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  1. Home

    It wasn't uncommon for her to space out into her own thoughts, her neck mildly twitching in response to silent whispers in her ears, sometimes a quick flick of her hand to brush them away. So she wasn't entirely sure how long she had stood there simply letting her thoughts play over and over the horrid possible outcomes of her future. Did she want to come back to the order? Yes of course. Was that a possible outcome? Debatable. More than anything she missed the security and safety of the order and what peace it offered her. Politics and meetings were all rubbish, she hardly paid any attention to them before, but did her best to keep up with events. Now, she felt entirely like an outsider looking in simply standing in the council chambers. Were her previous padawans left alive? Not that she would expect them to wait for her. Hell she hadn't left even a note for her absence, she had never thought she would be gone for this long. A day or two was usual but... Almost three years now that she did the math, several chuckles in her mind echoed against her horror of realization. She flicked them away as well, laughing at her obliviousness was uncalled for. Still though her shock remained, her padawans were most likely knights now. Unless they waited for her, unlikely at best, but had they she wondered how she could possibly approach them and tell them she couldn't be the same as she was? Another soft voice taunted her ear with temptation of returning to space, finding and uncharted world and suffering there rather than disappointing those wonderful young ones. Was that Xaja? Or Izzy this time? Again she swiped it away, tucking her hair behind her ear at the same time. Closing her eyes and taking a long deep breath, she focused instead on the soft waves of the force around her. Sensing the ones training outside, the people walking up and down the halls, she was still sensing out and trying to ground herself when she felt him. Her shoulders stiffened, preparing herself for the worst tongue lashing a jedi master could provide, until the familiar pulse registered in her mind as to who it was that was about to enter. 'Master Kast, it is an honour to have you within our chambers. Welcome.' She almost couldn't bear to believe it, but her senses hadn't lied to her yet. Then again why wouldn't they now? When her hope was at her highest, she would be devastated if she turned around and the face did not match the voice. It was with a great steeling of nerves that she turned to finally face him, her teeth sharply biting into her lower lip. "C'erian?" Though he was aged from the last time she saw him, it was no doubt her former padawan, sort of. He appeared to had aged not really physically, but obviously mentally. No longer was the worn young man she had greeted in the docking hangar of Vornu, nor was the uneasy man she had cornered in the Archives and practically yanked into being her padawan. This was a seasoned and affirmed Jedi master before her, and there was no hope of calming the swell of emotions that burned in her chest threatening to explode. It was like someone let loose fireworks in her lungs and chest, and though they exploded they had no where to go. Force have mercy on this poor child, for he was about to be smothered. As much as a Five foot two anorexic swap rat could smother a person. She hobbled as quickly as her leg would let her to propel herself like a rag doll onto the poor man, her thin arms wrapping around him as tightly as possible. Though for her, she could feel the weakness in her grip, no matter how she flexed her arms or how much strength she willed into her body, it simply was not there to be used. Had he wished, he could easily out maneuver her or pry her off of him. Not that she would be too happy about it, he was the first face she had seen that held comfort and memories with it. Someone she knew and trusted that wasn't dead. She was positive at some point his voice had been as the others on Borga, haunting her thoughts and accusing her of her obvious failures as a master and jedi. But here was proof they were wrong, that she was wrong, and that those voices were just mere illusions just like she kept telling herself. "Kriff I have so many questions..." Her voice strained to get out the words, cracking even as they came out, then came the sobs. Horrible, ugly, snot running, choking on just the air sobs. Her vision was completely gone as tears took over her eyes and ran freely down her face. 'He's definitely going to lock me up for crying like a nutcase, but at least I got to see him first.' "I'm so sorry."
  2. I am the biggest derp of the year. That's what I get for posting at 1:30 in the morning

