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  1. Corellian Engineering Corporation Shadow Moth

    In Progress
  2. Comrades, for to accelerate production of post, I have implement glorious Five Day Plan. Much writing shall be create. Apology for no have post in long time.

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      Is good comrade, will enact accelerate production of post. Will do Mother Nation proud. Also, apology for no post in long time.

  3. HPOR--SF

    You've just cut stuff out of the previous application and pasted new stuff in, maintaining the wording of the old one in most places. You're still comparing the power to a charric. You said it can wear down shields in one to two direct hits- how can you compute that? There are a lot of different types of shields, intended for different things. You've still got it able to be used as a sniper weapon, but haven't specified a range other than "medium". You've still got a section about "Republic Intelligence" speculating about its intended use. You've also yet again spoken for a large group of people, saying "the elite mercenary demographic" met this with joy. What I'd recommend is actually taking a moment and reworking the wording, rather than just chopping out what I said wasn't great and replacing it with other stuff. Maybe try adding the detail I asked you about into the application? Range, effect, that sort of thing. That would help a great deal.
  4. HPOR--SF

    Okay, so what we're looking at now is essentially a heavy blaster carbine, not a charric? That's a thing that could exist. You said, however, it's got limited ammunition, only twenty shots. That's disruptor-level lack of ammo there most blasters can handle more than a hundred. Is it the power cell or the Tibanna gas that would be a problem here? Disruptors use a lot of Tibanna for a little power, and so make things disintegrate. Lighter pistols use more power than gas. Or is this like, a lot of power for a lot of Tibanna? What's the terminal effect here? Is it gonna disintegrate someone? Is it going to insta-boil everything in their abdominal cavity and make them explode? You said for use against heavy armor, I'm assuming personal armor and not like vehicles. And then what sort of range are we talking about, in meters? Is it semi-automatic, or is there an auto mode? Basically- okay, moving forward. Deets now, specifics about the weapon. It might be useful to fill out the submission form again, because a lot has changed, yeah?
  5. 4th

    I want to die right now. I've got a girlfriend who loves me. I've got an apartment. I've got enough money and freedom to live a fairly comfortable life. But none of it matters, and I just want to die. And no matter what I do, I'll always feel like this.
  6. HPOR--SF

    The absolute last corporation anyone would let have such things would be BlasTech- well, them and Merr-Sonn, because they don't care at all who's buying their stuff. They sell to whoever. The Republic isn't just going to let them have it. If you're thinking Paperclip or the Soviet equivalents, notice how they didn't just hand all that shit to an independent party, and how corporate espionage in those areas was handled. Also, the Sith Empire was not Nazi Germany, obsessed with wunderwaffe. Actually, you'll find that if you look at the Empire we had, they did almost the opposite of that, simply overwhelming with numbers. The only thing that could be construed as something like that would be the Limitless. There's not just a ton of experimental war winning technology sitting around. The Empire didn't have to deal with the same sort of looming threat the Third Reich did. They weren't beset on all sides by superior industrial power, forced to make small numbers count. They didn't need rocket-powered interceptors, gigantic super-heavy tanks, superguns, Amerika Bombers, none of that. Perhaps the core issue here is just... Why? You want a weapon capable of messing with lightsaber wielders OOC, I get that. But what's the IC reasoning? It just seems to be "I want a gun that can cause problems for Jedi", and for some reason sonic weapons, slugthrowers, repeaters, and heavy blasters don't fit the bill.
  7. HPOR--SF

    The problem isn't reverse engineering Chiss tech- well, not the biggest problem. Actually, let's cover that first. As you have it written, it really hasn't got all that much charric in it. You've come up with a heavy blaster. Why must it be born of all this intrigue, instead of BlasTech deciding hey, let's just make a powerful blaster? And why is this major arms corporation using some weird prototype designs from the Empire when they could do the work themselves? And then there's the whole black market replication thing. Who are these "black market manufacturers" that have the capability to manufacture such sophisticated weaponry? Why wouldn't some criminal just buy the BlasTech version, with tangible quality control?
  8. HPOR--SF

