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  1. Character Sheet Rework

    Je'ka Cuyot Strength: B Agility: A Perception: S Endurance: A Willpower: D Tal Cuyot Strength: B Agility: A Perception: A Endurance: B Willpower: B Chel Shaad Strength: B Agility: B Perception: A Endurance: B Willpower: C Q Vansic Modun Strength: C Agility: C Perception: S Endurance: S Willpower: C Giran Antur Strength: B Agility: A Perception: C Endurance: B Willpower: A Q Carnifex Strength: S Agility: A Perception: C Endurance: A Willpower: B Saris Rhenn (who i need to either kill or use) Strength: C Agility: A Perception: B Endurance: B Willpower: C Daj'qa Brega Strength: B Agility: B Perception: A Endurance: S Willpower: D Stell Chevric Strength: B Agility: B Perception: A Endurance: B Willpower: C
  2. Standard issue equipment lists are up in the reference section, and can be added to using the Forge! 


  3. Below is the list of standard issue equipment for the Sith Empire: Weapons XP3-M2 Repeater XP9 Heavy Blaster Pistol XP8-M5 Holdout Blaster SSP-1 Slug Pistol SP-5 Anti-Materiel Rifle Armor Mark I Cataphract Armor
  4. Below is the list of standard issue equipment for the Jedi Order: Weapons Merr-Sonn PB-9 Blaster Armor Mark I Cataphract Armor Transport SoroSuub HSRV "Rattler" Swoop Bike Peacekeeper Transports
  5. Standard Issue Equipment

    The Forge, in the short time it has been active, has seen submissions of several types; however, the dominant theme through nearly all of these submissions is that they are personal items, custom weapons and armor. This is, of course, one of the main reasons for the Forge’s existence; however, some of the submissions have been more standardized, meant to be available for the use of anyone who wishes to do so. Unfortunately, thus far, there has not been a formalized system to make these items widely and easily available to writers. Standard issue equipment for each faction has also been rather nebulous, especially now with both writer-controlled factions having become smaller splinter groups operating on limited budgets, and, sometimes, clandestinely. To this end, lists for standardized equipment for each faction shall be created, and through the Forge, writers shall have the opportunity to submit their own ideas to be placed on these lists. This will not require any changes to the current templates; we simply ask that in the “intent” section of the templates, writers express the intent to submit this for standard issue. The acceptance process with standard issue submissions will, however, differ from normal submissions. The Forge moderator will consider it for acceptance as normal, but the person who is in-character the leader of whichever faction the submission is intended to be standardized within will also be a part of the process. Both will need to agree to accept the submission as standard. However, the Forge moderator may find the submission acceptable, while the faction leader may not; in this case, the submission will be accepted, but not for standard issue. Anyone may submit for any faction, whether they are part of it in character or not. We hope this will bring greater detail into our RP, and allow anyone who wishes to help flesh out our factions to do so. Happy Forging, and good luck! Due to some misunderstandings brought to my attention, I'd like to make this clear that this shouldn't affect anything aside from what the factions issue to the characters in them. If you'd like to write a basic blaster pistol or training saber or something like that, that does NOT require the Forge. This is expressly for items that would be given out by factions to everyone who would need them. The Forge is only required for customized items, and for formalizing details of standard issue equipment. I apologize for any misconceptions engendered by my poor wording- if there's any confusion, feel free to PM me, or find me on Discord, and I'll clear it up and clarify this announcement. Thanks for your time!
