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  1. Ludus Summus

    Maybe it was the Korun's innate ability to learn quickly by mimicking other's movements; maybe it was sheer misreading of what Darth Tanit was actually asking for? Either way, this was clearly NOT going well. Kai had done as instructed, twice now. Over and over, she had demonstrated the footwork and the attack motions that were shown to her before. When asked to attack, the initiate believed that thinking 'outside of the box' would at least gain Darth Tanit's curiosity. Instead, it was met with something akin to anger and disappointment, as if Kai had chosen the worst possible path to attack the venerable warrior - by insulting the woman's vast intelligence and experience. Urrrgh....! So guile clearly would not work to impress the Dark Lady. Nope! And....YEOWWWW!! Now Kai was wincing in pain, her teeth clenching as Darth Tanit's Force Grip bit venomously into her left shoulder and forearm. As hard as she tried to stand, the Korun felt her knees buckle from the strain of the darkside energy seeping deep into her tendons, zapping at the intricate framework of her nervous system. She was on the floor before she knew it, kneeling before her instructor, emitting seething breaths through spasms of anguish. Somewhere in her peripheral vision she registered the dark silhouette of Darth Verrin; motionless and silent in his contemplation of the scene unfolding before him, no doubt. In the back of her mind, she heard a slowed (and slurred) speech as unleashed by her instructor. What was she saying?? Her mind was turning to mush as anger and humiliation swarmed into the center of the young woman; then both suddenly began to ebb away, replaced by a new and much more welcome feeling. Perseverance. In spite of the pain, in spite of the disgrace and confusion that Kai found herself sinking in still, the girl knew that this could not be the point where she would allow herself to drown. In addition to every ounce of stamina being expended toward her willpower, there was also a question stirring in the back of Kai's head, laced with spiteful overtones. I must answer it. Sink or swim. Let's hope I at least float.... "Apologies.... my lady!" Kai breathed out, doing her very best not to moan out loud. Her arm was being twisted now, whilst the Force-induced pain continued. "I was clearly mistaken as to what was expected of me. Form I does not allow or encourage embellishment. It was a fool's errand; but one designed only to challenge myself, rather than offend you. My arm is the extension of the Sith'ari's will.... Aah....!" Kai clenched her teeth again for a moment, abhorrent pools of moisture gathering in her eyes. She batted the unwelcome liquid away with a rapid, furious flutter of the eyelids; then bowed her head, breathing heavily. "There is no wisdom absent your instruction and the path of the Sith."
  2. Ludus Summus

    Seeing Darth Tanit's fist coming toward her face was as alarming as it was frightening. The Sith Lady may have not looked like much, especially in the light of her current debilitating state, but Kai would not put anything past her. Instead of delivering a blow, Tanit merely held it there as a sort of 'marker' as she went on to explain the most vital of attack zones, the head. Her other hand wasted little time, moving to intercept her training saber and holding onto it with surprising physical stamina. Not reacting to the move, Kai simply listened, appreciative of being given a glimpse into history alongside a lesson in Shii-Cho technique. In her mind, Kai attempted to envision the first lightsabers as Tanit briefly hinted at their appearance. External power packs. They must have connected to the lightsaber hilt by some type of cable so that the weapon could emit blade. How far the Force users had come, since then! Or had they? Perhaps the improvements were simple; superficial, even. Little things added here and there to improve upon the practical use of the weapon. She would have to read up on the origins and the development of the lightsaber whenever the opportunity next presented itself. The thought filled the Korun with renewed excitement. Oh, Kai.... How much you have yet to learn! In the meantime, Darth Tanit continued to speak; this time, pointing out the weaknesses in the initiate's earlier 'attack'. It was true, the girl gave too much away. Her momentum and agility were not nearly enough to fool a seasoned warrior. Darth Tanit expected the move; it was bold, big, and aggressive. It was also one of Shii-Cho's most basic and often used attacks. The Sith Lady was reading Kai like a book; the Korun did indeed execute all her movements as if practicing with an invisible mirror. They were all textbook, typical, common and ordinary. Everything that a Sith should NOT be. Inwardly, Kai frowned. She was giving the victory away before the combat had the chance to get off the ground. But how did one attack without using their eyes? Tanit's last words resounded deep in her mind as she readied herself to give the challenge another try. .... Your eyes will betray you, but the Force will not. .... Focus your mind on the goal and not the process. .... Center your mind on the lightsaber. .... Feel the blade. Returning to the base stance with her feet shoulder width apart, Kai held her training weapon in both hands as Tanit first showed her in the beginning of their session. Taking a few paces back to give them both some room to maneuver, she ignited the lightsaber blade and began to execute a series of basic velocities: blade overhead, up at a diagonal angle, slash across, then down, taking a knee before swinging up and down in a rapid slash. Rising, then pivoting on her heel away from the Sith Lady, she continued to repeat the movements, her gaze focused on the blade and seemingly having lost focus on either Tanit or Verrin for the time being. As she came nearer her instructor, Kai drew her vibroknife in a blurring flash of speed; she stabbed low at Tanit's left thigh and exposed hip with her dagger, then high at the woman's upper torso with a powerful thrust of the training saber.
  3. Say it like you mean it.

