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  1. Character Sheet Rework

    Just requires RPing to get stuff, I dig it holmes. To save posting room, I will be posting both of my characters in this post. I will color code when actually added to the signature; Darth Evastus | Str: A | Agi: S | Per: B | End: A | Will: S | Yusan Rasudan | Str: A | Agi: A | Per: C | End: B | Will: C |
  2. Beyond Good and Evil

    The woman's own struggle brought more questions to the man than anything, though he let out a hollowed chuckle as he seized the front of his robes, staring at her as his eyes narrowed to notice the the blood that was streaming from her nostrils. The spirits swam in his mind, wanting to strike her down - the mental resolve to hold back such things strained the man, but he restrained himself. Eyes closing as the woman cupped his cheek, he raised a hand weakly to it before squeezing it, glaring at her momentarily before pushing himself upwards. Scleras displaying the faint remains of their blood-red coloring, the man placed his free hand atop her head and pulled her in. "You must remain stronger than any of us," speaking in a low growl, the man closed his eyes before placing his other around her shoulder, holding her against his chest, "I have one duty remaining, but then I will disappear without a trace. The Sith need to understand independence.. and if Verrin is going to lead the Sith from this place, he will need to adapt. He is very much my equal at the end of the day, his experience trumps most, but he needs a challenge." Pulling away from the woman before she could react, Darth Atrox bent down and seized his weapon in his grip, throwing his hood back over top of his head. Stepping back up the stairs towards the throne he was formerly on, he sat back down and held his lightsaber out and used the sleeve of his robe to wipe the blood from his face. To describe the man would be to describe the most damaged being - sunken eyes, blood spilling from almost every orifice on his face, skin tightly held over flesh and dark black veins sitting on his flesh. "Your beauty isn't your most powerful weapon, let the dark side flow through your veins. I did not choose you because of your attitude or looks, I chose you because of your potential - lust played zero factor, you were never just a plaything. Expand your power beyond the normal bounds of your mortal coil. Your youth will not drain like mine, you lack my flaw of seeking more power like I have," speaking calmly as he rested his head against the throne, he closed his eyes and withdrew the tome and set it before him, "I will leave this, my abattar, and my lightsaber with you, when I return I desire them back. I have no use for either where I am going, so you will be free to study the resurrection of corpses and suffer the consequences of delving into our ancient language." Slipping the abattar from his neck, he dropped it atop the tome and continued to keep his eyes closed. Breathing labored, it was obvious he was in incredible pain, but he held the pain as a weapon - fighting it with every ounce to shape it for the future.
  3. Kure's Picture Shtuff

  4. Beyond Good and Evil

    Darth Atrox's withered form could evenly match Sanguira's, their focus and power almost on-par and while Sanguira had more speed and flexibility, Atrox could augment his strength through the dark side. Her focus, on the other hand, appeared to waver at his taunting and much like before that solidified his own reasoning for why she was weak. The fact she didn't immediately move caused the man to overthink her reasoning, though her threat made him slide one foot backwards and extend his lightsaber forward, both blades activated as he watched the secondary blade cautiously - something he hadn't anticipated. Watching the blades come at him with killer intent, the man struck to the side, utilizing both blades to project a barrier to send off one, though the other found purchase at the side of his thigh. The sizzling of flesh and cloth was secondary to the pain that now wracked his body, his energies permeating before dissipating in an instant. Blood spilled from his lips as the spirits fought back against him, though as he looked up he felt a flurry of blows, the Sith'ari raised his left arm to block the first strike of her kick, her elbow soon finding purchase in his shoulder as his weapon fell from his grasp, clattering to the floor and deactivating. The lightning that soon fell upon the man revealed his injuries, the inner wounds of the spirits manifesting as the man threw out his hand and attempted to seize her throat - desperate in an attempt to