  3. Home

    Funny thing life is. After herding up Varia into the ship, and gathering what supplies they could take, it was a bumpy ride all the way to Coruscant. There of course, was the remains of what had once been her home. Apparently three years changes things. The embassy was not what she sought, though confirming her living status was a good step, she wanted a proper enclave to meet with the grandmaster and to hand Varia over for proper training. Why couldn’t life just be easy instead of funny? Her old office had been destroyed in the destruction, what little of it that was hers that remained had been put into storage, it would take awhile to retrieve her things. Such is life, she would have to wear rags a bit longer. With an order to deliver her personal belongings to Dantooine, it was only a hop skip on over to Dantooine. Of course Varia complained the whole way, first of the choice of direction then of the lack of vengeance for her family. (The girl would not give up until her ear was nearly yanked off by Ellina) Landing on a new planet had never felt so good. Ellina almost felt like her old self barking orders at a poor knight that used to wander around Coruscant at night. Though happy to be a step closer to this venture being over, Ellina was far too wound up to be polite or to answer a heap of questions form curious faces. Ellina had made quick and short orders to get the orphaned girl into training immediately, then requested the direction of the grandmaster’s chambers. Not quite ready to face the music of her extended absence, but not wanting to prolong it either, she marched her way over with her head low, a hard limp to each of her steps. Force she could use a strong drink for this. Her body ached from moving so much in such a short amount of time, and her head pounded from the lack of sleep. Glares were given to each individual who looked her way, most glances telling her she looked as horrible as she felt, or maybe she was just the walking dead. Finding clothes that fit had been difficult with Varia’s mother being so slim. At the very least she had gotten a fresh shirt. Pants however were not an option, so marched the limping ghost of Master Kast, half clothed in designer wear and half in blood stained ripped rags. She was starting to feel really self conscious when she finally entered the council chambers. Weary of anyone being in there she paused, looking up to the four seats in the room with a sudden wave of calm washing over her. For being so simplistic, it was beautiful. The council room meant protection. For the first time in years she let her shoulders relax and her tension release around her. ‘Home’ was the first thing that came to her mind. Jedi, council, safety, all followed after. Truly, even with her mind humming with whispers unsaid and faces in the corner of her eyes that weren’t there, she finally felt peace. She felt safe. Stepping up to one of the chairs slowly, she let one of her hands brush the back curiously. Who sat here? Who held these seats and kept things running now? Had she not been attacked, would one of them be hers? Would she still be considered a jedi master after being missing for so long? Should she be? A small pit of anxiety filled her stomach, her eyes glazed over as she stared at the seat, contemplating not only her recent past and struggle, but now her fate and future. The force had played nothing but cruel jokes on her so far, what would be it’s next?
  4. Move along now

