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  1. Won't Get Fooled Again

    'Shit- meet fan' He had been prepared to offer his aid to the jedi- slaughter was slaughter and fighting was something he knew well- By the looks of the holo, they wouldn't have been freeing anyone without a nasty fight on their hands. Not to mention any inclination of getting off the station was increasingly appealing to him. The air was getting a little too thick for his lungs, animosity without action clogging the air around him. Plans and preparations change, as suspected things did not go well with so many enemies in one room. Even if it was not in any way shape or form how he thought it would go wrong- it still went wrong- so he wasn't wrong? His legs propelled him forward at Verrin's command, well before he even spoke his name. Scanning the offered schematics for possible routes back to the hangar, he decided second most direct route would suffice, no sense getting the younglings killed in one corridor. He jumped back as the ceiling began to fall, grateful for Lord Verrin's immense control and reaction. "This way, and move it!" He jerked his head stiffly to, thankfully, the nearest door to the academy personnel before charging through. Lightsaber in hand, he growled low in his throat as the station rocked under his feet once more, jerking lose another panel from the ceiling that almost slammed into his head. Staring at the hovering metal, he turned to notice one of the young jedi right behind him, the concentration in her brow and her hand raised signifying she was what stood between him and a nasty bash to the head.
  2. Won't Get Fooled Again

    'Why am I here again?' Aiden shifted from one foot to another, rocking back and fourth as he felt himself grow more restless by the minute. Muscles in his shoulders flexed, his jaw not unclenching. Before him stood the enemy in all reality. Yes, perhaps, the other side of the coin, but still an enemy. 'Make peace, stand together yadayada' It only agitated him more the longer he stood without action. The only thing that really piqued his interest in the long minutes of dragged out political statements was a promise of a duel between that girl and the Sith'ari. What else he was needed here for other than to fight, he did not know. His words were often smooth and convincing, when he had proper say on the matter. Peace and agreements were not his forte. Thinking of such lies and foolishness, he eyed the Grandmaster and speaker of the jedi first with irritation, barely keeping their words in his mind for a moment before casting them aside, not willing to believe anything from their lips without action. 'Killing a jedi may not rid the galaxy of light, but you would be gone from my sight.' Aiden sighed before folding his arms tighter across his chest to remind himself to not take action. He did not seek the wrath of his betters just because of his impatience. Though he had little doubt that should this little meeting come to a horrible disagreement that things would turn out unwell for the sith, there would be hell to pay should he be the cause of it. "Are we going to stand around all day discussing 'right and wrong' or are we going to start addressing the problem at hand for which we have all been brought here? Unless someone intends to address old disagreements now, I would suggest we discuss removing this republic problem so we may all go home." His voice was not loud nor commanding, but it did carry it's way from the very back of the room, The scar along his face causing his scowl to appear severely disapproving. His tone of voice left little question as to his idea what they should do- remove the republic removes the problem. The means and to what end however probably needed discussion. But that was only his opinion. 'Even if they begin discussion now, it will probably take hours all the same to come to an agreement.'
  3. Say it like you mean it.

