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  1. Sign In/ Out

    Update: My hard drive is fried. So it's getting replaced. But I really do miss it.
  2. Sign In/ Out

    Well, my laptop decided to crash. Dang it all...and I can't get it to get into windows. Blah...stupid Bill Gates and his very Sithy Computer Empire. blah... Anyway I am on my old antiquated desktop computer. It works but it's not the best computer in the world either, it's a frakenputer with issues. hah! Anyway, it works but this means I don't have the best access to the web till I get my laptop fixed. So my being online will be a bit spotty.
  3. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    "You knew the risks when we came here, Char. You also know that I came here to see the crystal waterfall. I know you have no desire to see it. If you wish to leave, then so be it." Mirran sighed, she knew it was foolish to stay here but she had to see this place. She also had the feeling it was close. The kinrath were merely a barrier to it. She paused. "I intend to go forward. I have anti-venom. The kinrath are blind...." She paused in contemplation. "Something I have in common with them, ironically enough, but they are drawn to heat. So if they are drawn to heat...then it's a good bet that they hate cold. We need to lower the temperature and mask our body temperatures."
  4. A Lack of Meditation

    There was something a bit obnoxious and almost overbearing about this initiate. Perhaps it was why Mirran had never taken the time to get to know him in the first place. His emotional level seemed a bit charged and a bit out of place for a Jedi initiate or perhaps she simply was not used to his exuberance. She heard the dripping of water from his clothing and she shivered a bit that reminded her, she needed to change her robes before she came down with a cold. She suddenly sneezed. Yes, she needed a new outer robe. She pressed a button on her wrist and said softly. "Kaybee can you bring me a new outer robe.....please." The droid responded. "As you wish....mistress." She turned her attention to the man or tried to, something about him almost grated on her nerves, not even Char or Magnus was this way with her. Perhaps they were patient with her or perhaps their presence in the Force was not as overwhelming to her. “I just go out to work out, it would be a good change to do it in a natural environment for a chance, unlike Coruscant” It made sense that this young man liked working out. He needed to workout to burn off some of his excess energy. She nodded and said nothing, she did agree though. Coruscant was a bit much even for her. It had a very lively feeling to it but it was crowded and overwhelmed her. Dantooine was quiet, peaceful, and serene. Much more serene, although that remained to be seen seeing how many new initiates were coming. “Yeah, I have been in the enclave for five years now. We have shared a few classes together but I don’t think we had never talked much that cordialities so I guess introductions are in order. Name is Kale Sarkan." "Mirran. Mirran Kai." Her head turned toward the raspiness of the other Miraluka. She didn't know what to make of her. Mirran bowed her head a bit toward her. "I...it is a pleasure to meet another...another....Miraluka." Mirran blushed a bit, she felt awkward toward the other Miraluka. Don't be silly, Mirran, she's not going to judge you over the actions of your parents. You are your own person.
  5. A Lack of Meditation

    Mirran took a deep calming breath. The weather shouldn't define a lack of discipline she realized that. Just because the elements had turned against her did not mean she couldn't meditate. She could easily go back to her chamber and medita... Dangit! – a hell of a weather we´ve got all of sudden, huh? Mirran cringed, her thoughts interrupted. There certainly seemed to be a lot of new initiates lately. She had managed to over come her shyness with Char and Magnus but this fellow....she looked thoughtful for a moment. She had seen him before on Courscant but she had been just barely 14 galactic standard years of age. She had been really shy and reclusive even then. She nodded at him and then licked her lips. "Yes....I was planning on meditating in the fields. It's calm....peaceful....a good place to study as well." She paused. "You....you look familiar.....did we have classes or perhaps a master in common, maybe? Master Kerian Kardan for basic lightsaber training maybe? Or Master Yan Rian for fundamentals of the Jedi code. Or maybe we saw each other in the archives." Mirran frowned she had a sense that someone was staring at them...well her. She cringed. She narrowed her Force sight and found it was coming from another Miraluka...uhh...she hadn't seen or been around another Miraluka in years, well besides her parents. However, her parents really didn't count. They were basically atypical to other Miraluka. She had learned later as girl growing up that her parents were quintessentially political exiles. The Miralukan government had given them a post on Couruscant to keep their more radical political views and views on the Force away from other Miralukas. Her parents wanted Alpharides to join the Republic and for a lot of their children to become Jedi. Mirran had been given to the Jedi as a child as a token of good will to the Jedi and to the Republic towards a future they saw in the Force. Her parents had been less than pleased with the seperation of the Jedi from the Republic. Mirran gazed toward the other Miraluka. What was another of her race like? Mirran worried that she was too humanish in nature and that her actions were more like a human than a Miraluka.
  6. A Lack of Meditation

