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  1. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Just as Karter moved to another place, the Barabel started focusing on another commotion. Before he could react, he saw a squad move in where he knew Kal still was. Dammit. Vonnar had been too slow. Now he was going to have to kill them before they got Kal. Then he'd be out one pilot. But a barrage of gun fire broke his concentration and he was forced to return fire to keep from getting overwhelmed. The machine gun in his arms rattled off bullets in the direction of three Barabel who ducked behind a clay forge and blind fired over it, forcing him to duck. He pulled the trigger again. It clicked. Empty. He hid behind a support pillar as bullets began blasting chunks off of it. His lightsaber came out again, and his rage flared. He gripped a metal work table with telekinesis, violently sending it into a forge at high speed, spilling fire and hot coals onto the Barabel hiding behind it. Oddly, part of him was still intrigued by the fact this species didn't like apologies. So if he did all the terrible things to these people that he was currently doing, would they expect redress in any form at all? Justice must work in interesting, terrifying ways here. The people were strong and vicious and their environment more so. They could be a great and powerful society, no doubt. And yet, so much to contend with. He was liking this planet more and more. It was a place that would either make you strong or kill you. Four Barabel approached to his left, these ones firing blaster rifles. He yanked the metal table he had just thrown up with his mind and flung it towards them, slamming into them all at once. He noticed however that the Barabel that had gone to intercept Kal had not come back. He knew Kal was a decent shot but he was uncertain how Kal would fair first time against people who genuinely wanted him dead. But he had bigger problems. More reinforcements were coming. He seized control of the fires from the destroyed forge and increased them throwing all his hate and fury into his attempt to help power through the strain, The Fire started to grow in seconds, raging and spreading in a hissing swath that caught a few Barabel in the far end of the forge complex on fire, and starting to burn out of control in other areas. He released his control over the fire, just as a grenade landed at his feet. He sprinted, barely getting behind the mangled work table and its crushed victims before the blast. Blaster bolts and bullets began whizzing over his head and hitting the table, starting to punch through it. He didn't try and rise up. He was pinned. He instead lifted the mangled table again with telekinesis and hurled it into the direction of the firing. The gunfire went silent and he heard them yelling and snarling and hissing in their language. He rose as a two large Barabel Warriors charged into the fray armed with vibro-staves. He barely managed to get his saber active before they they executed a coordinated assault, one stabbing at his face and the other slicing at his mid-section. Too full of adrenaline and fury to register how tired he was starting to get, he let loose, slipping into a Force rage and brutally bashing aside both their assaults with a simple but fast retreat and parry, retaliating with a flurry of strikes targeting their arms, legs and torso in vicious, nearly uncontrolled wide swings powered by hatred. They coordinated their defense, slapping aside his vicious slashes and stabs with spinning parries from their weapons, retreating also before sprinting forward, one going low, the other going high with their slices. He retreated, blocking with the full strength of his arms the low slice and furiously driving it upward into to the direction of the high slice, knocking it upward before turning it into a brutal downward hewing stroke that forced them both back and he charged, slashing at everything that looked exposed in both their defenses, vertical and diagonal and horizontal slashes coming in unpredictable sequences that forced the two warriors to constantly retreat and parry, Karter screaming at them as he attacked, hungering only for the splash of their blood against his face, striking with pure abandon in Form one, his slashes starting to look strangely graceful in the fury, transitioning from one vicious, fast, but blocky attack pattern to more swifter, precise and wide slashes. His arms moved with savage unison, burning with adrenaline and hatred as he struck at their weapon arms, cutting off their attempts to strike back when they were too busy trying to stop their sword-staves from getting cut in half. They retreated at every slash, until he made a vertical power slash at one Barabel's head...and the other blocked the attack, allowing the other to duck low and slice at his legs, forcing him to back flip out of the way to keep from getting cut in pieces. Sword blows rained down on his left and right from the snarling Barabel and out of the corner of his eye, he saw more warriors armed with vibrostaves sprint into the massive forge chamber, which had caught fire in many parts by this point. He heard Kal shout at them to leave him alone from behind...and his eyes widened as they were all flung back hard by something invisible. Some looked injured. Others were rising up, confused. He didn't here what Kal said next, because he was too busy cutting down the defenseless warriors, wide vicious slashes cutting through multiple targets and their limbs. When they were all dead, he forced his Fury to die out, collapsing to one knee as he stared at Kal. "Well...I guess thats another reason not to fire you," Karter grunted. "We can't leave until the chieftain