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  1. The Arrival

    Verrin smirked at her comment, "Teach me more..." Did she mean about drinking? He wasn't sure, but he wasn't displeased either. She seemed to be more receptive to the idea that he might have something useful to share with her. He debated making a menacing face for a second, or summoning Force Lightning as a scare, but he didn't. It had taken a bit of effort to establish this level of trust, so he didn't want to blow it on sheer amusement. "Where to start, hrmm?" He mused rhetorically. "I think we can forego the lightsaber techniques and the whole Dark Side aspect of things, unless you're that curious to test the waters. I tend to doubt it though. Maybe we stick to the more neutral side of things... telekinesis, telepathy, theory, and belief. One thing I like to instruct my students about, is the Sith Code. It's so often misinterpreted, and largely because of the stereotypes that you're already familiar with. There are those Sith who pursue power without consideration, or those who let that power simply go to their heads. They may know the Code, but gloss over the intent. You know... nowhere in the Sith Code does it state a Sith must be rude, evil, mean, abusive, or insulting. It's just not there. Yet... so many skew the words to suit them. They use it as an excuse, rather than a mantra... rather than a way of life. Honestly.... it gives Sith a bad name. But... You probably don't want to go in depth into the 'Sith' aspect of education. Maybe in time... but for now, we can focus on the more technical aspects. We started to explore empathy through the Force. Would you like to continue on that path, or is there something specific you'd like to learn?"
  2. The Arrival

    Verrin nodded as Mirran sipped the drink, as instructed. There was a twinge of excitement in the Force, leaving Verrin to think that perhaps she was ready to hear more. But more likely, she was merely excited from doing something 'bad' - or at least, something her superiors would frown upon. It wasn't as simple as all that. Very likely, there was some genuine excitement over experiencing something new, some over making a decision for herself and then acting upon it, and some over indulging her id instead of locking it down. But surely, some of it was that sense that she was either getting away with something, like stealing a kiss, or a cookie from a jar. That feeling could go a long way towards driving her to do other new things, opening her to the idea of experiencing life, rather than avoiding it out of some irrational fear of actually feeling some emotions. It was a first step to overcoming that which the Jedi instilled into all of their students... fear. He remained silent for the moment, letting her savor hers. He wanted the experience to be a positive one, and incessantly bombarding her with information wasn't necessarily the way to do that. She would ask another question eventually, or choose to simply enjoy this moment and then be on her way to digest it. He'd support either, or both, but this would nudge her to continue her decision-making.
  3. The Arrival

    Verrin was a little surprised when Mirran brought the knife back up and across his neck, but he didn't sense danger. He could have reacted several different ways - ducked back, phased to allow the knife to pass harmlessly through him, or aggressively pushed back to turn this into an altercation. With Sith, he probably would have had to do the latter, but here, he didn't feel threatened at all. He didn't even flinch as the blade grazed him - the pain of a razor cut was nothing compared to what he'd endured in his lifetime. He didn't feel like she wanted an answer to her question. She was being rhetorical, wondering if he feared the blade, or the pain that went with it. She knew he didn't, even if she didn't know why. Perhaps that was why she finally conceded to instruction. Maybe... what she wanted most... was for him to teach her how not to be afraid anymore. That was a tough, tough lesson to teach. It had been a horribly long and hard lesson for him to learn himself, even with a master who was undeniably patient with him. The methodology was simple enough - exposure to ever-increasingly stressful, fearful experiences, and surviving them. But was this woman... this girl, really... ready to learn those lessons? She approached the beverage cart, and Verrin wondered how she would know which drink was what she wanted. He knew her kind had heightened senses of smell, but he didn't move to assist her in this situation. In a way, it was a lesson for her to overcome - that lesson in fear and pain, and experiencing them so that she wouldn't be afraid anymore. She picked up a bottle. It happened to be a Corellian whisky, and when she sipped it, the initial burn almost had her spitting it out. Verrin approached the cart and answered her, "That's a Corellian whisky, and a good one - not that swill you might get at the local cantina that tastes like paint thinner and burns your taste buds more than it tantalizes them. Perhaps you should try some. Here... if you'll allow me..." Once again, he gently took the bottle and retrieved a crystal lowball glass from the cart. Into that, he placed a single cube of ice that clinked in the crystal the way that only that combination of materials could. He then poured a finger-and-a half of the liquid into it, causing the sound of cracking as the ice reacted to the room-temperature liquid. It echoed in the crystal. He explained, "When properly served, the drink is mixed with one cube of ice only. Too much ice and the beverage is watered down, reducing its potency, weakening it. No ice, and the drink is powerful - you may have heard of people ordering their whisky 'neat'. That's better than too much ice, but not perfect. There's a chemical reaction that takes place as the single ice cube connects with the drink, releasing additional aspects of it that would have been hidden neat, or diluted with too much. And all of those subtleties hit your taste buds and olfactory senses alike. Now here..." He placed the serving into her hand. "First, raise it to your nose and take two slow, deep breaths of it. Let the aroma awaken your senses so they are ready for it - not shocked by it. Then, take a sip of it into your mouth, and roll it around on your tongue - let it hit every part, your sweet spots, your sours, your bitters, and your salts. Hold it there for few seconds, and then swallow - the first will burn a little, but I think you've already resolved that. The second will burn less, and tantalize more. Sip to enjoy. A drunkard will shoot the whole thing back, seeking that oblivion of a mindless state that you mentioned. But she who sips,,, those taste buds will send endorphins into your brain's pleasure centers, and you should find it to be an enjoyable experience." He paused to see how she took his instruction. It would likely flavor how she received any instruction he gave her in the Force.
  4. Poniard Spacedock Offices

