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  1. Character Prompt: Fear

    It's the month of spoopy spooky stuff, and this is the perfect time to talk about fears and whatnot. Could be rational, could be not, could be something as small as cynophobia (fear of dogs) to panic-attack inducing fear of death. Of course, this ain't just any other character prompt where "Ok, [Insert Name Here] is afraid of [xyz]" nah. Gonna spice it up a bit. Write a short passage showing the character and that fear and have fun! Could be one character, or all if you have more than one. Not necessarily just for a single character. Homra 'Fear is the path to the dark side since it leads to anger... or so a far as anyone's concerned. Shit, I forgot how it goes.' Homra's knuckles were white, mails trying to dig through the durasteel table. His teeth were trying to leave a vivid bruise on his lips, and he could feel goosebumps crawling across his exposed skin. The recycled air felt colder as it crawled up and down his back, but beads of sweat still formed across his forehead despite the near frigid temperature. Beady black eyes stared back at purple irises, fathomless and seemingly curious. Homra was once plagued by nightmares thanks to this creature, that it took a year of meditation and pretending the fear doesn't exist before he can sleep peacefully. Fate seemed to have thought it funny to have it confront him when he was a full-grown adult, and was just getting used to life in Dantooine. Technically, the archivist often encountered such creatures when he was travelling around prior to his Knighting, but it did bother him a lot. That was why he spent most of the days before returning to the Order exhausting himself to the point of having little to no dreams once he dropped unconscious on wherever he was going to spend the night. It wasn't that easy, and it seemed so trivial and irrational. A high-pitched squeal pierced through the air, and the Echani leapt over the table as the creature rushed towards his direction. The table toppled over, datacrons and datacubes crashing over the floor, and a hundred-twenty pound near-human fell into a graceless heap of limbs on the carpeting. Homra groaned, his right elbow slammed on the cold floor, and painful pinpricks ran across his arm. It felt like the air was knocked right out of his lungs, and his chest felt like a herd of nerfs just stampeded all over it. He lied face-down on the floor, and it felt like forever before he turned over on his back, the front of his thighs felt sore and his knees wobbly. Another high pitched squeal, and the Echani found himself staring at the little monster that was halfway across the room, staring back at him. There was nothing good in its eyes, only pure evil in those endlessly black depths. It tilted its head and took a step forward towards Homra's direction. "Oh no - don't you dare!" The Echani warned, trying to scramble into a sitting position. His whole body felt like a bantha decided he'd make a good footstool. "I'm warning you!" As if it truly understood Homra, the rat skittered towards the prone Jedi with its disgusting humanoid-looking paws and probably dirt-infested fur. On the office right next, Jun wondered when did Knight Azner began terrorizing eight-year old girls. She pictured pigtails and adorable sun dresses. Ren Ren's eyes were large and bright, nearly luminous, as he stared back at his reflection. Bruises seemed to bloom beneath his eyes, and he was starting to lose what little weight he gained for the past year. Sleep was becoming more and more of a luxury for the past few days. There were weeks like these, where sleeping was something to be avoided - something to be dreaded. Ren would find himself waking up with phantom sensations across his skin, fleeting snatches of a nightmare fading away as he tried to catch his breath. Other times, it followed him well into the day. He could feel scalpels gliding across his skin, the pain sharp and lingering. Some days, he could feel the shock of electricity across his neck, pain lancing across his body from his head down to his toes. Then there were the times where he dreamt of some faceless Sith - sometimes Meracus, sometimes Corvus, sometimes a nameless or faceless Sith - holding him by his neck with invisible hands, Ren floating and his toes barely brushing against the floor. Those were the worst. Because Ren forgot. Ren forgot that he was no longer among enemies, but rather - tentative comrades. On these days, he'd spend the day seeing enemies everywhere, perceptions skewed by something that did not happen. So on these days, he kept to himself and threw himself into training. His progress in saber forms were basic at best and abysmal at worst, which frustrated him to no end. That often pushed him to just tinkering with whatever droid or computer terminal he could get his hands on, even if watching paint dry was twice as exciting. Ren shook his head, can still feel the lingering traces of a nightmare heavy and deep in his bones. It was one of those rare nights where his dreams were a horrifying mix of half-remembered memories and surreal nonsense. Either way, he still needed to sleep, even if nightmares greeted him once he closed his eyes. Jun Everything turned white, her whole world a discordant ringing and muffled shouting. For a minute, she thought that she lost all sensation and that she died. Except, when the light faded out into indistinct shapes, the ringing turning into screaming and burning and gods I can't breathe I can't breathe it hurts I - Jun blinked, brows furrowing together as she stared at the enormous piece of durasteel before her eyes. Its edges glowed a faint orange from the heat, and it was jagged and curved and warped from its original shape. Shards of plating surrounded the durasteel piece, red seemingly blooming from the sides as her gaze traveled down. It was about two inches deep right below her chest and right above her navel. Oh. She can only stare at it in disbelief, not quite believing that it was sinking little by little, blood dripping out in tiny rivulets. Should Jun get it out? Ammunition from slugthrowers shouldn't be removed unless they're still making their descent since that would just reopen a cauterized wound and cause more bleeding. She could feel it going in deeper, and she felt rather... ambivalent about the whole ordeal. She must still be in shock, then. There was someone talking to her, but Jun thought she'd gone deaf. Something roared against her ears, and she could feel someone pushing her down and shouting. Her breath hitched and the shrapnel seemed to groan and shake, gloved hands pulling and tugging her armor and Jun was going to bleed out if they took it out and - Pain exploded across her body, and she wanted to scream but all the breath from her lungs had gone. Her whole body was on fire, her armor too constricting and tight and burning. She needed to get it off, needed to get out. She can't breathe and it's pressing down on her and she's going to die and - Dark spots danced across her vision, and Jun doesn't know if it's okay or not but she can't fall asleep. Not here and now, she needed to get up, needed to get somewhere safe, needed to live. Her eyes felt too hot and the sudden blurriness had her heart racing because she can't see and -
  2. Carry On Wayward Son