slow her strikes. Eyes flaring as the sclera of his eyes turned blood red, the man's realized her was actually outmatched - not because of skill, but because of the dark side eating away at his body. Not stopping with just attempting to throttle her, the man also extended out his arm towards her lightsaber to tear it from her telekinetic hold, the dark side pumping through every bit of muscle that pulsated and thickened with his own rage. The rage and hatred wasn't focused outwards, instead it was coiled within and sprung forth with devastating grace. "Enough, Ereneda. It is clear I am weaker, it is clear the galaxy needs their villain and unfortunately that will never be you." Speaking in a gruff tone, he recoiled as he felt himself spew up more blood. Spittle and blood fell to the floor as what grip he could have had soon faltered and his form fell to the floor as he cursed the pains of the spirits. He had to find the solution, but he had to leave it to Verrin to deal with the Sith in their current situation - not even Sanguira could deal with their current plight. Verrin was always better with leading smaller congregations than most, and rightfully so - he bled a foreign charisma that made most sick, but showed he cared for the Sith. "I need to find a solution to my problems," speaking in a solemn tone as he bowed his head in defeat, the man before her not appearing to be as strong willed as before, though as he looked up, the determination burned through his eyes, "I am delving back into the galaxy to find a cure for my disease, you would be wise to do the same. Find answers, secure your loyalty in Hapes, and do not forget you will one day be crowned Empress.. if you can survive." The solution in itself did not rely with the Sith on the galaxy-forsakened planet of Dathomir, it was on worlds who held no sanctuary for the man - and only through struggle could he find the cure. Finger nails pressing into the durasteel and stonework, the man looked up as his nails snapped and flesh was rent apart - a shimmering barrier placing itself around the man as he grinned. He always had a secondary plan, even if he exposed his neck to someone again, he would never allow them to take his head. Post Information
  5. Beyond Good and Evil

    "The desire to kill me made you stronger, it gave you something to focus on - something to hate - but if that is gone, then your killer instinct is probably gone as well," speaking clearly as he slid his hand down the purple blades of his lightsaber staff, his eyes focused on her weapon, "Annihilation should have given you more reason to seek to overthrow me, sought to find the blade that would find it's way between my ribs and skewer my heart." Lightning dancing along his hands as he overcharged the plasma and crystal with his own Force-energy, gathering the energy along the blade as he drew on the rage that sat within his emotional furnace. His training with Niman allowed him to contain his emotions, to simply let them fester inwards until they were necessary to be unleashed - a double-edged sword when fighting, but an effective strategy in being completely rational. Drawing on the Force as he placed his weapon behind him, the crackling of energies striking outwards as the weapon failed to contain it's power, he dashed forward towards the woman, his eyes gazing at her lithe frame before he slid across the durasteel, his leatheris boots providing enough friction to not simply slide behind her. "I thought you kept your threats on killing her, though I suppose you are too weak to do anything of relevance - that's why you haven't killed her." Taunting and trying to edge her towards being more her former self - her emotions being tied down and hidden behind her more regal nature - the man wanted to also draw out the fact her emotions were a weapon and a weakness. The first strike was aimed upwards as the staff was repositioned in his grip to be more of a punch-like motion than the typical flare of spinning it around to strike multiple times why wasting energy, the strike meant to be blocked to expose her stomach, though he knew she was quick enough to dodge a typical follow up. Though soon his other hand found the durasteel hilt and another blow followed, the durasteel casing aimed towards her forearm to damage her wrist and perhaps disarm her. Following up with another strike towards her lightsaber, he attempted to use the three kinetic strikes to knock her weapon out of her hand and force her to rely on her true abilities. Kicking back from the woman as he went on the defensive, his blade sizzling with the energies that slowly died down and his lightsaber's