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  1. Bereft of a Master....

    "Hiding in the archives is something I know very well..." Mirran saw the change of color in the Knight's aura. Something had shifted his presence. Mirran struggled to understand the meanings in what she saw in the Force and she knew better to pry. A person's aura and presence in the Force was their own and made up their own personality. It would be best not to ask Giran what had caused his mood and presence to shift. "You still remember that? Hmm... Do you wish they'd done something different?" Mirran sighed. "I suppose it is due to the fact that I do not see things like others that I compensate for a lack of visual not just with the Force but with my memory as well. I remember scents, people,....my last breakfast that day. It was a porridge with my favorite fruit, meilooruns mixed in. " Mirran then chuckled. "And thinking of meilooruns....kind of makes me hungry actually." She then sighed. "Do I wish my parents had done something different?" She paused in thought. "I am not really sure...perhaps...I am still slightly attached to them. But...that attachment is a bit....awkward. You see my memory is of my parents as a child and I am an adult now and I think my parents still see me as a child. I had thought at one time to follow in their footsteps and become a diplomat but now...." Mirran paused. "I am beginning to realize that maybe...just maybe I don't want to follow in my parent's footsteps. I am my own person. Although...I think I am more geared towards that way of life."
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  3. Bereft of a Master....

    "Yes, gossip becomes no-one. Especially a Jedi." Mirran merely nodded. "Perhaps having that master wasn't meant to be. But a master? I'm sure you can find one. It's simply a question of finding a good fit. Someone who specializes in what you want to do as a Jedi. Maybe that's where you need to start- figure out what you want to do. What your talents are, where you envision yourself in the future..." Mirran bowed her head in contemplation. "I am a scholar, Knight Giran. I....I am not much of a fighter or a warrior" She paused. "I hid away most of my time in the archives here so I would not have to meet others, My parents...decided that I was too shy for their liking when they visited me on my nineteen year and gave me a protocol droid in hopes that the droid would make me talk more either to it or to others. Then I met Char and Magnus and I guess...meeting them helped me open up more. There are really not that many Miralukas here and my parents are not in favor with the Miralukan government. They saw something within the Force and it was not popular with most of our people. They said they saw a future where our people would be united with the Republic and the Jedi. They actively decided to work towards that future...." Mirran sighed. "Part of that was giving me up to the Order. I was only three years of age. But...I still remember it...my memory is very keen towards remembering such things. Even though I was only three years of age. " She then stated. "I don't know a lot of the knights here...perhaps...I should meditate and like the crystal I found for my lightsaber pehaps the Force will direct me towards the right master."
  4. Bereft of a Master....

    "No, you won't be released from the Order. That's absurd- we always have places for those with good intentions in their hearts. I'm sure you've heard of the Agricultural Corps, or one of the many other sub-organizations of the Jedi Order, and those will always welcome volunteers with open arms. The traditional Padawan-Knight-Master path is not for everyone, after all. But I see no reason why it shouldn't be for you. You're as well-suited for it as any other Padawan learner I've met. And it's not as if you've lost all contact with them. You've still got comlinks, haven't you? Wherever you may roam to, you'll always be able to return to the Enclave, and so will they. They're just at a different place in their journey as Jedi than you are." Mirran sighed. "I suppose so...but Char makes me nervous. He seems unsettled somehow. I worry if I contact him...he will be angry and hostile that I became a Padawan and he was rejected. Plus he is older than I. As for Magnus...I think his heart is in the right place. I wasn't expecting him to be rejected. But then I guess..." She paused a moment. "His aura....was mixed...not fully,,." She suddenly blushed. "I...I apologize...it is not proper to talk about what I see of others in the Force. I was told it is the height of bad manners to tell others...what I see from the presences of others. " "As always, you've got to keep your chin up and keep going." Mirran nodded. "I...guess...but I still don't know what I am going to do. I was so happy to have a master and...I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I suppose the Force has other plans for me."
  5. Bereft of a Master....

