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  1. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Vashlai shuffled quietly after the smell of war and conflict reacher her beak and ears. Apparently, the Republic had gained a backbone since the last time she had observed them course considering the fact that murdering people on Dromund Kaas was probably practice for all that was occurring now. The children had now become adults, the mewling cubs, menacing tigers with sharp claws. There was only one way to deal with such thing...it was to hew down those tigers and skin them and wear their skins. Vashlai was not very strong in combat but she felt the lusting within her the desire to partake in the slaughter of those around her. It was a delightful feeling but Vashlai hid those feelings deep within her not wishing to reveal them to anyone. On the outside, she seemed cold and indifferent as she fled with the other Sith. She knew as anything else.....there would be blood...
  2. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai bowed a bit. "I understand what you wished a demonstration of what I could do but..." Vashlai feathers turned a bit pink in embarrassment. "I am uncomfortable showing people what I can do. I..." she paused. "I worry and fear that showing what I can do will make me vulnerable to others. I am..." She hesitated and then said. "I am not strong in physical might. I must rely on my wits and mental quickness to survive. My...." She paused. "I am agile enough, quick to avoid brutal force. But then that is probably the way of all my people. Wits and mental quickness...being one step ahead of all enemies around me. But you are right....I will focus on basics. Telepathy as well as my sense of others around me." Vashlai prepared to leave. "If I have your leave to leave? I will go now."
  3. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai wasn't certain if she had misspoken and she cocked her head. "I think I am being too simplistic..." She sighed. "Basic is a crude language. It lacks definition and causes more confusion than most languages but then in my language, there are many words for that term you call "clever" clever as in knowing more than others. Clever as in being smart and using knowledge to gain the upper hand. I want to read minds and know thoughts if that's indeed possible. I want to twist beings to my way of thinking or if I cannot...then make them suffer till they agree with me or they die. It would be like taking a flower and breathing its scent and then pulling the petals off it. " "Telepathy....isn't that a basic skill most Force users know? I do not have that skill....although...." She paused and took a book from Lord Verrin's shelf it looked old in some obscure language and Vashlai focused hard upon it and the language suddenly changed it's appearance on the book and became written in Basic. She put the book back on the shelf. "I focus sometimes on difficult things when I should focus on the simplistic, I think."
  4. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Vashlai looked on at the scene unfolding she had been relatively quiet more so than the other Sith. She felt out of place well she felt like an outsider. Maybe Darth Verrin was right maybe she wasn't cut out to be a Sith. But then maybe she could be more resolved to working with the Jedi because she didn't have the emotional attachment at least not yet. She knew that would come with time. She just had to find the right string...the right pull towards her own power in the Dark Side. She mused softly and bowed her head humbly. "Sith'ari...forgive me for speaking out of turn but... talking of... surrendering yourself to our enemies is... premature when we have come to no agreement as of yet to work with the Jedi in the first place. You have offered much but what have the Jedi offered? Nothing unless...they give something of equal worth to us. I believe such a request is more than fair considering...the tit for tat relationship we have with them." Vashlai expected to be told to shut up that she knew nothing or perhaps to be scolded by Lord Verrin. Yet Vashlai had been strangely silent till now.
  5. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai sighed. "I have always been told as a fledgling to be strong to stand firm on my own. So for me to admit that I need help is hard for me to accept. It grates on my nerves. Annoys me. Angers me. Yet..." Vashlai looked at Verrin. " I want ever so must to be more than what I am. My skills in the Force rely more on camoflodge. Survival. Keeping myself warm. Going for days without food if necessary. Does that help answer your question? I want to be stronger if it's possible and be clever. I like puzzles. I like playing with people and getting them angry, frustrated. It...well amuses me."
  6. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai's eyes gleamed with desire she wanted to know more of the Force. " I am far more into keeping myself alive I think than I am of any strong potent power. Perhaps that is why I lashed out in fear...." She sighed. "It shames me to admit that... perhaps subconsciously I was crying out for attention from you. Such things.... disgust me. I am Vashlai a Fosh, not some mewling child."
  7. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai was uncomfortable being put on the spot to be told what did she know and what didn't she know. "Perhaps....it would be more prudent to show you what I can do rather than tell you." She sighed and closed her eyes and projected her aura in the Force and she narrowed her connection and it seemed to disappear. Making Vashlai appear as if she was Force Blind and had no sensitivity whatsoever to the Force at all. She finally brought it back but the connection seemed different or rather felt different. It seemed to not be as dark or as cold as it should be. Instead, it seemed a bit light but it was hard to keep it and her aura shifted to a greyish tone. "It is not as easy as it seems to try and make my presence not as it is. I work hard to try and mask who and what I am. It is what I strive for to alter the perceptions of others to make them think I could be their friend or gain their confidence. If you think that is a worthless task, then I will abandon it and pursue other endeavors that are worthwhile to the goals of our community."
  8. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Vashlai's eyes wandered all over the decrepit place. It smelled stale. So it was the Jedi who arranged this meeting. She said nothing only watched all. Frankly if allowed she would have preferred to wander and explore this place. She wondered what the point was to this meeting to state the obvious that the Jedi and Imperials were on common ground. She tried not to laugh but she could not help it. A few bird-like squawks came that were basically laughter. Vashlai's feathers turned green in amusement. She finally stopped. "Forgive my lack of tact..." She honestly felt indifferent about this whole meeting. The speaker of the Jedi seemed to think that there was importance to this gathering. Yet Vashlai wondered what was the point? Yet Vashlai didn't choose to speak such words. Verrin or even the Sith'ari might find such words distasteful.