    Though he did not appreciate his personal space and belongings being observed and tampered with- organized chaos being the foundation of his desk- Aiden remained silent while he listened intently to Verrin explain what Aiden could not teach. He was correct, though Aiden was not fully submerged as he could be, the little attempt, the reach and pull of the light had given him little discomfort in reaction to Kai's attempt, as failed as it was. The idea that there was something more easily harnessed by himself, and by extension Kai, was far more appealing than going through that test once more. "There are other ways to heal. The more you learn of the Dark Side, the more you'll understand the give-and-take nature of it. It demands a price for its power. Let me demonstrate. Both of you... attend me." ''Attend me?' Are we slaves once more?' was Aiden's immediate thought on his phrasing, he really couldn't help it with his past, but reminded himself that Verrin was of different stature than him. With that came a more different view of use of vocabulary. Though the words from the Karr prodded at his immature nature, he let his left brow offer the minimalist twitch before he moved closer, curiosity overshadowing whatever snarky joke that danced on his tongue. "Observe." He had not been prepared for the swell of energy that surrounded them, and he basked in it for the quick moment before his hand felt like it ignited in flame. Bringing up his palm so both he and Kai could see it, he fought the mild flexing of muscles up his arm and his jaw at the feeling. Once there was a dull ache where the cut had been, now it felt as though the wound was being cauterized shut. A familiar feeling he had experienced in regards to the scar across his face, yet considerably less intense than having your face fried for the sake of saving some vital blood. As expected, as the wound shut, it was far more clean and well put together than his face had been. Leaving an angry red puckered line of flesh before further healing into a simple white line. "I'll be damned...." Aiden muttered, flexing his fingers and curving his palm to test the durability of the heal, not quite believing his own eyes. "That's a lot better than a Kolto bath." "Darth Verrin, this technique you have just shown me - surely, it must have some kind of drawback, if not for the user then for the recipient of its restorative power?" "I'll have to look into those for future uses..." He nodded mostly to himself, but still wanted to acknowledge Verrin's suggestion. "And I agree... My arm isn't going to slowly rot away over time is it? Not that a shiny metal arm wouldn't be interesting. But she has a valid point, what kind of backfire can anyone expect come from this kind of power?"
  4. Say it like you mean it.

    The fact that it was Lord Verrin himself, made him pause, a small wash of relief covering him momentarily after seeing the Zabrak. Any other lord would probably skin them without question. Thankfully, from what Aiden had seen in his youth and very recently, Verrin was a thinker and more logical that the sith he had encountered in the past. Without a doubt, had he come in guns a 'blazin, Aiden would have jumped on the challenge, fed by any aggressive energy within the room. Verrin, thankfully, was one to investigate apparently before swinging the axe. Aiden scrubbed his chin thoughtfully as he peered at the older Zabrak, gears obviously turning in his head with the new possible assistance. "Ah my lord." Aiden bowed quickly as he entered, taking note of the guard with him. Silly, it seemed to him still , to be guided by an elite guard with a stature as such. "Sorry 'bout that. You see I gave Miss Tsintah the option here of learning a basic force technique to learn and grow on, and coincidentally she chose to heal. Not that I blame her, the idea is not a bad one, but I can't seem to remember an alternative ability.... Would you happen to have any ideas?" Aiden continued to fondle the scruff at his chin as he thought out loud. "Once, long ago in my studies I came across a potential power that offered to harm another while helping oneself. I found no interest in the topic then but now I can't for the life of me remember what it was or how someone went about it." His brows furrowed as he realized he had been negligent in something in text form. Normally he prided himself on his learning and quick thinking yet here he was slacking in his first task with this brilliant young woman. It was aggravating to say the least.
  5. Say it like you mean it.

    Though he was skeptical of course of letting someone touch him, he allowed it for the sake of pure curiosity. Like most things he fiddled with and learned from, he wished to peel away the layers and start from the source to the surface. The basic concept of something was only the surface. To fully understand something you must understand the workings. It was facinating for sure, to see the edges of his cut mildly raise, to see the blood clotting faster and stop dripping to the floor. But no more than that occurred, though he still felt the power in his hand like a warm cloth dabbing his palm. 'Disgusting.' The workings of force mend was something he would probably never attempt on his own. It was too light, too pure. But he would indulge with the uneasy feeling for the sake of learning. "Interesting." He murmured to himself, looking at her skeptically once more. Again, he wondered if she would be cut out for this life, the life of a sith. She had adapted so easily to the power and at her first attempt. Perhaps... Though he was still new, his ideas were probably not perfect... But the thought did cross his mind for a moment, that breaking the girl would be in her benefit. Bring out what the sith needed most to see in her. Almost immediately he felt the power spike, and his gut clenched in reaction. Basking in the tingling of dark energy warning him, he felt the sensation of the light flickering away from his palm. So someone had noticed that brief exchange. His eyes flashed a bit darker shade of yellow as he reached out to the force, pulling as much as possible into him to continue 'washing' himself of the momentary light power. "Brilliant." He grumbled mostly to himself, wondering if he would get a tongue lashing for this. Would not be the first he received, but probably one he would spite. He met Kai's eyes and nodded once. "You are an impressive learner." He admitted, then sighed almost wistfully. "But I think someone does not appreciate our little study session. Understandable, though. Light side powers as I said, are not the first thing a Sith chooses to learn. But it does have potential.... Hm...." HE furrowed his brow, and idly scratched at his bearded scarred cheek. "There was something I once read about...." He started muttering to himself, trying to remember alternatives to self healing. Not being one for self heal, it was difficult to think.
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  7. Say it like you mean it.

