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  1. Name: Varia Octarian Gender: Female Species: Human (Mother Corellian, Father Mando) Rank: Jedi Initiate Date of Birth: Nelona 6, 3644 BBY Appearance: A young girl starting to come into her potential, muscle just starting to form from years of following her father on his hunting expeditions. Black hair with rich red undertones and blue hazy eyes. Her skin is pale and easy to flush under exertion. There is a small nick of a scar on her lower lip, an accident of falling down on a rock when she was eleven. Possessions: The clothes on her back, a silver necklace with a small opalescent gem (formerly her mother's.), and a blaster pistol that she is not quite ready to use, but keeps in memorial of her father. Personality: Naturally quiet and observant, Varia's family raised her to be a hunter and survivalist for their lifestyle. She is shy and nervous at first when meeting someone, as any young person might be, but grows attached once she likes them. She is a very practical girl, not wanting for much and not wanting to give much either. Her parents raised her to be respectful of the nature of prey and predator. Eat what you kill, use what you must, take no more than that. Her mother was against unnecessary violence, where as her father believed that to fight was to live. Though her father eventually caved to her mother's beliefs, you love who you love, and you make exceptions for them. Skills, Abilities and Talents: She is an excellent tracker and capable in cooking for herself. The actual action of hunt and killing though, she has not taken part of. She can be stealthy and quiet, but is weak and small for her age, a result of malnutrition during the hard times when the hunting was not good. She also has a very strong voice and is a wonderful singer. Biography: Born to Tove Segyrn and Nalia Octarian, Varia Octarian lived hopping from planet to planet following her fathers hunts and lifestyle.Her father often traveled from planet to planet hunting all sorts of game large and small to keep them on their feet. Each new hunt was a new adventure and new learning experience. Her mother was not so keen on the constant travelling, often asking Varia's father to 'settle down' for her and their child. It was only after a fairly loud and aggressive argument, when her mother was very angry, her father having left on a hunt, that Varia asked why they always seemed to be at each other's throats. According to her mother, what they shared was mutual respect. What was supposed to be a short fling while Tove was on Corellia, ended up being a life time of companionship. When Tove realized Nalia was pregnant, he refused to abandon her as it would be 'dishonorable'. While not quite willing to raise a child on her own, and not willing to give her up, Nalia conceded to traveling with Tove. What started as a peaceful arrangement grew tense over the years, providing for a family and housing them was more expensive than Tove expected, his hunt and game growing scarce with competition, especially since he worked alone. Nalia attempted to sway him to other ways of getting credits but he would not budge, only grew frustrated with her inexperience and unwillingness to get a job of her own. Nalia grew just as frustrated when Tove began taking Varia on his hunts, teaching her techniques and skills that Nalia believed not to be for girls. Skills that Tove argued should be taught to everyone. This begrudging companionship went on for years, through thick and thin their love for Varia kept them going and complying with eachother until Toves unlawful techniques caught up to him. On the swampy planet of Borga, Tove, Nalia, and Varia had made a semi permanent camp after a hunting expedition on Tatooine gone exceptionally wrong (according to Tove). Tove had most likely resorted to unfair and illegal tactics to get the credits needed to feed his family. He would never say what he had done or how he had gone about angering the gang that tracked them. Most likely hoping they would leave Nalia and Varia alone if they knew nothing should they be caught. It was a vain hope, after jumping planets for so long and constantly running, the luck was bound to end. On Borga they came in the evening, catching Tove as he was taking out the remains of the lastest kill while Varia and Nalia sat comfortably inside by the fire. The shouts and blaster fire startled them, but Nalia was no coward. Not even knowing how to use it, she took a blaster rifle outside to the noise, unknowingly followed by Riley on her heels. It was quick at least. The deed done and with nothing to pillage from their small encampment, the assistants left not realizing that Varia had collapsed in shock, covered in her own mother’s blood. The next morning Varia was sure she would waste away and die in the swamp, knowing how to trap but not to kill. How to cook but not to skin and prep. She was alone and doomed. Fate and the force however disagreed, a lost injured Jedi approaching the carnage and finding the young girl in desperate need. Between the two of them, what supplies the Jedi had and the remains of Varia’s parents possessions, they were able to escape the swamp planet and head for civilization. Where Varia assumed she would be dumped some where more accommodating, or left in an orphanage. Instead the Jedi kept her with her, traveling to her soon to be new home Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Stealth Novice Survival Novice Beast Tamer Novice Biosurge Novice Biochem Force Sense Final Notes: Last section of Bio will be applied IC with the lost Jedi rescue and return to Jedi territory.
