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  1. The Folly of Idolatry

    "Someone has a sore spot, thanks for the info," Sutem replied as she saw smoke in the distance. It was some sort of campfire, which could either mean that a group of hunter's nearby, or she was getting closer to the tribe's village, "You should also learn that there is a difference between why someone comes, and why someone stays," Sutem could feel her blood start to boil. For some reason, Holle gave off the same feeling that her previous owner did. Maybe she had that same trait of thinking her way was the only way, "Your master, Verrin, told me that the reality of the Sith is that we all have chains that we choose to wear. The responsibilities we bear become chains, make you think a certain way, take certain actions. I may be taking my own liberties with what he said, but I feel that the pursuit of power is also a chain. I am going to devote myself to gaining power, but I will do it the way I want to do it. Not the way you tell me to. After all, not all people have the same talents. Yours for example is being bossy." Sutem was purposefully being snarky, trying to gauge what type of person Holle was. She had a feeling from the way she talked about slavery that they may be kindred spirits in that regard, but they took completely different paths breaking away from slavery, at least that was her working theory. She would have to learn more to find out. After she climbed down the tree she was in, she started walking in the direction of the smoke, using her training to move as quietly as possible. As she came up on the campfire, she hid behind a tree that was hollowed on the bottom and began to remove her boots. There was heavy amounts of brush in the way, which meant lots of twigs that could make sharp snaps. Since her clothes didn't actually provide that much protection in combat, she decided it was time to use her natural camouflage abilities to get closer. She began removing the rest of her clothing, only keeping her utility belt and holster. Sutem grabbed some of the mud from the tree trunk, and focused on her skin. Unlike changing forms completely, blending in with the environment was relatively painless. When her body was a few different shades of brown and black she began crawling on the floor. Her communication's device was on her utility belt, and she hoped that it wouldn't give her away when Holle unknowingly, or knowingly talked through it. She began looking through the area around the campfire, and hoped there wouldn't be too many people for her to avoid.
  2. The Folly of Idolatry

    "Enslavement is no problem for me," Sutem started as she stopped on a large tree branch to catch her breath, her voice was low and quiet as usual. She pulled one of her nutrient capsules from her utility belt and ate it. Inside the capsule was enough nutrients to cover a full meal, so she didn't have to worry about food while on this mission, "Trust me when I say, a life as a slave, while more painful than death, is far preferable than the alternative. As for why I came to the Sith? Morbid curiosity, mixed with skepticism of the other factions. Anyone that seeks peace is running a fool's errand." Sutem wiped her brow as she jumped onto the next branch, putting her hand on the trunk for balance, she started surveying the area looking for signs of hidden ambushes. Now that she was in the designated area, she couldn't be too careful, "I also don't mind death, my life has not been a good one, and death, as I've stated before is far less painful than life. Doesn't mean I'm going to rush towards it though." Sutem was now looking for the dathomiri tribes people. She needed to find clothes to blend in while she was snooping around the tribe, preferably she would take someone's clothes that had some type of hood. She moved from tree to tree quietly, keeping her ears open for the sounds of wildlife. Because of her survival training from her previous owner, she knew that when people were around, the sounds of birds would fade away. For those in tune with wildlife, that wasn't the case obviously. They could probably sit still enough that the bird's wouldn't be bothered by them. Chances are though, that with the tribes at war, being in tune with nature is the last thing on their minds. Sutem came to a stop again, when she landed on a branch that didn't have any safe options for moving forward. She would need to go to the forest floor, which wasn't something that she wanted to do until she was able to spot some of the natives.
  3. Strong Stance