is dead. I think this is his personal guard...he uh...uh...probably can't flee over land. It'll be sunrise in two hours. He's gonna try and flee by tunnel, if he hasn't already. Those guys probably came to try and buy him time, meaning he was close by, and meaning we might still catch him," the Dark Jedi grunted. "Pull yourself together. Force yourself to stand up. Take the pain. Accept it, for if you do not fight you will not leave this place alive," Karter told him, pulling out his sonic blaster and yanking up a still living Barabel. "The Chieftain. Where?" The Barabel hissed something in Karter's ear which made him snarl in rage and stab the Barabel in the throat with his lightsaber. "Damn, they're loyal," he snapped, going over to Kal and pulling him to his feet. "Here," Karter said, handing him his sonic blaster. "Time for an on the job lesson: Dual wield these blasters, draw their fire, and I'll cut them down. Don't try and use the Force again. You'll just knock yourself out," he ordered, weary looking. "We can still win this." Karter sprinted through the fire and his lightsaber began slashing and slicing through the Barabel coming at him with weapons in what looked to be a storage area for the weapons made in the Forge. He employed the same hate and fury in his attacks but it wasn't force-enhanced, just his emotions guiding him through the working of Form One. Uno had not been able to teach him the highest level of the form, saying it had to be gained through experience and instinct, but she had told him it would require harnessing his emotions like he did with Juyo to execute it at its highest level. And it was something he would simply have to reach on his own. As wide sarlacc sweeps and slashes hit weapons and limbs and necks with tight red arcs of light, Karter was starting to think he was just about there. He began to revel in the butchery of the Barabel, drunk on the carnage, slashing and slashing through scaly lizard flesh, saber biting through everything carelessly as he attacked the warriors trying to block his way. Three fell. Then eight fell to frenzied, unpredictable slashes that seemed to come from above and below, the grace of the flowing moves intermingled with the savagery of the assault. There was no pattern to the slashes and stabs as he hacked through the arms storage, sparks and fires scatrering behind him, along with charred limbs. As he hacked through two more a remaining warrior fell to his knees. "Wait, Human. Sssssspaaare meee and I will tell youuuuu where the chieftain hasssss fled." "Five seconds." "He hasssss fled down a hidden tunnel in the sssssouth, flanked by all hisssss remaining guardssss. They are falling back, trying to get to the sssssafehoussssse deep underground. The door to it issss magnetically ssssealed, protected by a dozen turretsssss. He isssss likely a quarter of the way," the large alien answered. Karter stared. "The tunnel entrance?" "A large relief in stone of his tribe settling a valley from long ago." Karter beheaded him. He normally wouldn't have but he couldn't leave witnesses. Besides, he had never promised to spare him. Not explicitly. He waited for Kal to catch up to before proceeding forward. That kid was getting a crash course in violence. Such was the life of a criminal.
  2. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    This one is also from Kotor 2. I was thinking we could do it as the opposite of the Force Revitalize on this site. I have tried to keep to the description of the power Force Potency: A technique often favored by Dark Siders, by learning to draw more greedily upon the Force with hate and rage, they actually learn to increase the effect of their offensive related powers, making slightly harder for an enemy adept to resist the attack. It takes a moment of concentration but at the cost of draining their force reserves much faster, their powers are more potent. Requirements: Corruption 2
  3. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    Here's two. This first one is a rebellion-era power as listed on Wookieepedia, but given its nature, I really don't see why something like it couldn't exist earlier, so I wanted to propose this power be added. Inflict Pain: Used to inflict the nerves with a moment of debilitating agony, Inflict Pain is different from Crucitorn, which merely increases the pain of an injury already inflicted. Inflict Pain is solely a Dark Side Power. As the nature of the Dark Side causes pain in everything around it and what it inhabits, many novice Dark Siders learn this by instinct. While requiring great concentration, Inflict Pain can be so incompacitating the first time it is experienced that it often drives healthy targets to their knees momentarily, and weaker enemies may be simply knocked unconscious. As it does not actually injure the victim, it is incapable of killing, but many Dark Siders use the technique as a Torture method, one of many. Requires: Corruption 1 I see it as something akin to a Dark Side version of Force Stun. If so, maybe it could be a tiered ability, like use it on a group? Also, this one is confusing me, because I have only seen it mentioned in Kotor 2, and I'm not sure whether or not Force armor can do the same thing. If it can't, I propose it be added under a different name. The name here is the one it had in the game but the Wookieepedia page was confusing also. Force Barrier: Absorbs bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing attacks by forming a small telekinetic barrier around the user that cushions and deflects impacts. While no replacement for true Force deflection it is more discrete and many a Force adept has been saved from an unexpected knife thrust or slugthrower by employing this ability.