    Mirran sighed and dug into her pocket and pulled out the handwritten letter which Knight Thuria Drinna had given her. It didn't mention much just that the knight had left of her own accord and couldn't take Mirrian with her. She handed the letter to Giran. Mirran sniffed lightly. "Is it true that if I can't find a master, I'll be released from the Order? I...I don't even know what the outside world is like, Knight Giran. The Order has been my whole life since I was a child." Mirran bowed her head reflectively. "Plus my friends...the ones that I've met here...they were rejected for training. Char....Magnus...I feel so alone, Knight Giran. Is this what it means to be Jedi? To have a solitary life without anyone beside you to support you? I always thought...well I thought I'd at least have friends, compatriots along side of me. I suppose I have made an incorrect assumption."
  6. Bereft of a Master....

    Mirran gave a weary sigh, she had reverted back to her shy reclusiveness. She found a seat on a bench that overlooked a garden. The garden was tended by initiates and padawans. At this moment, there were no padawans or initiates tending the garden. The garden was a good place to meditate. She sat down on the bench in a weary manner. Part of her wanted to tell the Knight to go away, to leave her alone. She felt herself struggling to even say anything at all. It was as if she had lost her voice altogether. There were no words that Mirran could say that explained how she felt. She sighed, as she took a stick and using her Force sight so that she could see what she did, she started scribbling in the dirt of the ground. She proceeded to write her response in Aurebesh in the dirt. because she simply couldn't open her mouth at the moment. She didn't feel like she had the fortitude to do so. So instead she calmly and quietly scribbled in the dirt and she wrote in the aurebesh characters... I lost my master... Only been a padawan for a few days. What do I do now?
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  8. Bereft of a Master....

    Telona, 3629 BBY Mirran was sulking, what had she done wrong? One moment she had a master and the next her master had taken off on a perilous mission leaving her a message that she could not continue teaching her. It wasn't as if she had much training with her. Now the Miraluka was left without a teacher and a master to help her understand the Force. She had left her protocol droid in her chambers because she did not want to deal with Kaybee's annoying prattle. She sighed and wondered what now? She was pretty sure if she had eyes she would have been crying. Fortunately for her, there were no tears to be shed from a species that had no eyes to shed tears. Yet that didn't mean that Mirran didn't feel rather dejected. She looked around the Enclave feeling rather lost. What if she couldn't find another master? What would happen to her then? Would she be asked to leave? Would her career as a Jedi come crashing to a halt as suddenly as it had begun? She needed to stop being so pessimistic, such thoughts were unbecoming for a Jedi padawan. She needed to have faith. Faith that someone would learn of her predicament and take her on as a student.
  9. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Mirran paused in thought. "In other words no matter how noble my parent's intentions are if I decide later on to be something other than what my parents intended...well I want to....well..."She paused. "My parents are not happy with the current course of the Jedi. While I have some degree of wanting to please them, I would rather be a Jedi than please my parents. Yet... I have a long path I think. Perhaps my thoughts will change when I become a padawan and then from being a Padawan to a Knight. But that is a long time off...and being a Jedi is not an easy path." She smiled softly. "Whatever combat form you wish to participate in...I will strive my best to learn it."
  10. The Butterfly Effect

