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  1. I think I have all my threads all caught up. If I am missing anyone or any post please feel free to beat me with a stick. :P

  2. Initiates sparring match

    Mirran opened the pack she had and took out a blanket and unfurled it upon the ground. She smiled softly and dug out some juice bulbs and some sandwiches. She lay out the picnic on the ground and took a seat. "I think....I am more tired than hungry actually." She drunk quietly from a juice bulb. The juice tasted good to her and was sweet and she drunk another bulb craving the wetness from the container.
  3. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    "I have to be honest, I did not expect you to be so understanding. Thank you." Mirran said coldly. "Do not confuse my actions for affirmation. I do not approve. The crystals do not belong to you. They belong to whoever they resonate with but perhaps you will learn that lesson on your own when you attempt to use them. Plus if the Masters or Knights asks me about where you got them. I will not lie. I will not cover for you. Your actions are your own and I will accept the will of the Force such as it may be." She sighed and took a breath. "I've said my piece and we will not speak of this anymore." She turned towards Magnus and smiled at his words. "Yes., since I have no idea where this waterfall is....I....must meditate and open myself and my vision to the Force. She sat down and sat crosslegged and breathed calmly, her focus firmly planted on the Force. The cave lit up and she cocked her head to one side. "It is very bright...." She paused and pointed a slender finger towards a right way path. "The waterfall is likely this way."
  4. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran cringed slightly. She did not like the dark undertow that Char was exhibiting. His Force Presence suddenly changed colors and seemed quite different from the murky grey she was used to. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. She watched as Char seemed quite adamant about taking Crystals and she followed him and she sighed. She decided to be gentle with him as there really wasn't anything her or Magnus could do because apparently Char just simply was going to do what he wanted anyway. She said softly, "Those Crystals will be useless to you, Char. Any Jedi who has studied how these Crystals work knows that they won't work for you unless....you intend to bend them to your will and besides how many crystals do you honestly need? However, if you must, then you must..." She smiled softly through and carefully touched another crystal that Char had his focus on and Mirrian calmly focused her eyes on the natural fractures within the Crystal and carefully gave a light tap with the Force. The Crystal's lattice came quietly off and the crystal came loose she calmly took it up in her own hand and handed it to Char.
  5. Work reassignment.... *sighs* 

  6. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran stood firmly. "I will not go. I am still responsible for all our actions, despite what you say. I made the plan to come here, not you. If it was your plan, I would respect your decision to do as you wish. However, you did not plan this journey into the caves. I did. In the end, age is no guarantee of wisdom or maturity, Staying in this part of the cave on your own is folly and shows a lack of foresight and maturity on your part." Mirran knew she was young but..she had made this plan to enter these caves and she felt very strongly that regardless she was responsible for her friends. If something happened to Char or Magnus she would never be able to forgive herself for making this choice to come here. "A Jedi is not just responsible for oneself but for those around them. We are comrades in arms or we are supposed to be. A comrade in arms does not leave another on their own. We are supposed to support each other. Perhaps you think so little of those around you. But I cannot." Mirran found a seat on a rock and sat down. "I can wait....and if you cannot wait I suggest we all leave."
  7. Character Prompt: Fear

    ~Mirran~ Her father said sternly, "You have failed us, Mirran....you are a disgrace to our vision and to our people." Mirran felt like she had been kicked hard in her stomach. The things she dreaded the most was to be told by her own parents was to be told she had failed them. She had only been three when she had been basically torn away from her parents but her memory was crisp and she remembered her parents very vividly. The Jedi claimed they took children at a very young age to prevent such attachments. However, Mirran had an eidetic memory. This meant she remembered things that others would normally not remember. While most children's feelings and memories of parents would have faded over time, Mirran's had not. While the distance of time had distanced her from her parents, she still had very distinct feelings and thoughts for her parents. "But....I respect the ways of the Jedi...." "Who refused to see our vision of the Jedi and the Republic interconnected." Mirran stood defiantly or tried to, "But this is more than the Jedi or the Republic. You should know that, father. I follow the will of the Force." "Then you should trust our vision. We are following the will of the Force." Mirran cocked her head. "But who is to say that my vision and my will of the Force isn't different than yours." "Is that what the Jedi have taught you? To deny the vision of others and follow theirs instead?" She shook her head. "Father please....you don't understand." "Apparently so. You are not my daughter, Mirran....you shame us. You shame the Mirraluka, you shame your mother and me. Go belong to the Jedi....you are no longer my daughter." Mirran woke up suddenly in a cold sweat. Thank the Force it was only a dream. However, what if such dreams were visions, visions of the future? She began to pace back and forth? I don't want to fail my family. I don't want to fail the Jedi either. What if I fail both? What if I am doomed to fail my parents, my people, and the Jedi? I don't want to fail them. She began to cry. Please, I don't want to fail anyone. I don't want to fail. I don't want to fail!!
  8. Reaching Out

