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  1. To Flow

    "May the Force be with you too, Homra," Ormala replied, grinning in turn. "I'll call in when I can!"
  2. To Flow

    Ormala considered it, then stood back up. "I suppose getting to meet some of the others would be helpful. Where do most of the Initiates meet up? Do you know if any other Mirialans will be there?" As Ormala said this, he considered what Homra had told him; archivism and artifacts, for a man of his talents? It seemed tad bit tedious, but he supposed the life of a Jedi could hardly be adventures all the time. He figured he ought to temper his expectations a bit.
  3. To Flow

    Ormala gave a light chuckle, albeit shaken; that kinrath had had a nasty sting. He rubbed the wound ruefully, and eased himself down, sitting upright in the grasses. He smiled humorlessly; not even a week in, and he'd already been downed by an enemy, not even sentient. His comrades-in-arms would have laughed if they'd been here. 'But they're not,' Ormala thought to himself. 'Stop with the negativity, Arragi. You're past that. You're going to be a Jedi. It's more than getting stung by a bug.' He rolled his neck tiredly and exhaled, trying to reinvigorate himself, but then felt something...odd. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind, and channeled the Force into the stung area; immediately, he felt a sense of relief on his nerves, endorphins in his brain giving him a sense of ease. He felt a lot better now. "Well, I'm sure this must be parcel and package for you, being a Sentinel. Kinrath must be simple next to pirates and Sith lords." Ormala replied. "I myself am not one much for adventures. If I am needed somewhere, I will go, but I'd prefer to keep my nerves from fraying until I'm about 60 or so." He said this more in jest than anything; he didn't underestimate the sacrifices the Echani must have made to gain the standing he had now. "So," he said now, "I found a lightsaber crystal. What do I do now? Am I to be assigned a master, or do I have more tests to face? Or are we going to meet some more Jedi here at the Enclave?"
  4. To Flow

    Ormala was surprised, and a tad bit disappointed; having found the crystal so soon, he thought he'd be able to progress that much sooner, but he held his tongue. He was only an Initiate, after all, so who was he to say what should be done? He began to follow Homra as he gestured to follow him back to the Enclave surface, then felt a chill go up his spine as the ground began to rumble; this didn't feel like an earthquake. He instinctively took a defensive position, clenching his fists and spreading his feet, in case a kinrath suddenly fell upon him. He hated being in the dark. Not necessarily for the absence of light itself, but for what could lie within. The darkness made small things big and fearsome things terrifying. "I'll follow behind you and let you know if they get too close," Ormala affirmed, and kept pace with the Echani Jedi as they made their way to the exit. The two kept a good pace, but Ormala could feel the insects following close behind them, and gaining. A kinrath's pincer grabbed Ormala's shoulder, causing him to shout. He punched it away, causing the one to retreat, but more overtook him, and they began to bind him in their webs. "Homra, they've got me!" he cried.
  5. To Flow

    Ormala heard Homra's words, and was shocked; he had thought he'd be alone in his vision! 'The Force works in mysterious ways,' he reasoned, and closed his palm. The light began to shine all the brighter. Then Ormala realized; the light had faded because he'd tried to force the light to himself, rather than let it come to him. His impatience would have been his downfall. He closed his eyes, and let himself float in the dark waters of the lake in his vision, letting the Force replenish his lungs and succor him. The Force would bring him to his destination in its own good time. A light shone before his eyes, shining through his closed eye lids. He opened them, and a new light hovered before Ormala at eye-level. Waiting. This time he reached out slowly, and cradled it in his palm rather than grasp it with a fist. It felt warm in his hand, and invigorated him; he couldn't help but grin at the euphoria flowing through his veins. He rose slowly to the surface, and inhaled deeply the fresh, cool air above. He held the light, which had now become a fine-cut crystal, in his hand and looked at it proudly. Then his eyes truly opened. He was back in the caves. He felt no different physically than when he had first sat down, but his mind was enlightened, his understanding expanded. And a single crystal hovered before him, lifted by invisible hands of the Force.
  6. To Flow