    So that's then not a designated marksman thing, not meant for longer ranges than a standard rifle. Seems like you're looking for more of a heavy weapon vibe here. The backstory would, as you've got it, cause a rather large problem across the galaxy. You've got one of the Big Three arms corporations messed up, a species angered, bringing in thousands upon thousands of beings... for a rifle. It's a bit much. And how is the Empire getting Chiss technology? And if they were working on some sort of secret prototype weapon, you certainly wouldn't find it on Balmorra, which was used for mass production.
  9. Corvus's Armor - Accepted

    Well-thought-out high quality armor with a story behind it. Accepted.
  10. Alluk Suto's Lightsaber - Accepted

    Well-reasoned and tied into the character's story- a shining example of how to create a personalized lightsaber with several modifications without wandering into crippling overcustomization. Accepted.
  11. Party people! Rager outside the Dantooine Enclave. Peacekeepers, Jedi, anyone who'd be there welcome. 


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      Ah hah, you never met Taenok. He wasn't exactly socially awkward though. Decent fellow, for a Sith.

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      Did you belligerent peacekeepers bring Eldritch Horrors to Dantooine?

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      Do you smell that? I smell.. The party poopers.




  12. Questions and Answers

    Can we study holocrons with canon characters as gatekeepers?
  13. Intent: To provide Jedi Peacekeepers with a standard issue blaster weapon capable of filling multiple roles. Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn Munitions Affiliation: The Unified Jedi Order / The Peacekeepers Production Rate: Mass Produced Weapon Type: Pistol/Rifle Weapon Sub-type: Blaster Materials: Durasteel, duranium Modifications: The PB-9 is intended to be a modular weapon; Reflector sight or telescopic sight. Longer barrel containing more collimating elements. Laser, flashlight, or holorecorder attachments. Weapon Rating: Common Weapon Appearance: The PB-9 is a compact weapon, only slightly larger than a heavy blaster pistol when the stock is folded. Its most obvious defining feature is its extended trigger guard, extending up from the base of the grip and forward to the front of the weapon, where it is shaped into a skeleton forward grip. Its barrel is quite short, extending barely two inches in front of the forward grip; the stock folds to the left side of the weapon and is also extendable. The power cell protrudes from the bottom of the grip, to facilitate reloading in darkness. (Image available soon) Strengths: Compact - The PB-9 folds down small, and is meant to be easy to handle in tight spaces. Due to its small size, it is highly controllable with its integral forward grip. Modular - It comes factory standard with a plethora of accessories, and can easily accept many aftermarket modifications as well. Weaknesses: Weak - Though more powerful than a standard blaster pistol, the PB-9 falls short when compared to most military blaster rifles in terms of raw power, and if set to automatic fire will deplete its power cell in seconds. Range - The base PB-9 is intended for fairly short range, effective to about 80 meters with a maximum range of 150. The barrel extension can, however, remedy this. Description: The Merr-Sonn Munitions PB-9 is a compact, modular weapon intended for multi-role use by the Jedi Peacekeepers. It is made to be easily handled and stored in small places, and was originally meant to be a weapon for pilots and tankers, kept on the body within the tight confines of a vehicle's cockpit. Only slightly larger than a standard blaster pistol, the PB-9 provides carbine power within a small, easily controllable package. With its standard accessories, the PB-9 can be used as a light carbine, a personal defense weapon, or a mid-range blaster rifle; with aftermarket modifications, it can do even more. It is a highly ergonomic weapon, its large trigger guard allowing for use by large-handed humanoids or other species with different sizes or amounts of fingers, its stock easily adjustable, and its skeleton forward grip making it incredibly controllable. It is meant to be carried holstered, rather than slung; three different types of holsters are provided by the manufacturer- a leg holster, a shoulder holster, or a chest holster meant to be mounted directly to standard Peacekeeper armor or attached to a pilot's flight suit. It is also an incredibly safe weapon, despite the extended trigger guard, as it has one rear grip safety and one forward grip safety meant to be operated by the second finger. These ensure that the weapon will not fire unless gripped properly, at the same time allowing for quick deployment. The power cell is housed in the grip, to capitalize on the available space