  4. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    The Barabel moved through the small cavern, weapons trained everywhere. One was looking up the chasm he had fallen through, rain streaking down it. They weren't stupid. He didn't understand their language, but he knew they knew he hadn't gotten past them. He saw how tense they were. They were waiting for him to attack. He was hidden completely, but he realized that they had positioned themselves at specific points around the cavern, each point giving them a good angle of fire. He moved slowly among them, focused on maintaining his advantage. He took out the sonic blaster, moving into position. He held it in front of him, clipping his saber to his belt by feeling it out. He opened fire pointing from a position like he had done against the Mandalorian, a point shooting technique he had gotten better with since. The sonic bolts were set to stun. He was trying to be clean about this, as he really hadn't come to kill any but this chieftain. That said, he wouldn't lose sleep if one more than necessary bought it. The sonic bolt hit one in the face and he sprinted out of the trajectory of return fire, snapping off a shot at another face, ducking under a burst of fire from behind him. He fired. He missed. The Barabel returned fire and Karter yelled as one of the bullets grazed his leg, he decloaked, barely rolled out of the way from the second burst, firing back and forcing the remaining two to dodge the bolts, though Karter managed to hit one in the head, even as bullets whizzed over him. But one was still left, and he barely managed to go into a Force cloak and roll before the bullets would have taken his head off. He prepared to draw another bead just as the Barabel whipped his machine gun into position. But that was when the shot hit from behind. The Barabel dropped. Karter stared. "Vonnar? How in the hell did you find me?" Karter grunted. Vonnar must have gotten in when the Barabel and he had faced off and neither of them had noticed in the chaos. When Vonnar asked if he was alright, Karter struggled up, grunting. "I'll live," he replied, wincing as he stood on his leg. It was bleeding heavily. He grunted in pain, hand clenching into a fist. He had been trying to push himself, struggling to push his command of the Dark Side to the next step, trying to replicate what he had witnessed his would-be mentor on Tattooine achieve in their first duel. He was full of fury and rage at how his day had gone, and the wound wasn't doing him any favors. He gripped the Dark Side tightly and forced it to flood the bullet wound with all of his might, pushing as much as his hate for his true enemy would allow. There was nothing for a few seconds. Then the wound begin to hiss and burn. He clenched his jaw, the pain immense. The wound continued to hiss and smoke, bolstered by fury, until it finally begin to fuse shut, burning and hissing. He continued to strain, dropping to one knee until finally the wound had burned and fused shut. Draining one of the guards would have restored the wound but the warning about its addictive effects had made him very cautious as to its employment. He rose, still holding the sonic blaster. He was unsure what approach to take. Should he try for a more defensive approach or go full assault? He ruled out defensive. Machine guns would ignore the lightsaber. Offense then. He looked at one of the fallen's machine guns. He picked it up. It was a light model, meant for mobile use. The barrel was of average length, with what looked to be an open bolt, drum-fed design set in polymer black furniture with a ringed sight system. He grasped it, noting it was made for larger hands but he could adjust. The caliber looked to be 5.56x45. "Mr. Vonnar," he grunted. "I think we might have to disappoint Fuduxa a little." He turned to the tunnel leading deeper into the facility. "Probably shoring up defence," he muttered. "The chieftain is somewhere at the top of this tower which apparently has a rather large auxiliary facility underneath. One Fuduxa neglected to mention," he grumbled, irritated. "We need to play this smart. Obviously, we are out numbered. So here is what we are gonna do. They are gonna try and get him out of here soon. We need to get through whatever is beyond us quickly now. That means offence. We spare some we spare some. But, don't go crying over split Barabel," he joked, marching forward. He heard shuffling and opened fire on two red and green armored Barabel Warriors. They dropped as the armor piercing rounds penetrated their tough hide. Another burst of fire from his gun tore through the head of another armored warrior as he cleared out into what looked like a wide open workshop for black smithing. Forges and smithing equipment hung from great racks and great assembly tables for hand made armor lay in the middle, circular and silvery. Smoke was channeled out through special vents in the rock itself. The workers were gone. Green and red armored guards, hiding behind hastily set up metal barricades opened fire as soon as he came out. He ducked, diving behind a droid work bench and heard the metal bullets whiz over him, some impacting against thick cover which only protected him so much. Going through too much sensory imput to process the burning pain his leg was still in, Karter shut it out, focusing all his will on the Dark Side. He disappeared, the light and Force bending around him until he had disappeared. He shot up, running towards a different cover, a clay forge. Not good. Sixteen men. All armed with assault rifles and machine guns. Good cover too. He let his gun point at the ground while he decloaked and peeked from cover. He was close to the barricade, but they had broken up, searching the room for him. He snapped to a hip fire position and sprayed the area in front of him. Three went down. He cloaked and sprinted and ducked away from returning fire, getting behind a knocked over metal table. The roar of gunfire was so loud his ears rang. He saw one trying to flank him and he burst fired, hitting the Barabel in the chest. Where the hell was Kal?