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  8. Jean Lyell

    Vahla by birth, Jean was almost expected to fail as she followed the path of a Jedi initiate. Her true heritage was almost obvious in her lavender eyes and oddly colored skin. More often than not, Jean wondered why she received odd looks as she wandered the enclave in her robes. When she was only two years old, her mother was confronted while on a bounty for a Jedi. Arrogant and careless in her approach, the young Vahla mother bit off more she could chew, and ended up losing her life after a short heated battle. The two Jedi later were troubled to discover a young Jean, left by herself on her mothers ship, waiting for her to return. After debating back and fourth for hours, they decided that with having no where to go, they would bring her back to the Jedi temple on Tython to try to convince the council to accept Jean as an initiate. Though she does not remember what was said at the meeting, while she was surrounded by tall robed figures as they scrutinized her and the potential that rested within her. Unknown to her, the masters knew very well her heritage and what she may become because of it, but guilt kept her under their care and watch. With her natural force sensitivity, it only made sense they train her in hopes she become a skilled Jedi, true to the light side of the force. Jean did not disappoint, she was smart and skilled, taking to her lessons well and showing intense interest in becoming a full fledged Jedi. The few times she asked of her family she was answered with "You are on the path to become a Jedi. Most children come to the temple and never see their families again. It is simply the way of the code, and you should accept it." The same answer every time. It never really satisfied her, but she would not argue with the Jedi masters. This was how she spent her years with the Jedi, following their lessons and advice and advancing quickly. Meditating and studying as much as was expected of her, and spending her free time roaming just outside the temple, staring at the stars and longing for something she could never place.
  9. Name: Rosalya Burns Era: The Old Republic Biography: http://www.starwarslnl.com/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/the-sith-empire/rosalya-burns-r316 Character Sheet: Sith Inquisitor Resolve II Resistance I Conditioning I Control Proficiency I Form I - Basic Shii-Cho Single Saber Novice Telekinesis Force Sense Force Telepathy Notes: none at this time
  10. Rosalya Burns

    Name: Rosalya Burns Character Title: Sith Acolyte Place of Birth:Coruscant Year of Birth: 3654 Gender: Female Species: Human Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Brown Known Apprentices Known Masters Rosalya Burns was an indignant child, with three older brothers that would frequently pester her and annoy her to no end. Her temper tantrums ranged from locking herself in rooms, to screaming until the walls shook with her rage. Unconsolable for hours when she did not get her way. Her way mostly revolving around violence and revenge on her older siblings. Her emotions often took over her, as she often felt the emotions of her brothers and parents. Her mother's depression towards her life consumed her. Her father’s drunken rages often left her shaken and angry. And her brother’s disdain for her left her spiteful and more eager to pick fights with them. As she grew, her temper remained the same, but her reactions calmed, thinking it better to keep silent about her knowledge of everyone's emotions. When she didn’t keep calm, her anger could cause objects to shake without her physical contact, even to a point of a datapad flying across the room. Though it scared her, she was curious as to why it was happening, and began her research on what was causing it. Meanwhile her brothers grew bigger and stronger than her, but less so tormenting of her. They play-sparred with her as she grew, and did not let her win very often only to make her angry and jealous, and more eager to fight and win. After an arrogant confrontation over a drinking contest with a mandalorian from the clan Ash'amur, her father was killed trying to pick a fight he could never possibly win, leaving the family to struggle for themselves. After a few years of scrounging for credits and jobs, Rosalya convinced herself that her studying on force powers and her sensitivity to emotions were in fact connected. Stealing what credits she could from her family’s savings, she headed to the one place she felt like she might grow her potential power and be forever rid of her family- Korriban. Once there she underwent trials to the entertainment of the Sith instructors before she finally convinced them to accept her into their academy. Where she began her training there for the next few years.
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