blade returning to normal. Until he could properly build his lightsaber and strengthen his bond with the crystals within the weapon, it was only a temporary solution to the lack of strength he could provide in the strikes. He was still a novice with such a weapon, and the sooner she would cast aside her weapon he would cast aside his - then the true contest of strength and power would begin. He craved the raw emotions he knew would bleed from her, the reason he had chosen her as his lover had been the fact she was feisty and filled with the emotions to be his equal in the Force, and though the dark side had favored him over her she was still powerful enough to make the man not actively seek her to expose herself in a much more emotional manner. "By now I would have had hoped you killed her, or even let our daughter kill her. Julith shows more promise than you did when you were a mere slave, perhaps she takes after her father rather than her mother," taunting her as his bearded face tightened into a grin, he felt the spirits within him slowly expose their power as they ran down his arm, "I suppose you would rather shelter the children than let them be exposed to the truth of what we do - your family sheltered you from the cruelties of the galaxy, it's only fitting you copy their sloppy parenting." Post Information
  6. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    Sitting there as he listened, his eyes closing as he nodded that she understood that her previous methods were more heavy handed, he was more amused at the idea of her becoming a war chieftain to the clans of Kelliadu. A united force of barbaric and primitive men and women could create a powerful frontline, though like any beast they required discipline, some form of guidance - and if there was an actual military outpost that had been built, then they could be whipped into shape easily. Hearing her make mention that it was a mistake to harvest brought his head slightly to the side - harvesting them was obviously the mistake, but taking a native could have been beneficial, making it easier to persuade the populace into accepting as a new leader. Yet he would not intervene in her decision, he was merely an instrument to give her the desire to be able to properly fight once more and she would simply be a weapon to be used against the Republic and the Jedi afterwards. "Missing or not, you know your choices and you are hopefully wise enough to understand the consequences for your decisions," speaking calmly as he smoothed the wrinkles in his clothes, his eyes turning up towards her as he practically stared through her, "The process isn't for the lighthearted, I recommend strengthening your own resolve before attacking such a task. Once you leave your body, your body is gone forever - there is no way to reverse such a circumstance and should regret set in, then you use your regret to stoke your rage and master your new body." Standing up as he clenched his hand tightly into a fist, cracking each and every joint in his hand in a swift motion, he walked by the woman as he nodded. There was no point ridiculing one's decision to find a replacement, and he found no reason to disagree with her choices openly - it was her choice at the end of the day. The warning was present in his previous words, but as he made it towards the entryway of the chamber, he turned to look over his shoulder and closed his eyes. "The safety of continually attempting such an ability may damage your soul beyond repair, I don't imagine it would survive Chaos should you attempt this more than two times in your lifetime. It could even damage your soul after one attempt, but I do advise not fearing death - it is not fitting for a Sith Lord," speaking of his understanding of the idea that the soul was consistently stressed during such incredible rituals, he chuckled slightly as he ran his hand through his hair, "Death comes for us all in time, no one can become truly immortal - those are merely the ambitions of Sith that cling to their mortal coil. The closer we draw towards death, the more powerful we become."
  7. Plot Ideas?

    Aye, there are many things that can still be done There never is an end to the made up tombs we can create since.. well.. planets are massive! Anyways, I should have announced here I moved the topic first target thread so it was more visible to those not in the club, but ech. I made sure to copy everything said since, unfortunately, I didn't have access to move it to the actual forum - perhaps the one administrative power I miss, besides cross-account editing So y'all can start up again and other plots can be continued.
