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  1. Character Sheet Rework

    Hopefully I got them right Jean Lyell: | Strength -C |Agility - B | Perception - B | Endurance - C | Willpower - A | Master Kast: (Currently incapacitated and recovering) | Strength -B |Agility - A | Perception - A | Endurance - B | Willpower - S | Aiden Rohl: | Strength - B |Agility - A | Perception - B | Endurance - A | Willpower - B | Varia Octarian: | Strength - C |Agility - B | Perception - B | Endurance - B | Willpower - C |
  2. Homesickness

    "What is it like? I do not mean to be rude but what is a hunt like? What did you hunt? Is there skill involved? Did the Force help you? Or did you simply rely on instinct? I suppose instinct would be indirectly the Force as well. I am sorry if I seem curious and perhaps a bit... Naive...or child-like. You see I have only been raised among Jedi and parents who were diplomats." Varia felt a real smile cross her face. "I only know the traps and weapons used, I have never struck down prey myself before. My father taught me all, following the trail, keeping yourself hidden and silent. And we hunted whatever was needed during our travels. I can't say I have a favorite to hunt, but just the feeling of tracking and being outside was so... enthralling." She wished she could say more on the matter, but felt the words get stuck in her throat. Thankfully Mirran continued, holding up the conversation for the both of them fortunately. Though, she seemed only more lost at Mirran's explanation than before, her brows furrowed again and she felt the dissatisfaction of feeling inadequate and lost. "Not that you didn't explain it well it's just..." Varia let out a loud groan "This would be so much easier if I was in your shoes... I envy you." She pouted and looked down. "Thank you... For taking the time to talk to me and explain things. There is a balance to be found here, both with learning what I can and can't, also within myself apparently." She dug her teeth into her bottom lip "My mother always did call me stubborn. I suppose the best course for me would be to try and let go of what I had to grasp what I'm being offered no?" Varia fisted her hands in her lap, her chin setting and her eyes blazing with new found determination. Shoving herself to her feet, she bounced a few times to get the grass off her rear before continuing. "Focus on my strengths right? Improve my weakness? Right now... I'm not sure if my strengths can even be used here, or if they can, how. But I suppose I wont know unless I find out. I have been too shy to speak to anyone, to ask my questions for fear of looking foolish to a bunch of people who do not know me! But you..." Varia took a step forward and reached to grab her hands gently, calming her tone for a moment. "Thank you for running into me today. You've given me a lot to think about. And more things to consider than before, if knowledge is what will bring me peace then that is what I'll seek for now."
  3. Introductions

    Welcome! To answer your question your account will be for your character as well so you will have to change the name! Thank you and have fun!
  4. Curse you overtime. (But also bless cause my vacation is gonna rip my wallet in two.) Hopefukly posts after I’m done packing!

  5. I’ll get a few posts out tonight guys! So sorry for the wait!

  6. Sign In/ Out

    I’ll be out of town this weekend, so unless I get the chance to post tonight, there won’t be any replies from me until Sunday/Monday. As always any emergencies you can contact me through discord!
  7. Computer is broken, so editing posts and whatnot are not available for me at the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

  8. Player Character Bounties

    I have photoshop up and running again so anyone who wants a bounty poster feel free to hit me up
  9. Homesickness

