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  1. Plot Ideas?

    'stripped' might be too bold a term Cid made sure that Verrin (and Ancient Knowledge) sent parties to Ziost to recover artifacts and what-not, and I think Tanit/Chen/Samhain and I did an RP on one of those missions. But whether there's anything left or not could be up in the air. I'm certainly not against it.
  2. Ludus Summus

    "Tyro," Verrin explained, "is an ancient Sith word for a Sith trainee who has yet to find a master." He went on to offer a couple more, "'Ari, is a 'Lord', and the Jen'ari refers to a Sith Lord. Darth Atrox, if you should meet him, refers to himself as the Sith'ari, or, 'Lord of the Sith'. I suppose that technically, he is Jen'ari, but in these modern times, his self-proclaimed title seems more fitting." He went on for a while, about the history of the Sith as he knew it, personally. "When I joined the organization, there were Recruits who, if accepted, became Acolytes. The acolytes worked to become Adepts, the Adepts sought the rank of Master, and Masters sought titles in the name Darth. The system at that time was driven more by a structure that bordered on religion. We all studied at a Sith Temple, and the leader of us all was a Temple Lord, who answered only to the Emperor himself. Though to be fair, the non-Sith had a similarly-ranked individual known simply as the General. I think the times were more romantic, in a way... there's a certain reverence when the Order is seen religiously that it doesn't bear in this day and age - especially after the fall at Dromund Kaas. At the end of the day, I suppose it doesn't matter much in how it's seen, or what ranks and titles exist - as long as SOME structure exists. You see, the Sith are seen as chaotic... evil... bringers of destruction and wrath to peaceful societies. That's simply not the case. We want law and order to prevail, we want organization and structure. Empires are not built upon democracies, and with will of the people - they are built when someone steps up, and leads the masses - gives them direction, purpose towards larger, greater things. It's why we, the Sith, ally with the Empire and those who support it. And the free-thinking Jedi disagree, and so to maintain balance, have allied with those in the Republic, who are convinced - for what reason, I do not comprehend - that a Senate without checks and balances can lead a peoples. If you look at history - even ten... was it ten? Maybe fifteen years ago? The race of beings known as the Rakata tried to take over this galaxy and enslave us to their will. It was the Empire that rose up against them, and only then did the flailing Republic see the wisdom in supporting the structure that was the might of the Empire. Together - the Sith, Jedi, Empire, and Republic - we turned back the Rakata invasion and maintained our way of life. Honestly... you'd think that others might see the 'big picture' more easily, but they tend to live in the moment, and not appreciate the value of history." He'd prattled on for a bit, arguably offering propaganda, but in Verrin's mind it was true enough. But then they'd arrived at the Pits. Verrin winced as they passed through a doorway leading to the Pits proper. The stark contrast of controlled temperature and humidity from the main facility against the oppressive heat and humidity that assailed them was potent. Fortunately, it also served to remind others that they were passing out of 'civilization' and into dangerous territory. Soon enough, they found students and Overseers sparring, instructing, and otherwise engaging in more martial activities. But upon encountering one group, Verrin noticed Kai moving away from him towards one particular student. The student in question wasn't familiar to Verrin, but Kai acted like she knew him... or wanted to devour him... it wasn't quite clear, and he couldn't see her face. But she took several steps in a trance-like state before something reminded her of the world around, and she turned back towards him looking either ashamed or embarrassed. Verrin made a mental note of her 'target' for later, but for the moment, he guided her towards an empty space where they could work. Verrin wasn't blind to the looks and gazes that came from some parts of the Pits. They usually surfaced whenever he trained here alone, or when he brought an apprentice along for instruction. No doubt some of them wondered if they could find an instant where he would be distracted enough for them to pounce and claim they were Darth-killers. Others were making note of who he 'favored', with some being jealous because they wanted it to be them, and others being envious and wanting to eliminate their 'competition' before Verrin trained them too well. But given the circumstances of the Sith - the decimation they'd been through only a year ago - most fought their instincts in favor of their society's well-being and recovery. With a flick of his wrists, Verrin pulled two cylindrical objects from across the room to his waiting hands - they flew past sparring students, around them, and unerringly to him with a snap as they slapped against his palms. He offered one to Kai. "This is a lightsaber. Or more accurately, a training saber. It's power has been dampened so that it won't be so lethal, but it can still burn you if you hold the blade against exposed skin for too long. They are used by students so that they don't inadvertently lop off their own limbs during practice with fully powered ones. Some of the other Darths believe that such tools make us 'weak', but given our numbers, I find that it's far, far easier to learn from mistakes when you don't also have to compensate for the loss of a limb. Too often, I've had students deal with such things... one of my apprentices lost both her legs... another one named Kry'zorah lost an arm. You'd think it would be as simple as training with a hand tied behind your back, but in reality, there's a weight and balance issue that has to be overcome. OR... you'd have to learn how to compensate for cybernetics, should you replace the body part. It's frustratingly unproductive, and so I utilize training weapons. The important thing..," He ignited his own training weapon and held it before him, allowing the red 'blade' to hum and light their faces between them. "... is to get used to the balance. In a standard weapon, there is a balance... a point on the length of the weapon where you can rest it upon one finger and the hilt and blade will keep it level. One trains with such a weapon, and that pivot point in mind. The lightsaber's point of balance is in the hilt itself, which is why it takes special training to wield one properly. Oh, sure... any pleeb with a will and a lightsaber can light it up and hack away at a rotten log. But to incorporate the bladework into a real fighting style, into a Form, requires practice. Observe." Verrin stepped back a pace or two, and went through some very basic moves with the saber, showing how footwork, core balance, and awareness all came into play with the weapon. He even let it strike the ground in slow-motion at a point to demonstrate resistance. "See how effortlessly it moves, and how only impact with something more solid than air causes it to pause in its trajectory? You'll feel resistance, should you strike an opponent, or block their weapon. But otherwise, the weapon moves through the air as easily as your hand does. It's like marrying a martial art to an extra-long arm. Now imagine you are advancing in your studies, and you attempt more difficult or 'fancy' maneuvers." He executed a couple of twirling strikes and parries against non-existent opponents, as if deflecting blaster fire. The weapon came dangerously close to his own armored robe several times. "Make a mistake there, and a real saber would cause... problems for you." He finally ended his example with a standing 'ready' pose, with the saber pointed directly at Kai. It stopped all movement only six inches from her, likely warming her skin, but not overly so. "Go ahead - try it out. Get a feel for it," he offered her, ready to defend himself if she got... playful.
