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  1. Big 2019 Update

    Greetings ~ I come to you with a lot of news, so while thia post shall be quite lengthy, please read through it all. Should you have questions at the end of my broadcast, please feel free to contact me on site or in our discord chat (direct message preferred). First and foremost, whether you are a new member or have been here for ages, it is and should be known that our site owner has been away from the virtual world for some time due to real life circumstances. I have managed to get into touch with her enough times to be given her blessing in taking the reins until her return, and following through with plans made before her ascension to site owner. The other most pressing matter to bring up is the fact we will be changing from ipboards to jcinck. This has been a long time in the making, mostly due to the multiple and consistent technical issues we run into with our current host. The other issue is the ever changing terms of service that continuously limit our writing content. "Woah, wait there Kitty! I have way too much content on here to save with such short notice!" The transfer will not be immediate per say - with any luck, I will have the structure/layout set up (minus graphics) by Monday EST. While myself and my team of loyal minions have to tediously move everything in a copy-paste manner, our focus will be on the key components versus every character's past roleplay thread. I highly suggest using google documents, a notepad, word document, and so forth that you have available to save anything you value regarding your character(s). With the new site comes a new and fresh look, a sense of freedom and creativity that have long since been lost here. Rules will become more generic versus restricting, character creation will become a much more smooth process, and lastly roleplay will be about interacting with eachother and collaborating on storytelling once more. Naturally part of this creative freedom involves our Forge. We have a specific team that have discussed how to improve that whole section, how to entice everyone to dabble with it; the answer was to simplify the process while broadening the subject matters. Our staff are tirelessly working on finding a way to literally let you mold the galaxy by opening up species (hybrids and near-human) and planet customization! They need volunteers for testing the specs out, though, so if you are interested then please contact Kure (Tenebris). Any additional information will be added in separate posts. Thank you for your time, lovelies! <3 TLDR: > i am the captain now > forum being changed to jcinck > more creative freedom > forge being streamlined - need volunteers
  2. Announcement will be up tonight within 6 hours.

  3. Important Announcement Coming Soon ...

  4. Kyrdol Forges Argaty'irya'gam

    Thank you for editing this. It is now an approved item.
  5. Application: Viraen Kyrdol - Accepted

    I am too lazy to do the professional welcome message since it's past midnight. BUT Your character has been accepted and we thank you for joining the site. We greatly welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
  6. Semi-alive.  

    Life still crazy busy.


    Will gradually give life to site again, sorry to have kept everyone waiting.


    Happy 2019.

  7. MandalMotors Beskad-class Patrol Ship - Approved

    Honestly, the size of this ship is like a Guardian class, thus a lot of what you want in it, storage capacity and such, isn't possible. > standard medbay (table,medic droid, basic stims/tools/bandages) > no speeders/war droids > less mines - 10 max > speed change to below average > maneuverability change to average
  8. Kyrdol Forges Argaty'irya'gam

    I understand that you listed stock options for personalizing this armor should others desire it too, however if your character is to own this, please post two options per piece/category (ie: legs have grav boots and mag soles). This way it is still achieving what it's made for without being unreasonable.
  9. Finally posted.  Everyone who desires may still jump into the fray - there is still time before it gets closed to the public.

  10. Tala Vir - Approved

    Approved - sorry for the delay despite us going over the stat changes right away and you complying. I appreciate your patience.
  11. Glance Into Darkness is open, will be an introduction to prison camps and what the Coalition must face.

  12. IRL killing me.  Will try to post soon.

  13. Will post zy hopefully friday

  14. Won't Get Fooled Again

    While it bothered most to view the recording, the brunette only regretted losing potential loyal servants to do her bidding in helping dominate the entire galaxy. The method that death came to those targeted didn't phase her in the least, but then again she bit off some scum's thumb when he touched her, only to bash some person's skull in moment's later. After that, not even experiencing war had a large effect on her. Once she gained power, she practically relished in the violence and what bloodshed did take place. With the banter ceasing, her entertainment had disappeared. Hiding a yawn behind her hand, she was about to make herself comfortable in a seat when a transmission interrupted their meeting. When the general had finished his threat, and their station was fired upon, the Darth cackled gleefully, all traces of boredom having vanished. This crazy Republic man was gutsy enough to attack them! If only he had come storming in versus keeping a safe distance...then again, if she could board his ship without being hit, she happily would have. Sadly her husband gave the task of the man's death to Vansic; sure, the Admiral earned it by seeing his fellows killed, and having his home invaded, but what fun was she supposed to have?! Picking up her eldest daughter, the brunette sighed when told to go with her toy. It seemed her son would get to stay with his beloved papa, and she would be stuck babysitting. "I might hurl this station towards that man hiding in his ship once we leave..." It would take more than herself to do so, even with her level of command over the Force, but the thought was pleasing to say the least. Not bothering to shield her child, she easily swatted away things that could threaten the four of them, her energy spreading outward and feeling along the path as well as behind them in case the floors or ceilings gave way beyond their sight. Safely aboard their vessel, Sanguira left the work to @Silas Kitsuchi while securing her daughters. With word of their comms being hacked, the woman clicked her tongue against her teeth. That crazy fool was more skilled than expected, easily getting through a bit of extra security on her link that she added a little after rising to become a Kaar. Making a note on her personal datapad to inquire on certain goods that'd be needed for warfare, the woman typed a few names of willing pilots on Hapes that would meet in a neutral area for exchanges with other smugglers working against the Republic. She also made note of general costs for both products and services required. Battles were expensive, something that would likely hinder this rebellion if those with deep pockets or connections in high places didn't offer assistance. She was of the latter category, her lover the former. It made the couple an attractive catch and necessity to the cause, assuming the woman in charge and her underlings had found out such information - the Sith pair were very careful and secretive with their personal and even professional lives. "Your anger fluctuated a lot today, Silas," she purred out after her business was finished. "Seeing those you think of as the same, equals, being killed was one trigger. You should rise above such weakness. Rage is useful, but holding yourself in such low standards will limit your growth. You have a gift, therefore you are already superior to the Imperials in the recording. Instead of letting your anger at such images make you turn daft and act out like a youngling, hold it tightly within. Let it build until you face your enemy, then unleash it alk upon them and fell them." Her words, while said in a slightly different way than she heard them, had been spoken to her by her Master, her faithful lover. They were wisdom to live by. "Seeing the children also caused a fun reaction... Instead of playing with you like earlier, though, I will level with you. It was a calculated risk Evastus and I mutually agreed upon. Sith are seen as villians, emotional bringers of death and destruction. But in reality we are like any other Sentient Being. We have families, and those present at that meeting needed to see the more vulnerable side to us. Trust wouldn't have been gained otherwise. Besides, he and I are strong enough to easily protect them, even from those we consider equals in strength amongst our peers. The time to hide has ended, and you were a good lad in staying quiet til now. My kindness here is your reward."
  15. Papa Evastus ~ kek

    1. Tenebris


      Evastus has to deal with a bunch of nincompoops :(