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  1. Dead Tongues

    He eyed the three initiates. The Echani took note on how they carried themselves and their demeanor in general: a quiet Miraluka and two uneasy humans. Not quite Homra's usual choice for translation jobs, but he'll take what he could get. Almost all of the archivists were busy with sorting through the data crystals retrieved from Tython not too long ago, so they were a little short handed. He took a deep breath and gave them all a wan smile. "Good day, Initiates Eldrin, Octarian, and Sarkan." “Hey, I´m sorry I am late, I was putting myself together after the trip. You guys waiting for long?” "Sit wherever you like and make yourselves comfortable, this will take a while." Homra let out a deep breath. He turned to Initiate Sarkan, his purple eyes glitt~ering with light amusement despite the exhaustion. "And you're not quite late at all, haven't been waiting that long." “Master, I feel obligated to inform that I am not versed in ancient languages, I don’t know what I could offer to this task.” "Consider this a learning experience, then," Homra replied blithely. He leaned back on his chair, careful not to relax too much or he may as well fall asleep right then and there. "I don't need all of you to be fluent in ancient Shyriiwook, Mando'a, or Huttese - I may just need a set of fresh perspectives. That or if I'm having trouble looking up a word, I could have any one of you look it up and provide me a possible translation. On the other hand, you may pick up a thing or two, and learning something new could be useful in the long run." Because the Echani felt sluggish and could fall over any minute now, and he felt like he was going to miss a lot of things. "Those datapads there contains passages about the same doctrine. It's... related to the Force, or rather, an old interpretation of it before better understanding and all that. Alderaanians want it because it is a part of their heritage and culture. Also, I'm sending out the rough translation to your datapads. Initiate Seldrin, yours come with a program with text-to-speech software. It's rather helpful, actually." Homra's fingers let his fingers steeple, hiding his mouth behind his hands. "Hm, I'd like to hear what you three think about it. There's no right or wrong answer, but honesty is highly appreciated."
  2. Set In Stone

    "We have a comprehensive list of planets and expansive star map," Homra paused, unsure if this line of inquiry was worth pursuing. Jedi were to not have any attachments, but it didn't seem right to deny someone knowledge of their origins. "I could help you look it up if you'd like." The teenager has an understanding of the Force, and Homra simply stood back and observed. He could sense Magnus reaching out, the crystals around them glowing slightly as the initiate meditated. Still, a slight frown tugged at the Echani's lips. It didn't quite feel right. There was a sense of lightness, but it didn't give of the feel Homra was used to. There was a certain way those who grew up in the temple meditated, a feel common to most Padawans and Knights that spent a great majority of their childhood raised by Creche Masters. Magnus doesn't have that feel, and Homra mentally noted it would have to be something the teen would need to learn. On the other hand, there was a flicker of... something else. Not quite malevolent. It could be darkness, but Homra didn't want to jump to conclusions. Then again it wouldn't surprise the Echani if it really was. There wasn't exactly such a thing as pure darkness or pure light. Even the brightest Jedi had their own spots of darkness, and not even Sith could completely purge themselves of anything light. Homra often wondered if it were really possible, but it just didn't seem like a good idea in the long run. The Echani waited for a few more minutes after Magnus finished before approaching. "You have an interesting way of meditating," Homra began. He tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Different. How often do you release your emotions to the Force?"
