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  1. Sign In/ Out

    Going on hiatus due to my declining mental health, at least officially. Then theres other stuff, but I will pass on talking about the rest.
  2. Life is consuming everything. Any questions should be redirected to Homra at the current moment. I will not be reading PMs "asking for skills." Show it through roleplaying the development then ask.

  3. Sign In/ Out

    I will be back officially Friday so I can hopefully get out the required posts then. It'll be a cold day in hell then.
  4. Sign In/ Out

    Between life kind of skewering me in the chest with anxiety and all that fun crap as I search for a job, then other things.. I feel like it's time I take a small break properly without work in the background and without stressing about posts. Probably a 4 day break, but I need to focus on something to reignite my muse for the site.
  5. Change Log: Character Sheets

    Change Log 1.0.0 - September 28th, 2017 With the introduction of the Forge, the crafting skills (outside of the Medical section) have been removed to remove the clutter that formed from 'creating an item' by one's self. The removal of the crafting skills have been removed from every character sheet to show this change. Beast Taming has been added to the Stealth and Survival section to add a way for members to gather NPC companions that can be used in storytelling, and PVP with minimal effect. The Torture skills have been renamed Interrogation to better fit the descriptions of later levels. This is a change members with the skills can do on their own, as it's not as large as the introductory of the Forge.
  6. In this thread you will find changes and new additions, as well as the potential removal of skills, listed within this sub-forum. The process of posting this will deal with adding a new date to the log itself, while deleting the old post as to remove potential forum clutter. If there are any suggestions or concerns, please post within the appropriate channels such as the Questions and Answers thread and the Force Power and Skill Suggestion thread. This is solely to assist members in being notified of changes they may not be aware of to the character sheets themselves. All change logs will specify what has been changed and what specific section it has been changed in. Each change will be associated with a 'note number', with those that are changed within a short time frame using 'a', 'b', or 'c' respectively.
  7. Between real life responsibilities and doing site work, posts are taking longer than expected.


    Certain events have skewered my muse, so I apologize for the longer than normal waits.

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      Homra Azner

      s'fine, you do you

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      Darth Atrox

      Aye, but still feel crappy. Probably gonna sign out for a few days so I can recollect my thoughts to deal with the stuff.


      At least I can trust you not to burn the site down while the heads are dealing with crap... right Ren? :P

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      Me? Burn the site down? Pfffffffffffft, ofc.


      It'd take a lot of vodka and maybe some tequila before I could even try.