  3. Incipit

    Verrin nodded when prodded about his offspring. There were no more. He'd had three, and all were gone. Two were slain by Sith - or Mandalorians, he wasn't sure - and his daughter by Jedi, because the was training as a Sith. Fortunately, time had passed since those events happened, and he'd developed scars instead of open wounds regarding his losses. Kai went on to state her goals and ambitions - to become a Sith apprentice. It was a short-term goal, and an achievable one. Her other goal, of course, was her vengeance. What would she do after all of that though? One could suppose that she'd pursue higher and higher ranks among the Sith, but if hatred wasn't driving her, then she might fall short. Perhaps she needed ways to stay angry... or perhaps those ways would reveal themselves over time. It was something to keep an eye on, that was certain. She suddenly bowed her head, as if feeling guilty about something she said. The gesture was cute, in its innocence. One seldom saw older Sith performing such a thing. Verrin couldn't imagine Darth Sanguira doing it - that was certain - though perhaps she'd pull it off as part of an elaborate lie to someone else. "Darth Verrin, would you teach me the language of the Sith?" Kai asked of him, and he smiled a little. She was smarter than she let on. The ancient language of the Sith was a key to significant power, and most budding Acolytes didn't pick up on that as quickly as this woman had. Then again, he'd just met her - maybe she had a past of information gathering that led her to this place at this time. Before he could answer her, she was answering his own question, describing her view of the Force. He agreed, "I usually use water as a metaphor when trying to explain advanced ideas to my students. I think I did that for you once already? That idea that we don't try to dam up water, but flow with it. When we master that idea... when we truly understand the Force and how to apply it... we can flow with it as easily as if we were swimming." While he explained that last part, he let go of her hands with a gentle squeeze and release, and then stood up. By the time he got to his last sentence, he had stepped forward, into the table. But he didn't stop there - he kept walking straight through the table, like a ghost, as if the table wasn't even there. He kept going until he was through it and standing beside her, looking over her shoulder at her reading materials. "Ahhh - lightsaber construction. A good topic for you. We should probably start teaching you how to wield one. But your question... of course, I will teach you the language. Some of the most powerful techniques of the Sith lay hidden in ancient texts penned in their hand. It'll take time, of course... there is not Toretta Stone software to teach it to you while you sleep. But we'll get there. For now, Tyro, let's head to the pits and begin your lessons in the saber. Hmm?" The way he said Tyro, sounded harsh on the tongue, but the Sith word for a Sith trainee who had yet to find a master was merely that - not an invocation of power. If asked, he'd explain the specific meaning on the way to the Pits.
  4. Verrin reported in to the Council meeting in person, enjoying the proximity of the rest of the Council in this time of recovery. Besides, he despised those holo-projections. They always seemed to make one appear older, and fatter than they were. They say 'the camera adds ten pounds', but he was not amused. The discussion of planets to settle was an interesting one, and since so many were in the Outer Rim, near his place of origin, he had a vested interest in the selections. Umbara was fine and all, but resembled Dathomir in its ecology. That wasn't to say it was without redeeming value - the lack of 'daylight' meant the temperatures shouldn't be as brutal as the jungle world. But some of the other options sounded nicer. Thule's more civilized setting would prove appealing to those who desired creature comforts. And Verrin had gone far too long without his favorite beverages. At one point, he'd even considered retiring the infamous 'beverage cart' in his office due to restocking issues. But he was also a fairly simple person in terms of luxury items - his clothes, his accessories, and his living arrangements were never extravagant. He'd never found a need for them. Ashas Ree, on the other hand, offered a fairly clean palate. The idea of discovering old temples and relics appealed to Verrin, and the opportunities were fairly wide-open. The only concern was that intelligence of the planet was limited - it was difficult to ascertain whether the Jedi had any presence there at all. And Jedi, on a good day, could be quite... annoying. Then there was Krayiss II. The promise of a Sith Library had Verrin up on the edge of his seat, almost drooling in anticipation. The information contained in his own Library was substantial, but combining it with that of the 'promised land' was almost more than he could bear. He grinned unabashed. He liked that one the most.
