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  1. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    “Acknowledged, lead.” Yakko replied and turned to follow her towards the fort, with a sigh of relief. Shooting people too stupid for their own good was not something he enjoyed doing. The trip back to the fort was enjoyably boring, and when they had clearance for landing, Yakko was looking forward to two things, a refresher and a hot meal. He'd forgotten how awful combat nutrient rations tasted. He was also glad to be out of this deathtrap of a snubfighter. “Outrigger flight signing off for today.” he said when opening the cockpit and taking off his helmet. He locked the fighter down and walked over to where he could see Stell wait for him. “So, what's next?”
  2. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    Whatever it had been, it was gone now. Sensor glitch maybe? He shrugged even though no one could see it and concentrated on orbiting the crashsite. Soon enough, his scopes beeped again, and this time he knew what it was. “Outrigger Lead, this is Two. I have a group of surface vehicles approaching the crashsite from the direction of separatist territory. Request permission to investigate.” He continued to circle, but before Stell could reply, he had another alert. “Lead, they are painting us with targeting scanners. Request perimission to engage instead!” he sent, even though her own threat receivers had to be going as crazy as his now. The targets were way too far away for any sort of MANPAD system of either Republic or Imperial make he was familiar with to reach them. So those people were either almost hillariously incompetent by announcing their presence like this and expecting it to invite any other response than weapons fire, or they had some new toys. After all, he hadn't flown a gnatfly like this since washing out of flight school and MANPADs tended not to be an issue for capital ships. At the same time, he hated scavengers and pirates as much as the next spacer.
  3. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    He was too far away to see exactly what had happened, but by the time he handed the Nek off to the spaceport and had watched her land, the pirates had already crashed. They were too far away from seppie territory for the crash to have been caused by a MANPAD weapon, so the decrepid piece of junk had given out from battle damage. No great loss to the galaxy there. Still, no one deserved to die like that. “Lead, this is two. I've handed the Nek over and they got down fine. I'm coming over to the crashsite to joined you.” He quickly checked his instruments. “Scopes are clear. Right now we are the only things flying. My threat receiver is quiet, all I get are Republic-make sensors.” Using a snubfighter the distance between the base itself and the crash was covered quickly and soon he circled around the funeral pyre of the pirate carrier. From four-hundred metres in the air it looked like any number of crashed ships he'd seen in the war. A short distance away he could see the Bitch, and he decided to form up. As he did so, he couldn't help but wonder. 'Where does that leave us?' He ran a few scans of the Wreckage, and soon he was glad he did. "Huh, that's odd...."
  4. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    Yakko was too busy with catching up to the freighter to beat himself for falling back into old habits. Instead he decided that he at least wanted to stop the freighter. “Old habits die hard, Lead.” He was, barely, close enough for his lasers to reach the aft portion of the freighter. Given the situation, he couldn't risk them getting away. So he fired his lasers even though he was under no illusion of hitting anything at this range and sure enough, nine out of ten of his shots went wide, but it at least distracted them and made them try to evade his fire, and then he had a bit of luck when they swerved around to starboard, showing him their aft end and allow him a near perfect shot. Even a blind bantha couldn't miss now. As soon as the computer had locked the shot, he fired. The projectile crossed the distance in seconds and sure enough, it detonated hard against the weak shields of the freighter. As it was still set to proximity blast, most of the damage was deflected by the shields, but they were slowing down a bit, so it had to have taken a bite out of their drive. He closed, firing his lasers as he went. What few came even close added more damage. And then.... “Two. Lead. Am I seeing things or are they really heading to the planet?” He was too professional to hope that he'd taken piece of their hyperdrive, but still, he would take what he could get. Maybe they'd find out what was going on after all.
  5. Sign In/ Out