    To be short, Aiden was taken aback. This young woman was wise beyond his own years, and by far more well spoken than himself as well. He stood impassive as he listened and learned her thought process, growing more and more impressed with her by the minute. Though uncommon in beliefs, there was no doubt that this woman was going to be a huge asset to the Sith. If only for her brilliance. "The only understanding of the sith code that would be 'correct' would be your own. It would be the one that drives you in your path to futher your goals and serve in the Remnant. What you hold to your mind to grow your strengths, what keeps you dedicated is your understanding of the code. And I must say, You have a damn good understanding." He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck, not having expected such an extensive one sided conversation from her. "But don't ever call me lord. Master Rohl would do just fine." Offering her his datapad, he had already brought up a segment on 'Force mend' to be described for them, and to give them a basis to begin with. "As an alternative, we can always study the proper basics of medical attention, given that is more textbook style learning in comparison. However I did wish to go about learning something force related however. The choice is yours." As he spoke, he returned to his desk to find one of his tools that he normally used for small work and details to small gaps. It was small, and had a fairly sharp edge which was all he needed. Having already been fairly clean with his utensils, he quickly jammed the item into his palm and harshly dragged it down to carve a gash into his palm. There was a small wince of pain, barely a flex of a muscle in his temple, and he hissed out a breath. "More importantly, I prefer the hands on approach. So we shall start with this." He hoped they would both be a fast learner, he didn't need another scar to match the one on his face.
  8. Say it like you mean it.

    Aiden watched the girls with curiosity and mild pensiveness, his eyes shifting back and fourth as they did exactly what he thought they would do, nearly ignore eachother in their tasks. Disappointing sure, but he would not stop there. However Yasinda's actions caused him pause, to watch her walk over and ask for another blade to work with. He smirked and stood before she could take it though, and approached the two of them. "Alright. Jax, Dismissed. I have evaluated your skills that I'm capable of for today. Tsintah, You and I have more business." He waited for the green skinned woman to make her exit before standing before Kai, his face impassive as he contemplated his words. "Do you feel you understand the sith code? In full? Every line has underlying feelings and ties. Every word is one to take to heart and examine in its content to fully embrace your power." He retrieved his datapad to evaluate the code himself, feeling nostalgic as he read over the words. "Restoration, Why?" He asked simply, his bright eyes cutting at her suddenly while he typed from memory into the datapad. "Though useful... To mend is not the first chosen ability of a sith. I don't know of it myself. Healing, mending, not my thing. But I'll learn it with you." He said the words casually, but he did eye the girl skeptically. He had kind of wished she would pick something he knew, or even better something he didn't in relation to something that was more... Physically damaging. Most who sought out the sith sought power, revenge, that whole jist. It was a common mentality with the dark side, and one more easily embraced and accepted. He wondered though, with her timid personality that he had seen so far, if this was the right place for her. Not that he would turn her away anyways. Corruption of the mind and heart was a task well known to himself and most here at the academy. Verrin was the thinker and analyst, the brilliant observant mind. Aiden was the leashed kath hound, ready to strike upon command, growing everyday in size and strength. It was only his place to guide and protect. For now.
  9. Birthright

