning his fall as he landed crouched on the ground. Fingers running through the dirt of Tython as it brought back the memories of before, the memories of how the Force flowed through everything - the sensations of his youth being taught on Tython. The Echani looked up at the clouds above and turned towards their destination, the temple of Tython was looming off in the distance, it's once tall and proud pillars now reduced to ruin, yet it still survived - much like Coruscant had. Both were reminders of the tenacity of the Jedi, yet if the reports were true then they'd be smart enough to get there as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible. Waiting for all to make their descents, the Echani stood up to his full height and removed his cloak and placed it on the ground, letting the rain dampen his entire being. If Char truly desired a cloak, then he could take it up - but the Echani didn't require it entirely. He had experienced much worse than simple rain, and at least in his current garb he felt like he was reliving his younger days on Tython. "I will take the rear guard to make sure none of us get lost and to make sure we aren't preyed upon by any manka cats. On the way back, we'll take the winding path up towards the settlement - I don't think any of us want to experience a mudslide," speaking loud over the rain that poured, the Echani turned to look at the trees that came closer to the path; they appeared gnarled and twisted, similar to the trees within the the Flesh Raider territory, "I want everyone on high alert, eyes open and always searching. If you spot anything large or something fast, shout it out for the rest of us." Force save us, the Flesh Raiders wouldn't make camp within the temple itself but.. I wouldn't say they aren't scavenging the ruins for supplies if the village is anything to go off of. Post Information
  10. Carry On Wayward Son

    The vastness and emptiness of the sight before the young adult was relaxing, enough to even allow him to fall asleep in the pilot's chair while the droid took over. What would've normally been a two day trip was cut into a day and a half, though he had enjoyed the alone time he had spent meditating on the Force - though the food he had provided himself with was bland. Finally exiting hyperspace, the moons Bogan and Ashla came into view first, then finally the planet itself - from above it appeared as it once did before, the lush greens and blues, with a mixture of yellow made the planet look still habitable - though it had mostly been abandoned after they had all returned to Coruscant, and now Dantooine. Easing the ship into the atmosphere, the first layer of clouds growing dark with a storm, the rain coating the transparisteel viewport as the Echani once more drew on the Force to become his eyes and senses. The sensors could work, but the Echani didn't want to risk the lives of those on the starship, or the starship for that matter. What seemed like forever turned out to be a minute as the Echani exhaled as he brought the Absolution into a safe landing, the slight shake signifying that they had landed on the ground - it wouldn't wake up those that were sleeping, luckily. Checking the time on the holo-communicators chrono, the time was only a few minutes past 0600 standard - meaning that most would perhaps be getting up from their bunks fairly shortly. Stretching as he unlocked the entrance to the cockpit, Yusanulis threw up his cloak and by the holographic projector situated in the center of the starship, pulling up information the weather situation and the route they would be taking. Had they come prepared with full gear, they could have scaled down the mountain if the weather was better, but with both situations were not in their favor. Watching as they entered the room, the Echani motioned for them to grab one of the extra cloaks he kept near the entrance. Once all were situated in the room, the Echani spoke up with a slight shake of his head, "I believe today you will all learn from Homra the importance of stealth, - the temple will be occupied by something, and at most we can hope the occupants are passive. Unfortunately,the weather isn't in our favor, neither is the fact that this settlement is deserted, but we shouldn't waste time on the fact we can't get any help - that is now the way of the Jedi. Remember, do not engage anything. Even if it's an animal, there's a chance it can injure you. Manka cats still prowl the land, so try not to get distracted by their offspring - regardless of how appealing the idea of petting one or taking one is." Sitting back as he placed his arms up onto the seat's top, he leaned back and chewed his lip. How would the Miraluka feel entering a place where many Jedi moved onto the Force? That question sat with Yusanulis, even though he hoped that there would be a way for the Miraluka to cut off their empathetic senses.. then it came to him. "Do not feel out with the Force, you will need to rely on your own sight, be it Force or not. Do not reach out and try to touch the Force when we set foot in the ruins of the temple, especially you Padawan Zana and Initiate Kai," speaking in a much more serious tone, his lax nature being discarded - the threat of hurting one's own mind and emotion was a possibility and unfortunately the Echani wouldn't be dragging someone who may go catatonic away from the Jedi Temple. Post Information