    Through the Force, Tala could likely sense Verrin's annoyance, frustration, and even a hint of trepidation. None of those were directed at her, but they certainly surrounded his thoughts. She probably even detected a glimpse of wry humor at her question of his race as his lip quirked in a smirk. It was fair, her return question, given his second one. Stating the obvious was caused by his distraction with his duties, and he accepted the light-hearted reprimand as a reminder to focus. He blinked, and she was standing, but the movement didn't disturb him. He might have been surprised had she taken a knee, but she merely approached him in her typical... peaceful... Jedi way. Again, Verrin mentally reprimanded himself. It was hard, seeing beyond a Jedi. He hadn't always been like this - so filled with hatred for a people rather than one individual or another. The Sith had apparently trained him well in some regard. But no... it wasn't the Sith who taught him his hatred of Jedi. It had been the Jedi themselves. He was glancing over the flimsi once more, but heard her question about the strangeness of their encounter. With a serious look on his aged face, he brought eyes that were yellowed from the Dark Side up to meet her young ones, and spoke, "Right now, it is. I suspect that with repetition of positive encounters that it'll become easier. Do you intend for this to be that - a positive encounter?" It was a challenge, in a way, and out of character for him. She didn't know that, of course, but he mentally gritted his teeth a third time for allowing himself to be affected so. He closed his eyes for a full three-second count, and then opened them once more. He didn't expect her to reply, but guessed she understood that this was indeed, as she'd stated... strange. He continued on, "I've been tasked with having you assist me in a negotiation... or rather, a hearing of sorts. This world has several smaller cities and townships, but here in the main spaceport, there are districts carved out to house and support the Jedi and the Sith, as well as other factions of the former Empire and those of the Republic who are sympathetic to our joint cause as opposed to the current leadership they endure. There was an altercation on the border between the Sith and Jedi districts, and I'm supposed to meet with some authority figure in the Jedi order. However... the powers above me think that I might lose my temper and somehow discard the precarious perch that our alliance sits upon over whatever transgression took place. So they sent me to retrieve you for assistance... because you are both Jedi..." The word rolled off his tongue as if he was a child spitting out unwanted creamed broccoli. "... and because you are new here - an objective party. However..." Once again, he tossed the flimsi over his shoulder so that it fluttered and landed on the floor behind him. For the moment, he let it stay there. "If negotiations are not your thing... or working with a Sith an issue for you... then I can simply show you the way to your district, and put you in touch with your people so that you can continue your life's goal of ridding the galaxy of those evil, dark, monstrous Sith." He was holding himself together, but clearly, he wasn't doing it without effort.
  5. The Arrival