  5. Heya - As an aside, I get lost on some sections of this site, and the Clubs section is one of them, so if I don't reply right away, feel free to nudge me in a PM and remind me it's here. I ain't gonna lie - it was nice to see the gang return (Atrox, Sanguira, Tanit, etc.) Things got pretty damn quiet, and while I like working with the newbies a bit, I was wondering what 'future' to offer them once they started feeling uppity. A few came and went already, due to low activity. But I do think about what Verrin wants to do - what his goals are, and his pursuits. Teaching is all fine and well, but that hunger for power doesn't just go away. At one point, Tanit wanted to forge a Sith-alchemy weapon, and we started that thread, but it died. Verrin's interest in the topic, however, has not. He's had the skill for a long while now, but I've never used it beyond crafting a single bullet. I think I want to tackle a real weapon - whether for her, or for Verrin himself, I'm not sure yet. Or maybe a bauble- a ring/brooch... something. The other idea I had was to fug with the idea of 'growing' new Sith. The old ancestors bred with the PureBloods to create 'the Sith', because that race was steeped in the Force, and the Dark Jedi of the time wanted to make themselves stronger. Given the idea that the Witches of Dathomir will eventually exist in the timeline, I was pondering whether it made sense to start down a similar path - to breed (either in reality, or in a lab) Sith DNA with the natives of Dathomir, to create not only amazonian Force-sensitives (they already ARE that), but bigger, stronger, Sith characters of other species - with the Dathomirian DNA visibly present in their features. Verrin's getting older, and looking for a host body, after all... and Tanit was too (that Verrin knew of, tho he's not yet aware of her agreement with Atrox). The Sith numbers are diminished, and he wanted to bring some of the tribes into the fold, like the Mandalorians - complete with their rancor pets. And from the other perspective, the tribal people want to be stronger and more powerful, so they can defeat other tribes and control more area/resources. It was an intriguing path to me, but may not mesh with your ideas for overall plot. I saw a few comments about destroying the natives, but I thought we didn't purposefully try to disturb canon that much? The Dathomirian witches have to come along eventually, right? Though we COULD use more slaves... hmmm... Also, I saw comments as to someone taking over the Academy. What do you guys want Verrin to do?
  6. Incipit

    Verrin shrugged at the first question of, 'who was the bully'? Verrin answered simply, "He goes by the name, Bin'tai." He had no reason to hide it. In fact, he had no reason to hide much at the moment. The young woman had taken his hands, placing hers in his, and while they talked, they clasped one another. It was as strange as it was enjoyable - or perhaps it was strange because it was enjoyable. Part of being Sith involved a certain distancing of oneself from others. If one showed affection to another, it was often seen as weakness. If one placed enough trust to come into physical contact with e fellow Sith, one was placing themselves at their mercy - and the Sith weren't known for that quality. Right then, Verrin could have invoked the full fury of the Dark Side, and shot energy through his hands and into her body. electrocuting her - possibly to death. Similarly, with his attention on her touch, he might have missed when she turned a ring on her finger, enabling a poison dart to enter his palm when they touched. It was dangerous, and so was often avoided. But that avoidance was also what made the touch special - and with new Sith, possible. That connection, between people, helped forge bonds that could grow when nurtured. Verrin had done that very thing with some of his former apprentices, like Darth Tanit. And because of it, she hadn't struck him down when she finally left his oversight, and became a Lord in her own right. The Sith didn't have to strike down their masters to advance, but it was a popular measure of one's prowess - if they could defeat their master. Verrin felt the young woman squeeze his hands at one point, and he marveled at how ingenuous or attentive she was. She hadn't been among the Sith overlong, so she still seemed to care - OR... she was one of the best liars in the business. Verrin chose to believe the former. But then she was explaining her position on the matter of Bin'tai - how she saw him as a lesson to be learned, and that killing him was not necessary, or desired at the moment. She also went on to describe how her love of her father drove her, and how one needed to hate another more than they loved them in order to kill them. Verrin considered her words for a few moments while she delved into the Force, attempting to see the future. When she emerged again, she described her vision of fire and ice, asking what it meant. As if Verrin could know. He spoke just as calmly as before, "I am no prophet, Miss Tsintah. Anything I tell you would be an unfounded opinion. I could imagine it's the dichotomy of life, or how the Force has two sides of a single coin, or even how if one doesn't pick a side, the both sides of the situation will lose to one another. They are truths, to one degree or another, but are hardly something specific. I won't lie to you that way, affirming an interpretation as if it was the one, true way to view a situation. But remember that vision... meditate upon it now and again... see if it changes. I'd be curious to find out. As for love... " Now it was his turn to squeeze her hands. "Be careful how much you rely upon it to drive you. When strong feelings of love - or hate - guide your hand in vengeance, then when you achieve it, what will you do? Without that goal, will you find that the drive had been the vengeance all along? Or worse - what happens if that goal is taken from you? What if the object of your vengeance is hit by a shuttle tomorrow - will love drive you through your studies? Where will you pull your fountain of power from?" He took a deep breath. "Initially, my pursuit among the Sith was simple survival. Hatred and love didn't play a part at all. The Sith had come to my planet, and sought my abduction for my scientific knowledge. They took my family from me - killing them all, or so I believed. I eventually learned that my youngest daughter was alive, and suddenly, I had all the impetus in the galaxy to get stronger, to become more powerful. My hatred of those Sith, and my love for her, drove me like a crazed beast. And then I found her, and fought to break her out of captivity. You know what though? Those Sith had kept her alive because they sensed the Force in her. They took her as a child and trained her to become a Sith. I was furious, sure... but not as angry as when Jedi arrived on the scene, eliminating all of the Sith gathered there. In their 'righteousness', they killed my baby girl. Just as I had recovered her, she was taken again. And my hatred... my anger... saw only red-hot vengeance. I'm told what I did to that Jedi was horrible - but I'm not sure I accurately remember the event. I was so crazed at the time, I think my brain shut down some part of itself for protection. Either that, or the Dark Side claimed it as payment for services rendered. But either way, with hope gone and no more vengeance to be had, I was left holding an empty bucket of a life. Some reassessment had to be done - some realigning of my life's goals and desires. My point is this - that your love may be driving you now. That hatred may drive you to kill someone. But in the greater scheme, what will you do when those goals are realized, and those drives are gone? Where will you find the will to carry on - to move on? I can tell you what my former master told me, though it will probably make little sense to you yet. He said that to truly become a powerful Sith, one must pursue power for power's sake. At the time he told me, I couldn't appreciate the wisdom. Perhaps you can... or perhaps, like me, this will merely sit in the back of your mind until the time is right. We'll see." He squeezed her hands once more, and then brought them together so all four were touching. "Perhaps your vision was flawed? Scientifically speaking, fire an water never consume one another, they are merely energy and matter that change form. Do they represent you, or factors outside of your immediate control?"