    Ormala heard Homra's call, and inhaled. In his mind's eye, he saw himself now dive into the river of the Force, letting it wash over him and carry him along. He had to trust in the flow as he would trust in the Force; that it would guide him without error and with a purpose. In his dream-state he felt the urge to emerge from the river and restore his breath, but he resisted it; he felt something. Something strong in the Force, in the current. He continued onward, knowing full well he was quite safe in the real world. Eventually the flow started to pool into a deep lake, the bottom of which was pitch dark, save for the tiniest sliver of pure light pouring out from a point in the center. 'I must go to it,' Ormala thought. He dived even deeper still, towards the solitary light that beckoned him ever onward. Soon he was encompassed in shadow in the depths of the lake. The light still shone directly below him, but it was beginning to fade, and he was running out of air in his vision; 'There's no way I'll make it in time.' he thought desperately. So he reached out with his hand, hoping that perhaps his reach would be enough to bring the dying light to his hand, to bring it to the surface and make it his own.
  7. To Flow

    Ormala nodded and knelt down in the center of the clearing, putting his rucksack to the side. He closed his eyes and exhaled, relaxing his body and mind. He tried to empty his mind of thoughts, which, all things considered, was not easy for him; he almost always was thinking about something. So he did just that; Ormala thought of something he could think about consistently without it being distracting and decided to focus on that. In his mind he fell back into the memories of nearly a decade of serving his people and the refugees of Mirial. The good times and the bad washed over him like waves, but instead of simply immersing himself into them he flowed with them, as though he were a part of the current itself. He had never been to any of the oceans of seas of Mirial, but he was pretty sure this was what it felt like to flow.
  8. To Flow

    "I don't believe I have any further questions, Homra," Ormala replied. "I'll follow your lead."
  9. To Flow

    "I've only ever heard the name...Homra," Ormala said, stopping himself before he mistakenly addressed him as a Master again. "And that it's where Jedi go to find their lightsaber crystals. Beyond that, I have to confess I don't know very much about the caves beyond mere rumors, which are hardly wise to base one's knowledge off of." Ormala's eyes widened as Homra's intentions became clear. "Are we going to the caves to get my lightsaber crystal?! I've only been here a short while Homra, I don't think I'm ready just yet..."
  10. To Flow