  6. Peacekeeper Transport - Approved

  7. Intent: To create a high speed ground vehicle for the Jedi and the Jedi Peacekeepers. Manufacturer: SoroSuub, Jedi Peacekeepers Affiliation: Jedi Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Vehicle Type: Swoop Armaments: None Modifications: Engines can be further upgraded, and armor plating may be installed. Vehicle Appearance: The HSRV is a compact swoop bike, essentially an engine with a seat. The front is a sharply angled “shark nose” shaped intake; the steering vanes are located to the rear, right behind the engine. It seats one normally, but there is space for a passenger riding pillion; in addition, there is cargo space in each side of the nose, and provisions for externally fastening more supplies if necessary Length: 4.1 meters Height: 1.2 meters Weight: 1200 kg Armament Rating: Not Applicable Maneuverability Rating: High Speed Rating: Extreme Defense Rating: Very Low Strengths: -Speed: The HSRV is extremely fast, as befits a vehicle of its type. -Maneuverability: It is small and very maneuverable, far more than a land or airspeeder is. Weaknesses: -Speed: Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Should one crash an HSRV, injury is almost guaranteed- most likely serious injury. -Lack of protection: The HSRV offers no protection to its pilot. It does have rudimentary deflector shields, but those are only for the protection of the vehicle, not the rider. Description: The standard light recon vehicle for the Jedi Order and Peacekeepers, the HSRV “Rattler”, began life as a standard civilian swoop bike manufactured by SoroSuub. Cheap and sturdy, it is the perfect candidate to serve as a High Speed Recon Vehicle; to better fit this role, the Peacekeepers heavily modify its engine and steering, increasing its speed to a great degree. This leads to an incredibly fast vehicle; however, this speed makes it quite dangerous, as a crash at speed will almost certainly severely injure the pilot, if not outright kill them. The introduction of such power to an airframe not intended for it also leads to an alarming rattling sound at high speed, lending the vehicle its current nickname. Controls are just like those of a standard swoop or speeder bike. It is intended to seat one, though a passenger may ride pillion. As an open swoop, it offers no protection to the riders. Though it incorporates a light deflector shield mechanism, this is strictly to protect the vehicle and not its pilot.
  8. Intent: To create standard issue armor for the Imperial Armed Forces Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Materials: Plastoid, armorplast, durasteel Armor Type: Medium Modifications: The armor itself is highly modifiable, and can accept pretty much any modification. Armor Rating: Common Armor Appearance: Cataphract armor is plastoid-faced military armor, forming a carapace over the whole body; its appearance is quite angular, and it is quite thick. One pauldron is typically larger than the other- generally on the less dominant side, the side presented to the enemy when firing a weapon. The helmet features a horizontal slit visor, and other than the comms module on the left side, is smooth-faced. Cataphract armor is gription-fastened to a form-fitting black undersuit. Strengths: -Good protection: Impervious to low-caliber projectiles and low-power bolts, Cataphract armor provides good protection against heavier military weaponry as well, though being far from invulnerable. Weaknesses: -Restrictive: Being large full-body armor, it restricts movement to a small but noticeable degree. -Heavy: Cataphract armor is fairly heavy- not a burden to the trained soldier, but heavy enough to be annoying, and restrictive for those less well-developed. Description: Mark I Cataphract armor is a full-body suit, made primarily of armor-grade plastoid; the chest, upper arms, and thighs are reinforced with armorplast. The chest is additionally reinforced with durasteel, for maximum protection. It is fairly thick armor, so as to protect from concussion. Issued to all soldiers of the Imperial Remnant, Cataphract armor is intended for close engagement, and is most often paired with the XP3-M2 repeater. One pauldron is larger than the other; this is intended for use on the non-dominant shoulder, the side turned towards the enemy when firing the repeater. The helmet is slit-visored and smooth-faced, with a comms module attached to the left side. This module can be interchanged for a command unit with an exposed antenna, which is longer-ranged and capable of monitoring more channels. There is a full HUD inside the helmet, which allows Imperial infantrybeings to monitor their comrades’ vital readouts, designate targets, and link to their repeaters’ scope. As standard, Cataphract armor is painted matte grey. This, of course, can be changed in the field to suit any environment or unit, or simply personal preference. It will protect against all low-powered small arms. Heavy blaster pistols can penetrate the limb armor; military blaster rifles can, with repeated hits, penetrate the chest plastron. The most vulnerable areas are the joints, especially under the arms and the inner thighs, where the undersuit can be easily penetrated.
