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  1. Operis Tenebris

    "Train the natives - the mothers, you mean?" Verrin pondered, not having considered that aspect. He was thinking of training the children, not the mothers - he assumed they would simply be vessels to bring the new infants into being. It did bring up other questions though. Was tearing the infants from their mothers good for them? One might argue that ninety percent of the young people who came to the Sith in the first place were those who had lost parents... or killed them themselves. Was it wrong to simply remove those deaths from the equation? The easy answer was no, but how would that affect the viability of the mothers? Surely they wouldn't want their children torn from their breasts more than once. Some would become enraged, and need to be put down. Others would likely kill themselves in some form of postpartum depression. The few that remained would what- return to their villages and face being ostracized? At the very least, they'd spread the word about their experience - making acquisition of other mothers difficult. There had to be an easier way. "Wipe their minds?" Verrin pondered aloud. It could be done. Would it be enough to make a vessel reusable? The question of Sith spirits lay upon the table too - Ahashra was already poking holes into his plans, precisely as he asked. "I do know the ritual. A couple, actually. The transference of essences is tricky, I agree, but not as difficult as the experience you had. I walked in another's body once myself, and it was almost easy to take the person's mind, although I admit it was disorienting as anything I've ever done. You may find this amusing, but did you know that men and women are built differently? The very nature of your pelvis, for example... my brain is trained to walk in this form, and doing so in a woman's body was beyond my ability to foresee. Fortunately, taking the mind of the host was less of an issue. They didn't have my willpower. But a trained Sith spirit... well, I would think an infant's mind would be unable to resist the intrusion. But how would the spirit feel about being breast-fed and having their diaper changed? I can't say I know..." Verrin fell off for a moment or three, considering various points Ahashra made. When he finally did break silence again, it was to request from her, "OK... my turn. If this was your idea, how would you proceed, and I'll play advocate against you."
  2. Operis Tenebris

    Verrin responded first to his cohort's point about the infants, but the longer he talked, the more animated he became. "No... I don't need to wait until birth. Through genetics, we can determine the potential power of the unborn person. We can determine it within the first couple of weeks, nevermind months. The catch I run into is needing fertile mothers to inseminate. So yes... I suspect I would need to capture some viable 'mothers' for that... unless they WANT to be the moms of the future generation of Sith. I mean... you realize, as well as anyone, that we would be breeding Force users - they'd still need to be trained, and developed. By working with them from their youngest days, we can fill their minds with all of the Code and information we deem fit. But if done wrong... we could breed potential Jedi by accident. I'm thinking some kind of maternity ward, some kind of education for children. Otherwise, all of that potential could wind up back in some tribe's village, learning from their local Shaman. What this would do is weed out those who don't have potential to be part of us. Instead of waiting for the galaxy's Force Sensitives to make their way to us... instead of having them lose parents, kill slavers, get raped, beaten, and otherwise abused before they even FIND us, we KNOW where they will be, and we give them lives without the random tragedies. We would have some control over their entire lives... their futures. As for Sith spirits... I'll wager we can find those aplenty on Dromund Kaas and Bastion. Heck... you remember the Dark Temple on Kaas - how many screaming souls filled that place? How many dead Sith lords would want a chance to run free in the galaxy again... in an engineered body? You took hold of the one you're in... what if you had more choices available to you at the time? What if they had innate Force potential that your spirit could harvest, mold, or devour?" Verrin became quiet for a moment, and then spoke more calmly, "Getting ahead of myself, I suppose... too much conjecture and not enough practicality. Be a devil's advocate for a moment... what pitfalls do you see in my plans?"
  3. Ludus Summus

