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  1. Fear in Reflection

    One Month After Tenebris's Resurgence Korriban, The Valley of the Dark Lords and the Sith Academy Shifting back and forth as he walked, the red sands of Korriban crunched under the foot falls of the three men before him - the unlikely trio that would guide him to his destination. The Sith Lord had found transport to the Sith homeworld through contacting scavengers who sought the prizes that the Sith had left behind at the end of their time. Masking himself with the appearance of his younger self before the dark side had corrupted him, the Sith had tricked others into believing he was a researcher and doing a project on the former house of Sideralis on Alderaan, masking himself in simple clothing over his tattered robes and worn armor. He looked the part, and with what funds he could draw from, he was capable of funding an expedition to the Sith Academy among less-savory treasure hunters. Credits ruled the galaxy now, alongside the Republic's tyrannical grasp - two things Tenebris hadn't imagined possible this deep into the galaxy. While his walk was staggered, he put on the illusion of someone much weaker to appear susceptible to betrayal, realizing his former state of being crippled by the dark side could potentially be something to trick others into believing he was weak. Countless teeth marks sat along his tongue from when he faked coughing up blood, appearing to be an ailing man, yet the hunters merely laughed at the idea that a dying and sick youth wanted to study the remnants of Darth Atrox - and what he may have left in Imperial Space. He could feel their intent through the Force, but he feigned smiles and followed behind them as they were taken through security, creating an illusion within the Force of a simple chrono tied to a durasteel chain for the reason it was sensed that the man had something metallic on him - a family relic, and as soon as the Sith Lord disappeared, so to did the amulet each time. The sun of Korriban bore it's heavy weight down upon the group, their armor covered in heavy clothes that were soaked to keep themselves from being exposed entirely to the heat and to cool down. The Valley of the Dark Lords, the surrounding tombs casting massive shadows as the sun rose up over the crevice as the Sith Academy loomed in the distance, with it's shape, while damaged, still standing as a symbol of the Sith's reign. Countless broken vases and broken sandstone surrounded the Sith and his guides, the ransacking of the tombs evident as the beasts that once roamed the valley retreated back within the darkness of their tombs to protect the relics their masters had designed them to do - yet the Sith Lord could feel the presence of a pack loom from the side, their snarling jaws and the quills that stood on their back showed that they were starved and were beasts without any design - things that took down countless Sith and troopers, as well as Mandalorians for merely trespassing within their hunting grounds, with the vicious creatures being known to take down even Sith Lords and Jedi Masters. "Looks like the Sith knelt to their new masters and died quickly, aye?" The words of one of the treasure hunters echoed through the Sith's illusion as his teeth became bared, the mocking laugh caused the researcher to quickly turn his anger into a smile, letting out a half-hearted chuckle as he whispered inaudible words before eyeing the tukata that were following them. In truth, the scars that he had on his body were reminders of the ferocity of the tukata and their packs, and as quickly as he had his masks fading as the billowing tattered cloak materialized through the illusion. Masked in his old mask, the crack down the center of the visor looking like a scar, his armor bearing as many scars as his body - yet it did not limit it's capabilities. "Living your lives must be torture, just scavenging the remains of a corpse like carrion. Your purposes have been fulfilled, I thank you for your services." Speaking in his hollowed tone, the Tenebris drew on the Force to fold space before him and in front of the group as his position swapped from behind them to before them - his hands reaching out to seize the throat of the furthest two as the third panicked and watched as the Sith lifted his head and seized the man in a telekinetic field of Force energies. Watching the two struggle as the Sith drew on the dark side of the planet, their hands reaching for their weapons to try and blast him, the Sith quickly fed on the dark side to enhance his own physical strength to snap the neck of the one in his right hand before dropping the lifeless body as the blaster bolt struck him in the chest. The pain was felt as the armor was burned through, exposing what remained underneath unprotected as Tenebris's burned chest was exposed. Without his lightsabers, Tenebris was not defenseless, but he had relied on his armor too much prior, and truthfully the pain was welcomed - even with his arm faltering in it's