  9. Intent: To create a standard issue suppressed weapon for the Imperial Armed Forces Manufacturer: Karnok Arms Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Limited Quantity Weapon Type: Pistol Weapon Sub-type: Slug Materials: Durasteel, plastoid composite, wood Modifications: Grip panels may be changed and specialized projectiles may be used. Weapon Rating: Common Weapon Appearance: The SSP-1 pistol looks almost like a long, heavy-barreled target slug pistol; however, the large rectangular barrel actually is an integral suppressor. It is semi-automatic, fed by a magazine housed in the sharply-angled grip. It is equipped with wood target grips and high ghost ring sights. The slide is less than half the length of the weapon. Strengths: -Near-silent: Firing a subsonic 6mm cartridge and integrally suppressed, the SSP-1 is very quiet for a suppressed slug weapon. The report is barely louder than the sound of the weapon cycling. -Accurate: In almost all respects a target pistol, aside from the suppressor, the SSP-1 is exceedingly accurate. Weaknesses: -Low power: Due to the low power of the cartridge and effect of the suppressor, the SSP-1 is only effective against unarmored targets. -Short range: Again due to the low power of the cartridge and effect of the suppressor, it is only effective at short ranges. Description: The Silent Special Purpose 1 pistol is the instrument of choice for the Imperial military for stealth work. It is as silent as a semi-automatic pistol can be, and accurate enough to make its shots count. It is in essence a target pistol with an integral suppressor; the standard grips are wood target-style panels, and it is equipped with illuminated ghost ring sights. The SSP-1 fires six millimeter cased ammunition. Standard ammunition is full metal jacket; hollow points are also issued. The cartridge is capable of being loaded with other types of ammunition; however, only those two are issued by the Empire. The magazine is housed in the grip. It contains ten cartridges. The trigger is very light, almost to the point of being a hair-trigger; there is a manual safety to be operated by the forefinger just above the trigger. Manufactured by Karnok Arms, the SSP-1 was designed by the Imperial Remnant, and is made in small quantities for issue to its soldiers.
  10. Intent: To create a standard issue long-range anti-materiel rifle to be used by Imperial Armed Forces. Manufacturer: Karnok Arms Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Limited Quantity Weapon Type: Rifle/Heavy Weapon Weapon Sub-type: Slug Materials: Durasteel, plastoid composite Modifications: The SP-5 can take special projectiles, and be equipped with different scopes. Weapon Rating: High Quality Weapon Appearance: The SP-5 is an enormous bolt-action rifle, housed in a plastoid composite thumbhole stock. The stock covers the action almost entirely, with a slot for the bolt handle to protrude from and an ejection port on the top. The magazine well, just forward of the trigger, is rather steeply angled, to feed the highly tapered cartridges; the stock, just forward of the magazine well, flares downwards to form a near-vertical foregrip surface. At the most forward point of the stock, it is equipped with an integral bipod. The long barrel terminates in a muzzle brake. The scope mounting point is on the side of the weapon. Strengths: -Exceptional power: Firing a 20mm projectile, the SP-5 will easily disable all lightly-armored vehicles, and with careful aim, can still disable medium to heavily armored vehicles even with standard projectiles. -High accuracy: Intended for use up to 2500 meters, the SP-5 is a precision instrument. Weaknesses: -Large and heavy: The SP-5 is an enormous weapon. -Low ammunition capacity: Each magazine can only hold five rounds, and it is difficult to carry many magazines. Description: The Special Purpose 5 anti-materiel rifle is the standard