  7. Birthright

    Verrin observed the fate of the woman with seemingly passive disinterest. She was yet another in a string of those who didn't see the Emperor's vision - that unity under a cause required a strong leader. There was no freedom in the chaotic mess that the Republic spouted to the masses, but there were freedoms as part of an orderly society. In an empire, one was both a part of it, and depending on one's patience and perseverance, a person who could guide its direction. So many times, those in the Empire saw the Sith as brainless, power-toting monsters. They were anything but. The power they sought came from a unified effort, not that of individuals. Atrox, for all of his individual prowess in the Force, understood the core concept of having an Empire at ones beck and call. What interested Verrin more, was the actions of the boy who was ordered to kill the assassin. He had buggered efforts in Sith society when he fracked off the women of the Academy, and had been punished by serving as a locker-room towel-boy for a couple of weeks. Apparently, that punishment didn't help his resolve, because he positively butchered the execution. If it was intentional, that would have been one thing, to watch the woman's life squeeze out from between his non-lethal, punishing strikes. But it was easy to tell that his efforts were small failures, and he regretted what he was doing. Verrin sighed. And then Darth Sanguira moved in on him. A prominent Sith in her own right, Verrin wondered what she might say or do to the boy. All remained quiet. Peace was a lie, for certain, and she was one of the best liars among them all. But the whole episode fell flat in Verrin's mind. What could have been a show and explanation to the Sith and non-Sith who doubted the regime, did little in that regard. Verrin could anticipate having to explain matters to those who questioned these events. It didn't enthuse him. But, for his part, Verrin was encouraged by the return of the Darths. He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed having a capitol ship and people to see his own visions to their end. And given his most recent efforts in research, he certainly missed having funds at his disposal to execute them. Genetic manipulation wasn't cheap, and growing Sith the way the ancestral ones did was even less so. Verrin rubbed his chin in thought, and moved off to join the rest. Finally, he spoke into his comm device, and Maggie issued orders on his behalf. Two droids emerged from nowhere in particular, and began seeing to the remains of the woman. Verrin, if nothing else, kept a relatively clean house.
  8. Incipit

    Verrin laughed aloud at the last question, and then laughed again when he realized he hadn't laughed in quite some time. With mirth showing behind his eyes, he answered, "Oh, MIss Tsintah! I am no prophet of the Force - no Seer of the Dark Side. Oh, by the Force, no! I can sense a great many things in the Force, 'tis true... I sense danger, intentions... I can tell when someone is purposefully lying, and when they are telling what they believe are truths. I can sense emotions, and I can feel the intensity of your spirit within you. But aside from anticipating an attack directed at me, well... that is the extent of my sight into the future!" His laughter died down, and more seriously, he added, "BUT... I do know that such power exists. I know people who have it, who use it. I know people far more talented in such things than I. If you choose to pursue that path - that of a Seer, or Prophet - then I will direct you to them. Or... maybe... they know whether you are going to go to them or not, no?" He smirked once more. Playing with time, for Verrin, was an amusing distraction at best. But he couldn't deny those that had true skill. "I tend to try to make my futures happen as I plan them, rather than relying on palm-reading and crystal balls. Don't get me wrong - I will and have consulted Prophets before. But even they will tell you that purposefully working against their 'visions' of the future will change it. The future is not set in stone, so to speak." He returned to his own questions though. "Do you believe in nature, or nurture, Miss Tsintah? Does one learn more from being guided, or being left alone? Is it more effective for me to leave you to this Library full of information, and have you absorb it as you will... or is it better to guide you, to spend the time and effort to teach? Stay with me now... I wax philosophical, but I have a point to make..." He reached across the table and placed his hands upon it, palms up. One might consider that he was physically asking her to take them in her own, but he didn't verbalize that request. If she didn't, his hands would remain, untouched though animated, as he used them to help express his thoughts. But if she took them, he would grasp them in earnest, clasping them firmly and holding them as he talked some more. "For many Sith on the path to power, there is a perception that they have to grow on their own, that reliance upon their peers and mentors is a crutch... ore more acutely, a 'chain' that must be broken. I, and I am not entirely alone in this, believe more in nurture - that by investing time and effort instructing those around me, that I make them stronger. That by having bonds, and a connection to people, that we develop a sort of passion for each other. I'm not talking about lustful passion, mind you, though there are those who chase that notion. I'm talking about a bond, similar to love, or at the very least, affection. Passion, my dear. It's