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  1. With a Quiet Sigh, Not a Bang

    The Gatekeeper nodded, 'Vanessa is enacting my will, seeking out the larger part of my holocron. In this form, I can communicate for only short periods after long periods of syphoning off the lightsabers crystal to recharge my own focusing crystal - a failsafe I designed in the event of my unfortunate and unpredictable demise. The girl is retracing the steps of my early life, in order to learn my origin and where I came from. She will return when I summon her, through an Emissary of my will.' For a moment, the Gatekeeper sounded like the Emperor, acting the part of power and influence. It was easy in that moment to see the true spirit of Valyrian there, not exactly hidden through the layers. He acted almost as though he was still living, still an acting member of the Imperial Court who could summon and dismiss his denizens with a single click of his fingers, 'Perhaps she will live on to be a legacy of sorts, if by chance she has survived this long. Perhaps if she doesn't aspire for the grandeur of power as I did, she might survive, as you have. Never having made a play for the throne - playing the game only when you knew you could win, rising only when it suited you. Many Emperors have forced you to bend the knee, and many Emperors have treated you by differing terms and spheres of influence, but you have survived them all. If Vanessa learns only half of that, then perhaps my legacy as you see it, will live on.' The Gatekeeper crossed his arms, thinking deeply, 'The last few months before my demise... truly, I lost sight. Where I once saw the Will of the Force, where I once acted as its Emissary, I only saw darkness. Dark visions began to cloud my judgement, as I grew more and more restless and uncertain. Like a madness that overcame me, I became overconfident in my abilities, and saw only a single end to the suffering. I acted without the support of my Council, and in turn, they disintegrated. I became overconfident of my abilities; I attacked Coruscant because I saw a window of opportunity, the Dark Side provided me with no resources, so I took my change. I was certain of my chances - even if the Grand Master killed me during my attempt on his life, I could transfer my essence to my clone facility on Bastion. It took me a week to recover from the transfer, for my faculties to be intact, but in that time it was too late. 'I did not anticipate the Jedi's response,' the Gatekeeper's voice grew angry, 'He acted out of protocol and in a manner the Jedi would never have taken. Swift, violent retribution for the attack. Before I could coordinate a response, it was over, and Dromund Kaas was a wasteland. Before I could even begin to consider how to act next, Darth Atrox discovered my facility, and destroyed it. I was weak, the Dark Side had abandoned me, he was the true Emissary of the Dark then. Whether he is now... whether he even lives now... the Force is a mystery to me within this prison. 'My own overconfidence destroyed the Empire, but it could have happened the other way around,' Lucian mused, 'if I had succeeded, the Jedi and the Republic would have been forced to bow to our will. The sudden and brutal murder of the Grand Master and Supreme Chancellor within their Capitol would have forced the Republic to surrended to me. Coruscant would have been ours, properly. The war would have been won, with a swift attack, simple and clean. But, it was never to be.'
  2. With a Quiet Sigh, Not a Bang

    'I am not certain,' Lucian said, his voice sounding almost amused, as his holographic hand reached up to stroke his chin thoughtfully, 'As it is written, the Force works in mysterious ways. I am not aware of the ways it moves now, the spectre of my being has long since disconnected from the reality of your world, I would have thought it was you that activated me. If not in physicality, subconsciously.' He stood eerily still, yet still the red leather jacket he wore seemed almost to shimmer in the air, 'I had many names in life, Denael the Recruit,' his form changed to a much younger version, his clothes dirty and stained from the streets he had slept on. There was innocence here, and light, potential for something else. The form here gave the presenter a vision of a different life - and this was the form that looked most like the Jedi Grand Master. 'Lucian the Instructor,' his clothes returned to that of the red leather jacket, with mid-length hair to match. He was cleaner, presentable, yet there were bloodstains beginning to appear on his hands and the knee's of his trousers. His face appeared tired yet he maintained a youthful glow, full of promise For many, this would be the peak of his physical being, the coming of his true power was yet to come. 'Valerian the Kaar,' his form grew old and his voice grew gravelled, incredibly so, as if the life itself had been drained from him. Skeletal and dying, his hair became wispy and almost gone, grey rather than its bright white of his younger selves. Dark robes hung off this deathly figure, with sullen cheek bones protruding from his face, the skin beneath his eye exposing some of the flesh beneath, his teeth bloodstained and chipped. He was supported now by a cane, as if the very act of standing was almost too much. 'Valyrian the Emperor,' his persona changed once more, his eyes began to glow in the darkness, and the Force seemed to fill every cell within his body. He was not as decrepit as he might have once been, now hitting his middle-ages, he appeared in the prime of his power. His very aura changed, from one of dark brooding power, into one of benevolence. Robes befitting of an Emperor layered his shoulders, as thick white hair, long and tied behind him, seemed to fill the role. There was no crown, no formal symbol of his power - he had never had one made. The Gatekeeper returned to that of the Instructor, more youthful with his red coat, 'In this form, it would be fitting to call me Lucian. For his many folly's, Lucian was perhaps the most level incarnation of the former Emperor. So much promise, potential, and yet arrogance had not yet corrupted him. I of course, have the entire knowledge of the Sith Emperor before his passing - but this is the form he preferred. I can of course appear in any form you would prefer, and will switch depending on the knowledge that you may seek.' 'His legacy lives on, through me, in which ever way you would prefer. This was his preference, but not a requirement. His reign as Emperor will be remembered for many things, but greatness,' the Gatekeeper almost seemed mournful at this face, 'will never be it. Power, dark and disruptive, as the Force chose him to be its embodiment, before the fall. Failure is his legacy.'
  3. With a Quiet Sigh, Not a Bang