    Such a waste. These poachers often left her some useful scraps. But they couldn’t be trusted. Like the others, they hunted without remorse. The male she had seen even slay another poacher that came too close to his own prey. These people were cruel and not to be trusted. So she wouldn’t trust them, she would not ask them for the help she needed to leave this planet. Best hide from the beast than get your hand bit off trying to pet it. That had been her survival. She was not as strong and agile as she had once been. Her injuries had not healed well after the crash. Her shoulder hurt to move still and her knee gave out easily with too much pressure (most likely torn ligaments, but she was no healer, it was only her best guess.). When she first approached someone for help and had been shot in the thigh, apparently seeking aid was the same as kicking someone’s pet, her ability to move was lessened even more. In her despair she hobbled back to her crash site where Plio's body waited. He had not lasted as long as she, unable to move from the wreck. She had been lucky in the back of the ship, he had taken the brunt force of the crash to his chest and head. Her friend gone, left to struggle in this terrible place, she waited and hid. Hoping someone would miss her enough to come looking for her. But with tensions as high as they were before she left the enclave, doubt plagued her mind. The force was unsteady when she left with Plio, another attempt to find her former master or her sister before war was ravaged on the galaxy once more. They had been following a trail that was only a few days old when they were struck down. Plio could barely explain what had happened, and she had been deep asleep in the moment. The loneliness was bearable. The darkness after nightfall… That was harder to handle. Things moved and scuttled in the dark. Whispers and memories haunted her mind when the hunger started to set in. They hadn’t quite left her alone since, no matter what she did. It wasn’t until this particular group arrived that she seemed to arise from her stupor. Rather than lurking like a starved cat on the outskirts of the few camps she found, (Bounty hunters, theives, criminals on the run, they never stayed long and she never lingered after her first attack.) She watched this group closely. She had sensed them from the moment they landed. Something about them drew her near. They were quiet and cautious like herself, showing respect for the land and its inhabitants. She had even considered approaching them until the man put a blaster bolt between another man’s eyes. It was self defense yes, but habits die hard. And her fascination was not with the adults, but the child rather. Which was why it was a shame, She never would have wished for their painful deaths. They only had been on the planet two days before being slaughtered like animals. The blaster fire and shouting had alerted her, but she did not arrive in time to even see if she could help. The stirring of the child had caused her to pause from checking the man, her blue eyes cutting to the girl and watching her rise with caution. The small one looked confused and concerned, her eyes lingering on her mother before checking her surroundings. The woman flinched away when she was spotted, the sudden cry from the young girl making her jump back. Her hazzard appearance probably would do nothing to sooth the child. Wild messy curls chopped short in a quick attempt to make them manageable, her clothes smothered mostly in mud and gunk, but the stains of blood on her pants and shirt had not faded in the washes she could afford. “Who are you?” The small girl cried, crawling to her hands and knees, inching towards the older woman with caution and curiosity. “Please… I have no one else! They killed them!” The older woman paused in her minimal retreat, torn between making an escape and helping the girl. But what good could she be now? “Why?” She asked gruffly, pushing a wild stray hair back from her face. The small girl looked confused, and mildly hurt, so the older one let out a quick breath. “Why were they killed?” She asked, a bit more loudly this time. The girl flinched, and she immediately felt regret for snapping so. Taking another breath, she softened her voice “What is your name?” The girl blinked, her mouth gaping before she seemed to process the question. “V-Varia! My name is Varia, please, I don’t know why they were murdered, but you have to help me!” Nodding only at the name, the woman turned and began limping away “I can’t help anyone.” She called over her shoulder, barely loud enough for the girl to hear. "No no one, not me not Plio, Ark, Izzy... Gone gone...." Her head twitched as she felt the crawl in her ear, she had only whispered to herself but she felt like her own voice was echoing in her head. “No you have to! I want to make them pay! They killed my parents!” She heard the rapid footfalls behind her, but paid no heed to them and only quickened her pace as best she could. “WAIT!” A small hand latched onto her arm, yanking her backwards and flaring her jacket out. At the same time, she felt something that she had not felt in quite some moons, the wonderful ripple of static and life of the force, caressing her whole body in soft little waves emitting from the little hand upon her arm. Looking upon the girl once more with shock, She met her eyes and felt a stirring in her chest for her. Something called her to this young one, and she had felt it before in a young man and again in a young woman. The force flooded through this girl. Raw power and unchecked emotion rippling across her very skin and onto her own. That explained much of why she had lingered so close. This girl had potential. Over the years she had seen many with potential. Some she had seen grow, others moved beyond her sight, but she knew they too continued to grow through the force. This girl was no different. But she could not teach. Not here, not in her condition. Maybe not ever again. Her mind was too unstable, she knew that much. The whispers and voices in her head did not pass in time. Perhaps they had only gotten worse. Unaware of how long she had been staring at the child, she only resurfaced from her thoughts when the child gasped. “You- You’re a force user! My Mama told me stories of you!”
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  6. Two parts to a duel

    "Interesting, I thought there was more balance and practice needed to form a saberstaff, not just molding twins together." Ellina's brows furrowed as she focused on protecting her left side, not in favor of getting hurt today. "Thank you for your information, though watching your form and practice, I don't think the saber staff is for myself." Her blue eyes widened as he turned off one end of the staff and attacked with a more precise strike. Throwing herself back, Ellina spun on her toes and leapt back an extra two paces just to be safe. Crossing her blades she stood straight "I yield." She smiled brightly at him, before disengaging her lightsabers. "You are very talented, keep practicing and in no time you'll have a huge advantage over me." Her head tilted in acknowledgement and stood straight.
  7. Dawn of The First Day