  5. HPOR--SF

    Is there anything else I should fix, Jeka?
  6. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Karter had encountered unpleasant fauna in the Galaxy before. It was an unfortunate consequence of his lifestyle. The Nexu on deralia, the sand demons of Tattooine, that...man...in that basement on Arkania. A rancor or two. But he had rarely encountered a creature so monstrous. For one, given the glimpses out the corner of his eye, the six legged creature combined the worst of all worlds. It didn't move like a normal heavy predator. Its movement was more reminiscent of a large spider scurrying towards shelter in a hot desert. Or in this case, prey. The disturbing part was that in spite of how desperately he was running due to its incredible pace, its legs seemed to fall slowly, out of sync with the rushing ground under its legs. The Barabel's perimeter guard had run the second they spotted it coming their way, forgetting all about him for the moment. He would have cloaked himself with the Force, but that required more concentration than he could summon running for his life. Something flitted past him almost hitting his ear. The corner of his eye caught it, a barbed tentacle coming from the pair of short arms on a towering brown and white torso that ended in a six eyed head and too many long sharp teeth. Vonnar hadn't just made Karter look like a fool, he had done it without any effort. Maybe he leaned toward long cons. In spite of the horrible beast chasing him to that rocky tower in the rain across a scorched landscape, the thought that he had misjudged Kal, and that his employee was gonna be laughing at his corpse as he took his ship one of these days, made Karter resolve never to take his eye off the ex-nobleman again. He'd known plenty of rich people when he worked the upper Coronet beat. Many were clods, but their ruthlessness in many cases had put even the most cutthroat criminals in the blue sector to shame. He heard firing, Kal shouting, but could not make it out in the rain. Karter wondered whether or not he should purchase a Durgolosk to have it chase Vonnar just because. The whip-cracks of the tentacles through the air shook him back to focus, and he spotted a large crack in the earth about his size-- The Force screamed a warning and his red blade came up, deflecting a bolt as he dove into the crevace, shoving his saber into the rock as he dropped to slow the descent downward, just barely getting clear of the tentacles as he fell, his saber suddenly cutting through air as he ran out of rock. He landed hard, saber tumbling out of his hand, yelled as he felt something in his knee rattle. He rolled onto the ground, clutching his leg in pain, feeling for breaks, fractures, though in truth he couldn't tell from his adrenaline and the fact he had just averted death by tentacle dominated a good deal of his thought process. He heard it roar, saw its tentacles search from the top of the opening to the lip of its bottom. He crawled to his saber, hearing it roar. But then there was blaster fire. Not Kal. Someone else. The Barabel were rallying. He looked around him. Looked like a natural cavity in the ground, a fissure leading into it. He wasn't sure he could get out again. Not on his own. He grasped at the Dark Side, forcing it to obey him, clutched it tight in his mental hand as he made it extend his perceptions, through the earth. Through the ground. As he had been taught in a sense on Tattooine. The sensation of drowning in sand had never been forgotten. Buried alive had been a special form of torture, and he used that despair and fear to seep into the earth, feel loose rocks and sand, feel for disturbances that might give away other things about this cavity. A tug in his mind through the ground put his focus on a cavity wall. He tapped it. Didn't sound stable. Or thick. This led to somewhere. Limping, Karter walked over to it, shoving a red blade into it. The saber would get through the rock, but it was still a lot of rock. He actually had a little bit of trouble. More than he should have, even given the fact it was rock. He thought about this planet's conditions and wondered of the daytime exposure to such high levels of energy and radiation had not somehow made the ground more tolerant to high energy sources. Wouldn't be the same effect as cortosis, but it was an interesting possibility. Than again, he was no scientist. As he finished cutting, a glimmer caught his eye. It jutted out, lit by faint light on its tip through a small rock. He went over, and picked it up. It looked like some sort of ore deposit, broken off from somewhere. It ended in a sharp point, the crystal tip jutted out of the other end in a dip. He checked the interior of the cavity. It didn't look like it came from here. He looked at the crevice. It might have fallen from the surface. Prone to curiosity in spite of his situation, he slipped the stone into a pouch on his radiation suit and refocused on the hole he had cut. His hands jutted out, and he focused his hatred on the cut portion. His frustration at his set back making it shift out slowly but surely. The strain was not so bad as it would have been had he not been well versed in telekinesis by this point. Uno's doing. She had stressed to him early on the importance of