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  1. Character Application - Holden Rook

    Thanks Lucian! In that case I'd like to align with the Sith Remenant, with the intention of joining The Shadows. Do I just tell you that, or is there a place on my profile I choose?
  2. Character Application - Holden Rook

    Hey thanks! What do I need to do from here?
  3. Member Application If you are new to Star Wars: Fates, we need you to fill out these couple quick questions to help us get to know you before we begin working on your application. We are going to be working, playing, and writing alongside you for the foreseeable future, so we could like to get an idea of who you are, before we begin working on your character. Welcome to Star Wars: Fates! How did you find us? Were you recommended? If so, by whom? I was recommended by Sel, he's a personal friend and knows I enjoy Star Wars, writing and role-playing games. Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any prior experience with fanfiction or roleplaying in general? Uh, yeah. I'm a recent college graduate, so there's that I guess. I'm 25, but feel about 1000 in the mornings. Most of my prior roleplaying experience comes from tabletop gaming, primarily Dungeons & Dragons. Have you ever been a part of a roleplaying community or guild in the past? If so, which ones? Nope, this is my first time. What is the most important thing for you to get out of your experience here? Exciting stories with interesting characters? Good friends? A sense of belonging? All of that sounds pretty great. I'm really just looking for a place to have fun, geek out, and write some legit Star Wars fanfic. Do you know what a Mary/Gary Stu is? Metagaming? God Modding? Provide a quick definition of each, because all of the aforementioned are against the rules, will you or you character have trouble conforming to this? Yeah, I'm familiar with all of those, I think. - Mary/Gary Stus are characters that are infallible in every way. Everyone loves them. The world is eating out of the palms of their hands constantly. They never lose, or fail, or are interesting... at all. - Metagaming is using outside real-world knowledge or inside information to influence the way your character acts. It's basically why the DM isn't supposed to play an action character in D&D. - Godmodding is taking control of/ insta-killing / using someone else's character w/o permission. Neither I, nor Holden, have problems with these. How much time will you be willing to commit to the community? Do you forsee your schedule getting in the way of things? Hopefully I'll be able to get on three or four times a week. It does depend on my work schedule, so I'll probably have some very busy weeks and some super chill weeks. I'm also *supposed* to have weekends off. So those are usually good for me, baring being "asked" to work. Can you give us a quick run down of the biography and character you hope to RP on this site? A quick idea of a biography, type of character they are, and whether they might be aligned with the Sith Remnant, or the Unified Jedi Order. Holden is a rough and shady character. He had a tough upbringing and has been through a lot. He is not force sensitive, but decent with a gun. He's selfish. Ruthless. And he goes through wildly unlucky periods followed by brief flashes of good fortune, and he rarely learns from his mistakes. I envision him as a dark-side diamond in the rough. Kind of like Han Solo meets John Constantine. I'd like to be unaligned and be able to make friends (and enemies) on both sides of the Sith and Jedi, but if I *have* to chose and alignment I'd chose Sith Remnant with the intention of placing him in "The Shadows" eventually. Do you have any lingering questions or concerns? A member of our staff will be happy to answer anything that comes to mind. Would it be possible to remain unaligned? Would you like to provide any closing comments on your application? On behalf of the staff of Star Wars: Fates and the entire community, we wish you luck and may the Force Be With You! I think I'm good. Thanks for looking at my application! Character Application Now we've gotten to know you, help us get to know your character! If you are already a member of this site, you can ignore the first half, and simply apply with this character information. Name: Holden Rook Gender: Male Species: Human Rank: Petty Criminal Date of Birth: 3648 BBY. (18 years of age) Appearance: Holden has brown hair and coal dark eyes that gleam like a street-dog's begging for scraps. He's not tan, but not pale either; his skin was once more akin to cured leather or tawny cloth, but with each day on Nar Shadaa it grows more ashen. He's lean, with only a little muscle built underneath from laboring with his father, he's tall though - for the human's he's seen at least. Almost 6'1 he'd say, maybe 6'2 if he's feeling generous and there's a pretty girl asking. He's got scars, sure, but nothing distinct on his planet where everyone has scars and stories. Holden is just another starving