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  3. Lustrous

    "Alright, this should be good." Homra gave Mirran a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before slumping back in relief. He wasn't injured really - just exhausted, but using a stim shot seemed wasteful at the moment. He could meditate or stand guard. Either way, they can't leave just yet until Mirran was finished with her task. The caves was the perfect place to build one and it was quite the opportunity. Once Mirran found herself a master, she'd most likely be busy most of the time on missions or training. The crystal she found was as silvery as her hair - and rather large. A quick brush on the Force let the Echani know how drawn it was to Mirran, that there was definitely a great compatibility between the two. Homra could hazard a guess that the end product would probably reflect the initiate's shy and withdrawn nature, despite the enormous crystal in her hands. "Rest up a bit - I have some rations and other things for survival here." Homra crossed his legs and assumed a meditative pose. "You can start on building your lightsaber at anytime you want."
  4. Lustrous

    "Oh good, I'd hate that we had to come back for it," Homra beamed. He could already feel the exhaustion settling in his limbs, and the Knight couldn't stop the wince as he looked at the damage his explosions inflicted on her. None of them looked too serious, but he had been as careful as possible not to have caused her to get hurt. Not that he could do anything about it now, except maybe apply some kolto patches to keep the burns from getting infected. "Everything you need is this way." Homra kept his pace slow and sedate, pausing every now and then to check if Mirran was able to follow properly. He was sure to dodge the many puddles and the uneven patches of ground. He wasn't really injured, but it felt like he was trying to walk underwater. The Echani did what he could to make sure that Mirran didn't notice, his voice cheery and upbeat as he talked. "Man, whoever's handling requisitions will murder me, but that explosions were pretty awesome in my opinion. Uh, sorry about hitting you though. I should have something in the main area? To help." The last part was spoken in a sheepishly guilty tone as Homra scratched the back of his head in embarrassing realization. It wasn't long when he reached where he dropped their supplies. The Echani plopped down next to the bag and began fishing for kolto patches or a first aid kit. Thankfully, there was a kit and Homra motioned for Mirran to get closer. "Let's tend to your injuries first before you start building your lightsaber."
  5. Set In Stone

    "Even so," Homra began, smiling in a way that didn't reach his eyes. "Right now, something dire like rescuing hostages or taking down an enemy is enough to use an ability associated with Dark siders. Even then, it's not quite a matter of the Dark Side turning you evil... sure it does corrupt, but it warps and changes you in ways you don't even want to know." Homra had his fair share of horror stories of Jedi that started off with using the Dark Side for small things. Useful as it may seem, toeing the line always put Jedi on risk, and those that fell - fell hard. The road to hell was paved with good intentions, and it was always those good intentions that make the Dark Side seem like a good option for hard decisions. Why bother with negotiating in a hostage situation if you could hold someone by their throat? Crushing someone's will through the Force was a lot easier than convincing someone, after all. "The Dark Side amplifies emotions in a way that even if you do counterbalance that anger with joy - you do know that there is joy to be gained in expressing anger?" He took a deep breath. "Destroying objects, beating someone into a pulp, causing pain, humiliating someone... there's a lot of things that could go wrong here." At the mention of the initiate's late master, Homra couldn't help but wince a little in sympathy. "I'm sorry for your loss, but sometimes... masters aren't the sort of people you've always imagined them to be." If his tone had a hint of bitterness to it, Homra didn't let it show.
  6. Lustrous