    Again, she avoided the topic - or at least that's what it appeared to be at first. By taking the knife from his neck, she wasn't showing a decisive move to build trust. Instead, she took the knife and held it to her own throat. "And what would you do if I decided not to cut your throat but my own?" She asked. "Bold, though," Verrin admitted to himself, and gave the move more consideration. While it was true she wasn't playing by his rules, not showing trust or betrayal, she was deflecting instead. She was testing his resolve to kill her or not - though surely, she must have already known the answer. He'd told her he wouldn't. So what was her game, exactly? He could tell through the Force that she didn't want to commit suicide - her heart wasn't in it. But then she pressed the knife a little more, enough to draw blood, and her senses in the Force burst with pain. She wasn't accustomed to it, Verrin sensed, and he felt a combination of emotions - pain, pleasure, fear, pride, and more. She was making a decision, choosing to do this, which felt good. But she didn't like pain, not so new to it like she was, so she felt repulsion. But the feelings were new, and likely exciting, if the Jedi had always taught her to avoid it. A Sith might relish in the masochism, but she... she wasn't there yet. Gently, he put his hand on hers and urged the knife away from her neck, all the while ready to catch her should she faint. Quietly, he told her, "What would I do if you were to do that, Miss Kai? I would have questions for you, for certain... like why you would harm yourself... to what end? And more importantly... how does it make you feel, to hold that decision-making power in your hands? How do you feel about choosing what you will do, or not do?"
  6. The Arrival

    She really was afraid, or so Verrin thought. He sensed it in the Force, but didn't need any special powers to see it. She repeated herself, and avoided his questions. She even re-stated some of her earlier concerns, over her parents, over her being able to choose her fate, and over her beliefs. Verrin was fairly sure she was still processing everything, so she wasn't yet ready to learn. She probably imagined this visit would go some other way, that some violent outburst would occur. And now that it hadn't, she wasn't prepared for the next step. But she put on a face, smiling, and asked questions of her own. What was trust? Betrayal? Or rather, what were they in his mind? "Like the Dark and light sides of the Force, they are opposite sides of the same thing. Betrayal is simple. It is purposefully breaking trust. But what is trust, indeed? Trust is something of an expectation. For example, I trust that if I place my hand on a hot burner, I will harm myself. I trust that when I go to my beverage cart, that my drinks are 'clean', or rather 'not poisoned'. I trust Maggie's programming to have my interests as her focus. My trust is betrayed when those expectations are not met - if I was not to be burned, if I was to be poisoned, or if Maggie suddenly turned and attacked me. It's simple, really. Here. Perhaps I can show you better." Verrin stood up and went around his still-packed desk to the side with drawers. He fiddled with the packing, but eventually withdrew a small utility knife. Nodding in satisfaction, he paced back around the desk and reached down to take Mirran's hand, lifting it and her so that she stood. He then pressed the knife into her palm, and guided her hand up to his own neck before he let go. He just stood there for a moment, face to face with his guest, and her knife at his throat. "This is my definition of trust, Miss Kai. It is now your choice to show me betrayal of that trust - or not. You have the power in your hands to take down a Lord of the Sith, or to build upon this trust. What will it be?"
  7. Payback

    Verrin huffed air out through his nose. His days of moving crates by hand had vanished nearly forty years ago. It wasn't that he wasn't strong enough - he was physically stronger than he'd ever been, even way back in his youth - but this kind of manual labor made him frown. He'd have an easier time moving the items telekinetically through the Force. Fortunately, he spotted some heavy lifter droids that would manage skids of crates at a time. The issue was reprogramming them. While he had some skill over electronics in the Force, reprogramming wasn't yet part of his repertoire. And his Mandalorian counterpart was apparently not slicer either - they wouldn't be able to execute the commands without a terminal, or linked device. Isa's suggestion to bribe an authority wasn't a bad idea, but her awareness of the visibility were obvious. The more people who saw or knew they were here, the more likely they'd be a future target by the Hutts. They were essentially taking back what belonged to the Sith, but in the eyes of the thieves, they were stealing it back.Verrin rubbed his horned head for a moment. " Visibility... right," he muttered as his eyes and the Force scanned the area. There were three cameras monitoring the area. Once they started moving out in the main hangar, they'd be recorded, or at least noticed. Once they had droids doing their work, THEY would be noticed, but wouldn't likely draw any undue attention. Disabling the cams was easy enough, but would bring someone down to check. Verrin grumbled, "It can't possibly just be easy." He verbalized some of his thoughts. "We bribe... we get noticed. I use the Force to move the stuff, we get noticed. We disable the cams, we get noticed. We use droids, we don't get noticed, but neither you nor I have any realistic way to do that. Argh... this is frustrating." Hopeful, he offered, "What if we created a distraction elsewhere... a focus for them so they wouldn't be looking at the obvious movement here? We could... BAH!" He slammed a gauntleted fist against the wall in frustration. "It'd be easiest to take over the authority offices, kill everyone present, switch off cams, program droids from there, and simply walk away. But that's so fracking messy... media will be all over the place covering the mass murder in the hangar, the Sith will be blamed because well... we're Sith... and... and... BAH!" He was working himself up, and probably looked like he was losing his temper, but in reality, Verrin was well aware of his actions. He was simply tapping into his well of emotions in preparation for Force use. In seconds, the three cameras tore free from their mounting brackets and flew across the hangar to the ship Isa had pointed out. They would not be returning. Verrin then instructed, "Head towards the authority offices and intercept anyone who comes to investigate. Make sure they do not get a visual on this area. Return in ten minutes, and we'll get the frack out of here. Got it?" Just then, one of the pallets of crates lifted off the ground and then flew rapidly towards the back of the ship. They were heavy, but they weren't unmanageable for Verrin's power in the Force. He could lift the entire ship if he needed to. The skid levitated into the back of the ship, and Verrin quickly moved to follow it, and guide it the rest of the way to the hold. He didn't care if they did take some incidental gizkas - he didn't have a list of the exact cargo they were taking back, nor a way to check items off that list as he loaded. So they take everything they could, and hope for the best.
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  9. Poniard Spacedock Offices

