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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!


    And I have a question: Ham or Turkey?? I like ham.

    1. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      Turkey for Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas. At least with my family that's the way it rolls.

    2. Marri


      Ick, turkey. We have both at my house and we're having some sort of roast for Xmas...I forgot the name of it xD

  2. Hey, sorry about my long absence. Life has been hitting me hard, my dad's body decided to add more to his long list of issues. The cancer is in remission and now he has a torn muscle in his bicep and he's having issues with his sinuses.

    1. Vashlai


      I feel for you...I really do. My father is also not in that great of health either. It can be rough at times. *hugs* 

    2. Marri


      Thank you *hugs back* I do mean to return but something always comes up with his health and I have to pull away and make sure he's alright.

  3. Sorry that I haven't been on, a lot of things been happening in my personal life, my dad hasn't been in great health and last week we found out that he has cancer again but they got it early so he'll be on a chemo pill for two weeks. 

  4. My dad has another heart appointment today at 10, they said it'll be 3 hours but the one on Monday didn't last that that so hopefully it won't take that long again.

  5. My dad is having heart problems, it started Thursday and when he got home he called the urgent care for an appointment and had gone there. The doctor told him that his heart wasn't doing too good because of the stress that he has been going through, all I have to say is that I am happy that my siblings are not jerks unlike most of his. And today he had gone to his main doctor and they put a dye in his heart to see what was wrong. We don't know what's wrong, we are waiting for the test results to come in.

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    2. Kate


      Hoping your dad recovers from all that he has to deal with; remember that God never gives us more than we can deal with. His Blessings come in the most unexpected of ways; and while we may not always understand them, God does know what is best for your Father and for all human beings. Have faith in that. :)

    3. Marri


      Thank you ^^

  6. My dad is starting his treatment of the Chemo pills today, he's in his room in bed...he just got into remission for one cancer and now he's doing it again but for skin caner this time.

  7. Great news! My dad is in remission and he doesn't have to take the pills for today!

  8. my dad is taking the chemo pills until friday, he still wants to go to the wedding today...hopefully this will be his last time taking them:(

  9. Player Character Bounties

    Kiara Nerys: 3,000 credits from stealing from Jimro the Hutt with up to 10,000 paid if the documents are returned with her, captured alive. Lives with a teenager and an old man who is deemed insane but danger so proceed with caution.
  10. my dad has five chemo treatments to go this week starting tomorrow, he went to one Friday and they feel that after these the cancer will be in remission

    1. Marri


      Thank you *hugs back* ^^ I'll need it

  11. Just found out that my dad had stage 1 cancer again and he's going in for cemo tomorrow...he wasn't going to tell us until tomorrow but my mom forced him to, I don't want to think about it and worry and writing helps me so I will do a lot of writing.

  12. earwig in the shower, that is all now excuse me while I go find something to kill it with...so gross...

  13. Name: Kirren Tavali Biography: http://www.starwarslnl.com/index.php?/articles.html/unaligned-characters/kirren-tavali-r374/ Primary Rank: Bounty Hunter Character Sheet: Resistance II Endurance I Reflexes I Field Generator Camouflage Hide in Plain Sight Pilot Personal Starship Determine Direction Determine Threat Assault Blaster: Basic Weapon Proficiency
  14. Kirren Tavali

    Name: Kirren Tavali Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Human Height: 5'5" Hair Color: Black (original) Pink (dyed). Eye Color: Green. Skin Tone: Tanned complexion Class: Bounty Hunter Biography: Kirren Tavali was born and raised on Dromund Kaas (she still has the accent) into the Tavali family, who were a noble family from Dromund Kaas and were also Imperial Agents but when she got older and went into the Academy, for reasons unknown she left the school and went into Bounty Hunting, where she found that she has the skill and eagerness to inflict pain on those who deserve it. A few years after she started bounty hunting, she had saved a trandoshan bounty hunter during a bounty that she had taken to get an traitor for the Empire and by a surprising turn of event Kirren ended up at his Herald that was sent to him by the Scorekeeper. His name is Valsi Nachkt, a trandoshan with black scales with white markings on his head, arms and legs. They ended up partners after she captured the traitor and took him back to Dromund Kaas and they have been partners ever since. Valsi acts as the brawn while Kirren is the brains, and she normally does all the talking since everyone is afraid of a Trandoshan. Valsi acts as Kirren's bodyguard and enforcer when the bounties get too fresh with her, he'll scare them into surrendering quickly. She wasn't there when Emperor Cideon's Sith Empire had invaded Dromund Kaas, she was on a bounty and wasn't in her apartment in Dromund Kaas city, but she had heard about it through her contacts, plus the deaths of her family which she was not too broken up about seeing that she wasn't that attached to them. Her apartment was destroyed though, much to her annoyance to the new rulers but she was able to find a new place for her and Valsi to live.
  15. Accidentally deleted my swtor classes...whoops, I was too busy watching TV to pay any attention to what I was doing xD oh well, Natasi is an Imperial Agent now :D

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    2. Marri


      I meant that I typed it in for the wrong character...I thought it was for another another character but it wasn't.

    3. Marri


      Yeah but I don't mind replaying it.