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  1. Be Thorough

    This whole situation, including the being put on the spot part, would have been unnerving to most people who had little to no experience in such situations - but Kai found a way to maintain her inner peace. She controlled her anxiety with regular breathing and maintaining solid eye contact with the tribeswoman. She was also unaware of the proper procedure to conduct an interview or interrogation of this sort. The questions she asked were merely inquiries based on her own curiosity and had very little to do with logic or form. Nodding at Holle's translation of the native's responses, she offered her name in return, along with a brief word of appreciation for the native's frankness in communicating with her, Kai. The bits about the tribal organization which were entirely Holle's addition, made the Korun swivel and cant her head in the Zeltron's direction. "A true matriarchal society, then." She commented briefly, considering this Dathomirian 'min-maxing' when it came to procreation and such. It likely translated to other layers of their culture which by now was screaming 'survival of the fittest!' at Kai - a concept she could identify with - even if her own background did not pick one gender to establish a firm upper hand in the society. The Korunnai were equal where gender was concerned. And nothing was more important than the herd and its survival. But Kai did not see Dathomirian's way of procreating and producing the strongest offspring possible through some esoteric mating rites, as 'elegant'. She viewed it as rigid and premeditated, nothing more. In her mind, the definition of 'strongest' varied greatly, depending on the individual's motivation, their purpose for being. Sometimes the smallest person could be the one to change the course of the future, and not necessarily because they were the strongest, fastest or smartest. There was a subtle combination of traits that often made the strongest individuals, like the metals combining to forge a great sword. "But I digress. You may continue questioning her, or you may dismiss her and call in the next candidate. It is at your discretion." "I was under the impression that we were both tasked with conducting the interviews." Kai said. Blinking, she looked away from Holle and returned her gaze back to Zoren. "Tell her she may go, and bring forth the next candidate."
  2. Be Thorough

    Not binding them at all, the Zeltron said. Not that putting someone through a 'trial of fire' was necessarily binding or enslaving, it was just pushing someone to the brink of losing control and revealing who and what they really were, under the veneer of what they normally displayed. Holle went on to make several important points though, like facing adversity through strenuous physical and mental training. Suppose that would peel off another layer or two when it came to these largely unpredictable tribeswomen. And only women, Kai thought. Not a single male among them. The men must not posses any of the gifts that females do, or to such little extent as to be considered negligible. Once again, she focused on the Sith Apprentice's voice and nodded her agreement. The door to the office opened, and Holle called out in a foreign tongue. One of the women stepped inside while the door closed behind her. Her movements were akin to a stalker, careful and light, her steps entirely without rhythm. A hunter, perhaps? Kai thought. She wasn't overly tall or muscular, but there was something akin to a fierce determination about this one. The woman regarded the office tentatively, studying every spartan detail. When Holle spoke again, Kai felt the tribeswoman's eyes on her, very briefly. Their guest was seated now. Part of the Korun wished she could make the savage words, but it was of no importance now. The Zeltron was going to translate for Kai, so she better get started. Locking her gaze with the tribeswoman, the dark-skinned Apprentice began her line of questioning while maintaining her usual deadpan countenance. "What is your name? How many years have you? The name of your clan or tribe? What is your primary purpose as a member of your people? Who is your leader? Tell me about your spiritual convictions. What do you believe in, more than anything?"
  3. Be Thorough

