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  1. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai merely shrugged and said nothing. She was quiet to Maggie but pondered over the beverages. She debated whether or not to have one or not. The thought briefly went through her mind. You may have need of liquid after all this. So Vashlai took a beverage. It was a sweet drink that had a few seeds floating around in it. Vashlai managed to drain the liquid down her gullet and then crunched the seeds down through rows of very, very fine teeth. Vashlai kept standing and said nothing to Verrin for a moment and then said. "I have come. Nothing more nothing less. You wish to converse with me, Lord?"
  2. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai was still glaring at the other acolytes they all looked ready to kill her but one of them chuckled at the Overseer's words. "She's dead meat anyway...or at the end of it, she'll wish she was dead. Good luck, birdy. Wouldn't be surprised if you don't end up drooling into a cup after the Head Overseer is done with you." Vashlai said nothing. She kept her features cold and impassive, betraying nothing and giving nothing to anyone. She just quietly walked away to the Head Overseer's office.
  3. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai had a feeling she would be called and she sighed. She knew that killing was generally not preferred and she knew more than likely punishment was likely. Yet she was certain the acolytes near her wanted her blood it was a matter of being killed or killed. She wondered what punishment she would be given. She waited for whatever chastisement and punishment that was due her.
  4. Talons and Claws

    Elona, 3628 BBY Vashlai entered the training pits. She wore a simple robe nothing too heavy or confining. She was not much of a fighter. She was more of a manipulator seeking to cause infighting rather than direct confrontation. Her species was not so inclined to combat but Vashlai knew a weakness when she saw one and a weakness could kill her or make her stronger. She entered the pits attracting the attention of some of the more human looking species. She was a bird...and the others made no quiet uproar over it. Taunts about having roasted fowl tonight reached Vashlai's ears. Vashlai knew they meant to upset her and goad her into a fight. She hissed at one of the humans a skinny and scrawny looking creature. "I am sorry...my hearing isn't so good. What was it you said again? " Of course, Vashlai knew what they had said. The human said. "Roasted fowl....for dinner." Vashlai still played dumb. "What? I *still* did not hear you. My ears must be filled with molting feathers. Come closer and help me understand what you said." The young man came forward and said. "I said...ROASTED FOWL FOR DINNER" Vashlai merely curled her beak forward in a smile. "That's what I thought you said." She grabbed the scrawny human and her clawed hand drew across his throat and slit his throat open. The young man fell over dead. She laughed in her squawking laugh. "If you want to eat me...come and get me! But I will give you death before you have a chance to have even one mouthful of me." Vashlai cocked her head. Well...she was pretty sure that these humans wanted her dead. She was an oddity and she had to at least leave a lesson in blood so they would back off. Such an odd place...she knew that the Sith were trying to rebuild and that they held back their aggressive instincts but because she was as alien as they came and the closest to an outsider they were going to get they wanted her dead. Hopefully one clawed and dead sentient was enough to send a message to leave her alone. If not...she was more than willing to add to the dead.
  5. What's in a name....

    "Passionate about power and strength is one thing....but...." Vashlai considered this. "But even the coldest glacier can burn and cause pain, as much as the heat of a blazing fire of emotion. If I can master my own cold nature and make it burn just as much and take delight in it....which I believe I can. I..." Vashlai chuckled in squawking amusement. "I have seen limbs and such frozen and deformed by the cold of ice. Perhaps the fire and burn of ice are my own power...but...." Vashlai sighed. "I need to make my weakness a strength...but that is a conversation I sense is for another time." She looked at her pet. "As for..." She smiled at her pet. "I will call you Ash. You are smoky colored like Ashes and if I find another name that suits you I will change your name yet again. But for now....Ash seems a particularly good name for you considering your coloring." Ash merely let out a meow and Vashlai nodded. "Now....that is settled I can go back to my studies."
  6. What's in a name....

    The library did seem like a pretty clean place so where a mouse came from was a good question. But seeing how this was a jungle planet, vermin seemed a bit more likely after all there was the unorthodox way Vashlai had come to be among the Sith. Her pet dragged the mouse and laid it by Vashlai's feet and then meowed quite profusely, insisting that it's owner accept it's offering. Vashlai ruffled her feathers and picked up the dead mouse by a talon and not by her fingers. She looked around for a place to dispose of it. "You have done quite a bit of research before coming here then. Is immortality the focus of your research then? Or is it merely survival? And assuming you found immortality... what would you do with it?" Vashlai wondered if this was a question to gauge her perspective. To see if she was a threat or a challenge to all the Sith that were here. If she answered that she wanted immortality she could be deemed a threat. However, if she answered she wasn't interested in immortality she could be considered weak. Instead, Vashlai decided to be politically minded and skirt around the issue in a small way. "Power and strength are what interests me. If that leads to the path of immortality then so be it. But immortality is a power and whoever wields it must be strong. It made your Emperors strong and I am a prudent being. I will take strength and power wherever I can find it be it in the power of immortality or otherwise. I have also learned that there are some Sith that are stronger in death. Although that may sound unusual...but I know the dead Lords of Korriban are not truly dead nor are they truely alive. The Jedi fear such places but perhaps they fear the power that would inevitably change them."
  7. What's in a name....