vice-like grip, he could feel the cauterized flesh sizzle and the pain it entitled. Feeding on the raw emotion of pain, the Sith drew on the dark side and the Force together to fold space once more and forced the man suspended in the air watch the Sith Lord disappear and his companion as well. Appearing off in the distance, standing on top of the tomb that lead to the Sith Academy, Tenebris felt his energies waver as the man beside him panicked. The hunger, the dark side flowing freely through him, it was so tempting to just draw on it all and embrace his own demise - instead, the Sith turned his head towards the man that had shot him and let out a laugh. The experience of going through something like that was jarring, to bend reality and to draw on one's own reserves - yet for someone with no grasp or imagination, it was probably the most painful and ludicrous thing ever imaged. "You are my prisoner now. Walk with me or I will remove every organ from your body while you are still alive." Speaking as he reached out with his free hand to remove his helmet, Tenebris's eyes glowed their typical molten appearance and the scars that sat on his face became more apparent than before - the dark side amplifying the negatives of the man's appearances. Dropping the man as he closed his eyes and exhaled loudly, his ability to travel like that took it's toll, but he would not feed on the man's life energies yet. Clenching his fist as he watched the man scramble for his blaster, the Sith crushed the blaster with enough telekinetic pressure to explode the powerpak and looked at the treasure hunter with a look of someone far too unimpressed to be threatened. "If you scream and try to run, I will break each and every bone and then use the knife that is situated on the back of your belt to cut out your tongue, now walk." Clicking his tongue as he surgically spoke to the man, disarming him with his threats he smiled as he knew the man that was left would try and run to report that a Sith was on the planet. Unfortunately, the tukatas that had been following them would eat him before he made it halfway back - a shame, truthfully, but a necessary situation for the Sith to find what once belonged to him. Every Kaar of Sith Philosophy had left a part of themselves in the Sith Academy, and Tenebris had left something far too important there. Walking with the grace he once held, his vision and mind swam back to the years prior. The Sith Acolytes fighting in the courtyard, their training sabers striking against one another before a sickening blow landed and brought the other combatant to the ground, shattering bone and bringing the match to a finish. The Sith Academy stood as a beacon of what it would take for the Sith to reignite the war, yet after countless skirmishes the Sith had successfully laid low the Jedi repeatedly - yet they had finally had enough and brought the full force of the Republic on an unprepared Empire. Then the vision swapped to the Inquisition walking alongside their Kaar, their much more violent approach and their own personal style of hunting lightside practitioners being shown by their practical armor and the tools they had at their disposal being displayed on their person and through their skillset, and the woman he had once loved walked alongside him. "Sanguira." Speaking in a quiet tone, he looked up at the ruins of the Sith Academy before discarding the damaged cuirass and looking at the male who staggered behind him and dragged his feet. Continuing into the main chamber, the Sith looked upon the toppled monolith in the center of the chamber and the scattered lightsabers and ruined cloth of those that defended it until their dying breath. Feeling the treasure hunter move before him to marvel at the ruins before him, the Sith shot out his arm and seized the man by the scruff of his clothed hood, yanking him before him as the fear became apparent in the man's eyes, though Tenebris only smiled before dragging him to the left most hallway of the Sith Academy, dragging the treasure hunter towards the one room Tenebris had reinstated. The thudding of the man and the pain of each step as his legs and knees struck the stairs sounded down the stairway towards the altar in the center of the room, the blood pool still very full from the Sithspawn that had continued to make it their nest. Throwing the male into the pool of blood, Tenebris watched the man cough and empty his stomach into the pool as the stench and taste of blood filled the man's taste buds and senses, the man panicking as he tried to scurry away from the pit only to slip and swallow more blood, blood soon filling his nostrils and choking him. Pulling off one of his gauntlets, the Sith withdrew the vibroknife from his boot and ran it along his hand before stepping into the pool with the panicking treasure hunter. "To submerge a skull inside this pool of blood summoned a Sithspawn from the blood of the deceased, but that required the skull of something long since dead.. let us see what is summoned by sacrificing