    And what of you, Initiate?" asked the Knight, going over to check if she had somewhat recovered. "You strained yourself hard but you will be alright. Do you think you are ready to try again, or would you like a few minutes more to compose yourself?" he asked gently, trying to be accommodating to the student that had passed out in front of him, before turning to Char. Mirran blushed a bit, she was rather embarrassed that she had strained too much. She said softly and it was hard to hear if you didn't listen too carefully, "I...I...tried to do too much. I should listen to you more, Knight Coventry. Perhaps it smacks of my own foolish pride that I wanted to do more than what you mentioned. I pushed myself way too hard. Yet, I didn't think it was pride, but perhaps it was. I... also was distracted by my fellow initiates. I....I am sorry." She bowed her head humbly more out of regret and seeking forgiveness for her own actions. "I never caught your name, by the way." "I am Mirran. Mirran Kai."
  9. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran's crono beeped and Mirran sighed and touched the button on her comm. "Kaybee....I am checking in...." The droid affirmed the transmission and the crono reset. Mirran said firmly. "We should not split up. The kinrath are somewhere in this cave, just because we don't sense them doesn't mean they are not here. if you are overwhelmed by them we will not be able to help you or vicea-versa. This cave is dangerous and with the three of us together we should be able to take on any of the dangers that exist. Spliting up is foolish. We are stronger together than we are apart. I decided on this escapade and I am...." She sighed. "Responsible for all our actions in this cave. If something happens to you, I am indirectly responsible. Although we all agreed to take the risk coming. I am fully responsible because I organized it. I will not leave you, Char. So we either stay together or we leave together. Your choice."
  10. Carry On Wayward Son

    Mirran took a deep breath. So this was the fabled temple of Tython, well technically the hangar bay. If...no Mirran don't open too much...she was warned about this. She cocked her head curiously....don't you'll feel things you don't want to feel. She squeezed her Force presence tighter. So tight that she felt kind of sick. Yet she knew beyond anything she couldn't risk being upset by the ruins and those who had died here. Empathy could be a curse in such a place as this and Mirran knew that her people were very empathic in nature by virtue of their Force sight. "What is important about the map room that this is more important than the archives?"
  11. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    ‘Hey, Mirran. I’m...,’ Mirran paused and sighed. "I apologize for my actions, Magnus but Char and I had a major disagreement regarding his positions on the Force. I find his views a bit...well that isn't for me to say." She wanted to say she found his views a bit too radical even for her own views. "Suffice it to say, our last philosophical discussion with Knight Giran was..." She paused, "Too schismatic but I am not here to rehash or open old wounds." ..., I’m wondering, what’s all the fuss about the crystal waterfall? I mean, I haven’t heard of it so can you drink it or is there like a pool near it were you can go for a swim or something, I mean what are the rules? I mean if there’s a pool then I’m unprepared. I haven’t even brought a towel or anything with me, or even a set of spare clothes. You know what, I’m just going to do both anyways. I mean I can just get out of my robes and go in my light armour then change out of that. Thank the Force that I have it on me all the time.’ "I....I don't know. I found information about this waterfall in an old forgotten Holocron in the archives. I have never been there of course. It sounds like it may be a forgotten tunnel system of the caves but it came from an obscure journaled text. It was from a Jedi named Pala Jah. She mentions that she was looking for her lightsaber Crystal but none of the Crystals were the right fit for her. She journeyed further into the cave, further than most and discovered this waterfall that poured water all over the crystals. She said she found her lightsaber crystal in this previously unknown part of the cave. No other Jedi has found it and...well Pala didn't exactly record any map coordinates. She claims she used the Force to guide her to it. It sounds like one part myth and one part truth. If we could find this cave....then we would be considered well...can you imagine a bunch of crystals that haven't been touched by any Jedi for a long time? The Force would be unquestionably strong there.
  12. Initiates sparring match

    Mirran bowed her head humbly. "I yield the match to you. I have no more that I can offer you against you. My Force Blind was all I had left to me and it worked against Kinrath at one point. It was the last powerful Force power I had to me. I am tired and worn out. I need to rest before....we consider anything else. " She deactivated her training saber and sighed. "You are a strong opponent. I would rather have you as an ally than an enemy, Magnus." She placed the training saber back on her belt and breathed heavily.
  13. *sighs* Las Vegas my home.  I am safe, but others not so much. ;(

    1. Sel Anabasis

      Sel Anabasis

      I'm glad you're ok! And hopefully the same can be said for all of your friends and family.

    2. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      *sighs* One of my friend's, her son lost his best friend. This is hitting a bit closer than I would like. 

  14. 40 Garlic Clove Chicken.... And seriously if I had more garlic it would be more. Dracula beware... :P

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  15. Caught a guy trying to pass a bogus $20 at work. What sleeze ball tries to rip off a nonprofit thrift store?  😡