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  1. Just FYI - Maggie went through the Academy section of the Forum and locked down threads that hadn't received postings in the past month. If for some reason you need a thread unlocked, just shoot me a PM and we'll get it reopened.

    1. Kai Tsintah

      Kai Tsintah

      My apologies to you, Darth Verrin, and also Aiden Rohl. I have not been around much except to steal a glimpse at forums because my eye infection has returned. I've gotten my antibiotics today and hopefully I will be able to reply by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. Once again, my apologies. I am still alive!

    2. Darth Verrin

      Darth Verrin

      glad to hear it!  Take care of you, and we'll 'see' you when you're ready :)