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  1. Wild Child of the Force....

    Alliance, shmaliance. Kai honestly did not care for the concept. If anyone actually did, it was probably for selfish reasons. Power. Ambition. Personal gain. Whatever. This masterless apprentice certainly did not feel the need to care? Sighing, she shoved her way past a helmeted bouncer that smelled faintly of a ....Duros persuasion? Brief gleam of green skin beneath the helmet confirmed the young woman's suspicions as she pushed on inside, hoping to find something inspiring to quench her thirst. This random cantina on Nirauan was as good as any watering hole she had ever come across. And as long as they took her money, what did it matter? Kai's hand slid down to her utility belt, fingertips skimming across the cylinder on her right hip. Her distinct skin color and contrasting ivory tattoo patterns underneath the eyes and cheekbones were already drawing curious glances. As long as that is all they were, Kai Tsintah would behave herself, focusing on self control above all other things. So Jedi-like in her persuasion. So deceptive in demeanor - especially to those who would wish her ill. Clearing the entrance and foyer, Kai immediately sought out the bar counter, her objectives clear. Drink. Relax. Enjoy. If anyone was to get in the midst of that.... well, she would just have to teach them about respect and tolerance. All those Jedi-venerated concepts. She felt bile rise up in her throat just as she closed the distance to the person that was about to make her evening. Swift movements of flawless, innate agility guided her toward a semi-empty spot at the wooden ledge lined with glasses of various persuasion. "Corellian ale, or equivalent." Sliding forth a credit chit, Kai stole a quick, furtive glance to her immediate neighbors. Fat Sullustan on the left, blind girl on the right. Nothing overly threatening or equally inspiring. Leaning onto the counter, Kai waited patiently for her order to arrive....
  2. I am not dead.

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      Darth Verrin

      Good to hear, Miss Tsintah... good to hear...  :)

  3. Character Face Claims

    Cassie (Ventura), Model/Actress - Kai Tsintah
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  5. Won't Get Fooled Again

    It was a challenge to maintain a deadpan stare in the midst of the ongoing verbal cacophony. So much conflicting, skeptical discord. As a consequence, it was highly unlikely that the thoughts weighing on everyone's minds were any better. In truth, the master-less apprentice had nothing to contribute; and even if she had, it would have been unwise to interrupt her betters... on either side of this 'summit meeting'. Even the venerable Sensei Verrin was losing his cool, the Korun noted with a demurely raised brow which lowered to its typical, non-committal state in less than a blink of an eye. Further to this, the Sith'ari was willing to give himself up at the end of the war, while someone new and eerie spewed forth a sermon worthy of applause. Clasping her hands tightly behind her back, Kai elected not to act precipitously and choosing instead, to admire the woman's wisdom in silence while filing it away for future memory. And there was that ultimate creep factor again, the moment she stole a glance in the other's direction. Very few individuals I have come across in the Academy had this kind of aura, thought the mesmerized apprentice. Most notably, the Sith'ari - of course - but Kai had only glimpsed him once and very very briefly. Actually, it was more like she 'heard' the man's voice; most of her time at the assembly was spent hiding behind some Sith Lord's voluminous (and very well placed) cloak... The other spine-chilling individual the Korun had the privilege of meeting (and sparring with, even!) was Darth Tanit... No. It couldn't be. Could it...!? Now you're grasping at straws, dinii, Kai admonished herself silently, absent mind tossing in a derogatory Mando'a term, for good measure. Pay attention to the proceedings and focus on everything that is being said and done with equal fervor. Finally, remember your meditation; strong heart... still mind.
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  7. Character Sheet Rework

    If this is acceptable, I will have Kai set up as follows: | Strength - B |Agility - A | Perception - C | Endurance - B | Willpower - C |
  8. Be Thorough