    Relieved to hear that Aiden Rohl found her understanding of the Sith Code acceptable, Kai bowed in acknowledgment of his approval. At his displeasure of having been called 'lord', she nodded and said, "Apologies, Master Rohl. It will not happen again." Adding the title to the name in her mind, she repeated it several times in her head, believing it was now fully committed to memory. Aiden moved on, describing the particulars of a healing technique called 'Force Mend'. It seemed fascinating, almost like magic, she thought, as her imagination took flight. She envisioned skin cells in an open wound, replenishing themselves, revitalized by the power of the Force. She saw the tissue regenerate slowly, over time, but when it was done it seemed as if the abrasion had never occured in the first place. What was even more amazing was that the ability could be used on another individual and not just oneself. Kai could tell she would relish learning this ability, very very much. What use was attempting to exact revenge when you couldn't keep yourself alive long enough to finish the job? When Aiden made the sudden offer that she could choose between learning Force Mend and basic techniques of first aid, Kai shook her head. "I know some basics in that already, Master Rohl," she spoke, her voice resolute. "Had my fair share of scrapes and cuts living on Nar Shaddaa, and even had to stitch up my father's arm and shoulder, once or twice." To her astonishment, Aiden did not reply and instead went back to his desk, taking out some small instrument with which he then proceeded to cut his palm. The Korun winced inwardly, canting her head as the man addressed her again. It seemed that he was suggesting that the initiate help heal the newly formed gash. Kai was not certain if this technique involved direct physical contact - nor what else it entailed, for that matter - but her previous experience with Darth Verrin taught her that tactile contact was often comforting to the other person. Not that Aiden Rohl appeared to be in any need of it, but one never knew? She blew out a short breath and tried to center herself, then took up his wounded palm in her left hand and held it steady. Falling into the calm of the Force, she reached out, drawing on its power. Time slowed. Kai felt as if she stepped outside of her body, watching.... temporarily mesmerised by seeing a vast matrix of lines that connected all things, one to another. This room. The air particles in it. AIden Rohl. His bleeding hand. Kai Tsintah. The millions of cells making up each and every thing. Drifting back to the task at hand, the young woman focused on the cut in Aiden's hand, first on stimulating the body's own regenerative properties, starting with the closing of the skin and then a scab forming.... then the dead layers of protective skin falling away, revealing healed tissue beneath. Everything felt like a blur of motion, as if all these processes worked in perfect concert. Kai's concentration intensified. The effort taxed her, and she knew she could not maintain it for long. Worse yet, she was not entirely sure her attempt was actually succeeding. It felt like it was? But the initiate was not yet ready to stir from the Force trance, continuing on with the exertion until her mind could no longer sustain the focus her undertaking demanded of her.
  4. Ludus Summus