  8. Posts coming when I wake up. Managed to muster some creativity from my sleep deprived brain.

  9. Beyond Good and Evil

    Blood was thicker than water, that much was true. Her pride, however, bled like sunlight shining through a window and that was slightly good - her threat, on the other hand, had him practically let out an echoed guffaw. She had experienced the sensation of uselessness, she had feared the man before her - yet she was stubborn. Her pride blinded her to the facts of reality, and much like every Sith and Imperial that called Ziost and Dathomir their home, their pride was a faulty excuse to be ignorant. "Correct, one day you may end my life. Though I do remember you feeling useless, the feeling of losing our first child - the feeling of my anger bearing down on you for being weak. I've seen you at your worst, you needn't hide such things from me," his words were slightly accented as he spoke to her, his Alderaanian heritage shining through, "Politically I am not your enemy, neither in our personal relationship am I considered an enemy - on the other hand I am an awful father, yes so I do not blame you for those accusations. Though it is your duty to be deceitful, so it shouldn't shock me that you'd lie straight to my face." Feeling her presence come closer, her taunting becoming a slight irritant as she said he forced her away while he had fun, he gripped the durasteel cylinder of his lightsaber as he slowly angled it towards her. Feeling her get far too close to him, he was taken aback by her actions as he faltered momentarily before glaring forward until she was done. Passion was one of their more tender emotions, though it was not the same passion as spoken in the Sith mantra - he at the very least had control of his emotions. Letting go of his weapon, he clenched his fist tightly as he kept himself in control - the absence of her presence had weighed heavily on his damaged mind, but he understood there was a time and place for everything. "Exposing yourself to weakness. To think your lust for such basic things could have ended poorly - it could have taken me a single fraction of a moment to impale you with my lightsaber, rend your flesh with kinetic energy, and other methods I am sure you realize," speaking clearly as he pulled away from her, he lowered his gaze down to her as he looked upon the empty throne that was situated at the very end of the room, "I thought your weaknesses were removed, this is business and not our own personal affair." Cold, harsh and unwelcoming was perhaps the only thing Atrox was to the woman when he dealt with her on a business-level. Humanity and emotions had zero place in the grand scheme of business, it could be a facade to expose a weakness or it could entice one to follow, yet this business was the fate of the Empire. Yet his words weren't meant to be malicious towards her, they were a lesson - a lesson she would be wise to understand. "I am no Emperor, most Emperor's refused to fight their own battles and yet I crave the taste of battle. Though, it is clear you still believe yourself fit for a throne - perhaps the idea of being the Queen Mother of Hapes is too far fetched.. too out of reach," speaking as he ran his thumb against his lip to clean the fresh layer of blood from it, he continued to talk, "I rule the Sith, there is no doubts about that. I am, however, not worthy of wearing the title of royalty - the title of a Godking is simply that, someone with unmatched power that leads. No one truly worthy of such a title on this downtrodden world, but perhaps with my guidance and teachings, you may carry the title of Empress - to show that even someone who was a slave to the Empire could rise to the rank of Empress. A glimmer of hope for those that believe themselves worthless." Walking away from the woman as he made his way towards the central throne, he unclipped the long cylinder at his hip and activated one end of it as the weapon sprung to life. A purple luminous glow covering half of his body, he dragged it along the durasteel floor as it superheated it, turning it a bright orange, bringing the weapon to his side as he activated the other end. He was inexperienced with such a weapon, yet he had witnessed others use it countless times - he had seen the techniques that had been embedded within his mind from the holocron he had tore knowledge from. He knew Form VI like the back of his hand and he knew Sanguira's lack of offensive skill with a lightsaber was easy to exploit. "However, before you can be granted such a title, you must show me you are capable of defending yourself from someone who is trying to kill you," speaking loudly as the humming of his weapon echoed through the chamber, "The Jedi would hold nothing back to strike the killing blow, so I will not hold anything back either. Let your emotions flow, accept your weaknesses and show me that they can be utilized as a weapon." She would be granted the first move, her first strategic advancement or retreat would determine Atrox's path of attack. She was a powerful sorceress, but he had figured out countermeasures for such things - solutions to keep himself from being slowed down. Balance was not a concept of understanding both the light side and the dark side of the Force, balance was a concept of understanding how the Force reacts to being used as a weapon and as a tool. It was something he had mastered ,while others simply relied on the Force or their own physical prowess, afraid of utilizing such things to enhance one's own mind to be combat oriented.