practical telekinesis and its multipurpose use. Not just for offense but to get past barriers otherwise insurmountable. She had been especially keen to stress that tiny objects could be as useful as large ones in the right circumstances. The strain grew as it finally cleared of the hole he cut. He dropped it, and looked beyond. It was a natural cavern, not too high or wide, but stretching into the distance. He spotted what looked to be trible markings. And then he heard shouting. He looked at the piece he had cut away and spotted parts of a wall. That place had been sealed off. He saw shadows, shouting. He concentrated, fighting past the pain and going into a Force Shroud. His experience with being shot by the Mandalorian had given him greater ability to focus past pain to use the Force, to feed on it, in fact. Stoking all the bottled frustration at having been brought into this squabble, he commanded the Force to cover him, blending him into the shadow and light itself, until he disappeared from view. Gone. Not like it had been with the cloak, but gone. Vanished. Barabel in heavy plated armor stormed the cavity, silent. They carried what looked like slugthrower machine guns. Looked off world. Czerka stuff, likely. It occurred to him that Barabel was an untapped resource. Smugglers must be making a killing bringing stuff here. There was no real republic presence...the radiation and the heat and the vicious predators made keeping a force here impractical. One could do a lot of things with the lack of an occupying military force. He began to consider the possibility of this place as a hide-out as he watched them search for him. Kal was going to polish the whole damned engine room when this was over.
  7. I came up with this a few days ago. Name: The Star Priory Intent: To create something for Cambul that he acquires during the timeskip. Manufacturer: Naldi Starworks LTD (No longer exists) Affiliation: Individual Production Rate: Unique Starship Type: Light Corvette Armaments: No armaments Modifications: At the time it was built, it contained a particularly sophisticated sensor array, able to detect possible dangers and other starships at ranges twice that of most other starships of its age, and its shields were considered high quality at the time they were designed. But due to the modern age, the shields can take only four shots as to the six they used to, due both to the age of the devices generating the shield, and the more sophisticated weapons of the era. The very fact they can still take so much damage in spite of this is testament to how ahead of its time it was. Its armor can only take one hit. Its engines have great speed: When pushed, the ship can keep up with an defender-class corvette in a straight away race. Starship Appearance: The ships front is a spherical section with a small transmission tower deliberately designed like a wrought iron version of the Jedi temple mounted on the top of the sphere. The engineering section and ion thrusters connect to this sphere via a long, cigar shaped section that contains two additional quarters and a corridor to the large, cube shaped engineering section. The thrusters connected via smooth, coil shaped pylons on its sides resemble the jet engines of the RL SR-71. The front of the Sphere has a gentle, curving forward structure which ends in a point two meters from the sphere. The exterior, as well as the interior, has an extremely gothic feel to its aesthetics--the outside and inside of the ship has a stark gray color, the ship's running lights on the sides are mounted in spherical, twisted metal cages and the point on the front resembles the top of a wrought iron fence point. The side viewing ports resemble those in ancient cathedrals. The cockpit viewport has a mounted, abstract relief of an angel above it. The severe, sharp design continues inside, with the Cathedral aesthetic becoming even more prominent. Archways leading to all major sections end in a sharp, leaf shape that flows into the next room. The lnterior lights are florescent frosted transparisteel spheres mounted on key sections of corridors and rooms to ensure maximum lighting and emit a soft golden glow that is calibrated to not hurt the eyes. The aesthetic creeps into every piece of tech on the ship, from computer screens mounted in shrine-like alcoves with small candle shaped flourescent lights mounted on posts above the screens. The front sphere contains most of the living quarters of its singular inhabitant, consisting of three small decks, with the middle deck connecting to the rest of the ship. Cambul's personal quarters are at the top deck, and is a deliberately bare, spartan chamber with the circular bed recessed into the floor, some small steps leading to it. A thin touch screen computer display, mounted in a sharp, pointed, black durasteel archway a few meters from the bed allows Cambul to access all the locks in the ship, disable power, or access security screens that display visual feeds for the engineering section. The screen can also play his mothers audio logs. A rectangular cube-like cabinet which raises from the floor contains weapon mounts for his lightsabers and spare crystals. The middle deck contains the cockpit, which, while perfectly functional and easily used, has an appearance