    A sniper, Tanit? I have a very hard time picturing that, and yet.... There is something about this woman that speaks deadly calculation and impenetrable guile. Kai's gaze broke away from Verrin sharply, as soon as the Zabrak ceased speaking. All attention now focused on Darth Tanit, as she spoke of the most fundamental form of lightsaber combat: Form I, also known as Shii-Cho. The Korun surmised that this most basic of saber techniques was the foundation for all the others that followed, although she kept that thought to herself not wanting to interrupt the ailing Sith Lord. She watched with undisguised awe as Tanit pulled out her weapon which was far from what the initiate expected to see. It was old and battered, as if she had put it together using scrap parts from some disreputable junkyard. Fortunately, the Korun knew better than to judge a weapon by its outer shell, alone. Inside Darth Tanit's lightsaber beat a vibrant, crimson blade. Its emergence snap-hissed a deadly warning to all enemies who had the misfortune to lay their eyes upon it. Watching in silence, her body upright in taut attention, Kai listened as the Sith Lady explained what she expected of the initiate. Tanit moved on to display some Form I footwork after which she showed the girl how to hold the weapon in proper position in order to execute a horizontal slice. Following this up with a demonstration of a vertical slash, Darth Tanit encouraged Kai to mimic her previous movements. Once Kai had attained a sufficient level of comfort with the basics, she was invited to come at the Sith. At that point, Tanit would teach Kai about various target zones of control and attack. All of this is logical and encouraging, Kai thought. Now onto putting theory into practice. Kai's feet came shoulder width apart as she activated the training saber given to her by Darth Verrin and held it firmly in both hands, resting the lower end of the hilt at the level of her navel, tilted at a forty-five degree angle. Beginning at rest position, she stepped with her right foot, bringing her weapon up in an overhead strike. Right foot moved to step behind, as if facing an invisible attacker in the direction opposite to that which she started from. Another step forward brought the lightsaber up again in an overhead strike, repeating the same basic motion from before. Left foot stepped out to mid-line, an invisible shoulder strike sweeping left as she moved forward and then repeated the motion but with a sweeping shoulder strike to the right. The two shoulder strikes were repeated, first to the right and then to the left, before Kai swung her left leg around counterclockwise, bringing her lightsaber down for an imaginary block. Here we go. Coming at you, just as you asked. Let's hope I do not suffer for it. Just then, the Korun's weapon swung upward in a swift, jerking motion as the initiate took a sudden step toward Darth Tanit, aiming to lower the shimmering crimson blade onto the woman's unprotected head.
  5. Plotter - Kai Tsintah