    The news reached his ears early, but he hesitated to believe them. The Sith'ari himself returned? It sounded too good to be true. But the force had saved him from the rock of Nar Shadda, given him purpose once again within the Dathomir academy. Lord Verrin had earned his respect and loyalty for now, and he would serve justly until a better moment arrived. That moment however may not be now. Like the others he had trailed outside to hear and see the Sith'ari. Lingering in the back of the crowd. His eyes scanned the people around him warily with every step, and curling feeling in his stomach almost convinced him to stop and turn away. Who was the Sith'ari to leave them and send no word? To leave others to pick up pieces and build strengths on their own. It was not a time to seek power by ones self, and yet half of the Darths had simply disappeared. Anger flowed through him like a molten current, and he clenched his hands to keep walking. He would not enjoy this, he was sure. But then he felt it, the wash of darkside energy coursing over his body and filling his chest. Ah, so much more than just the Sith'ari had arrived. A smirk crossed his face and his eyes blazed with green and yellow furious excitement. A laugh escaped him, nothing more than quick sharp breaths that anyone else might mistake as a light cough. So this is what he was to look forward to. An army, change, revenge, building. It was enough to get even the most pessimistic being excited. His mix of emotions kept him at the rear of the pack, his eyes locked on the Sith'ari as he spoke honeyed words to the gatherings. Most, he could agree with. Some, made his jaw clench and his muscles tense in temptation to speak out and disagree. Thankfully his tongue stayed where it should, until the multiple shouts of agreement raised into the air. Energy crackled between bodies and he let himself get caught up in the excitement as well, shouting with the others. Though he had his doubts, they would remain with him for now.
  10. Say it like you mean it.

    "Jax reporting, sir." 'Ah a stiff, lovely.' Aiden thought with snark, smirking at the woman who entered first before returning for a moment back to his fiddling, awaiting the other initiate. He didn't have to wait long, and for that he was glad. The parts weren't fitting correctly yet, and his irritation was beginning to get the best of him. "You're both here, good." He stood from his seat, lightly brushing out any wrinkles in his robes before facing the two young women. His face was now stoic, down to business and all for him. "Rise Tsintah, I am not the emperor, or Sith'ari." "Jax, Tsintah. I am Master Rohl. You will address me as such whatever your goals or positions here are. For you Jax, I am only doing a quick evaluation of your skills and behavior before contacting Darth Tanit. She's more up your alley. Tsintah, as you could assume you and I have more in common in terms of talents and skills. And you will most likely be seeing more of me later." Aiden folded his hands behind his back and sighed. "Forgive the unprofessional location, as I have not secured an office yet. It is part of why my time is short and why I summoned you both at the same time." Taking a step forward, his bright eyes landed on Jax first. "You, get the pleasure of trying to repair the blaster pistol and lightfoil hilt there on my desk. They may not even look like those items, and there may or may not be several other parts laying around, but we'll see how far you can get." Aiden turned to his desk a moment to take a datapad out of a drawer, and moved to Tsintah's side to hand it to her. "You, will study the sith code, and after will select one of the core abilities for me to give you to study." He glanced between the two women, his face hard and unreadable. "This is more than just doing as your told, ask questions, feed from each other and myself. No one learns alone. Proceed."
  11. Say it like you mean it.