    Testing the waters was not usually Kai's style, but she had not spent the amount of time with Holle as she did with Darth Verrin or even Aiden for that matter. What she already saw of the Zeltron female she did not particularly like, but the basic understanding behind Holle's behavior did not elude her. She knew all about the infamous Sith competition. And while it was far from beneath her to indulge in the latter, Kai felt that it would be pointless to try and get one leg up on Holle. In fact, she would be lucky if she could keep up with the Zeltron. What was that saying again? If you can't beat them, join them - yes, that's what it was. Maybe it was time to adopt this particular frame of mind, Kai thought. At least for the time being. Still, as Holle spoke, Kai could not help but feel a seed of derision swelling within. Appraising someone solely on the basis of their verbal communication seemed rather foolish in Korun's mind. These tribeswomen were not only mysterious and feral (unless these were merely appearances?) but they were also strong with the Force. Who was to say that they simply wouldn't tell Holle just what the Zeltron wanted to hear? Or Kai, for that matter. But the other Apprentice was adamant in stating that their relationship was built on honesty. She trusted them. And she wanted them as allies. The Korun, on the other hand, would not trust these women farther than she could throw them. Cautious to a fault, she considered Holle's question while pondering the one point in Zeltron's earlier discourse - the one that focused on learning from these natives. These people's Dark side ways were different from the Sith. Could they have also been more powerful? Is that what drew the Zeltron to these people? But Holle did not elaborate further, merely waited on an answer to her final question. "I appreciate your insight on a subject which I find as unfamiliar as I do, fascinating. I was merely curious to see how these people deal with conflict or strife. How they handle survival. How far they would dare go, to ensure their freedom or protect their lives. I find that whenever an individual is pushed to the extreme, that is when you meet the real person. Consider this. You can live with someone, side by side - for years - perhaps even decades. Share her land, her fire, her food. Communicate on every topic. Then one day, bind her, and hold her over the edge of a precipice. And on that day, you will finally meet the woman."
  4. Be Thorough

    Having waited outside of Darth Verrin's office for a few minutes, Kai used the time to observe the tribeswomen who continued to stand in the hallway, almost adamant in their immobile state. Perhaps Apprentice Holle had used some darkside magic to persuade them to remain as they were - or maybe they simply respected the Zeltron as a fellow warrior? Either way, they seemed staunchly determined to remain as they were until their 'liaison' emerged again. To Kai's surprise, it did not take long. She barely had time to consider a single path to facilitate their current assignment when Holle emerged from the same door Kai had exited only moments earlier. Turning to face her immediately, the Korun bowed in deference to the Sith Apprentice and waited to be spoken to. Watching the Zeltron approach and speak to the group of natives, Kai shifted her dual-colored gaze shift from her fellow Sith to the women, and back and forth like that - watching for any signs of trouble from either side, focused deeply on everyone's body language since she could not understand what was being said. Assuming Holle was explaining to them what was about to take place, the Korun vowed to pick up the native language as quickly as possible. To this end, she was certain there were books and holo-recordings in Darth Verrin's office that would help her do just that. It would be time consuming, but definitely worth it, especially if the project were to have the desired impact. The more of them fluent in the locals' culture, the quicker the assimilation of the locals would take place. Or at least, that is what logic seemed to dictate. "The women will follow us to my office, and there we will speak to them one at a time." Holle said without looking to her. Kai nodded, "Yes, my lady." She waited until everyone formed up and began following Holle, then stepped in behind the last one to bring up the rear. In a space of a brief reverie, they would find themselves in the Zeltron's office which was a stark contrast to the Zabrak's workstation. Everything here was meticulous and painstakingly precise. Not a speck of dust visible, not a single item out of place. Kai's eyes widened slightly, taking it all in and realizing that if she had an office, it would probably be a perfect mix between Verrin's glorious disarray and Holle's draconian exactitude. Heeding the Zeltron's inviting gesture, Kai took up a seat on the edge of one of the chairs near Holle and listened to the woman explain the what they were about to do, and how they would be going about it. When asked whether she was ready, Kai turned to Holle and shook her head. "I do have a question before we begin. Is the nature of this study going to be based on their verbal answers only, or will there be a practical aspect to this as well?" The measure of one's Force aptitude, after all, could not be rooted in conversation alone. Waiting for Holle to answer, the Korun wondered whether she would be scolded for asking a question before getting permission to ask it - but she would not worry about that now - the last thing the Zeltron would want to demonstrate is any kind of disunity among their own kind. Qui rogat, non errat.
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  6. Mind Over Matter