  11. Carry On Wayward Son

    The task of going to Tython to recover important documents, star maps and other information was the number one priority - the one thing the Jedi couldn't do on their escape. Yet, there was something more important on Tython than either of those things to Yusan, yet he would follow the guidance of the Speaker and assist the archivist in obtaining the documents left behind. Tython was left to the natural cycle of the Force, yet there was something that needed to be witnessed first hand to determine the action required to move the planet to true balance. Dressed in his white armor and a rugged brown cloak Yusanulis had stood quietly, his mind focusing on the task ahead of the two Echani and the inexperienced. The information he knew compared to Homra probably wouldn't have sat well with the archivist, but it was perhaps the best to stay silent about the entire ordeal - at least in front of the Initiates and the Padawan. The droids that had accompanied the individuals brought disdain to the Echani's mindset as he dreaded the thought of bringing not one, but multiple droids to a recon and recovery mission, but if they had to leave the droids behind for the safety of the rest, then Yusanulis would be the judge of that. Turning his attention to the Twi'lek that spoke outwardly towards the human, Yusan shrugged as she wasn't wrong, but there was a connection to the Force in it's entirety. Turning his attention to the Miraluka, he scratched his forehead at what Tython was - he had grown up on the planet, but even he had no grasp on what Tython entirely was. "Tython was a symbol of peace and study, the Force flowed through it like water. It was perfectly balanced, the light side and the dark side were one, yet there were areas where the dark side grew stronger and stronger, and that is where the Flesh Raiders occupied," speaking calmly as he looked at her face as a sign of respect - even if she didn't have eyes - he continued, "The Jedi did not purge the Flesh Raiders because it would upset the balance of the Force, and because killing isn't the Jedi way." While certain Jedi had proven the Echani wrong during the war against the Sith Empire, they had retreated to relearn their roots and find inner peace, no longer militarized - yet they had kept their gifts from the Republic, stripped off their weapons beyond basics. Their vessel to Tython would be the Absolution, the first thing Yusanulis had kept of his master's - the Defender-class light corvette. While Homra may have had his own starship, the Echani wouldn't trust the archivist to flying to Tython - only for the matter that the Echani needed to confront his own memories alone. Turning his attention to the male, the Echani looked at the droid choice, which fortunately only made the Echani shake his head. The Hunter Killer would probably be detained in the future, but for now it would simply exist because of the headache Yusanulis did not want to deal with currently. "As Padawan Zana has made mention, Tython is still teeming with the Force and life. While the plant life continues to grow, there is also other sentient life that is touched by the Force that continues to expand," speaking clearly as he turned to Homra momentarily, to address the man as what he was; an information data bank, "Knight Azner can probably inform you on what is still living there, but this assignment won't be as easy as visiting a crystal cave or studying a lightsaber form. You are going to experience Tython firsthand, and it isn't like anything you've experienced before - if you come face to face with a Flesh Raider, you run and you do not fight - I will pass on witnessing other individuals get swallowed whole by them." Stepping away from the group as he finished his final statement on what the assignment was, the Echani motioned for Jaynine to follow him as he approached his vessel. The T7 unit coming up behind him as he approached the ramp into the vessel, he had no time for dilly dallying - if they wanted to probe Homra for more information, Yusanulis didn't care. He was there to simply pilot their vessel and ensure the assignment was successful without any casualties - that was the job of a Battlemaster in times of peace, and he needed further proof of his capabilities to show to the Jedi High Council before placing himself into the proper role. Reaching out telepathically towards Homra, Yusanulis entered the cockpit with a single message; "Tython has been experiencing potential cataclysmic activity recently. While we will not be near the Chasm and the Rift, but we need to figure out the issue - a mission from the Speaker herself. If you need to contact me during the trip, do not bother - I trust you can handle this hopeful bunch and I need to focus on the Force." Yusan locked entryway into the cockpit and seized the pilot chair, closing his eyes to allow the Force to flow through him and become his eyes. Sitting in the chair beside T7 as the droid connected with the mainframe of the ship, the Echani would let the Force and the droid help him figure out the safest landing zone for the vessel - the only one coming to the Echani's mind being the Twi'lek pilgrims' camp. Post Information