    "Honestly..." Verrin muttered to himself, as his booted feet thunked accompaniment to his march down the hall. "I feel like I was just here a week ago," (it had been more than that) "to babysit a Mandalorian, of all people, and now... NOW they send me here to retrieve a... a... a JEDI?" The flimsi in his hands went flying over his shoulder in a fit of frustration, but the Force quickly yanked the file back to his grip before he'd taken ten more steps. He wasn't a litterbug, after all. He finally arrived at the waiting room corridor - this time, he wasn't the early one. A young woman sat on the floor, "Probably in meditation," Verrin wryly thought to himself. He continued his steady pace and walked directly up to her. She might not be who he was looking for... but she just might be that. His outward appearance was fairly mundane, for a Sith Lord. H didn't buy into the whole fancy robes, noble dress, and heavy adornment. Instead, he wore a simple-looking black half-robe, belted at the waist. Its joints were padded over in black leather, and it bore a cowl that he had drawn up over his horned head. His pants were simple, and also black, and one of his signature trademarks were the simple, black, functional boots that he wore - the same issue that was given to new recruits at an Academy, almost as if he was stating in his appearance that he hadn't forgotten where he'd come from. The extended hilt of his lightsaber was tucked into his belt, but that's all he appeared to be armed with. And the only significant items that stood out in his apparel, were a pair of black gauntlets he wore, that looked very, very old and ornate, and a single jeweled earring glinted from beneath the cowl, worn in his left ear. His skin, on the other hand, probably stood out. It was an odd color for a Zabrak - a dusky, lavender tone. It's rarity was similar to albinism in humans, but it was largely covered over in a variety of black tattoo work - some of the markings were tribal, others elaborate, and still others simply connected the entire works. Closer inspection would show a variety of scars and burns beneath the black ink, as well as the lines on his aged face. He was not a young man... not anymore... though he could make the argument that his apparent age was earned through years, and not corruption from the Dark Side. That left other marks, in other ways. He addressed the seated woman, "You know, they put seats in this room for a reason." He glanced at his flimsi once more, "Are you the Jedi, @Tala Vir?" He half-expected her to leap up, lightsaber flailing. But maybe this whole alliance had reached her ears already. Ears... right... he added, "Nautolan?" The last Nautolan he'd known had lost a saber duel with his apprentice, and her arm was the result of it. In a fit of rage, as the girl tried to kill herself by continuing the fight, Verrin had beaten the girl with her own arm. He assumed that not all Nautolans were so... crazed, but it made sense to make sure ahead of time.
  10. Payback