    "Well, Master Azner," Ormala began, "I've had a rather...consistent lifestyle up to my arrival here. Ever since I was a boy, I've been helping and protecting the people of my world and other worlds as a civil relief servant. Mirial was flooded with refugees and vagrants after the Treaty of Coruscant left the Outer Rim worlds stranded. My mother had me come with her as often as I could to help those in need, whether it be in a camp or in a committee. When the Peace Brigade came to my world to help protect us from the Sith Empire, I wanted to join them. Hah! Thinking about it now, it seems almost ridiculous; me, then twelve years old, running off to fight the Sith with men twice, three times my age!" Ormala chuckled at the influx of memories that came to mind; the many, many many times his mother had insisted he not join the militia and the almost equal amount of time his father had at least encourage him to wait a little longer. "Eventually, my mother permitted me to join the Peace Brigade navy; since my father worked for Rendili SpaceDrive, I'd picked up a few things he'd taught me. I'd help fix their corvettes and frigates whenever they came back from raids or battles against the Sith. When I was fifteen I finally learned how to use a blaster and was allowed to patrol the refugee camp perimeter after I'd come back from school. Not exactly the most independent of schedules, but I'd take whatever I could get, as long as I could help. My mom was adamant in the belief that I should finish my schooling. Education and service were, and I'd say still are, the central tenets of my life." "Then one day everything changed," Ormala sighed. "I'd been on patrol for about an hour or so; I'd just gotten out of school. I was at the furthest-out watchpoint for the refugee camp. A shuttle was coming down from the north, which was a no-fly zone, and was landing nearby; I called it in and went to investigate. I was completely alone, and must have been quite a sight for the Sith strike force that disembarked; a fifteen-year-old boy, striding up with just a rifle, pistol and light armor? What a joke. When I asked them what they wanted, they said they had come only to find a Republic spy hiding among the refugees that had stolen some information from their army intelligence on Dromund Kaas. I insisted they leave immediately; since my mother and the rest of the refugee relocation board were very strict in their screenings, there was no way a spy could have made it through, especially if they had physical possessions." "They laughed. They knocked me down and walked right into the camp. They started pilfering through each tent, trying to find which one had the spy inside. My mom and some other civilians came to stop them, but they threatened to burn the camp down if they resisted, but they didn't let up." "When they knocked my mom down and put a blaster to her head when she insisted, I...snapped. No-one believed it afterwards, but I know what I saw; I sent a dozen fully-armored Sith soldiers flying across the camp from ten meters away. That's really when this whole thing started. I'd heard of the Force from my Rangemaster, Corso Riggs; a mystical energy used by the Sith and the Jedi in their battles that could level armies and do unnatural things. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a Jedi." "I told my parents in ten years I would leave to go to Tython. I found no argument with them. The Sith, surprisingly, never came back; I honestly expected they would come either to kill me or recruit me. I guess they figured losing a commando force like that was an expensive enough loss as it was. I finished my education, held a small, well-paying job for the government, then left it all behind to come here. A Jedi has no attachments, after all." "In truth, Master Azner, I have no expectations for the Order; they will do what they will. I am merely a servant now. But I would like to join the Council of Reconciliation; I've heard they do a lot of what I've already been doing. Outreach, policy, negotiation and protection. I feel I could do a lot of good there." Ormala hoped he hadn't spoken too long; he had a tendency to ramble on once he had reason to speak. His friends had always laughingly said he almost never spoke as a youngling, then when he'd discovered public speaking as a student, he sometimes spoke too much!
  11. To Flow

    Ormala suddenly felt a pull in the Force; that he had somewhere to go, even though he didn't know where exactly. 'Maybe this is a test,' he thought. He started to grin; his first day, and he could already feel the Force guiding him. It was exhilarating. He started to walk forwards, towards the entrance, melding with the rest of the crowd of Initiates that had accompanied him to Dantooine. It felt right, so he kept following the others, eventually coming to the stairs that would lead to the main plaza of the Enclave. He started to ascend the steps but then felt the pull of the Force more strongly. No, that wasn't the way. He quickly removed to the side of the staircase and looked around. Perhaps his destination, or intended person to meet, was nearby. He didn't see anyone in the immediate vicinity except for one person; an Echani man, who was humming quietly to himself while sitting at the foot of the stairs. 'How could I have missed him?' Ormala wondered to himself. 'He must have been right in the middle of the group when we were heading up.' "Ah, excuse me sir," Ormala said aloud, stepping down to look at him directly. "I hope I'm not disturbing you, but I felt as though I should talk to you. I'm one of the new Initiates; could you possibly help me?"
  12. The Docking Ramp

    Ormala exhaled slowly as he drew near to the entrance of the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine. 'This is it,' he thought to himself. 'Ten years of waiting, and I'm finally here.' To join the Jedi had been Ormala's dream since his encounter with the Force almost ten years ago; when he had realized the good he could do with the mystical cosmic power he could wield, he'd resolved to use it to do good in the galaxy. That the Force had manifested itself to him while fighting against the Sith was a sign enough for him. He had determined to complete his education and learn all he could before he left Mirial to join the Jedi so he could be self-sufficient when he went out into the greater galaxy. At twenty-five years old, he had left his home, his speeder, his droid, almost everything he owned to his lifelong friends back on Mirial to be here; for as the Jedi taught, one could have no attachments, even to material things. All he had was what he had on his back in his rucksack. Now it was time. Time to prove that he was ready. He adjusted the straps on his rucksack which held the few possessions he had kept from Mirial, and strode inside, and he couldn't help but stare in awe at the intricate winding halls and corridors around him, where doubtless hundreds of his future peers were resting, training and fraternizing at this very moment. Not wanting to interrupt any of them, he simply stood in the middle of the foyer, unobtrusive. "Now," he murmured to himself, "all there is is to see who'll be the first to welcome me here."
  13. Ormala Arragi