    Vashlai cocked her head curiously at Maggie. What a strange droid? A droid that longed to be a biological being. "But from what I understand you have what a lot of Sith will never obtain and only a few will actually achieve...immortality. You could live for thousands of years while others will become dust. And that for many Sith is a hard goal to actually obtain. According to my own personal research....your various Emperors were able to obtain such either by transferring their essence to another body or becoming powerful enough to live for thousands of years. Yet such abilities require a great deal of power and also perhaps require a sacrifice of life. " Her pet's ears perked up and suddenly pounced upon a mouse. The mouse squeaked in alarm. Vashlai watched as the Loth Cat bit down hard upon the mouse and killed it. "You're such a wonderful predator...my pet."
  8. What's in a name....

    Vashlai chuckled slightly amused. "There will probably be very little to find. My people value their privacy and are not known for sharing the intimate details of our existence. Although...the closest people who have gotten to understand my people have said we are like Bothans. But I digress..." Vashlai listened to the droid and said. "Attachments are hard for me. My people are a bit peculiar. All of our fledglings are raised together and we are raised with a Fosh who is raised to be a mother to all of us. I suppose knowing a being isn't your mother doesn't breed too much attachment to anyone or any of the other fledglings. Yet, motherly beings aside... I think the matron loved us and treated us as if we were her children. She had a big heart." Vashlai sighed. "Perhaps I was fond of her after all and didn't realize it." Vashlai looked at the Loth Cat. "She is little but fierce. She fights against death so persistently. I suppose I love her for that...but anyway yes...read me the text. Perhaps I will be inspired."
  9. What's in a name....

    Vashlai looked at the protocol droid as it squawked out a greeting. Vashlai cringed lightly, at the connotation of the greeting. Apparently, the droid needed an update in its language and vocabulary banks. Not surprising since Fosh were known to keep to themselves and very rarely sought out the rest of the galactic community. There were a few..but Vashlai could count that number on her taloned hands. She had heard a rumor that there was another observer like her who had sought out the Jedi as she had sought out the Sith. There is always an equal to its opposite. I seek the Dark Side and another will seek out the light, Such seems to be the way of the Force. She then chuckled. "You just requested to embrace me in your wings. That is more of a prelude to mating than....a customary greeting. But that I suppose is due to an incorrect phrase in your vocabulary. But my people are not known for conversation or for being very social to others. " She pondered. "Guardians? Are they mechanical or biological in nature? " She looked at her Loth Cat. "Names...I was thinking perhaps naming her Kyber or perhaps after my mother, her name is Ezmai. But my mother and I have a passing relationship. But I am not particularly fond of or have any feeling for those names."
  10. What's in a name....

    Vashlai sat down a few texts before her near a desk. She was more of a scholarly type than most and found herself comfortable sitting herself down reading what she could. She seemed to be molting more than usual lately. A minor annoyance to her but did not seem to bother Pet who sat on the desk with her and calmly played with the feathers that were molting from her master. Vashlai managed a light beakish smile at her pet. You really ought to name the thing....something other than Pet. But what? Naming something signified attachment and Vashlai knew that Darth Verrin had been right to be strong she needed to form attachments. Attachments create feelings and feelings create emotions and feeding off emotions gave you power. She looked at the Loth Cat with a thoughtful glance. "What should I name you Pet?" She looked at the Loth Cat and then at her texts trying to find a name that would suit the Loth Cat. "I wonder...."
  11. Suspicions....

    "Now you know you can TRY to become Sith. Not everyone makes it. In fact... a surprising number do not." Something about that made Vashlai angry. She knew deep within her she would be a Sith. Her feathers became dark grey. She felt a deep hearted rage. She did not lay an egg to have this Sith master tell her she could try. She said darkly. " I WILL be a Sith. No one will stop me." She stopped short saying... least of all you. She knew better to issue such a challenge to this Lord. Death would definitely put an end to her aspirations. She had a feeling her path would be hard. She was an alien. She had heard the rude comments from placing her ears and her antenna towards the door. She was indifferent about her amenities. She did lift one talon finger though. She squawked firmly. "They took Pet from me. I want her back." If the Lord was confused about this she clarified. "Pet is a Loth Cat. She's mine. If she has been mistreated I will not be happy." Maybe she had more attachments than she realized. Yet Vashlai's history with the cat was unusual. The cat seemed drawn to the Fosh. Vashlai had sought to drown the cat but the cat was a fighter and being such a fighter Vashlai had decided that the cat's life was worth keeping. The two became inseparable. So leaving the cell, Vashlai collected her possessions. A guard looked unhappily at Pet. Three claw marks were seen on his arms. Vashlai sniffed dryly. "She is Pet. You get what you deserve for not treating her right." Vashlai squawked lightly and Pet leaped from the guard's arms and crawled into Vashlai's arms. It purred happily to be back in Vashlai's ownership. She stroked it's fur and went to her chamber.
  12. Suspicions....