    The Zeltron made a fair point (more than one, in fact!) and thus, Kai bowed her head in deference to the initial statement Holle had made. There was no need for further acknowledgment as the next tribeswoman walked in the door. This specimen looked lanky and limber, toned muscle and scar highlighting this one's worth as a warrior. Indeed, she was quite impressive; even had she not carried her spear, Kai would still find herself immediately on her guard. "This one is physically fit beyond even our kind's expectations." Recalling the acolytes fighting in the training pits, the Korun could not think of a single one that was half as impressive as this female specimen. "Reading her body language, she is in a constant state of readiness; her weapon grip is a sure one although she does not appear tense, merely 'aware' of her circumstances at all times. Her bearing exudes confidence and grace, as if she is not one to take orders often but rather, give them to others. Her many scars speak not only to her bravery in combat but to her incredible survival skills as well. I would assume she is a venerated warrior or huntress among her kind, and there is much to be learned from her - if only she would allow it." Kai's head bowed in deference to the Dathomirian, possibly a much wiser and experienced woman than both Kai and Holle, combined. "What might her name be? Does it have a special meaning among her people?"
  9. Be Thorough

    This whole situation, including the being put on the spot part, would have been unnerving to most people who had little to no experience in such situations - but Kai found a way to maintain her inner peace. She controlled her anxiety with regular breathing and maintaining solid eye contact with the tribeswoman. She was also unaware of the proper procedure to conduct an interview or interrogation of this sort. The questions she asked were merely inquiries based on her own curiosity and had very little to do with logic or form. Nodding at Holle's translation of the native's responses, she offered her name in return, along with a brief word of appreciation for the native's frankness in communicating with her, Kai. The bits about the tribal organization which were entirely Holle's addition, made the Korun swivel and cant her head in the Zeltron's direction. "A true matriarchal society, then." She commented briefly, considering this Dathomirian 'min-maxing' when it came to procreation and such. It likely translated to other layers of their culture which by now was screaming 'survival of the fittest!' at Kai - a concept she could identify with - even if her own background did not pick one gender to establish a firm upper hand in the society. The Korunnai were equal where gender was concerned. And nothing was more important than the herd and its survival. But Kai did not see Dathomirian's way of procreating and producing the strongest offspring possible through some esoteric mating rites, as 'elegant'. She viewed it as rigid and premeditated, nothing more. In her mind, the definition of 'strongest' varied greatly, depending on the individual's motivation, their purpose for being. Sometimes the smallest person could be the one to change the course of the future, and not necessarily because they were the strongest, fastest or smartest. There was a subtle combination of traits that often made the strongest individuals, like the metals combining to forge a great sword. "But I digress. You may continue questioning her, or you may dismiss her and call in the next candidate. It is at your discretion." "I was under the impression that we were both tasked with conducting the interviews." Kai said. Blinking, she looked away from Holle and returned her gaze back to Zoren. "Tell her she may go, and bring forth the next candidate."
  10. Be Thorough

    Not binding them at all, the Zeltron said. Not that putting someone through a 'trial of fire' was necessarily binding or enslaving, it was just pushing someone to the brink of losing control and revealing who and what they really were, under the veneer of what they normally displayed. Holle went on to make several important points though, like facing adversity through strenuous physical and mental training. Suppose that would peel off another layer or two when it came to these largely unpredictable tribeswomen. And only women, Kai thought. Not a single male among them. The men must not posses any of the gifts that females do, or to such little extent as to be considered negligible. Once again, she focused on the Sith Apprentice's voice and nodded her agreement. The door to the office opened, and Holle called out in a foreign tongue. One of the women stepped inside while the door closed behind her. Her movements were akin to a stalker, careful and light, her steps entirely without rhythm. A hunter, perhaps? Kai thought. She wasn't overly tall or muscular, but there was something akin to a fierce determination about this one. The woman regarded the office tentatively, studying every spartan detail. When Holle spoke again, Kai felt the tribeswoman's eyes on her, very briefly. Their guest was seated now. Part of the Korun wished she could make the savage words, but it was of no importance now. The Zeltron was going to translate for Kai, so she better get started. Locking her gaze with the tribeswoman, the dark-skinned Apprentice began her line of questioning while maintaining her usual deadpan countenance. "What is your name? How many years have you? The name of your clan or tribe? What is your primary purpose as a member of your people? Who is your leader? Tell me about your spiritual convictions. What do you believe in, more than anything?"
  11. Be Thorough

