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  1. Isa Sal

    Alrighty, so to keep this short and sweet, I will be posting an acceptance message for those to copy and paste - or to create their own - within this thread. As more things come and go, it will be important to update the acceptance message, but this will cover all the important things currently. Your application has been ACCEPTED Thank you for applying to the site and we all are looking forward to writing with you in the near future! To start your character off, please post your character biography into the correct category here. To get started in-character, please post in this thread so a member can quickly get to you and get you on your way to starting your own adventure on Star Wars: Fates. If you have not already, please read the Community Rules to get accustomed to the environment we wish to have on the site, in addition if you have any questions about the site, please do not be afraid to PM a member of the staff team or to post in the Questions and Answers thread, as they will be answered to the best of each staff member's ability. In addition, if you wish to join the site's discord, you can join through this link right here. Should you want to start on creating items, or other things pertaining to the site, you can check out The Forge. The Forge is a way to create items for others to use, as well as providing your own character with their own specialized items. Standard issued stuff does not need to be submitted for personal use, but can be submitted to provide people with some different items to start out with.
  2. Hey all, Ren is once again back, and hopefully for the final big announcement that has come in the last month or so. Recently, as of yesterday, Ellina has stepped down to a regular staff position while I have taken the reins of the site, what this means to many of you will be almost nothing as not much will be changing besides a few understandable issues with how ranking up is working, and three other small announcements. I would like to thank Ellina for taking the reins from Lucian and the time she spent as head admin, and hopefully I will be as good of an admin as the previous ones. Stepping right into the meat of stuff, with my promotion comes another long time coming promotion for Je’ka, a hard working member that is also a veteran on this site, beginning long before many.. outside of Verrin, of course He will be taking the duty of making the Forge a bit more appealing, as well as working with me on plotlines and other things that pertain to the site. In addition to Je’ka getting the honorary purple, Lucian will be moved back up to staff to serve solely as the Tech Moderator, as well as a writer. Lucian is by far the most experienced of us all when it comes to the tech side of things, and he will only be sitting on the staff to deal with those issues and to provide input. Kure has also offered his assistance in making the forums and sub-forum descriptions, as well as working diligently to make sure everything came out on time, and while his position is only temporary due to his own want to not burnout from overworking, he has offered to join the staff full time if necessary, such as someone stepping down. Now that the staff-related stuff is out of the way, let’s move onto the stuff that may affect everyone on the forum. After examining our tedious, and honestly clunky, rank advancement system, I have demolished the rank of Initiate, Acolyte, and other lower ranks in favor of helping people move along quickly and to put them right into the galaxy without chaining them to a metaphorical desk. While this process is being removed, every new member will be grabbed by an old member (where the old member can be any rank) for a single thread and be shown the ropes of the site, just as a kind of welcome before sending them on their way. In addition to this, ranking up will be a lot easier as it will only require writing stories and generally just being a good sport. Members that are part of the in-character war council will discuss the advancement of members as this goes on, tweaking and making sure everything runs smoothly. While people will rank up at their own pace normally, those dedicated few that just want to write will probably find themselves ranking up quicker than they would like due to their activity level alone. Thankfully the staff will contact the individual personally through PMs, allowing them to decline rank advancement if it isn’t fitting their story yet. Finally, this brings me to a much more tedious subject that has been brought up in the past to me, and to a few others. Moving forward, we will allow character transfers from other sites to this one to allow members to settle in easier, but they will be required to provide evidence for said characters. It will be of their own choice how they implement their character into this AU, but this is more to provide people a chance to settle in easier. In addition, you will now be able to make characters of the same rank as your highest ranked character, outside of Council-level characters. Prior this was only really utilized by the staff team as a means to help revitalize factions, while other members were stuck making characters at the rank of the Jedi Knight-equivalent. This will no longer be the case, though the characters will require much more detail than a standard character application. Moving forward from the in-character aspect of this announcement, we will be shifting our attention to the advertising/recruiting aspect of the site. Fortunately for us, we have members that have advertised before for the site and are willing to do so again, but we are also looking for others. To provide incentive for recruiting, the staff will be looking at methods to award individuals that actively advertise, and workout means to provide them to the members that recruit new members. While providing in-character things may be a possibility, I don’t want to clamp down on the OOC portion assisting the IC portion just yet, but that may be the only way to deal with this. Those that are willing to advertise/recruit for the site can PM me here, or DM me on Discord. Then the final announcement comes with a minor shift from the original Discord to a new one. While this change may seem unnecessary, it is to provide the discord with a bit more tidiness, as well as providing a new greeting bot without the tediousness of setting it up. While the old Discord will remain, the new one can be found HERE or in the tab above. This is also to clean up the discord a bit, as some old members that have been long gone are still in it, though the discord will not disappear as members will have a chance to join the new Discord through that one. That is it for all the announcements, but I am looking forward to working alongside everyone to get this site back-up onto its feet. Any questions and concerns can be directed to me through PMs on the site, or through DMs on Discord.
  3. Character Sheet Rework

  4. Character Sheet Rework

  5. Quick reminder that this thread is open to all members regardless of faction or rank~ :)



  6. Character Sheet Rework

    Your rework is now...
  7. Character Sheet Rework

    Sorry about that Don bro, I completely forgot about yours. Anyway, for both Luci and Kure, your character sheets are...
  8. Character Sheet Rework