  12. Intent: To create the armor Yusanulis uses in every thread, as well as to finalize it's creation. Affiliation: Yusanulis Rasudan Production Rate: Unique Materials: Thermoweave, Leatheris, Phrikite Armor Type: Light Modifications: Phrik Vambraces Echani Energy Shield Armor Rating: High Quality Armor Appearance: Taking after the traditional styles of Echani armor, this loose fitting robe and clothing are dyed mostly white, with leatheris boots that are dyed black. Typically worn without the robe itself, this armor is meant to be entirely flexible, emphasising on the martial prowess of the Echani culture, while also being tight enough against the body to not expose cloth that can be easily grabbed. Adopting both the Jedi robes and the Echani combat gear, these items look rather mundane when compared to the armor of other individuals, appearing to be a combination of the minimalism of the Echani and of the Jedi themselves. The most notable feature about this rather plain armor is the phrikite vambraces that are a combination of leatheris, phrikite and an Echani energy shield, creating durable hand protection that are dyed. While the energy shield is active, the vambraces display multiple lines of blue energy that course through the vambraces themselves, providing lightsaber resistant gauntlets at his wrist. Strengths: Lightsaber Resistance - Due to the pieces of material used in the creation of the vambraces, lightsabers are mostly incapable of cutting off the hand of the wearer due to the extensive protection provided by technology and metal infusion. Kinetic Resistance - Due to the Echani weaving pattern utilized in this armor, most strikes that do hit this armor are spread across to each fiber, which in turn reduces the total impact of the strikes. Flexible - Due to the lack of armor plating, this armor provides the wearer with significantly more flexibility than most other types of armor due to the design. Weaknesses: Durability - Even with the fibers being capable of taking a hit, the armor does not provide the wearer of full phrikite armor. Exposure - Due to the only defensive pieces of this armor being the vambraces, there is no real defense against other types of weapons outside of lightsabers and what the fibers kinetically absorb. Modifications - Due to the fact it is simply cloth that is woven, the only real modifications that can be done to this armor are adding a belt and mask. Description: Crafted from the remnants of Yusan's armor that had been damaged during the Battle of Dromund Kaas, this armor have been crafted by multiple hands within the Republic. During his return to Eshan, Yusanulis learned how to properly weave the materials into more combat oriented armor to embrace his heritage. After studying how Yusanis, the one he had been named after, utilized his weapon-based martial arts, the young Echani started to craft his own armor that resembled both Jedi tunics and the Echani battlegarb. After learning that the Jedi had seceded from the Republic, Yusanulis set his sights on returning to the planet Dantooine - eventually coming across information on the crafted alloy known as phrikite within the archives while trying to find out how to further enhance his armor. Due to requiring technology not readily available to the Jedi, the Echani soon went to Arkania to learn how to apply the phrikite alloy to his vambraces and his personal energy shield. After landing on the surface of the planet, the Echani was informed that he had to assist them in research, which required a sample of the young man's blood. After providing the Arkania, unknowingly, with his DNA to experiment on, the Echani was only shown the process through technology without being instructed on how to properly create it. While Yusan could not complain about receiving a gift for his 'assistance' in the Arkanian's research, the Echani returned to Dantooine to learn that the planet of Jedha was occupied once more, the Echani decided to settle on Dantooine to continue his training to become a true Battlemaster and to teach the new generation - to eventually reach the rank of Battlemaster like many Echani had tried before him. The armor does not provide the most amount of protection known to cloth armors, requiring constant movement to be the only form of defense against ranged weapons, as well as understanding blaster bolts will penetrate through it, regardless of the fibers absorbing most of the impact and heat. In addition to these flaws, while the phrik vambraces are durable enough to take a couple lightsaber blows with the personal energy shield, a strike on the inside of the wrist can end up striking the flesh of the wearer, making the gauntlets almost completely situational. These flaws are also strengths in that they force the wearer to adapt and develop a sense of awareness while in combat.