that tends to remind one of a church organ key board, with every function labeled clearly, the cockpit seats are comfy, seeming to melt into the floor, the sides and back resembling a curving, almost throne-like aesthetic. The bottom deck of the sphere contains the Galley, med-bay, and cybernetics repair bay...as well as a bedroom sized private church to his mother's personal concept of God. All decks are connected by a narrow staircase and emergency ladder. The Hyperdrive itself was encorporated into the gothic construction of the rest of the ship, the engineering section containing it bearing a more angelic theme then the rest of the ship, with simple black, humanoid figures with wings painted on the walls. The Hyperdrive seems to be mounted inside a simple chamber the color of stone, its outer protective casing resembling a black, cylindrical hourglass. It was designed to have all its components easily accessible and repaired. The engines are designed for efficiency and ease of repair like the hyperdrive, but even their sections have an alter-like concept in the way the walkways, computer terminals and access containers for needed equipment is handled, without compromising the ships ability to function. The guest quarters are sand colored versions of Cambul's bed room, though those contain abstract images of six winged birds on the walls, though they lack anything but a lock access otherwise. Length: longer than the Defender class by seventy percent its length. Height: 90 Meters (front sphere) 40 meters (Everything else) Weight: seventy five percent more than the Defender Class Armament Rating: None Maneuverability Rating: Low Speed Rating: High Defense Rating: Above Average Strengths: High Speed: Madeline Naldi designed the engines to produce brute force speed in the most efficient and safe manner possible, encorporating every engineering technique she could think of to both reduce fuel consumption and stress on the engine for long periods of time, as well as making the design exceptionally tough. At the time it was designed, it was an exceptionally fast ship for its size and still is, though given that its design is three hundred years out of date, it can only barely keep up with the Defender class light corvette, though its engines are exceptionally hardy and can operate for longer, due to the fact every precaution was taken to make sure the engine could continue to function even after significant periods of abuse and wear and could be quickly repaired, like every other system on the ship. Plus, when power is drained to minimal and diverted to the engine carefully, the ship can go slightly faster than the Defender, But only for a short time of ten minutes. High Defense: Madeline Naldi contracted an Arkanian engineer for help in creating the ship shields. Arkanian designs were very advanced for their era when it came to energy related tech and between his forward thinking and her strict demand for efficiency and reliability produced a custom heavy shield system. As there are no weapons to use, more power could be diverted to maintenance of strong defense. It was so ahead of its time its still capable of resisting strong weapons fire, up to four shots. The armor is old though, and can only sustain one shot. Ruggedized systems: Every system was designed to be tough and capable of continuing to function even after taking damage. They can even slightly resist emp damage, with back up components kicking in, in the event an emp hits the ship, though this is weak protection at best. All computer programs and systems are designed to be easily understood and accessed, and repaired. Strong Sensors: The sensor system is very reliable, and designed to detect threats at high ranges for a ship its size. Though easily jammed by modern ECM tech, on its own the sensor system can easily detect low power emissions with a reliability that competes with modern military sensors, save for their age and more limiting size and difficulty of calibrating. Weaknesses: No weapons: Madeline Naldi was a pacifist late in life, and forbade weapons of any kind from being encorporated in her ships, either during the design or after she sold the ships. One must rely on its high speed and defense to survive. Low manuverability: At the time it was created, the ships profile rendered manuverability average among ships of its day, though it could now be classified as low due to its outdated design. Outdated Design: Despite its forward thinking for the time it was created, nothing can change the fact it is behind the times. Its systems function slower and while fast, it takes time for the engines to push the ship to the absolute top speed, and its shields regenerate slower than its modern equivalents. The computer systems are slower and the hyperdrive is from a time when people were transitioning away from the use of hyperspace beacons in their travel, and thus while it is easily repaired, the age of the systems and compatibility issues with modern components will almost certainly lead to retrofits down the road. Lack of upgradeability: The ship, while tough, fast, and rugged, not much thought was given to upgradeability. It was supposed to be a peaceful, quiet vessel meant to stay out of heavy engagements, built only to survive. It lacks the ability