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  1. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran felt tired. She wanted to rest. She felt like a pup that had been whipped. She groaned and promptly passed out. The librarian shook her head. "Such is expected from such a child." She turned towards Thuria. "And what are you looking for? Surely your search is different than hers."
  2. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran nodded and looked at the holocrons through the Force. So many, they extended above her to the ceiling on shelves. She shivered lightly. It felt like her confrontation back in the Crystal cave where the queen/mother Kinrath dwelled. She gave a long sigh... "So many...." She heard the noise of the holocrons. It was like hearing water rushing over a precipice and going down into a gulf, a waterfall. It would be so easy to get lost in the rush of it all. Mirran extended her sight as far as she could. "I can not figure them all...it's like a rushing river...too...many currents. Too many directions. " She felt agitated and she wanted to run away because it was too much for Mirran's senses. How could the Librarian deal with such a thing? She turned her senses at the Librarian and frowned. The Librarian seemed very calm and at peace. Yet she had to deal with the holocrons on a daily basis. It left Mirran wondering how the other Miralukan was able to handle it. Mirran pondered this, she wondered if the woman had been chosen at a young age to handle the holocrons. Maybe she became use to the noise. And then Mirran had an idea. Embrace the noise. She calmed herself and let the noise of all those holocrons wash over. It became like a peaceful rush of water. Mirran then wondered which noise and voice she was looking for. She cocked her head curiously and proceeded to 'look' and scan the holocrons with the Force. Images of various sentients went through her mind. A woman's image went through Mirran's mind... Mirran gasped and went to a shelf and carefully using the Force floated the cube to her hand. The librarian nodded. "You have done well, child..."
  3. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran was meditating and opening herself up to the Force. So much had happened since she had come here. She had forsaken the ways of the Jedi to learn more about her own people. She had to admit that she felt slightly out of place and alone even with Thuria here with her. Will I always feel out of place? Mirran rose up from her meditation. She looked at the holocrons and she looked them over. A woman entered the room and she said softly. "Choose the holocron, you seek. If you are ready, you will know which one you seek. If you cannot find the right one, then you are not ready for the knowledge you need." Mirran paused. "Are you the Librarian?" The woman smiled. "I am..."
  4. A Pilgrimage Home...

    "Don't touch any of the holocrons...if this is a test...then if we touch even one...we could end our chances for even being here. Course, there is the fact if we don't touch them...we could end our chances for being here as well." Mirran sighed. "I suppose we are going to have to sit and wait, maybe meditate..." Mirran sat down and stated, "I don't like meditation all that much...."
  5. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran sighed. "I felt more at home with the Jedi....they were more family to me than my family was." The Mirralukan guide they were with paused. "Here is the study of the librarian....she does not have a name....she did at one time but she goes by the name Librarian. If you can survive her tests then you will receive the object you desire." Mirran entered the room, it looked empty. There were several holocrons all over the room but not a glance of any person in the room. Mirran was sorely tempted to access the holocrons but if this was a test....she better not touch any of the holocrons in the room.
  6. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran paused. "Because I don't know how my people will react to me. I think they will accept you more than they will me. You're an outsider but me, these are my people and I get the feeling I am being judged at a more stringent level than you are. Perhaps I am wrong. But I just feel like...well.. their vision and sight is all over me. My parents were exiled from here and I am their daughter. It doesn't seem fair...but I am straddled with my parent's exile. I am a daughter of exiles. It is a stigma that I am burdened with...even now." Mirran's shoulders slumped and she walked on quietly. If she could have cried, she would have. Mirran walked back into the library. Despite Thuria being around. Mirran felt very alone.
  7. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Lorrash bowed and said quietly. "Follow me..." Lorrash turned and walked off towards the library they had previously had gone to. Mirran sighed and said quietly to Thuria. "We may have to fight this librarian...and her disciple. He's about as illusive as...well.....these are my people. They are not exactly light and not exactly dark. We prefer the Light side of the Force over the Dark and I know the Luka Sene will hunt people who have turned to the Dark Side and try and convince them to be more.... lightside. I haven't exactly been...well I guess you could say I have a bit of a dark streak within me...still...this test....I will probably fail it. I am not inclined to be what I use to be. My vision is...well it's changed a lot since you last saw me."
  8. A Pilgrimage Home...