    Well, Kai may not have had the answers Darth Verrin sought, but she did sense the Zabrak seemingly 'entertained' by something she said. Either way, she did her best to offer her 'counsel' and once she was done with that, the acolyte expected to be dismissed. Before that would happen, however, the Sith Lord spoke at length with respect to the points she brought up earlier. Force-sensitives? It was by far, the most interesting news when it came to the tribal population. Well, it would certainly explain a few things. Like riding those awful beasts, to start with! In the end, Darth Verrin had made his decision. It may not have been what Kai expected, but then again, when did Sith go forth and do the 'conventional'? They were ordered to gather more intelligence and start integrating the tribeswomen into the Sith 'herd'. To that end, they would have to determine which ones would be the most suitable.... Not a task to be envied, Kai thought. Then again, she was not going into the unknown alone; the Zeltron was going to be in charge of this task as they went to interview their 'guests' waiting outside. "As you will it," Kai answered simply. She bowed to Darth Verrin, then to Apprentice Holle, then removed herself from Verrin's office content to wait outside. Hopefully, they would take some time to confer as to what Holle expected of her, and how the Sith Apprentice wanted to proceed. With the door closing behind her, Kai's dual-colored gaze befell the gathered women and a staring contest ensued. Might as well observe them here, while waiting for the Zeltron to emerge; it would give Kai and the Dathomirians a little time to get 'silently' acquainted.
  7. Mind Over Matter

    Preoccupied with thoughts of why she was being summoned to give 'counsel' to a Sith Lord, Kai did not even notice the tribeswomen at first. Barely had given them a passing glance, in fact - assuming they were there at the command of the Sith Lord - at which point it was none of her business. Stepping into Darth Verrin's office after being bid to enter, the Korun noticed they were not alone. There was another present, a female Kai did not recognize. The Zabrak moved to remedy her curious gaze, offering a brief introduction of Holle, one of his Sith apprentices. He would then speak at length, addressing the presence of native strangers outside his office door. Dathomir's nomadic tribeswomen to be trained as Sith? Interesting. Did they have enough instructors going around for this type of venture to achieve any degree of success? Harboring these and other reservations, Kai resolved to give this some thought before responding at length. Kai responded by bowing deep at the waist, first to the Sith Lord, and then offering a somewhat more 'shallow' bow to the apprentice. Wow.... that skin! So startling.... and so pink. A Zeltron? She had ran into Holle's kind before, back on Nar Shaddaa, when frequenting various casino and nightclub venues. This was the first time, however, that she would be faced with a Zeltron of the Sith.... variety. Kai wondered if the Sith Apprentice would unleash a string of biting comments her way, and she was not sure, why. Something about the woman just struck her as contemptuous and territorial. She did not have to wait long for the verbal vitriol to commence and mentally prepared for it, would not succumb to its obvious design. "Ah, a fresh whelp desperate to claw themselves above the deluge of filth that birthed them." Dark face retained its usual deadpan expression; dual-colored eyes flickered as she nodded. Due to Kai's lowly station, the Apprentice would not even turn when speaking to her. That too, did not bother the Korun; respect worked both ways, she reminded herself silently. On that platform, we are on even ground. Flicking her surreptitious glance away from the Zeltron, she settled a calm gaze upon Darth Verrin. Breathe. Just.... breathe. "Ah, sensei - forgive me - I did see the visitors outside but did not realize their purpose here until just now. It is true, I have spent some time here, living mostly in isolation to preserve my anonymity and hone survival skills. Therefore, I am not qualified to give adequate advice when it comes to having experience interacting with these people. Yet I feel compelled to point out that the ancient saying of 'united we stand - divided we fall' has much wisdom to lend in this situation. Wisdom that perhaps, we should build upon. First, I would investigate their numbers. When loyalties do.... get torn asunder, what quantity of natives would we be up against? Second, I would gather intelligence on their technology. If there is anything I have learned from frequenting your Library, sensei, is that one should never judge a book by its cover. Just because they appear primordial, does not mean that they lack quality in their warfare strategy, weapons, or ancient knowledge we may know little about. That which we do know, may only be the tip of the iceberg. But if we fully get to know a thing, we can control.... that thing. Third, I am not threatened by competition. It is but one means to hone the skills an individual needs, to strive for perfection. One of many." Silence befell her at that point, as Kai realized she had been going on for longer than originally intended. She deferred from speaking further until her betters bid her to do so.
  8. Mind Over Matter