long-range support weapon for the Imperial military. Firing a 20mm projectile to an effective range of 2500 meters, it is capable of disabling most speeders and lighter starships with standard armor-piercing ammunition; equipped with incendiary or explosive rounds, it can accomplish far more. It is a very heavy weapon, and quite large; still, it was designed to be carried and used by one being, and is successful in that goal. As standard, it comes equipped with a variable-magnification telescopic sight, up to 20x, which also contains a laser rangefinder. It can be equipped with other scopes via the mounting point on the left side of the weapon. It can only be fired right-handed, due to the location of the bolt handle and the shape of the stock. The SP-5 fires a 20mm cartridge meant for disabling speeders and starship engines; as such, it produces a significant report and punishing recoil, despite its well-padded stock. This cartridge has a pronounced taper for better propellant combustion, and thus requires a curved magazine; the standard armor-piercing projectile is a tanium-jacketed depleted baradium slug, and will easily penetrate light vehicle armor. With heavier armor, it is still effective at close to right angles; however, it is generally more prudent to aim for more vulnerable areas, such as repulsor nacelles. Deuterium incendiary rounds as well as detonite projectiles are available in limited quantities. A multipurpose round is also available, consisting of a tanium jacket, small quantity of deuterium incendiary, an equal amount of detonite, and a neuranium penetrator; this particular type of ammunition is very hard to come by, but is effective against all speeder vehicles and medium starship armor. Due to the large size of these 20mm cartridges, each magazine can only carry five; again due to the large size, as well as the weight of these cartridges, the amount of backup magazines that may be carried is quite limited. The SP-5 is manufactured by Karnok Arms in limited numbers for the Imperial Remnant to Imperial designs.
  11. Intent: To create a standard issue compact backup weapon for the Imperial Armed Forces Manufacturer: Karnok Arms Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Weapon Type: Pistol Materials: Durasteel, plastoid composite Modifications: Grip panels may be changed. Weapon Rating: Common Weapon Appearance: The XP8-M5 pistol is a small snub-nosed holdout blaster, only slightly larger than a typical humanoid’s hand. The most obvious distinguishing feature is the extended trigger guard, which goes all the way to the base of the grip; aside from that, it is a relatively nondescript weapon. Strengths: -Compact: As a holdout blaster, it is small and easily concealable. Weaknesses: -Low ammunition capacity: Due to the small space available for power pack and Tibanna cartridge, it can only manage five shots before reloading. -Short range: It is effective only at point-blank range. Description: The Experimental Prototype 8 Model 5 holdout pistol is a small backup weapon issued as needed to Imperial military personnel. It is a relatively standard military holdout pistol, meant for use only if one’s heavier weapons are unavailable or empty; as such, it is intended for use only at very short range. In operation, it is as simple as pointing and shooting; the only safety mechanism is a grip safety, for swiftness of use in stressful circumstances. Both the power cell and Tibanna cartridge are housed in the handgrip of the weapon, and due to the limited space available, can only supply five shots’ worth of power. There is no stun setting. However, the XP8-M5 is significantly powerful for a blaster of its size, performing just as well a standard pistol. It is manufactured by Karnok Arms to Imperial designs, and its designation is intended to camouflage it as simply a prototype under development. In truth, it is in full production for the Empire.