    Verrin watched the match with moderate interest. The contest's outcome was never in question - Darth Tanit had far too much experience and training to be bested by a novice. But how they arrived at the inevitable conclusion was what focused his attention. The back and fort, Kai's refusal to roll over and give up, Tanit's measured advance. There came a moment when Kai tried in vain to call her lost weapon to her hand, but that failed. Verrin could sense the Force trying to reach out, but apparently, the young woman couldn't focus it enough to grab the object she desired. At least, not while under the duress of combat. Perhaps in a less violent setting, she would be able to perform such a feat. But then she did the opposite, pushing outwards with the Force. Here, control was less of a factor, and the Force burst out from her and caught Tanit in its wake. It was actually enough to push the diminutive Darth back a few feet, and while Verrin suspected she could have pushed back and past the wave of energy, she did not. Instead, she concluded the battle, and spoke to him, weighing in on her opinion of the student's promise. Notably, she commented on Kai's ability to overcome fear - something he'd struggled with for a very long time as an Acolyte. Then she offered Kai a hand up - a gesture that not many Sith would duplicate. The event caused Verrin to smile a little. His former apprentice was lifting a hand to a potentially future one, and the lessons he tried to teach Tanit were being showcased to Kai in person. Nothing in the Sith code ever said Sith had to be mean, or impolite. That was something that power-hungry stereotypes did, and cited the Code to back them. Tanit explained the matter plainly, explaining how through power, ones chains would be broken. Without any real effort or focus, Verrin called Kai's lost training saber to his own hand, and then presented it to her. "Hold onto this until you acquire a real one. It won't save you in a life and death struggle, but it will grant you some protection if an overambitious peer tries something. I think we need to consider accepting you fully into the fold, and naming you... Acolyte Tsintah. That is... assuming you really want to pursue the path of the Sith."
  4. Say it like you mean it.

    The sensation of the Light Side in the Academy was like a plume of baking deserts. It was a sweet, tempting odor that led Verrin through the halls and onward towards Aiden's quarters. The 'smell' grew stronger as Verrin drew closer to the source, but even as he did, it was fading - evidence that the culprit had either ceased the activity or gone into hiding. Verrin snapped his fingers and two Guardians emerged, seemingly from nowhere. They'd been tailing him silently and invisibly, as was their job, moving like his shadow. One reached out and handed Verrin gauntlets, and a skull-shaped mask. Verrin took the former, donning them, but waved off the latter. He was home, and didn't need the affectation for this particular mission. He might regret the mask, if he ran into a small horde or Jedi, but he dind't expect to. This was a lone operator - maybe two - or a Sith practicing the art of the Light Side without oversight. On a scale of one to ten with ten being the most dangerous situation, Verrin saw this as a two... at best. He arrived outside Aiden Rohl's room, and waved at the Guardians. One opened the portal, and then they both flanked Verrin as he entered the room uninvited. All of them had their light-weapons in hand, though not yet ignited. If Jedi were present, he'd deal with them. If the only occupant was Aiden, Verrin would gather him to assist in the hunt. If nobody was present, they would continue their search elsewhere... Verrin's eyes fell on a relatively unkempt room, and its two occupants. He recognized them both immediately. "Master Rohl... Miss Tsintah..." he began, but then paused, sniffing the air like a bloodhound, even though the Light Side didn't actually emit an odor. "Did either of you sense that? That... there may be a Jedi spy in our midst. There was a burst of Light Side power... but... it's gone now..." There was no sign of the energy anymore - not within this space, and certainly not from the two Sith. Kai looked somewhat troubled, but given that Verrin didn't know what the pair had been talking about, he couldn't tell if it was a pre-existing situation, or the sudden presence of himself and his Guardians that caused her unease.
  5. Operis Tenebris