  13. Thread Leaders: Yusanulis Rasudan and Homra Azner Location: Tython Opened To: Most individuals, should they have a reason to come along Thread Summary: With the new initiates being guided in the ways of the Force, the two polar opposite Echani have formed together to start an expedition back to Tython to recover what can be recovered from the planet. With Homra's research and study, as well as Yusanulis's brawn and information provided to him by the former Jedi Watchmen, the two seek to actively bring back any remnants of the past to Dantooine and Jedha for study. Using this as essentially free labor, as well as teaching the new generation of Jedi of the past, as well as finding out about the Flesh Raider activity. OOC: This is just a thread to help initiates get through the process quicker, as well as having more than 1-3 individuals in a single thread. The objective is loose, so it's more about the story than anything. Either respond to this thread, or PM Yusan Rasudan and Homra Azner
  14. Plotter - Yusanulis

    Character: Yusanulis RasudanRank: Jedi Knight, Battlemaster-in-TrainingAffiliation: The Unified Jedi Order Allies: Zyann Aari Apprenticeships: Nadda, but looking for a Padawan. Aquaintances: Homra Azner A bunch of other Jedi, kind of. Enemies: Nadda Schedule: I'm honestly on most of the day (having a phone does that), though my posting varies due to my work hours. I can either post once a day or multiple times a day, depending on my mindset. Sometimes I can get into role-plays quickly, sometimes I struggle with certain ideas and posts. Current Role-plays: Nothing noteworthy at the moment. Summary: Yusanulis is essentially looking to take over the mantle of Battlemaster for the Jedi Order, and he's currently in a situation in where all his masters die in some form or fashion. I wish I was kidding, but that's essentially what his character arcs have all contained, because writers like killing off characters. While he's still fairly young, he's also a lot wiser and more seasoned than most due to his circumstances with his masters basically dying before him, or dying in some form - though he isn't a hollowed out shell. As for why you would want to role-play with Yusanulis, his perspective on the Jedi is true Gray, as opposed to trying to be an edgelord (basically keeping as close to the Code as possible while understanding some circumstances require the Code to be skirted for the betterment of the galaxy.) He's willing to actually bring people out of their shells into the real world - outside of the Jedi Temples - mostly since he hates being rooted in a single place, and mostly because the character is more combat-oriented and adventure-oriented than social oriented (the woes of the Echani.) Due to his experience as a watchman during his time as a Padawan under his master, he's not as sheltered as most also. While he mostly dealt with Hutt space, he is a bit inexperienced around the galaxy as a whole, but hey, that's what the apprenticeship is for So if you want to potentially have a thread with a Echani Battlemaster(-in-training), then just send me a PM. I'm open to thread ideas and I'm willing to brainstorm if you want. If ya' want to have your character get decimated, errr.. have a spar or duel, I am open to that as well
  15. The Knife's Edge

    Dromund Kaas Spaceport After the fall of the Limitless Objective: Secure the Spaceport The Echani Jedi practically felt the sickness spew from his throat as he held the helmet before him, using it as a makeshift bucket as he felt the countless deaths wrack his body with pains, the Force practically writhing in pain as he clutched the sides of the helmet tightly. The gunship simply swayed as it entered the atmosphere, yet there wasn't much anyone could do for the young man, his eyes practically blood red from vomiting excessively. The soldiers around him merely gave him the room to properly expel his guts forth, a few snide remarks about the man not being fit for the job, but he simply shook it off. They hadn't experienced the deaths through the Force, and it was highly unlikely that many would simply understand the sensation of it - even on Tython the amount of death wasn't this awful, as if hundred of thousands had perished in mere moments. As the gunship shifted and landed securely near the spaceport, the Echani set the helmet down and weakly stood up, his head practically pounding as he reached up for it. The close proximity to the large amount of deaths only served to cause the young man to reel from the pain growing in his temple. Feeling the soldiers push him forward, he walked out of the shuttle into the hot and damp weather of the swamp, his eyes attempting to focus on anything that could keep his attention to. Fidning focus in the back of the soldier's helmet, the man continued to move forward, following in close behind as he tried to separate the pain from the Force, his body slouching behind a tree stump as his durasteel plated boots sunk into the wet ground. Words were spoken quietly, but the Echani had a hard time even hearing what they were, so he simply followed for what seemed like hours, which unfortunately translated into only ten standard minutes. "Oi, Jedi. You feelin' a bit better now that you've got your feet on the ground? Flying must be tough for you folk," the words of the man he practically relied on finally reached his ears clearly as the Echani let out a laugh, shaking his head as he brought his hand through his hair, pushing it back. "I think you'll need to guide me, maybe hold my hand to make sure I make it to our destination," reaching to his belt as he spoke, he quickly withdrew pills from one of his pouches and swallowed them, "I just don't get how we can call ourselves the heroes if we're mindlessly slaughtering. We should be taking prisoners, not slaughtering Sith because they attack us - we even had their ship land in their main city and kill plent-" the memory of the deaths brought the