    Mirran decided today to devote herself to pure meditation. She looked contemplative as she went out of the Enclave. She shivered a bit, there was a bit of a chill in the air and she pulled her robes closer to her. She tried to sit down to begin meditation but a gust of wind blew through the fields of Dantooine. And then the clouds rolled in and a light drizzle started coming in. So much for trying to meditate. The rain began to slowly stop being a drizzle and began to come down pouring down. Mirran sighed, so much for trying to connect with the Force through the planet itself. She was thoroughly becoming soaked and so she suddenly began to retreat from the fields and to the inner part of the Enclave. She muttered more to herself. "It would have to rain...."
  7. Carry On Wayward Son

    Mirran cringed as Char mentioned she observe the Flesh Raiders. She had no desire to get up and personal with them. Their presence in the Force was foul although part of her felt sorry for them. It wasn't their fault that they had been mutated by their own people. What kind of people would do that to others? A people devoid of sympathy, devoid of compassion, devoid of mercy. Such things were of the Dark Side, Mirran concluded. She said softly. "I cannot do such things, Char. My abilities are...." She paused a moment. "limited as I am still only basically a Force adapt as are you. Iman is correct in assuming to not put abilities upon people that you assume others have when they do not have them in the first place." Iman was right, pitching violent tendencies against themselves was unpredictable. Yet, would only be good if it relied on the fact that they looking for a quick getaway. Unfortunately, they needed to stick around for awhile to gather holocrons and datacubes and then move forward once again. This would take some time perhaps a bit longer than one would like. Besides this would have taken someone who knew Battle Meditation and that was a skill far more potent than a simple Force Persuade and would have been much better at controlling the Flesh Raiders. It was a skill that she was aware that few had, in fact, she didn't think she was aware of anyone in the Order that was capable of such a skill. Such a skill had been well known among Nomi Sunrider and Bastila Shan. However, that was over three hundred years in the past. Or perhaps she didn't know anyone in the Order who practice it. She nodded as Homra poked holes through their ideas. He suggested that he and Iman could shade themselves and go past the Flesh Raiders and then wait for the signal. She wondered about Char, he seemed rather impatient. Impatience could lead to disaster. Disaster....a term that implied that the stars had some sort of overall direction over their fate. Well, maybe that was a good point to consider. She nodded as she took a seat and calmly meditated. She needed peace and this seemed as good a time to meditate for peace. She really needed to meditate more. She waited for the signal from Homra....
  8. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran shrugged. "I never said I agreed with the rhyme. I just remember it...I spent most of my time as a youngling with the Jedi. Rhymes are a good way to teach lessons to young children." She sighed. She remembered her mother hugging her and giving her to a Jedi named Lorcha Wan. The Jedi seemed to be a caretaker of sorts with several younglings. Lorcha had long braided braids that went down her back. Mirran remembered that she liked pulling on the braids to get her attention. She never really pulled too hard. But Mirran had been mesmerized by those clacking braids. She looked thoughtful and then said. "Let's go...I...." She paused as she focused her Force Sight down the deepest corridor that she had chosen. "I feel something very strong down that way. Very powerful in the Force." She proceeded to walk down the hallway and she cringed suddenly. "Kinrath....I sense them...they are also down that way."
  9. Application of Sidara Eldin

    Not staff but yippie another Miraluka. *squee* lol
  10. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Mirran took a deep breath. "Blast....I should have had Kaybee come with us. I am sure he'd make a big fuss but I could have sent him down one of these passageways to scout out for us. But he's more of a protocol droid and would be a very poor scout. A Kinrath would come along and he'd be scrap." She sighed. She picked up a rock with the Force and threw it down the left-sided tunnel. She let go of the rock and she heard the rock crash into the rock wall. She took another rock and threw it with the Force and let it go to the right-side tunnel. She heard nothing. That meant nothing though, it could be there was no rock wall or it ran out of momentum. She looked reflective and started a simple rhyme. "Two ways of the Force, simple to see. One is Dark the other is Light. Which way to go, which way to find. Light, Dark. A flip of a cred coin. My Master says to be careful now in both ways sure. Choose...the right path and choose your way...." She pointed her finger down both ways and alternated between the rhyme. "Light, Light....Dark, and Dark as you please, but one way for Jedi and one way for Sith. Choose a side and stay." Her finger pointed down the right corridor and she shook her head. "To be honest. I have no idea. And as simplistic as that was, I've heard that sometimes worse decisions have been made with even lesser rhymes or lesser ways. A flip of a credit coin, even. So let's hope fate is with us and this doesn't turn out bad." She paused a moment. "Oh and don't ask me where I learned that rhyme...it's been floating around for awhile."
  11. Reaching Out