a living being to the pool..." Hand seizing the back of the man's head, he submerged the treasure hunter's head deep into the pool and stared at the blood in the dark, the only light coming from the sconces that surrounded the chamber, the eternal flames of the Sith Academy never truly dying. The struggle the male put up was admirable, but for the revitalized Tenebris this was a simple task from his days as the Kaar of Sith Philosophy - fulfill the need of the dark side and be rewarded. To grasp the unknown and form it into a weapon; to let go of the emotions of humanity such as needless love and fear; to conquer the unknown and those that refused to kneel. That was the ideals of the Sith, and the ideals Tenebris still held onto. Unfortunately, the amount needed to be sacrificed was never specified and Tenebris would continue to make sacrifices to the pool and live out his days within the ruins of his former home - seated upon the remaining council throne that sat across from the entrance, the rest destroyed or covered in blood and skeletons, a true council of macabre. Situated in the man's hand was a standard warblade, nothing special, but it was a weapon he had been seeking to reclaim - the blade roughly the length of a vibroweapon and the materials a bit more sturdier than a vibroblade, but not a true Sith warblade. Korriban, Dreshdae the Port City Two Days Later Through luck or merely the mercy of the dark side, the one treasure hunter that had been left alone had survived and dragged his bloody and mauled body to the city. He would never be the same, but he could speak still, albeit poorly thanks to large gash that cut through his cheek entirely and severed his tongue in half. Even kolto patches weren't capable of replacing flesh and muscle, but the guards that had discovered the dying man knew the words of an insane man when they were spoken. The fear and pain that the man experienced led many to believe he was insane and broken beyond repair, but the words rang with some within port city. "A shadow stalks the valley and takes those that it deems worthy." And with that, more victims came to find if this shadow existed and more sacrifices would be welcomed to the blood pool below the Sith Academy. The mask formed through the darkness embodying the shadow that they feared and those that were foolish enough to leave their pack of adventurers or soldiers were embraced by the shadow and sacrificed to the dark side. Few survived the attacks, and few made it back like the first - but those that did knew the shadow was inhuman. Word escaped the planet and while merely passed off as folklore created by those haunted by the spirits of the Valley and those that still feared the Sith, it did make it's way to the Nirauan and those that answered the call would meet the same fate the others experienced, but those that tried to come during the night would find there was no shadow within the valley that attacked them. Those that came at night realized the threat Korriban still held in it's plentiful Sithspawn that were no pushovers though, and that a pack of tukata and snake-like creatures corrupted by the dark side made their home within the area before the Sith Academy, with another pack of tuk'ata situated within the main chamber. The sacrifices drew creatures of the dark side to the Sith Academy, and their hunger amplified with each passing day. OOC Information
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  7. Every Wrong is Right

    As if a wraith to the rest of the galaxy, the Sith Lord moved with the grace of a ghost and approached the ruins, his senses flaring and burning at the impending danger ahead of him - yet, the male was cloaked in the dark side. Within his hands sat the tome he had planned on giving to his apprentice, the secrets of masking one's presence physically and metaphysically - yet the man's was incomplete. While his presence was blocked from the galaxy and his features obscured by the darkness that he cloaked himself with, he was simply a shadow peering over the structures erected amongst the rubble. Enslavement of his people.. no, his former people. The sight would've brought anger to the man, but instead a blissful sense of fulfillment coursed over his revivified being. The weak were meant to be chained, meant to serve, and for all their own flare, the Sith Empire was built on pleasure before power. The mighty Sith Empire had fallen, had suffered at the hands of all previous Emperors and the former Kaars of Military Defense; Pollux, Vitiate, Cideon, Valerian, Avaris, and Atrox - they were protected and left to stagnate by those they viewed as their leaders. The thought brought a smile to the man's lips, curling slowly into a grin as he remembered the battles of Dromund Kaas and Bastion - the destruction of the Sith and Imperials that would cover the land in the downpour of their blood to ripen it for something new to rise from it. Pathetically it was an alliance between the Jedi and the Sith, led by a council of fools that would eventually rip