face in the crowd. Another one of the desperate. The hungry. He moves without being noticed, and he's beginning to realize it. Possessions: In his pockets are lint and one battered old ration card he picked from the pocket of another starving soul. He wears a pair of black pants, and in the bag around his shoulders there is a pair of the same style in blue, and one pair in grey. His boots are short and black, worn flat on the bottom from too many years of use. He's wearing a grey cloth long-sleeved shirt that opens at the collar with three buttons, under it on a modified docker's-clutch holster hangs a Glie-44 in the small of his back. It's the same gun his father carried serving for the Republic. The same gun that ended his mother's life fourteen years ago. Personality: Holden is hard to get along with. He has a tendency to make light of heavy situations and is more often than not sarcastic. He can be an ass, frequently, and he doesn't make friends easily. Or keep them. He's been alone most of his life and he likes it that way. He smokes some. He drinks frequently. And he's always the first in a fight. Underneath, he holds an astounding loyalty for his friends, if they live long enough, of which there are currently none. He can be a charmer when he wants something. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Holden is a remarkable pilot. His father owed the Hutt Cartel a small fortune in debts, and as a result Holden was forced into swoop-bike racing as a way of repayment. He's a fair shot, and a decent pazzak player. But his greatest skill is his ability to manipulate. Holden is a social chameleon. He can blend in, act natural, and build trust in circles from the criminal underground to the high life of Coruscant. Holden is a border-line sociopath, but he is great at mirroring, at acting, and playing what others want him to be. Biography: The first memory Holden has is of noise. Shouting mostly. Men, he thinks, but maybe his mother too. He was four maybe, or around there. His eyes are warm from the sunlight pouring through his bedroom window and he looks outside on a beautiful Ord Mantell day. There is a speeder in the driveway, but it is not theirs. He opens his bedroom door and creeps around the corners of the walls like an intruder. In the kitchen two men are holding his mother and a third is pointing a gun at his father's head. "The talkings done," the man with the gun says, "give us the money or she dies." His father moves forward, faster than anyone Holden has ever seen, and tackles the man waving the weapon. It fires into the wall. Then the pots. They fall and clatter like smoldering chimes. His mother, a woman to whom he looks on with an angelic reverence, pushes one of the men holding her and twists the other's arm behind him. His head slams against the counter and he falls to the floor soaking the tiles with a red kind of ooze that Holden has never seen. His father and the other man wrestle for the gun; the fire it into the couch, the workbench, and one ray of light flies so near Holden's eyes that he can see it's bright red glow before it smashes into the door next to him. He looks at his mother and she is standing alone, the third man is now crumpled on the floor. "STOP," she says. And he's never heard her speak so loud. Its awful, and beautiful. Like hearing The Force given voice. The man wrestling her father is lifted into the air like a rag-doll. With one hand he clutches his throat, with his other he aims the pistol at her heart and squeezes the trigger. They both fall. After that his father tells him to pack. And that they must run. And they've been running ever since. His father drinks; three shots in the morning, one with lunch, and half a bottle in the evening. He gambles, and he loses. And when he is sixteen they are trapped on Nar Shadaa by the Hutts. Holden is forced to race, and the worst part is - he loves it. It's the only freedom he's ever known. Seconds flying down the track. The Hutts have a fortune riding on him to win against a Rodarian named Groth Marrdus, and in the betting both Holden uses a fake name and I.D. to bet against himself. The bookie says 2/1 odds, but with a smile and quick chat about the racers he talks the man up to 4/1 with a faster repayment plan if he loses. And he intends to lose, just not the bet. In the race he flounders, false starts, and finishes far too late. He grabs the bag and the gun he left in a dumpster near the betting station, collects his winnings, and reacquaints his heels with the pavement. The Hutts will kill his father, and he doesn't care. He doesn't know where he's going, but he keeps walking all the same. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Blaster Pistol - Holdout Blaster Proficiency Piloting - Ground Vehicle Proficiency -Personal Starship Proficiency Novice Counterfeiting Novice Slicing Basic Martial Arts - Hand-to-Hand Final Notes: Not sure if I chose too many or too few skills? If so either way let me know and I can edit as needed! Thanks! Oh, also. Recruited by Sel Anabasis.