    It took a while for this meditation to achieve any tangible results, Kai realized. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes like hours. If there was anything she had gotten down pat by now, it was breathing. Could not go wrong with that one! Her chest rose and fell with deep, rhythmic breaths that made her feel in control of things, in command of herself both physically and mentally. Her psyche was crystal clear, making it easy for Kai to attain crisp focus of whatever she put her mind to. Even Verrin's prolonged absence did not seem to tarnish her efforts. Initial anxiety at his ongoing disappearance made the acolyte curious, but Kai never let it get the best of her to the point where she would suddenly yank herself off the floor and leave the chamber in search of the Sith Lord. There could have been a small element of fear playing a part in that? He never gave her permission to leave the room, after all. Several more minutes passed. Given the bland setup of the room, Kai did not have much to play with but she did have the equipment she came in here with. Gloved hand moved to tap the edge of the sheathed vibro-blade on her belt before removing the weapon and balancing it on the fingertips of both hands, lifting it to the level of her eyes which then studied the object briefly before beginning to close. Within seconds, the vibro-blade began to tremble slightly, before finally lifting a few centimeters off Kai's gloved fingertips. The Korun's eyes remained closed as the weapon began to shift higher, assuming a slow clockwise spin. One, two.... feet up, one, two.... feet down. Repeat. Control the angle of the blade and the velocity of the rotations, and then-- --CLANG!! Spinning out of control, the blade smacked down upon the floor, its tip embedding itself dangerously close to Kai's left foot. The acolyte's eyes flew open as an echoes of a message she had heard in her mind only seconds ago replayed themselves again, and again. "Come to my office, Acolyte Kai Tsintah - I seek your counsel.... " A grimace of confusion set itself in the girl's dark features. Her counsel? The venerable Zabrak's age must have been catching up with him, dulling his wits. What could a lowly academy initiate possibly have to offer a Sith Lord, in terms of advice?! Sighing, Kai leaned down to yank the blade out of the floor tile and slipped it back into its protective sheath before getting to her feet and straightening her tunic. However strange the message, there was nothing for it but to follow its beckon call. Heading to Darth Verrin's office, Kai dismissed her thoughts altogether and focused on her breathing, slow and deep and even - pausing only to emit a light knock at the door while waiting to be admitted inside.
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  10. Mind Over Matter

    Kai concentrated her gaze on Darth Verrin's knees (of all places), although her mental focus remained on every word that fell from the Zabrak's lips. He was still breathing rather heavily, her mentor.... her friend? If only. By now, the Korun had all but resigned herself to independent studies. She did come here; she did throw herself on the Sith Lord's mercy, asking for his tutelage? He made no formal acceptance of it, but neither did he throw her out with sunburst holes from the all-powerful Force Lightning, scattered all over her audacious self. Better a part time master than no master at all, Kai reminded herself grimly as Darth Verrin went on to unleash a monologue peppered with wisdom and knowledge. Zen state (or rather, BREATHING) - check. Advanced Force techniques for defying the vacuum of space, to be looked into later - check. Potential meditation is the stepping stone to building up and releasing the kinetic - check. She would continue to follow the sensei's instructions, practicing her breathing to the point of becoming aware of every heartbeat in the room, every inhale of exhale taken by both, hell, even the sudden vibration in the Force which told her that something (or someone), was coming. Or rather, it was already here. As if on cue, Verrin announced his departure, forcing Kai to merely nod her acceptance and sink back into the meditation as ordered.
  11. Mind Over Matter