    It was nice, laying there in the grass with one of the Sith he'd known the longest. Most had come and gone - either leaving the folds of the Empire, or departing the galaxy altogether. Even Darths Atrox and Tanit, whom he'd known for a very long time indeed, didn't hold a candle to Ahashra. She'd been there when he'd returned from the Dromund Kaas Empire to the one on Nogatan - a point that he made to her now. "Oh... I don't know that we Sith are so few in number. It's a big galaxy, and not all of them were housed under our quaint Empire on Kaas. Why, even when the attack came, we weren't all holed up on the planet - there were Sith in places all over the galaxy. That was part of the reason that we were so vulnerable. We were too spread out, and not consolidated enough. The fleets were on numerous efforts. I imagine Imperial Intelligence was running a myriad of missions. You were here, after all, and other Sith were elsewhere. They just didn't have a 'home' to go back to, assuming they heard the news. They didn't even have news of where the Remnant would have fled to. And we were so few that we dared not stick our heads above this planet's atmosphere to look for each other. And of course, there are the budding new Sith who seem to find their way to us now and again. There's a promising young woman named Kai, who arrived only within the past weeks. I just hope that at some point, the other Darths return to gather us once more. While I don't miss the cutthroat nature of our kind, I do miss coffee. And bourbon... Force help me, I miss a good bourbon." He smiled a little bit, and managed not to salivate at the memory of a particular vintage he'd enjoyed when he had the financial influence that a Kaar's position made available. But he had to admit... not having that position made moments like this, with Ahashra, possible. He grinned back at her when she smirked, noting a slight flush in her cheeks, as if she'd just imbibed some of that bourbon he liked. The smirk she made even caused her to appear as if she had indeed done just that, and was teasing him because he didn't have any. He chided her in return, "A cunning plan? You make me sound so sinister! Atrox and Sanguira would be ecstatic to think I'd gone so deep and dark in my machinations." He chuckled a little, somewhat regretfully. He'd never been the shining example of a Sith, at least not in most of the EMpire's eyes. But his plan wasn't completely innocent either. He teased once more. "While the thought of strapping you to a machine and making you suffer through the mating rituals of every strapping native on the planet might appeal to you, my dear... no. No, I don't intend for you to be the mother of our future - not in that way. Science has progressed since our ancestors started their efforts with the Sith species. While I'm no great student of cloning technology, I do have a depth of genetic science knowledge, as you well know." Ahashra had been there when he'd concocted the antidote to Darth Siren's chemical warfare on Nogatan. "And I have since learned ways to delve into Alchemy, and ancient spells. Essence transfer is also a possibility. For example, we could pluck a Sith from a holocron, embed their spirit into a Force-infused native, and make them reproduce... or extract their DNA for artificial insemination... I think money will become a restriction for us, and we might need to utilize the Academy's resources to secure credits to fund this operation. But if those credits are too much of an issue, we can pursue a more natural method of evolution... slower, but still effective. Did you know... I encountered a tribe here who actually wanted to mate with us? Even with me? Their leader believed that by such a coupling that she could produce offspring that would make her tribe more powerful than the others surrounding hers. It was that encounter that finally pushed me over the edge to really give this plan some serious consideration. If it could work on her scale... why couldn't it work for us?" Verrin added, "I believe that with your experience here, you could have very significant input into this plan... and that's not even accounting for any knowledge you might have gained as the Kaar of Mysteries. What do you think... can this be done, or has the Dark Side finally eaten enough of my brain to make this plan ludicrous?"
  6. Operis Tenebris

    At first, she simply spoke of her love for Dathomir. While he didn't agree with her - the things she found attractive weren't appealing to him - he did appreciate her candor and opinions. The two of them sat, pulling at grass and dirt like children, even though the topics of conversation were much more adult in nature. It was when she began to answer his questions about goals that he really paid attention. He was probably reading too much into the words coming from Ahashra's lips, but it sounded like her focus was on her position among the Sith moreso than any personal plans or efforts. She tried to divert at first, talking about plans for dinner, but then returned to her time as Temple Lord. She seemed to miss those days, when she held power and rank among her peers. She even referred to herself by her old name, Darth Abraxas, before waxing sarcastic once more with the mention of nightmares instead of dreams. All the while, Verrin remained silent and listened to her, trying to cautiously wade through the words as if he was navigating a swamp and trying to keep his boots dry. Ahashra was a good companion though, and didn't simply fall silent. She asked a question in return - one that caused Verrin to stare out at the landscape for a moment before answering. He finally reached a hand over, seeking one of hers. Whether he sought to comfort her, or bolster himself was unclear. "You don't have to guard your answers with me, Ahashra... it's me, after all. Have you ever witnessed me lashing out at you or anyone for sharing their thoughts?" He was the one to smirk this time. If he found her hand, he squeezed it gently, and then he laid back beside her in the grass. He paused, and then tried to answer her. "When I was a young man, my dreams were based in science - in family. I wanted to grow old with my wife, see my children become adults in their own right, maybe advance in my profession to become a lead researcher. I think I might have even dreamt of making some discovery that would have earned a award. As a young Sith, I only dreamed of survival - of acquiring enough power to get out from under Excrucio's thumb, or enough influence to have a Sith Lady fall for me. I wanted a second chance at love, life, family... but as a Sith rather than a researcher. Then... then I found out that my daughter was alive, and every atom of my being was driven to finding her and being with her again. The old dream rekindled, except this time, as a Sith. Then, I found her - she was a budding Sith herself - and my dream moved to a vision where she and I would rise to power together, and run some part of the hierarchy together. That dream lasted all of ten minutes before she was killed, and the nightmare... or dream... became one of finding a way to restore her. I almost realized that dream, but failed. When that happened, I grew bitter, withdrawn. My temper grew erratic. My professional life was scattered, while my focus was one of self-hatred. You know as well as anyone how powerful hatred can make you. But time really does heal all wounds - or at least scabs them over until they become scars that never really go away, but don't bother us as much either. I think it was the fall of Dromund Kaas that really showed me that the scab had fallen off, and that I was ready to think again... to dream. It took the decimation of our kind for me to have a vision for the future that didn't solely consist of decay and death. I'd like to share that vision with you." He rolled his head to the side to look at her, half expecting Ahashra's eyes to have rolled back in her head in disbelief, half expecting to find them closed with her snoring. He carried on nonetheless. "You know the story of our ancestors... the Dark Jedi who found the Sith species and created the Sith as we know them today. In a sense, they created us... several generations back, anyway. I've been studying them... the technology present at that time, the old sorcerous rituals they used... I've guessed and imagined the process they might have undertaken in order to breed with the 'purebloods', and genetically develop a superior race of Sith. I think that I... or we... could do the same, here on Dathomir. These people are infused with the Force in a way that most sentients are not. The power you feel in the planet, the beauty that makes you love this place, has created a race of beings that are inherently Force sensitive. One might argue that we could take tribespeople and train them how to tap into the Force. But I think we can replicate the efforts of our ancestors. My experience as a geneticist, and our experience as Sith... we can breed a new age of Sith with the physical prowess of the natives. My dream... is the survival of our kind. What do you think?" He asked her, half-expecting her to laugh in his face.
  7. Operis Tenebris

