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  1. Wicked Messenger

    Kala had stopped off on her homeworld for supplies you could never have enough supplies at least that's what Kala thought. Kala was mixed over her feelings for her homeworld. She had a mixture of fondness for the place as well as a bit of revulsion and hatred for the place. She had grown up a streetwise kid lacking family or connections. She had fought various groups of orphan kids all her life. Course maybe she had been lucky that she grew up in an orphanage rather than been picked up by one of the gangs on Corellia. But orphanages weren't much better in many respects. There had been many orphans during the war with the Sith Empire. Kala had vowed as a kid she would not be stomped into the ground or be another number like so many other orphans. She imagined that her parents had been heroes or someone with a great lineage. Yet as she grew up she had shredded that mythos she realized she was just another war orphan. She had tracked down her heritage and found out she was orphan number 367893 and she had no name but one that the state-run orphanage had given her. She found out the origins of her name as she tried searching for her past. Her last name Ming, she had been found in an alleyway near a store called Ming's she had been rummaging through a garbage pile along with other kids trying to find food and the eleventh child found there and the eleventh character in Aurebesh "Krill" and the official had named her "Kala". She leaned against the wall of the building. She had a mixed loved for this place. It still was home although for a home it wasn't much. Frankly to her, home was her ship, she had won in a risky venture. She had waged herself, a gutsy move by some. Slavery or freedom. She won her wager and a ship. A Jedi would have said the Force had been with her. Pff....just another fancy name for "Luck" or even "serendipity". She went into the shop and bought a Ruby Bliel and came out sipping it. So it wasn't alcohol but Kala felt like drinking something a bit less intoxicating today.
  2. Being sick sucks....no paycheck and out of money for a doctor. And feeling like crap to boot. I so hate respiratory infections!

