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  1. Dantius Octavian

    Skills: Novice Single Saber >> Intermediate Single Saber Novice Dual Saber >> Intermediate Dual Saber Novice Saber Staff > > Intermediate Saber Staff Form I – Novice Shii-Cho Form III – Basic Soresu >> Form II – Intermediate Soresu Form IV – Basic Ataru >> Form IV – Intermediate Ataru Martial Arts: Basic Teras Kasi >> Martial Arts: Intermediate Teras Kasi Force Powers: Enhancement Force Jump >> Force Leap Protection Force Armor Force Stealth Astral Force Sense Telepathy Pscychokinesis Force Push >> Force Whirlwind Lightsaber Throw Telekinesis: Intermediate
  2. Dantius Octavian

    Name: Dantius Caius Algethii Octavian; alt: Dantius Octavian Gender: Male Species: Human Rank: Jedi Knight Date of Birth: 3,662 BBY Appearance: · Height: 6’0” · Weight: 180 lbs · Hair Color & Style: Black Semi-Curled Hair · Eye Color: Lime Green · Skin Tone: Olive · Defining Features: Back scars (from his slavery), extreme flexibility · Body Type: Lean Possessions: Button shirts, black jeans, one lime-green lightsaber (initially), white-bladed saberstaff cane (later). Personality: Born with high-functioning autism, he is somewhat introverted, direct, and extremely honest when it is called for. But once a friend, however, he is extremely loyal and remains selfless to all unless given reason to the contrary. Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Capable of one-armed pull-ups, able to talk about traumatic events with complete stoicism, he is also capable of charming animals not already predisposed to violence by way of interaction (retaining a spark of childlike innocence known to attract such animals, especially canines).
  3. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius felt good about this and sure enough, she blocked and countered as he asked her to do which was a delight indeed. That was when he decided he would tackle her question about precognition. "There are two ways to see a blow before it happens, two ways which are available especially to you and your species. The first one, usually involved with the Force, is a kind of precognition that allows a duelist to sense something before it happens with lightsaber duels being the best example of this precognition. But it is limited in what it can do, especially against another Force-sensitive which leads us into the more practical way and the way available to both Char and yourself," he began, answering the second part of her question first. "Now, let me make it clear that this is something I want the Grand Master to pay attention to as well as maybe he's heard of this or maybe not. When two gunslingers are going at it on holovids, they're watching each other's arms or else their facing each other directly in the eyes. What they should be doing is watching each other's torso: your hand and arm may pack the blow but it's your torso that thrusts it forward with enough strength to do the job. In any combat situation, whether you have a lightsaber duel or unarmed joust on your hands, always watch this entire bit here instead of the limbs, the limbs are just distractions and so is the blade," Dantius said, using his hands to highlight his entire chest, midsection, and stomach. "Now, if you feel comfortable doing so, I'd like you to go over the stances I showed you and Char in demonstration to the Grand Master. Give him a rough idea of what we're covering so far, so he's caught up to speed, in case there's a need to ask him to aid a demonstration. If not, you can certainly sit back for a little bit and Char can do it too: I don't want to force you into anything you're uncomfortable with on your first lesson. You'd never come back for another lesson if I did that so decide if you feel comfortable; once the Grand Master's been caught up to speed, we'll move into the next phase of the lesson itself which is practical application... which I'll explain when we get there," Dantius said. Because the Initiates chose to learn Teras Kasi from him, he wanted to keep the element of choice in their control for as long as they were interested in the lesson. If they decided they were getting bored and wanted to move, he'd have no problem teaching the Grand Master alone and not for the obvious reasons one would normally assume. It was a simple matter of easing the pupils into expanding their curiosity for what was unknowable and given the Sith weren't apt to return in a big hurry, there was no need to rush into giving them a combat mode. Not yet anyway and, because he shared Eidolon's experience of seeing the war firsthand, he hoped there was never again a need.