    "Blargh." Verrin's simple statement was less a reflection of the beautiful landscape, and more a function of the hot and humid environment of Dathomir. In his younger days, he might not have cared as much, or might even have embraced it as simply part of the 'beauty' of the place. But at his age, it was a discomfort compared to the temperature and humidity controlled Library he called home. Granted, the natives of this planet weren't trying to preserve flimsi and paper out here in the wilds, and they probably would have felt as uncomfortable in his world as he did in theirs. Still... he wasn't entirely enthused when his message to Darth Renatus had come back with meeting coordinates. If he was being honest though, she was every bit the Darth and rank as he was, so to have her answer at all was something of a success. He doubted that 'summoning' Darth Sanguira would have produced the same results. Besides, as long as the 'honesty' was flowing, he needed to see a little more of Dathomir and its inhabitants anyway. Making the trek to the Singing Mountain wasn't as awful as he anticipated. He didn't meet any natives, nor any overly-aggressive wildlife. He wasn't accosted by any over-ambitious Sith, nor any wayward Jedi. It was simply another day in the jungle, and he had no reason to think that the journey back 'home' would be any different. At least his rebreather skull-mask mitigated the air quality to some degree. He emerged from the jungle to discover a rocky ledge, jutting out over a long drop to more jungle far below. The view was breathtaking. Lush, green mountains went as far as he could see in any direction, and a waterfall just to his right went all the way down to the valley, far below, where it fed a river that had cut through the foliage over hundreds (thousands?) of years. Birds flew, both above and below, and removing his mask, he inhaled clean - if thick - air. He took a deep breath and glanced to his left where a figure sat. It was Ahashra, of course - or Renatus, depending on the company - and she was either admiring the view or meditating. Verrin couldn't tell which, but decided to announce his presence. "Do you love this place so much?" She had probably sensed his arrival, even as he sensed her presence in the Force. The planet's energy masked their signatures to some degree, meaning they likely wouldn't be detected unless they were in close proximity to one another. But given they were only a few yards apart, even that foggy blanket couldn't hide them from one another. Verrin moved over beside her, and sat in kind, clipping his mask to his belt. Absently, his gauntleted hand reached forward and clutched at the earth before him, as if he could enjoy the sensation of the clumps of dirt falling through his fingers. He began to speak, asking questions whether he was bidden to or not. "Do you still have aspirations, my dear? Goals? Plans? Is there something that drives you still? After years among the Sith, after the wars, the fights... the Darth Sirens, the Emperors who have fallen? After apprentices have come and gone, and after students have grown and died, or become strong enough to move out on their own... have you pursued your own desires? Ahashra," he asked, using her old name, "Do you still dream?"
  8. Ludus Summus