  3. A Glance Into Darkness

    Kala took the message with a stoic look. Her features impassive and indifferent. Kala was unsettled doing business with a Sith. It crimped her style. Kala had trained for a short period of time with Jedi but that was before the Jedi found out she was woefully lacking in some of the finer techniques of the Force. Plus Kala couldn't stomach Jedi philosophies. She couldn't stomach Sith philosophies either. Maybe she was more grey or perhaps a greyish-green since she was Corellian. Kala was a emotional and passionate woman though. So Kala considered herself on the "rogue" side of the Force. She was neither on the Light or Dark. Kala mulled over the woman or Darth's words. Crossing a Sith Lord was not wise. Kala knew that saying "No" was akin to signing one's own death warrant. Kala had no desire to die. But saying "Yes" was basically letting the Dark Lord's influence drizzle through. Kala would be beholden to this woman for a long time if she agreed. However, Kala had a relatively good heart. She had intended to let the Jedi's lack of credits slide and take a loss. Kala had some sense of nobility about her and was going to stay and let the Togutra Jedi gather up refugees anyway. Kala suddenly laughed. "You don't know me, Miss or how I operate. If it means anything to you I will stay put. I don't go back on agreements or deals. Course on a profit margin or even business model that really isn't practical. So...." Kala grinned and was silent. She let thirty seconds roll by and then a minute. Let the Dark Lord be just a bit nervous if that was possible. Let her sweat some. "You have your self a deal, sweetheart."
  4. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Kala had wondered if the Togruta Jedi had any credits on her but apparently she did, a few hundred credits or so. Kala frowned, that wasn't really honestly enough but since when did Jedi believe in material wealth? Kala sighed. "It will suffice for now." Meanwhile, the Miralukan girl said softly. "I need to get to Coruscant." Kala's jaw dropped. "Are you out of your living loving mind? Didn't you hear what General Fluffy Kath Hound said? we're all fracking Public enemy number one. The first place we should avoid is the capital of the Republic. I may be good at getting into difficult places but I am pretty sure that the capital is locked down. I'd have to change my transponder codes...that costs credits, and then there is trying to bribe officials, or maybe even influence them to let us be and I have no doubt a lot of them have been trained to resist mental persuasion." Mirran sighed. "My parents are in trouble...." "And how the frack do you know that?" Mirran sighed. "I just do. I will do my best to aid the Imperials who are in need but..." "You're cracked...girl. I am not going anywhere near Coruscant if I can help it. Your parents maybe....well...it could be a trap. I was nervous about this whole meeting in the first place and now we're on the run for our lives. So now...kid....you're stuck with me and...this other Jedi. So act like a Jedi for a change and do your job." Kala plopped down in her pilot's seat. "Anyway...let's get out of here before we end up space dust."
  5. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Kala overheard the blind padawan Jedi talking to someone on her comm. She heard the term mother, father, threatened and Republic. Kala muttered. "Great...just great. Jedi kid has a family." The girl stood in what looked like a numb manner and this whole space station box affair was about to fall down on their ears and Kala grinned. Her intuition was right for a change. Not that she wanted to yell out I-told-you-so. But the next time someone didn't listen to the crackpot smuggler saying she had a bad feeling about things...they better damn well listen to her." She looked at the blind girl and the alien. "You want to die here....then stay. If not then I suggest you get a move on. " The Miraluka girl merely nodded and said nothing. Damn it..."Come on girl you can worry about denying your attachments to your fracking family later because don't tell me you don't. Because that would be a lie. So come on let's get moving on..." The girl nodded and Kala took the girl by the hand. "Besides transporting Jedi is way better than transporting Imps and Sith."
  6. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Kala was pretty drunk her eyes clouded. Her body swayed too and fro. Yet still fairly aware and cognizant of what was going on. Perhaps it was the Force within the woman, the part of Kala that she worked so hard to deny that kept her from being too oblivious to what was going on. Kala was no Jedi, nor was she a Sith. She was Corellian and stubborn to the core. She beat to her own drum. A loner for the most part she hung around others and drank to hide the most obvious thing. She was scared, scared that she was going to die without friends and without connections. She might be the life of a party. She might be older than some of the Jedi padawans but...in the end she was just a scared child. Her bottle came crashing from her hands at the holovid the newly minted Grand Admiral showed. If there was one thing Kala didn't like or stomached it was fracking murder. The Jedi alien girl pleged to help and the blind Jedi Padawan vowed to do similar. The Jedi girl said something about finding a ship and Kala swaggered over. "You need a ship. Consider me your gal. She may not be much but my ship is good at getting into tight places probably a lot better than some bloated Imperial ship. You need an independent in this endeavor of yours, girl and even though I am not into this whole Imperial Sith or Jedi thing. I am not into the wholesale slaughter of livings. So consider me hired. But...one tiny thing I am an independent and I don't work for nothing. But we can arrange that little business detail later."
  7. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Kala turned towards the Sith. "Love you think I love the nameless bunch of family I had? They are blurry images fading into nothing. There's nothing left of my memory. I..." Kala hated the Sith they had obliterated her past. She grew up an orphan. She had been given a name that meant nothing to her. There was the fact she was Orphan 4562 or whatever number and dubbed Kala Ming. Probably something an administrating droid came up with. "Bother me...you bother me?" The alcohol was starting to take hold. She wanted to shove the filthy Sith away. She grinned and tried to use the Force. But all that happened was a few pebbles trembled and nothing more. "Go away fracking Sith. The Miraluka's dribble didn't impress me nor does yours." Then the Grandmaster spoke. Kala groaned. The Grandmaster was cracked in the head. Spouting the same endless dribble about why the Jedi didn't embrace emotions and how bad the Sith were. Kala laughed. "You all are on the flip side of a galactic credit. You were Monsters as well...killing people on Dromund Kaas. But I suppose you did it without passion and with an eye towards galactic peace. You are a bunch of fakes. The Sith are purer in their intentions because at least their motivations are known and open. They will betray and everyone knows that. The Jedi are far more secretive hiding there intents over mantras of serenety and peace. But then I suppose you obliterated your enemies for the greater good. In the end you are no better than the ones you sought to destroy." Kala was pretty drunk. She usually kept her anger masked but the alcohol only made her more ambivalent.
  8. Won't Get Fooled Again