    "True, that," Homra answered blithely. "I think they might be a little offended offended by the bi-monthly fumigation, or they really - really - like those crystals." Mirran managed to fend off this many on her own - while impressive - neither would have much time to appreciate it as the Echani could hear more coming. That wasn't good. Homra already had a plan in mind, but it wasn't exactly foolproof. Then again, not all plans were. "I'm going to push a lot of them back - we attack what we can, then escape. If we stay too long, we'd be overrun for sure." Taking a deep breath, the Knight gathered the Force, brows furrowing in concentration as he let it build up. With a mental push, the Echani let it burst out - pushing half the Kinrath away. It only displaced them for a few feet, but that was enough of an opening for him and Mirran to escape. "Come on, before they regroup." One of the Kinrath managed to regain its balance, and was starting to crawl back. Before it could, the Knight used the Force and pushed it down on its spot. It struggled to get free, and Homra wasn't really putting much effort into keeping it there so it should be able to break through the hold in less than a minute. The Echani kept his body low and his blades extended. He only cut through the Kinrath only when it was necessary, but he tried to dodge them as much as he could as he maneuvered them through the Force to make sure none of their claws touched Mirran. It wasn't easy moving around and using the Force at the same time, and Homra was starting to feel light-headed the longer he did this. Concentration faltering, Homra barely had enough time to react when the Force shrieked in warning. The Echani yelped as a claw struck him hard in the chest, scoring and damaging the chest plate of his armor. The Kinrath hissed as it backed away, keeping at a distance as Homra scrambled back until he hit the damp cavern walls. Fortunately, it didn't reach his skin. Unfortunately, there was some tech integrated with the chest plate, and the circuits underneath the metal were now sparking and smoking. All his hold on the Kinrath faded as he used all his concentration to remove the clasps of the chest piece through the Force. It fell with a loud clank, along with the back piece and the battery packs they hid. Still smoking, Homra kicked the chest piece by instinct towards a large group of Kinrath. Not bothering to use the Force to augment his perception, the Echani took hold of the armor and used the Force to overload everything - while making sure Mirran was out of the blast range. The explosion was bigger than the three datapads produced, and Homra's head spun as the bright flash and burning heat almost suffused his entire being. Thankfully, that was enough to have the Kinrath scrabbling away back to their burrows. None of them died, but the bright light and heat was enough to spook them away. Now alone, Homra could only heave out a sigh of relief as his legs gave out under him. He thankfully had enough awareness not to sit on his ass since he's standing in a shallow puddle. The battery packs were on the ground, and he picked them up dutifully because he certainly didn't want it leaking in the Crystal Caves. "Well, we better leave before they get back, then." He couldn't remember if he had set the lamps up in the meditation space, but hopefully Mirran would have enough time to construct her lightsaber before the Kinrath dare to venture out again. "You didn't drop your crystal, now did ya?"
  7. Lustrous

    Homra nearly flew the moment Mirran pinged him. He easily followed her footsteps, using the Force to boost his speed. The Echani was a blur as he navigated his way through the cave system, bypassing a kinrath or two here and there. He had no time to appreciate or observe the many crystals lining the walls, heart racing as Homra tried to concentrate on using the Force as his eyes. He could hear the many appendages clicking on the cavern floor, but it sounded like they were all moving through molasses in the Echani's augmented perception. It didn't take long for Homra to put a considerable amount of distance between himself and the advancing Kinrath. It wasn't that hard to follow Mirran's path, but the many twists and turns nearly had his head spinning. The archivist cursed as he skidded to a stop, head spinning a little and his lunch ready to come out the way it came in. Thankfully, he managed to reorient himself and focus. Even then, Homra was a little winded and fighting off a swarm of Kinrath would land both him and Mirran as insect dinner. The most he could do at the moment was create a diversion, and - He paused, trying to ignore the intrusive thought of tiny spiders crawling up his arms. The giant insects skittered away from the torch's light, hissing and spitting before crawling back when it disappeared. There were about a dozen of them, and fighting them off alone would be nothing short of suicidal. The snap-hiss of Mirran's training saber quickly got Homra's attention, and that had him moving into action. "Hey, you ugly kriffs!" Homra grinned at the Kinrath when they turned to him. He gathered the Force around himself, letting it build as large as he could. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" He wasn't really good at mind tricks, but Homra had an ace of sorts up his sleeve. Fishing out three standard datapads, the Echani threw it at the Kinrath. It didn't really have anything important stored inside it, so he was completely fine with what he did next. He augmented his perception once more, time slowing down as he watched the three datapads slowly descend in the middle of the insectoid creatures, his heartbeat almost painfully slow as he waited for the devices to end up in the perfect place. It was right around half a dozen of them when Homra mentally grabbed the devices and overloaded it. Electricity surged inside the devices, the batteries leaking out as the circuits overheated, a little tweak there and it was enough to ignite a spark. One exploding datapad wasn't really much, but three? It was enough to have some of the Kinrath skittering away. With them distracted, Homra took that as his chance to speed towards Mirran, nearly missing her but managing to stop in time. With that, he let his perception fade back to normal. His head felt a little light, but nothing a few deep breaths couldn't fix. "Need backup?" He smirked as he unclipped both sabers and activated them with a snap hiss.
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  9. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    "It's alright," Homra replied cheerily. "My name is Homra Azner, Knight and archivist, at your service. Master Taerich spoke about you when I trained under her." Clearing his throat, he gestured at Master Kast to let her first into the Ceremony room. "Shall we?" The Echani kept his pace slow as he entered, eyeing the sparse furniture and the enormous stained glass windows overlooking Dantooine's fields. Sunlight flitted through the glass, multi-colored light of various shapes stretched across the floor and carpet that gave it a serene air. On the ceiling was a stylized mural - it was very geometric and Homra guessed that it was painted around the same time the temple was established in Dantooine. The carpeting didn't reach the center of the room, but it did lead to stylized stone work that mirrored the ceiling art. Precisely cut tiles curved and flowed around a swirling sun. A dozen cushioned chairs were placed strategically outside the flooring's boundaries, with glyphs etched right in front of them. Intricate vines and floral carvings swirled around the columns, the various cracks they sustained over the years patched over with gold. Homra took his time observing the room, in awe at the intricacy it held. Taking a deep breath, he padded towards where he guessed he should stand - it was close to the window and it gave him a rather spectacular view through the colored glass. He gave Thuria an encouraging smile and waited for Master Kast and Thuria to begin. "Whenever you're ready."
  10. Lustrous