each other's throats out. Verrin, the lowly librarian, was secure in his library, yet he did not fall entirely to stagnation, he had sought out conflict and created it, willingly or not, by merely existing and would probably be the last to fall to stagnation - yet his heart held onto the weaknesses that plagued him always, but perhaps it wasn't weakness to the Zabrak. Evastus, the shortsighted clone that was a tool of the Mother Machine and a pawn to the unknowing Sanguira, did his best to be a copy of what was formerly Atrox - given a name by the dark side after it realized it was no longer the shadow that overlooked the ruins. The Sith were guarded once more, seeking out ways to destroy the Republic's grip on the throat of the galaxy, yet they chose to rely on the assistance of the Jedi and the weak. Stepping forward as his cloak billowed behind him, Atrox let the Force guide him down the the rubble that has erected a crater around the encampment, his gaze shifting from one building to another. So many paths came forth from the Force guiding him, yet so many were contradictory to what the man sought. In one path he would infiltrate the encampment and slaughter them all, strewing their bodies on the durasteel pillars as a reminder of Korriban, reminding the Republic of the Sith and the Sith of what had happened when they reclaimed their legacy - sweet poetry, but not one that befit the return of Atrox. In another path, Atrox was caught and brought to heel before the senate and executed on the holo-net, symbolizing the downfall of the Sith and the Republic regaining more power to seek out the alliance - perhaps the most fitting end for the former Dark Lord of the Sith, but not one he was privy too. Instead the man chose the most reasonable path; to simply observe. Perching himself upon one of the durasteel outcroppings that had formed from the destroyed building, Atrox set his gaze down upon the encampment. Crackling lightning pierced the sky as it illuminated the camp, revealing the downtrodden - a mixture of Sith, Mandalorians, and even citizens were chained up like beasts, laboring away at their pointless tasks. Perhaps in the roughest part of the encampment, instead of typical bindings, many were stuck with shock collars and physical chains wrapped around their limbs, the durasteel tearing into flesh as they moved. Beasts shackled together and trained to be obedient, similar to Sith Acolytes and Apprentices - it was a pathetic sight. Drawing on the Force to cloak and wrap himself in it's energies, Atrox reached out with his mind and body to twist reality for a moment - catching a glimpse as his being blinked across the encampment and ended up on the other side as he clenched his chest tightly. To grasp techniques he could only imagine was a feat he was capable of doing, but it tore at his being and drew further from his reserves - and perhaps that was his only strength. He wasn't as potent of a sorcerer as Verrin, but his innate connection with the dark side and the Force itself allowed him to draw on the powers he had only witnessed or read about. Heaving as he felt his body shake from the strain put on it, he felt the Force cry outwards as his senses flared - his body quickly spinning around to see nothing. Instead his mind was plagued with visions of a group of individuals sneaking through the encampment. Fingers reaching up to touch his mask as he exhaled sharply, the Sith removed his mask and examined his lightsaber, taking in the aged details of the weapon before activating the blade. Throwing it behind him as it cut through the foliage and into the forest, the sound of a hissing noise and a thud sounded behind him before he pulled the weapon back with the Force, impaling the second target through the chest. Camouflaged and hunting the shade-like figure, the soldier that struggled with the weapon that was embedded in his chest looked at the Sith, who slowly pulled back his hood and let his mask release from the makeshift armor as it fell into the mud. Deactivating his weapon, Atrox let the weapon fall into the mud as the body slumped forward, only for a clawed gauntlet to reach out and seize the man's throat as he examined him closely. The man's eyes faded as blood slipped through what could only be cauterized so much, blood spilling from his lips as he tried to mouth words of frustration as he raised his sidearm, only for the Sith to place his hand over it and let the Force slowly crush it with his hand, eyes flaring as he watched the man attempt to cry out in agony. "Quiet, a soldier should embrace death instead of crying out in agony. Death is inescapable, and it catches up to us all in time..." Watching the man look up in panic as the Sith let the dark side flow freely from his being, he reached out once more and tore reality in two before disappearing with the male, leaving the bisected soldier, his mask and lightsaber remaining atop the chasms walls. Where he disappeared to, and what happened to the body, no one would know, but Atrox was far from done.