Echani back to vomiting as he clutched his stomach, his eyes practically burning from the bile being forced out from his lips. "Only the ones who lack empathy think we're heroes, the war ain't all that fun, but you get to choose what you do.. and I say it's about time we showed the Republic that we can at least keep some alive by securin' the spaceport and making sure their slaves don't die in the crossfire. They're people too, aye?" The words of the soldier made the Echani feel a small bit better, though the fact they were chasing them down like dogs and slaughtering them with what seemed to be a lack of remorse didn't make things right. It simply wasn't how Jedi were, the paragons of the galaxy were acting the same as the things they hunted down. Travelling a bit further before reaching their destination, the squad of soldiers stopped and brought the Echani's attention towards the group of slavers, though they didn't exactly look like they were wearing the colors of the Sith Empire. 'Businessmen' who simply were there recollecting their stock in the form of slaves, each one wearing slave collars. Gripping his lightsaber tightly as it sat loosely at his hip, before finally letting go of it with a grin - maybe he didn't need to use his weapon. The Echani delved into the Force before relying on the Force to guide his steps, his eyes closing as he moved forward, his footsteps being paced to not draw immediate attention to him. Slavers were simply mercenaries, they weren't trained soldiers often, though against two the Echani's bladework could make easy work of them - but perhaps restraint was the better option. Finally coming into view of the slavers, the Jedi smiled as he raised his hands, his hands slowly twisting into clenched fist as he drew once more on the Force, wrapping each slaver around the torso with the Force before he opened his eyes, the pale blue energy of the Force emanating from his sockets. As they started to raise their weapons, the Echani pushed his hands together with little to no effect. Cursing at the dampening of his connection on the planet, the Echani withdrew his lightsaber and broke off into a sprint. The pale blue blade arced across his chest in a reverse grip, his teeth clenched tightly as he watched the first bolts come towards him that were swept away to the side, the soldiers moving to the opposite side in an attempt to flank the slavers. The second volley came without warning as the Echani dug his foot into the wet soil and pushed himself to the side, before finally watching the one slaver aim their weapons at the first slave in the line, the words shouted caught the Echani's attention as he stopped dead in his tracks. He either allowed them to take the slaves, or every single slave gathered would be executed. The ultimatum caused the Echani to wince, it wasn't attempting to stop slavers now, it was attempting to bargain with actual life - and diplomacy wasn't something the Echani dealt in. Fighting and defending came naturally, yet to be bargaining with another's life brought the Echani's sickness once more as he exhaled sharply, his pale features growing almost sickly green as he slowly moved forward, though this only caused more issues as the merc seized the slave by the throat and held the alien in front of him, using a makeshift shield. The options were to try and reason, or to try his hand at risking the life of many - the desperation gripping the Echani's throat, the soldiers had stopped moving, understanding that it wasn't their time to act. "Fine, let them go and take me. A Jedi for the lives of a few slaves should be a deal your boss should be fully capable of comprehending," the words left the Echani's mouth without fear, his hand removing his lightsaber from his belt and dropping into the soft soil by his feet - surrendering to the slavers. Slowly walking forward as he held his hands up behind his head, he exhaled sharply as the slavers moved forward and seized his arms tightly before seizing him in binds, his body practically thrown forward to the ground as they kicked him in the stomach, his eyes watering as he felt his ribs bruise from the beatdown, the soldiers slowly creeping up to flank the mercenaries as the Echani tried to keep his attention to the ground. Blood spilled from his lips as he received the countless kicks, his head being pushed into the ground as he felt the back of his head split open, blood merging with the sweat in his hair. "I've had worse.. from younglings," gritting out his answer as he felt the heel of the man twist on his head, the mud and other fluids combined in his hair, he tried to keep their attention - anything to let the slaves actually escape. He couldn't feel the Force, not with how close he was to the death of many, so the simple solution was to do what he could - use his body to defend the weak. Finally feeling the armored gauntlet of the merc wrench the Echani's head upwards, a smile sat upon his lips as he stared at his reflection in the visor of the merc. He looked like absolute crap, though out of the corner of his eye he could see the object come rolling towards them, the spherical object opening up within a meter of them as the shockwave took out the two mercs and practically tossed the Jedi into an uncomfortable position, his left arm being pressured and angled in a way that only radiated pain. Feeling hands seize his arm, a sharp growl escaped the Echani's arm as he looked at the slaves who had come to check on him, though they backed away when he had growled in pain, they nodded as the medic came over to quickly remove the bindings and force the Echani's elbow back into it's proper position, no words of warning as the Echani bit deep into his lip, drawing blood as he stood up back onto his feet and held his ribs, having one of the slaves retrieve his lightsaber and hand it back to him, along with a canteen that was poured over his head. "Someone escort them back to our gunship, the sooner they