  10. Beyond Good and Evil

    Kelona 3629 BBY The Dark Council Chamber, Dathomir --- The temporary residence of the Sith'ari had been silent, any and all audiences almost denied as he sat upon one of the chairs that symbolized the Sith Empire's of old, each etched with the rune that described their position. The Kaars of the Spheres that meant so little now, meant nothing almost, they were the the dimming stars of their time - Keepers of a dying breed. The throne he sat upon was etched with the rune of 'Defense', his old position of power, yet like the previous Emperor he had occupied other positions, the head of Sith Philosophy that held militaristic squadrons of darkside adepts - the feared inquisitors, the ones that brought a chill down Darth Verrin's spine. Though, before that position he had merely been Kure Sideralis, the Emperor's Wrath, he had been a strong warrior, but not one who was destined for the title of Darth nor Lord - but only through deception and utilizing the disappearance of Cideon had he convinced the puppet to lower himself to the same level as the rest, while seizing the title that was rightfully his. Yet with every title, he wasn't fond of the position of Emperor, there was more to it than sitting upon a throne of greed - the thrill of battle, the thrill of power, the thrill of watching the hunted run in fear. The funny part was that they were now the hunted, cowering and soiling their briefs trying to upkeep their morale. Fingers running over the communicator on his wrist, he pinged @Darth Sanguira personally as he sat within the darkness, the festering whispers devouring his emotions as he opened his eyes finally, the fading miasma that stemmed from his being slowly recoiling back within - he had to let the spirits out, to provide them enough freedom until he could find a way to properly silence them. Fingers clenched into a fist as the large man finally stood up, his bones popping and his looming shadow being cast from the illumination that shone down from the roof. Diplomacy had been his lover's position of power, yet her diplomacy was questionable prior, her thirst for making those that wronged her bend the knee, her insatiable hunger to show those beneath her of what being powerless felt like - but she was his parallel. She could masquerade as a diplomat, she could entice others through her charm, yet she also understood how to manipulate and backstab those that were weak - knowing when to cut off a limb when it became useless. Fear, that was what he felt, it was perhaps the first time in a year he had felt the emotion course through his being - and it was refreshing. He understood she would eventually attempt to seize the opportunity to skewer him for his title, for his prestige - she knew of his weakened state, yet perhaps that is what stayed her hand, she wanted to be able to witness him at his full strength. Too busy rebuilding alliances to realize one's ability to feign weakness, to hide one's strengths behind a facade of spirits and Force Storm, to act crippled before her - to rely on deceit to continue to study his tome. She was the one to convince the Mandalorians to fully support the Sith Empire, to make a friendship with the old Mand'alor's clan and treat them like family - to form a safe haven for those they sought to protect, like their children. Truthfully he was an awful father, neglecting his family for knowledge and power, sending them off to Mandalore to ensure their safety - but he also only cared for his family, they were his dynasty and without them his eventual demise was pointless. To be thrown through what she had endured, to be stripped of power and then to rise once more, it showed her tenacity. She had the potential all along, yet she was unaware of her true power, only capable of unleashing it through suffering. Darth Atrox only knew hatred while the blood of the Sith and the Jedi flowed through his veins, his power manifesting long before he was knowledgeable about what he could do - what barriers he could smash down - and yet as he sought more power, there were no more barriers to smash down besides the ones erected by the Jedi and the Republic. Few Emperor's would would throw themselves on the line to seek out combat, to taste victory and the thrill of death - yet he wasn't truly the Emperor. Others could fill that position within the Empire Reborn, more specifically he could provide the title to Sanguira while he became the leader of the religion. Two sects of the Empire always existed, though many refused to share the power and there was an obvious reason for that - equality wasn't something the Sith could swallow, viewing those of equal rank as lesser. The solution was simple, split the power down the middle - rebuild what had been destroyed and rip out the weaknesses and prejudices. Slaves had their use, but before few could rise above their shackles - few could taste their true potential. And one of those few was Darth Sanguira herself. Breaking from thought as he finally realized the presence that entered the chamber, his back to them as he rested his hand on his lightsaber staff - a grin played across his lips. Politics or viciously ripping each other's throat out like before, those were the two outcomes he foresaw - though Sanguira was different than before. She wasn't the weak woman who craved vengeance above all else, she understood the balance between power and personal goals - understood that acting before one was ready was suicide. "Tae'el, answer this one simple question," speaking loudly as he drew on the Force to close the door behind her, trapping her inside the darkness with him, exposing her to another one of her weaknesses, "Do you remember what it was like when you were stripped of your titles, the luxuries of the Hapes Consortium? The feeling of uselessness, I personally wouldn't understand it." The question and addressing her by her true name were all to taunt her, to reveal her true emotions - to awaken what lied buried beneath the surface. She understood the feeling of uselessness, the wound that remained in the back of her mind. Yet, only she could hone her past wounds into a weapon - no one would be capable of teaching her how to ascend above her position as a Sith Lord. She had to extend her own wings out wide and proud, no one else could do it for her - she had to become what he knew she could truly be. If she was to be his successor to the throne of the Reborn Empire, she had to prove she was worthy - but she would not inherit his own personal title.. unless she killed him. Post Information