    The lightsaber of Lucian Eidolon was an idle curiosity left behind by a wayward apprentice. To many, it was just another relic of another time, of another Empire. The number of people who would remember the vision of the Sith Emperor holding his curved blade had dwindled down to so few that while the name of Valyrian still had meaning across the galaxy, his lightsaber would barely catch a second glance. Stained black, with red bands from the neck to the base, once glowing but now dormant. There was a few modifications to the lightsaber - a clip, and insert where a cane would have fit, and a much less noticeable difference in the interior of the blade. The Holocron of Lucian Eidolon - or at least, the central nervous system of such a device. The device sat dormant in the office of Darth Verrin, where it had been left by Vanessa many moons ago - likely tossed from one dusty bookshelf to another, and for a small length of time propped up with an piece of wood an inch in size, to be displayed, before it was shifted once more to the variable catastrophe that was the Sith Lord's desk. So often was it moved, that the device did not have time to accumulate dust, but nor was it cherished. Certainly the lightsaber had once intended to be placed within the safety of the Vault, a dark deep secure location within the Academy that housed the most valuable items that the Empire could aquire. But there was no Empire now. The Sith'ari was gone, the Emperor dead, the Sith a shattered ruin of its former self, and only one person could be laid to blame for that. For all it mattered, the only Sith that existed in the galaxy, were left on this planet. Perhaps it was anger towards the fallen Sith that had once been a friend, perhaps it was the thought of the betrayal Valyrian had committed for his own personal gain, which had almost destroyed them. Perhaps it was sentiment, towards that friend, that stayed the blade from the Vault. It didn't matter. The lightsaber meant something only to two people in the galaxy, and one of them had long dismissed it as a curiosity. So it rolled. In the great mystery that is the Force, it rolled off the desk it was laying on, hoping to land in the open bag beneath the desk. It landed on the floor, and rolled away from the bag. With an inaudible sigh deep within the Lightsaber, the blade lifted from the ground quietly, and put itself in the bag, burying itself beneath a stack of datapads. A few seconds later, Verrin walked into the room, picking up the bag. Some more things were stuffed inside, before it shifted, moved into another room. The Sith Lord opened the bag and took out the large book that had been placed on top of him. The Sith Lord cracked his back. The Sith Lord revelled in the smell of paper, his senses dancing in delight. Holocrons, he thought. If it was possible for the holocron of Lucian Eidolon to smile, it would have done - finding joy in the irony of this particular turn of events. But he did not smile. He did not find joy in the irony of the particular turn of events. He was a Holocron within an inanimate object, created with an impression of someone now dead. Irony was not his strong suit. The device activated, but rather than the crimson blade ripping through the fabric of the bag, destroying thousands of years worth of research and probably ruining some delicate furniture, but rather creating an apparition of the former Sith Emperor. 'Darth Verrin,' the gatekeeper of the Holocron said, the vision of the young Lucian Eidolon appearing as an almost spectral apparition, 'it has been some time since my device was activated. Although I neither need the sunlight, nor do I desire or can breathe the air, it is satisfying to me to breathe it once again. How long has it been?'
  4. In the words of the late Darth Valyrian; "Bah Humbug!" Merry Sithmas to all, and all the best for the New Year and what adventures they may bring. 