    Character: Kai TsintahRank: Sith InitiateAffiliation: The Sith Remnant Allies: None that she knows of Apprenticeships: None; looking for a master Aquaintances: (in the order of appearance in RP) Darth Verrin Aiden Rohl Darth Tanit Enemies: Murderous thugs that killed her father, back on Nar Shaddaa. Schedule: Late morning to mid-afternoons (11 am EST to 5 pm EST), Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays. I am very sporadic the rest of the week but make every effort to reply to RP within 24-48 hours. Current Roleplays: Inception - Arrival at the Sith Academy on Dathomir (completed) Incipit - First Day: Exploring the Sith Academy Library (completed) Say It Like You Mean It - Second Day: Meeting Aiden Rohl (ongoing) Birthright - Witnessing the return of the Sith'ari (delayed) Ludus Summus - First time in the Training Pits (ongoing) First and foremost, Kai is looking to find someone to take her on as a Sith apprentice. She is currently an initiate, learning the ropes from various individuals. Darth Verrin is instructing her in the general knowledge of the Sith, and helping introduce Kai to various areas of Sith learning (knowledge, basic training saber handling, etc.) Aiden Rohl is currently overseeing her learn and understand the meaning of the Sith Code, although she did voice her eagerness to learn the healing arts to him. Darth Tanit has been recently demonstrating Form I to Kai, when she met Darth Verrin and the initiate in the training pits. So collectively, Kai is getting bits and pieces of instruction but I am hoping that in time, she will attract the eye of a potential master. Second, I am hoping that Kai will foster some friendships within the Academy. Sith are not exactly known for their soft and cuddly sides, but unlike the Jedi, they do not shy from expressing affection and even passion when it is called for. As Kai is an orphan, I would like to see her establish either a closer friendship with a fellow peer (or even someone above her rank), or even a kinship if possible. She lacked a mother figure from the onset of her birth, and lost her father as a teen. She craves that sort of familial contact, although she would be loath to admit it. She believes that such an admission could make her appear weak or dependent, to other Sith. If at some point, she could grow close to an adult that could serve as her father or mother figure, she would get some personal closure in that area, I believe. As for any other type plot - whether it be adventure (or even romance), I am always up for it. Finding shiny Sith artifacts, visiting haunted ruins of old temples or libraries, that is music to Kai's ears. She has a ship of her own, so is independently mobile but I have no problem having her travel on board most ships. I also have this dream of having Kai tame a baby rancor - perhaps an offspring found abandoned somewhere on Dathomir, one whose parents have been killed or captured.... That would definitely not be a solo venture, so if anyone is up for something like that, please shoot me a Private Message!
  6. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit.... one of the true warriors! It was now Kai's heart's turn to beat faster. She was not at all surprised by the warm, sincere embrace Darth Verrin extended to the lady. The Zabrak seemed to be very different than all the others Kai came across so far. This one did not hide behind a shield of cold, calculated guile. He wore his sincerity like a badge of honor. It emanated from his every gesture. Kai thought it a clever, unexpected manner for a Sith to behave. It would likely cause even the best of Darth Verrin's peers to remain ever-vigilant in his presence, even if they did not show it. The two Sith Lords exchanged some words, some of which were inaudible to the Korun. Oddly, the young woman did not feel awkward, having witnessed what could pass for a 'tender' moment among the Sith. If they did not want her to see it, they would have made it so, she thought, rising to her feet as bid. It was appropriate to show deference and respect to her elders by bowing or taking a knee, Kai believed. They had earned their place in the grand scheme of things, and as such, she would continue to do it unless advised not to. She kept silent through Darth Verrin's introduction of his former apprentice, nodding acknowledgment every now and then. Once he finished, Darth Tanit addressed her personally, driving Kai's thoughts into a vortex of contemplation. In the end, the initiate had to admit that the Sith lady was right; it was one thing to show esteem for someone, and another to have it done in too frequent or ostentatious a manner. The latter would be seen as false all too easily. Achieving a perfect balance between the two would become a new goal for the Korun to master. Deceit may be a legitimate tool of Sithcraft, but it must be used wisely and certainly not while attempting to generate the positive kind of attention from those that would help your elevation, Kai reminded herself silently. The initiate's thoughts were interrupted by Darth Tanit's returning cough. The young woman struggled to keep a deadpan expression while eyeing drops of blood freshly appearing on the Sith lady's kerchief. In spite of not knowing this woman, Kai could not help but feel a pang of compassion. It reminded the girl of her meeting with Master Aiden Rohl and her subsequent request to study the art of Restoration in the Force. Even so, Kai thought, Darth Tanit was likely more than adequately versed in the healing arts and would have used them already to help her condition. Whatever it was, the illness seemed profoundly serious and far too fierce for Sith restoration methods to handle. Waiting until the coughing subsided (as it was really the only thing she could do), Kai listened further as the dark lady embarked on an explanation of using a lightsaber form and the demands it would place on one's psyche and stamina. Every statement of insight was met with a somber nod, and each question weighed in silence for future consideration. In truth, Kai did not expect Lady Tanit to stick around, save for catching up with her former master and offering her, Kai, several pointers and wise insights to consider. So it surprised the young initiate greatly when Darth Tanit's final words to her were worded as a proposition, hinting at an opportunity to learn directly from the female Sith Lord. "Since Darth Verrin praises me so highly, I feel as though it would be a missed opportunity if I did not assist him in teaching you the fundamentals. If he will allow me, I would like to go through the paces with you on what you have learned already." A moment of silence ensued, as the Korun was clearly taken aback by the offer. Not wanting to come across as all too eager or otherwise too hesitant, she bowed low at the waist (foregoing her usual knee) and smiled. "My Lady, I would be honored to learn from an adept warrior such as you." And with her peripheral glance, Kai sought to catch a flicker of a reaction from Darth Verrin, hoping there was nothing improper in the way she issued her reply.
  7. Apologies for the brief absence from posting; I have been fighting a migraine these past two days.

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      Darth Atrox

      Real life comes first in all cases :P Don't fret over a few days of posting missed!