    Starting a new Job tomorrow, so my time on here will be reduced big-time.
  6. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    “I got him, Lead. Juuuust where I want him.” Even he couldn't miss this time. Two bolts slammed into the engine and his opponent was turned into a cloud of gas. Yakko checked his scopes and saw that the only contact still marked as hostile was the freighter. Going by the flight profile, he was legging it, and probably already calculating the jump to lightspeed. Chevric was too far away, so he pushed the throttle to the stops and went in pursuit. “One, this is two. Their carrier is making a break for it, attempting an intercept.” He knew that he had one more torpedo, so he set it to proximity blast and tried to get a lock on the engine compartment of he fleeing pirate freighter. “Unknown freighter, heave to and prepare to be boarded, or I will blow up everything aft of your main power core.”
  7. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    He saw the explosion of the torpedo out of the corner of his eye, but barely acknowledged it. He was too busy trying to line up a shot of his own. The computer locked in and he fired almost by reflex. He'd done so at roughly the same range as Chevric, but a few seconds later. That gave the pirate a bit more time to try and evade, but in the end the torpedo smashed into the fighter's hull roughly where the starboard wing met the cockpit section. Yakko felt the high of his first kill. As much as he liked flying the big stuff, he realized that moment that the fighter pilots had a point when they described this part of combat to him. Usually shortly before the whole scene degenerated into a barfight. On his scanners Yakko could see that the one remaining fighter had turned around and was trying to go back to his carrier ship. Clearly they hadn't expected the freighter to be escorted. The third pirate was just barely within range of his cannons, so Yakko pushed the throttle just that tiny bit further forward to close the distance, praying that the computer could give him a lock. Eventually the targeting recitcle turned green and he fired a five-second burst of laser bolts. Much to no one's surprise, none of them even came close. That moment he envied those guys who could supposedly hit a target no more than two metres wide without a computer. Yakko decided not to let this worry him and instead he fired again. And again. And again. Only with his last burst did he hit, but it was not a kill shot. Instead one of the bolts damaged one of the engines, because he could see the fighter swerving to the left and 'down' from it's plane of flight before the pilot could compensate for the change in thrust.
  8. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    “Acknowledged, Lead.” Yakko cursed every god in existence as he frantically tried to remember how to raise the shields. He sighed with relief as he found the switch and the shield generator hummed at maximum capacity. The pirates were coming at them from directly head-on, so he maximized his frontal shields. Next he fired up the targeting computer and thanked the same gods that it was a relatively new model, so it was more capable of compensating for the quick moves that were sure to come. S-Foils were locked and he readjusted his position in his seat and followed Lead as they bore in towards the enemy. At this point he could see what they were, and to his surprise, all three were Mk.VI Supremacy-Class starfighters. In one of those strange instances he had time to remember that while the Empire had always been less diligent about where their surplus equipment ended up as long as it was aimed at someone else, the Imps had pulled literally everything that could fly off the salvage yards during the final Republic attack. He checked his scanners and could see that the profiles weren't quite the same as those in the warbook, they were all a bit slower, either not in very good repair or somewhat modified. With that in mind, he set his lasers to rapid fire, a mode in which they'd be shorter ranged, less accurate and each bolt was lower powered but where each cannon fired a lot more of them. He was under no illusion that anything but spray and pray was the order of the day for him. The problem was, those things generally weren't equipped with hyperdrive, so there had to be either a base or a carrier nearby. “Lead, this is Two, I show our targets as three Imp interceptors, Variant Mk.VI type. Can you see anything else?”
  9. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    Yakko quickly fell back into the routines that had been drummed into him in flight school and during his time with the Navy. Quick walkaround, no leaking fuel or any visible damage that wasn't cosmetic, inside the systems all powered up and the controlboard showed no issues. As soon as the ladders had been pulled away and the fuel-lines disconnected, he fired up the repulsorlifts and carefully moved the fighter out of the hangar. He hadn't flown anything this small and fragile in a while, so by the time he was out and he fired up the sublight drive to follow Outrigger Leader, he dearly wanted to wipe the sweat off his face. Following her proved to be easy even for him, as they were going straight up into space. Once he saw the curvature of Dantooine recede below and behind him and change into the silver-dotted black of space, he once again remembered and understood the appeal of flying a glorified gnat. They took a fairly straigh-tline course, but it still gave him the opportunity to get used to flying an Aurek again. After receiving permission to do so, he slowly began to reacquaint himself with flying a fighter in space. Nothing overly extravagant, but just enough so that he had a feel for it again and to begin teaching his instincts that what he was flying now moved a whole lot faster than the Providence, a Valor-Class cruiser and his last assignment in the Navy. He hesitated for a moment before activating the fire-control computer for another systems test. He really, really hoped that he wouldn't have to put his abysmal Starfighter marksmanship to the test, but if recent experience was any indication, he would certainly have to. As the two fighters approached the jump point, he slowly began feeling at least somewhat comfortable. “Outrigger Lead, this is Two. Request hyperspace co-ordinates.”
  10. You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