    "Just maps, as far as I'm concerned." Homra shrugged. "Might be some council things, I can get a copy of the data - but it'd be encrypted and would have tons of security measures that'd give seasoned slicers migraines for years." The hangar bay was mostly empty. There was about a shuttle or two left since the attack, but neither looked they're still capable of flight. Vines managed to crawl across the gap, slowly making their way across the doors and into the cracked duracrete walls. Dust and molds clung to the walls and nearly every surface, rainwater dripped down from the many holes on the roof, and there were barely any evidence left in the hangar that it once faced an attack. Some of the terminals looked intact, while the rest still sported holes thanks to blaster fire and the stray lightsaber. It was hard to tell if there was still power running through the temple, but Homra would be finding out soon enough. "I need to access the terminals first, need to know if there's still power." The Echani headed over one that looked intact. He pushed the power button on, and nothing happened. Not exactly unexpected, nature could have cut the power permanently. He was about to step away when the screen flickered, the near-silent hum of a computer terminal booting up had Homra's ears twitching. It took three minutes before the screen finally displayed the main interface. Homra nearly entered his current username and password before remembering that Tython had long been disconnected from the HoloNet or from any other network for the past year. It was a little hard to remember his old account details, but Horma had the foresight to save it on his datapad despite the risk. When he was the assistant archivist, he could access most of the cameras within the archives. However, access was limited outside it. That was why he had his tech armor with him though, and it already had a program that could try and access the Temple's security system. It wouldn't be able to bypass everything, but he should be able to access the holocams. It took less then a minute to do so, and that had the Echani frowning. About half a dozen still provided some manner of feed, while the rest were damaged or disconnected. It didn't do much good, since the working cameras were in the areas few people frequented, where no one probably thought to run and hide when Tython was attacked. Currently, these areas were empty. With that out, they'd have to rely on the Force for Sight, then. Homra's eyes fluttered shut, and he let himself see the world through the Force. Two pairs of Flesh Raiders were already padding up the stairs, probably to patrol or scavenge. Not that there would be anyone trying to steal anything or sneak in. His lips ended up twitching in amusement at the thought. "We have four Flesh Raiders heading up, the hangar bay doors still look functional, and I have no idea if they know how to operate it." He gestured vaguely at the enormous double doors. "Looks like they're just circling around the hall, one would stop at like a fourth of the way for a minute, take a peek at whatever room if they could, and then circle back again." "We to sneak and move as fast as possible to get to the map room." The hangar didn't lead directly to the main circular hall, and he really wished that there was at least a hole directly to the map room. "We need a distraction, but not something that'd have the whole tribe storming in and eating us. I could sneak off on my own and get there, but I can't really bring all the data cubes and crystals from the second floor to outside. If anyone has ideas though, now would be a good time to share them."
  3. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    First one is still Crucitorn. Doesn't necessarily need an injury to increase the pain someone feels. The Inflict Pain already falls under the Crucitorn umbrella, as intent can define if it's dark or light, so there's no need to make another one that's basically the same. Crucitorn can also be used on multiple people just as well. The Force Armor tree is used against Force and energy-based attacks, but the skill you're proposing doesn't necessarily need to be a specific ability. Characters can still use telekinesis in place of a Force Barrier - combined with Force Sense/Sight, it should help deflect oncoming attacks instead. Edit: Telekinetic combat covers deflection/defending against projectiles and the like.
  4. Set In Stone