  5. Passing the torch

    I'm relieved and grateful that Ellina has come on to take the site from me, and believe that her fresh perspective and insight will bring light and love back to this site. This is a site in need of a bit of TLC, and its been lacking in leadership and enthusiasm from its leader for far too long. Despite my failures, despite my misgivings and my mistakes, I've done everyone I can to keep this place alive - and passing the torch was not a decision I made easily. My ego and pride stood in the way for far too long. I wish you all the luck in the future Ellina (or Varia). You have my support, and I am always here if you need guidance, help or even just someone to blame for the sites condition. I will be taking a much needed break from the site - but I'll still be around, in various capacities. I hope one day to be able to write here again without the pressures of leadership and duty laying over me. I look forward to that future, and the bright new day that the change in leadership brings. Thank you all for your support over the years - I hope you extend the same level of enthusiasm to your new overlord.
  6. Valerian's Signatures

    Signatures of Valerian and others over the time here
  7. I know people have been waiting on me -- I caught a chronic case of IRL, trying to shake it off. Should be back to it shortly.

    1. Darth Evastus

      Darth Evastus

      Please, you need time off. You need to spend time with your husband and stuff. Life is too short to worry about posting and apologizing when life gets busy.


      I wish I was this emotional when I was actually awake xd



    2. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      RL is important. I suggest dropping this for a bit and finding your balance IRL before you return. Not always easy but you will find it. Your emotional balance is just as important. Atrox is right, take care of you. You only have one of you! 

  8. Application: Magnus Koaldor: Accepted

    Your character has been APPROVED Please familiarize yourself with all of the Community Rules. I also recommend you review the How To Start Creating Your Character guide. Your next stop will be to post your biography in the Biography section - in your case, in the Unified Jedi Biographies. Once you've done that - you can begin exploring the forums of the Dantooine Enclave, this is where you will be tested in character to prove yourself worthy of becoming a fully fledged member of the Jedi Order. I encourage you to post your arrival to Dantooine in this topic, or start/ join a roleplay within the Enclave forums. Outside of Academy, you are welcome to post in The Cantina, or the other General Forums. We also encourage you to join us on our Discord Chat. Once again, congratulations on being accepted! I look forward to roleplaying with you in the future and on behalf of the entire Staff Team of Star Wars: Fates, thank you for choosing to join us for all your RP needs.
  9. Happy 1st Birthday to my furbaby Oscar! :D Image may contain: dogImage may contain: dog

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      I.. I thought I was your furbaby. :(


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      Marvelous! A Sith Battle Hound!  I thought they were all but extinct!!


      Look at it's fearsome visage!  It's baleful glare!  The Jedi will fear the Sith once more! Mwah hah... mwah hah hah... mwah haha hahaha!!

    3. Setsuna Andal

      Setsuna Andal

      Aww adorable!  

  10. Zenith

    ... as the blade ignited, instead of the natural burning light of crimson that ordinarily would have echoed out the end of Darth Valyrian's saber, a light appeared. It bounced off the ceiling for a moment, before tiny sensor's allowed the hologram to appear. He was small - but Darth Valyrian was always rather short - perhaps six inches tall in all, but instantly recognisable, at least to the Kaar of Sith Knowledge. Wearing a long red robe, something Lucian Eidolon had always worn during his first days in the Empire, the hologram remained steady and almost impassive as the image stablized. The mid-length white hair relatively brushed and kept clean, his face youthful as the day he had walked through the door of the Academy some ten or so years prior. It was an image unmarked by time, almost reminiscent of C'erian Eidolon, had Lucian's path been different. Even harder to see, each of the man's eyes had a remarkably different tone, one red and one blue. For a moment, the room remained silent, as the hologram hovered a few inches from the top of the blade, and turned around, to see its surroundings, before settling on Vanessa. 'I am Lucian Eidolon, but I was known by many other names during my time in the Sith Empire. Darth Valyrian, the Last Emperor of the Sith Empire. Though he chose to show this form of himself, a younger man untouched and ravaged by the corruption of the Dark Side, and the touch of power. The Dark Side is a deeply corrupting force that should be touched with care - for its affilictions weigh heavily on the soul, the mind, and mostly on the body,' the image of Lucian changed into that of a frail and weak man wrinkled beyond his time, at the verge of death, the man Valerian had been at his most vulnerable, before switching back, 'Do not be afraid of the creature you must become in order to engage the true power of the Dark Side, but also be weary, for the path is dark and not for the light hearted.' He paused, and reflected, 'I am the legacy of Lucian, a holocron of recording his powers and knowledge, carefully constructed since his return from the dead, after Darth Cideon's fall. I am the enduring legacy of his power, his skill, and the knowledge he kept hidden. Darth Verrin,' he turned to face the Zabrak, 'I was told to expect you sooner or later, though I scarcely anticipated it being so soon. When you showed me your collection of Holocron's I did not anticipate added to it, and yet here I am. A museum piece. I would hope my enduring legacy is not to be trapped in the back of Vault to be brought out every few years for cleaning. 'Darth Atrox, if the memory serves...' the holocron paused as if considering, '... the last recordings, imprints of his memory and knowledge are scarce, rushed and done with great panic. Your skill with a blade, and your tenacity probably had something to do with it. Did you kill me? Or did I find another end, no,' the Gatekeeper shook its head, 'Perhaps some knowledge is best left unknown, especially in this fragile state. As a holocron recording, I am only the after-image of a man. Nothing more than an index page to the information you seek.' 'And Vanessa, there is a great deal of information about you' the Gatekeeper turned again, spun on the spot without truly moving, to face her, 'blood, is thicker than water. It is only fitting that the daughter of Darth Valyrian be the one to activate the blade. In another culture, you might be the Heir to the Empire. Amongst the Sith, you are unfortunately none of those things.'
  11. Promotion Orders: Homra