  8. Ludus Summus

    The initial strike came down with no hesitation. Kai was not a timid creature, even if she were not a Sith yet. The initiate wanted Darth Verrin to see that she was prepared to do exactly what he asked of her. So she sliced through the air with a bold, precise stroke, reminding herself not to overextend by expending too much vigor at the start of any physical activity. Was she excited to be wielding a lightsaber? Yes! Was she thrilled beyond her fingertips to be sparring with a wise and seasoned Sith warrior? Yes, YES! This was the part of the training Kai had looked forward to ever since her arrival at the academy. Combat, one of her most coveted goals. One of many. The dance between the two weapons continued as the young woman continued to weave a barrage of strikes, thrusts and parries at Darth Verrin, while the elder Sith talked. Nodding a brief acknowledgment of the two Sith names mentioned, as well as her understanding to the explanation of the Sith'ari title, Kai paused a moment to catch her breath. If anything, the exercise was proving that although having youth and speed on her side, the young woman's endurance could use some work. As the Zabrak taunted her with the possibility of her taking his life, Kai maintained a deadpan expression, though a part of her wanted to smirk. Yeah, like that would ever happen? Attempting to avoid the part of looking a complete moron when wielding a lightsaber for the first time, was one thing. Striking down a veteran of the Force, quite another. Well, at least Darth Verrin had a sense of humor about the whole thing; he did not mock her lack of technique nor did he attempt to disarm her, to the shame of all who might have been watching their interaction. But what he did do, was try to tap her on the hip with the tip of his blade, an action that sent Kai's brain into overdrive as it sounded a silent alarm. Before she realized what she was doing, the Korun switched her weapon into a reverse-held grip and thrust it diagonally back, in an effort to intercept the opponent's blade. It gave the appearance of attempting to 'sheathe' the saber if there was a scabbard that could hold it safely within. Still, the reaction came half a second too late and Kai winced, feeling a sharp sting of fiery heat nip at the side of her upper thigh and then slowly abate. Glancing to her clothing, she saw no holes, but there was a burn mark nonetheless. Darth Verrin was not trying to harm her, after all. He was trying to teach her. Immediately afterwards, Kai extinguished her blade and took a knee. "Perhaps now is a good time to humbly ask for proper instruction," she murmured, voice laced with humility. To her surprise, it was not Darth Verrin that replied, but another voice, more feminine in nature if she had to guess. Her head bent, she continued to listen to Darth Tanit speak although she did not lift her head to regard the speaker. She was before her betters here; a wise student was humble before her teachers. It was not until a question was posed directly to her, that Kai 's chin rose slightly, her gaze now hovering at Darth Tanit's feet. Just then, the Sith lady coughed, and the Korun could have sworn Darth Tanit's body cringed with some secret anguish. Kai waited a few seconds afterwards, in case the coughing episode made a sudden return. To the young woman's relief it did not, so she offered a response in as firm a voice as she could muster. "My Lady, this one is Tyro Kai Tsintah, honored to make your acquaintance."
  9. Say it like you mean it.

    A poker face looked up at Aiden Rohl as Kai shook her head. "Of course not, Master. I have only managed to memorize it. However, if you wish for me to extrapolate from what I have read, I can do so." Pausing for a moment, Kai ran through the lines of the Sith Code in her head before she began speaking once more. "Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Peace is not a lie, but it is only a temporary measure. Peace on a grand scale is not possible and therefore has no meaning to a Sith. We try effect all that which we can control in the sphere of our influence. Realistically, peace is fleeting. As Sith we do not become involved in pointless attachments and wasted emotions directed toward things that cannot be changed; things outside our sphere of influence. Beings devoid of passion have no drive. Without drive, there are no goals. A life without passion is a life without love or substance and a Sith is born to live his life to experience all it has to offer. A life is never free from passion or desire, for it is in constant flux, experiencing struggle, pain, love, hate, sorrow, joy, victory and defeat. As with all things, Sith temper their passion with an indomitable will. We do not become slaves to passion, but rather, we use it constructively to better ourselves." Taking a moment to recall the next verse, Kai continued. "Through strength, Sith forge a solid understanding of self. You cannot affect others or their future until you have gained a solid mastery of who you are - which is the greatest mystery of life. Once that has been accomplish, a Sith realizes that he or she is capable of anything. Limits exist only in the mind. A Sith is driven to rule via knowledge, and knowledge is power. That power is choice, and for the Sith, these choices are limitless. Power over oneself drives toward victory. To be fully aware of who we are, to have mastered passion and emotion to the benefit of reaching our ultimate goal, is a victory in itself. The Sith become one with their inner darkness by turning their weaknesses into strengths, their fears into motivators, and their fury into the driving force behind their passions. Without borders or limitations, the Sith become more than simply dark or evil. Victory leads the Sith to throw off many of the chains that either life or even the Sith himself has forced upon himself. Breaking these chains is an ever-persisting process, guiding one to the ideal or personal, perfection. Although true enlightenment is always out of our grasp, we should never cease to strive for it. The underlying passion of the Sith which guides them in all things, incites in them an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a relentless drive toward self-improvement. There is no beginning or end to the path: there is only walking the path. Stagnation leads to death, of body, the spirit, or both." Sighing, the Korun recalled the final verse of the Code, then spoke quietly. "The answer to true freedom comes from one's accumulated experiences, lessons and choices taken along their path. Those who strive to unlock their true potential through knowledge and mastery of the Force will be rewarded by the Force itself. Those who follow the Sith Code are free of the restrictions of status quo, as they strive for a much greater purpose." Having said much, Kai bowed her head in retrospect and considered Master Rohl's final question, be it rhetorical or not. "My lord, I would become a great warrior in my own right if it is to be my destiny. But before I do so, I would grasp the basics of keeping myself alive, should my physical body come to harm." Indeed, Kai was still very much after personal retribution. But for now, she would seek the knowledge that went hand in hand with dealing damage, and that was rendering health. It would be a while before she considered herself truly competent in the art of war, and therefore, it would be wise to seek the ways of healing in case some unforeseen harm came to pass her way.
  10. Ludus Summus