    Mirran turned toward her new master. She took her presence more in the Force, using the Force to get more of a picture of her. Silvery or white hair slightly similar to her own coloring. Mirran's hair was slightly blond but also could be construed as silvery blond as well. As if Mirran took much stock in physical appearance. Sure physical appearance was useful but to a Mirraluka that relied mainly on other senses as well as the Force to see. It mattered little to Mirran. Yet, using the Force to see, her new master seemed strong of features and perhaps strong of character as well. "Yes, I am. I'm Thuria Drinna, but you may call me Master Drinna. This is the lesson I'm giving you." Her master paused and seemed to hesitate some, trying to find the right words. Mirran understood. Miraluka's always tried to carefully measure their words carefully before speaking. Words could do so much damage, more so than a lightsaber or any other weapon. Their tone, their inflection could bring healing, could damage or even wound someone. Mirran smiled lightly, she decided that this woman, her new master was careful and considerate, something, Mirran could definitely appreciate. "Basically, what I was allowing you to do was to search for me through the Force. The Force is connected to all living things. It's binds everyone together. Without the Force, where would life be? We need the Force, but we also need to trust it. Do you understand?" Mirran frowned slightly. "Master?" She paused in thought trying not to offend or insult her new master. After all, Mirran was a Miraluka without the Force she would be totally and completely blind. Yet she supposed her words had merit because they were true. Mirran had to trust the Force, there was no choice but to trust it. "Master Drinna, I am Miraluka. The Force is my sight, without the Force I would be utterly blind. There is no other option but for me to trust it. It is my sight...everything around me is surrounded by the Force....even....things that we would not consider living." Her Master seemed to pause a moment and then stated, "I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Who are you and who is this droid?" Mirran bowed lightly before her new Master. "I am Padawan Mirran Kai and this is Protocol droid Kaybee-Atedee. But I just call him Kaybee. He was a coming of age gift from my parents. They are diplomats on Coruscant. I think..." She paused a moment. "I think my parents wanted me to recognize that not all beings are organically based and that even though my perceptions through the Force are mostly geared towards organics...mechanical droids are also....tied indirectly to the Force as well." Kaybee responded. "I am honored to serve Mistress Padawan Mirran as well as you, Master Drinna. But Mistress Padawan Mirran, you did not answer my question." Mirran sighed. "The Force...yes...what does it feel like to me." She paused took a breath and then answered, "Like a million or billion stars shining everywhere which I can feel thrumming and vibrating. It is the pulse of my heart, the pulse of the galaxy, it sings like a song. It is like a design woven delicately. For you...I think to understand it would be the flow of energy that pulses through your circuits, I think. Does that answer the question you asked me?" Kaybee seemed to be processing. He was quiet. His processors humming as he tried to comprehend Mirran's answer. He then answered. "I am afraid I do not understand, Mistress Padawan Mirran. How can the galaxy be compared to the flow of the energy which flows through my circuitry." Mirran sighed. "I suppose your programming is limited, Kaybee. But that's alright. I wouldn't expect you to fully understand ."
  11. The Butterfly Effect

    Mirran gasped. Kaybee spoke, "Mistress are you alright?" Mirran held up her hand. "I am fine...Kaybee." The droid spoke. "Mistress I have a question for you." "Hmm...what do you wish to ask me? I am a bit busy...." That was not untrue, for Mirran was busy stretching her Force sight outward to a very fine needlepoint. The connection....the trail of Force energy from the voice of her master was calling her. She traced it back to the knight that seemed to be waiting around. The droid then asked. "Mistress...I have pondered this for quite some time in your service. What...." The droid paused and then continued, "What does the Force feel like?" If Mirran had eyes she would have more than likely arched an eyebrow. What an unusual question for a droid, an automaton to give. It was indeed an interesting thing that perhaps Kaybee was developing a sense of sentience that Mirran had never considered before. But droids were only programming, wires, ener.... She paused, energy. But was not the Force made up of energy? Such an idea made Mirran's head throb that perhaps her droid was in a manner of speaking alive. There was an old statement: I think therefore I am. It described the spark of intelligence of a being that was sentient. Yet, Kaybee's presence did not shimmer or glow in the same way as an organic and flesh and blood being. She sighed. "The Force is.....life....it is the warmth of so many things....it is how I see...you....my..." She paused. "My master...." Mirran got up. She walked closer to the monument. Her droid following close behind her. "Mistress....mistress you did not answer my question!" Mirran saw the outline the glow of the woman and Mirran paused before her. "Master?"
  12. The Butterfly Effect

    Mirran sighed where was her master? She had not be told who they were either? For all, she knew they could be a he or a she. Most of the Jedi seemed to be coming and going. Mirran wondered where they all were headed. Perhaps on a mission, perhaps to see the council. She proceeded to watch the knights, initiates, and padawan come and go around her. Her master was somewhere among them, somewhere. Be patient, Mirran. Your Master will reveal themselves in time. Kaybee said to her, "Mistress Mirran, what are we waiting for?" Mirran said softly. "The Force Kaybee. It will help me. After all, I waited such a long time to be a padawan, a little longer isn't going to hurt when it comes to finding my master." Mirran sat down and began to meditate. She remembered Char, he was so impatient. He seemed to want all the answers and power immediately. It was better to be patient and not rush. She noticed sadly that her initiate friends weren't with her. They all hoped to be padawan and at the end, she was the only padawan of her group left. True, there were initiates at all stages of training but the ones she had developed a connection with weren't here or dressed in Padawan robes as she was. It made her a bit sad, she had hoped to continue her path of learning and discovery of the Force with them. Yet....this was Mirran's path. She turned her gaze outward there was one constant in this courtyard, a knight that seemed to be just hanging around. Why? Mirran focused on her. She seemed to be waiting as Mirran was waiting. Mirran continued mediating some but kept a small bit of her focus on the knight as Mirran had just barely started meditating and it would be a shame to break the meditation suddenly for her master....but what if that is what the knight wanted? What if she wandered off? Well if that happened, Mirran would stop her meditation and go after the knight. Yet right now....the Force whispered to her....patience.
  13. The Butterfly Effect