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  9. Every Wrong is Right

    Rawness gripped the Sith Lord's throat as he struggled to pull himself from the machine. Wires, tubes, and other items of experimentation coiled around his being and marked his flesh. Memories flooded back in an instant, hands finding no purchase as he tried to pull himself from the durasteel coffin that surrounded him. How long had he been gone, and how long had he been replaced? Fresh flesh had covered his muscles and bones, the youth having had returned to him - but at what cost? His children and Darth Sanguira, the four things he had cared for in his entire life had accepted this new mockery of him, and there was nothing he could have done besides watch. Watch as the clone had replaced him and formed alliances with the Jedi - in hopes of allowing the Sith to survive, wearing his title in hopes of commanding and misguiding them. Rage boiled within as the Force ebbed and flowed around him, the structure cracking and releasing air as struggled against the pressure within. Fury and rage boiled within Atrox, the mockery Evastus placed on his body and name only caused more energies to form. Ripping the durasteel coffin apart, the Sith Lord fell from the chamber onto the floor, his hand seizing the tubes that caused his throat to go raw and tearing them out as bile spewed forth from his lips, needles being torn from his flesh as his sulfuric eyes focused around him - drawing in the surroundings before letting out a howl of rage, cracking the stonework and durasteel beneath him as he pushed himself up. Ripping wires embedded through his flesh out as blood ran from his being, Atrox staggered back and gripped his coffin as the memories continued to plague him. His search for rejuvenation led him to the prison planet, but the true man found his solution on Dromund Kaas. Emerging from his cacophony of memories flooding his mind, the Sith could feel nothing left within him - no spirits, no phantoms, but only the dark side in it's purest form. The solution to his ailing health came with heeding the dark within, and not without, and as the long hair of the male dripped down around his feet, he could feel his physical senses return. No longer was his body relying on the Force to survive and to sense, instead he could feel the pain that came from the rawness in his throat, the ragged breaths that escaped his lungs and the wounds where the tubes and wires had been ripped out. There is no peace. Emerging from the ruins, dressed in a ragged robe and simple clothing underneath, Atrox did not appear regal, in fact, he appeared as he had once before - when the dark side beckoned him. Marked with the same scars as before, the stubble thick and bristly, while wet hair clung to his face. The battle that had raged years prior still marked Kaas, reminding the man of his own sacrifices and the sacrifice of the Sith Empire, their defeat and seclusion sitting on his mind as he felt a cold air cross over him. It wasn't the touch of death, it wasn't the spirits, it was a simple cold breeze that ran through him like a sword. Descending down steps towards the central courtyard where weapons laid, the man did not move to pick them up - his body shifting back and forth as his feet thudded against the cold stone. There was no danger, there was nothingness - the cold void that was Dromund Kaas. Thunder cracked in the distance as lightning pierced the sky, yet the man still did not turn his attention away from something that had caught his eye. Helmets of Republic troopers, charred robes of Sith, bones that had been picked clean by the carrion, and the endless battle scarred path guided him forward. Sulfuric pupils shifted from the thing that had caught his eye, shifting towards one of the nearby temples - the place of death and rebirth, the place he had been told of and had ignored. Instead of heading in the temple's direction, Atrox continued forward as foliage surrounded him. Time had faded, and was replaced by brief images and terrain that flooded through the man's senses - past, future, present, they flashed and appeared, but the man shuffled forward towards the thing that caught his eye. What had caught his eye, he did not even know. The warm embrace of his lover running against him only gave him the briefest pause, though the sensation turned to nothingness as he realized it wasn't him who she had embraced - it was his mockery, the Force taunting the man as the bottoms of his feet were torn apart. Peace had weakened him, had made him susceptible to the ideas of love, to the ideas of a family and dynasty - there was no peace, and no rest for the