  8. HPOR--SF

    Okay, I've come up with a simple solution to help you with this thing you desire Karter, just fill out these following questions and it'll be easy as cake. Who is this item being made for? Is it really for more people, or just your character specifically? This is the most important and there is no reason to not just state the obvious, it makes the process a lot easier. Is there a company that would actually make this item, if they actually got their hands on such a schematic? I honestly can't think of any names at the moment, but there is at least one that escapes my mind - since it's a a lot more black market-esque. Is the point of this weapon other than being a powerful 'anti-lightsaber' weapon? Another important question that follows up into the next one. Would it be possible to replace this item you desire with a standard item already in canon? An example was posted above that you can essentially use a heavy blaster to have the same kinetic power, though obviously charric seems to be what you are aiming for. So, I imagine it's just to deal Jedi and heavy armor, which can be a variety of items. Afterwards I'll get back to you ASAP.
  9. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    Definitely has merit, and was one of the things I was considering to add originally before going "It could lead to people trying to tame Sithspawn as pets without actually doing research", but that was before the idea of giving it levels of proficiency. So I'll definitely think on that one and probably add it. Kind of works alongside Beast Control, though I'm not entirely sure on mynocks as pets - who wants a space bat window sucker as a pet? My only issue with this is that the whole language thing typically is done through role-play, such as learning Sith, Huttese and Mando'a - the only three that have an actual language (that is sometimes even incomplete like Mando'a) that is fleshed out thanks to them having a larger following than most others. Unfortunately I think this would get a bit too tedious if added, but it's definitely something people can consider role-playing out and adding to their Talents in the Skills, Abilities and Talents section overtime. This was something I forgot to add, since it's kind of a sensible skill for those characters that are more about the business side of things - typically beginners don't own businesses that are large so the rank works wonders Plus we already have Cuyot Arms and stuff on the site, so it's definitely something I'll be adding soon enough! We already had something like this, but it typically took away from the role-playing experience as many people wanted to just create items by themselves, as opposed to working with other individuals. That's what the Forge is for though, so if they want to make some elaborate backstory on an item it'd be essentially like taking this. Definitely a possibility, though much like Linguist, it'd probably be something to add to the character biography under the Skills, Abilities and Talents section If they want to be a ballerina or be amazing at playing the jizz-wailer, I say they can write it as such in there, makes it significantly easier while using the whole 'Talents' section properly Typically everything is encompassed in their own area, with bows kind of falling into that whole survival category - unless it is a lightbow where it simply falls into the blaster category Racial weapons typically fall under their own thing, such as a Sith lanvarok falling under Blade Weapon Proficiency and Throwing Proficiency, beskad (even though this is more faction-based) falling under blade weapon, and charric weaponry falling under blaster proficiency. Giving too much separation causes sheets to be flooded as we learned from the old system, where we had a skill for everything - and I pretty much mean everything that didn't make sense. I will also be turning the Torture proficiency into Interrogation proficienciy because interrogation is a bit more accurate with the skill description. Torture, at least when I read it from people, is just mindless cutting and threats - can't really interrogate someone when you are yelling down their throat to die. Cutting and maiming is a pretty easy skill to have when there already is a blade proficiency
  10. 7 hours of waiting to get in contact with a customer service rep via phone. REEE.


    Posts today after I get some sleep.

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      Hmm....hope you get a survey that asks you...was our service good and you can say no, it sucked. You made me wait seven hours to get a human being!

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      The customer service rep was awesome, got it done in no time. Just the rest is bluhhh.

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      That's good...but blah....about a 7 hour wait. That tells me that the company needs....more customer service reps. Obviously!

  11. This thread is solely for Skills or Force Powers that can be added, the skills can be found here and the Force powers can be found here. If you have questions on certain skills and Force abilities, I would recommend going to the Questions and Answers thread located here. If you have something that you think can be added to the list, that isn't already there, I would enjoy hearing it since having open discussion with the site is actually way better than sitting here watching stuff. I would definitely read over the skills before recommending anything that should maybe require a skill, an example being certain lightsaber Forms encompass other 'skills' that are used in lightsaber combat. I don't think there are many skills that can be added, though the only thing I can possibly think of is basically Fauna Riding for 'vehicular skills', but even then that's getting a bit too excessive. As for Force Powers, I am looking for things I potentially missed when creating the list, though it should be noted that making up Force abilities will be ignored. If there are Force abilities that can be used instead of a suggestion, I will address them accordingly. Examples of these abilities are; Force Bellow for specific species can essentially be Force Push/Force Wave, Siphoning Aura which is Death Field just nerfing the ability to just sap energy from individuals similar to Darth Nihilus, and Morichro is essentially Force Trance, with placing other individuals into a form of 'Force stasis.' As for the martial arts list, it is slowly being worked on to save my remaining sanity and other things will be added over time (I have countless resources and have everything pretty much covered now in a word document - including references from the actual 'creators' of the martial arts within the universe, as well as every other possible source available, thanks Google!) So let's get down to business.
  12. Sign In/ Out

    As I've been unofficially signed out for awhile, I will be returning tomorrow to do posts, hopefully. Apologies to people who have been waiting, my life just took an awkward turn and then there's other stuff alongside it.
  13. Time to try to post (Read: Time to reconnect to my Jedi), or write a few words then realize the futility of it all. Either or.