    Vashlai looked a bit embarrassed her plumage was a bright red as she got up from the bunk there was a round spheroid object from where she had sat. She lightly squawked. "I am still a bit cold but not as much. I can learn love apparently." Her taloned hands took up the egg. "Sadly...this one is inhert. But apparently, I want and would do anything for a fledgling. Love, kill, or destroy for it." Vashlai sighed, "I have been foolish...to not consider that which all species must do." She laughed and her plumage turned orange in happiness "I must have offspring. I have been too devoted to my people to think of anything else. But now I know I can be a Sith."
  13. Suspicions....

    Vashlai considered the words. Her anger was more towards her people than towards her parents.It was custom among her people not to be raised by family but to be raised by one's society. Yet, Vashlai had learned one thing it was clear a dispassionate being was not a Sith or could not be a proper Sith. However, Vashlai was not Jedi geared either. What was she? Was she able to feel anything? Any love towards anything and then a small idea of what thing she could love was.... fledgling. Yes. offspring. But in order to have fledgling, Vashlai needed a mate. But it was a strange desire one that Vashlai had never considered before. Vashlai cocked her head curiously. It stirred up strange feelings within her. She wanted progeny and that was a natural desire as without progeny ones species would not survive. But Vashlai knew with a certainty her people could not have her progeny. She had a love for an unborn unformed being, What strange feeling was that? To have a feeling of love towards something not born. She now had a certain answer and she held it close to her chest.
  14. Suspicions....

    Vashlai cocked her head curiously. It was a problem. She was supposed to feel something anything but truly all she felt was cold and icy inside. Perhaps that was a fault of her people. But then she gasped. A fever of anger suddenly simmered within her. Her feathers turned grey almost purplish grey. It wasn't her fault. It was her people. They had raised her without attachments. She grew up raised in a nursery. Perhaps she wasn't completely as icy as she thought. She snorted. "No, Lord. I was taken as an egg away from my biological parents and raised in a nursery. It is my people's fault that I am cold as I am. But.. I feel something...akin to frustration and anger towards being denied what other beings have had. Perhaps I am not as cold as I thought. Perhaps I have a kernel of something. As for love... not really... I do desire power and knowledge. I feel so far away from what I should be."
  15. Suspicions....

    Vashlai's blinked a few times. She knew that the Empire she spoke of was wounded. Most of the council she had seen before were dead. Or maybe they weren't. She felt confused. He feathers shifted color to a grey that showed annoyance. Yet she was pretty sure her knowledge was certain at this point after she had made careful surveillance from her time on Dromond Kaas that there were two Sith. Perhaps she was correct that there were only two that were worthy of import to her mind. The rest were inconsequential. One's mind could be considered so malleable. She knew that. She wanted to voice such thoughts but decided not to. The Sith before her pulled back his hood revealing who he was. She sucked in a gulp of air as she took in the image of the Zabrak. She had been more honest than she had been in a long time. Yet she was pretty sure that this was a man that she felt worthy of telling the truth to. She said quietly. "I am not a being of honesty...Lord...I am only truthful to those who I find worthy of my time, and my consideration. If I said two Sith...then in my mind there are only two I consider worthy of my attention. You are one of them. Your Emperor....is dead....or assumed dead. Perhaps they are still around but hiding." "Why would I cry for you? My tears are but a hormonal response. One to seek a mate or to what things I can manipulate of my own will. I have no emotion....as the Jedi would say. There is no love within me, nor is there any passion. I am cold I have little to no feeling. I have nothing but perhaps ice and indifference within me. Perhaps the Jedi would find that amusing to find no passion or even love or attachment within me. Would I make a decent Jedi? I do not think so. I am too cold, too calculating. Too...." She chuckled her feathers shifted color back to green. "Inhuman. The Jedi do sometimes make exceptions towards those they train but not often. I sought you out as worthy of my time and my attention. I know that your kind have not always been loyal to each other. You kill each other, you power struggle but seeing you are weakened and vulnerable as you are you cannot afford such but loyalty." She frowned or rather her beak curled downward at being called a child. Yet....when it came to that power...the one they called The Force she was a child. "I admit...that my knowledge of what you call the Force is sketchy. My people are ignorant. I am ignorant. What skills I have learned were from the cube...or holocron as you call it, I have studied. Yet...I do not believe it would reveal everything to me. It was as if it could sense my ignorance and held back. Most frustrating, indeed. I had no choice but to come here or remain limited." She paused. "There is always a price to pay, is there not? What can I give you....to prove loyalty? Will you give Vashlai a test? Will you ask me to kill someone? Will you ask me to destabilize something? Perhaps cause contention among the Jedi? That would be fun and would amuse me. I can be elusive. I can feign ignorance as well as act helpless, sweet and nauseatingly good. Yet I do not think I could fool a master of the Jedi. Perhaps there weaker ones I could deceive. Yet what point would that prove? Except to perhaps amuse me or you."