wicked. These chains were meant to be broken. Hours passed as the man walked and walked, his lips cracking and bleeding excessively as his ragged breath sounded out through his lips. A stone formation took form on the horizon as his feet soon fell into muck and water, the swamp finally welcoming him into the cold embrace of water and the stench of decay and filth, Moving forward, step by step, sloshing through the muck and water as his body attempted to give out, the Sith drew on his own reserves to push forward and to dull the pains he felt. Sunken eyes glanced down as he caught the reflection of himself in the murky water, an image of a paragon of the Republic - Jedi Master Kure Sideralis, one of many paths shown previously to the male, looked back with a grin. He could have been a savior, could have been something more than the fallen Sith Lord that shambled like a creature of the dark side. Too many what ifs, and too many failures, sat on the man's mind as he continued to move forward. He had his goal in mind, his eyes flashing red as he pushed through the miasma of his defeat. The robes that had been tightly clung around his being fell back into the murky waters as the man shed the layer, the robe floating down underneath the water and never rising again. Discarding weakness, the man let his hands fall down to his sides as the water got deeper, his fingers grazing the surface as the giant continued to walk. Where the water flowed, Atrox moved against it, replicating what he had done with the Force when it tried to guide him - when it offered him a simple solution, offered him the light. Just as the water rose and his body submerged, the Force beckoned to him to repel it from drowning him, his body reacting on it's own as he went through his own stupor. Death wouldn't come for the Sith, not while his spirit burned with the hatred. The Force will free me. Falling to his knees before the altar, Atrox blinked a few times before looking up - confusion crossing his features as he reached out a hand and placed it upon the warm stone before him. The shrine's walls were damaged and covered in vegetation that grew unnaturally and through the dark side of the Force. He had been there a few times before, originally when he was creating his first lightsaber and then previously while meditating on understanding the dark side. It had been somewhere he had been led to by another Sith Master while under the tutelage of Darth Avaris, then again while serving as the Emperor's Wrath - his life had been tied to the shrine, knitted to it by the ebb and flow of the Force. Shifting his weight as he stood to his full height, his body twitching irregularly as he drew on the Force, he placed his hand to the altar and caused vibrations of dark side energy to run through it, the man's sunken eyes shifting as he drew on the Force once more before it cracked open and splintered, stones embedding into the Sith's flesh before he threw both his hands to the side to clear away the rubble. Within it sat robes and a mask, tattered and damaged, but ones he had left to revere the dark side - a sacrifice to beckon it's power to him, to kill his past. Stupidity and wishful thinking summarized such a sacrifice, his hand reaching down to recover the tome that had been wrapped in the cloth of his old robes, retrieving the lightsaber that had also been wrapped up before setting both down onto the ground. Stripping away clothing, the man discarded his wet garments before placing on the old attire, trading the new for old - an irony that never escaped Atrox - the man slid his fingers along the mask and exhaled. His first mask, the one that he had worn back on Balmorra during his time as a Sith Apprentice, the thing that tied him to the Empire of Old, and the thing he would use to mask himself from the world. Slipping the mask over his face as he exhaled, he felt the cold durasteel press against his flesh before slipping the strap over his head, throwing his hood up. "The Sith will return through me, no longer am I bound by falsehoods and shafted ideals like this.. Evastus," speaking to himself as he scanned the shrine, his senses shifting to the Force as he reached out to finally grasp the life essence of a creature, drawing on the dark side to link it to him, the tukata's body slumping out of the shadows as it looked up towards the Sith Lord, "The shadows are my ally, and through them I will reclaim what is rightfully mine." Twisting his hand, Atrox snapped the beasts neck with the Force before turning on his heel and heading towards the ruins of Kaas City - if it could even be recognized as anything but obliterated duracrete and durasteel.