  12. Intent: To create an effective standard issue sidearm for the Imperial Armed Forces Manufacturer: Karnok Arms Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Weapon Type: Blaster pistol Materials: Durasteel, plastoid composite Modifications: Grip panels and sights may be changed. Weapon Rating: Common Weapon Appearance: The XP9 is a large blaster pistol with a long barrel. Instead of a guard for only the trigger finger, the trigger guard extends all the way down the grip of the weapon; this is the most obvious distinguishing feature of the weapon. The muzzle end of the barrel is vented, and the weapon features relatively low sights. The power cell is located in the grip, while the Tibanna cartridge is inserted in the top of the weapon. Strengths: -High power: As a heavy blaster pistol, the XP9 generates extremely powerful bolts. -High accuracy: Due to its long barrel, it is very accurate for a pistol. Weaknesses: -Heavy: It is a large and weighty weapon. -Low ammunition capacity: Due to the small space available for power pack and Tibanna cartridge, it can only fire forty full-power shots before reloading. Description: The Experimental Prototype 9 heavy blaster pistol, standard issue sidearm for all Imperial military personnel, is a high-powered weapon intended to provide more than adequate stopping power for any humanoid enemy. It is a large weapon, bigger than most standard blaster pistols, and quite heavy for a weapon of this type; however, due to its characteristic long barrel, it is very accurate. As with most blaster pistols, its intended range is up to fifty meters; however, it is effective to one hundred meters. Operation of the XP9 is like most other pistol weapons. It has a safety switch on the side of the weapon, meant to be operated by the thumb. The trigger pull is quite light for a weapon of its type, and the trigger itself is protected by an extended guard that reaches all the way to the base of the grip, to allow operation for beings with different hand shapes and while wearing gloves. Due to its high power, and the small space available within the grip, the XP9’s power cell is relatively low-capacity. It has only enough power for forty shots; the Tibanna cartridge, on the other hand, can supply one hundred. It does have a stun setting; in this mode, the power cell can supply fifty shots on its own. The XP9 pistol is clandestinely manufactured by Karnok Arms to designs provided by the Empire. The weapon’s designation is intended to camouflage it as simply a prototype under development, while in reality it is in full production.
  13. Intent: To create a standard issue repeater weapon for the Imperial Armed Forces Manufacturer: Karnok Arms Affiliation: Sith Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Weapon Type: Blaster Repeater Materials: Durasteel, plastoid composite Modifications: Specialized scopes, higher-output power supplies. Weapon Rating: High Quality Weapon Appearance: The XP3-M2 repeater is a relatively conventional weapon in appearance, featuring a pistol grip containing dual grip safeties, power-supply linkage just in front of the trigger, a heavy, shrouded barrel, and plastoid composite foregrip. The plastoid composite stock is extendable, padded, with a height-adjustable comb piece. The top of the weapon features a universal rail attachment; the XP3-M2 is issued as standard with a targeting/rangefinding/NV scope to be attached there, but any compatible accessories may be placed there. The most visually distinctive feature of the XP3-M2 is that in lieu of power cell and Tibanna cartridge, it is supplied by cables from a backpack. Strengths: -High rate of fire: The XP3-M2 fires at approximately 1500 rounds per minute. -High power: Bolts from the XP3-M2 are as powerful as a standard blaster rifle, and come much quicker. Weaknesses: -High power consumption: Due to the power required, the XP3-M2 requires a power backpack. -Low portability: Due to the aforementioned power backpack, which the weapon is attached to via cables, it is less easily maneuverable than a standard rifle. -High heat output: The high volume and power of fire the XP3-M2 can put out generates a great deal of heat, and can damage or destroy the weapon if fire is sustained for too long. Description: The Experimental Prototype, Model 2 Repeater has been designed to provide the Imperial soldier with far more firepower than the average infantrybeing; it is optimized for sub-200-meter engagements against both armored and unarmored opponents. It fires at approximately 1500 rpm, and is as powerful as a standard blaster rifle, so as to excel in its position. It is relatively simple in operation. Featuring both a rear grip safety and a front safety for the second finger, as well as a manual safety switch, it is difficult to discharge accidentally. In all respects aside from fire rate and power supply, it is just like handling a standard blaster rifle. Due to the high power consumption inherent to a repeater, the XP3-M2 uses a backpack power supply, linked to the weapon using armored cables. With the standard backpack, the XP3-M2 can fire 6000 bolts- four minutes of sustained fire. However, firing for a full minute nonstop will begin to overheat the weapon, causing it to shut down, or even begin to melt the barrel. It is issued with a targeting/rangefinding/night vision scope, which may be linked to the helmet of Cataphract armor. However, it features a universal rail on the top, to which any compatible optic may be mounted. Designed by the Empire, the XP3-M2 is manufactured clandestinely by Karnok Arms; its designation is intended to camouflage it as simply a prototype under development, while in truth it is in full production.
  14. A good example of an Exquisite Artifact that is very powerful- and reasonably so. Detail and content are well thought out. Approved.