  4. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius readied himself, figuring the best thing to do was to start with something simple, something anybody could block even without the Teras Kasi knowledge. He even gave his shoulders the warmup pop necessary to begin, an audible noise which indicated the release of tension needed in order to get the training groove on. "Alright, now I want to make myself absolutely clear to you and our honored guest: you can use your Force Sight if you feel it best, you're a Miraluka and that's as natural to you as my eyeballs are to me. I'm gonna raise my fists in a boxing posture and I want you to simply sweep the fist I throw away, when I want you to mount an offense, I'll say 'counter'. Let's give it a shot," Dantius told her. He raised his fists so that his left one was closest, the knuckles pointed towards Initiate Mirran like he would any other opponent. The right fist remained beside his chest in case he wanted to suddenly pivot and surprise her with a hooking blow from it but that was too advanced to introduce to an Initiate just yet. "Before we begin, the reason I want you to strike when I say 'counter' is so you can get comfortable with the feel of defending yourself. If you're not made comfortable with self-defense before you leave this temple, it could cost you in the open; remember that. Your preference for diplomacy is a gift and could make you a great Consular or some similar class but we have to work on your fear until it can be safely transformed to simple aversion... least for combat," Dantius told her. Giving her a few moments to register, he took one last look at Char and his more prestigious guest to make sure they were watching and able to see why Dantius told her these things. Then he assured Mirran he was going to start with slow jabs that even a kid could spot from parsecs away then work his way up short of "combat speed". All she'd have to do in order to stop it was to say she was no longer comfortable about training in this manner and she wouldn't be asked to do anymore. Nor would anyone (in their right mind) think any less of her for it, it would just tell her that she needed a lot more work on the stances he taught her and Char. Then he began with a rather lazy jab from his left fist, hoping that Mirran would intercept it as if it was going to touch her though he had no intentions of any such thing.
  5. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    "Char, please, the Grand Master has come to learn today I suspect and will teach if he feels it suits the occasion. I'm as excited as you are at our honored guest, believe me: indirectly speaking, I worked for him during the war even if I've never met him until now," Dantius said, trying to politely tell Char to chill, essentially. He then turned to Mirran, who had been so collected before but was now breaking down (understandable from the way she'd indicated her reluctance to fight) and thought about how best to answer her question. That was when he decided to begin by addressing his comparative lack of knowledge in the subject of fear. "Mirran, the Grand Master might have a better answer for your question than I as the fact he holds the title would indicate. However (if you want my opinion first) in a way, overcoming fear is a lifetime journey. Despite appearances, Jedi don't exorcise fear from their lives completely: few species can do that and they usually have to be biologically incapable of emotion to begin with as droids can tell you. Experience has taught me that the first step to overcoming any problem, even if it's fear, is first acknowledging that it's there then it is to remind yourself what will happen if you let your fear take control of you. Say you're negotiating in a hostage situation and you're trying to get the armed captor to free the people he's got: on the one hand, if they make demands, you can't say 'no' or you risk killing the hostages thereby botching your original effort to stall them until the captor can be separated. On the other, you can't panic and beg them to let the hostages go, especially if one or more said hostages has a personal connection to you. "The Jedi edicts on fear are not about excising fear, necessarily, but rather reeling it in and letting it serve as a motivator to do the right thing at the absolute most. Let your fear of failing to do the right thing outweigh your fear of injury if that's what is called for but I think the best way to completely eliminate fear (if you want to try that) or come close is to acknowledge that danger is real and it is always there but you can choose to be helpless as much as taking a stand. The code says 'There is no emotion, there is peace', in the first line: I choose to believe that what it means is that there is no emotion controlling you when you're called upon to perform your duties, only the peace that accompanies knowing you've done the right thing. If nothing else, it helps me reconcile the 'no emotion' with the required compassion for life forms we exercise in our duties. "As for this training, the most logical way I can think of to help you overcome your fear of getting hit is a controlled simulation of a combat situation. If the Grand Master is willing to supervise and use the Force to intervene, if necessary, you and I are going to do a little simulation of combat. I will do my best to hold back using my full combat expertise and I want you to block whatever blows I throw your way using only the stances we've gone over. We'll start with simple stuff then I'll turn you and Char loose to refine it with each other, speaking of which, I want you watching Char: it could be useful for your understanding of why certain stances appear as they do in the form or appear at all," Dantius explained.