    The sheet rework for your characters is:
  9. Site Story

    Of course! Even as an NPC, the villain of the story will be following the Character Sheet Rework. Since the NPC is rather high up in the hierarchy, he'd be getting more than the standard 14 points new characters have. Yes, your characters may join the faction that serves as the galactic enemy if you'd like. I don't really recommend it as this will lessen the interactions with the other members, since we're pushing the site to have more interaction with each other. Hope that helps!
  10. Site Story

    Heyall, Ren/Homra back here with another announcement; this time it is delving into the story we are going to be making happen in the next week. The reason for this story and announcement is because with our current numbers we can’t sustain two and a half factions (Mandalorians), and the interaction has been increasingly limited because everyone has been situated on their own planet. Moving forward, a new NPC threat will be coming forward, and we can say that it is going to be imposing its will onto the galaxy, forcing many factions to work together to deal with it. It will not be a Force-sensitive faction, though there may be additional allies that would come to assist them over the course of time, just to add flavor. This means the Jedi, the Sith, the Imperials, the Mandalorians, and the Republic in a way will be merging into one cohesive force that is going to be filled with enough turmoil to provide story opportunities, and allowing people to reach out and explore the galaxy beyond their limits. “Is it the Eternal Empire?”, one might ask—nope! The Eternal Empire as Zakuul in this AU had been dismantled by the Sith Empire by destroying Vitiate’s existence. They are still a player in the galaxy, but their fate isn’t the exactly same. The enemy in question is one that isn’t often considered an enemy at all, but with the way the NPC’s writer is role-playing him, it will be blatantly obvious why they’re the enemy of the galaxy. The new ‘system’ is going to very much compliment this style of role-play, as we will be have bigger stories and more opportunities to interact with one another. Characters that are morally grey will be probably in their perfect element, while those that are teetering back and forth may have a chance to fully teeter to the other side in search of power, peace, or simply prosperity. I am excited to actually have those characters that may have seen a bit oddly placed finally have a place to role-play, as the Mandalorians, the actual Republic soldiers and the Imperials haven’t had much spotlight in the last year. Archivist characters do not need to worry as their factions won’t be abandoning their temples to be left to rot, but there will be a new forum to accommodate the faction’s new base of operations. Thank you for your time, and hopefully we all can enjoy more freedom than before! Discussion of this story can be done below.
  11. Character Sheet Rework

    For both Verrin and Kai, your character sheet reworks are now:
  12. Change Log: Character Sheets

    Change Log 2.0.1 - August 17th, 2018 Edited the formatting for the new Character Sheet System Added thread with an abridged explanation of the new system. No other changes made.
  13. Character Sheet Rework

    May as well write down all of mine: Homra: | Strength - B |Agility - S | Perception - S | Endurance - C | Willpower - A | Jun: | Strength - A |Agility - S | Perception - S | Endurance - B | Willpower - B | Silas: | Strength - C |Agility - C | Perception - A | Endurance - C | Willpower - A | Ren: | Strength - D |Agility - B | Perception - A | Endurance - A | Willpower - A |
  14. Change Log: Character Sheets

    Change Log 2.0.0 - August 15th, 2018 The character sheet system had undergone a complete overhaul. The old character sheet system has not been removed. This is to serve as reference while we test out the new system. Restricted Skills are still included in the new system. Force Alignment remains the same and did not undergo any changes at this time.
  15. Character Sheet Rework

    To make things easier for everyone on the site, members and staff, as well as new members. We are removing the necessary requirement of having a full-fledged character sheet. With this new rework we have made, it allows characters to grow quicker, as well as without the need to have character sheets to determine what skills and Force Powers they have. We still ask you to be realistic in what they can do, but the idea is to just have some frame of reference. There will still be a select few Force Powers that are restricted that will require administrative approval, however everything else will be free game. While there will not be alignment requirements for Force abilities, alignments are staying just so characters can have a frame of reference on how corrupt or pure their character's Force-energy is, and if a Force-sensitive character should commit atrocities or otherwise, they can gain alignment to reflect their potential power increase in one type of Force abilities. In it's current iteration to accommodate current characters, most characters will be grandfathered and 'underpowered' if the character has more than 500 posts - at least in terms of statistics, though statistics do not matter as much as rank itself. While this is solely to allow certain characters to achieve a more reasonable growth, at the start, you can continue to grow your character afterwards if you wish. Newly created characters will only require 50 Posts to gain 1 statistic point, and in the future should activity rise once more the Post requirement will raise by 100. You can find the new 'system' here, as well as the full explanation of it. You do not need to follow the simple definitions to a T, they are just there for a frame of reference and if someone wants to role-play them as such. The statistics can be added on the signature portion of the account for easy reference. I hope we could all work together and hopefully this will give everyone in all the factions the chance to foster stronger relationship and pave way for interesting stories and more interactions! Please post below with what you desire your character to have for statistics, and to keep it within reason. A Jedi Padawan or Sith Acolyte wouldn't have B's in every single statistic, but they could have higher statistics in certain areas to accommodate the type of character it is.