    Sutem watched Verrin as he stepped back, listening intently to what he said. This was the first time that Sutem felt invested in learning anything, and the more the dark lord spoke, the more she wanted to pursue this life. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but it was definitely something she felt she could do. When Verrin mentioned the library, Sutem realized that the best place for her to learn the simple theories of the force were there. While reading wasn't her favorite subject, due to not learning how to read until she was sixteen standard years old. It was still difficult for her to do when there were words she didn't completely understand. Verrin mentioned a place where the force could come more naturally, and then mentioned meditation, "If meditation could've helped me with the force, I probably would have found it some time ago," She said offhandedly after he was done with his explanation. One of the exercises she practiced was meditation, in order to stay in a different form for long periods of time, she would often change, and then meditate on the form. Maybe you needed to focus on the force specifically, to gain understanding, but it didn't seem as likely as other reasons. Sutem thought about what had happened when she used the force during her sparring session with Verrin, and tried to remember the feeling. She could feel her last owner, furious, and that scared her. It reminded her of when he would back her into corners during their sparring sessions. Sutem lashed out back then, with uncontrolled emotion. As far as she could remember, this was the first time she recognized using the force. After Verrin was gone, she turned towards the practice droid, and held her hand out. This felt like an exercise in futility, as she tried to move the droid with a force push. She stood in relative silence as she tried to remember the exact feeling of energy being pushed through her body. She closed her eyes to concentrate on her emotions. She took her Gravik-nez stance, and brought her arms to their usual spots. "I am not a slave to you anymore," She whispered to herself as she focused her emotions into her palms, "You are not my master," her hands felt like they were about to explode as she opened her eyes. She threw out her upper arm, and shouted hoping to let out her emotions. She watched as the droid remained unmoving from the spot on the wall. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Damn it!" her hand still outstretched. She felt a wave of energy pass out of her palm as the droid dented the wall even more. "This is ridiculous..." Sutem continued to practice honing this technique, and as she kept getting more and more frustrated, it felt like the more she tried to control it, the less it wanted to be controlled. Surely that wasn't how it worked. Before Sutem could attempt to do anything practical with her newly discovered abilities, she would have to learn the theory. She took a deep breath as she went to the practice droid, and began trying to pry it from the wall it was indented in.
  4. Strong Stance

    Sutem felt the energy leave her hand, and realized what had happened the moment Verrin's feet left the ground. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth was wide open as everything seemed to move in slow motion. She watched Verrin recover in mid-air, and then stand up. The moment he started laughing and clapping, Sutem's face went from one of shock, to a mix of shock and confusion. She listened to his speech about what the force could make her, and as he kept talking about the possibilities, the more entranced she became with learning just how the force worked. She knew of rumors and hearsay, but with this one moment, she learned that she could learn the truth herself, instead of relying on others to tell her just what the force was like. The moment Verrin's hands touched Sutem's face, he would notice that even though the texture of her skin looked scaly, her skin was very smooth, and oily, more akin the a snake than a lizard. Though one odd thing that happened was that the skin under his hands changed color to closely resemble the pigment of his skin. Sutem was still in a state of shock and confusion, and didn't even register that he was touching her face, the only thing she could really focus on was his eyes, mostly due to their close proximity, "Where do I begin?" She asked as soon as her mind calmed down, and she was able to think again. She noticed her skin on her cheeks actually turned purple, and became flustered trying to change them back, although the hue was slightly off.
  5. The Folly of Idolatry

    Sutem stayed quiet as she received the equipment she would need for the assignment, then looked over the data she would need for this mission, "I've known of the tribes, in one of my journeys into the forest I've observed the natives," she closed her eyes and concentrated on changing her face to resemble the Dathomiri women she had observed in the forest while exploring in the trees. Here hair stayed roughly the same color, but her eyes turned yellow with the vertical pupil becoming visible. Her skin turned to a pale blue, almost white tone and her face became more straight and her ears became slightly smaller. Her nose became smaller and more pointed than it was in her Arkanian form. Sutem pulled her blaster pistol out and checked it before putting it back in her thigh holster, "Running shouldn't be necessary for me, provided I don't get close enough to examine me closely." Sutem attached the data-pad to one of her belt's magnetic sections, and watched as Holle turned invisible visually. If Sutem hadn't been sensing through the force, she wouldn't have noticed it enveloping Holle. It was an interesting trick, possibly using the force to bend the light around one's self, just like a stealth harness did. Sutem was smart enough to figure the theory out, but practice was another thing. She would have to try it on her own later, when she had the time for it. She could probably practice it while on this mission if she could find the time, but just in case she didn't actually know the theory, she needed to ask, "Interesting trick, much better at hiding the clothes than just my natural camouflage abilities," Sutem took off her gloves, and put them in a small pouch on her utility belt. Sutem looked up when there was no response, and realized that Holle herself was gone, "Looks like I'll be going to the library to read up on different things after this mission is over," She took off into a jog, and just as she left the academy ground, leaped into the air. Because she was still used to standard gravity, she could jump higher on this near-standard gravity world, if only just a bit. This helped her climbing abilities immensely, but she still needed to be careful, falling to the ground was still lethal.
  6. The Folly of Idolatry