    "Ah yes, of course," Kai replied quietly. She would strive to find one as soon as possible, if she ever came into the presence of someone of stature other than Darth Verrin or Aiden Rohl. The two of them had enough to handle without having to take on some Korun baggage. In the meantime, she continued to listen to the Zabrak explain various terms of ancient Sith terminology. "In that case, I should call you Jen'ari Verrin, rather than sensei Darth," the young woman nodded to herself, committing the word to memory. "The Sith Emperor is the Sith'ari, but why do you say self-proclaimed?" She made every effort to keep her eyebrows from lifting, but the curiosity got the better of her. "Is he not the real emperor then, but a usurper of some kind?" Who are you to question the legitimacy of the Sith Emperor? Best get a hold of yourself now, Kai; these matters are none of your concern. You are here to learn and grow, not to call the status quo into doubt. The self admonishment worked immediately, and she offered a meek word of contrition as soon as Darth Verrin allowed it. "Apologies, Jen'ari. Tongue runs ahead of mind, once again. I will endeavor to keep it on a much tighter leash." By the time they had arrived at the pits, Kai had some strange urgency take over her momentum, because she nearly damn well challenged a stranger to a fight, without considering the fact that the bold move could have led to her early demise. Some part of her was alert, though. Better later than not at all, too. As a multitude of goosebumps erupted all over her body, Kai realized why she was so eager to engage the burly acolyte. He reminded her of one of the thugs that had taken her father's life. She could still hear his mocking laughter resounding in her ears, before its savage owner having disappeared into the shadows. Having shaken off the initial impulse to act, Kai brought her body to a complete standstill and closed her eyes, taking a slow breath, and then another. Thankfully, her would-be opponent did not even notice her moving toward him. Grateful for the opportunity to back off, the Korun did just that, finding her way back to the Zabrak. No sooner had she approached him, that she saw Darth Verrin pull two cylindrical objects to his waiting palms. And he did so, all the way across the chamber! Standing amazed for a few seconds, she did not take the weapon offered to her, until the Zabrak began speaking once more. Kai's palm threatened to tremble as she held the training saber in hand, but she forced it to stay immobile, teeth clenching. Every word spoken was absorbed with cool civility, even if deep inside of her it felt more like reverence. Although Darth Verrin reassured her that this version of the weapon was not nearly as lethal as a typical lightsaber used by Sith warriors, Kai was still appreciative of what it was capable of. In a standard weapon, there is a balance.....in the hilt itself, which is why it takes special training to wield one properly. Nodding, Kai offered a respectful acknowledgment of all the wisdom that was being imparted to her. I need to start recording these sessions, she thought, wishing she had some type of wrist-mounted holo-recorder to use for just such a purpose. Perhaps Master Rohl could help her obtain one, sometime. Her focus once again upon Darth Verrin, she nodded, observing him demonstrate some basic movements with the activated lightsaber in hand. The twirling strikes took her by surprise, not because the Korun did not think them possible, but somehow, she did not expect a head librarian to be capable of unleashing such flagrant (and most surprising) artistry. Cheeks flushing plum, she hastened to explain her discomposure. "Jen'ari, you are a true warrior." As if that was to explain the whole deal behind her awkward discomfiture. Darth Verrin did not seem to mind, however. Instead, he brought the weapon into a 'ready' pose, its tip pointed directly at the Korun. Frozen in place, Kai waited to see if the movement would result in a strike, except it did not. In fact, it stopped only a handful of inches away from her, the glow of the weapon warm against her frozen skin. "Go ahead - try it out. Get a feel for it" Darth Verrin said, in the earnest. Surely, he must have some idea that I have never handled such a weapon before? Still, the Zabrak was waiting on her to make her first move. Sliding her thumb over the activation switch of her weapon, Kai wondered just how much different it would be from her vibroblade. Yet nothing seemed to change when the training saber ignited with its bright blade. Astonished, the young woman sighed, then spun the weapon in a rapid arc with a flick of the wrist. Dust danced in the crimson light of its afterglow as Kai placed her remaining hand on the hilt in a two-handed grip. Before she knew it, her arm swung high and then low in an abrupt downward slash intended for the Sith Lord's exposed left shoulder....
  11. Birthright