    Ellina grinned a bit wickedly, arching her brows at him "Do you doubt me padawan?" Her teeth glimmered in the sunlight, and her eyes sparkled teasingly. "We have a fairly easy mission Kal, take these meatbags out and send them running home with a message, we are not to be fooled with." Probably not the answer he wanted, but good enough. An enemy was an enemy. She turned her attention to the trees ahead of her, noticing them starting to thin out. So they were approaching their territory faster than she thought. No matter to her. Pulling the force around her, she quickly pushed it back out to seek out any lifeforms too big to be meer wildlife. Reaching for one of her lightsabers, her preferred green one, she ignited it. The hum and warmth of the blade next to her side keeping her relaxed even though she did not frequent fighting flesh raiders. Only when absolutely necessary and usually she had a team or she had arrived near the end of the fight. "Tell me what you sense, how many, and best approach in your opinion." She lowered her voice and stopped, her eyes not leaving the trees ahead of her. Sometimes the flesh raiders liked to lay down traps. She did not sense any now, but best to be safe with her padawan. Her free hand rested over her hip.
  8. The Way of the Jedi

    It wasn't what she assumed her first question would be, but Ellina was pleased either way. A curious young soul, something always to look forward to working with and seeing progress. Force knew she needed more energy in her life. "I knew you would have questions, and they are good ones. Never apologize for asking me something, it's my duty to teach and enlighten you among other things." Ellina sighed, still smiling. "Anyways, yes I have been to other planets. Places of fire and sand, ice and death, places that crawl with the darkside and places that are surrounded in beauty that rival Tython. You will see them for yourself soon enough, and you can decide for yourself what they are like. Everyone has experiences differently. To some, Tatooine is a worm hole only for those who are as disgusting as the Hutts that run the place. To me, it's a warm ball of memories and friends that I made as a child. It was my home once, and a part of me will always remember it being so. Though I do regret never getting to face a Kyrat my last visit." "As for your lightsaber, it's up to you where you wish to make it. If you choose to make one that is. We are in tough times, and as such my fellow masters and I have decided we will supply our younger ones with lightsabers for protection. But of course if you desire to make one for yourself I will aid you. A lightsaber should by all rights belong to its wielder and be forged by them. It forms a sense of a bond and special essence to the blade that suits it better to the user." Ellina let out another sigh. "As it is, it will be complicated to collect crystals with the dangers that are lurking, but it will be worth it. The planets that crystals are located on are difficult and the travel is a test on its own." Ellina glanced at her new padawan, her eyes showing her concern and seriousness of the topic, but her smile remained in reassurance. "But that is why you have me, and we will face those tests in time." "And animals...." Ellina folded her arms across her chest, tapping her elbow as she thought. Suddenly memories of the events on Vornu flooded her mind, and her mouth went dry. The memories of the Rakata war as well came rushing back, as she could only think of those... things... as animals. "I have come across some, but nothing too interesting that you should be too concerned with."
  9. The Way of the Jedi

    Ellina felt her mouth curl into a wider smile, trying to reassure the padawan's concern. "I doubt you could do something to get into trouble." She mused out loud, shaking her head making her curls bounce. Best not to beat around the bush for this one. "Sorry, I've been notified of your padawan status. As things are, even though I have one padawan at this time, I'm willing to also take you as my student and padawan." The master shifted on her heel, popping her hip out. "And with this offer, I'm sure you have plenty of questions and concerns on if I'm the right master or if I can teach you what you wish to learn. Come, walk with me, and we can talk more." Ellina tilted her head towards the main doors leading to the open courtyard, awaiting patiently for her answer.
  10. Dawn of The First Day