  3. Carry On Wayward Son

    "Thank you all for your input, so let me just poke holes in all of them," Homra beamed blithely. "Well here's the thing. Mirran, that could work in theory... but there's no saying how the Flesh Raiders would react, and it may be more trouble than it's worth. We're trying to avoid a confrontation, and we have to be at least this close to try persuading them." As if Homra was letting the two initiates and one Padawan close to them, anyway. "I could lend my gear, but it may fry any one of you by accident, so that's a no." Then he turned to Char with a thoughtful expression. "Not quite a long walk to the map room, but the hangar is currently the safest place around. Knight Rasudan already left us, though, so he can't really stand guard at the moment." "And Padawan Iman - well, a little harsh, but you do raise a good point about underestimating others. A large enemy does not mean a stampeding juggernaut, and a small one doesn't mean quick and precise." So far, that's the most sensible plan. Still, that doesn't cover much on how they could get past the Flesh Raiders. So far, she moved surprisingly stealthy despite being built like a brick house. Except, he wasn't quite willing to put her in a combat situation either. So stealth was the way to go. "You have a good idea so far, but I still need a distraction." And Homra really nearly slapped himself. He could be that distraction. He was a stealth operative, he could easily weave through the Flesh Raiders and have them chasing after smoke. There should be enough debris within the temple he could disturb telekinetically - that should be enough to pique their interest. "Alright, Padawan Zana, you with me." He turned to the two initiates, and then handed them an extra comm unit. "Once the coast is clear, you'll both get a signal to help carry the data cubes with us out. Since the archives is directly under the map room, I'll try carving a hole if it's possible. Otherwise, we'll all escort each other there." The Echani cleared his throat and turned back to the twi'lek. "I'll open the door a little bit, and we'll slip through." He approached the reinforced hangar bay doors. He turned to the keypad and connected his gear to access the door controls. He ran a program that interfaced with the controls directly, and changed how wide they could open. With a few commands inputted, the door could open large enough to fit Iman if she tried to squeeze through. He disconnected his gear, but he still had remote access to the doors. Now he just needed to time it right. Purple eyes fluttered shut, and Homra's vision turned 360 degrees. The Flesh Raiders were on the other side of the hall, good then. He opened the doors and Homra quickly slipped through. There was a niche he can crouch and hide in, with shadows deep enough to blend in with his clothing. He kept the doors open, and it will close automatically once Iman slipped through.
  4. The Docking Ramp

    Homra looked about the clusters of initiates training and interacting with one another, looking for three in particular. He looked extremely haggard, with dark bags under his eyes, skin so pale it was almost grey, and rumpled clothing. He had yet to sleep properly for the last seventy-two hours, and the pot of caf he downed made him jittery. He had his wrist datapad on, displaying who he had to instruct. Two humans and one Miraluka. He was provided a brief report on each one of them, but Echani reserved his judgement until he spoke or interacted with them. Today was rather overcast, thick grey clouds blotting the Dantooine sun. He took a deep breath, taking in the mild breeze to at least calm his frazzled nerves. First, he approached the Miraluka. He approached her carefully, gathering the Force around him and smothered his exhausted aura with peaceful serenity and cheer. "Hello, Initiate Eldin. I'm Homra Azner, one of the Enclave's instructors and archivist." Homra smiled a little tiredly. "For your first assignment, you're going to have to meet me at my office. The details and directions would be in a datapad provided to you. There will be two other initiates joining you. By the mean time, you may explore the Enclave and interact with other initaites as you please. Please come by once you're ready." He bowed lightly and then moved on to the next initiate. Varia Octarian was a teenaged human female, and the Echani could feel slight undertones of... discomfort? Unrest? Well, he couldn't really say, but it would have to be something she would have to let go. "Initiate Octarian? I am Homra Azner, Instructor and archivist." He tried for an assuring smile, but Homra knew it looked more like a crooked grimace. "You will be provided a datapad with directions and instructions to your first assignment, which would be in my office. Take your time to explore around or interact with your fellow initiates or with your seniors. Come by once you're ready." Before the Echani forgot, he double checked her file and made sound. "Er, sorry about that. I'm afraid you're going to have to part with all your possessions. Strange, usually they're left before you board the shuttle." The last part, Homra muttered under his breath. Either way, Initiate Octarian had enough time to leave her things before exploring the Enclave. He bowed lightly once more before moving on. Last was the human male, Kale Sarkan. Homra suppressed a tired yawn as he approached the man. "You must be initiate Kale Sarkan," Homra began, and blinked when his gaze landed on the holstered blaster. "I am one of the Enclave's archivist and instructor, and I will be providing your first assignment. You will be given a datapad with all the details and directions to my office. You have some free time to acclimate yourself with the Enclave and interact with your peers. you can head over any time." The Echani then gestured towards the blaster. "I'm afraid you will have to leave your blaster behind for now, you can leave it at the bay's customs for safekeeping, and it would be returned after going through the Enclave's process." Task complete, Homra gave the human a light bow before making his way back inside and to his office.
