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  1. Application [[ Aria Thias ]]- Approved

    I actually had a longer Biography, but shortened because I misread the requirements. That's's what I get for reading off my phone during work.
  2. *Member Application Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom? I received an invite on DeviantArt. I just happened to log in after who knows how long to look something up and saw it. I forgot to write down the name and at this very moment forgot my password for DA. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general? I’m in Colorado right now, I’m 31. I do write fan fiction and have done role playing forums in the past. I may be a bit rusty on role playing. Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones? A very long time ago I was involved with a Kotor rp. I played OC characters, as well as Atton Rand and Mical the Disciple. After that forum dwindled and died, I dabbled in some fantasy forums but never found a group I gelled with. Here’s hoping this one will work out. What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging? Stories, characters, and friends. Also much needed little creativity breaks while I’m working towards my English Bachelor's. I’ve been dying to do Star Wars related stuff. Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this? Mary/Gary Stu: the true definition is the character that is flawless, unrealistic, often they are a self-insert and are poorly written as a result. Gary is almost never used, as this is a flawless and unrealistic is often the default and accepted form of male characters unless they are not white. Mary is always used as an attack of female characters whether they actually are or not. Metagaming is when you break the world rules to make things happen for your character's benefit. God modding is controlling someone else's character without their permission. Like to force their character to do something you want to happen. If you have a trusted friend, who can play the character right and you are unable to post for some reason is the only acceptable time this can happen with permissions. No, I won’t have a problem with this. It’s not fun for anyone when these things happen. How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things? It's very possible my schedule will get in the way because I am a full time student and a full time employed. My little free time has been filled with casual, tedious games on my tablet. I want to fill that little time with something more interesting. I imagine at least a good post a day. Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order. Aria Thias is in her late twenties, a Zeltron from Zeltros. She is in her final year of residency to become a multi-species medical doctor. Historically Zeltros aligns with the Republic, so her education has her aligned with the Unified Jedi Order. Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind. Nothing comes to mind. Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You! Nah. Character Application Name: Aria Thias Gender: Woman Species: Zeltron Rank: Medical Student/4th year residency Date of Birth: 3662 ( 28ish? Didn't see a date on front page but found the timeline) Appearance: Pink skin, silver eyes, and deep blue, long straight hair. She has a lean, muscular body and is a tall 5’10”. Possessions: Aria currently lives in a small two-bedroom apartment with a roommate (if anyone wants to share an apartment, I’m open to it). She has a library archive computer that stores medical texts she’s collected over the years, school texts, and a lot of romance and adventure books. She can remotely access the archive if she has a steady holo net connection. Her closet is half doctor scrubs and half sexy party cloths and fifteen pairs of shoes. The jewelry she owns are all fake, but they are pretty and she loves them. She also has a large makeup collection, with colors that don’t even go with her skin just in case she needs to make up a friend. She also owns a blaster pistol that she keeps in night stand for self defense reasons. Personality: Aria has a smooth, mature voice. She has a bleeding heart, is often gentle and kind, but is willing to throw a punch if needed. She is also the type that will dress up just to go grocery shopping. As an intelligent, extroverted bookworm, she enjoys good parties and good books. Not at the same time of course and good drinks are for any time except work. She takes her medical career very seriously and tones down the glam to appear more professional amongst other doctors and patients. Skills, Abilities and Talents: She is a relatively good doctor with a lot of patience. As practiced by Zeltron doctors, she uses her species natural ability to produce pheromones (the calming kind) to assist in soothing and healing patients. Especially for those who are terrified of doctors or after particularly traumatic events Biography: (occ: see notes) Aria is the eldest of three girls and two boys. None of them know who their fathers are, but they all know their six mothers(sisters) and their two grandmothers(sisters) living all under one roof. From a very early age, Aria was interested in becoming a doctor. If allowed while growing up, she would care for whoever else was sick in the family. She was perhaps one of the few if not the only child in the entire galaxy that enjoyed going to get her shots. Her pediatric doctor, Dr. Nayla, would put aside a little extra time to answer Aria’s questions, show her medical gadgets, and even once gave her a children’s book on health care. To be noted, as a children’s book the medical language was simplified. The book was filled with pictures of Zeltron biology, injuries, and health issues that non-Zeltron species would probably be horrified for their children to see. Aria was enamored with the book and took pleasure in grossing her siblings out with some of the pictures. After Aria completed secondary school she was accepted into the First Republic Medical Academy within the University of Coruscant to become a multi-species doctor. She was particularly excited about the opportunity to do this after learning her species pheromone abilities can greatly help patients of other species. At first, she was a little home sick on Coruscant. Her family helped her move in, but they all returned to Zeltros. The general culture on Coruscant was so lacking compared to Zeltron culture. A bit boring even, but she found herself a few favorite cantinas, dated around, gained some friends and some enemies. Ultimately, when she got into her residency was when things really became interesting. While other medical students quickly became tired and worn at the fast pace of a busy hospital, she excelled and found herself in a heart pounding dream element. With such a huge, multi-species population on Coruscant, there was a long list of severe health issues and physical trauma due to things like speeder accidents or lower level gang fights. What ultimately caught her attention, was helping the Republic veterans. They had injuries, experiences, and mental issues from the Galactic war that many doctors did not want to deal with nor could even understand. From them she learned that there was a need for doctors on the greater galactic scene and within the Republic military. She began to do research into what she would do after her residency was completed and began to dream of space travel. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Blaster Pistol Novice Biochem Novice Biosurge Special Species Ability: Pheromones Final Notes: According to lore, Zeltrons don’t practice monogamy and I couldn't find anything on family structure. So I took a little liberty with her family structure basing it off of the Mosuo people. Let me know if this is unacceptable. Also, I don't really know much about medical stuff, but I remember having so much fun playing Mical. So if that is also an issue, i will need to scrap everything to restart.
  3. Introductions

    Hello, my name is Krys. I'm known as piraterose on deviantart, but I'm more frequent on tumblr as allpowerfulspacewitch. I just recently quit playing Swtor, but I'm still interested in Star Wars stuff and thought I'd give this a try.