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    Beskar'gam (Gauntlet/Chest) - Rank Reward
    Beskar'gam (Helmet) - 8SP
    Beskar'gam (Boots) - 8SP
    Beskar'gam (Leggings) - 8SP
    HUD Interface - 4SP
    Combat Stimulant Injector - 5SP
    Oxygen Reserves - 2SP
    Mag Boots - 2SP
    Nextor Crystal and Qixoni Crystal - 9SP
    Dual Phase Switch - 8SP
    Pilot - 2SP
    Assassin Droid - Rank Rewards

    Armor Repair (4-2) - 2SP Remaining
    Create Stimulant (7-2) - 5SP Remaining
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  1. Harken to the training pits, ye scum of thee galaxy. Regardless of rank, y'all are welcome to oppose or support the rebirth.


    It is time we turn these embers into an inferno.

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    2. Darth Sanguira

      Darth Sanguira

      OOC and IC, you belong to me.  Muahahahahaaa

    3. Darth Atrox

      Darth Atrox

      OOC you're a mess, and IC you are mentally incapable of thinking.

    4. Darth Sanguira