part of the code. And the best part... either that passion, those bonds, make us strong - because our emotions are boosted beyond the norm - OR... when an apprentice becomes strong enough to fly on their own, they rise up and strike down the object of their affection, and the loss... oh, the loss, my dear... that can fuel our power in the Force like nothing else. The old addage - 'tis better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all' - in my opinion, holds more weight among our kind than among the non-sensitives. Now," he went on, "I said I was getting to a point. Your future with this bully of a Sith, can go many ways. You can confront him, and kill him outright - eliminate any threat to your well-being in a fell swoop. It doesn't matter if you are crafty, or more skilled, when you do it. It doesn't matter if you hire someone, or poison the fellow's breakfast. Undoubtedly, with him out of your way, you will be stronger for the lack of competition. You could lose to him, though that certainly won't be your intention, and he would be arguably stronger for having defeated you. But you could, instead of eliminating him, embarrass him. You would be showing your strength in his defeat, but you would grow a bond between you both that would be baptized in hatred, embarrassment, and fear. Those emotions feed one's connection to the Force. You would be taking on the 'chain' of his lifelong anger towards you, and your potential despise of him. Or... you could make him your 'pet project'. Find a way to defeat him, and together, make one another stronger for it. Teach each other, push each other. That bond would make the Sith stronger as a whole, for having two vested individuals striving for power on the ladder together. Nurture. What is best? What is best for you?" Verrin smiled, though it looked a little sad - maybe some memory of his past seeping in. "You will hear things about me from other Sith - that I'm too kind, or too generous. That I'm not 'Sith enough', or that my methods are too gentle. That I nurture more than allow nature to take its course. It's a choice, and a chain of my choosing. That's a another point, I suppose - that we all bear chains of one sort or another. We choose which ones we will accept an which we will cast off in pursuit of power. Even a Sith as powerful as the Emperor bears chains - the chains of leadership, of maintaining order in the galaxy. This point... the chains... If you find yourself unwilling to do something... hesitating because, 'I can't do that!', or 'That's not moral!'... then you are observing 'chains' that bind you. They keep you from goals. One of the first chains that many Sith struggle to cast off is the one of killing. I had a very hard time losing that one, and bearing it made my life... a struggle? That's probably not the right word. Anyway... when you're thinking on your interaction with the bully... consider how his life - or death - would help you along your path to power. Don't be so concerned with letting the chain of killing dictate your course. Break your chains to achieve power, my dear. Now... What future do you sense here? What does the Force tell you?"
  9. Incipit

    "Tut," Verrin replied to the apology. Kai had done nothing wrong, after all. He got up from where he'd been reading, and moved across the expanse towards the studious Korun. He explained along the way, "Biologically speaking, Sith are similar to spiders, in a way. If you picture a Sith gathering place - whether a temple, or an Academy... even Council chambers and such - as a spider's nest, then you can begin to understand the mentality that is bred into them. The spider queen, like our former Emperor, sits above all. She lays her eggs, and the clutch hatches. All of the little, hungry, spiderlings are released at once, and they immediately begin a life of devouring one another in order to survive. There is in-fighting, some leave the clutch, some fall prey to predators, others to each other. The strong survive, and grow larger, becoming stronger still. This continues, and the population of spiders grows smaller, but stronger. More in-fighting, more consumption... more leave the area to find easier, or weaker prey. And the cycle rinses and repeats. Tell me, Miss Tsintah - are spiders evil? I don't think so, though I suppose most mammalian species would see their society as such. At the very least, it would be unappealing. Add sentience into the mix - reason, morality, belief systems, and the situation becomes staggeringly more complex. But at the end of the day, it's simply survival of the fittest." He say down across from her, and further explained, "That acolyte has something of a reputation as a bully. He's trying to establish himself in the scheme of things - in the struggle for power. In a way, he's one of the weak spiders, trying to get ahead among his peers by puffing himself up and using intimidation to lift himself rather than increasing his personal power through vigilance, practice, and study. His kind have existed as long as the Sith have - as long as any sentient race has. They are not something to be overly concerned about, but neither can they be ignored. Avoidance is a band-aid, not a solution. It seems he's selected you as a target for his ire, and you'll eventually have to confront him. Whether you defeat him, leave our 'nest', or cause him to depart is the question. One might argue that you could join him - after all, we are sentient Sith, not spiders. But how do you see this situation playing out? Can you, through the Force, sense the future here?"
