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  1. General Questions 1.) How old are you, and what is your gender, and where do you live? 25 Male Camp Pendleton California 2.) Why did you choose to apply to the Axiom? Were you referred? If so, list the name(s) of who referred you. (Note: If you were recruited in game or by a forum message, please detail the username or name of the person that did so.) I was previously a member. Actually had to hunt you guys down, didn't realize the site had been moved. 3.) The Axiom is a community that strives to be the "epitome" of Star Wars roleplaying, do you have any experience with forum roleplaying and roleplaying in general? If so, explain. While experience is not required, willingness to learn and participation is a requirement for membership. I started my forum roleplay experience with this guild back when it was still called "The Black Empire" 4.) How active do you expect to be on the guild forums? To be honest, not that active in the forums. Life has caught up with me, I now have a daughter who gets most of my time, but I'll be pretty active in game. 5.) Will you seek a position of leadership within the community, or are you content with membership? Membership, I've been a leader here before and I just don't have the time to do the guild justice with a leadership position. Star Wars the Old Republic Questions * Disclaimer: Although we do have a guild active in SWTOR, this site is predominantly a Forum RP group. 6.) What relevant games (MMO or multiplayer) have you played, and for how long? If you have ever been in a guild, list any notable positions you have attained. If you are currently in a guild, do you foresee it causing any problems with your potential membership in Pravus Axiom? I played ToR up until right before the HK-51 release. I was literally moving across the world (From Japan back to the US) 7.) Imperial Axiom, the Axiom's Empire RP/PvP guild on the Ebon Hawk server. Do you have any experience in roleplaying or player versus player conflict in-game? If so, explain. Again, although experience is not required, willingness to learn and participation is a requirement for membership. Yes I have some exp with huttball and the basic cap wars. Have not gotten into anything else. I believe my char's are all on Jung Ma though. I think I can do a server transfer though. 8.) What primary role do you play in Star Wars: The Old Republic (i.e. tanking, healing, support, etc.)? What is your character's class, and will he/she be Force-sensitive? Do you already have a race, background, etc. for your character? DPS, lvl 50 Marauder and lvl 15ish? Bounty Hunter 9.) How active do you expect to be in-game? Hour or two a day during the week, 3-4 hours a day on the weekend 10.) Are you active on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums? If so, what is your forum username? Kinda, DarthMalesyl Roleplaying Questions 11.) What is god modding? What is metagaming? What is a Mary/Gary Stu? All of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or your character have any trouble conforming to this? (Note: For your application to be processed you must write the definitions of each of these three terms down in your application, even if you already know and conform to these standards.) God Modding is taking control of another persons character no matter how minor Metagaming is using OOC knowledge to make IC decisions Mary/Gary Stu is an unstoppable character that can do no wrong if I remember correctly 12.) Who is your character, and what does he(or she) do? What strengths does your character possess, beyond simply being a Sith, bounty hunter, or imperial agent? What weaknesses does your character have that help bring him to life and make him interesting? Sith Pureblood warrior that used to be Zabrak (long story) He's a specialist in melee (obviously) He has an incredible sense of pride and a very short temper, while sometimes a good thing it often gets him into trouble. 13.) The Emperor has been murdered in his bed, his position usurped by one of those closest to him! Does your character side with the new Emperor in an attempt to capitalize on the situation by currying favor with the new leader, or does he seek revenge for the cowardly murder? Explain your answer. Side with the new Emperor, Seph has seen many Emperors come and go in the Axiom, if you can't maintain the position you don't deserve it. 14.) You have been captured by a rival Sith organization. They have been torturing you for days, attempting to break your resolve and learn what secrets you possess from your time in the Empire. Do you give them the information, and if you do, how long did it take them to break you? Do you kill yourself in your cell, denying them the intel and martyring yourself for the good of the Sith? Or do you hold out, expecting salvation from those within the Empire? Sephlyl is too prideful to commit suicide, he would hold out as long as possible however everyone has their breaking point and he would eventually reach his and spill the beans. 15.) You are an apprentice to a prestigious Sith Master(if you are not Sith, assume an analogous relationship with a non-Sith) who has been neither cruel nor particularly inept. In fact, the former glories of your Master are among the most notable of all the achievements to ever occur in all of Empire's illustrious history. However, your Master has been wounded, injured in battle against the hated Jedi. You have the opportunity to strike him down, and take his place. What do you do, and why? Sephlyl would not kill him. The master obviously has more to teach. Only once Sephlyl feels the master is holding back information out of fear would he kill the master. Final Disclaimer 16) The Empire that is portrayed on our forums is not the Empire from any of the books, novels or related to the Star Wars franchise as it exists in canon. We are an independant Sith Empire existing on a fictional planet (Nogatan) in opposition of the Empire that resides on Drummond Kaas. This makes us enemies of Vitaite's Empire and the Republic. Understanding and accepting this information is crucial for your character to properly fit into the Imperial structure and systems therein. Do you understand and accept this information? (Yes/No) Leave any final comments, questions or concerns below. Like I said I've been a member here before. I was here when Lydeck was Emperor, then Dash, then Pollux. I'm not going to very active on the forums but I will be in game almost everyday. Any other questions please feel free to ask.