to take any real modifications beyond what it has. Description: The Star Priory is a light corvette class personal starship designed during the era in which the war of Exar Kun occured. It was made with some of the best tech of the age, though today, its outdated design renders its performance slow and unable to compete with modern engines and designs on more than certain base levels, such as speed and protectiveness. It is meant to avoid fights and escape unanticipated trouble, and lacks modability. Its sensors are sensitive with a wide range. It is best an exploratory vessel that doubles as a somber home. Its harsh but beautiful design intrigues the eye and the inside feels peaceful and elegant. The Stellar Priory was one of the last vessels created by Naldi Starworks LTD, a small artisinal starship design firm owned and ran by the Former Jedi Weapon Master Madeline Naldi, who left the Order under her own choice for reasons she never disclosed. Madeline Naldi was obsessed in secret with her concept of God, a female angel covered in green armor that represented the Light Side of the Force. All her ships were designed to secretly pay homage to this God, bearing angelic themes and influences from ancient cathedrals and temples in their interiors. As a result, the ships bear a distinctly gothic appearance at times. The Stellar Priory was her Personal Starship, designed to ferry her and her close kin through the stars. Only Cambul practiced her strange religion with her as a boy, and it would later influence many of his beliefs during the time he tried to form his own community of pacifists...minus the God. When the Naldi Family was destroyed by their rivals, Naldi Starworks LTD executives hid Madeline Naldi's personal ship in a vacuum sealed hanger full of spare parts in Boz Pity, done on Madeline's orders so her family's rivals in the Tapani Sector could not seize it for a personal trophy. Cambul uncovered its location by exploring one of his last secret accounts, uncovering the ships location from a datapad in a safe-deposit box on Nar Shaddaa. Madeline almost certainly hid the vessel for her beloved son as a last birthright to pass on to him in the event of her bloodlines end. The Naldi Family produced Jedi Swordsman for generations out of the Tapani sector before being murdered in a surprise attack by one of the largest royal houses in the Tapani Sector. The Family crest, a silvery spider whose legs cradle the Ashla symbol, is on the underside of the sphere section exterior, faintly visible.
  8. HPOR--SF

    Edited the submission itself, and instead made the internals a combination of proprietary blastech stuff and inspiration from old Mandalorian designs, since I remember seeing on Wookieepedia a weapon called a Combat Enforcer, that was said to have a number of features in common with Mandalorian weapons while not being made by them personally.
  9. HPOR--SF

    I could increase the ammo to forty shots. The shots use a high amount of tibanna, which could be why ammo is so limited. As for the damage it does to raw tissue, I was thinking it could do bad charring to the organs. But in limited circumstances, wounds to the torso might be survivable, depending on quality of armor. If pertinent medical aid was immediately provided, it is possible to survive, though the subject will need cybernetics. (I'm not sure how well that bits going to go over tbh, I just worry about the rifle being too unfair to players but I could be wrong.) Its Semi-Auto, and has a range of ninety meters. And yes, I meant personal armor.
  10. HPOR--SF

    Question One: This weapon would be for everyone. Not just my character. Anyone who has the training and money can by it. Question Two: I think so. Maybe Merr-Sonn or Blastech. Were you thinking of Tenloss, Kure? Or Black Sun? Three: I didn't want it to just be an anti-Jedi, anti-heavy armor, but something that could provide high amounts of power and reliability without having to be too exceptional in its weight. I wanted the weapon to be a sort of "half-way mark" between an assault blaster and heavier models, something juuuust on the verge of heavier territory, but is still more portable and easier to carry than most heavy models. Four: It would. Chen's right, other models can do the same thing, A heavier model could deliver the power but would be cumbersome. A sonic weapons range is much shorter. Slug throwers are too underpowered and have ranges where their ammo becomes inaccurate and there are other considerations. The weapon is meant to be a more portable, easier to use heavy weapon type than is typical :It shoots more accurately and at greater ranges than slugthrowers and sonics, hits very hard and can keep a small squad staying behind thick cover, and has more still in common with assault rifles, keeping costs down in the long run for making it. The kinetic impact on lightsabers was just a bonus, and can be removed.
  11. HPOR--SF

    Well, I didn't want it to be solely to cause problems for Jedi, but a powerful accurate weapon good against most targets, but not completely overpowered. If it really is too much problem i can lose the kinetic impact feature, just have it be a really powerful rifle with the previous medium range features I suggested, just have it be a Blastech model.