    "Next time we’re going to have to get you a bell or something," Isa remarked, and it took Verrin a second or two to realize she was being funny. He smirked in reply, nodded his understanding, and offered, "Usually - when I prepare for these sorts of engagements, I wear a mask with a commlink. Does wonders for on-the-fly communication. Plus... it doesn't ring-a-ling my location to the enemies." He looked her over - she appeared to be in one piece. He expected nothing less from the galaxy's arguably most-elite mercenaries, but he knew he wouldn't have wanted to stand up and take that much blaster fire. As it was, the blaster burn in his shoulder was going to leave a nasty bruise... and he'd have to get his robe mended. But Isa was already moving on, and injecting the guards with some sort of drug. Verrin nodded in approval. He was a fan of biochemistry, and while he might have preferred more lethal measures, he couldn't knock his partner's reasoning and methodology. It would do. She got up, and Verrin mused that she made it look easy - with all that armor on, he was fairly sure he wouldn't have looked so smooth. But she was already moving past him towards something, and that left Verrin to wonder if she saw another threat. Her hand was on her blaster, but Verrin couldn't sense any imminent danger in the Force. SHe eventually stopped at a door that looked like so many others to him, and she turned to have her helmeted 'face' looking at him. "You want to do the honours?" She asked, indicating the door with a tilt of her helmet. Verrin shrugged and stepped in front of her. The door was locked, but that wasn't anything that concerned him. The lock was electronic, and it was easy enough for him to disable it using a Force technique. He reached a hand to the panel, though he silently chided himself for being so weak-minded as to make a gesture while using a power that didn't require it. Beneath his gauntleted hand, there was a spark, and an audible click, as the lock gave up and opened for him. He then opened the door to look inside. Sure enough, it was a storeroom, and there were crates piled high in every direction. Aisles between them made it possible to navigate the room, and in short order, he and Isa figured out that the other end of the storeroom had a large rollup door that probably opened into a docking bay of some sort. The crates would have been taken off the ship, and stored here temporarily. But now they were left with the menial task of loading up a ship or some kind of conveyance with them. Verrin frowned. That would take time. His hands manipulated a panel near the rollup door, and it automatically raised, revealing what he expected - the arse-end of a ship of some sort. It also showed them a long, wide hangar, where hoverlifts and droids would normally move the freight to other, similar, storage rooms or vehicles. Verrin huffed air out through his nose in a sigh. "Any ideas?"
  11. The Arrival

    "Finally," Verrin thought as Mirran spoke her concerns. They weren't the answers to the questions he offered, but they were valuable insight into the mind of the woman. Her three word finale, 'I am afraid', was as honest and forthcoming as she'd been about herself. Verrin nodded, but didn't leave the area of the beverage cart - not yet. "Of what, Miss Kai? Afraid of me? Or afraid that your mind will be open to ideas and thoughts that you've never had before? How could a Sith teach you? You've probably been taught, over and over again, to never trust a thing a Sith says. And here I am, going on and on about this and that. You're curious... brave enough to come along, inquisitive enough to converse and share ideas. But yes, you're afraid of something. It's normal, I suppose. It's just been so long since I was in your position, that I've forgotten what it's like. You have my sincere apology." He tossed back the bourbon and set down the glass, then walked back over to take a seat beside her once more. "I think we both know what you're afraid of, really. It's not me - not personally, anyway. If I had wanted you dead, you'd already be so. I don't, so that's not in question. You're not afraid that I'll shatter your Jedi-trained faith. I'm sure you're resilient enough to fight me if that was in question, and smart enough to leave in order to avoid that situation altogether. I won't lie - I would love it if you saw our way and wanted to turn to the Sith. But I don't think you're ready for that yet. You may never be, and that's fine too. You're afraid of the same things everyone is - a fear of the unknown, a fear of change. The things you know have been turned upside-down - Sith and Jedi are working together towards a common goal. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. And how could Sith possibly have your interests in mind? You've always been told they do not. You cannot trust them. So the first thing we must establish, in order for any instructor-student relationship to build, is trust. What can we do to start down that path, Miss Kai? Would you like me to speak with your masters first? Would you prefer if I put a set of bars between us when we talk? Would you hold hands, share a secret? What can I do to start earning your trust?" He didn't sound eager, but neither did he sound insincere.
  12. The Arrival

    Verrin paused long enough to sip at the bourbon again. Mirran hadn't really answered his questions, instead focusing on the typical viewpoint of Sith. He'd already covered that, he thought - how there were stereotypes. But she didn't seem convinced. It was no skin off his nose, if she didn't want to be taught; one could lead a horse to water, but not make them drink, as it was often said. "I'm brutal when I have to be," he admitted, "but not when I don't. Not every situation requires a hammer, Miss Kai. Not in my world."
  13. The Arrival