    "They're attacking supply chains to the Kalikori village, nothing too serious since the village has become well self sufficient. Again nothing more than a nuisance really but we can't just let them continue, and rather than making a big fuss with several people it would be more simple to have us deal with it quickly." Ellina's eyes lazily rolled over to scan Kal. "But don't get me wrong, let your guard down and that's when disaster strikes." She huffed and hauled herself onto her feet, elegantly stepping around her Felinx as she came out from behind the couch, mewling for attention again. "Stay." she mumbled to the little furball, and checked to make sure her lightsabers were already clipped onto her hips. "Anyways it's early, lets head out shall we before it gets too hot outside." Ellina grabbed her jacket from her desk chair and headed for the door, expecting her padawan to follow. "Flesh raiders are pretty self explanatory, I don't know how often you were exposed to them as an initiate given that I leave those decisions to the supervising jedi- I'm rambling sorry- Anyways, they have thick fleshy bodies. I've found it fairly easy to take them down if you aim for the eye stocks first, then go for the kill." Ellina flashed him a smile, as if she wasn't discussing death an mutilation of a creatures face. "Just do your best to stay alive, I'll be right there beside you!"
  11. Dawn of The First Day

    Ellina had been going over a datapad about another incident with flesh raiders. A sigh escaped her lips as she finally tore her eyes away to look at the time. 'So early.... I really need to sleep more.' she scowled at her own carelessness and shook her head, causing the little ball of fur to stirr in her lap. Kimari had been missing for a while since they had arrived on Tython, but Ellina was just glad to have her warm little Felinx back and safe. The poor cat like creature had been so frazzled after events on Vornu, that she simply bolted as soon as their shuttle had landed. Ellina had been so busy with the initiates and keeping them safe that she had no time to go and try to fetch her companion. But, like any loyal pet, Kimari returned, matted and dirty and yowling for attention and food as always. Ellina smiled and leaned over to nuzzle the soft fur on her head, causing the Felinx to purr happily. Not that she was ever unhappy curled up on Ellina's lap while she sprawled across her couch, not willing to sit in her uncomfortable desk chair. Ellina considered moving there to maintain 'appearances' but that was when she felt his presence at her door, just before the soft knocks aroused her companion and tempted her to leap off her lap. Padding to the door, Kimari started yowling when Kal knocked three more times. "Come in." Ellina called, grabbing her cup of cafa to nurse what was left while she still had time, Kimari getting more vocal as the door opened and she greeted their visitor. "Careful, she may trip you with her rubbing." Ellina warned, hoping her ball of fluff and happiness wouldn't get stepped on while trying to gain the attention of her padawan. "I hope you don't mind, as much as I'd like to take you off world to deal with some politics, I thought it best that we deal with a problem more close to home first." She grabbed the datapad she had been reading and slid it to the opposite end of her small living table. "Flesh raiders have been getting bold again and testing how close they can span their reach towards the temple. Annoying, but not impossible to deal with. This will also help me gage how well you handle yourself in combat."
  12. The Way of the Jedi

    "Bantha shit! Of all days to be running late...." Ellina muttered under her breath, glad that there were no other fellow jedi within hearing range of her slurrs. One would think the Brunette master was losing her mind, running around the temple in a flurry of dark curls and black and brown flowing robes. Stopping at the top of the dual staircase centering the temple, Master Kast took a long breath. With her new padawan, the possibility of war on the horizon, a second padawan was possibly going to drive her to her limits. But a jedi would do what they must, and so Ellina tried to press down her mad curls and straighten out her robes before descending the staircase, finding her eyes drawn to the monument that centered the room. Her first year on tython, Ellina had always been in such a rush up and down these stairs, she often took them ten at a time, shamelessly using her force leap to gain more distance and save time. It was only after a question from a padawan about the structure of the temple that she realized how much she had been missing. This monument one of them. Ever since then, Ellina had found a certain aura of calm whenever she stopped to examine the monument, not needing to think of anything. 'My padawan...' The jedi master pulled her attention away from the enchanting monument and scanned the room below her, immediately stopping on the silver head of hair perched below the monument. Target acquired as HK would have said. Skipping down the last few steps of the staircase, Ellina strode over to the young girl, plastering a warm smile on her face as she often did when greeting initiates. "Padawan Thuria? I'm Master Ellina Kast." She tucked her hands behind her and nodded towards her.
  13. First Impressions