  6. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius had never formally met the Grand Master of the Jedi Order before nor was he sure that he had ever thought himself worthy of the honor: hell, teaching the guy something he didn't already know certainly didn't. So when the Grand Master, who he knew through holograms from the war, came he had to admit he was slightly caught off guard. "Grand Master Eidolon, meeting you is an honor and a delight. I have merely trained sufficiently to use the style in self-defense and hope to pass something of it along to the next generation of Jedi. Still, you are correct on why we carry lightsabers and the fact that sometimes we must do what goes against our nature to ensure the peace that the galaxy now enjoys," he began, bowing as he spoke. He thought for a moment about the words of the Grand Master and whether or not he should show him the stances again or not but that was when he learned he could strike down two birds with one stone. "However, if you are truly interested in learning the martial art known as Steel Hand, allow me the honor of asking Mirran to demonstrate her understanding of what I've shown so far. She was about to show me what she's managed to pin down in mind when you arrived to join us today, Grand Master. You needn't fear anything here, Mirran: if the Order's most powerful servant is asking me to teach him then he probably has about as much knowledge in the style as you do now. Perhaps your performance would be mutually beneficial to the lot of you: I may even demonstrate why I cite the flaws in your performance when you've given a go. As long as the Grand Master doesn't mind that it may get just a little physical in so doing as it already did with Char," he added quickly. Dantius didn't feel any fear about the arrival of the Grand Master but it did catch him off guard. He was only expecting the two Initiates as he had put up the bulletin for Initiates to see and while he knew Knights and Masters could see as well, he half-expected anyone above Padawan would be too busy in their duties to see him. To see the Grand Master as curious to learn something as the Initiates was nothing if not a little... offsetting, at least at first. As he had said, he found himself beneath the honor of meeting the Grand Master, much less teaching him anything he didn't already know.
  7. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius pondered for a few moments about telling the story of the slavers but decided to shake it off, mentally speaking. "All you need to know about my escape is that I'm here now to teach Teras Kasi, the Zygerrian incident is so far in the past I don't even give it the luxury of thought anymore. The only time it comes up is when someone notices the scars I still have from their whips, that's about it," he said as he looked at Char's movements. As far as he could tell, Char's replication of his movements looked good but that was common of all students who started out in martials arts: Dantius still had the wilts to prove it. "Your form seems good at a quick glance but there are a few little problems that hinder your strength. The first one is your confidence in your postures which is wavering, if not easily broken. When you squat, there's a test you have administered in order to test the strength of blows. When you move your arms or sway your upper body, test whether or not you're able to actually throw punches or kicks off course from you. Half of the goal in any martial arts is to defend, another quarter (more or less) is to tire down your opponent if they're unrelenting, and the last quarter is to go on the attack if you absolutely must. Martial arts is born out of the more primal instincts to dominate or to show you are capable of dominance: the best alpha male or female is the one who knows when to let up or to apply pressure. "However, that's not the reason the test of your offensive strength will be effective. It will be effective because it allows you to gauge whether you can defend as well as whether or not you can attack after you've defended, the longer you stall in an attack (should the opportunity arise) the more likely you'll be beaten. It's the same reason why anytime you're engaged in a lightsaber duel, you want to be able to strike in a manner that ends it as quickly as possible as stalling usually means death or at least serious injury, exception noted to expert Soresu users. The second test, to be administered when you're squatting is fairly simple: you have to have someone kick the sides of your feet and see if they can make your foot fall out from beneath you, observe," he explained. When he ordered for observation, he meant it for both of them and he could sense the Miraluka called Mirran was watching as he approached Char to demonstrate the kick test. He placed both his hands on Char's shoulders whilst he was squatting and began to kick the sides of his feet, noticing how the right one slipped out after two strikes or so but keeping Char from falling by quickly reaching for his underarms and urging him to use his left leg to pull himself back to place. "Now bear in mind, that was rather moderate as far as strength goes: I could've kicked hard enough to dislocate your ankle and/or really hurt your pelvic area on that side. But you don't want to be so rigid you can't move, either and my urging to both of you on that matter would be to seek out a Makashi instructor when you have a little more lightsaber training and have them teach you the gripping of the lightsaber in that form then apply the same principle to your stances in your Teras Kasi training," he explained. Then his gaze fell on the Miraluka and he offered her the chance to try her luck, to see if she could do as good or better than Char. "You're not doing bad for a starter, Char. I'm not asking if Mirran can do better because you did bad, I'm just asking if she wants to try her luck with what you just did. Soon as I hear an answer, we'll really get started with training you in the first basic postures. Should you be interested in further training after this, we'll cover the second bit of Teras Kasi stances with practice being done where you two are pitted against each other if we get far enough," Dantius added.