are out of the way, the better. Looks like this one wasn't as lucky as his friend and the Jedi," another soldier called out as he stood to the right of the Echani, looking at one of the slavers that was unfortunate enough to land in a position that instantly snapped his neck. The sound of the butt of a rifle striking the other mercenary in the face brought the Echani's attention behind him. Blood spilled from the nostrils, yet the soldier didn't kill - instead he threw shackles and a slave collar onto the man. Watching the soldier move the man to the left, the slaves practically being gleeful that they were free - yet even with their happiness, there was a small amount of fear and doubt. What would a slave do once they got to the Republic? They only had skills in hard labor, and with this being the war to end all wars, there would be nothing for them to do. "Aye, I've never seen a Jedi put their life on the line for slaves like that, most of 'em have some sort of brain," the laughter of the soldier had the Echani shake his head, still trying to keep conscious "Trustin' us to save ya' was the right move though, at least ya' don't think we're just nobodies that can't lead," the heavily accented words caught the Echani's ears a bit too late as his good arm was shifted and he was helped towards the spaceport. "It's up the Jedi.. to defend life, even if it's going outside of the normal code," gritting his teeth as he drew on the Force, the light side momentarily radiating through his hand and onto his bruised ribs, the Echani felt the pain slowly disappear, though the pain in his arm became significantly more obvious. A pause between their conversation happened as the Echani found it extremely difficult to even call on the light side of the Force to mend his wounds, the pain of many still radiating off in the distance. How many could they end up killing on this day, the millions that stood in the defense of the Sith Empire? The thought brought the Echani no choice but to close his eyes and think on it further. What separated them from those that wanted to dance around as if they were Revan - did the Supreme Chancellor not see that was what they were doing? How could one act in the best interest of the Republic and the Jedi without treading a line that could push the Jedi into what would be the next Sith. "Like killing? I understand avoiding citizens, but what if there is no choice?" The question of the trooper brought the Echani to think on what made the Jedi that currently fought with tooth and nail not dark Jedi, though there was nothing specifying that they weren't going out of their way to enact cruel vengeance. "There is always a choice. Those that kill are no better than the Sith, killing those that never did a thing during the war; it's no better than killing citizens. Killing is a last resort and still is, half the ones that kill are in it for the glory, to make themselves look good. They pretend they are some sort of Grey Jedi, but they don't understand that they are corrupting themselves and the Force," the Echani exhaled sharply as he stared forward, the Force still glowing within his hand as he kept it hovered over his ribs. Idle vendors sat with obvious signs of rush, clothes and weapons sprawled about as if they had to immediately leave, though it was obvious that civilians and traders did flee immediately, there was also signs of looting - more than likely the slavers and what remained of the Sith on Dromund Kaas. The port was huge, though it looked as if it had been abandoned an hour earlier, though the markings of fresh mud showed there were still some remaining. Watching the soldiers flank out, the commander moving forward into the largest section of the hangar before gesturing for the soldiers to go into three of the other turbolifts. The fourth he gestured for the Jedi to follow, the helmet masking all emotions. "Looks like this is where we split up, kid," the soldier that had been helping him let go of his arm and walked forward, drawing his blaster pistol and sauntering off beside the medic of the squad. The Echani followed the orders and entered into the turbolift, the silence almost becoming deafening as he stood beside the taller man who did not speak. What was there to speak of? The Republic and the Jedi didn't share anything in common, except those that wanted to see the war end - yet the Echani actively voiced that he was against killing Sith because they were simply their enemy. As the Force radiated from his hand still, the Echani slid it towards his arm and dulled the slight pain, though the commander looked over and let out a soft chuckle. "The path to Corellia's hell is paved with good intentions, Jedi; but the final destination is decided by the person. I've fought this war for far too long, lost so many people to it, and this doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth," the Corellian man spoken finally as they reached their destination, the doors slowly opening to reveal trampled civilians and Sith laying on the ground, "I don't take pride in what we have to do, any good soldier understands that you need a good conscious. Tython showed just how emotionless some people could be and I am still unsure why they allow us to take any Jedi or soldiers here with any form of mental deterioration, but the Republic called and we answered, both times. After this, I'll be retiring to try and help those who suffered back on Corellia." The Echani listened and nodded, the only thing they could do after this war was help and try to teach those that do not understand how much the war took out of everyone. Two people he saw as his own masters dead, countless others dead - yet there was nothing to show for their victories or defeats, just a hollow sensation. As they walked, there was only sounds coming from their boots and from afar, the sound of scraping and voices. "Let's just make sure we at least show we have some humanity remaining by the end of this war."