    The brunette master fought to bite her tongue in the presence of the other master. Ellina always looked to her future and ways to better it for her and those around her. To assume that simply having a goal would lead you to the dark side was a very black and white way to look at things. Something that Ellina did not agree with in the slightest. There were steps and levels and shades that flowed through the force. The dark side of the force was just that, a side, there were multiple sections in between that and the light side. But to assume that his hope and aspiration would lead him to the dark? Wasn't it usually exactly the opposite, hope and faith often led you to the light? Things like arrogance and frustration were more worrisome than a childs dream. All the same, Ellina remained quiet, unwilling to start a useless debate in front of her new padawan for the sake of nothing. This was not the council chamber and her voice was not needed to contradict a silly assumption. She would wait until later to address it with her padawan. Finally she looked at Kal. "And here and now, I should take my leave. I've avoided my paperwork long enough for today, and should get back to it. We must start your training immediately with what is going on, so you should come to me as soon as morning tomorrow. I'll most likely be in my office." Not like she ever left. Her naps were usually taken at her desk. She looked back at her fellow master and tilted her head "A pleasure, Master Karnok, we will most likely meet again."
  14. Let it out

    The blood in Ellina's face drained, and her spine went cold. 'Did he not tell her?' Of course the bastard wouldn't. Not only the last time she saw him he was still struggling to regain his memories, but he was still trying to comprehend he and Xaja had been an Item. By then Darren was a different irrisponsible bantha herding- "Excuse me, Darren's what?" Ellina's mouth popped open and the blood rushed back to her face suddenly, turning her cheeks and ears bright red. "H-he made a move on me! At the Gala!" Still holding her lightsabers, extending what fingers she could without dropping them, Ellina shrugged, wishing Darren's head rested in her palms as offering. "He barely recognized me from the memory loss and he... just.... kissed me...." She kept shrugging as if she could just brush off the whole incident, but something in the air between the two masters was telling her that something was going to happen. This was Xaja's baby(ies) daddy afterall, the guy she had once loved. Ellina had one she once loved too, but she doubted if Xaja had been moved in on by Arkanus she would be as livid. "I mean, to be fair he was a player before he met you... Remember my old roomate used to date him? Re-Rebeth! Thats right.... That was kinda funny watching you both lay into him. Then he tried to get pity from me. The moron." Ellina laughed, though it came out a bit hard and uneasy. The bastard would pay for this.... Making her admit to something she didn't even initiate. First making her face her addiction to spice alone, at the same time abandoning Xaja. So Darren was all around just a crappy useless guy, as most men were.
  15. Let it out

    Ellina felt the grin resurface to her face despite the seriousness of their topics of discussion. "You still ain't as old as me." Ellina ignited her mother's blue blade and tipped it towards Xaja. "But I know how you feel... It may sound bad but.... getting out there in the middle of all that might be going on... It may be exactly what I need." Ellina bounced and bent her legs a bit as a last stretch before moving several feet away, igniting her green blade and holding them both low in front of her. She was ready to go whenever Xaja was. "Ah the code, so old, so wise. And yet it gave me no help with Ark, Izzy, or Darren's kiss." She actually chuckled at the memory, the poor fool seemed so convinced they had been a 'thing', it shocked her so bad too.. He had been one of her trusted best friends. Someone she turned to when she needed a talk with someone not confined to the life of a jedi. And then the frackin idiot lost his memory and planted one on her when he should have been seeing Xaja. Maybe if Arkanus hadn't been taking up her time Ellina would have known what was wrong with him and directed him to Xaja before it had happened. Or if she hadn't been in such a great mood from her boyfriend's praises, she may have beaten Kota to death. He probably didn't even remember he had kissed her. 'Well frack him, he up and left my best friend after confusing the crap outta me. He deserves what's coming to him.' She looked back up to Xaja "You ready?"