    Mirran had heard that she had been assigned a Knight to be her master. Mirran had never had a master and apprentice relationship before and wondered what it would be like. Would she be nice? Would she be strict? Would she be okay with Kaybee following her around? Kaybee the protocol droid seemed to be in a programming loop ever since she had gotten finished with her trial and the padawan braid had been tied in her silvery hair. The droid had been going around all over the place saying, my master is a padawan. Mirran tried to tolerate the droid. Yet at times the droid grated on Mirran's nerves. It had been a gift from her parents, a coming of age gift. Mirran had suspected that the droid had hidden programming in it, perhaps the thing spied on her actions and reported back to her parents. Yet, she couldn't blame them if that was the case. Parents were....well parents. Mirran chuckled lightly at the droid. "Kaybee please.... I am only a padawan and a very low ranking one at that." The droid chattered on. "But Mistress, your parents are so proud of you." Mirran if she had eyes would have rolled her eyes at that. "And I have no concept of that....I really wish you hadn't told them that I am no longer an initiate." "But mistress, they are your parents they deserve to know." Mirran sighed. "I suppose so..." She looked around the Enclave trying to sense her new master in the Force. There were several Jedi wandering around and Mirran was still wondering which one was her master.
  14. Lustrous

    Mirran was quiet and she took a few sips of water from a canteen. She said nothing to Homra choosing rather the option to quiet her own spirit and to gather her thoughts. This was it...the step from one part of her life to the next. She would no longer be Initiate Mirran Kai but Padawan Mirran Kai. The Mirraluka quietly dug around in her pack and found another band she quietly folded it up and placed it over the indentations of where eyes would be. She calmly tied the band in the back. She looked at the items around her that she needed to build her lightsaber. She set her crystal alongside them. She fingered the crystal at first and touched it with her own Force aura. It responded in its own quiet tranquil manner and glowed with a pure inner light. Mirran gave a long deep sigh and shifted the pieces together with the Force: The power cell, the emitter matrix, and the lens, along with the crystal slowly came together. Four essential components but altogether as one, no that wasn't correct. There were five essential components. She was the fifth one. Lightsaber and Jedi were both one. A training saber was not as complex as a full lightsaber. Training sabers did not have as deep of a connection as one constructed by a Jedi. Well, that was an obvious thing because an initiate was simply given a training saber, they did not construct them. Slowly the pieces came together and slowly the Force flooded into all of them including her. The lightsaber slowly came to her hand and she ignited it. It's glowing silvery light filled the cave. She took a few passes in the air with the blade to test its own balance and her focus with the blade. She then extinguished the blade and carefully hooked it onto the belt of her robes.
  15. Lustrous

    Mirran was exhausted. She had not felt the heat of the explosions on her and had been completely oblivious to the heat that singed her silvery hair. Her skin was puckered red with blisters and she felt the heat of the blisters on her. "Man, whoever's handling requisitions will murder me, but that explosions were pretty awesome in my opinion. Uh, sorry about hitting you though. I should have something in the main area? To help." She said softly, "I am fine...Knight...Homra." He seemed to be fussing over her but frankly, Mirran was too weary to feel much of anything, be it pain or even.....she cringed as she stepped into a wet soggy puddle. Her whole orientation was off. She did not even sense the water of the cave. She needed to rest. Mirran wasn't really into the conversation or was paying attention to Knight Homra that much. She felt like she wasn't really walking but she was, she simply walked because her body told her to walk and told her to go forward. It was enough for one foot to take a step and then the other foot taking another step. When Knight Homra came to a stop she did as well and bid her to sit and have him tend to her relatively minor injuries which she was so exhausted she did not even realize she had. She willed her whole mind and everything about her to be still and quiet and she drew herself into the Force using it to help recover from her expedition into the cave itself. At the moment, lightsaber building was the furthest thing on her mind. She just wanted to recover her sense of self and wellbeing before she even attempted to create her lightsaber. So while Homra tended to her injuries, Mirran was completely tuned out and recovering her strength.