    The feeling of the dark side rushing beneath his boots was a euphoric feeling alone. Submersed in what he had known most of his life, coming to Dathomir was an astounding feeling. If not for the barrier that kept them all safe from prying eyes. Lord Verrin was correct in describing the feeling- blind to the outside, but unfortunate we could not see out. It was like having waterlogged ears. Everything muffled and muted. He would have to venture out soon enough to avoid losing his sanity. Aiden spent far too much time already with his head buried to avoid detection, at the very least it was soothing to walk around the academy with his head held high. Even with the suffocating feeling around him, Aiden found time to make himself comfortable. Making a small quarter for himself to attend to his own devices. This was where he was headed now, until he found a more suitable location for himself, he would have his minimal and basic training here. Though he was no Darth or Kaar, there were things he was capable of teaching and taking off the hands of the others who took charge here. Being a mere master, he would do mundane tasks to get by and grow as he went. Part of those mundane tasks would include teaching the new blood that flowed into the academy, as well as he could teach them. Finally reaching his quarters, he pushed the large door open and left it as such, moving to his desk to double check the names he would be summoning. "Hk." The droid whirred to attention at the sound of his voice, being mildly squished behind the opened door. "Retrieve for me @Kai Tsintah and @Yasinda Jax. And for Kriff's sake be timely about it you hear me?" "Affirmative: Yes Master Rohl, I will return shortly." The droid hobbled his way around the door and left, the clanking of his steps echoing on the stone. "I bet you will." Aiden rolled his eyes, assuming the blasted droid would get lost. Wouldn't be the first time. But it would give him time to prepare for his guests. Turning to the fresher in the corner, he took to a quick trim of his beard to show off the scar that ran along his cheek and down to his burgundy and black robes. Whithout shaving it all off, he still was able to keep a little bit of the rugged hard look he had acquired over the years. A brush to his fluffly brown hair did no good except to make it even more poofy than before, so instead he ran a little bit of water over it to make it tame. Leaving the fresher once more, he was for once glad the droid took his sweet time. As it was he did need to clean his desk, or at least make it presentable. Aiden had only been here a week and he had already accumulated what looked like to others, heaps of metal and electronic garbage. What it really was though, was several disassembled parts of multiple devices from light foil hilts to blasters to even a hacking device that he had yet to figure out. The mess was a puzzle even to himself, as he took them apart all at once and did not separate the mess. But that was part of the fun in putting it back together. Perhaps later he would disassemble some land mines and have the young ones try to put them back together without losing their fingers. It would help him learn to not make the same mistakes without the consequence. But that was for another day probably. He did his best to somewhat make the mess look like there was some order to it before giving up, if he moved too much they would be a lost cause for him. Instead he moved to his neatly made cot and folded it into the wall to appear like the room was more of an office than a residence. Satisfied for the time being, as he would still have to wait for proper facilities to do this sort of thing again, he sank into his desk chair and began fiddling with what he assumed was the remains of one of the light foils while he waited for his company.
  12. One Ping Only

    Aiden bowed his head "Of course, thank you for your time despite how little help I have been. When your heads in the sand, It's hard to hear everything around you. I'm glad though we have prospects and new beginnings on the horizon." 'Despite the missing sith- how is this not being looked into if we're not as bad off as I assumed?' "Had I known things were better off than I last heard, I would have let my HK send the signal sooner." He quirked a smile at the Kaar and rose from his seat, mentally already going over what he needed to bring with him, he was overly convinced his little ship was beyond repair and would bring his small amount of belongings with him. A few robes, the rest of his armor, and the damnable droid was all that was left of his personal effects. "I doubt they could get it moving, it's of no consequence to me either. What useful tools and salvage they can remove from the ship is all yours. I have very few belongings I was able to take with me or purchase here." That brought a thought to his mind. "If we have time, a quick look around would be a good idea for any other supplies you are in need of. I could use some spare boots." He ran a few fingers through his beard, wondering if there would be decent shaving supplies somewhere. The scraggly appearance was starting to bother him, and after so many events today, he could use any sort of calming order. "I wouldn't mind a drink either, that's for damn sure." He muttered mostly to himself, bowing once more before returning the way they came onto the ship. Once at the bottom of the ramp he jogged back over to his commandeered ship and glared at the still standing droid. "Move it bolts, onto the Kaar's ship, now." He ordered briefly, grabbing his few items from a small storage locker in the back of the ship. He would gratefully leave his stained commoner clothes behind, He could always afford more elsewhere. Not that he would need them if he was heading to Dathomir to help there. He caught a glimpse of himself in a reflective panel and shook out his hair, trying to make it a little less disheveled before his return back to the fighter ship, all the good it would do him now. Exiting once more, already tired of the back and fourth, he veered off only for a moment to grab the droid and direct him to the correct vessel before he wandered into someone else's craft. Not a huge loss, but one that would irritate him all the same. A broken droid was still a droid, and one he made a personal goal to either fix or destroy himself. "Make yourself useful and don't kriffing touch shit, or your existence is forfeit."
  13. One Ping Only