  5. Melona 3630 BBY Homra Azner's Office Homra carefully piled the datacubes next to the pot of caf atop his desk, despite his shaky hands. They contained hundreds and thousands of dissertations, essays, research material, and theses. He already had about three tablets on protective containers, datapads with non-extensive translation in front of them. The University of Alderaan happily donated the stone artifacts (along with a hundred thousand credits from various sponsors and benefactors) with a none too subtle hint to quickly translate the contents. Something to do with the royal family or the noble houses, as far as the Echani was concerned. There were also requests of various interpretations, also requested by the University with backing from the Royal Society of Anthropology. Jedi insight were still considered as valuable in Republic aligned worlds, despite the Order moving away from it. Curently, Homra was simply waiting for the three newest initiates he picked up from the Docking Bay. If they weren't too good in translating, at least Homra would have a sounding board. Fresh perspectives were always welcome, and individual insight opened new avenues. The three tablets contained three different poems of a long dead religion, each one coming from a different era. The passages were about a doctrine - the oldest tablet held the oldest interpretation, and the following were adapted interpretations that reflected the times and culture. With a sigh, Homra settled on his desk and opened up the computer terminal and inserted a data crystal on the port. He looked up where he last left off and continued with his work, waiting for the three new initiates to arrive and help him with the research.
  6. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Lol it's fine Rank should be: Jedi Initiate
  7. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Intermediate blaster pistol and intermediate stealth should be good, since your character back story addresses why he has them. Also, I'm not sure I understood what range means?
  8. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    There used to be OOC accounts, but all of those had been merged with the members' "main character' account. After the admin takes a look at your application, they'll post if the membership and character is approved and will provide instructions on what to do next. Once approved, you'd be given a signature and your profile name color will change to reflect it. As for roleplaying, there are tags on threads if other members are welcome to join (Open). Only ones that need invites are semi-open, invite only, or closed threads.
  9. Application: [[Galia Regine Stormer]]

    Welcome to Star Wars Fates! Hi there and thank you so much for filling up the member and character application! The member application looks good so far, and there should be admin checking it out soon to process it. I do see that you have a bunch of questions, and I'd be glad to help answer them. We do have one on one threads and group threads, anything pretty much goes in how many participates in a thread. As for topics, Jedi Initiates can only post in the Enclave, Sith Recruits in the Academy, etc. After the character graduates, it is then possible for them to post in other locations.... It depends on where your character wants to go. There are planets here that may need the presence of a character ranked higher than an apprentice to access. That's fine. As long as your character isn't connected with canon ones like Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, etc. On another note, you'll also need to change your username to your character name, because this will be the same account used for roleplaying. If you still have any other questions or need help, don't hesitate to ask and staff would be more than happy to assist~ Good luck!
  10. Set In Stone

    "Ah no, I don't think I've ever seen such." Well if it was the sort that liked dark and damp places, Homra wasn't enthusiastic with meeting one at all. Still, he was interested to learn more about the initiate. "What was your home like though? I don't know much about your home planet." "As for the meditation... We could start by spreading your awareness within the general area." The Echani gestured around themselves. He shifted a little on his foot, and double checked his datapad another time. "Interact with the crystal here and if you could reach farther, that works too." If Magnus managed to interact with the crystals, that meant Homra could proceed with the next order of business on what he could do with the initiate. Hopefully, they won't attract the kinrath. A Knight and an initiate couldn't really fight off plenty of them, and it was better being safe than sorry. Besides, training sabers couldn't really do much against giant spiders that laid eggs with red crystals. Homra observed the initiate who already had his eyes shut, and shifted on his feet again. "I'll be here and will keep an eye out for giant cave insects, and I'll let you know when to stop."
  11. Application of Kale Sarkan

    Hi there Kale and welcome to Star Wars Fates! Currently, adults can join the Jedi Order in Dantooine's Enclave. Tython's currently out of commission and the temple there is in ruins. There are still children chosen as Jedi though. We do have a site Discord: https://discord.gg/xxtPWgJ As for skills and the like, most starting characters get Novice-level ones and maybe a few Intermediate skills. We don't have a point system, but the character needs to have a reason why they have certain skills and it shouldn't go beyond the characters current rank. Unless there's racial advantage or something similar (Miraluka and Force Sight, etc). An administrative staff will soon be checking this out and processing your application. There's usually a twenty-four hour window prior to processing in case you want to make changes. Good luck!