    Name: Ormala Arragi Gender: Male Species: Mirialan Rank: Jedi Initiate Date of Birth: 3655 BBY Appearance: Ormala’s skin color is a medium green, and his eyes are a deep blue. His hair is dark brown and very curly. He has a very lean form befitting the average Mirialan. He stands a little over six feet tall, and weighs about 160 pounds. His traditional facial tattoos are double arrows underneath his eyes pointing upward. Possessions: Ormala had a modest repository of possessions on Mirial; a small home, a four-seater landspeeder among other things, but when he sought to join the Unified Jedi Order, he left those in the care of his friend and brought only a few changes of clothes, a commlink, and credits in a rucksack to the Enclave. His robes, signifying his membership in the Order, his lightsaber, and anything else the Order will give him, are his only true possessions now. Personality: Kind but quiet. He is comfortable in most any situation, but prefers to do things “his way” if he has the choice, and that would be to be on his own with a nice action holo or bestseller flimsi. Detests intensive, spontaneous “physical” activities, as he is prone to exhaust quickly without preparation. Ormala unconditionally cares for all beings in the galaxy, but has no reservations to defend his beliefs and home at whatever cost. Real-life Myers-Briggs Type equivalent: INFJ-A. Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Ormala was born with an affinity for words; by the age of fourteen he could write thousand-word editorials with ease, and would proofread papers by older students before submitting them to their teachers. He had an excellent speaking voice; given a podium, he could keep audiences rapt with attention when speaking on a subject he felt very fervently of. He had a basic understanding of ship engineering thanks to his father, and was familiar with the intricacies of politics, cultures, and healing thanks to his mother. Being Mirialan, Ormala was naturally more agile and flexible than most other sentients. Biography: Ormala was born to kind parents on Mirial in 3655 BBY. They were very conservative in behavior and traditions, but were far from strict. His father was a star freighter technician working for Rendili StarDrive’s Hydian Way branch. His mother was a civil servant, holding many public offices throughout her life. At two years old the Sith invaded Coruscant and the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, leaving Mirial suddenly alone as the territory it lay in suddenly had no Republic support. As the Sith began conquesting the sector at will (Mirial had sided with Malak 300 years before), refugees and displaced vagrants flocked to Mirial, a bastion of humanitarianism and safety, leaving Ormala’s mother to start outreach programs in their city and his father very busy repairing ships of those fleeing and fighting Sith patrols. Since Mirial opted to remain neutral in the War, what little security they had came in the form of the Peace Brigade, with whom Ormala’s parents and leaders often corroborated with. Ormala had to learn to protect himself in times of danger, and he would later sign on to help the Peace Brigade at the age of fourteen, learning to fight and helping to heal, the latter thanks to his mother. As Ormala grew, he took every opportunity he could to help those his parents helped, making him into the man he would later become; a staunch humanitarian and advocate for the helpless. At the age of fifteen (3640 BBY), when a Sith shock force threatened to raze a camp of refugees Ormala was protecting to rout out Republic sympathizers and spies among the crowd, his Force abilities manifested themselves, leveling the soldiers, leaving just enough time for other Peace Brigadiers arrive and run the Sith out. Realizing the potential power he had in his veins, Ormala decided then that in 10 years time, after finishing his education and becoming self-sufficient, he would join the Jedi. When the time came, he left a majority of his possessions in the capable hands of his lifelong friend, taking only a few for himself, and made his way to the Dantooine Enclave to train as a Jedi. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Blade Weapon Martial Arts: Basic Broken Gate Intermediate Blaster Pistol Novice Blaster Rifle Novice Single Saber Form III - Novice Soresu Form VI - Novice Niman Heavy Freighter Proficiency Force Dash Force Jump Force Mend Force Armor Force Persuasion Comprehend Speech
  14. Character Application: Ormala Arragi - Accepted

    I will take care of that! Thank you for the instruction.