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  1. Gakowa sat alone in the Training Fields, levitating small stones. He gently lowered the stones, and raised them again. He continued this for a few minutes, then stopped. He glanced around. He didn't see anyone, nor had he felt someone, but he liked to be sure. He then closed his eyes for meditation. He let the Force flow through him, guiding his thoughts. He could sense all the emotions of everyone in the Enclave, which didn't bother him. He ignored those emotions, and focused on his own mind. He was curious as to how many Togruta were in the Unified Jedi Order, and made a note to speak to Instructor Azner when he had the chance.
  2. round in circles

    Gakowa called on the Force, letting it guide him. He could feel his attachments vanishing. He no longer cared if he ever saw his family again. He had only one friend, and he had only just met the person, so there wasn't an attachment there. He could feel the Intructor, glancing at his chrome, but also felt no impatience from the Instructor, and made no attempt to cancel his meditation. He could feel the hunger of the Kinrath, but knew he was safe, and had nothing to fear. He had felt nervous around Homra Azner before, especially after accidentally upsetting him, but now he felt a little more at ease. He wouldn't try to get personal with him again, but he was willing to learn from him.
  3. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa nodded and glanced at a nearby stone, separated from the others. He closed his eyes, and willed the stone to levitate. As it rose, he moved it towards Mirran's stones, placing it next to them. "Practice makes perfect, as my sister always told me."
  4. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa stopped grinning. "Believe me, I know how that feels." He glanced at the Enclave, and thought he could see a bird flying in the air, one from Shili. Was his mind playing tricks on him?
  5. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa smirked. "Every sentient being has to eat. It doesn't surprise me. Besides, I ate before coming out here."
  6. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa kept his gaze on her. "Instructor Azner is the Instructor who I was assigned to. So, I do know him. The others, however, I haven't met yet. I could invite the Instructor to join our circle, but I'm not sure how he'd take it, since I accidentally upset him. I'll speak to him about it, though."
  7. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa nodded. "It's too bad we don't know anyone else. We could probably invite someone to join our little circle, like an Instructor or someone like us."
  8. Friends and Allies

    If Gakowa had eyebrows, he would be raising one. "I thought we already were." He faced his hand, then looked at her again. Her kind were very interesting, but he decided not to say that aloud.
  9. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa closed his eyes at her comment about the resoluteness. But what she said next got his attention. "Your aura has strands that seem to go outward from you, with long trails of energy that seems to be long and flow away from this planet. Perhaps part of your aura is trapped elsewhere and not completely here. If you cannot sever those trails of energy that are going elsewhere....your focus will determine where you are going and if you have the ability to become a Jedi." He faced her again. "You'd make a good teacher. You certainly have the talent."
  10. Friends and Allies

    "I told her I was joining the Jedi. I just didn't tell her what planet it was on. She didn't seem upset, but I wouldn't put it past her if she asked me where the planet is. And, at times, I do start to think that I'm not fit to be a Jedi, but wherever the Force takes me, I'll go." Of all the responses Gakowa had anticipated, that hadn't been one of them. He needed a lot of meditation after this.
  11. round in circles

    Gakowa took in his surroundings. Crystals formed in the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. The stone floor would seem discouraging to most species, but not to a Togruta, the nature lover of Shili. The ceiling wasn't too close to the ground, its stalactites pointed down at him. Gakowa sat down in the center of the room, and closed his eyes. He pushed away his emotions, beginning with his fear, then his guilt, at unintentionally angering the Instructer, his sadness, towards leaving his sister, his joy, due to the discovery of his Force Sensitivity, and his anger, to how his brother and other relatives had treated him. He called on the Force, letting it flow through him. He could feel the life in the cave, the Kinrath, and other presences he couldn't begin to describe. He could feel the disappointment in the Instructor. He could feel the crystals all around him. He could feel the ambition of fellow Initiates outside the cave, as well as the emotions of their various Instructors. He could feel the loneliness of a friend he had made. He could also feel something else, which he could not identify.
  12. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa glanced at her again. "I doubt my brother will care, but Sakowa might be proud. Assuming she's not mad that I left without telling her what world I was going to, because I didn't want her to go to a place she wasn't supposed to go to." He then thought back to something he had learned from Instructer Azner. "Not all Jedi are meant to be Knights, as Instructer Azner told me. Some don't even make it to be Padawans. I hope to make it, but I won't be surprised if I don't."
  13. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa glanced at her. "I don't like talking about my past anymore than you do. It's a painful subject for me." He glanced back at the ground, recalling a conversation with his sister. She had told him that he was special. 'We'll see if you're right.'
  14. round in circles

    "No, I have no questions of any nature." Gakowa glanced into the cave, and felt something. Something familiar. That didn't make sense to him. His former life was on Shili. He had never been offworld before. It took all his self-control not to walk into the cave. Gakowa hoped that whatever he felt would go away. It was too confusing. 'And besides, I have more important things to worry about.' He made no attempt to move, but waited for the Instructer's signal.
  15. Friends and Allies

    Gakowa glanced at the ground, and thought hard how to reply to that. "My parents were ashamed of me. They thought I was cursed, and tried to abandon me. I never got the chance to know them that well."