  8. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius found it slightly amusing that both these pupils had problems with their droids, at least about as amusing as most teachers would. But he realized he could kill two birds with one stone, right now if he addressed both problems. "The droids might not agree with this but if you sincerely want to do something about their behavior then here's a tidbit: learn what you can about how to program the droids you have so that you can erase aspects you don't like. If nothing else, it will give you a practical skill you can use, should you work in a field that requires working in a practical profession as I sometimes do in the world of the Sentinel. I'm sorry to suggest this, HK and Kaybee, but we don't have much time to waste so I'll leave it there," he told them. As he spoke, he kept himself calmed, remembering the Jedi edict and its declaration that a Knight did not have emotion within himself but peace. Turning back to the one called Char, he thought carefully about how to answer his question, having never actually been asked how the mental aspect of Teras Kasi worked. But he thought back to his early teachings with Ra on the matter, trying to remember how his first Jedi mentor had taught it to him before teaching actual technique. When he had the words, he decided to finally speak, figuring that his comparison would hopefully illuminate the Initiate as it had illuminated Dantius when he was taught it. "Picture in your mind that you're a stone mason, Char. Hypothetically, you've been given all the materials you need to build yourself the best wall possible and let's say this stone is capable of withstanding the blaster fire of the strongest cannon in the Republic army. Remember, this is purely hypothetical: the stances you learn in Teras Kasi are your building tools, the mental barriers it can help establish are your bricks, and your mind is what your protecting from the cannon fire which represents a Force mind attack. "As for Jedi learning it, I am actually one of the few Jedi who knows it in the Order. It's usually more popular among non Force-sensitives because the mind barriers allow an expert of Teras Kasi to surprise a Jedi Knight. When the style was invented, the Palawa were destroyed for siding with the Force-sensitive Xendor during the First Great Schism of the Jedi Order. Therefore, the Palawa developed it to give themselves an edge in the event that they should face the Jedi again, having since relocated to a world where they could be safe from us. However, I learned it when I was a captive of some Zygerrian slavers from a Jedi Master who'd learned it from a Palawa that since perished and have since tried to see if I could introduce it en masse among the Jedi. "Hell, some of the movements even reflect the movements of the stone mason in the comparison. At any rate, we'll go over some basic strikes first, check your stances, and then only establish a sequence of movements if you feel up for it. Now, for those strikes," Dantius said. He demonstrated first, the ready stance, erecting himself as straigh as possible then bringing his hands together as though he were using his palms to hold a piece of paper. The Jedi Knight then went on to show the squats, crosshand blocks, the swerves, sideswipes with the hands, even the knees attacks and when to use the fist. "Even though the emphasis lies in the arms and upper torso," he added as he worked in the strikes he knew, "the Palawa principles from which this style originate demand that you be prepared to use your entire body as a weapon. As you can see in some of the swipes I do, allusions to the stone mason: when I pivot my body to the side, I'm laying down the cement across the tops of a row of bricks to make the next row stay on."