    "Good, off we go then." Motioning for the initiate to follow, the Echani activated the lamp and then stepped inside. The caves were, as always, musty and dank. Homra had a torch with him so that Magnus could at least see where they were going. Technically, the Echani did not need a light source to avoid the puddles full of stagnant water and whatever microbes present in them. The constant sound of water dripping down stalactites was almost rhythmic, but not quite. Still, the more Homra ventured down to these caves, the more he questioned the structural integrity. Then again, he wouldn't be surprised if the Force was the only thing that kept the Enclave from collapsing on itself. There weren't much crystal formations close to the mouth, but as the Jedi headed deeper, clusters of the precious rocks began to line the rough surface. They weren't all that bright, but they did provide spots of color in the otherwise dark cave. It took some time before Homra reached the clearing. It was an enormous space, mostly dry, and with various openings leading to a network of tunnels that intersected or lead to dead ends. There were at least a dozen new ones every month, thanks to the kinrath, and it's rare for anyone inexperienced to venture deeper since anyone could get lost or end up swarmed by the overgrown insects. "Alright, so this is pretty straightforward. Just meditate right at the center, I'll be observing and see how things go from there." The Echani gestured towards the center, and then padded his way towards an enormous cluster of adegan crystals. He tried not to lean on the walls, since he didn't want to get dirt on his clothes or damage his armor, but his back was relaxed and his feet were apart.
  5. Homra's Stuff

  6. Crystal Caves

    From the album Homra's Stuff

  7. Set In Stone

    "Someone's been in the archives," Homra teased. It's good to hear that there were initiates expressing interest in learning more about where they came from and trying to understand the significance of their new home. It wasn't Tython, but Dantooine was going to be the home for future generations of Jedi. "It's still a pilgrim site and rite of passage for Padawans, and where they will get their future crystals for their lightsabers." 'Although, Mirran did say that there were these creatures in there that can poison you. That’s the only thing that doesn’t sound great about the Caves. She even had a theory that they could consume the Force and the crystals and that’s how their eggs produce red crystals." The sun was high up in the sky, but Dantooine's plains always had refreshing breezes passing through. The air was just warm enough and Homra found himself taking in a deep breath as he continued to walk towards the cave while talking to Magnus. "Yes, those would be the Kinrath. They have been living within the cave systems for an indefinite amount of time. It's possible that they're able to partially corrupt crystals, but there's still research done on how is it done exactly and if it could be reversed." "Have you met her? She’s pretty nice.’ "She's rather shy, but I think interacting with other initiates will help her overcome it. And yes, she is kind, and I think she'd be a fine addition to the order." Homra's tone was serene, with just a small hint of pride and fondness in them. ‘Wait, are we going in there so I can get my crystal? Because if so that’s so cool!!’ At this, the Sentinel's mouth twitched to a frown, and his expression turned apologetic. He scratched the back of his neck, and replied in a calm voice. "Well... not exactly - Padawans, Knights, and Masters are the only ones allowed to retrieve a crystal at this moment. However, we're here to do a quick exercise. I also want to see if there's at least one that resonates or has the capability to bond with you - for future reference." Homra stopped once he reached the mouth of the cave, can already smell the musk and stagnant water from outside. It was dark at the first few meters of the tunnel, but he could see distant specks of multi-colored lights coming from the crystals. "We're here. Before we go in, anything you'd like to ask or do before we start?"
  8. Carry On Wayward Son