    "So... what you're saying isn't so much that you need someone to show you things, but that you're choosing to bind yourself with that particular chain. You want to chain yourself to a master, a mentor, or some kind of guardian." She was looking for both, but not to chain herself - to learn. To experience. Evolve. Why did he always have to put everything in such blatant terms? At the same time, the Sith Lord did not begrudge or ridicule her way of thinking. This encouraged Kai and calmed her nerves. "Sometimes, temporary chains are necessary in order to attain independent goals," she agreed. "As to what I desire? Knowledge, yes. Power, definitely." Safety? Went hand in hand with the previous two. Comfort? The Korun could live without it given the hardships in which she was raised, but even she could recognize the potential in the latter, from time to time. Love? No. Far too elusive, perhaps unattainable, even. Every ounce of love Kai Tsintah possessed, died with her father on Nar Shaddaa. She could not even recall what that felt like, anymore - to love someone, and to know that they cared in return - enough to lay down their life for hers. Thankfully, Darth Verrin was already veering off onto a different track, the monologue continued. His hand came to clasp her own and she froze for a moment, still unused to the tactile contact and the uncertainty even the most benign touch awakened in the girl. The Zabrak appeared not to have noticed any of it and guided her toward the Library, continuing to explain matters of trial and failure. The longer he went on, the more relaxed and comfortable Kai became. There was something about the older man's voice that she would come to find unusually soothing. They would traverse the Library proper before entering his office. But this one was different from the spartan chamber with the desk and insane piles of relics, tomes and other memorabilia. This was an empty room. A puzzled look became her as Kai turned to look at Verrin with a questioning glance. Why were they here? Invited to sit, Kai did as she was bid, echoing Verrin's precise, simple movements. "Meditation is at the core of our training...." the Sith Lord began, his voice seemingly gaining in emphasis and power whether he was aware of projecting both, or not. She listened as he went over the basics of a Sith warrior's training and how the Force and combat technique were one. Her hand was suddenly released and the Zabrak drew to his feet, creating some distance between the two of them. From his robes he withdrew a weapon, not unlike a lightsaber but different. The hilt was longer, Kai observed at once. I thought that meditation was something to help me find peace, but it isn't. What was it, then, this key to absolute control? The Zabrak's feet shifted, both ends of his weapon igniting in a splendid show of violet plasma. She watched with bewilderment and awe, as he began to execute a series of movements - slowly at first - then faster, and faster.... Yet every motion was deliberate, precise and lethal. Soon enough, Verrin's body and his weapon moved quicker than her eyes could keep up with, as Kai made every effort to follow the man's instructions. "Reach out with your senses. Don't just watch with your eyes. Try to feel what I'm doing in the Force too." Keeping in line with his suggestion, Kai stretched out with her senses and delved head first into the matrix of glowing lines created by the intersection of all living things. It filled her from within and surrounded her simultaneously. And although she could no longer see Verrin's silhouette, nor could she trace the flashing trail of his twin blades, Kai focused deeply, seeking Verrin's life aura. His line seemed to flicker and disappear, before appearing in a glowing arc that finally came to a stand still in her vision. Suddenly, she turned, sliding forward into a knee, forcing her body to spin about a half circle. And there he was, the Sith Lord's majestic twin beams momentarily disappearing from view as the room was once again, brought to a quiet pause. "I am going to have to work on that third sister," the Korun acolyte admitted, humility infusing every word. "Teach me, sensei. I wish to become a master.... scooter."
  12. Mind Over Matter

    The leaf - it was precious to him. Verrin seemed to take unusual care in handling it, so Kai assumed it was very old and perhaps the only artifact of its kind, even. She was not about to ask what kind of recipe this particular leaf contained, even if curiosity was eating her alive at that moment. Old relics were fascinating and those containing Force secrets, even more so. When the monologue switched gears and the Sith Lord saw it fit to point out that the young woman already possessed some knowledge of object manipulation, she bit down her lower lip in frustration. "It is unstable, Lord. The power.... I have very little command over it. It appears to work in some situations but not in others. Why then, was I not able to call the lightsaber to my hand when Darth Tanit was about to strike me down, that day in the training pits? I focused.... and I pictured it in my mind; I could sense the energy flow through it.... how it connected to the sand, and the surrounding air, and eventually, to me, but it would not budge at all when I willed it to do so. Why?!" Kai neglected to mention to Darth Verrin that since that fateful day, she had not devoted a single moment to her Force studies - not even to practice her meditation. Every time she was almost ready to do so, her thoughts would run rampant and scatter, as if mocking her. She could not focus properly, because of that one.... miserable.... hangup? "You know, you are right, sensei," the young woman murmured gravely. "Maybe I need to return to the basics. When I first came here, my mind was clear, focused. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was able to keep my darker desires at bay. Now, after having tasted various knowledge, partaken in lightsaber combat, and been exposed to the overall atmosphere of the Academy -- I feel more unsettled than I have ever been. Did something break inside me, mentally? What am I missing? Have I bitten off more than I can chew?" At this point, Kai stopped herself, realizing that this frantic mumbling may be reciprocated with anger or disgust. "I don't want to fail but inside, inside I feel like I am. I cannot spend the rest of my days here, pouring my gaze over countless library books -- no disrespect to you, sensei. But this, being left alone, to my own devices -- this is not something I am ready for. From the day I could crawl, I had a mentor, a guardian -- a father -- to show me things, to push me along on my path of becoming an adolescent. How then, can I prove myself to attract the attention of a new teacher, someone who can stand me upright and steer me straight toward my destiny?"
  13. Say it like you mean it.