  10. Incipit

    Bin'tai wasn't blind. Obnoxious, no doubt, but he wasn't blind. Annoying, to be sure, but not entirely stupid. The Guardians approached, their robes flowing behind them like wisps of fog, gauntleted hands on the hilts of some kind of weaponry, and faceless masks staring straight ahead. And Bin'tai started to speak, then stutter, "She did it! The newbie did it! I was m-minding my own b-b-business!" Without breaking stride, the two Guardians moved within arm's reach of Bin'tai, and neither one seemed to direct any attention to Kai whatsoever. Either they'd seen him, knew him, or they were privy to information that couldn't be ascertained. Bin'tai held up a warding hand to keep them from moving closer, but one of the pair simply slapped it away, stepping in even more closely... and quickly. Within the space of two breaths, the two Guardians had Bin'tai by the arms, and were half-shoving/half-carrying him from the vicinity. All the while, the loud-mouth retorted, continuing a string of claims of his innocence and Kai's infractions. Just before they disappeared out of sight, Bin'tai uttered a last jibe targeting Kai directly. "Don't think this is over, Newbie! We aren't done!" And then they were gone, turning a corner by some shelves that obscured ones vision. Presumably, the young man was expelled from the facility. The next sound that broke the relative silence was a snickering. If it drew attention, one could see Verrin's mirth plain upon his face. "Some things never change," he chuckled.
  11. Incipit

    The apology seemed to only infuriate Bin'tai. But to be truthful, he was looking for controversy, not compliance. When he didn't get it, he got annoyed. He couldn't even contain himself long enough to let Kai finish her sentence. Even as she spoke, "... shift of focus to sense...", he blurted out, "Yeah, you won't be one of THOSE. Friggin' Korun. Think you're all smarter than everyone else!" He went on a rant then, that lasted a full minute before he realized Kai wasn't saying anything. That annoyed him even further, and he suddenly leaned over her. His breath smelled stale, his body odor even worse, and his voice was ridiculously loud, "Don't you ignore me, schuta!!" His fist came crashing down on the table, letting out a huge 'bang'. This caused the two nearest Guardians to look, and begin to head in the direction of the commotion. Bin'tai seemed to realize this, and shrank back a foot or two, repeating his statement in a more level tone, "Don't you ignore me, schuta!!"
  12. Birthright

    The display of the Dark Side wasn't impressive to Verrin, or at least, not the spectacle of the Force Storm that lit up the place. But what DID impress him - the thing that got his attention - was the book that Atrox clutched. It was a source of power, though at this distance, it was difficult to tell if it was new knowledge, or old. Whatever the case, it allowed some form of control over the spirit world - access to more power than one being could normally hold. THAT attracted Verrin's eyes. More power meant more possibilities. Such had always been the case. But as the show wound down and his eyes were freed from the display, Verrin was able to witness the faces of those around him. Through those faces, and through the Force, Verrin sensed the variety of emotions. One person was fully awed, and completely given over to serving the new would-be Emperor. But the man next to him wasn't so sure - probably concerned over the Sith's possible extinction. Another man scoffed, probably trying to figure out how to move up the ladder of power rather than be carried along by it. And a green-skinned woman next to him didn't look at all impressed. That last one seemed odd to Verrin. When confronted by such a raw display of power, even non-Force sensitives tended to be awestruck - or at the least, impressed. But perhaps it was simply like a weather pattern. A hurricane was so massive, and so powerful in scale, it couldn't possibly be controlled by one person's whim. So maybe the display of power here turned into just that - a weather event. And who was really impressed by those? Verrin finally spied Darth Tanit, who smiled. That smile was a little creepy on her face, but the feelings behind it were clear. She'd been dormant for a year - a war machine that had been garaged. She saw the bay doors opening before her, freeing her to wage her wars once more. The smile was legitimate pleasure. Though to be fair, her pleasure often grew from the pain of others. Verrin began to walk through the groups of people, offering a familiar face to those that needed it, or a helping hand. Most didn't need it, but a few of the crowd that had been so amazed by the return of the Sith'ari and the Darths needed some tangible reassurance that this was all real - that their days of hiding would be over. They saw him almost every day, at least every week. For those people, Verrin was the anchor to this world. And for those that had become too elated, or spied an opportunity to rise among their peers by striking out at their fellows, Verrin was the thing that gave them pause. He eventually came across Kai, who looked like she'd seen a ghost. She turned toward him with an odd look on her face, and so he put a comforting hand upon her shoulder and leaned in close. "See me after this," he offered The Sith'ari spoke openly to Verrin's mind, using telepathy, "It is good to see you still are live, I had thought after a year alone on this planet you would have been driven to madness and murdered the entire Sith Academy. I have a task for you and that task is simple, simply continue to train and provide the recruits and Sith with tasks to occupy them - but report back to me if anything heretical comes up. I understand our views never truly align, but I know you enough to understand you are not one to stay down when you are knocked down." Verrin responded in kind - the art was the very first power he'd ever learned, and came as easily to him as speech. "Don't think that the thought hasn't crossed my mind, Sith'ari." Verrin had indeed considered killing off several people in the Academy over the year on the planet - even his apprentice Holle was on that list. But he'd held off, his will was second to none, and even the constant call of the Dark Side hadn't turned him into a chaotic monster. At least... not in such an overt sense. While Atrox had been working his side project - his fleet, or his return, or gathering the others - he'd tasked Verrin with the growth of the Sith refugees. Verrin had done that, but he had side projects of his own - he always did. One of those projects involved the natives of Dathomir. But monetary restrictions had prevented his research from going too far beyond planning stages. A new Empire... a return to prominence and power in the galaxy... that could bring the necessary influence and finances to continue his work. Verrin understood the task set upon him, which wasn't different from what he'd been tasked with in the first place. He nodded and responded, "Of course, My Lord. It will be so." It was true that he and Atrox didn't share the same methodology. But their goals were not all that different from one another. They simply had two ways of reaching them. Atrox's worked for him, Verrin's worked for him, and together, they would see the Sith restored to power as a united Empire. Then, Atrox was walking away, with his most trusted people tailing him. But the young, green-skinned woman from earlier stepped forward from the crowd, seeking an audience with the departing leader. "Private Jax, sir, permission to speak freely?" "Bold," Verrin thought, amused. He wasn't familiar with the Private beyond some paperwork he'd signed off when she'd arrived. She'ld likely fallen into Darth Tanit's realm, or one of her underlings. Even though the Academy was a Sith Temple, it also housed refugees and peoples from the Empire's broken military. Verrin half-expected her superior officer to step out of the crowd and flog her, but then, this was an odd event. Perhaps she would actually get the ear of the Sith'ari.