    Sutem, currently using an Arkanian face, and her eyes were pure white, and was wearing gloves that made her hands appear to only have four digits. She walked up to Holle, white hair pulled up into a bun as she stood in front of Verrin's apprentice, "I was notified that a mission was to be assigned to me," she said in her usual quiet voice. She winced in pain as her face went back into it's natural Clawdite form, then back into her Arkanian pureblood face. Though it was obvious that she wasn't an Arkanian due to her not having any blinders on. If it wasn't for the amount of times she's changed in the recent years, the pain would be unbearable, espcially since she was changing from one face to another so quickly. Sutem was one of the few Clawdite that had the ability to change her facial structure almost completely, whether it was a random genetic mutation, or a naturally more pliable face than other Clawdite, she didn't know. She took a deep breath as she silently examined Holle, this was the first time she had met the woman, Sutem knew of the Zeltrons, but never personally encountered one. She examined many images of them, so that she could have a rough idea as to what to concentrate on when disguising herself as one. Holle was slightly taller than Sutem, so she had to look up slightly to make eye contact. Sutem couldn't feel the inherent darkness that she had felt from either Verrin or Renatus. And judging from the lightsabers clasped to her belt. The entire outfit that Holle was wearing just spoke that she was trying to hide in the jungle. As an exercise for one of her newly developed force abilities, she focused on the Zeltron, trying to gauge how far down the path of the darkside she had gone. It was difficult to maintain her concentration on her Arkanian form and try to tap into the force at the same time.
  7. Strong Stance

    Sutem chuckled just before she felt her feet leave the ground, and landed on her side. Sutem looked up at Verrin before rolling away back to her feet and resetting her stance, "No, my owner was hired by the republic to investigate underground dealings, and gang recruitment in the lower levels." She shuffled forward and did a three step turn. If she did it fast enough, she would be forty five degrees off his left side, "He decided to test my information gathering abilities, and that led me to your recruiter. Not at first though, I met one from the hutt cartel, and the exchange. You guys are ridiculously hard to contact, you know that right?" Her arm held above her head came around as she brought her fist down towards his shoulder, at the same time her lower arm sent an elbow into Verrin's midsection. "Then morbid curiosity took over, I wanted to learn more about the Remnant. I used a mirror to cut out the tracking chip in my neck, and took the next shuttle off of Coruscant," Sutem thought about the implications of her running were, and lost her focus again as her eyes grew distant. Her stance weakened as she took a deep breath, she was looking through Verrin, as if there were something else standing where he was. For a split second, she saw her previous owner, furious about what she had done to him. In this split second, the feeling of her sparring session with her owner came back to her. Instinctively she pushed her hand out in front of her. Verrin could feel the force coalesce around Sutem, then suddenly shoot out, resulting in a telekinetic force slamming into him
  8. Strong Stance

    Sutem watched as her arm made contact, finding it odd that it hit home with relative ease. In all her sparring matches with her owner, he never let her get any hits on him she didn't deserve. Because she was distracted by the fact that he didn't defend against her initial hit, she didn't really counter. She felt a jolt run through her arm, though it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Sutem stopped trying to think about her own movements for a moment, and focused on Verrin. She felt she was being too internal at the moment, and even if this fight was going at a slow pace, because both of them were testing each other's style, the sole focus of a fight should be on the opponent. She stopped trying to think about what she was going to do, and tried anticipating Verrin's attack. Before she replied to his question, she noticed that his stance took an almost imperceptible dip down. In her experience, when someone goes lower, they were planning to use their legs in an upward motion. Su slid her stance to the side just enough that when his knee came to where she had been standing, she would be standing to the side. She crouched down, and quickly came back up, her arm under his knee, attempting to take away his balance and put him on the ground. "Because my owner was the person who taught me how to fight," She answered as she reset her stance, looking at Verrin, "Being a slave to a mercenary who wants to use you to gather information, you tend to only have one person to learn from."
  9. Strong Stance