    Truly, the people here were strange. Maybe kind, but still strange. Though again, she was not born into this life but thrust into it. She did not wear itchy robes that were identical to those around her, yet here she sat in them. She was not one to mediate, yet she had just attempted and now here she sat discussing it like it was another day. There was a saying her mother once said, something about doing as others do in their territory or something. Not something she remembered well, as she often listened to her father more. But the idea still stuck in her head. To get through a jedi enclave, one must act as a jedi. Maybe become. "I'll have to keep those in mind... If I could find someone to let me hunt maybe my I'll relax a bit." She agreed quietly, staring off into space as the girl continued, nodding her head when appropriate. She didn't want to appear disinterested in the conversation, but at the same time staring at someone with no eyes was a little awkward for her. Not to mention not having much to say on the subject matter. Raised to believe eye contact was a key interaction practice, what do you do when it's taken away? Stare into space obviously. "I'm obviously new to all this." She said quietly when Mirran was done explaining, shrugging her shoulders. "The force, powers, visions, moving objects with your mind, even your sight is all new and strange to me. I don't understand how someone could have visions and claim them as real simply because they feel it. " Varia offered her a quick apologetic smile. "Sorry, again. This is all so strange. My mother told me stories of this stuff and I never really believed it. Even meeting the jedi has been... Well she wasn't what I would think a jedi was, but coming here... They aren't the heroes I always thought they were. They're just... another group with beliefs. Now I am one here with doubts, so many of them I'm not sure how I can even begin to join these ranks or how I am expected to. This isn't my territory, you know?" Varia closed her eyes and sighed, her shoulders drooping with the weight of conflict in her. "If possible, could you explain why the force is revered as a source of power and knowledge? Why you trust it so?"
  10. Homesickness

    "Quiet is hard to accept if you are not use to it in your life. You must come from a life that is a lot more fast-paced than the one that is here." She wanted to snort, but figured that would be rude. "That's one way to put it." She said softly, feeling a tad grateful someone understood her dilemma, even minimally. Her curiosity was caught though as the girl described the place as her life. What a boring one it must have been so far. Though, as she said, having been born to the life she had, it was hard for her to imagine the opposite as she must be imagining the opposite. "I've spent my entire life traveling, constantly moving and constantly hunting. The excitement is one of the many things I miss. And may never get back. I'd be devastated if my parents put me here by their will..." Her lips pouted, realizing once again she was borderline being rude to a stranger. Best to shut her mouth now than to shove her foot all the way down her throat."Sorry, Varia Octarian. I guess you could say I'm a new student." Varia listened quietly as she explained her struggle with meditation. Mentally noting down how pristine this young woman seemed, and how adverse to power she was. Even in the mental plane. It was a little confusing, compared to what Varia thought previously of meditation. That maybe it was a way to balance and harness power, as Master Kast hinted at. "Then why do it?" She asked bluntly, the confusion plain on her face. "If power is not what the jedi want, or if you don't feel comfortable doing it, then why do it?" Her dark brows were furrowed over her eyes, and her teeth dug into her bottom lip. If the jedi couldn't help her achieve what she needed or wanted, why was she here?
  11. Dead Tongues

    There was more to it than that? Varia wanted to seep through the seat, through the floor and disappear. This was not meant for her. Nor did she like it. 'K'atini.' Rang through her mind, and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from scowling. At the very least, his mention of other jedi piqued her interest, but beyond that she didn't see the point to the rest of this meeting. "With it being so short it's a 'lil difficult to get anymore out of it." She lightly pursed her lips before continuing, hoping she wouldn't be reprimanded for being questioning. But at the same time logic overpowered and hurled her forward. "I mean, who decided it was a prophecy? I was always told those were just silly legends and stuff that were most likely to occur, not that they actually would. And if this is a reference to a prophecy, that no one even knows if it's already happened, we already don't have very much information to go on." Varia looked to the others in the room, feeling a little self conscious once again. It wasn't exactly fair to them for her to be so opposing, they probably were eating this stuff up. She sighed, sometimes she had to go and step on her own feet. "But... I guess even if it is in reference to a prophecy, I'll mention again what I said before, it sounds like a constant circle of events. Maybe that's what the prophecy is. More like a warning or some sort of 'statement'- maybe it's not going to happen or has already happened, but it's continuously happening." Varia ringed her hands together, her blue eyes narrowing at the floor and her fresh boots. "I'm not all about this light and dark stuff. I don't know anything about it really. But I know life and death. And I know it comes full circle and nothing stops it. To me it kinda seems the same. Or close enough." She looked back up to her instructor, her cheeks turning pink once more from having spoken so much in front of strangers. Not that they seemed so bad. "Is there anymore to the text at least? Or do we know the prophecy itself to compare it to?"
  12. Introductions

    Trooper or sith either is good, sith have more options at the moment for plotting and activity, whereas we are lacking in troopers extensively. But should you wish to be a battle overlord themed sith and make that your end goal by all means go for it!
  13. Spotlight!