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  12. The Arrival

    The Sith'ari walked the halls of the High Tower with the his cloak draped lazily beneath his pauldrons and over his left arm. Garbed in a much more extravagant outfit than his typical armor and layered robes, black cloth embroidered with golden stitching sat over his large frame, the pieces of armor emblazoned with the same gold detail, taking the appearance of someone of noble heritage - much like he was, and such vanity was a curse for those that could indulge in such things. Stress from pushing his body with the dark side of the Force and the radiation he had absorbed prior had greyed his hair, though he did not appear as weak as he once was as he held himself with the same grace as before. No longer was the scar on his forehead as prominent, though the jagged appearance still appeared on his paled flesh. Even after two months of setting up the planet and dividing the populace, many had struggled to come to terms with their new circumstance, not even the one that had offered the Sith's hand in the coalition. While many had been settled, there was still much work to do with the uprising of the settlements and a Cult of Sith outcasts, one led by a Sith who deemed himself Darth Ravus. While this was something that was below the Sith'ari, it still piqued his interest that other Sith could have survived and segregated into their own Orders with their own twisted beliefs, but it just meant the Sith Order had to force it's hand to capture and recruit those who fought against his rule. Approaching the entrance to the archives, the man opened himself to the Force and let it flow through his being. The structure he walked through was nothing like he had ever witnessed before, besides something of significantly smaller scale, but the wonders of it were still unknown to all. The untapped power that laid beneath and within the halls of the High Tower was something that intrigued the man, but also frightened him in some form, but that was what Verrin and the Jedi, one he had met briefly many years prior, were to uncover. While he knew the Jedi Order would be opposed to the idea of utilziing the technology and other aspects discovered for the war, they would seek ways to assist those trying to survive - and that fit the bill in the short term. Descending the stairs as he utilized the Force to act as his guide towards Verrin, one of the two men the Sith'ari had planned on meeting at least within the year in a much less strict environment than a council meeting. The other was C'erian Eidolon, the esteemed Jedi Grandmaster that was somehow silenced by the mongrel of the Jedi, their Speaker, something that still confused the man - but questions and answers would come in time, they always did. The archives' were large enough to fit the entire former Sith database and more within it, though Verrin had successfully shrunken down most of the information stored when they had to retreat to Dathomir - and thankfully, new information could be gathered and stored once more without the threat of being attacked by every single entity within the galaxy. Approaching the offices as his footsteps could be heard, the Sith'ari bowed his head in the direction of the older male as he caught the last bit of what he had said - the mention of alcohol bringing a slight grin upon the younger male's lips. Alcohol had it's placed, and rightfully so, they would probably need more than what Corellia and Alderaan could export out to them while dealing with the Jedi. "Lord Verrin," addressing the Sith Lord in a calm and collected manner, the Sith'ari bowed his head in his direction before stopping a few paces away, "I assure you that at most the Jedi you speak with will probably question their own beliefs before causing you to drink excessively. Few of us hold the quality you often display, the undying understanding that philosophy of the Force outweighs both the light and dark entirely.. in addition to the way to make yourself smaller than who you actually are, always providing audiences for those that are far beneath you - I'm slightly envious of the latter." He had chosen Verrin as his equal on the based on his experience and what the man could do to assist the coalition was more than just being a teacher or a warrior. Verrin had been known for getting his hands dirty, in combat and in discovery, and with his new position alongside the other Jedi Archivist, it would be up to him to deal with the artifacts personally. While the Sith had been plenty before, many former Councillors had disappeared and Spheres had to be shrunk accordingly, and thankfully Verrin's Sphere of Influence had mostly stayed the same - he had to fill the shoes of three Spheres, while many others had been given their own primary Sphere of Influence to rule over. "As my equal, I provide you with the duty of what you once held back within the Sith Academy, you are to lead the new blood and teach them accordingly, before sorting them into the other Spheres of Influence. Consider this as being promoted to the most important Sphere of Influence within our ranks, though in time your duties will lighten as more new blood prove themselves worthy of the title of Sith Lord." Folding his hands behind his back as he finished speaking, the finally opened his eyes to look at Verrin without the Force. Post Information
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