    Although he was disappointed he would not be seeing a pretty little lady today, and even more so that Lord Verrin was 'in the dark' as much as himself, he followed the Kaar without complaint to his ship. Taking in and appreciating the much better kept vessel compared to his own. (Or what was left of it.) Taking a seat across from the Kaar, he leaned in to listen carefully as to what news he had for him. Any news on the inside was a blessing for him, any status on their once great empire and their path to rebuilding he was sure would make him feel easier. However he was very disappointed with the status of rebuild and the numbers they had left. How was anyone supposed to know what was going on while they were being hunted like tac? He fought to keep his anger and disappointment in check, but failed in the end. Punching his knee in frustration at "We... are alone" and casting his gaze beyond the Darth. A part of him reveled in having survived this long. But the path he had worked so hard for most of his life seemed just about swept away in one brush by the damned Jedi. "I am not encouraged by what I've witnessed so far." His green and yellow tinted eyes cut back to Verrin, feeling a slight sting in the words after his own predicament up until now. "Tell me, is it, 'Master' Rohl now? Are there others out here, like you? Stragglers of Sith who need extraction?" Aiden smirked at the title, a wicked look to his younger face, pride blossoming in his chest at the fact that should things return to normal, that would be his title. Maybe more. But first came the task of rebuilding. He had been stranded here by circumstance, and took precaution over exposing himself to hopefully find aid. Well it found him, and with that aid he would help rebuild. "As it should be 'Master'. Pelorn attempted to cut me down in the escape of Bastion, as you could guess he was unsuccessful. I commandeered his crap vessel and junk droid and got the hell out. Though obviously I didn't get far." Aiden sighed, a muscle in his jaw twitching as he considered his time on Nar Shadda with even more anger. "I haven't seen anyone. Not one I could believe that had a hand in the sith before all this. I've kept a low profile, since all I've heard is the Jedi are on the hunt. I would assume more are out here for sure, but probably like me and unwilling to be found... I hope so. These are not the times to stand alone despite usual beliefs." Leaning back on his elbows on the table, Aiden crossed his fingers and fiddled them together, making a pattern of some sorts in tapping them on his knuckles. "There isn't really an option to advertise a meeting point. Not to mention a decent gathering of sith tends to lead to more chaos than a decent politics meeting. We're in a bit of a bind aren't we?" He asked the question completely sarcastically. "We need allies, forces and numbers back on our side. But it wont happen until we know for sure the jedi aren't in "shoot on sight" mode anymore. As for finding the other darths, I would assume it would be a little time. When they hide they seem to hide well. If Atrox has not been seen for some time now... Well... We'll need someone in charge." Green eyes landed on the Zabraks face, but the look was not one of challenge, but more speculation. By no means was Aiden in a place to hold such power as to organize this level of rebuild and organization. If he were challenged he would be taken down easily. By a single party simply more capable or even overthrown by revolt. He was not the man for the job... Yet. Lord Verrin however, as he sat here in front of him, was already making moves to rebuild and coordinate. He found a sanctuary and was capable of seeking out old and new bloods for their cause. An obvious choice. Not to mention he was someone Aiden could learn from to fully maximize his power and use it to the fullest. He would stand lesser than someone once more, for the greater good of following his path. "I will of course follow and aid you to your will, Lord Verrin." He inclined and bowed his head "I could not imagine a better option, given you were the one to seek out the remains and have taken actions already to preserve what you could. My blade will be yours to direct if you will it." Though he sounded straight from a text, there would be no doubting the sincerity of his words and the promise that rang in them.
  14. One Ping Only