  9. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    Dantius saw the two that Initiates that finally came and it didn't seem very promising if the way they were behaving was any indication. The Miraluka had apparently been hurt before or else her medical droid wouldn't be so concerned for her well-being according to its talk of its programming. He also didn't really like the way the one called Char Zha'o was treating his own droid, like he was a King and the droid was his subject. "Yes, I'm Dantius and just call me Dantius, Initiate Zha'o. Before we get started, there's one lesson I'd like you to take away that doesn't concern martial arts: be watchful of the way that you treat your droid now for it could be the way the galaxy chooses to treat you once you're Knighted. The way of the Jedi is about service and nowhere is that more apparent than when you become what I am: a Jedi Sentinel. Please understand, I'm not saying that there aren't times that droids shouldn't serve, it's what they were created for. No, all I'm saying is be a little more respectful and maybe even learn a thing or two from its selfless attitude, even if it is programmed that way. Keep treating your droid like it's supposed to be an unquestioning slave and you'll be on a faster track to the Dark Side than the Light, understood?" he told Char. Then he turned to the Miraluka, hoping to resolve the conflict between her and the droid who was trying to get her medicated. "Droid, whatever it is you advise for this Initiate, give to her but make sure she can still watch and learn: as a Miraluka, she has Force Sight so I know she can watch us perform. Mirran- that's your name, yes?- you're right to say you won't do combat with stims. If you're hurt I want you to watch this first little bit so you don't get yourself even more injured or killed: Teras Kasi is a brutal martial arts style and not fit for those who aren't in tiptop condition, not usually," Dantius said. Then he returned to the spot where he had started out and decided that if there were going to be no more Initiates coming through, they'd best start with the lessons. "The first thing to know about this style is its history, which is thousands of years long. However, suffice it to say that the Jedi are actually responsible for its origins. Long ago, a species known as the Palawa waged war with the Jedi in a skirmish that destroyed their homeworld. After that, they developed Teras Kasi by learning of how the Jedi had used mind tricks against them then trained their own minds to resist such tricks: therefore, to learn Teras Kasi as a Jedi means not only being able to cast mind tricks on others but to resist mind-based Force spells from your enemies. Yes, the physical aspect is important and we will start with the physical aspect but before we begin, are there any questions, any areas you wish to explore a little further?" Dantius explained, figuring a little scholastic background to the style would make it seem more well-rounded than just learning how to punch someone.
  10. A Lesson in Physical Defense

    It had been a long time since Dantius had come to any Jedi Temples to train with others of his kind but to believe that he would be establishing himself on Dantooine was nothing short of a shock. He'd heard about the history of Dantooine and how it was once destroyed by Darth Malak but he had never thought that the academy would be back in use after that, at least not in the capacity of only seeing the best of the best that it was currently serving. Nonetheless, he took a little time to breathe in the historical significance of the planet as well as its strong attunement to the Light Side of the Force as he prepared himself for the day ahead. Shortly after arriving on Dantooine, he decided to begin establishing himself in a different manner from other Jedi: he decided to be the go-to man for unarmed martial arts training for Initiates. During the night hours before, he'd posted a bulletin for Initiates to meet him on the fields if they were interested in training as he had been refining his Teras Kasi in transit to the planets where his work as a Jedi Sentinel tended to carry him. He was here on Dantooine as one of his few bits of offtime before being thrown off the frying pan and into the fire of his work once more, with enough time to make his presence as a martial artist known. As he warmed up under a mighty tree, he thought about his life up to this point and wondered... what had become of Karter, of Mathes, of Arek, Asya, Felony, even of Inoy and Coventry (the last one being answered when he encountered the man again, a few years ago, when Hyperion was finally destroyed). Besides Coventry, had anyone returned to the fold of the Jedi Order and the Republic or were they all dead? He didn't know but as he warmed up, he did know what he wanted to do. So he began rehearsing his welcome speech to the Initiates that would inevitably come to train with him. His bulletin allowed him a means to detect intrigue on the part of a couple Initiates and he had established that he'd be waiting with the rising of the sun to meet the new Initiates. To start his day, he warmed up with the basic exercises and regiments taught him by his first master when he was learning Teras Kasi whilst enchained by Zygerrian slavers. The basic punches, leg stretches, push ups, everything he needed in order to be footloose and quick when he wielded the style in demonstration to the pupils that would come. He was even wearing, not the traditional robes of the Jedi but a tank top and loose shorts so that he could maximize his moving ability whilst teaching.