  12. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    The rain pounded endlessly. The slog through rough, rocky terrain was bad enough. But the way the rain pounded relentlessly on his radiation suit was maddening. The night was nothing but thunder, and flashes of lightning over a cloud filled sky. He couldn't tell whether what locals he had met were simply curious about him and the boy who was clearly out of his element or wanted to kill them both. If Fuduxa was an example, they were a hard people to read, and harder to intimidate. This might be harder than he thought but he needed that payment. The bottom made a man desperate. Kal so far had impressed him with the level of insanity he was willing to tolerate at a given moment. That was a good survival trait if practiced in the right doses. A poor one if indulged too often. After a long trek through a barren scorchscape they came across a swamp, just as the Barabel had said. He was already in a full Force Cloak when Kal was spotted by the Captain, who had apparently been making an unexpected excursion into the swamp area to sweep for threats, immediately sounded the alarm by screaming into his comlink. Karter drew his lightsaber, and decloaked when the Barabel noticed raindrops falling on a humanoid shaped shimmer and started firing a blaster rifle. He slipped into his form one stance, still not confident enough in form three or six to try and employ them fully. He MIGHT get away with Soresu, given his experience on Deralia with it, but for now he stuck with what he knew. It was a trying task to know the form of Uno. It was simple, but that belied a deadliness in that simplicity. Form one had proven itself too many times for him to doubt it. The crude, chopping, blocky swipe that batted away two bolts aimed at his chest as he charged went wild into the air. The blade soon reached an arm and both legs, and the Barabel went screaming as he dropped to the rocky, sharp terrain. He heard the roar of a beast in the distance of the swamp, which showed red trees and flowers growing out of water constantly splashed by rain. He spotted cocoon like pods on som of them. "Kal!" He called out, running as he sensed the approaching Durgolosk. He spotted the rocky spire leading to the cave in the distance. "The Durgolosk is coming! Don't let it catch you. In the distant flashes, he saw the multilegged, sharp toothed monstrosity roar. Its giant but somehow slender frame onky adding to its threatening nature. Nature had clearly never intended it to be anyone's buddy. The roar sounded like a bad power coupling smothered by a pillow and turned up on a microphone. And when it spotted him it immediately charged. He charged the Force into his legs and took off running. "Kal! Its supposed to be chasing YOU NOT ME!" Karter shouted angrily, annoyed that Kal had somehow switched places with him. How had the boy done that? Con him? God, was he that sloppy? The Durgolosk's heavy, multilegged frame waded through the swamp with frightening speed. Karter was cursing Kal as he ran for the spire, the snapping jaws of the beast he had disturbed right behind him.
  13. HPOR--SF

    Well, as to why Blastech would use imperial designs, I was trying to draw on real life in how governments and companies sometimes reverse engineer captured enemy tech to improve their one, like how the soviets captured motor cycle and rocket factories. Or Operation Paperclip. I can drop the whole black market manufacturing thing, say its just a newly released though very expensive Blastech product based of captured Imperial Blueprints from whatever planet or section of the empire handled that sort of thing but I still would like it to retain a heavy kinetic effect on lightsabers.
  14. HPOR--SF

    Well all of the background can be changed, but as for the Empire getting chiss technology, I had been thinking, well, exchanges between them can't be in a vacuum. Someone must have taken apart a charric somewhere at some point. I could say it was born from an Imperial study of maser-related tech if that would make it easier. As for the strengths and weaknesses, I could just make it a high powered short to medium range weapon and adjust its specs?
  15. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    "If they attack, don't be stupid. Hide. Run. They'll be too busy focused on that Durgolosk anyway. I'll make sure you clear the space, then I go in, kill that chief, and we get our money. Any one gives us trouble...they'll wish they hadn't." Karter rose up as Fuduxa handed him a small holoprojector that contained map coordinates. "Look, its not that complicated, Vonnar. We take a long, not-relaxing stroll through severe downpour, go into a swamp with a vicious predator. We antagonize said Predator. Said predator chases you to the meeting site, where they'll be too busy trying to kill the Durgolosk to shoot you. Blah blah, lightsabers. Blah blah dead chief. Profit. Couldn't be simpler. You won't really be doing anything except running for your life. And besides, if there is anything you should be good at, its running for your life!" Karter said to his employee jovially. "I'll be with you the whole way, Mr. Vonnar. He was telling the truth on that. He needed Kal alive. Kal was his pilot. It was only the necessity of breaking him in to danger and stress that forced his current action. Vonnar would be useless if he was not exposed to danger. It would let Karter know what Kal excelled at. And what required improvement. So far, Kal had demonstrated he wasn't stupid. He asked questions, did not leap blindly, but Karter would be surprised if Kal took no initiative during this. This was as much a test of Kal's ability to function under rapidly changing and unknown variables as it was making money. Karter wasn't sure Kal would pass it. But hey, he had been surprised before. "If you are to go, you must go now. Move quickly, but carefully," Fuduxa warned. Karter began walking out, heading for the surface. He kept a steady pace so Kal could follow. If nothing, else, the stroll there would give them a chance for taking in the scenery.