  13. Birthright

    ... and suddenly, all the doubts were swept away, and all of the concerns went with them. Verrin had spent months waiting, without a word or signal. He'd managed the Academy, working with the Overseers to train the Sith, and to establish the remnant's tenuous foothold on the planet. Subjugating the many natives was never part of the primary agenda, because the Sith were in hiding... for now. They negotiated with the nearby tribes, and left the more distant ones completely alone. The fewer people who knew of the Sith's whereabouts, the better off they were. It had been a time of recovery, restoring themselves from the near-mortal wound the Jedi and Republic had left upon them. Only a week or two ago, Verrin had finally had enough, and ventured out. There, on Nar Shaddaa, he'd recovered a wayward Sith named Aiden, and brought him back to Dathomir with him. That, and Verrin's agents had uncovered rumors - mere rumors - of other Sith. It was a sign that the Sith weren't completely gone, and that those on Dathomir weren't totally abandoned. It was a sign of hope. Now, when people in the galaxy thought of 'hope', they never attributed it to the Sith. Yet here they were, anxious and expectant, when news came in that Atrox was returning. Quietly, the entire Academy facility was alerted, and most of the inhabitants made their way to the Training Pits to see the Sith'ari in person. Verrin wasn't immune, and he too made his way there. Maggie chattered in his ear through a commlink, that the planet was being orbited by a large number of ships. Apparently, Atrox had either hired an army, stolen one, or bred one from scratch. Or - and more likely - he'd hidden one away at some point, with an eventual goal of taking the throne. Now, without Valyrian in place to overthrow, he had the throne - should he desire it. This fleet would assure his seat. Halfway to the Pits, Verrin paused in mid-stride. The cloud of energy that Dathomir emitted obfuscated the Force so that those outside the planet couldn't accurately sense those on the surface. But similarly, it worked the other way too, and Verrin couldn't sense the other Sith arrive. That lasted until they broke the atmosphere, and Verrin's senses lit up with glorious darkness as not only Atrox arrived, but others too - like Sanguira and those close to the Sith'ari. It was like being underwater for a long while, and then surfacing - the 'sound' of their Force signatures sang loudly in his mind's ears. He almost - but not quite - smiled. He arrived in the Pits, and Atrox emerged, giving an inspiring speech, and addressing everyone's concerns, hatred, and oppression. He promised things Verrin couldn't - and wouldn't. Pointlessly, he asked if they were all with him. Someone next to Atrox shouted and raised a fist, inspiring others to do the same, and within seconds, the room erupted into shouts of joy, elation, and excitement as the young were swept up in the moment. And suddenly, all the doubts were swept away, and all of the concerns with them. Verrin, unlike many of his brethren, wasn't caught up in the excitement. He dind't shout, or raise a fist. It wasn't his way. He quietly nodded his affirmation. He was on board, of that there was no doubt - he had never left the Sith or the purpose of the Empire. Admittedly, he had doubted whether any of these Sith would return, and he certainly hadn't predicted they would come in such force, prepared to take on the galaxy once more. But they were here now, and Verrin served the establishment - the Emperor, the Sith'ari, whatever they chose to call themselves. He would continue to train the young, to put more Sith behind this purpose. And... if called upon... he would bring more of himself to bear on those who would deny them. One line that Atrox spoke, said more to Verrin than the rest: "... the Sith’ari does not reject his own blood for personal goals." Neither did Verrin.