  14. Application: Sutem Wyr - Accepted

    Well, since I've looked over everything and everything seems to be in order, minus a small edit I did to remove a bit of the base template, here we go; Your membership and character have been APPROVED Please familiarize yourself with all of the Community Rules. I also recommend you review the How To Start Creating Your Character guide. Your next stop will be to post your biography in the Biography section - in your case, in the Sith Remnant Biographies. Once you've done that - you can begin exploring the forums of the Dathomir Academy, this is where you will be tested in character to prove yourself worthy of becoming a fully fledged member of the Sith Remnant. I encourage you to start up an RP within the forum - and Instructor will be with you shortly to give you your first task. Outside of Academy, you are welcome to post in The Cantina, or the other General Forums. We also encourage you to join us on our Discord Chat. Let us know who you are, and we will give you the right permissions. Once again, congratulations on being accepted! I look forward to roleplaying with you in the future and on behalf of the entire Staff Team of Star Wars: Fates, thank you for choosing to join us for all your RP needs.
  15. Welcome to the Family

    Darth Atrox watched Corvus as he stared at the limb, what could mask the injury had been at least similar in length - though to mold flesh together, it wasn't perfect in the slightest. The question that came from Corvus's lips caused the Dark Lord to take one of the flipped over chairs and sat himself on it. How long had it been, at least for Atrox it was a short while, but for the creature before him - it was perhaps a short amount of time in his catatonic state, though the pain it felt while being experimented on and kept unconscious maybe gave it an idea. "It's been almost.. three years now, Corvus. The first year you were kept alive underneath my former estate, though the medical procedures to keep your body stabilized and functioning weren't the best," speaking slowly to make sure the man listened, Atrox could feel his one hand tightening into a fist - the second year had been when the Sith Empire fell, but the third and final one was almost upon them, "Unfortunately there had to be sacrifices to maintain your life." Though, he awaited the final question before silence fell over the room. They had won the battle, but unfortunately lost the war - the disappearance of worthless schuttas and their insane Emperor exposed a weakness within the Sith that had been festering forever, a wound that was constantly scratched and torn apart. What remained of the Sith were few and far between, very few Sith Masters remained, yet their ranks were almost entirely Sith acolytes and former Imperial citizens. They had much to catch up on, but there was much for Corvus to experience firsthand - words wouldn't describe the sensation many Sith felt. "We won, at a hefty cost - I needed to preserve your body and allowed them to retreat. If I never allowed their retreat, we perhaps would have won and killed the Grand Master, but the victory would have been hollow. The Jedi fell under a new leadership after the Grand Master's death though," speaking as he turned his gaze from the Echani to his own fist, the clawed gauntlets digging into his palm, "The Sith Empire fell a year and a month ago, the new leadership was significantly more ruthless, and now.. there are very few Sith remaining. Perhaps the knowledge that your former master is dead can lighten that burden, but without Lord Fraust, you would be using something a lot less sturdy as an arm." Fraust had died serving on Ziost and only the cold temperatures preserved his body from decaying - and only through Sith magic and dark side-infused metal could the limb be properly recreated. Pointing towards the new 'replacement' limb, Atrox soon reached for his belt and rested his hands onto the man's lightsabers. With the dying body, the Sith'ari had recovered the two weapons of the Echani, yet to transfer it from Alderaan to Ziost required far too much planning than he wanted to get into - though, in time Corvus would recreate his lightsabers to better fit him. "Only through the powers of the dark side could you survive, could you be improved - like Lord Fraust, your new duty is to reclaim what is rightfully ours. You have no real master you must report to, but you will act under Lady Sanguira and myself for the time being. Should you prove yourself useful, you may step up to be my personal enforcer - the Sith'ari's Will - that is if you desire.. but you have been give a new persona, no one knows who you are and freedom - is that not what every Sith desires?" The question left Atrox's lips as a smile was placed upon it as he unclipped the two lightsabers hand held them out towards the man in one hand. He would not go into the details on how much he had altered the Echani's mind and body, but the claw extremity was perhaps enough information for now.