  11. Thread Leaders: Dantius Octavian Location: The Training Fields on Dantooine Opened To: Any initiate or anyone else interested in learning Teras Kasi martial arts from my character, Dantius Octavian. Initiates are preferred but Padawans and Knights are also welcome. Thread Summary: While Dantius Octavian has never had quarrel with teaching the Force and lightsaber skills to future generations, he has also seen the benefits of having a form or two of unarmed hand-to-hand combat on his side as well. Therefore, he has decided he would like to pass on his knowledge of unarmed Teras Kasi martial arts which (in addition to providing strength and power especially to the upper torso) can also provide mental resistance towards Force attacks like the mind trick. While waiting in the Training Fields, he will be practicing his lightsaber kata and/or meditation in order to keep his edge in all aspects. That said, he hopes Initiates will see merit in his idea of hand-to-hand techniques and will take time out of their schedule to train with him in basic Teras Kasi combat. OOC: The objective of this thread would be to ensure that Initiates who join have learned novice Teras Kasi that can be used in defense of their lives as Jedi, later on. I'm thinking a very small congregation, perhaps no more than a total of four or five people (myself included). Once one or two people (preferably Initiates as I've said before) are tagged on, I'll send out a PM to talk about when we can get this going at a time that works best for most people if not everybody. If three people have signed on, I'll not only coordinate everything via PM but I'll also try and get the thread going by Saturday.
  12. Sign In/ Out

    This is Erebus, checking out for four weeks (including this week). Student teaching is coming to its end but this is the most intense part now.
  13. Investigation Education

    When Dantius decided to begin his studies of the military police and cases where the Constitution was enforced and even upheld better than was thought. To make things more specific, he decided to look at cases involving major crimes: one for murder, one for theft, one for rape, one for child abuse, and one for treason. He figured he needed to know civil cases as well as military, in case he didn't get the position or if he was assigned to teach military policing to trainees. He figured it would be better to make himself marketable as a Jedi Investigator rather than be set to one way as he had seen Consulars and Guardians as well as some sentinels. Clicking on murder in the Civics section, he began with a case where there was a murder in Coruscant, done with a vibroblade knife. A Twi'lek girl was killed in one of the cleaner sections of Coruscant for being involved with more than one boy, a jealous lover complex motivating it. When police arrived, they looked into her file with her parents' permission and found that she had had a surprisingly dubious reputation from under their noses. Despite having top-notched grades at a prestigious public school in Coruscant and involvement in various sports, she had always been a tad socially underdeveloped and worse, had a manic-depressive diagnosis combined with Bipolar I which compelled her to promiscuity whenever she wasn't involved in sports or academia. Unfortunately, one of the boys she had been sleeping around with had lusted after her even after she had started seeing therapy and even found a boy who treated her with the respect needed to develop a good, healthy relationship with the opposite gender. All of this, of course, was uncovered further down the road especially once her school records were compiled and her bipolar and manic depressive diagnosis was found to reveal a more severe case than typically seen, especially when detected early. As the evidence was compiled, the lustful boy's DNA was matched perfectly with a sample extracted from the girl's rape-test kit when she was found to have been assaulted before she was killed. For Dantius, it struck a small cord to hear that this woman was ravished before she was killed, having lost his first flame Patricia in all too similar a fashion with the only difference being that Patricia took her own life rather than enticed Hyperion to do it for her. How people find the dark passion required to do this kind of stuff, I will never understand. But I suppose this is why we have police forces across the galaxy and the Jedi Investigator helping. Hm... I wonder if an Investigator had a hand in the matter of this case he thought to himself quietly. Looking to see if there was any way he could tell, he was pleased to see that an Investigator had in fact helped out by providing the use of an ability called Psychometry, whereby he used the Force to pick up impressions of the killer before the DNA was tested against the suspect's, the sample being removed before she touched the body, and accurately relayed her description of the face she saw to the forensic artist at the scene. This, Dantius realized, was something worth noting: with the ability mentioned there would be few who could evade him because all living things (to some degree or another) shed skin cells on the things they touch and leave minute traces even with thorough cleansing which could perhaps be picked up by a particularly powerful adept of the ability even when mechanical DNA extractors failed. Speaking of, he decided he would learn the classical techniques of DNA versus mitochondrial which, while more imprecise the classical which looked at the nucleus of a cell, was precise enough to substitute if needed. He wrote these things down on the notepad he requested for his research then continued onward.