    Testing the waters was not usually Kai's style, but she had not spent the amount of time with Holle as she did with Darth Verrin or even Aiden for that matter. What she already saw of the Zeltron female she did not particularly like, but the basic understanding behind Holle's behavior did not elude her. She knew all about the infamous Sith competition. And while it was far from beneath her to indulge in the latter, Kai felt that it would be pointless to try and get one leg up on Holle. In fact, she would be lucky if she could keep up with the Zeltron. What was that saying again? If you can't beat them, join them - yes, that's what it was. Maybe it was time to adopt this particular frame of mind, Kai thought. At least for the time being. Still, as Holle spoke, Kai could not help but feel a seed of derision swelling within. Appraising someone solely on the basis of their verbal communication seemed rather foolish in Korun's mind. These tribeswomen were not only mysterious and feral (unless these were merely appearances?) but they were also strong with the Force. Who was to say that they simply wouldn't tell Holle just what the Zeltron wanted to hear? Or Kai, for that matter. But the other Apprentice was adamant in stating that their relationship was built on honesty. She trusted them. And she wanted them as allies. The Korun, on the other hand, would not trust these women farther than she could throw them. Cautious to a fault, she considered Holle's question while pondering the one point in Zeltron's earlier discourse - the one that focused on learning from these natives. These people's Dark side ways were different from the Sith. Could they have also been more powerful? Is that what drew the Zeltron to these people? But Holle did not elaborate further, merely waited on an answer to her final question. "I appreciate your insight on a subject which I find as unfamiliar as I do, fascinating. I was merely curious to see how these people deal with conflict or strife. How they handle survival. How far they would dare go, to ensure their freedom or protect their lives. I find that whenever an individual is pushed to the extreme, that is when you meet the real person. Consider this. You can live with someone, side by side - for years - perhaps even decades. Share her land, her fire, her food. Communicate on every topic. Then one day, bind her, and hold her over the edge of a precipice. And on that day, you will finally meet the woman."
  12. Be Thorough

    Having waited outside of Darth Verrin's office for a few minutes, Kai used the time to observe the tribeswomen who continued to stand in the hallway, almost adamant in their immobile state. Perhaps Apprentice Holle had used some darkside magic to persuade them to remain as they were - or maybe they simply respected the Zeltron as a fellow warrior? Either way, they seemed staunchly determined to remain as they were until their 'liaison' emerged again. To Kai's surprise, it did not take long. She barely had time to consider a single path to facilitate their current assignment when Holle emerged from the same door Kai had exited only moments earlier. Turning to face her immediately, the Korun bowed in deference to the Sith Apprentice and waited to be spoken to. Watching the Zeltron approach and speak to the group of natives, Kai shifted her dual-colored gaze shift from her fellow Sith to the women, and back and forth like that - watching for any signs of trouble from either side, focused deeply on everyone's body language since she could not understand what was being said. Assuming Holle was explaining to them what was about to take place, the Korun vowed to pick up the native language as quickly as possible. To this end, she was certain there were books and holo-recordings in Darth Verrin's office that would help her do just that. It would be time consuming, but definitely worth it, especially if the project were to have the desired impact. The more of them fluent in the locals' culture, the quicker the assimilation of the locals would take place. Or at least, that is what logic seemed to dictate. "The women will follow us to my office, and there we will speak to them one at a time." Holle said without looking to her. Kai nodded, "Yes, my lady." She waited until everyone formed up and began following Holle, then stepped in behind the last one to bring up the rear. In a space of a brief reverie, they would find themselves in the Zeltron's office which was a stark contrast to the Zabrak's workstation. Everything here was meticulous and painstakingly precise. Not a speck of dust visible, not a single item out of place. Kai's eyes widened slightly, taking it all in and realizing that if she had an office, it would probably be a perfect mix between Verrin's glorious disarray and Holle's draconian exactitude. Heeding the Zeltron's inviting gesture, Kai took up a seat on the edge of one of the chairs near Holle and listened to the woman explain the what they were about to do, and how they would be going about it. When asked whether she was ready, Kai turned to Holle and shook her head. "I do have a question before we begin. Is the nature of this study going to be based on their verbal answers only, or will there be a practical aspect to this as well?" The measure of one's Force aptitude, after all, could not be rooted in conversation alone. Waiting for Holle to answer, the Korun wondered whether she would be scolded for asking a question before getting permission to ask it - but she would not worry about that now - the last thing the Zeltron would want to demonstrate is any kind of disunity among their own kind. Qui rogat, non errat.
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  14. Mind Over Matter

