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  6. Won't Get Fooled Again

    While it bothered most to view the recording, the brunette only regretted losing potential loyal servants to do her bidding in helping dominate the entire galaxy. The method that death came to those targeted didn't phase her in the least, but then again she bit off some scum's thumb when he touched her, only to bash some person's skull in moment's later. After that, not even experiencing war had a large effect on her. Once she gained power, she practically relished in the violence and what bloodshed did take place. With the banter ceasing, her entertainment had disappeared. Hiding a yawn behind her hand, she was about to make herself comfortable in a seat when a transmission interrupted their meeting. When the general had finished his threat, and their station was fired upon, the Darth cackled gleefully, all traces of boredom having vanished. This crazy Republic man was gutsy enough to attack them! If only he had come storming in versus keeping a safe distance...then again, if she could board his ship without being hit, she happily would have. Sadly her husband gave the task of the man's death to Vansic; sure, the Admiral earned it by seeing his fellows killed, and having his home invaded, but what fun was she supposed to have?! Picking up her eldest daughter, the brunette sighed when told to go with her toy. It seemed her son would get to stay with his beloved papa, and she would be stuck babysitting. "I might hurl this station towards that man hiding in his ship once we leave..." It would take more than herself to do so, even with her level of command over the Force, but the thought was pleasing to say the least. Not bothering to shield her child, she easily swatted away things that could threaten the four of them, her energy spreading outward and feeling along the path as well as behind them in case the floors or ceilings gave way beyond their sight. Safely aboard their vessel, Sanguira left the work to @Silas Kitsuchi while securing her daughters. With word of their comms being hacked, the woman clicked her tongue against her teeth. That crazy fool was more skilled than expected, easily getting through a bit of extra security on her link that she added a little after rising to become a Kaar. Making a note on her personal datapad to inquire on certain goods that'd be needed for warfare, the woman typed a few names of willing pilots on Hapes that would meet in a neutral area for exchanges with other smugglers working against the Republic. She also made note of general costs for both products and services required. Battles were expensive, something that would likely hinder this rebellion if those with deep pockets or connections in high places didn't offer assistance. She was of the latter category, her lover the former. It made the couple an attractive catch and necessity to the cause, assuming the woman in charge and her underlings had found out such information - the Sith pair were very careful and secretive with their personal and even professional lives. "Your anger fluctuated a lot today, Silas," she purred out after her business was finished. "Seeing those you think of as the same, equals, being killed was one trigger. You should rise above such weakness. Rage is useful, but holding yourself in such low standards will limit your growth. You have a gift, therefore you are already superior to the Imperials in the recording. Instead of letting your anger at such images make you turn daft and act out like a youngling, hold it tightly within. Let it build until you face your enemy, then unleash it alk upon them and fell them." Her words, while said in a slightly different way than she heard them, had been spoken to her by her Master, her faithful lover. They were wisdom to live by. "Seeing the children also caused a fun reaction... Instead of playing with you like earlier, though, I will level with you. It was a calculated risk Evastus and I mutually agreed upon. Sith are seen as villians, emotional bringers of death and destruction. But in reality we are like any other Sentient Being. We have families, and those present at that meeting needed to see the more vulnerable side to us. Trust wouldn't have been gained otherwise. Besides, he and I are strong enough to easily protect them, even from those we consider equals in strength amongst our peers. The time to hide has ended, and you were a good lad in staying quiet til now. My kindness here is your reward."