    All alone, Homra let himself sink into meditation and kept an eye on Mirran. Sure she had a comm link and all, but he really wanted to be sure she wouldn't be in too much danger. Granted, danger was a part of almost every Jedi's life, and coddling her or holding back would be more dangerous in the long run. Through the Force, Homra had a 360 degree vision, could see as clearly as day - as a matter of fact, it was even better than his current sight. Well, considering that his eyesight was physically degrading, it was a lot. He could see plenty of the Kinrath patrolling around the caves, going through and fro as they hunted or kept intruders out. At the first sign of danger, it took Homra five minutes to convince himself not to stand up and interfere. She could do this, he just needed to trust her capabilities. Getting roughed up was going to be a part of her career, so he should let her get used to it. It wasn't easy watching her go through a large gathering of Kinrath and then reached a formation so close to the colony's queen - really, they should do a little house cleaning every now and then. Kinrath were kinda important to the system's ecological system, but there seemed to be a great increase in their population - definitely something to be fixed later on. "Oh crap," Homra muttered, rushing out of his meditation. The last thing he saw was the Queen looking agitated and was starting to sniff around, her legs clicking against the many crystals within the cave. It was starting to get suspiciously close to Mirran, and any closer it would nearly be touching the initiate. Should he go to her? Except, she hadn't really asked for help just yet, not really. And through the Force - oh. Feeling much like an over-excited youngling, Homra let his purple eyes flutter close again and reached out to the Force for guidance. Wait. It seemed to say. It felt like it was at the edge of something - something big. And Homra could only trust in it and stay still, waiting.
  11. Lustrous