    As given we formerly had a Kudos thread, I would like to make a new one in the form of a spotlight! There's numerous members and initiates that have wonderful threads, plot ideas, and characters that should be acknowledged and recommended for reading for those that haven't already. Everyone is free to post and bring up any Thread/ Bio or just give a shout out to the members for appreciation whenever! As a given for starting it up I'll post a few right now. Inception - As I'm sure everyone noticed this one popping up daily. Also as I'm sure everyone knows I'm Verrin's biggest fangirl, but honestly it's a really good and fun read. Kai truly has the force flowing through the fingers for writing this and doing so on such a frequent basis. The writing style, the creativity, and the back and fourth from one of our oldest members and one of our newest is really outstanding and captivating to read. Great job @Darth Verrin and @Kai Tsintah. A Calm and Civil Solution - Okay you guys are flipping amazing having so much content and a decent amount of characters and I don't see anyone slipping in the slightest in addressing everyone and everything going on and getting involved. And that's just the surface. There's so much passion in these posts I kinda feel the struggle of all the mandalorian characters affected by the situation. It's all a bundle of feels and I feel like I'm in the room letting my own opinion shift left to right with every post. Great job you guys! @Tal Cuyot @Nola Trenox @Ma'rik Alesha Another spotlight I'd like to give would be to two initiates- @Sidara Eldin- For your Bio and creativity, you go glen coco I can't wait to see you out and about more on the site! Going over your application I absolutely loved it and I will be hitting you up for some roleplay soon! @Mirran Kai- For your dedication and creativity as well! I see you on here all the time and absolutely love it and also can't wait to get our thread going! You play your character very well and put excellent work into your writing!
  14. Plotters- Jean Lyell

    Given that there’s no reason a dark Jedi would know of a sith artifact on a desolate planet (the only reason Ellina knows is because she was stranded there) and I have this idea in mind to encourage a small bit of interaction for the sith. Ima say nooo.
  15. Plotters- Jean Lyell

    Character: Jean Lyell Rank: Jedi Knight Affiliation: Jedi Allies: Members of the jedi order (no one in particular thats still active) Apprenticeships: none Aquaintances: none to be mentioned Enemies: none to be mentioned Schedule: I try to keep my phone on me at all times and can reply throughout the day to messages, easiest to contact me on discord. I can usually only post in the evenings after work or on the weekends. Also it's always better to message me on my Varia account since I'm always checking it the most. Current Roleplays: Homesickness (Varia Octarian thread)- Active Dead tongues (Varia Octarian thread)- Active Home (Ellina Kast Roleplay)- Active/Delayed One Ping Only (Aiden Rohl Roleplay)- Active I have an idea for a thread about an artifact retrieval, given by Master Kast to Jean Lyell. Basically Ellina is aware of an old sith settlement on the planet she was stranded on. Being physically sill weak, she would like to send if possible two to three jedi or a jedi and a few soldiers to retrieve the dark side item and return it to the enclave for study rather than destruction. If possible a bit of conflict with another sith seeking the artifact would be prime, as it would give a good healthy dose of interaction and conflict. With the influx of initiates as well, Jean may be looking for an apprentice soon. But also personally would like some more guidance from an older jedi to improve her skills and strengthen her connection to the jedi. I have a goal of her hopefully reaching a council seat or higher in her lifetime and to make her a pretty stable jedi character. This little bit though can wait for a while, I'd like to prioritize the artifact one first. Side note- My character sheet for Jean is still set to the OG sheet style and I will be updating it as soon as possible!