    "Are you honestly so weak, girl, that you must drink to withstand our mere presence? Should you even be here if you cannot handle a civil gathering?" Kala suddenly laughed. "Me? Me weak? Nah..just thirsty." She coughed a bit. "It's a bit dry here....and salty." The woman had sought to make her angry and totally failed. Damn Sith. Although Kala was tempted to take out her blasters and use them. Kala wasn't going to fall into that trap. She also threw back a bit of a barb saying the Sith Lord was a "salty" person. Kala then opened her bottle of wine and then said. "All fair to the galactic community....would you like a drink as well? Or are you afraid to partake of libations from a Correlian?" She took a deep draught from the bottle and then proceeded to offer it around, in typical rogue-like fashion. She hated fussy and presumptuous people "Don't be shy now...libations are good for the....soul...assuming some of you still have them." She said that last bit with a bit of a grin. Sith and Jedi were some of the most polarizing individuals in the galaxy and Kala was pretty sure they were all crazy. They fawned over their respective side in the Force as if they had all sold their souls to the Force. It still didn't help that Kala had a bad feeling about this whole get together. The Peacekeepers came along with a few more Jedi. Great... more Jedi. They might not have attachments but they certainly seemed to pop out of the woodwork as if they ended up breeding when no one was looking. A young Miralukan padawan spoke. She admitted she might be naive. Kala took another sip of the wine. She had more sprits somewhere on her ship. It was all fine and good to speak of unity or spout some Force related dogma crap but putting it into practice was another altogether.
  9. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Kala had detached herself from the Imperials she had brought here. They spent no time going to their overlords. She couldn't understand the fascination individuals had bowing themselves down to fracking space wizards. Not saying the Jedi were much better either. There was this whole illusion of freewill the Jedi had which Kala felt was a total load of Kath Crap. She was getting itchy. All these damn Force sensatives of various degrees of both Sith and Jedi made Kala nervous. Not saying she was Force blind either she apparently was blessed or cursed with the Force as well. She recognized a few of the Jedi contingency after all she had been an initaite in times past. But for Kala her career as "Jedi" didn't last. She didn't have the right stuff or even mentality to be a Jedi. She couldn't even get a stone or even her own astromech to budge. Although occasionally Kala would attempt to get the Force to do it for her all she would get for it was a pathetic wobble or shake and sometimes not even that. She'd end up with a headache. Yep just call her a wingclipped Mynock. She glanced over at the "Speaker of the Jedi" and her reassurance that this wasn't a trap. Yet Kala couldn't shake the feeling that something about this whole thing seemed off and wrong. Maybe... just maybe just maybe she was just paranoid. It could have been the fact that there were fracking Sith Lords here, the grand high fracking Sith'ari as well as the fracking poobah Jedi Grandmaster was here. She still had the bottle of Ziostian Imperial wine in her pack and she pulled it out. Her nerves were on edge as it was and she muttered to no one in particular. "I need a drink."
  10. Won't Get Fooled Again