    Sutem nodded as she took a basik Gravik-nez stance. Her feet were spread apart, forming a box on the ground, "Gravik-nez, is an ancient combat style," she started as she brought her arms up, one held above her head pointing towards Verrin, the other just below her core pointing away from him. Her hands curled into fists and she took a deep breath, "It emphasizes a solid stance, and strong arm and elbow strikes," she took a step forward and opened up by extending her lower arm, in an attempt to bring it against Verrin's side. She didn't recognize the stance Verrin took, and as such knew nothing about the strikes she would have to defend against. If it were her previous owner fighting, he would have started with a strong elbow to end the fight quickly. The best way to deal with something you don't know about is to prevent it from working against you. Sutem wasn't nearly as strong as him, and as such had to rely on a different way of fighting. She needed to learn as much about this style without giving too much away with her movements. This may be a simple demonstration, but any information she could obtain would be helpful in some way, somewhere down the line The blow was meant to be fast, but not very strong, a technique she used to determine just how fast an opponent's reaction speed was. If they could deflect it or even stop it, it meant she would have to be careful, if they could not, she would still have to be careful, but not as worried about some of the larger strikes being dodged or parried. Sutem watched Verrin closely to gauge his reaction to the blow. Despite his claim to fragility, Sutem wouldn't be reckless, in her limited training, deception was a fighter's greatest tool. And if she had to guess, Verrin was a fighter.
  10. The quiet one

    Sutem tried her best not to shy away from Renatus, though it was certainly hard given the nature of the Sith Lord's presence. She turned to face her completely, making sure she didn't break her concentration on keeping her face looking human, "Certainly lucky for me," she said as she curled and uncurled her tows, her voice staying small and quiet, "If there were, I doubt I would have as easy a time not being noticed." After Renatus stood up, she looked directly at her, trying her best to memorize the parts of her face that she could. While she didn't think it would be a good idea, the idea of impersonating a Sith Lord was more than a little amusing. The feat of memorizing the details of her face was helped by the fact that she was looking around at the architecture, "Not longer than a few hours," she answered just after she finished memorizing the aspects of Renatus's face that she could see. Sutem hesitated to smile, as she didn't know what the Sith Lords were like exactly, she had heard stories and rumors, which given the presence of Renatus could either be very true, or very false. Sutem felt her concentration slipping, and reaffirmed the concentration before her face or hair changed color.
  11. Strong Stance

    Sutem's eyes followed the Sith Lord as he paced back and forth, explaining what exactly it was to be Sith. When he told her the code of the Sith, she felt it was something that she should commit to her memory. This conversation with the Verrin was going very differently than what she had initially imagined, but it wasn't a bad thing, just unexpected. When he finally came to a stop, and asked whether Sutem was aware that she had an affinity with the force, Su tried her best not to gawk at the statement. In all of Sutem's life she had never even thought about being force sensitive, mostly due to the fact that her life had consisted of being owned by one person after another. After a moment to compose herself she spoke in a slightly startled voice. "No, I did not," she answered honestly as she looked at her hands, "If I did, maybe my life would have been slightly different." She dropped her hands and shook her head, it doesn't matter whether or not she knew she had the force, the life she lived is what made her into who she is, and that's not something she regretted. She looked up at Verrin, "There was no reason I joined the Sith particularly, unless you count morbid curiosity." She crossed her arms as she closed her eyes again, reflecting on the person the galaxy made her into, "But, at the same time, I wasn't going to throw my lot in with an organization that was striving for peace. Even when the galaxy isn't at war, there is no peace. Politicians will always play their games of power. The Jedi seclude themselves from the galaxy, hoping to find inner peace. They all just just close their eyes and pretend that people are suffering. That slaves don't exist, that their world is the only one that matters. It's a falsehood I simply cannot abide, nor tolerate."
  12. Strong Stance

    Sutem listened to every word Darth Verrin had told her, though it wasn't from interest in the subject, more like a habit she picked up from the last few years of her life on Coruscant. When his eyes met hers, it felt like the darkness surrounding him had turned into a all consuming fire. She was drawn in like a moth to the flame to this power. The scars covering her body began to tingle, as if a low electrical charge was being sent through her body. "What I'm familiar with is rumors of the Sith Code," she answered with honesty, "That's really all you get when you are on Coruscant. Until now, I've never had confirmation that such a thing existed." Sutem wasn't brave enough or dumb enough to haphazardly guess what the Sith Code was, she heard about its possible existence while collecting information in different cantinas, but never put much stock behind it existing. To the common people, the Sith were presented as an all consuming, all destroying force, that would as soon kill one another as they would anything else. The thing about stories though, is that most are exaggerated. "The Sith on Coruscant were made out to be like rabid dogs, than an organized hierarchy. Though, now that I see it for myself, the hierarchy is based on those who are strong enough, are worthy enough to hold power. At least from my limited scope of perspective. Well strength, and those adept enough to actually use it effectively." Sutem felt her vocal cords straining a little, she wasn't used to talking at a normal volume for long periods of time. It didn't help that she had just got done with a hand to hand combat simulation using Gravik-nez, or that she had just been choked by a a training droid. Though she was able to resist massaging her throat.
  13. Strong Stance