    Verrin continued to watch over the lesson, keeping a wary eye on other practicing students in the nearby area. Some had taken an interest, after all, seeing both the elderly Darth and the sickly one offering the instruction. No doubt some wondered what made this new girl so special, to warrant the attention of two experienced Darths. Others saw it as a learning opportunity, to better their own skills and knowledge. Either way, Verrin didn't want any interruptions.
  9. Ludus Summus

    Even Verrin winced when Tanit put the pressure into Kai's shoulder. He knew that feeling well, and the pain that went with it. Kai, if she was unfamiliar, might be learning about pain for the first time. Or if she was no stranger to it, then she was likely new to the sensation coming from the Dark Side, itself. But pain was also a right of passage among the Sith - a necessary thing that one accepted, took in, and built up calluses to. Pain was a driving force - something the Dark Side would demand again and again as it offered its power. In Verrin's time at the Academy, when he was new, the place was even broken into three chambers to break in students. The second chamber was simply known as that: Chamber Pain, and he'd learned those lessons quickly and well... and repeatedly. Even entry into Chamber Pain required one to place their hand in a box, and have it impaled by a large, spike-like needle. It assured that any being who wanted to be Sith learned about pain, accepted it, and even desired it. Many Sith became masochists, others developed sadist tendencies. Inflicting, or receiving, pain was a regular theme. Had pain been driven out of the Academy's structure in the past? Had it been eliminated since those early days of his own training? Or had it simply become so commonplace that it didn't require a separate focus, and a devoted 'chamber'? As Kai writhed, and tears formed in her eyes, Verrin wondered whether he needed to re-institute the old ways. But before she passed out from Tanit's ministrations, Kai found her inner fortitude. She gritted her teeth through the tears, through the pain, and answered the instructing Darth coherently and in Verrin's opinion, pretty well for a fledgling Sith. His eyes glanced over to Tanit. She loved inflicting pain, but she was also wise to the current state of the Sith. She wouldn't take it too far. At least, Verrin was fairly sure she wouldn't.
  10. Ludus Summus

    Verrin winced as Darth Tanit's fist approached Kai's face. He'd felt that fist a time or two during his training with her, and she hit like a charging bantha when she wanted to. But to his relief - and likely Kai's too - the fist stopped short of impact, merely marking its place so Tanit could make a point about targets. That gesture made Verrin comfortable enough that he didn't wince again when Tanit's other hand caught the saber strike. Kai seemed to be observing, listening, learning. She was certainly an attentive student, and Verrin was glad that she'd found her way to the Academy. If he was actively seeking apprentices, then this one would stand out in his eyes. He smirked to himself. He would take half the Academy as apprentices if he could. But he'd be doing them a disservice as his attention would be so diverted among so many. Even now, that thought left him wondering where Holle was. And for that matter, where Vanessa had gone. Vanessa hadn't left her position as one of his two apprentices - but she'd needed to pursue some matters on her own, and there was no telling when she'd return, or if she'd return. Perhaps he had time for one more apprentice after all? Time would tell. For the moment though, Verrin was left listening to Tanit. The Darth was explaining how combat between Sith was further enhanced by tapping into the Force. That was an more advanced technique in his mind! Was she trying to ascertain Kai's talents, or merely place the bug in her ear that her future as a combatant - like most things - would be affected by the Force? Verrin turned more of his attention back to the dueling pair. They had squared off once m ore, and this time, Kai went through a series of strikes and parries, but without targeting anyone. It was as if she was fighting invisible or imaginary foes as she slashed once twice, again. She then took a knee, and slashed twice more. She rose, pivoting, executing some kind of dance that only she could hear the music to, and her eyes appeared to glaze as she lost focus on the world around her. Suddenly, she drew a dagger from somewhere on her person, and then executed an attack on Tanit - low with the dagger, high with the training saber. Verrin had little doubt that Tanit could stop the attack if she wanted, but the effort was something impressive to him from a student who had never held a lightsaber before. Or supposedly had never held one before.
  11. Say it like you mean it.