  11. Since I realized that perhaps the thread was not out in the open for others to read, this will be a re-post of making an actual storyline for both factions to role-play through and to generally have fun. As mentioned in the original post, this doesn't need to be massive - but interaction between both factions provides a way better story than the Sith just walking onto a planet and planting a flag without issue. Alrighty, so for those who voted it seemed that most were keen on the idea of Krayiss II - probably because of the temple-library that is buried beneath the earth, and the idea of having some form of civilization back that is rudimentary without being royalty-level. While it will not be an epic, having objectives that can be done overtime is definitely a godsend to provide people with stuff to actually do before reclaiming it. Obviously for those who read the actual article, the planet's temple-library tempts most Sith and Jedi to their demise if they are not of Sith descent, or if they lack the blood of the Sith - so that could be interesting to play on, while not killing off Sith Hopefuls and stuff. Maybe minor recovery such as recovering artifacts that were stolen before the thief met their untimely demise, meeting Jedi potentially lured there by promises of knowledge, Sithspawn that infest the tunnels and the planet itself. Retaking the cities and occupying them can be done easily by the Remnant Recruits interested in that kind of stuff. Diplomats, soldiers, whatever have you, those that generally enjoy conflict that isn't strictly 'combat' oriented could easily take this situation through whatever means they desire. Obviously the situation can fail - that's part of role-play, it is a fluid story. Everything going perfectly can be fine and dandy, but when there is little struggle, is it really an achievement? I encourage the Jedi Order to join the threads to run interference, create character hooks, create just fun plots. The entire idea of this is to have fun at the end of the day, so remember if you feel like you're being 'outshined' by other members, or you don't feel involved in the storyline just speak up and we'll work on something. Let's begin to discuss how to take this going forward. Now let's begin again with the discussion. I can answer almost every single question about the planet since I did thorough research of it before listing it as one of the examples - as well as if anyone wants to think of other plots, I'll try to help there.
  12. Posts and such tomorrow/in the morning because I'm dying from this infection still. Remember to join the discussion here as well, regardless of faction. Let's get some stories going that we can all collaborate on together.

  13. Enantiomorphs

    Dressed in simple dark attire, Darth Atrox approached slowly as he closed his eyes as he tried to pinpoint the most infuriated pairings. The first two fighting were youthful humans, their passions overexposed as they struck at each other, their metallic weapons striking off each other as they rattled on impact. Microscopic barbs broke and shattered on each impact, yet as many were destroyed, they continued to keep their poisonous nature. As the female fell on the defense, the male's brawn revealing how dim he truly was - the exposure of his midsection soon spelled his crippling doom. Each strike that followed from the female was brutal, cracking ribs and even exposing the bone in the male's wrist. As she was finally stopped by her overseer through the Force, she looked at the Sith'ari and froze immediately, turning her attention to the overseer as he berated her overaggressive nature - though both soon chided the male for his inability to see his weaknesses. The sound of a loud crunching noise caught the Dark Lord's attention as he stared at the pits, his eyes glazed over as he remembered his tenure - the pains that coursed through his wrist dulling as he turned towards the individual who awoken him from his stupor of reflection. Corvus, obviously, had been on edge ever since desiring a return to combat, that much was clear, though the bench that had been broken in two in a single strike brought Darth Atrox's attention away from the Sith Hopefuls. Seeing Sanguira walk off, he approached behind the male making his presence known much before as he grasped at a piece of wood telekinetically before crushing it. "Luckily the benches are weathered enough not to reveal your true strength," speaking lowly as he examined the man's clothing, a smirk playing on his lips as he spoke once more, "I don't think fighting in such a uniform is fitting for someone more civilized than the savages themselves. Your actual armor is stowed away in the armory on my interceptor." Walking behind the man as he grasped the lightsaber staff that hung from his side, the battered pieces that held together the crystals was a new accessory the man had made during his tenure - his need to expand his martial prowess obvious from how inexperienced he felt fighting in his weakened state. Looking at the acolyte who quickly bowed and moved away after noticing he caught the attention of Atrox, he sighed and planted his boot on one of the wooden pieces. "I want your report on what you seen out there, what you think of the savages," turning to stand on the broken piece with both his feet, he sat down on the last piece jutting out that was supported by a single wood beam, "How long do you propose it will take - it's obvious that we want to get off this dead planet as soon as possible,. unless you are more fond of wallowing in the mud? Though who do I kid, you clearly are dressed to go to one of those Alderaanian balls and woo a red head." Post Information
  14. The Sith Remnant's First Target

    I'll be giving everyone until tomorrow around 4 PM EST to vote, then I will start an open discussion on the planet chosen. It seems that Krayiss II is currently in the lead, which doesn't shock me entirely Remember that the Jedi and stuff can vote as well, but it is one vote per a person.