    "There is always some cost," Kai realized, murmuring to herself quietly after having witnessed Darth Verrin's scar and listened to the Sith Lord's detailed explanation of how the Dark Side healed injuries and even prevented people from dying. His reasoning seemed to make sense? After all, the Light and Dark sides were direct opposites. If one were to reach out with the Dark side, completely.... it could very well cause him (or her) significant anguish for drawing so far away from the Light. Idly, she wondered whether Jedi who drew on the Light side experienced similar pain by drawing away from the Dark side -- and then it occurred to her that in her botched effort to use Force-directed healing on Aiden's palm, she felt no pain and no discomfort of any kind. Still, regardless of comfort levels, Kai could not rely on it to be of any help to her. Not here, not ever. She had made her choice. "I understand, Lord Verrin," she replied softly, acknowledging his warning on any more future uses of Light side powers. "I was not even aware of doing anything wrong; it just felt natural, logical, even. And yet, ignorance is no excuse and the last thing I wish to do is bring the wrath of the Sith'ari upon myself. I beg your indulgence and forgiveness for that one, unfortunate mistake. I will do all I can to prevent it from ever happening again."
  14. Mind Over Matter

    Something had to be said for the element of surprise. It was not that the effeminate robot suddenly appeared in accordance with Kai's hopes. It was the fact that she had stumbled into the wrong place entirely and was likely saved by Maggie's timely appearance. Otherwise, the newly minted acolyte could have easily ended up on some angry Darth's torture rack. Given that the droid offered her something akin to a smile, Kai quickly replied with a silly grin of her own. Her eyebrows rose in embarrassment as she quickly acknowledged Maggie's kind offer to take her to the correct location. "I do appreciate this, Maggie. I hope you keep this between the two of us, me getting lost like this." Not a single mention of the fact that she had a datapad with the detailed map of the facility ~on her person, and simply opted not to use it. A quick shuffle of deft feet allowed her to catch up with the robot with minimum effort. Before she knew it, they were both on their way back to the Library, crossing the main floor and heading well past the perimeter of patrolling Guardians. As they passed a row of paintings depicting former Temple Lords Kai lowered her gaze as it now skimmed past Maggie's heels. She could almost feel their contempt of her, though the young woman consoled herself with the thought that it was probably all in her all-too-vivid imagination. Moments later they would arrive at an inconspicuous door which the droid opened without ceremony. Oh, boy.... now this looks rather familiar....! Kai thought, finally lifting her gaze from the floor and gradually bringing it to level with the spartan furnishings and the messy desk she had seen at least once before. I should have just come here to begin with; why did I think that an Overseer would have chosen some high and grand, lofty office at the top of the Academy? Fool. Next time, use common sense. While Kai stood there, scolding herself (and silently grateful that the chamber was rather dimly lit), Maggie was busy admonishing an Imperial Kaar. Something about a light source and a lamp, the Korun was far too busy attempting to make herself less visible by standing directly behind the droid to catch every word. Alas, Darth Verrin was only slightly preoccupied, not legally blind. And then there was that little pesky thing, known as the Force. It probably screamed her life aura the moment she tiptoed inside. "Good day, Acolyte. What's on your mind?" Sliding from behind Maggie's feminine posterior, Kai shuffled her feet and bowed in greeting. Her gaze instantly caught the outline of a rather large leaf which the Sith Lord appeared to be studying most intently. "Apologies in disturbing you, venerable Lord." Still distracted by the leaf, she forced her gaze upward and away from the contents of Verrin's desk. "I was unsure of where else to go. My people have a saying that knowledge and experience go hand in hand for achieving success. You are the most knowledgeable individual I know. Thus, I came to ask if you would consider.... teaching me the ability to move and manipulate objects using the power of the Force." Having recited that last bit in a single breath, Kai swallowed and fell silent; dual-colored gaze watching the Zabrak intently but without expectation, knowing full well that it was Darth Verrin's prerogative alone to accept or deny her request.
  15. Mind Over Matter