  12. Current Instructors Jedi Council Ce'rian Eidolon (Grandmaster of the Jedi Order) Zyann Aari (Speaker of the Jedi) Jedi Instructors Giran Antur Homra Azner Iman Zana Yusan Rasudan Peacekeeper Instructors Jun Lee Stell Chevric
  13. Instructors New members and initiates all go through 3-4 assignments prior to graduation, and that means we are in need of Instructors to help newcomers accilimate and advance. Qualified instructors would have to give their time and patience, and would have to adjust to the needs of the initiate. OOC wise, Instructors have to read the background and other information of every new member prior to creating assignments to get the best out of their characters. Interactions between all members are highly encouraged, but Instructors are expected to at least help initiates in the Enclave process and ensure that they aren't mislead or misinformed. Basic research skills and double checking with other instructors should at least be considered, instead of diving head-first into the assignments without at least a partly understanding of the material the instructor is working with. To copy/paste Kure's example: "An example of this is sending them to another planet that may in fact be regarded as 'dead space', such as Ossus. Knowing that the space around the area is 'destroyed' and that the planet is in a cataclysmic state is different than just finding a dead Jedi planet and sending them there to scour the Jedi library, which would effectively be killing the new member's characters. However, sending them to Malachor V with the intent on showing them the remains of an ancient Sith world, as well as sending them to the remains of the planet is a good way to try and introduce a challenge for them to obtain something that could have been lost on Malachor." While the position of Instructor is the starting position for most characters, after proving that they are capable of becoming a higher level IC, they will be advanced to the next 'rank' within the Sith Academy, or with the in-character blessing of Darth Verrin.Should every instructor available be pre-occupied at the time, the Sith staff team will be looking for temporary instructors that will be selected based on those that are free. For the Jedi Order, the position starts at Apprentice-level, but are required to apply for the position prior to giving out assignments. To apply, please message me with this application template. Application Template Character Name: (The character you are applying with.) Character Rank: (What rank is your character.) Qualifications: (Why is your character qualified, as well as an example of your understanding of the actual Star Wars universe.) Assignment Example: (This is where you will create an assignment for new members to be evaluated by those within the PM.)
  14. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    This is also another rehash of an already existing ability, Force Rage. It already covers physical and Force-related enhancement, and it's at Corruption I.
  15. Character Prompt: Fear

    It's the month of spoopy spooky stuff, and this is the perfect time to talk about fears and whatnot. Could be rational, could be not, could be something as small as cynophobia (fear of dogs) to panic-attack inducing fear of death. Of course, this ain't just any other character prompt where "Ok, [Insert Name Here] is afraid of [xyz]" nah. Gonna spice it up a bit. Write a short passage showing the character and that fear and have fun! Could be one character, or all if you have more than one. Not necessarily just for a single character. Homra 'Fear is the path to the dark side since it leads to anger... or so a far as anyone's concerned. Shit, I forgot how it goes.' Homra's knuckles were white, mails trying to dig through the durasteel table. His teeth were trying to leave a vivid bruise on his lips, and he could feel goosebumps crawling across his exposed skin. The recycled air felt colder as it crawled up and down his back, but beads of sweat still formed across his forehead despite the near frigid temperature. Beady black eyes stared back at purple irises, fathomless and seemingly curious. Homra was once plagued by nightmares thanks to this creature, that it took a year of meditation and pretending the fear doesn't exist before he can sleep peacefully. Fate seemed to have thought it funny to have it confront him when he was a full-grown adult, and was just getting used to life in Dantooine. Technically, the archivist often encountered such creatures when he was travelling around prior to his Knighting, but it did bother him a lot. That was why he spent most of the days before returning to the Order exhausting himself to the point of having little to no dreams once he dropped unconscious on wherever he was going to spend the night. It wasn't that easy, and it seemed so trivial and irrational. A high-pitched squeal pierced through the air, and the Echani leapt over the table as the creature rushed towards his direction. The table toppled over, datacrons and datacubes crashing over the floor, and a hundred-twenty pound near-human fell into a graceless heap of limbs on