    So it had been an interesting three months for the smuggler. Avoiding Republic ships that accused her of breaking the law. She was pretty sure there were a few other smugglers out there were elicitating a lot of groans as well as anger from the Chancellor and his bunch of enforcers. Part of Kala couldn't help but relish that she was giving that stuffed-shirt idiot trouble. But her pockets were stuffed with creds and she had a bottle of Imperial Wine...ehh it wasn't Corellian Whiskey but her latest passenger insisted that it was a good year and that along with a few hundred credits was worth her business. Kala, not one to pass up on a good vintage of well... anything took the gentleman as well as his wife and kids. Kala figured the guy was some sort of businessman in the Empire or maybe a minor commander. Yet the man told her and she had agreed no questions asked and she extended it to herself. She wasn't figuring on the man pulling a fracking blaster on her and demanding she take him to a location or he'd kill her. She glared at him."My ship, my rules Imperial slime. You knew this when you booked passage with me off Byss and I agreed to take you to one of the minor worlds in the outer rim to hide. Now you're breaking all bargains and...." She sighed and focused very heavily in the Force. "You will give me your weapon...." The gentleman's hand shook a moment. He started to hand Kala his weapon when suddenly his eyes glared angrily. "You try that Jedi shit on me again and I'll blast you." Kala groaned so much for an easy ending to this. "Look buddy... I don't respond well to threats. So tell me why you want me to take you to Force knows where and I might be inclined to do so." The gentleman apparently was some sort of intelligence agent as she later found out from him as he explained why he threatened her. Great...Kala muttered to herself, I am traveling space with a fracking spy and his family, assuming the people in the back were the guy's family. For all Kala knew they could easily be agents as well. She sighed as the man showed her a transmission received to some undisclosed location and that the Jedi were going there and so was he. Kala snorted. "Oh yeah....excuse me from stating the blatantly obvious that this could be a trap." Kala had a sixth sense well maybe it was the Force but she hadn't been a Smuggler for such a long time to end up avoiding being killed or end up in either a Republic or Imperial prison. The man frowned, "A trap?" Kala shook her head. "You get one's enemies in one room and then a few explosives or something bad and we all end up a grease spot on the floor." Her passenger laughed. "With that attitude, you would have made a decent agent for the Empire." Kala snorted. "I'd just as soon as drink Rancor spit. The point being who sent this and why? We're trying to avoid the Republic not end up walking into their clutches." The agent sighed. "You have a point...if you suspect it's the Republic. But why would they target Jedi? That doesn't make sense." "Ehh the Jedi are complicated beings but they supposedly severed connections to the Republic. They are claiming they are not with them but...there's an old saying about if you're not with me then you're against me." He sighed. "But what good is it not going? You know it's going to get harder for my lot. If there's a chance at some sort of resolution I have to take it." Kala sighed. "I guess... it's just I've got a bad feeling about this..." *A Few Hours Later* Shadow Dancer landed on the Space Station along with her passengers.
  11. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Fracking Bantha poodoo... This chancellor was either insane, a zealot, or perhaps he was seeking to further his own political agenda by stirring up old wounds. Kala figured that it was a good dose of all three of those things. But a ban on travel from former Imperial worlds peeked Kala's interest. She knew cliental that would have said 'Frack that...' For a price, Kala and her ship Shadow Dancer would smuggle anyone that wanted off those words. The Chancellor was a fool. Create an embargo on anything and a black market was sure to rise up in the process and Kala would be there to reap the benefits and profits from such a law. Kala chuckled and took a drink of Corellian Whiskey as she watched the holo of the Chancellor's speech. If nothing else the Chancellor's announcement was good for her. She saw credits and a healthy market for smuggling. She had no love for the Imperials they had caused a great deal of blood, slaughter and pain. She was an orphan thanks to them. She had no memory of her family. Well maybe a few fuzzy images. Images of her crying out as a child for her mommy. Of her as a kid in line with other kids crying and wanting their parents and there were none. She shivered. Nope, don't go that far back, Kala. She sighed, that being said she had a great deal of disgust for the Jedi and the Republic. They who went in and genocided Dromund Kaas. There were no "Good guys" in this fracking war there was only disgusting Hutt Spawn as far as she was concerned.
  12. Ready, aim, FIRE!