    The first person to climb was Mirran - Char and Yusan both helped her up. She pulled on the vines, sometimes slipping as she progressed upwards. The rain made holding on to the plants and finding footholds on the walls difficult. Eventually, Mirran managed to find her way close enough for the Echani to reach for her hand and then helped her get in through the gap. 'One down,' Homra thought, wiping at his forehead with the back of his arm instinctively. Thankfully, the coat covered most of it, and he was relieved that Mirran made it and he didn't get the armor's components wet. Next was Char, and Homra was a little curious and augmented his hearing with the Force because the initiate was muttering as he tried pulling himself up. They were mostly choice words about the situation, so the Knight elected to ignore it. Half-way through, Char didn't get a proper foothold and nearly slipped down with a rather loud yelp. Homra hoped the rain drowned out the initiate's shout and that they didn't get the Flesh Raider's attention. Char took a little longer than Mirran, and the Echani was practically pulling some of Char's weight through the Force. It felt like an eternity before Homra could reach for the man, and he quickly hauled Char up and waited for him to finish slinking through the gap before gesturing for someone to try next. Iman leapt up, augmenting her jump, and then landed halfway through. She grabbed one of the vines, and rather methodically began pulling herself up. The plant she was holding too was rather thin, and it snapped when Iman had a quarter of the way left. The twi'lek was about a few meters above ground before she managed to grab another branch and tried again. This time around, she was rather successful, and just nodded towards Homra as he helped her through the gap. It was harder for her, as she was built like a brick house. Eventually, she got in and Homra looked back down and then gestured at Yusan next. The Echani raised a brow and then crouched down. He leaned forward and then leaped up with a Force Augmented jump. Yusan was mid-air when Homra tried grabbing his arm to help him up the gap. But the other Echani did manage to fit through, albeit with some difficulty thanks to his toned body, and had finally gotten through the space between the enormous hangar doors. It took longer than the archivist would have liked, and he mentally cheered when the Guardian finally made it through. With everyone on the other side, Homra then made his way next, deactivating his boots as he did so, and slinked through the hole. It was harder than it looked like, and he didn't want to slip through something that narrow ever again. "Okay, we're all here." Yusan had somehow disappeared, but Homra did saw a flash of white slipping through the doors and into the halls of the Temple. "We need to get to the map room - which is on the second floor - first, then the archives - which is on the first floor. Don't touch anything, be as quiet as possible, and don't try to catch the Flesh Raiders' attention. You don't want it, I don't want it . Any questions before we leave this room?"
  9. round in circles

    "A little longer initiate," Homra said. So far, Gakowa had most of the basics down in meditation, and wasn't doing too bad. However, Homra could sense that the initiate had lingering attachment, and he wasn't releasing any of his emotions into the Force. Most younglings would have already made improvements on their meditation around the time before they become Padawans, but since the Togruta wasn't raised in the Temple, that was understandable. However, it would definitely something Gakowa had to learn as soon as possible. Suppressing or burying one's emotion just wasn't the Jedi way, and it could come back and bite one in the ass later on. "Try releasing your emotions into the Force, let it guide you." He shifted on his feet, and gave his chrono another check. The initiate had been meditating for at least an hour now, but they still had plenty of time. "Your emotions... your attachments.... you have to let them go." "Gather then within yourself and release it one by one, don't bury or hide it. Holding on to them is one of the many paths that could lead you to fall, don't let it turn into something you can't handle." The Echani heard enough horror stories about attachments and Jedi that could last him a lifetime.
  10. Set In Stone

    "I do, but I wanted to hear it from you." Homra's tone was blithe and casual, and he did wave his hand disarmingly. "What he gave is just a facet to a whole." The Echani did not elaborate, and simply let Magnus to puzzle that one out for himself. He sensed a quick flare of... something from the initiate - irritation, perhaps? Either way, it doesn't seem something to be extremely serious, but Magnus will soon learn that having an enormous reserve of patience was vital in being Jedi. Well, Homra wasn't exactly a paragon of patience, but he liked to think of himself of having enough to be considered as halfway decent. He does have his... buttons, but it would have to take a particularly offensive question to have him irritated. "Your goals and desire to help others are admirable, and so does resolving issues through peaceful methods." Homra hummed lightly. "Although, my only advise for now is to remember that sometimes, good intentions can turn south if one isn't careful or vigilant." Gesturing towards Magnus to follow, Homra began to walk towards the Crystal Caves' direction. "I suppose that's all I want to know currently. So! Have you heard about the Crystal Caves?"
  11. Set In Stone