    Breathe in, breathe out... in again, out again... Meditation came easily to Verrin now, and he was able to enter the state effortlessly. In contrast, when he'd first started in the Force, it had sometimes taken hours to reach the meditative state. After his first year, he had that time down to less than an hour, depending on how stressed-out he was. But now, he merely knelt in a quiet place, and took a few breaths - and he was there, at one with the Force, sensing it, even as it sensed him. Practice did make perfect. He was reaching out with his senses, feeling the ebb and flow of the Force within the temple, and even out to the very planet itself. The Dark Side was strong here in the facility, mostly due to the location, but also because of the concentration of Sith. It felt like looking up at the night sky - the vastness of space was the Force, and most of that space was the Dark Side. There were the zillions of points of light too, the yin and yang of the galaxy. But as he breathed and stared at space, one of those stars flickered in his vision, drawing his mind's eye. His senses turned to focus. Someone was practicing Light Side powers within the Academy. Such a thing wasn't unheard of. There were Sith who dabbled in Light Side powers, and some who pursued them further than perhaps they should. The Light Side was all about protection, healing, bolstering, supporting. Most of the Sith who did it though, seldom maintained their efforts. Not so long ago, on Dromund Kaas and Korriban, the Empire employed the services of the Inquisition - head-hunters who saw Light Side practitioners as criminals, and sought them out for punishment, reprogramming, or death. The concern for Verrin wasn't those errant Sith, but the Jedi. Had the obscure hideout for the Remnant been discovered? Had a Jedi spy found his or her way into the place, engaged a Sith, and now worked to heal themselves in order to continue their spywork? Were they then going to alert other Jedi, bringing the whole Enclave down on all of their heads, and eradicating the Sith once and for all? Not on his watch. Verrin's eyes snapped open, aglow with power and focus. He rose to his feet effortlessly, and strode with purpose and confidence towards the source of Light Side activity.
  12. Ludus Summus

    Verrin nodded and paced several feet away from the training duo, eyes still half-roving over the masses, but not seeing what he was looking for yet. He heard Tanit explain basics, and then witnessed Kai go through the steps. All was well. He appreciated Tanit's reserve - a hard-won reserve that his own apprentice, Holle, did not yet possess. Had it been Holle training Kai, Verrin wouldn't have been surprised if Kai's sudden strike - even with a training saber - wouldn't have been met with derision and outright aggression. Holle had anger aplenty, but not the control of it that Tanit had developed over time. Verrin considered an exhibition - where he and Tanit would spar to show the younger generation how advanced techniques were applied. But the only time he and she sparred was in the closed confines of a more private space. It was too easy to let anger rise just a little bit more, to keep up with the other, and with an audience, who knew if either of them would have the self control to keep themselves ratcheted back. No... the lesson was going well as it was. No need to interfere. Verrin awaited Tanit's lesson on the strike zones. He wanted to sharpen her education of Kai, not blunt it. It wouldn't do for him to not pay attention, and then give Kai contradictory advice. Besides... ... Verrin knew all too well that he was never too old to learn, himself.
  13. Ludus Summus

    "The choices you make as an acolyte are some of the most important ones you will make in the Academy. None of them should be taken lightly. Your success relies on your mind, just as much as it does your body." Verrin smirked at Tanit's words. He added a quip of his own, "And trust that whatever choices you make will likely change over time." A look from one, or both, of them caused him to explain a little further. "Darth Tanit here used to be something of a sniper. She was also under the belief that physical prowess could overcome mental strength. Similarly, I believed intellectual excellence could compensate for a physical weakness. While both statements were initially true, both of us learned that having strength in both allowed us to cast of more and more chains. Mental acuity broke the chain of relying on strength... muscle shattered the binding of relying solely on willpower. Having the right tool at ones disposal for a given situation made overcoming that ordeal so much easier." Verrin felt quite confident in that series of statements, and both he and Darth Tanit had cross-trained one another for years. He bowed slightly and stepped back though, when the two women agreed to train. Verrin's style of fighting was very different from his former pupil's, and he would have time to teach Kai what he knew if she felt inclined to learn that. But given Tanit's current health, Verrin was concerned that any training from her was going to be in much shorter supply. He kept one eye on the action between the pair, but his other roved around the Pits, looking for some young, healthy - and failing - individuals whom he could tap for their youth and vigor, granting them to Tanit to prolong her time. It would be so easy - to tap the Dark Side, and then use that energy to transfer health to Tanit. It wouldn't last forever, depending on what it was that was sapping so much of the Darth's life. But it could certainly do wonders for her general well-being and complexion, for a while.
  14. Ludus Summus