    "It is crude..." she muttered. Verrin chuckled, but didn't stop the 'vision', letting Mirran see herself talk, drink... whatever she chose to do. He smirked though, "So... you're telling me my eyesight is failing? Maybe I have cataracts. Honestly... you young people are so very hard to impress these days." He spoke his next words, though he preferred the mental communication instead. "That's fine, Miss Kai. But in order for you to understand others... to truly understand their motivations, you need to walk in their sandals, so to speak. You cannot live their lives, share their life experiences, like playing through a holovid of their entire lives in the span of seconds. But you CAN see life as they see it. You can hear what they hear, maybe think what they think. Eventually, you can feel what they feel. And in doing all of that, you stand a chance of having a better understanding of their motivations... hopes... dreams... what makes them tick. You could obtain that whim - to better understand why they do the things they do. How do they manage? Why... that's the very thing you're trying to find out... what makes them do the things they do. Why they do things differently than you... because they cannot see the galaxy through your eyes." He finally let the vision drop, stopping his concentration on it. He thought he made a point, but he wasn't just trying to bridge the gaps of age, gender, and race. He was also reaching across the span of base philosophy - a Sith to a Jedi. "You seem hung up on this idea that I want something, or that nothing is free. I might... want something, that is. But maybe it's just more experience, or your point of view. Maybe I'm trying to better understand Jedi, or Miralukans. Maybe knowledge is my trade, or something. If it makes you feel better, I could charge you a fee... a tuition. But really, Miss Kai - it's compensation based on perceived value. If I have something you want, and you believe nothing is free, then what value do you place upon it? What would you pay for this knowledge - this experience? If you were to buy it off a shelf in a store, how much would you pay? Is it priceless? If that's the case, then what could you offer in return? Personally, I don't maintain slaves, even if I have an appreciation for their use. I'm not looking for your indentured servitude. Besides... if you can't wash windows, then what good is that?" Another poor joke of his. "You really feel you have nothing to offer me, other than yourself? Let's say, for the moment, that's true. In what way would you pay me back then - how are you valuable to me? Maybe we don't know yet. Maybe... one day in the future... when you have opportunity to kill me because your Jedi brethren decided that yet another Sith must die for the Jedi cause, you'll spare me because of this unpaid debt. There's value in that, isn't there? Honestly... I'm a person too, Miss Kai. I like simple things. I like good stories... bourbon... some art... I like learning things... books... I once had a student trade information for simply maintaining my apartments. She cleaned for me - if you can imagine that - and when she'd learned what she wanted, she went her way. I think you assume I must want blood or something. It's just not the case."
  14. The Arrival

    Verrin cocked his head in confusion. He sensed when she suddenly turned cold - immediately. Her body language spoke it loud and clear, and he didn't need the Force ofr confirmation. Something he said had put her off. "I'm not sure I follow you, Miss Kai," he said. "I know you're not my student. I'm merely offering to teach you - to have you be a student of mine. I'm not offering apprenticeship, and I'm not asking you to go back on your training. I'm just offering to help you learn the things you wish to know. Remain a Padawan as long as you like." Verrin rose - calmly, and deliberately, so as not to make Mirran nervous. He began to pace towards the beverage cart, seeking something for himself since Maggie was tending to Mirran's droid. But he continued to talk as he walked. "The knowledge you see isn't affiliated with the Dark Side of the Force, you know. It's like telekinesis... or telepathy. It is the Force, yes, but neither Light nor Dark. It simply is. I am warning you though - knowing the Jedi aversion to emotion - that learning how to empathize with someone through the Force can be very disturbing." He poured himself a finger of the bourbon he liked, and went on, "I know Jedi have emotions - until they become Grand Master robots, they have feelings. They are simply taught to suppress them, so that they do not influence logical thought. The intent is some responsibility for power, I believe... to not lash out accidentally or purposefully when one feels strongly about some situation. Heavens forbid a lover's quarrel ends with a Jedi Padawan bursting the mind of her former lover because of some wrong he-or-she committed. So in the process of training that emotional armor, Jedi don't usually tend to want to experience the emotions of others. What would happen if you were to feel - through the Force - the terrible loss that someone else was feeling? Imagine that an entire city of loved ones was destroyed... say Dromund Kaas, for example... or maybe you'd prefer Tython. Even now, you think about those survivors and wonder how they must feel. With empathy through the Force, you would know exactly how they feel - you would empathize... you would feel it. Is that what you want? Really?" Verrin sipped his bourbon, and offered more. This time, he used his ind to speak telepathically to the young woman. "Let me show you what it means to see." Verrin was skilled in telepathy - arguably skilled enough to force his way into a person's consciousness and demand information, or deliver horrifying nightmares. But in this case, he was as gentle as if handling a baby. He had learned from Master Taenok - a Miralukan - how to deliver more than just 'words' to a person. So he showed Mirran a vision instead. Taenok had explained to him that Miralukans generally 'saw' the galaxy differently than other sentients, but that through telepathy they could experience the 'visual' sights that were denied them. The catch was to stimulate neural pathways that weren't normally active - to awaken parts of the mind that had never been needed without optic delivery. Verrin had listened, and learned. He'd even excelled. It was some of the earliest powers he ever developed - and none of it was based in Dark Side energy. He offered Mirran a vision of the office they sat in, through his eyes. He showed what he was seeing - the vision of... her, seated, holding her Fizz. "Surely - your own instructors have told you how almost everything is possible, through the Force."
  15. Payback