    "Adept Rohl - codes confirmed. This is Darth Verrin, Kaar of Ancient Knowledge. What sort of assistance..." Aiden followed the general look of the dark lord and felt his face grow a little hot at the bundle of wires dangling in his hand. "... do you require?" Great- one of the older darths. Both Embarrassing and reliving. At least he was pretty fast to respond. He coughed to try and fight off the embarrassment that lingered and sighed. "Uh.. Maintenance really, or just a ride off this planet would be great-" he trailed off as the Darth was distracted for a moment before stating about hazardous communication. Though he would much rather meet somewhere other than a docking area, he wasn't about to disagree with the man. Slowly he looked at Hk, who still stood there whizzing. "We're getting off this planet!" He laughed, tacking the poor droid and hugging it with fever. Now he had to get himself in order. Verrin coming to him gave him just enough time to make himself presentable. A quick hot shower was definitely needed before meeting with a Karr. It also gave him enough time to consider his options and words carefully. It had been a while since he interacted with sith officials of any level, and common courtesy was always expected. From what he remembered, Lord Verrin was the older bookworm. As his title of Karr of Ancient knowledge easily gave away. Other than that, what he knew of the Zabrak was pretty common knowledge. He was not known for being aggressive like a lot of sith, but no one doubted he could hold his own. Last he had also known was he had an apprentice. A beautiful little thing with ice like hair and fire in her eyes. There was definitely a good part of him that hoped to see her alongside her master. Putting on his armor as a precaution and his burgundy robes, he was sure to slip one of his light sabers under his back plate out of sight. Taking a few deep calming breaths, he ordered HK to remain on the ship while he dealt with the Karr. Aiden also made sure to keep himself concealed within the force as he stepped onto the ramp of his small ship. He had no need to identify himself to the planet at the moment, as Verrin already knew where he was. Even still his nerves were haywired as he walked out to meet the older Zabrak, his shoulders hunched a bit to hide some of his face. "My lord...." He said only when he was within a very few feet of him, making sure that he would not be heard easily. He offered a small bow, still trying to be respectful to a minimum but not to draw attention to their interaction. Green eyes scanned quickly back and fourth before he addressed the Karr once more. It appeared to him that there was no one nearby to overhear them, which he was fine with. "Where's your pretty little 'prentice Lord Verrin? I hope she has fared well. Sallin, was her name right?" He smirked, a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes. "I thank you for coming all the way onto the planet. It's... Not the best of destinations to say the least. What brings someone like you to Nar Shadda anyway?" His smirk soured a bit. "We probably should discuss things elsewhere, I want to know everything that's been going on lately. I've been... Kind of in the dark down here."
  15. One Ping Only

    Aiden was still ripping and punching panels, letting out streams of curses as he did so when HK spoke. "Alert: Master Aiden we are receiving a return ping from a nearby fighter-" "Don't you dare-!" Aiden ripped another handful of wires from their sectors and panels. "Returning verification code 332865178 Alpha. Pelorn entrusted me with it should he be unable to transmit it himself." Hk whizzed in his processing, stepping over to press another button on the console despite the growl of anger that came from Aiden. "I'm going to destroy you." "Verification sent, activating holocom from the console." Aiden's eyes blazed with anger as he shoved himself out from under the console board, another handful of wires in his fist. He promptly shook it at the HK droid and bared his teeth in a snarl. "You kriffing bag of bolts I hope you enjoy being molten down to a puddle because when I'm done with you-" "You are live master Aiden." Aiden's eye twitched and his shoulders shook with the barely restrained urge to rip something apart, but still he flickered his gaze to the side where the holoprojector awaited a response for approved projection from the other side. He however was already being recorded. Letting out a quick cough, Aiden attempted to push back his hair and straighten his already mucked up clothes before facing straight, his lip still curled in agitation. He wasn't sure if he could pull of his usual charisma and charm over a holocom. Back in the day at the academy and even accompanying his master, he could charm and sway his way out of most situations. But there was a limit to all talents. He wanted desperately to get off this planet. But not so much so to be dragged off in handcuffs. Or worse. "This is Hawk four, formerly piloted and owned by Pelorn. My name is Aiden Rohl, his previous... Student seeking assistance." Smooth, super smooth. He cut a quick glare to the HK droid, a few muscles in his face twitching with more irritation. The tension in his body made him shake, muscles twitching with a burning sensation. Waiting for the response was going to be a tough one. Luckily at least no one would see the yellow tint to his eyes. Still he hoped at the very least a group of jedi would not be the ones to greet him. Thankfully he remembered most of the Darths and masters that walked the halls of Dormund Kass and a handful that had been on Bastion before his escape. Should he see a safe face, he would know. Should he not, it would be difficult to make a quick escape with the little credits he had. It would be easier to sell the ship for scrap than the droid, but if he was caught now he would have to scurry into the nearest hole to have any hopes of survival. Force please don't let that be the case... He liked not being forced into a corner.