the carpeting. Homra groaned, his right elbow slammed on the cold floor, and painful pinpricks ran across his arm. It felt like the air was knocked right out of his lungs, and his chest felt like a herd of nerfs just stampeded all over it. He lied face-down on the floor, and it felt like forever before he turned over on his back, the front of his thighs felt sore and his knees wobbly. Another high pitched squeal, and the Echani found himself staring at the little monster that was halfway across the room, staring back at him. There was nothing good in its eyes, only pure evil in those endlessly black depths. It tilted its head and took a step forward towards Homra's direction. "Oh no - don't you dare!" The Echani warned, trying to scramble into a sitting position. His whole body felt like a bantha decided he'd make a good footstool. "I'm warning you!" As if it truly understood Homra, the rat skittered towards the prone Jedi with its disgusting humanoid-looking paws and probably dirt-infested fur. On the office right next, Jun wondered when did Knight Azner began terrorizing eight-year old girls. She pictured pigtails and adorable sun dresses. Ren Ren's eyes were large and bright, nearly luminous, as he stared back at his reflection. Bruises seemed to bloom beneath his eyes, and he was starting to lose what little weight he gained for the past year. Sleep was becoming more and more of a luxury for the past few days. There were weeks like these, where sleeping was something to be avoided - something to be dreaded. Ren would find himself waking up with phantom sensations across his skin, fleeting snatches of a nightmare fading away as he tried to catch his breath. Other times, it followed him well into the day. He could feel scalpels gliding across his skin, the pain sharp and lingering. Some days, he could feel the shock of electricity across his neck, pain lancing across his body from his head down to his toes. Then there were the times where he dreamt of some faceless Sith - sometimes Meracus, sometimes Corvus, sometimes a nameless or faceless Sith - holding him by his neck with invisible hands, Ren floating and his toes barely brushing against the floor. Those were the worst. Because Ren forgot. Ren forgot that he was no longer among enemies, but rather - tentative comrades. On these days, he'd spend the day seeing enemies everywhere, perceptions skewed by something that did not happen. So on these days, he kept to himself and threw himself into training. His progress in saber forms were basic at best and abysmal at worst, which frustrated him to no end. That often pushed him to just tinkering with whatever droid or computer terminal he could get his hands on, even if watching paint dry was twice as exciting. Ren shook his head, can still feel the lingering traces of a nightmare heavy and deep in his bones. It was one of those rare nights where his dreams were a horrifying mix of half-remembered memories and surreal nonsense. Either way, he still needed to sleep, even if nightmares greeted him once he closed his eyes. Jun Everything turned white, her whole world a discordant ringing and muffled shouting. For a minute, she thought that she lost all sensation and that she died. Except, when the light faded out into indistinct shapes, the ringing turning into screaming and burning and gods I can't breathe I can't breathe it hurts I - Jun blinked, brows furrowing together as she stared at the enormous piece of durasteel before her eyes. Its edges glowed a faint orange from the heat, and it was jagged and curved and warped from its original shape. Shards of plating surrounded the durasteel piece, red seemingly blooming from the sides as her gaze traveled down. It was about two inches deep right below her chest and right above her navel. Oh. She can only stare at it in disbelief, not quite believing that it was sinking little by little, blood dripping out in tiny rivulets. Should Jun get it out? Ammunition from slugthrowers shouldn't be removed unless they're still making their descent since that would just reopen a cauterized wound and cause more bleeding. She could feel it going in deeper, and she felt rather... ambivalent about the whole ordeal. She must still be in shock, then. There was someone talking to her, but Jun thought she'd gone deaf. Something roared against her ears, and she could feel someone pushing her down and shouting. Her breath hitched and the shrapnel seemed to groan and shake, gloved hands pulling and tugging her armor and Jun was going to bleed out if they took it out and - Pain exploded across her body, and she wanted to scream but all the breath from her lungs had gone. Her whole body was on fire, her armor too constricting and tight and burning. She needed to get it off, needed to get out. She can't breathe and it's pressing down on her and she's going to die and - Dark spots danced across her vision, and Jun doesn't know if it's okay or not but she can't fall asleep. Not here and now, she needed to get up, needed to get somewhere safe, needed to live. Her eyes felt too hot and the sudden blurriness had her heart racing because she can't see and -