    "It's alright, first few weeks here and the only route I knew was from my room to the archives," Homra replied with a grin. Jedi usually greeted each other with a vow, but the Echani wasn't really one for tradition. So he took Magnus' hand in a firm, but friendly grip. "A lot get lost when they first arrive here, but in time... perhaps you'd become more familiar, Initiate Koaldor." Homra let go and put both hands behind his back. Their business in the caves was, more or less, an assessment. "Alright, so before we begin, I'd like to ask a few things. Your previous instructor, Knight Antur, filled me up on a few details. However, I'd like to hear a few things for myself." "Before you arrived in the Enclave, what was it that you used to do? Any expectations or aspirations from the Order? And where would you like to go afterwards?" Homra was light and casual with his line of questions, and he made sure to exude a calm and encouraging aura. The Jedi's impression of Magnus was that he seemed cheerful and friendly - good traits for Jedi inclined for diplomacy and negotiation.
  12. round in circles

    "Very well, then." With that Homra entered the cave systems in a casual pace. He had the lamp turned on, even if he didn't need it. Getting to the center usually took five to ten minutes of walking, and he arrived there in no time. "The task is simple. I need you to meditate here in the center." The Echani gestured around himself, and kept his tone cool and detached. "Initiates don't get crystals, as they need to become Padawans first and would need their master to escort them here." The Knight stood at parade rest, hands loose behind his back and his boots about a foot apart. He didn't say what exactly he was looking for from the initiate, and would provide his input once he gathered enough data.
  13. round in circles

    The Echani raised a brow, face impassive and unimpressed. He sighed before answering in a cool tone. "You don't just ask someone you just met personal questions. Learning how to stop and respecting someone's privacy...learning when to draw the line on what is and isn't inappropriate isn't just something Jedi learn - anyone with a single ounce of decency in them learn it." He could sense more of that apprehension and fear from the initiate. It may be small, but paths to the Dark Side could begin with something as small as such. "An assignment on proper etiquette and social interaction is hardly something to be afraid of." 'Besides, I don't think you've really been listening to a single word I said, except for the weirdly convenient ones,' he thought, shaking his head. "If that is all." His voice brokered no argument, even if it was at a neutral tone. Homra gestured, again, for the initiate to follow and then crossed his arms again and continued his tapping. "Then follow me." The Echani kept his expression carefully blank, glancing at his right wrist every now and then. It took ten minutes to get to the entrance, and once he stood at the mouth of the cave, he turned on his heel. "Do not engage the local fauna, run or hide somewhere if you can. The Kinrath are poisonous, I have some antidote, but I do prefer that you don't get stung." "Any other questions or concerns, that isn't personal or invasive, that you wanted to ask before we get in?"
  14. To Flow

    "The training fields are a good place to start - or you could try the archives. I'm sure that there initiates open to interaction - who knows, there might be some of them out there looking for a friendly debate or a sparring match. Or you could approach other knights, or even visit me in my office - which is right next to the archives - if you have the time. I'll even send you the codes to my comms." The Echani grinned encouragingly. "If you're feeling a little shy... I'm pretty sure someone may sense it and interact with you at some point, Initiate Arragi. I'm sure there are other Miriailians Jedi present, but I don't really know because it's getting rare for me to get out of my office these days." Assignments with initiates were always fun for Homra. It got him out of the office, and it was rather nice breathing in fresh air and stretching his legs. Translating old texts and compiling current events were fun, but a little break in the routine made things interesting. Getting away with some of his archive work and taking his mind off them did help too. Often times, once he got back, he may have found something he missed before, or he would return with a different perspective and better understanding with the material. "Well, I suppose this concludes your first assignment. Knight Giran Antur should be sending you a missive for your next assignment, so keep your comm link open." Homra bowed towards Ormala, smiling lightly. "Congratulations. You have completed your first step in the Enclave. There are more to follow, and I am looking forward to seeing more from you. Enjoy the rest of your day, and may the Force be with you Initiate Arragi."
  15. Set In Stone

    Helona 35 3630BBY Training Area, Dantooine Enclave Homra stood at the Enclave's entrance, waiting patiently for the next initiate. He had read some of Giran's reports about @Magnus Koaldor, another one of the newly arrived initiates. Giran had a few notes about the initiate and what they last discussed, so the Echani was taking his time in reviewing everything in preparation for the assignment. What the Sentinel had been doing so far was starting to feel like a routine, but it seemed to be working fine. Besides, it was one of the few times he could get fresh air after days spent inside his office with recycled air for company. He could stretch his legs then and get to explore the caves, even if he could navigate it totally blind. He gave his datapad another check, noting the time stamp on when he sent the initiate the missive to meet him outside. It wouldn't take that long, and Magnus can try sparring or interacting with his fellow initiates once it's over.