    Office of the Kaar of Ancient Knowledge 1 Week after the events of 'Ludus Summus' It took a while - her recovery from the first time Kai stepped foot in the Training Pits - far longer than the newly minted acolyte had originally anticipated it would. Apart from the numerous bruises and burns she suffered during Darth Tanit's lesson on perseverance as a Sith warrior, the Korun nursed some psychological wounds which seemed a lot more difficult to get past, than any superficial physical injury sustained in what she deemed to be, her most memorable training session to date. Kai's ego was no worse for wear; she did not take anything that was done in training personally and knew full well that everything that took place here, even everything that surrounded her, was meant to be an ongoing lesson and a (hopefully) fruitful learning experience. Many days afterwards, she would lay awake in her bunk and replay 'moment by moment' the basic Shii-Cho velocities the Dark Lady had shown her. Ever fresh in her mind, the exercises would become so ingrained that she would dream about the encounter almost every night. Her days were spent in the library, wisely keeping out of the way of the Guardians and other acolytes. Before Kai realized it, an entire week had passed without a single altercation. Neither did she manage to make any new 'friends' among her peers - likely due to her embracing the loner inside. But the solitary existence, however temporary, brought the Korun little peace and even less joy. Something was still bothering Kai; something left behind, there... on the sands of the blood-stained training pits. In as much as pursuing her academic studies allowed the Korun to gain some temporary relief to sore muscles and joints, it failed to bring her sufficient closure. Don't just sit here, a voice whispered inside, prodding at her restless psyche. Go out there, and do. But do.... what, exactly? Do not play ignorant, Kai. It does not suit you. You know what must be done, now execute. Standing up deftly, she closed the book her gaze had been pouring over for the past two and a half hours, and quietly tiptoed to put it back on the shelf where she had originally found it. The Guardians shifted past her, keeping sufficient distance as not to alarm the girl, neither approving nor condemning her behavior. They were simply there to observe, Darth Verrin's perpetually vigilant, ever-present shadow guards. Verrin. That's a good start, now run with it. Disgruntled at her ineptitude at shutting down her overactive psyche, Kai returned to the desk and gathered up a handful of datapads. What about Darth Verrin? He isn't even here.... Quick dual-colored gaze swept over her surroundings, failing to note the presence of the Dark Librarian. Likely stepped out to use the facilities, the acolyte thought. Even powerful Sith have to succumb to nature's call once in a while. You are one of the saddest acolytes in the history of this Academy, or well on your way to becoming one, the voice piped up causing Kai's brows to knit in frustration. Whatever. I don't even think I am an Acolyte yet. Just because someone said something doesn't necessarily make it so. One pathetic attempt in combat training does not equal a promotion, she spat back inwardly, striding out of the Library proper. Enough! I am going to take care of my business when I'm damn ready and without your butting in between my every semi-coherent thought. Silence answered her. Relieved, the Korun moved down the hall, then another and another, not really paying much attention to where she was headed. Before long, the young woman would ascend to another floor and make her way toward the Overseers' Offices, with the occasional pair of eyes or two, watching her from the shadows. There must have been many guards scattered in plentiful nooks and crannies of this place, Kai thought, still walking about aimlessly and yet attempting to walk 'with a purpose.' Verrin. That's a good start, now run with it. The thought echoed in her mind suddenly, as the acolyte haphazardly navigated her way to the center of the Facility. She saw a door in front of her, and caught the designation for what and who it housed inside, almost at the very last moment. Halting her momentum, she brought both her body and mind to a pause, still staring.... hesitating. It would have been so much easier if Maggie had stepped out in the next few moments, so she could inquire whether the Kaar was too busy to receive her. Inwardly, she laughed at her own audacity. A Kaar of Knowledge, seeing a nosy student on the latter's whim? Not bloody likely, Kai thought, already scolding herself mentally for having ventured this far. And then the image of her helpless, battered form materialized before her eyes, yet again. Like a fish out of water, the young woman was gasping for breath, reaching out for a weapon that lay far beyond her reach.... Her struggle was only the beginning of the long and harrowing journey. And if she wanted it to continue, Kai would have to step through the door facing her now, along with many others yet waiting to be discovered. Another moment passed, then another, and another. Kai's heartbeat intensified; mind straining to conjure up a vision, willing Maggie to appear. Here goes nothing. Or everything. Frak it. Stepping up to the door, she could have sworn she heard a brief commotion behind the door and yet chose to ignore it. Her arm lifted with guided determination, lightly balled up fist moving up to knock once.... twice.... before falling back to her hip and relaxing almost immediately as Kai stood.... and waited.