    Sutem held her throat, remembering the feeling of metal around her throat, "Yes, that is my name," she answered, looking towards the voice. The man she was looking at had a similar presence to the Sith that she encountered her first day at the academy. The darkness, like then, was suffocating. It was something she was trying to get used to feeling. The fear that seemed to follow these Sith was intoxicating. She wanted to know what exactly it was that made her feel this way. She started pondering what exactly had drawn her to the academy in the first place. She thought back to when she was first recruited on Coruscant. At first, it was truly just out of curiosity. Sutem could sneak out of anywhere if she wanted, mostly because she could just hide in plain site, but now. After almost a week on this planet, something else was keeping her here, almost like how the Gravik-nez style kept one's feet firmly on the ground. She looked to the ground, in contemplation. After a few moments, she looked back up, "Because, I have spent my life without a choice of my own," her voice raised slightly, almost enough not to be considered a whisper, "And it was because I was weak. Weaker than the ones who held my leash. I want to live free of any shackles."
  14. Strong Stance

    3630, Melona 25 Sutem Wry, who was usually very quiet compared to anyone else you would meet, was for once very loud. She was standing in front of a training droid with only her fists as weapons. Her feet were unmoving, as if part of the floor itself. Her knees, hips, and shoulders were on the other hand, very animated. With every strike from her stance, she let another loud yell. Her previous owner had taught her the basics of Gravik-nez in the brief time that they were in each other's company. The yell, as she understood it, was a way to confuse or drive fear into an opponent, but also to release as much energy into a strike as possible. The style itself was quite the opposite of what Sutem would prefer to use, but that may have been what her owner wanted. To give a voice to a meek and frightened slave he wanted to turn into an efficient tool for gathering information. In order for a tool like that to continue to work, it needed to be able to get out of many situations. Sutem's journey into her memories caused a lapse in concentration, causing her face to turn back into a clawdite's face. This turn of events made her mistime a parry, and instead of brushing the kick away, it drove into her stomach, nearly knocking her out of her stance. She couldn't concentrate on making her face look human again, and watched as the droid took advantage of her diverted focus and grabbed her by the throat. She tried to kick at the machine, but her leg strength was largely undeveloped for kicking. She felt darkness encroaching on her as the air was kept just out of her lungs by this metallic barrier. She felt like she was going to die and closed her eyes. She didn't want to die like this. She thought back to when her first master died, and the anger she felt then too. The anger of not being strong enough to defend herself. This feeling of suffocating was boiling into that same anger. She opened her eyes, and directed this anger at the droid. To her surprise, the droid flew back into a wall, indenting it's silhouette into it. She looked around confused as to who had helped her, "Who's there?" She asked as she looked around. It was clear to anyone who could feel the force that she was a force sensitive, but she did not know it.
  15. The quiet one

    When Sutem heard the voice beside her, Her face reverting back to its natural clawdite form as her concentration broke for a split second, before she willed her face to change back, hoping no one would notice, "It would seem it was for naught," she replied in a quiet, almost imperceptibly small voice. It was just loud enough for this hooded figure in front of her to hear. That was the way Sutem preferred it. There was an itch at the back of Sutem's head beginning to grow the longer she looked at the mysterious figure. Even though she was sitting on the floor, the woman was as imposing as a Nexu about to pounce. There was a darkness about this woman that seemed suffocating, as if just standing next to her would end up killing Sutem. This must be one of the famous sith that were so often spoken of in whispers around Coruscant's many lower level cantinas. Sutem's first instinct was obviously to run, but something about the darkness surrounding this Sith kept her rooted in her place. She didn't know if it was crippling fear, or morbid curiosity, but something was certain inside of Sutem's mind. This person in front of her was strong, stronger than anyone she has ever met. Su didn't know how she knew this, but it was obvious to her at least. After a long few seconds of silence, she was able to finally say, "I am Sutem Wry."