    His armored companion was braced behind a structural support, checking her pistols. She seemed okay, overall, so he didn't panic. Still - blaster bolts whizzed down the corridor and past them, some impacting the support she stood behind, some the crates he was behind. It was suppressive fire, and it was working, pinning them down. They knew where he was - sort of. The trick to fighting while cloaked was to constantly strike, and then re-cloak oneself. There was something about the expulsion of kinetic energy that disrupted the Force enough to make an invisible assailant visible for a moment. For some reason, it also affected those using artificial cloaking devices - Verrin never understood why. He always thought that the way to fiscal independence was to invent a cloaking device that didn't falter under kinetic conditions - but perhaps that technology was too dangerous to allow out into the galaxy. Whatever the case, the fact was that when he struck the hound, he appeared for a second or two, before disappearing again. And the same flicker of energy occurred when he dove for cover - he must've taken another hit or something while in motion. But now he was hidden once more, and the shots that came his way were circumstantial - not targeted. As he'd already surmised - suppressive. Just then though, Isa called out, " Oya, dar’jetii ". And now he knew what the words meant. She stepped around the support and began walking towards the enemy, firing both blasters repeatedly. In a way, she was laying down suppressive fire in return, but with her armor's HUD she was probably going to hit more frequently than the enemy. The call had been one of alert, but also one of warning. He could only imagine what would have happened had he been standing between her and them when all that blaster fire started. He took the words to heart though, and was ready to do his part. Still invisible, he got up and dashed around his cover, staying closer to the walls as he covered the distance very quickly. Isa was drawing their fire towards her, which meant he was free to run, and he did. He closed with the first guard he came too, and simply stepped behind him, then brought his wicked-looking knife around and across his throat. He didn't expect it, didn't have time to react to it, and went down spurting a fan of blood from his neck without releasing another shot. But for that strike, Verrin was visible. As that guard fell, one of the others further along Verrin's path saw the rapid exchange, and redirected his fire towards the new source. But Verrin was already fading from sight, and he spun the falling guard around to be between him and the incoming blaster bolts. The firing enemy holed his companion three times before the incidental victim hit the ground, convulsing in shock. The attacker's eyes went wide as he realized he'd shot his friend up, and the dark figure was gone again. He could be anywhere... The guard yelled in alarm and fired a spray of shots over the general area where Verrin had been, but they all missed, impacting with crates or walls. That left him alone with this dark spectre, for his remaining ally was still focused on the juggernaut that was simply striding purposefully towards them. Unfortunately that ally wasn't prepared to deal with being shoved violently from the wall. Why would he be? There was no space between him and the it! Verrin became visible as he fell flat on the ground - halfway between Isa an the two remaining guards. Using the Force, he telekinetically grabbed the guard who was firing at Isa and launched him at his fellow. The impact could have been spectacular; Verrin was powerful enough to have them hit so hard that they would have felt like they'd been in a speeder accident, and killed. But he pulled his punch, so to speak, so that they merely collided and fell, off-balance. It left Isa to finish the job of putting them down with blaster fire - if she was so inclined. Verrin had no intention of having some crime scene investigator identify a Sith's hand in this engagement - it was all knives and blasters, as they'd left evidence so far. Though he sensed her in the Force, and heard her blaster shots, Verrin shot a glance behind him to see where Isa was. If she'd been wounded, then he still needed to act to finish the guards. Fortunately, only a small part of him wondered if she was training her shots on him instead - maybe collecting a bounty, or fulfilling some prior order that @Darth Sanguira had given her. It probably wasn't the case, but with Sith... one was never quite certain.