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      Darth Evastus

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  8. Won't Get Fooled Again

    So many in the room were insignificant, lesser beings that made her stomach churn in disgust at sharing the same meeting room. Despite her superiority mindset, the woman remained silent, behaving herself and observing what would unfold in front of her; Sith, lower ranks, followers of their Zabrak companion had made some noise that the man silenced with a glance despite wearing his battle mask. He was showing his authority, strength, something she admired and slightly respected in that he was old and had damage from previous battles. Sadly his capability to control the other Sith meant she couldn't lash out and flex her power for all to see. No. That would wait until actual battle, war even - the brunette was beginning to hope it became war, a lust for carnage having been planted long ago when serving her lover as Tae'el. A flare of rage directed her way caught her attention, a wolfish smirk crawling along her red plush lips. Her three-year-old daughter began to squirm and make small noises of protest, the child fixing her blind gaze onto her father before reaching to him. "Pa, up," she whined, the woman hoping others didn't hear. Sighing at the fact it couldn't be helped, that most would put two and two together if they hadn't already, the femme thrust their child to him, walking to the only other in the room that had prior knowledge of their offspring. Nails grazed the young male's skin as she reached out and brushed his cheek while circling him, amber eyes blazing with amusement. "My my, you've become a bold one. Got tired of being a coward did we? It is joyous to see how my pets grow, how a fellow Kaar can mold even the most pathetic into something worthy of the name Sith," she purred out, words like poison dripping from her lips. He was the only one she could play with for the time being, the petty back and forth banter of the various factions having bored her. Wanting to push the other's buttons even further, the woman gave pause when a familiar voice sounded, her gaze travelling to look the armored Mandalorian leader. Searching through her memory, it took a long moment to place the voice to a face, though when it came to her, the woman gave a respectful nod. Since the attack on the Empire, and disappearance of her connections in Clan Black, the brunette had focused on other more urgent matters. It was pleasing to know the capable young female that had assisted so greatly in a particular mission that led to Sanguira's obsession with Force Nexus was leader of a warrior people, likely reigning in the clans. Many had objected to the last two leaders, revolts becoming more commonplace, and with the sense that Corey Black was beginning to lose himself more and more as time went on, it was no surprise another eventually took up the mantle. After their hosts spoke and left, Vansic taking the stage, the woman shot her toy a look saying she wasn't finished with him before finding her place beside her husband once more, silently awaiting a look at one of the first stupid moves the Republic made against a people better left undisturbed.
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Glancing at the woman about to take a drink, the brunette sneered as she walked up to stand beside her lover, their daughter curiously looking everyone over, their son scowling and standing beside the man like the miniature version he was. The infant yawned, resting her head on Sanguira's shoulder, the woman having dressed in one of her free flowing gowns made of silk, attire worn during diplomatic missions that allowed her easy enough movement. Her weapon was on her son's back in a holster typically used for vibroblades. "Are you honestly so weak, girl, that you must drink to withstand our mere presence? Should you even be here if you cannot handle a civil gathering?" Amber gaze resting on the alien that had moved from her husband's side, the Hapan clicked her tongue against her teeth. It was obvious she had been around the male Sith, and had the woman not known better, not known Evastus looked down upon aliens and even mosy near-human species, Sanguira would have killed her out of jealousy then and there. Instead, the femme cringed when their daughter giggled at a rodent that decided to perch on the Togruta's shoulder. "Julith." Instantly the child stood straighter and weaseled her way to stand between both her parents, a sigh escaping the woman's lips, her gaze catching her husband's. Would he unleash his temper upon her for bringing them, revealing their weakness? Even so, she could deny him as the father if she so chose to spare the man, assuming anyone could get close enough to harm the young ones. Not trusting a soul with their safety, she had opened the door to officially revealing her offspring to enemies, powerful beings in each faction present. Yet should harm befall them, it would fuel her rage and power, pushing the woman beyond the dark sorceress she had become. At least the two eldest knew not to address their father in front of others. "Korvus is trying to be like his father...But we will discuss family matters later. This meeting better be worth our time. I already long to crush everyone here." Her irritation was easily felt through their telepathic and blood bond, not that connections were needed when so close in proximity that their arms nearly touched.