    With great thought and deliberation, it has been decided that Homra will join the staff as an official Instructor! Throughout this process, Ren (Homra) has been very supportive, and active with all recruits, initiates and all those inbetween as the staff have been busy creating a system where we can effectively process and engage with our new members. I look forward to working with Homra in the future, as our first new Instructor. If you still want to join the team, applications are still open for Instructors! Read more about that here. Again, congratulations Homra!
  12. Character Application: Yakko Paam: Accepted

    Absolutely. We can continue this in a private message - but as a non-sensitive, you'll undergo the Enclave Process just like a Jedi would, but you won't be playing with the noisy glow sticks. The Enclave serves then as an entry point for all characters who wish to become a part of the Unified Jedi Order, either as peacekeepers or as regular old members of the Jedi Order, or anything in-between.
  13. Character Application: Yakko Paam: Accepted

    Sorry for the delay - it was a busy long weekend, and I don't have the stamina I used to. Plus Game of Thrones is on a Monday night, so... Your character has been APPROVED Please familiarize yourself with all of the Community Rules.I also recommend you review the How To Start Creating Your Character guide. Your next stop will be to post your biography in the Biography section - in your case, in the Unified Jedi Biographies. Once you've done that - you can begin exploring the forums of the Dantooine Enclave, this is where you will be tested in character to prove yourself worthy of becoming a fully fledged member of the Jedi Order. I encourage you to start up an RP within the forum, or join and existing one - and Instructor will be with you shortly to give you your first task. Outside of Academy, you are welcome to post in The Cantina, or the other General Forums. We also encourage you to join us on our Discord Chat. Once again, congratulations on being accepted! I look forward to roleplaying with you in the future and on behalf of the entire Staff Team of Star Wars: Fates, thank you for choosing to join us for all your RP needs.
  14. Positions Available: Instructors

    Members of Star Wars: Fates As our focus has changed, and our interests in recruitment and protecting the legacy of this site from inactivity, we have found a renewed push into old and yet familiar territory with the Sith Academy and the Jedi Enclave. As one or more of you might have guessed, we have somewhat embodied a lot of history in our formatting, reminiscant of the days when you may have passed through the Academy yourselves. It is this process that we hope to somewhat reproduce, in a somewhat lenient manner. Currently, we have a system of three Admin. Darth Atrox, who is currently heading the Sith storylines, Zyann who is heading the Jedi storylines, and myself who apart from making sure the site doesn't switch itself off, will be monitoring the Academy and Enclave. We have Je'ka working as a Forum Moderator in the Forge, and other characters have certain permissions within their areas. To this end, I have created a somewhat ambiguous system where Out-of-Character rank still doesn't emulate in character, but your account simply represents the rank on the site. All of our members have gotten behind us so far - and for this, I am grateful. We are all actively working with our newcomers to welcome them to the community, and keep them busy. To properly monitor this system though, I am going to need to take on a couple of Academy Overseer's/ Enclave Masters to try and make sure nobody slips through the cracks. I am opening the door to TWO FORUM MODERATORS for this purpose. To be considered, you must have a character that is APPRENTICE or higher on either the Sith Remnant, or Unified Jedi Order. All applications will be accepted, with further responsibilities and duties required to be further explained and negotiated along the way as the roles develop. To apply, please send me a message answering the following question; Why do you want to become a Forum Moderator within the Academy/ Enclave? I look forward to hearing from all potential applicants. Regards, Lucian.
  15. I have locked The Knives Edge, seeing as I believe it to be done. If you have any final remarks or posts, let me know, and I will open it once more. 

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