    Mirran mouth gaped open as Coventry's water hand was able to handle the lightsaber through the Force but the display didn't last very long. "As you can see, Initiates. I do not have full expertise any more than you do. Only through great study will I be able to make that arm last longer. But the more you are able to concentrate, focus, and more importantly trust the Force, the more it will respond to the requests you make of it, and the more detailed it will be able to respond. Hydrokinesis is not necessary to becoming a good Jedi knight, but it doesn't hurt to sharpen your skill in accessing the Force along this route. But I must stress again, such an immense gift should never be abused or used to hurt people. Now, are you all ready for the final part of this lesson?" Mirran looked contemplative. "Is it the Force that wills that you do this or is it you that wills it or perhaps it is the will of the Force and you both agreeing to do so? Does it become easier to do so when you submit yourself to the Force? Mirran suddenly blushed a bit. "I am sorry, I am full of so many questions. I wish to open my understanding of things and understand the Force so that I may better accept it's role in my own life. I suppose I am ready for the final part of this lesson."
  12. Real life is kicking my butt. Cooking and prepping things in an internship. I come home and all I want is to do is sleep. I am enjoying it but I am soooo tired. Pro is at least I get free food during my shift. :) 

  13. My galaxy is changing....and that's a good thing! 

    1. Sel Anabasis

      Sel Anabasis

      Who? What?




      Change bad! Always bad! Jk

    2. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      Actually good change. I am starting a training program at a cafeteria for a month to gain some culinary experience. I am looking forward to it. 

  14. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    "You know I am pretty sure that the Masters aren't going to be pleased that we undertook this trip. So it would be a good idea not to talk about it. There is no need to stir trouble for no reason, is there? If no one asks any questions, there is no need to tell anyone about our trip to this cave." If Mirran had eyes she would have rolled them. Apparently, Char misunderstood her words. She never thought he was that thick. She had never had said she would automatically go to the masters or the knights about Char's indiscretion. She had only said if they questioned her about the crystals Char had she would not lie about it. A tad bit of annoyance dripped into her voice. "Did I ever say I would tell anyone of this trip? I said....if the Masters or knights inquire to me about your crystals I would not lie. No one has asked me as of yet. For your sake, you better hope they do not." She had just had enough of Char, this trip was suddenly not becoming as fun as she had hoped it would be. She found herself stopping at what looked to be two paths. One will deceive you....one will lead truly. Huh? Now that was an interesting thought or was it some sort of precog sense that was warning her. One of these paths clearly lead to danger and the other didn't. Which one, she wasn't sure? She scratched her head. "The paths are confusing me....one leads the right way the other may have hidden dangers or be a complete dead end or perhaps even both."
  15. Carry On Wayward Son

    "Just maps, as far as I'm concerned. Might be some council things, I can get a copy of the data - but it'd be encrypted and would have tons of security measures that'd give seasoned slicers migraines for years." Mirran cocked her head in a curious manner. She didn't know why but she got a sense that there was more to this than just maps. By all intents and purposes, the archives should be more important than the maps room course they were on the 2nd floor, to begin with, or was it the first floor? She was all turned around in this place and her vision wasn't the best right now because it was muted in a dull manner. She sighed and decided to open herself to the Force just a bit but slowly and carefully. She cringed a bit, sensing at least four nebulous beings that radiated a dull hunger. That would be the Flesh Raiders that Homra was mentioning. They were mutated members of the Rakata, according to her studies. They were a bit like the infamous Masassai that she had briefly studied about as well. Not that she knew that much about either of these two races. Both were races that had a natural affinity to the Force. However, the knowledge she knew of them was limited because they were known as races that were drawn toward the Dark Side. Of course, the masters and Jedi would never allow her full archival access to a couple of races that embraced the Dark Side. It was basically footnoted about how these races had been basically wiped out because of their alignment in the Force. Mirran wondered if the same would happen to the Flesh Raiders someday that they would gradually end up fading away or eventually become extinct. Course she wondered similarly about her own race. They too were a race that had a natural affinity to the Force. Although not all Miralukas were strong enough in the Force to be a Jedi, however that tended to be the exception and not the norm. "We to sneak and move as fast as possible to get to the map room. We need a distraction, but not something that'd have the whole tribe storming in and eating us. I could sneak off on my own and get there, but I can't really bring all the data cubes and crystals from the second floor to outside. If anyone has ideas though, now would be a good time to share them." "Do Flesh Raiders persuade easily? I mean....they seem kind of thick and more brawn than brain. Perhaps a little nudge and they would fight each other rather than pay attention to us and we could then slip by easily enough. Although that is just one idea."