    Verrin's sparring partner showed good instincts, attempting to reverse grip and block the slow, incoming blow to her side. She didn't quite have the footwork though, and Verrin managed to tag her in spite of her efforts. She winced a little, but Verrin didn't try to push the attack - not yet. That training would come, once she had a better grasp of the basics. But when Kai took a knee, Verrin's attention was momentarily distracted by the presence of another. Darth Tanit had arrived, looking the worse for wear, and leaving Verrin to wonder how bad her health was. He could sense that the Dark Side was outpacing her ability to endure it, but he couldn't imagine the circumstances that pushed her beyond her limits - which were formidable. He triggered the switch on the training saber when she coughed, and even managed a small smile as she tucked a stained cloth away. Tanit asked after Kai's name, and Verrin felt his hearts beat faster for a moment. He let Kai respond before he spoke up, noting her self-claimed title. "Miss Tsintah, please rise. I'd like to introduce you to Darth Tanit. Lady Tanit, the Tyro, Tsintah." Unable (or unwilling) to hold back another moment, Verrin stepped over to the Darth and boldly embraced her in a warm, heartfelt hug. "Apprentice," he teased her, "it's really good to see you up and about." Then, in a whisper directly into her ear, he asked, "I can feel your pain. You helped me. When are you going to ask me for help in return?" He nudged her cheek with his own, and then pulled back to arm's length, still holding her broad shoulders. Before completely letting go, he ran a hand across her cheek affectionately, Finally breaking contact, he elaborated for the pair, "Darth Tanit here, was once my apprentice, and is proof that despite my unorthodox methods, an apprentice of mine CAN rise to power in the Empire. Tyro Tsintah is new here, but enthusiastic. I was introducing her to the lightsaber, and telling her what a real warrior was. Now she can see for herself."
  15. Ludus Summus

    Verrin smiled inwardly as the downward strike came. His student had twirled the weapon quickly, but he wans't sure if it was intentional or a result of the unfamiliarity. Of course, if she'd been a Jedi spy this entire time, and somehow had hidden her nature from him, then this was her chance to suddenly lash out and strike him down - while he wasn't expecting such vigorous effort. The Force told him the truth though, and she'd never handled such a device before. She simply seemed to be excited - and why shouldn't she be? This was but a dream to many children of the galaxy - something out of a holobook or a fireside tale. Verrin raised his own saber in a block, catching the downward strike neatly in an effort to help her know what it felt like when the weapon met resistance. Meanwhile, he chatted, "Flattery will get you everywhere, Miss Tsintah. A warrior? There are many who would argue with you. Heck - I would argue with you. You'll see warriors aplenty soon enough though, and know the difference between what I do and what they do. If you ever meet Darth Tanit, for example... or Master Aiden... those are true warriors." Verrin didn't counter attack, instead letting Kai get a feel for her weapon as she saw fit. He deflected some strikes, side-stepped others, but overall he was acting more like a training droid than an aggressive opponent. There was no point in showing off for her just now, and certainly not in front of any watchful eyes in the area. He kept up the chatter as she came at him, "I hadn't realized what I said earlier might be misconstrued. When I referred to the Sith'ari as self-proclaimed, I meant the title, not the position. Historically speaking, most leaders of the Empire or Sith refer to themselves as Emperor, or simply another Darth. I think Darth Atrox fancies the term, and so chose it for himself. I think you thought I meant his taking of the 'throne'. Some Emperors hand off the throne to others, some vacate it, and let some aggressive Lord fill the void of their absence. But as Sith struggle for power at every level - and I mean every level - so too do they struggle at the topmost. It wouldn't surprise me if Atrox took the position from Emperor Valyrian by force, even eliminating him. Right now... you could lash out and strike me down, and claim you are a Darth-slayer, entitled to the rank and influence that goes along with it. You could appear before my peers, and tell them of your prowess, and my failures, and become the Kaar of Ancient Knowledge, joining them on the Council. Of course... through victory, your chains are broken. But then... you'd inherit my chains, wouldn't you? Is the grass really greener on the other side, Miss Tsintah? Or is it simply greener over the septic system?" Verrin chuckled lightly, and blocked another thrust, enjoying himself. He was sweating - they all were - but that was more a function of the environment than the level of activity. But finally, he brought his own weapon around - albeit at a slow speed - attempting to tag Kai on her seemingly exposed hip. It was more playful than a real effort to cause what little harm the training weapon could. If it struck her, it would feel like getting nipped by a wet towel, or a hot pot-handle if it lingered there. The weapon wasn't even likely to get through what clothing she wore... though a real lightsaber wouldn't stop before separating her upper and lower sections.