there and allow for easy reloading in the darkness; the Tibanna gas cartridge is inserted in the top of the weapon, just forward of the rear sight, and is button-ejected when spent. There are three settings, governed by a sliding selector on the side of the weapon just above the trigger; this selector can be moved to the other side, to accommodate the preference of each operator. The three settings are stun, single fire, and automatic, with forward being stun, center being single fire, and rear being automatic. In stun setting, the PB-9's power cell must be replaced after approximately 250 shots; in single fire and automatic, the power cell must be replaced after approximately 150 shots, and the Tibanna gas cartridge after approximately 300. Despite being more powerful than a standard pistol, the PB-9 is not quite as powerful as most military blaster rifles; this is generally made up for by the capability for quick and accurate follow-up shots. All in all, it is a highly controllable and compact modular weapon, and though down on power, will generally serve the needs of the Peacekeepers.
  14. Intent: To provide standard-issue armor to the Jedi Peacekeepers Affiliation: The Unified Jedi Order Production Rate: Mass Produced Materials: Duraplast alloy Armor Type: Medium Modifications: Shock Gauntlet Most anything that can be mounted on armor, though standard modifications include additional plates (changing it to Heavy armor), communications arrays, or jetpacks. Armor Rating: Common Armor Appearance: Jedi Peacekeeper armor is geared towards presenting a nonaggressive image while providing adequate protection for its users; thus, it is smooth-surfaced and generally painted blue. The cuirass is composed of a large chest segment overlapping an abdomen segment, paired with a backplate. The helmet is akin to a pilot's helmet, though it is far less bulky; it contains a comms system built into the left ear and cheekpiece, and it has an auto-darkening transparisteel visor that can be deployed or retracted with a switch on the right side. Only one gauntlet is issued - either right or left, depending on theparticular Peacekeeper's preference, and it contains a datapad housing on the outside of the wrist and a stun module on the inside. The pauldrons have the insignia of the Peacekeepers emblazoned upon them, and a pair of thigh plates completes the set. The armor is typically mounted on a light grey battledress uniform. Optionally, a Peacekeeper who requires it may equip themselves with lower leg and arm plates. Strengths: Protection - Peacekeeper armor is effective against slug rounds and resistant to blaster bolts from pistols and light rifles. Stun Capability - The gauntlet-mounted stun module is effective against most humanoids, does not fill the Peacekeeper's hand, and presents a far less threatening appearance than a stun baton would. Weaknesses: Limited Coverage - Standard Peacekeeper armor covers only the head, torso, shoulders, and thighs, as well as one wrist. Limited Protection - While the armor plates are impervious to basic low-caliber slug rounds and resistant to light blaster bolts, heavier weapons will burn right through them. Description: Standard issue for Jedi Peacekeepers, this armor is intended to be nonthreatening but effective. Composed of a light duraplast alloy, it is effective against most common civilian arms and resistant to higher-grade military weapons. It is a medium armor, covering the head, torso, and thighs, and is mounted to a light grey battledress uniform. The blue color and Peacekeeper insignia are meant to make the wearers visible and easily identifiable as Peacekeepers; however, sometimes this can serve less as reassurance for civilians and more as an easy target for enemies. Still, the benefits of being recognized as a protector rather than an aggressor outweigh the potential dangers. Perhaps the most unusual feature of Peacekeeper armor is the gauntlet-mounted stun module; it is intended to non-lethally subdue most humanoids, and to present a much less threatening appearance than a stun baton in hand would. This allows a Peacekeeper to present open hands, but be instantly ready in case of conflict. On the other side of that same gauntlet is a datapad housing, as the standard helmet is open-faced with a retractable visor, and has no HUD. Peacekeeper armor is not intended to be heavy combat armor; it is for protection against unexpected attacks or for light combat duty. However, when more protection required, arm and lower leg plates may be equipped, though they are not standard issue.
  15. Jedi Peacekeeper Instructor

    Seems like the first step for figuring out that trouble you've got is to figure out which branch of the military she was serving in. It seems like you've got her more infantry. Perhaps she was injured in the offensive against the Empire, and joined the Peacekeepers when the Order retreated from the Republic?