    Homra observed Mirran as she meditated, watching as she let the Force ebb and flow within her. Her presence within the Force glowed with an inner light, and if Homra were to look at it with his mind's eye - the best he could describe it would be the leaves blowing in the wind from Tython's forest. Gentle and peaceful, seemed like the wind would easily shake it away, but somehow held on strong. Her connection had deepened, further than when the first began. The fact that the Knight wasn't pelting Mirran with rocks did wonders for her concentration. Homra smothered an amused snort at that thought. He didn't try and keep track of time. They'd take as much time as they need, and there was no rush at all. Well, maybe they might need some time. "I have found it, Knight Homra. It is further in. it grows on a primary crystal and water flows down the crystals. I..." The Echani's ears perked up in attention, focusing on the soon to be Padawan. Good thing Homra came prepared, fished out a commlink and a torch that the Kinrath avoided, and held both items it towards Mirran. "I read about the spot actually in the archives, from the journal of a Knight who explored the caves long ago." "... really?" Homra asked after letting a moment or two pass after Mirran spoke. There was something about what she said that seemed highly suspect, but if no one was hurt, well... It didn't seem to be anything serious. It should be fine then. "I have a torch here that's almost as strong as natural sunlight. Kinrath tend to dislike bright stuff, so this should do you good for now. However, in case you encounter something...." He pressed a green button bigger than the rest of the set on the comm unit. "This automatically pings me in case you're in danger and need help right away. I'll try to respond as soon as I can. However, I would prefer that you avoid conflict as much as possible, or if necessary - fight with your training saber. You don't necessarily need to kill a Kinrath, but it should buy you enough time to run or get help." Beaming, Homra continued. "For your next part of this assignment: you'll need to go deeper physically, retrieve the crystal, return here, and then we can begin with the final part of your trials."
  12. A Jedi Knight At Last!

    Homra wasn't often called for Knightings, and he often found himself awkward whenever he witnessed one. His own was without fanfare and it was more or less a Master told him he was promoted to the rank of Knight. His padawan brain was long gone, and he was more or less done with his probation. Not that the Echani minded, but he supposed he preferred it this way. He passed by a couple of other Jedi here and there, greeting them politely as he made his way to where the Knighting ceremony would be. He wasn't Knighted here, and that was fine. Today was all about a soon-to-be Knight anyway, and lingering in the past would keep Homra from moving forward. When Homra arrived, he paused at the entryway and observed the two women present. He hadn't quite met the thinner woman - Ellina Kast - before, and his interactions with Thuria weren't a lot either. However, they had met in Coruscant and shared a mission together to Generis. It was... quite the mission. Still, Homra was beyond glad to see her come so far. She was going to be a Knight, and new responsibilities and opportunities were going to open up for Thuria. He waited for both to finish speaking before approaching. "Good day, Master Kast, Thuria." He grinned as he turned to Thuria, his tone teasing. "It's your special day huh, Padawan Drinna - oops. It's going to be Knight Drinna now, after this."
  13. Lustrous

    Homra grinned and stood up, dusting the dirt off his robes and slung the bag across his back. "Good." The Echani patted one of the lightsabers clipped to his belt before motioning for Mirran to follow. "We have some work to do." There was no need to bring a light source, and Homra took to using the Force to guide themselves. He easily avoided the many puddles and uneven parts of the path, sidestepping a few jagged rocks or holes here and there. Mirran seemed a lot more confident now. Sure, she was still shy and reserved, but who she was when they first met was klicks away from who she was now. "Last time we were here, we just had a light meditation." Homra stopped when he finally reached the clearing, turning on his heel. He quickly found a good spot and sat down cross-legged. The bag on his shoulders landed with a gentle thud, and he placed it between his legs and began taking out various parts and components. Emitters, focusing lens, energy cells, pommels, straight and curved hilts - everything needed to construct a lightsaber, Homra bought it all there. "This time, I want you to go in deeper. There are countless of crystals deep within this cave. I need you to find yours." The Echani patted the ground next to him. "It could be just here or deeper within the tunnels. It would be difficult finding it, and it will be dangerous. However, let the Force guide you and it won't lead you astray."
  14. Lustrous

    Elona 1, 3629BBY Crystal Caves, Dantooine Homra sat cross legged close to the cave's entrance, eyes closed in light meditation. He already sent a summons to @Mirran Kai. The Echani had a bag full of various components important for Mirran's final task, and he trusted that she was more than ready for what they were going to do next. The sun was partially hidden behind clouds, Dantooine's weather mild as always, the breeze fresh and refreshing as Homra waited. It had been six months since he first met her, and now he's quite curious how much she had grown from that shy initiate to now. The mission in Tython and that discussion with Master Antur... was quite the thing, especially with Char around. Then the issue with a few Peacekeepers was a headache he was happy he hadn't dealt with. So now he waited patiently, ready to take Mirran to her final task.
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