  10. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Their leaving once more for an unknown time had been recieved both positively and negatively by the others, the Sith remaining on Dathomir. Her own leave hadn't been immediate like her lover's, the woman choosing to glean information from the Zabrak; what were the natives like, was there anything of interest on this planet, how are our people in terms of strength and morale? There were strange workings at play within the planet's jungle, the place thrumming with energy that called to her in haunting whispers, but for some reason she could never pinpoint it whenever her senses were expanded. In fact, it felt as though after a certain diameter of range was met, energy signatures blurred as though a fog spread over her mind. It made the woman a tad nauseous if she kept herself open to the Force, a slightly familiar sensation, one that helped drive her towards the Ancient Sith ways. With pretty promises, and a slightly truthful explanation that she needed to finalize their hold on various planets, Sanguira left for her homeworld. At first she planned to leave her children, the three practically becoming one with her shadow since the massacre, the femme dragging them with her at nearly any time in order to protect them, to ensure their survival above all others. After much thought, and allowing the eldest to have a few days of training amongst her peers, the brunette finally took her leave, children in tow - she would train them herself, inbetween exploring the tome the Sith'ari gave her. Many visits, planet hopping between those within the Cluster, Sanguira was bored with politics, being diplomatic. She craved action, excitement, the feel of overpowering others until snuffing out their life. But with few of their people left, and connections badly needed, the woman did her duty. Rewarded for her efforts, the woman now had her agents intermixed with various beings of influence, most importantly having a puppet in the Consortium. All the pieces were in place, the Republic influence over her home having finally shifted to become nothing but a sliver. It rately mattered this far in the Galaxy anyway, Hapes surviving on trade and pirateering. Very little would change really, but at least her home could serve as a base of operations in the future if needed. Until then, it would be a key supplier of anything the Sith Remnant needed to continue to survive, to live on until they could strike back. And that day would come sooner than expected. Watching over Julith and Korvus as they practiced Hapan Martial Arts movements on one another, the femme was amused at how their five-year-old son was nearly as tall as his sister despite the two year difference in age. He was built like his father, looked like a gentler version of his father, but had little to no Force capabilities much to their disappointment. Maegara sat propped against pillows, teething on the medallion her husband left with the book. About to tell Julith to step into her brother's attack and push it aside, all three froze as the energy of the male Sith slowly surrounded them, pressed against their minds. Even the infant seemed to pause for a moment, her milky irises narrowing before she went back to the trinket. Inhaling sharply at his new appearance, the woman ignored the excitement she felt from her children, the two crying out "father!" in unison causing her to wince. At least the baby still favored her over the man. Reaching within herself, holding onto their connection strengthened by blood, she allowed a smile to tug at her lips. He looked better, far better than the near corpse he had been, and his energy felt more fresh yet still powerful. Focusing on what the man said, her brow quirked, interest and curiosity sparking. "I understand and look forward to making sure you are in one piece, Sidoor." Pulling away from their connection, the woman went to pour herself some wine. What was he planning? No matter. She would leave with the children in the morning.
  11. Character Sheet Rework

    Darth Sanguira: Strength - B Agility - S Perception - B Endurance - A Willpower - S Zyann Aari: Strength - C Agility - A Perception - S Endurance - B Willpower - S
  12. Beyond Good and Evil

    Expressed affection, even if alone, was a rarity usually reserved for their post battle celebrations that led to their offspring. It was a surprise, and while the woman's heart skipped a beat, her mind and body wanting mire, it was clear something was amiss. Her husband was infamous for rejecting her advances, the playful touches and seductive words whispered in passing prior to the massacre that forced them to find refuge away from one another. Brows knitting, she began to pace while listening to the male, snatching the book and amulet away before he could change his mind. Stopping to look at him, truly look at him, it was hard not to grimace at his ragged form, the way the Darkside aged him. With a growl, the Hapan ignighted her lightsaber, pointing it in his direction. "Do not make me regret this, Sidoor." Using the condensed plasma to mark the floor, to carve the ancient Sith rune for power into it, the weapon was returned to her hip, an ornamental dagger for ceremonial purposes withdrawn. Holding her palm out, she hissed while running the sharp edge along the soft flesh, clenching her fist to let the blood pool before falling in big drops onto the rune. Murmuring an incantation, one that spoke of the transfer of energy in a rough translation to Basic, the brunette felt the Force rush through her, coat her in darkness. The room faded until all she saw through molten eyes was blackness and a faint image of a weak man; the armor he wore, the armor she had created glowed slightly in reaction to her blood and the ritual's symbols carved into it, masked with ornamental markings. This had been meant to siphon his life force, to defeat him, yet now she was doing the reverse in order to save the blasted fool she loved. Such weakness her feelings for him were, yet had he not expressed care for her, the brunette would have let him be. Feeling both the Force and her life's energy slowly leave her form in order to enter his, to pierce into him like blades, to revitalise him temporarily, Sanguira braced herself. Only when she became weak enough that her legs stopped supporting her did the woman end the process by piercing the center of the rune and speaking the ancient Sith word "Qorit". Gradually their surroundings returned to her sight, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gulped in air, body trembling. Shakily the femme got back to her feet, glaring at the man seated upon the throne, her disgust at not exploiting his feeble state clear in her expression. "That should be enough to keep you alive long enough to find treatment. Speak of this ever, and I will take everything from you," she snapped before hurrying from the room, not wanting him to see how much a simple ritual and controlling it had worn on her.