    “Go to Hangar A3.” “No I don't care if you washed out of fighter training. We need everyone we can get.” So much for doing what he was good at, but given recent events, he wasn't surprised that things were not going as planned. The flight suit Yakko was wearing now had been 'rush-rush' issued, and thankfully he was of fairly average build, so getting one that fitted hadn't been much of a problem, and as he thanked any gods that might listen that he had washed out late enough in the program to be able to actually handle a snubfighter without crashing into the other people in the formation. Not that he was in practice. Or that he had been anything but the worst shot in his class. He'd washed out partly because he'd sometimes broken formation without orders and partly because he'd failed, not placed last in, outright failed every single marksmanship exercise and test. Between those two things.... His helmet, a re-conditioned war-surplus like most Peacekeeper equipment, had at least been given a fresh coat of white paint, though it lacked every other identifying mark. The hangar wasn't entirely full. Almost all of the fighters he could see were Aurek models. Good. If his recollection was right, it was a comparatively docile thing to fly. Not that it helped. Finding one particular pair of fighters wasn't all that easy with all the activity in the hangar, but the hastily scribbled orders he'd been given had made the location clear. The two fighters were parked to the side of the hangar and he could see Lieutenant Chevric standing next to it, impatience radiating off her. Yakko checked his chrono, but luckily he wasn't actually late yet. The distance was easily crossed, but he slowed his steps somewhat to have a quick glance at the Aurek that was probably his. Like every other one he'd seen it looked like re-conditioned surplus, but what little experience he had told him that while a lot of the military equipment the Enclave used might be old, at least it was well maintained and cared for. There would be time for a proper walk-around later, but it wasn't like there was much in the way of damage outside the dents and scrapes that came with the use of spacecraft in, well, space. 'Oh gods, please don't let me screw this up.' With that thought, he looked back at the woman. “Lieutenant Chevric? Yakko Paam.”
  11. Baby steps

    "And may the Force be with you too, Master Azner. Let's hope our next outing together is less exciting." Yakko didn't take long to carry what little posessions he'd taken to his small set of rooms. Since he could hardly show up in a shot-up uniform, he made a mental note to get some replacement issued and chose the least-garish shirt that he had, given that his best set of formals was still somewhere in the depths of his assorted belongings that he had to unpack. Thus attired in his least garish shirt and a freshly laundered set of Corellian military pants, he made his way into the Enclave itself and towards the Commander's Office. With his ID getting past the sentries was trivial, and only minutes later he knocked on the door, hoping that he wouldn't get shot at again any time soon.
  12. Baby steps