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Vashlai came but when she found out that they were leaving this world she wasn't thrilled. She was not a creature who liked the fact of being a part of the galaxy. It discomforted her as she had spent a good deal of her life hiding away from others. Her feathers shifted color to a grey color one that hinted towards annoyance. Yet, she had sworn herself to the Sith and she dedicated herself to this path. So she kept her head lowered and she said nothing unless she was bidden to speak.
  10. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai knew better to press the issue but from her observations she had seen Sith eliminate their own enemies and make their deaths look like 'accidents.' Perhaps that was what Verrin had said when he said there were 'accidents.' If there was a next time, Vashlai knew she'd have to be much more subtile and make any death she caused look like an accident. This was actually harder to accomplish but it could be done if arranged in such a way. But Vashlai knew better to voice anymore such ideas and in this she had been rebuked and if she pressed...she knew she'd end up dead. So she said no more. She kept such thoughts to herself. "An error in judgement can lead to death..." She bowed her head reverently. "I am in your mercy, Lord Verrin that you did not excute judgment for my error." "How much can I tap into the Force?" She paused. "That is a good question...." She paused. "I am not sure how much is me acting subconsiously and drawing on it indirectly and how much is what I've focused on learning what I know on my own. "
  11. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai's tears suddenly changed as quickly as the Dark Lord seemed to be mollified at her response. The tears changed their scent from a perfume to an inert and odorless liquid. "My tears are....different every time..I have heard that such powers can be found in the females of my species that are strong in the Force. I am not very good at controlling them. Perhaps in time, I will learn." "Perhaps I only caught glimpses....of...things or I misinterpreted actions. Or perhaps your killing of rivals is much more secret and those who do so try not to get caught. I was perhaps not subtile enough and too overt. Yet....I was pretty sure I was following correct protocal." Vashlai scratched her beak with her taloned fingers.
  12. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai bowed her head and her feathers turned color to a bright pink similar to an expression a human would have of embarrassment or was it a tinge of fear. "I would be dead in instant, Lord...if it was my strength against yours. In the end, I can see I am nothing, perhaps less than nothing. I still...think that sparing those that are weaker is a mistake. Perhaps even sparing me is a mistake as well because I am a weaker being and...." She sighed. "Perhaps there is a flaw in my philosophy after all. I lack knowledge and....understanding." She then drapped her body in a subservient manner and groveled by his feet. "I submit to you, my Lord. Your patience is much better than mine. Teach me or kill me....do whatever you see fit. My neck is fragile...you could snap it in an instant if you so chose to do so. For perhaps I do not deserve life. My life as pitiful as it is...is yours to do with as you wish. Mold me, shape me...or dispose of me as you wish." Vashlai wondered if Lord Verrin would think she was not sincere but the tears started coming from her eyes, tears that smelled like an overwhelming perfume. Although most Fosh tears were pheromonal and in this case they were for Vashlai. The tears were her attempt to pacify enemies around her but if she had more concentration they could be something else....something more.
  13. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai folded her leathery arms. "Is that what you call it? I suppose to you it would be construed as name calling. I suppose being threatened that you're going to be served up as dinner would not look like a threat to you." Vashlai sighed. "Such a confusing place this is, you would allow me to be threatened and not take action. Or perhaps my action was incorrect, you wish a few broken bones and someone's life intact so they can repeat their threatenings? In what way does this make any sense? In the end, they will end up dead, broken or perhaps a slave. Perhaps not today, as you think that sparing their life albeit with a few broken bones or injury strengthens the whole but in the end, they will only hinder and perhaps weaken us all. Or do you think the Force will cull their pathetic lives in the process? And who determines that culling? " Vashlai's feathers turned grey in a manner of annoyance. "I disappointed you? Perhaps I am slightly disappointed as well, perhaps my idea of what Sith were supposed to be was an illusion and what I thought you all were was dashed." She looked at Verrin. "If all this is an illusion...then enlighten me...open my eyes to what has been hidden from me for this Fosh is confused."
  14. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai merely shrugged and said nothing. She was quiet to Maggie but pondered over the beverages. She debated whether or not to have one or not. The thought briefly went through her mind. You may have need of liquid after all this. So Vashlai took a beverage. It was a sweet drink that had a few seeds floating around in it. Vashlai managed to drain the liquid down her gullet and then crunched the seeds down through rows of very, very fine teeth. Vashlai kept standing and said nothing to Verrin for a moment and then said. "I have come. Nothing more nothing less. You wish to converse with me, Lord?"
  15. Talons and Claws

    Vashlai was still glaring at the other acolytes they all looked ready to kill her but one of them chuckled at the Overseer's words. "She's dead meat anyway...or at the end of it, she'll wish she was dead. Good luck, birdy. Wouldn't be surprised if you don't end up drooling into a cup after the Head Overseer is done with you." Vashlai said nothing. She kept her features cold and impassive, betraying nothing and giving nothing to anyone. She just quietly walked away to the Head Overseer's office.