  13. Beyond Good and Evil

    Not expecting him to reach out and grasp her throat in a vice, her amber eyes widened a moment before narrowing into a glare that could kill. Nails dug at his hand before her arms dropped to her sides, her wispy mantle of energy being drawn to her hands, her digits. If she could ignore the pain, the lack of breath, if she could keep herself from physically fighting it, perhaps her hold on telekinetically maneuvering her weapon wouldn't lessen and a blow could be struck upon him. She was, after all this time, quite used to him trying to strangle her in a fit of rage, a tantrum thrown like a child. His body seemed to begin breaking down before them as he fought her for control over her weapon, the small amount of blood that sat at her nostril now streaming down to her chin as her teeth grit, a vein bulging along her forehead. It could all end now with a final blow to him, the temptation to release her hold on her weapon in exchange for siphoning his energy through the armor she helped create, armor that was mixed with both her blood and energy, a fine ensemble that could be manipulated by her if the woman truly released all her power. But no, that card would be played another time. Instead, she was refusing to let go of her mental and Force-filled hold on the lightsaber, and by the time her lover had torn the weapon from her mind's grasp, they both caved - exhausted, the dark side poisoning his body suffered weakening him, her emotions both strengthening and weakening her, they each had skills they were masters of, yet many hurdles to jump over. It was a neverending journey for power, and even to maintain their life essence in the process. "Please. We both know that had you been in your prime, you would have never found me a match. Soon, my love. I swear you will bow to me not because of a title, but out of respect for my besting you!" Pausing, the woman approached the aged young male, cupping his cheek. "You best come back in one piece, Sidoor. I don't fancy becoming ugly from dark energies only to pluck your soul from Chaos so that I may kill you myself for dying in the first place."
  14. Beyond Good and Evil

    Heat pressed against her skin, his blade barely blocked by her own a hair's width from her face. Dark hair shadowed her expression as her tresses fell forward past her shoulders, every movement of the woman's body having ceased; Atrox had not just verbally tossed a thermal detonator around - he had let it explode, something she would make sure he regretted. Even with his inexperience with the new weapon used, his skill kept her wary, kept her pressed and using what physical capabilities she had in order to parry and dodge what would have been devastating blows from the shaky-powered saberstaff. Trying to control her emotions meant time spent reading her opponent, thinking more than acting. It was a double edged sword just as her enraged state was. As the man withdrew from her, the other lightsaber slid from her hip, igniting to cast a typical red glow caused by their synthetic crystals. Both blades shifted to easily block oncoming attacks as the woman raked her fingers through her hair, eyes ablaze with hatred, loathing, their typically molten depths glowing like the embers of fire. "You dare compare me to her?!" The air between them grew thick with pressure, the showing of their powers practically causing lightning to spark between their bodies. While his energies were visible in a purple hue, her own draped from her body like a wispy shadowy mist. "I will kill you as you so desire, but your soul will never join with Chaos. I will summon you, keep you as my servant bound to this wretched place!" With a wave of energy, both weapons thrust forward, one aimed for his chest, the other his hip. While it took great concentration to fight in such a way, it felt natural to her. Moving her body, she closed in on the man, lightsabers following the motion of her form as though they were an extention of her limbs, movement fluid yet strong (for her) as she threw in kicks here and there. She was a master of her skills in her own right, and while her cooperation was seen as weakness, it had been anything but. Cursing when her newer weapon was almost too easily cast aside by the man, her attention refocused on her current and favored lightsaber, her practice while secluded on Hapes paying off in that she could both be attacking physically and through the Force, constantly increasing her attacks. Strike after strike, a kick or jab from her elbow, a small strike of lightning. While her skills were improved since their last spar, the strain of manipulating so much energy at once and in a complex way was beginning yo show in the form of a small globule of blood gathering at Sanguira's left nostril.