    All of this, the entire gathering was so very, very awkward for the Korun. She felt entirely out of place, here among these finest darkside warriors who nonetheless, allowed her to be present. Kai considered just backing out slowly, carefully, vanishing around some corner or bulkhead, maybe? Or maybe she was a drooling idiot! Peon or not, they would have all sensed that the makeup of the dejarik board had changed. Not to mention, the training pits were a wide, open area. There was nothing here to hide behind except maybe another individual? Rubbish, Kai thought grimly. As if skulking behind Corvus or hiding under some other Darth's voluminous robe, was an option. Still bearing the gruesome image of the mutilated Mirialan's body in her mind, Kai lowered her gaze demurely and continued to stand semi-cautious in a posture of half-obeisance and half-readiness. Eventually, the assembly would dissipate completely and she, Kai, would return to her spartan cell with her datapads and books for comfort. Until then, she would listen and she would watch. Lowered glance could still spy things beneath the thick fringe of dark lashes, stopping at the feet of an enormous Sith (Carnifex) and lingered there. Kai would never be as awe-inspiring as this man, but at the very least, she would strive to attract the eye of a potential mentor or Sith Master. Granted, staring at someone's boots probably wouldn't gain her much attention from this, or any other formidable warrior gathered within. Daring to lift her chin if only a little, Kai continued to display a modicum of respect while studying those still present with a curious, artful glance.
  12. Ludus Summus

    Elona, 3630 BBY Sith Academy Training Pits on Dathomir (after the conclusion of Incipit) Entering the Sith Academy training pits for the very first time, Kai was suddenly glad she was not doing so, alone. There were some initiates and acolytes already present within. Some were practicing their swordplay, others were sparring with each other while some (less confident ones, perhaps) chose to do so with large sandbags marked with targets. A few (older acolytes by the looks of them) were engaging in obscure martial arts routines. The Korun stepped inside the doorway and off to the side as not to block the entrance -- silently watching the activity, leaning against the wall -- seemingly unnoticed for the time being. One of the trainees' brilliance was immediately apparent. He disarmed one of the taller companions with whom he was sparring, lowered his wooden training sword and turned his gaze blatantly upon her, Kai, as if his will alone could move the young woman from her standing spot. The Korun moved away from the wall and began to walk across the soft ground, her eyes leveled calmly with the stranger's. She did not know his name, but he seemed to have quite the reputation, judging by the way everyone else looked at him: there was an almost reverence and definitely fear. So, he thought himself to be better than everyone else, did he? Maybe it was time to test that theory, Kai thought, although it would have been her very first time, going up against a male combatant. Come to think of it, the Korun had not even tried sparing with a sandbag. And how could she, given that she had arrived here barely two days ago? If she were lucky, Kai would be allowed to practice with a training saber or a vibrosword, although she would use a stick if commanded to. There was no shame in using any weapon, as long as you gave it your very best shot, the initiate thought. She was moving too fast. The Korun's initial excitement was clearly getting the better of her. Pausing in her tracks, Kai decided to halt her approach in case it was seen as a direct challenge. You are not ready for that yet, the young woman scolded herself silently. Dual-colored gaze flushed with dismay was quietly lifted to Darth Verrin, who had yet to give any direction as to what he would expect of her.
  13. Incipit