    Kala was about to respond to the Jedi with the blaster, when she heard another Jedi sneak up on her. Frack...Jedi seemed to come out of the woodworks when you least expected it. She looked a bit annoyed but then she realized that this was a *Jedi* Enclave and well this was their home turf so to speak. She looked at the young man. He seemed to be oozing charm and refinement and said his name was Char. Something about it made her uncomfortable. She wasn't a fussy sort of person after all Kala had grown up in an orphanage on Corellia and she had no relations or family. She had been told that her family had more than likely had been killed during all those years of conflict with the Sith. So she was not a person of cultural refinement. She grinned and then spat in her hand and extended it to the fussy well-to-do Jedi. "Name is Kala. Kala Ming. Pleasure to meet ya!" She took his hand even if he was a bit hesitant and pumped it hard, spit and all. "I hope you don't mind me watching you training? I haven't handled a gun in quite a while..." "Watch, participate...sit on your rump for all I care. It makes no difference to me. Whatever works for you, kid." Kala turned back to the other Jedi and said. "Well... I was an initiate a looong time ago. I flunked out. The Jedi's path isn't really for me. Although believe me I did try. I just haven't the knack for...certain Jedi skills." She didn't want to admit that she couldn't do telekinesis, that and she couldn't do all that Jedi philosophy crap. So she focused on what she was good at doing and that was being a smooth talker which was a bit enhanced with the Force. She could probably charm the badge off any of the civil authorities on Cornet City but try it on a Jedi of any decent skill and she was sunk. "Anyway I know Shii-Cho and that's about it and that's from my days being an initiate."
  13. Ready, aim, FIRE!

    Kala laughed. "Oh, you're 18, huh? Maybe I should call you "Old Man" instead." She still laughed and then settled down a bit. "Kid...I am old enough to be one of your older sisters. I was about your age give or take about ten or more years ago. Anyway, it's a sword that powers energy through a lens and crystal....so....lasersword...and..." She chuckled and brandished her own lightsaber...well not really hers. She had taken it from an old Jedi who had died on a mission with her. She kept it. "I am probably about as bad at fighting with it as you are with the blaster....but if you're so desperate to learn ...how about we swap...skills. You help me figure out how to be a better fighter with the lightsaber and I'll teach you how to fire a blaster like a Corellian on the run from the law."
  14. Ready, aim, FIRE!

    Kala had been waiting to hear if there were any recent openings for any mercs such as herself. She had time to kill and walked out of the Enclave, a dangerous move by most. She decided to go hunting for Iriaz. Fresh meat sounded really good to the merc than eating the processed junk that was part of the Enclave or the rations she had on Shadow Dancer. Yet, it hadn't really dawned till she walked out into the fields that she had never hunted an animal before in her life. Plus she doubted that her blasters would even hit an animal as they weren't designed for hunting. She really needed to think things through a bit more. Plus she had no clue on how to field dress an animal after she killed it. Ehh...she had grown up in the wilds of a city and not in the wilds of nature. She heard a sound of a blaster fired and looked where it came from. Some Jedi kid was firing a blaster but he was horrible as she could see. She laughed. "Stick to your laser sword, kid. A blaster and a Jedi are kinda mutually exclusive."
  15. Down on her Luck...

    "Just checking...because you don't strike me as a conventional Jedi, kid. Even if you were...asking me to kill someone...I am not a bounty hunter. I am a smuggler and a hard-headed businesswoman." Kala shrugged at Kale's mention of the mob. "Perhaps...I did do some spice smuggling here and there, just to keep financially solvent....wouldn't have ended up with the Jedi if it wasn't for spice...." Kala said with a chuckle, "But I wasn't really Jedi material even then and I kept getting lectures...blah...blah...Dark Side....blah...I've been a smuggler for years....do I look like a Dark Sider to you? Bunch of hooey if you ask me. And ending the Corellia mob isn't really going to do much good, kid. You're young and...naive I see. You pluck out a weed another grows in its place. But...I am not here to debate philosophy. So information...what sort of information?" She took a sip of her brandy and she said. "I always seal a business deal with a drink....or perhaps with some Pazzak. Won this ship in a match by the way." "Anyway... I try not to get involved too much with intergalactic criminal elements but of course in my line of work...you have to break a few eggs occasionally."