  15. Beyond Good and Evil

    Letting out a sigh, his statement she need not lie, need not put on airs for him whilst they were alone was almost contradictory to the way he pushed away her advances - rough and halfhearted as they had been - only to get down to business, to discuss political matters regarding the Empire. It was tempting to go and lounge in the throne during their conversation, yet the woman remained rooted. Words meant to prick at her, to cut open wounds that had never healed caused her emotions to flare, though only her sharp gaze and clenched jaw gave an indication to her calm being distorted. Not to mention he likely felt her sadness and rage through their bond. Carefully the brunette chose her words, wrapping her mind around all he just said. Empress. Her goal. Yet this was not the way she had imagined achieving it. And in a way, it was right; how many times had she gone up against her lover or fought at his side to prove herself worthy of advancement in rank, of responsibility and control over others? Licking her lips, she finally spoke, addressing everything the man had spoken. "You are correct. You are not my enemy, not at this time, nor have you been despite my many threats to be your fall. And yes, you are a terrible father, absent in your children's lives, yet you fight to give them a brighter future. For that, I shall reward you: your daughter from that other woman is doing well. I have had her watched, even went to end her life out of jealousy, yet when I saw her I stayed my hand. If you desire, I will give you the reports on her upbringing. She looks like you once did, only gentler, prettier thank Chaos. Jokes aside, a few of the servants I came to know from your house were given orders that should our conquest collide with the Republic's forces upon Alderaan, she is to be taken off world and kept safe. I could care less if the rest of her family dies, but as much as I despise her very existence, I will keep her safe." Pausing, throat tightening and voice attempting to crack, to falter and give way to anguish, the Hapan dug her sharpened nails into her palms until tiny droplets of blood formed along crescent openings in the soft tissue. He just had to bring that child up, her first birth. "I too have failed as a parent. Unable to keep an infant alive when it is inside you is the greatest shame, one I will carry with me for the rest of my life, however long or short it may be. Yes. I was at my worst, filled with despair, uselessness, anger. I was lost then, yet through that pain we rose - together, just you and me against the blasted galaxy." Removing her hilt from the belt hanging loosely at her hips, the woman held it before her, brushed her fingers along its simply built base. Another hilt remained on her left hip, a second weapon she had made in the absence of her lover, though her skill at using two weapons simultaneously was seriously lacking. "You wish me to be the face and voice, the image of the Empire reborn from the ashes while you lead our people to true salvation. Not quite a puppet, yet not equals. It seems to me, my love, we have begun to come to the same conclusion: we must work together and share our power to rule over what remains of the Sith. We balance one another in a sense. You inspire and lead by example while I persuade and put on airs to charm and draw others in for the kill." A pause as the orange blade hissed to life, its glow kissing her pale skin like the light from a sunrise. With her free hand, she knotted her locks to keep them from getting in the way, the woman pondering if it was time to chop her dark tresses short once more. "Sadly, my longing to kill you subsided when the massacre took place. But I will do my best to add to your scars. You do know how I like to play rough," she purred, grinning wolfishly as the excitement of sparring, of action after so long without was finally available. The saberstaff was an odd choice for him, in her humble opinion, and had her debating on how to approach while she swung the blade, loosening up her shoulder and arm, recalling the way it felt to use the weapon she came to value almost as much as her own children. Atrox knew her abilities, that she loved to mix Force attacks with lightsaber attacks, yet physically her stamina was no match for him - especially given his hulking muscular frame. If she used her martial arts attacks, the trick would be getting in close enough, finding the right range in which the saberstaff became useless. Cursing at the fact she would have to be willing to spend half her energy and efforts on getting a feel for his capabilities, the Darth winked at her husband before lunging towards him, feet pushing off the ground to aid in her speed, the lighweight gown allowing freedom of movement while subtly hiding her legs so that the muscles tensing wouldn't give away her direction. Any tells in reading an oponent that could be masked were beneficial to the user, and with an opponent like her husband, the brunette knew she needed all the help she could get. This match would end with pain, exhaustion, and a feeling of rejuvenation.