    “No thanks are necessary.” Yakko replied with a respectful nod towards the Organizer. “But watch your back. Taris is... dangerous.” The Organizer sighed and nodded. “We will be vigilant, Master Paam. But the people here are our first priority.” “As it should be, but something tells me that this wasn't the end of it.” “I see.” the Organizer replied. “Well, should we discover anything of note, we will let the Order know.” Shortly afterwards goodbyes were exchanged, and even though he didn't say anything, Yakko was heartily glad to be rid of this planet. Force, what a ball of dirt. He did not envy those stuck in this hellhole their job. At all. Because of this, he couldn't help a relieved shudder when he received permission to depart and fired the thrusters with almost undue haste, followed by the main engines at minimum allowed safe altitude. The trip back to Dantooine was agreeably uneventful and by the time the Queen landed on the same spot she had departed from, Yakko felt as well-rested as he could be with a hole in his shoulder, even though the wound was mostly healed by the time he stepped off the ship.
  13. Baby steps

    Later Yakko would be unable to tell who had moved first, him or the shooter, but the one thing he knew was that had he acted a second slower, it was highly likely that Azner would he dead. As it was, the slug missed him narrowly. The first one that is. The second, fired a fraction of a second later, smashed squarely into Yakko's right upper arm. He was thrown to the ground, and in the tumult of running people, he couldn't see either Azner or the shooter. He gnashed his teeth against the pain and struggled to his feet, blaster in his off-hand. The shooter was still there, maybe trying to finish things once and for all. Almost fainting from the pain, Yakko raised the blaster. “I'm a godsdamned pilot! I didn't train for any of this!” He pulled the trigger, and of course he missed. But so did the shooter. By this time the two Enclave representatives and the shooter were the only people around. “Don't matter to me none, Jedi scum.” What happened next would have been insanely comical, had it not been a life and death situation. The shooter pulled the trigger... and nothing happened. At that moment Yakko didn't know if the weapon had been damaged or if it was out of ammunition, but what mattered to him was that it only made a click that was insanely loud all of a sudden. “Don't be so melodramatic, you prat. Throw that thing away and put up your hands.”
  14. Baby steps

    Yakko was about to make a typically Corellian sarcastic remark that technically the AgriCorps were force sensitives but still no Jedi, but the shot that echoed through the clearing stopped him from doing that. Beyond cursing this time, Yakko thanked the gods that the trigger man this time had either been off with his aim or at least had been close enough for the Jedi to sense him early enough. By his side within seconds, Yakko dragged him into cover in the entranceway of the nearest building and inspected the wounds even while yelling for a Medic, something that the dispersing crowd seemed, somehow, unwilling to do. “Let me say two things here. One, from now on let's have all our conversations in a windowless rooms, and second, I'm no doctor, but this seems like it could be fixed with a Bacta patch.” Sobering up and being serious, he looked around for the medics. “We should call this in. Whatever is going on here, there was nothing like this in the briefing and it's a lot larger than we thought.” Upon their arrival, the medics patched up the new wound and indeed applied a Bactapatch over it. Yakko wished that he was more experienced in all this and decided to escort his comrade to the clinic before looking up whoever was in command now. As difficult as getting them to cooperate would be now, at least he was demonstrably no Jedi and he would have it just that tiny bit easier. He sighed. They were here less than a day and his comrade had been shot twice, he'd been nearly devoured by a mutated freak of nature and he'd watched that happen to someone else. Sithspit, but he hated this planet.
  15. Baby steps

    The two guards started packing crates into the speeders, Yakko decided to ask Azner for a copy of his own, preferrably when the guards couldn't see or hear. The Corellian in him was suspicious of everyone in the Republic garrison, including the late Captain and because of this he wanted to spread the data around. Something about all this... He wasn't much of an investigator and like many from his homeworld he didn't have much use for odds, but the chance was great that the brains behind this operation were somewhere inside the compound. Even if it had been Lagaz, and he wasn't convinced of that just yet, and even if tiny yellow dwarfs were stealing Republic supplies, they had to have eyes and ears inside. After all the Compound's security systems were probably entirely self-contained except for HoloNet communications. Maybe it was the child that had loved to watch crime holos back in ye olden days, but to him all this seemed a bit too easy. He made a mental note to bring this up with Azner as soon as they weren't overheard.