  15. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    "Excellent, Darth Tanit - that is the mindset we require going forward. The differences of before matter not, if we are to fight over what little resources we still hold, then it would spell our doom," speaking almost cheerfully as he slid his hands together, continuing to listen to her. The feudal lords of Carnifex's planet were under her thumb, apparently - this was pleasant news to say the least, though the idea of what could be translated into force slavery could end horribly wrong. Walking as he listened to the military training facility to be built upon the planet, he approached one of the unused council chairs. Brushing the dust off it, he took a seat as he let his thoughts slowly form on the words the woman said, it was true the Outer Rim wasn't entirely within the Republic's jurisdiction - but the Jedi still patrolled it, or the ones that vehemently believed the Sith were still alive. Raising his hand to the stubble that covered his face before finally wiping his gloved hand across his mouth as he yawned. "I would lessen your grip on the planet, let them feel more free. The Sith Empire has ruled through giving them the idea of being free, but at the end of the day it is merely an illusion - the illusion of choice is greater than giving them absolute freedom. There surely are some of those with the same potential as Carnifex within these halls, no?" The question was asked as he eyed the woman up and down, almost feeling apathy - if it was a true emotion he could still feel - for the woman before he spoke up once more, "I think the best solution is to grab one as an apprentice, bring them to the Dark Council chambers and we'll simply complete the ritual above their heads. I would generally recommend recording something to address those that wish to speak with you though - then when the time is right, have the new body 'ascend' to your position of power." The idea of taking the body of a random savage from Carnifex's native world was possible, but unfortunately there were a few issues there. Most notably the vacuum of power, if Tanit chose to choose a proper successor however, then potentially she could find a way to properly send off the life of Chen Karnok to her new 'apprentice'. Otherwise, it was detrimental to the reins she supposedly held with the tribes on the planet - it would either cause a revolt by stealing the body of one of their own, or they would revolt and reveal that the Sith had a presence there. "If we go this path, who needs to know of your current body's.. disappearance? You can act as an aspiring Sith Apprentice, blending in with the rest and regaining your power, none would be wiser. Slowly, but surely your presence will manifest once more, but anyone who knew you prior wouldn't realize who you are during this time," speaking to the woman as he brought his hand to the glove that covered it, pulling it off to reveal the damaged flesh, he continued on with what he said, "I would not fear your weakened state if we are to proceed as such. As much as I am sure you will be weak, you will still have your knowledge at the end of the day. Simply do not do what would make you have a massive target on your back." Clenching his hand into fist as he let the dark side dance along his flesh, utilizing his own suffering and discomfort to heal his wounded hand temporarily, he looked at the woman before sitting up straight and turning his head to the side as his spine popped. Sighing as he returned the glove to his hand, he already could feel the heat of the Sith Academy course through the chamber they sat, ruining what comfort he had just gained from sitting down. "Those that remember your failures will not realize the apprentice leading them is the one who has worked to correct her wrongs. Except this time, you will be in a body capable of leading, no wounds of the past forever haunting you like your slit throat and scorched lungs - and in time, perhaps your apprentice can inherit your title once you let your past die." Post Information