  14. Investigation Education

    While reading through the Galactic Constitution, Dantius made note of things like right to due process of each person arrested, right to a jury of their peers, and other common rights within the Republic. He examined what this meant not just for cases of biology vs chronology (i.e. where a human might be sixteen years old but a three-year-old alien might be equivalent) as well as how the laws and guidelines of the Constitution might have been enforced or ignored during the process of several trials. Better still, he decided to look into different branches of law enforcement that existed throughout the Republic from the CSF to local authorities of different systems. With the CSF, he found that they sometimes stretched out like too little butter over too much bread especially in the criminal underworld where they struggled to keep order and while it might be true that a Jedi or two could help, what's to say there weren't already dozens of Investigators on the job already? Besides that, corruption was multifaceted and likely to spread not just across the criminal underworld regions of Coruscant but throughout the galaxy. Dantius needed another planet to look for, another sector of the Republic to investigate that would still keep him close to the Order, should they ever need him for other reasons but not so close to Tython or Coruscant that he might as well have never left. That was when he found Anaxes, the military capital of the Republic and home of its War College and he knew in that moment that he had a chance to prove extremely useful here. Aside from policing the cadets and any soldiers on world, he also had a chance to help train cadets in his spare time in some of the arts they'd need to know for their combat days, proving that sometimes shaping those who'd fight on the front lines was better than being amongst them for oneself. In addition, Dantius might see himself tasked with mission after mission of law enforcement with the military, no matter where it battled the Sith and preventing incidences of possible treason before they had a chance to happen. They could fight the Sith with the right morale and Dantius would be one of those to make sure that morale was maintained, not to mention he'd still get to fight the Sith if he was required to. Besides that, he also had the honor of keeping the Order up to date with the changes of the galaxy and how it could adjust to them rather than letting them leave themselves to seclusion with simply Jedi Guardians helping as soldiers and Jedi Consulars helping as basically the Jedi archaeologists of the galaxy. Sentinels like Jedi Investigators, on the other hand, would be on the same level as the everyday common folk that would most frequently need their help. So with this, he began looking into cases of military police action against treasonous soldiers and how the Constitution was honored in all those cases.
  15. Investigation Education

    Whilst still needing a cast for his foot injury from Hyperion, Dantius had decided to take Coventry's advice about training early but since he was physically disabled, he decided to start by sharpening up his mind. In the years before he went to the Vornu Temple of the Jedi Order, he had had some education in galactic law and while still remembering the basics, he felt it would be a waste of years to not somehow put it to use in the name of his new comrades. So he decided to visit the Archives and begin brushing up on his law by first re-reading the Galactic Constitution, a required text for one of his basic law classes. He decided he would start by reading over the basic amendments to the Constitution before then digging further into more obscure Articles that might or might not be overlooked. His first course of action was to read the "Rights of Sentience" and the "Contemplanys Hermi", both of which made up a good chunk of the Republic Constitution. The "Rights of Sentience" declared the outright ban of slavery, equality for all sentient beings, and a ban on all undue hardship on recognized sentient species, voter's suffrage, wage equality for all species working the same job, right of asylum for those immigrating into the Republic's annexed worlds, and many other such rights. Meanwhile, in contrast, the "Contemplanys Hermi" was a document that essentially gave Corellia a right to evade Senatorial duties (of all the worlds) and Dantius immediately found himself wondering why this wasn't a document that wasn't allowed for all worlds. After all, what if the majority of the Senate found a Chancellor to be corrupt and wanted to ruin any momentum before he had a chance to gain it? Sure they could vote him out of office or vote his bills into a veto but what if he found a way to circumnavigate around this? How would the Senators of so many worlds be able to oppose him without being declared outright traitors? He jotted down these thoughts on a flimsiplast notepad that he had brought with him and decided he would look into this later. Force only knew that the people of Anaxes could use a bill like this, given the presence of the Republic military there. What if the military grew in the power it had under the nose of the Chancellor? How could the people fight back without it being a suicidal endeavor? These problems filled up the first three or four pages of his notepad and then he read further into more minute details like laws forbidding murder, rape, theft, and all such crimes. He read about what people who felt they had been victimized could do to get back at those who they accused of attacking them and under what conditions such rights could be revoked. He decided that he had to first know the laws of the Republic then investigate how these laws were effectively enforced before developing a method of investigation, not to mention he needed to read on the individual bill of clauses and rights of each planetary system that he might or mightn't be working in. Once he had read through each bill of rights and clauses provided for each planet he was interested in, he would read upon the culture(s) of that system and see if it was compatible with the method he intended to formulate for investigation. After this was achieved, he intended to compare cases solved on these worlds and see if he could trace similarities across them to refine his method.