  14. Incipit

    A loud 'thump' accompanied the gesture of a book being tossed irreverently upon the table top. The sound was created when the leatherbound face slapped against the polished wood surface with the weight of its many pages behind it. The executor of that gesture was none other than the Head Librarian, and it wasn't a common one for him. "Rubbish," he grumbled to nobody in particular. The object of his derision was a tome that described a number of imbued weapons. One, was a warhammer that housed the power of lightning, or more accurately, it contained a fantastical metal that created a strong magnetic field. The hammer could be twirled to generate static electricity, and then that charge could supposedly be released, directed at an opponent. But the book went on to describe the wielder using the device to propel himself through the air, claiming that momentum was enough to carry the weight of a full-grown warrior. That was where the book lost Verrin. Another chapter described a trident used to command fish. Another called upon a sword that could open portals to other dimensions when one held it aloft and shouted some catchy phrase that started with, "By the Power of..." The last word was scribbled out - the text had been tampered with at some point since its creation. Still another chapter sang of a blade kept by a woman in a lake, who handed it to the 'worthy' should they seek it out. That same chapter argued though, that the blade wasn't held by a woman, but by s boulder, and that only the 'worthy' - again - could withdraw the sword from the stone. Perhaps the author was trying to describe a Pureblood woman with a grip like stone? It was tough to say. Magic lassos that made a person tell the truth, capes that let a wearer fly without the aid of a jetpack, arrows that made people fall in love, the list of bizarre folklore went on. Some were more practical - swords that glowed when danger was near, or rings that turned the user invisible to the naked eye, like the power of Force Cloak. But the next chapter described a black-bladed sword that did exactly what Verrin was trying to accomplish. It devoured souls. Verrin was on board, reading about how the Dark Side - he assumed it was the Dark Side that fueled such a vicious weapon - hungered for the spirits of the living, how it befuddled the mind of the wielder if held for too long, how it almost sang in triumph as it drew life energy into itself. But then fantasy took form in the sword becoming sentient, intelligent, and if it wasn't 'fed' regularly, then it would grow reticent and drain the life energy of the user. That was the straw that had Verrin toss the book upon the table. There were inklings of truths scattered among the tales. It wasn't such a stretch to believe that one could imbue a gemstone with some kind of Force Power and then inset that stone into a ring to be worn, or to craft the metal of a blade and in the process, imbue it with strength, durability, or even extraordinary power. In the example of the hammer, Verrin knew there was a power in the Force that could allow a person to fly. But they didn't need a hammer to do it, and certainly not the physics of momentum. There were also powers that drained the Force, or the life, from a person, but never had they been mated with a physical weapon. Still... Verrin had crafted one or two devices in his day. His master had gifted him with a dagger, imbued with the power of the Dark Side. It was lethal, for sure, but it also put the seed of darkness into an injured person that was unlike any poison an herbalist might treat. Long-gone temple Lord Sadaari had gifted him a medallion that allowed him to eject Force Lightning that was more powerful than he could control in his younger days. And Verrin himself had created a bullet that when fired, honed in on the target with unerring accuracy - guided by the mind of the shooter. There were possibilities. If he so desired, he could probably create half of the items described in this book. But at what cost? The Dark Side always wanted something in return - a sacrifice, a tithe. ******** Meanwhile, Kai's fall from her chair hadn't gone unnoticed. Bin'tai, an acolyte at the Academy who was something of a hothead and bully, was in the Library studying torture techniques when a sound drew his attention from his studies. His head turned quickly, and he saw the young woman picking herself up off the floor. "Ugh... newbies," he thought in disgust, forgetting that he too had been a 'newbie' once. In truth, that state of newness was far behind him, by a few years. But he didn't have the focus and willpower to grow in the Force beyond that of an upstart. Once he grasped the basics of something, he got distracted and moved to something else. For example, he'd picked up telekinesis, but still had all of the control over an object that he had on the day he first got a pen to levitate. He could eject lightning from his fingertips, but he hadn't focused on that long enough to develop it beyond causing a painful burn. He certainly couldn't kill with it, unless he had a LOT of time on his hands, an immobile victim, and nothing else to draw his attention. He even picked up the basics of lightsaber combat, but certainly didn't know much beyond a rank amateur. His failings were a stick in his butt too, because he was aware of them, and didn't have the willpower to do anything about them. It made him bitter, and he often lashed out at other 'newbies' to feel better about himself. Today was no different. Kai made herself a target, and in a show of over-acting, Bin'tai got up from his chair, sighing so heavily it could be heard for a short distance around him. He shoved his chair back, causing a squeak on the marble floor, and then proceeded to stomp over to where Kai was back to her reading - just in time to witness her crack her knuckles and smile. He barked out, "HEY! Newbie! You wanna keep it down, or I'll make sure to keep you down, ya hear?" His words implied that if conditions were met, he would go away. But his body language said otherwise.
  15. Incipit

    Verrin nodded in satisfaction when he spied Kai taking notes on her reading materials. She seemed to be adapting to the Library quickly, and was devouring information as quickly as she could. Perhaps, one day - if her enthusiasm for knowledge stayed fervent - she would be the one to take him out and assume the responsibilities of his position. That day was likely a ways off, but if, for example, she stuck it out for ten years... he'd be seventy... and she... Verrin closed his mind on that thought as if he was closing a book, and shelved it for later. For now, he had his own research to pursue, and so he returned XoXann's history and acquired a reference that was a bit more obscure. It described the process of transferring life essence. While Verrin had knowledge of the art, and the ability to use it, he hadn't yet mated it with his skills in alchemy. Theoretically, it should be possible to craft a weapon that would devour the life of a person it struck. But to actually create such a thing... there was no record in any history he'd ever read. He would be the first. If he succeeded. Part of the problem with researching the books though, was that when something hadn't been done, it hadn't been documented either. There was no 'plan', no 'blueprint' to follow. At this stage of the game, Verrin was writing that book himself. But the reason he read as much as he could on the topics close to the idea, was to gain all the information that he could surrounding the idea. It might give him insight into some hazards o stumbling blocks to watch for. So he sat back down and continued to read. Maggie strolled by at one point - her heeled feet clacking on the marble - but Verrin waved her off when she inquired about another beverage. He had all he needed... for now.