    There was a tightening in her chest as Darth Verrin confirmed Kai's speculations. He was all alone, just like she was. Having apprentices or initiates to mentor did provide a semblance of a 'clan' but it was not the same as having a real family. She wanted to ask if he ever considered having one (a family, that is) or if in his many meditations, there was ever a thought of adopting a child - but decided not to, in the end. Such questions were bold, direct and personal, and they could make the Sith Lord get suspicious about her true motives for being here. Kai was not meddlesome by nature, but she was a very curious creature. The Korun believed that sometimes, the only way to get answers was to ask questions. Plus, it is not as if she could research the instructors at the Academy to any great depth or her own satisfaction without arousing suspicion. When their palms finally separated, Kai felt a strange sense of relief. Not that she minded the tactile contact (it was rather comforting, in fact) but she did not think it the 'norm' for the Sith Academy. Either that, or this Sith Lord was simply unlike any other she would meet in this place. Did the others see some of his behavior as weakness? Or did they believe the Zabrak used it to further his own goals, manipulating unwitting students into doing his bidding without them even realizing it? Don't question it. Just go with the flow. Meditate on this later, if you must. Momentarily distracted by her stray thoughts, Kai did not even notice when Darth Verrin came through the table toward her and was now standing next to the Korun, taking stock of what she was studying. "Ahhh - lightsaber construction. A good topic for you. We should probably start teaching you how to wield one." Her heart leapt at the suggestion. Or was that an offer? Dual-colored eyes widened when the Zabrak also approved her request to learn ancient Sith. But for now, Darth Verrin said, they would proceed to the pits and begin studying the lightsaber. You honor me, sensei. My soul overflows. Stunned by her good fortune, Kai bowed her head, closed the text before her and set it on top of the other books that she brought with her, still untouched. "I beg your indulgence while I put these tomes back where I found them." Having done so, the young woman came back to the table and gathered her datapad, saving the contents on-screen and deactivating the device. She was now ready to follow the Sith Lord's lead. Once they had left the Library, Kai stole a circumspect glance to the Zabrak's profile and asked, "What is a 'Tyro', sensei Darth Verrin?" Perhaps this was the very first word she would learn in ancient Sith, the curious Korun speculated in silence as they continued walking toward the training pits.
  14. Birthright

    Kai was numb. She wanted to say something, step forward, interrupt the proceedings. It would have been pointless, ending in her own demise. Such reaction would never get the Korun the retribution she yearned for. Although she did not know the fellow initiate's name, the young woman felt a slight pang of regret. What Jax did, was foolish but did she deserve to die for it? Stifling a soft murmur all too eager to leave her mouth, the Korun's gaze fell to the ground. This could have been me. This could have been anyone. She felt no hatred or disdain toward the acolyte who took the green skin's life. How could she? He was commanded to do so, by his superiors. One day, I may have to do this, Kai thought with a heavy heart. Her focus remained steady on the ground beneath her feet, hoping that the Mirialan's body would be removed soon. See me after this, soothed a familiar voice. Really?! What could he possibly say? What could he possibly offer her, after this?! Everyone, including Darth Verrin was so accepting of everything that took place. Truth be told, so was Kai. Outside, she was a mask of calm before the storm. Inside, she was screaming. Father... is that all, that we are? Living to die, and nothing more? There had to be more. Her heart cringed, tightening so hard that Kai nearly drew forth an audible breath to feel she was still alive. A lone island she was, floating upon stormy seas of uncertainty and darkness. When one could not see, all you could do, was sit back. Wait. Hope for the weather to clear. Father.... Kai wanted this more than anything, to be one of them: the Sith. The power they promised would have assured her of everything she ever needed to exact her revenge against those who killed her father. But there was so much more to be had, than the latter. There was a future. Something she never considered even when she was growing up under her father's watchful eye, on Nar Shaddaa. Kai never considered much at all. Now, she was thinking of everything. And yet, there was the corpse of Jasinda Jax, laying beneath some Sith acolyte's feet. It would soon be taken away, forgotten. Never to be mentioned again, except in passing as some outrageous jest that failed to please. Kai Tsintah would not be one of those, not if she could help it. She closed her eyes, hands clasping in front of her, and the memory of the pain she felt when Jasinda jax had died made her wince. Fear. Uncertainty. Regret. All those things were Kai's secret bane. She wanted none of them, not here and not now. In her mind, the Korun imagined the gentle, comforting touch of a Zabrak's hand upon her shoulder. See me after this, a faint echo reminded her. Was it really that easy? Kai stiffened, building a wall of her will to hold back tears of anger and frustration. Chewing on the corner of her lip, she felt a bit nauseated. Hopefully, this event would be over soon, and then the Sith initiate could seek her refuge in the spartan walls of her quarters, focusing back on the ultimate goal that mattered to her: revenge.
  15. Plot Ideas?

    The Sith Citadel may still house many buried and forgotten relics. I do not see Jedi raiding it any time soon, due to the overwhelming presence of the Dark side. There is also the possibility of finding scattered remnants of Rakata technology, if anyone was interested. It is not a friendly world, encased by ice and rough, rugged terrain. Most Sith would find it 'welcoming', I daresay - and coming to Ziost could definitely yield a 'fun' adventure, or two. The vine cat is probably a much easier mount to master than a rancor, so there is also the possibility of capturing some of these beasts to be mastered by willing Sith Lords or Apprentices. Finally, there is always technology that could be adapted for use within the Sith Remnant. The planet's surface might be dead, but its artificial elements could still be in good shape, and thriving.