    Well, Kai may not have had the answers Darth Verrin sought, but she did sense the Zabrak seemingly 'entertained' by something she said. Either way, she did her best to offer her 'counsel' and once she was done with that, the acolyte expected to be dismissed. Before that would happen, however, the Sith Lord spoke at length with respect to the points she brought up earlier. Force-sensitives? It was by far, the most interesting news when it came to the tribal population. Well, it would certainly explain a few things. Like riding those awful beasts, to start with! In the end, Darth Verrin had made his decision. It may not have been what Kai expected, but then again, when did Sith go forth and do the 'conventional'? They were ordered to gather more intelligence and start integrating the tribeswomen into the Sith 'herd'. To that end, they would have to determine which ones would be the most suitable.... Not a task to be envied, Kai thought. Then again, she was not going into the unknown alone; the Zeltron was going to be in charge of this task as they went to interview their 'guests' waiting outside. "As you will it," Kai answered simply. She bowed to Darth Verrin, then to Apprentice Holle, then removed herself from Verrin's office content to wait outside. Hopefully, they would take some time to confer as to what Holle expected of her, and how the Sith Apprentice wanted to proceed. With the door closing behind her, Kai's dual-colored gaze befell the gathered women and a staring contest ensued. Might as well observe them here, while waiting for the Zeltron to emerge; it would give Kai and the Dathomirians a little time to get 'silently' acquainted.
  15. Mind Over Matter

    Preoccupied with thoughts of why she was being summoned to give 'counsel' to a Sith Lord, Kai did not even notice the tribeswomen at first. Barely had given them a passing glance, in fact - assuming they were there at the command of the Sith Lord - at which point it was none of her business. Stepping into Darth Verrin's office after being bid to enter, the Korun noticed they were not alone. There was another present, a female Kai did not recognize. The Zabrak moved to remedy her curious gaze, offering a brief introduction of Holle, one of his Sith apprentices. He would then speak at length, addressing the presence of native strangers outside his office door. Dathomir's nomadic tribeswomen to be trained as Sith? Interesting. Did they have enough instructors going around for this type of venture to achieve any degree of success? Harboring these and other reservations, Kai resolved to give this some thought before responding at length. Kai responded by bowing deep at the waist, first to the Sith Lord, and then offering a somewhat more 'shallow' bow to the apprentice. Wow.... that skin! So startling.... and so pink. A Zeltron? She had ran into Holle's kind before, back on Nar Shaddaa, when frequenting various casino and nightclub venues. This was the first time, however, that she would be faced with a Zeltron of the Sith.... variety. Kai wondered if the Sith Apprentice would unleash a string of biting comments her way, and she was not sure, why. Something about the woman just struck her as contemptuous and territorial. She did not have to wait long for the verbal vitriol to commence and mentally prepared for it, would not succumb to its obvious design. "Ah, a fresh whelp desperate to claw themselves above the deluge of filth that birthed them." Dark face retained its usual deadpan expression; dual-colored eyes flickered as she nodded. Due to Kai's lowly station, the Apprentice would not even turn when speaking to her. That too, did not bother the Korun; respect worked both ways, she reminded herself silently. On that platform, we are on even ground. Flicking her surreptitious glance away from the Zeltron, she settled a calm gaze upon Darth Verrin. Breathe. Just.... breathe. "Ah, sensei - forgive me - I did see the visitors outside but did not realize their purpose here until just now. It is true, I have spent some time here, living mostly in isolation to preserve my anonymity and hone survival skills. Therefore, I am not qualified to give adequate advice when it comes to having experience interacting with these people. Yet I feel compelled to point out that the ancient saying of 'united we stand - divided we fall' has much wisdom to lend in this situation. Wisdom that perhaps, we should build upon. First, I would investigate their numbers. When loyalties do.... get torn asunder, what quantity of natives would we be up against? Second, I would gather intelligence on their technology. If there is anything I have learned from frequenting your Library, sensei, is that one should never judge a book by its cover. Just because they appear primordial, does not mean that they lack quality in their warfare strategy, weapons, or ancient knowledge we may know little about. That which we do know, may only be the tip of the iceberg. But if we fully get to know a thing, we can control.... that thing. Third, I am not threatened by competition. It is but one means to hone the skills an individual needs, to strive for perfection. One of many." Silence befell her at that point, as Kai realized she had been going on for longer than originally intended. She deferred from speaking further until her betters bid her to do so.