    The Miralukan said calmly. "My name is Lorrash Korran by the way. You want an answer then you shall have to come with me to see the master librarian, only she can admit someone to the holocrons we keep. I am only her student and I was told to test any that came to seek her out. You think my tests are....a waste of time, then you haven't met her. You really want to face her then fine...go ahead." Mirran sighed. "Finally, some progress. Look, whatever your idea of testing is.... I think I'll take her testing rather than yours for once. At least it gets us closer to our goal." Lorrash shook his head. "As you wish...don't say I didn't warn you..."
  9. A Pilgrimage Home...

    The Miralukan shook his head. "You lack trust. Trust. Why do you trust Mirran? And why does she trust you? I have been...well, looking for her and it seems that what trust you both have is fragile at best." Mirran sighed. "You know I am beginning to think this is a fruitless endeavor. This man is playing games with us. Toying with us and the question is why?" The man nodded. "A highly sought item is not worth anything without risk or trial. You should know that, both of you." Mirran then stated. 'If this is a test or a trial...then what must we do to pass it. You said we failed...so how do we overcome what obstacle to pass?"
  10. Wild Child of the Force....

    Mirran heard someone enter the cantina. Mirran took a brief glance of them in the Force to see if they were a threat of any sort. Mirran judging there was not went back to her drink although that could change. The last time Mirran had had any sort of foray with alcohol it had ended with her being assaulted. Not this time, Mirran vowed. If anyone touched her inappropriately, they would suffer. Mirran wasn't so naive anymore that she would allow such a thing. Mirran heard the same woman asking for Corellian Ale. Mirran wondered what brought the woman here. Most people drank to forget problems and issues. Mirran was drinking to scorn her Jedi path. Mirran chuckled lightly, she was being rebellious in nature.
  11. A Pilgrimage Home...

    The Mirralukan man smiled. "By closed minded I mean...you have kept yourself away from others. You didn't make friends outside of your Order. There are far more people in the galaxy than the Jedi Order." Mirran was getting impatient and she suddenly blurted out. "Look, I am looking for the holocron of Visas Marr. The Jedi don't have it. I assume that you or others do. Or are we too closed minded for you?" He chuckled. "Ahh...yes...your coming was seen by us. But you must prove yourself....and so far you haven't."
  12. A Pilgrimage Home...

    The Miralukan sighed and shook his head. "You're too close minded...and isolated. I suppose that others might say the same about our race and home but the galaxy is a big place and it's much bigger than your little Order or the Sith for that matter. Do you think there is a monopoly on people who wield the Force?" Mirran shook her head. "Of course not. I left the Order because the Force is much more than two antiquated philosophies."
  13. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran felt kind of glum. She swore to Darth Verrin she would not have a master. Servitude frightened poor Mirran. Yet, Thuria stated otherwise. Perhaps that was why Mirran had wanted to kill Thuria at first. She didn't want any Master. It was such a Dark Sided or Boganish desire. But Mirran was neither of the Light anymore or of the Dark. She let her emotions flow through her and she looked at the man through the Force. His presence could not be seen. He kept it muted and hidden. He suddenly chuckled. "Dearest Sister... I am better at keeping my intentions and my presence hidden. You however are very open. Your presence...shifts quite a lot." He turned towards Thuria. "Basic....such a crude language. It doesn't translate well. Mentor doesn't always mean Master. It can also mean one who guides and one who supports. Does not a friend do similar?"
  14. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Mirran grabbed the padawan braid from Verrin. "I'll keep it...I think...to remind me of this moment and moments...have their own strength...their own power. Perhaps, in the end, I will burn it to ashes...but not now I think." She sighed. "Do I hate the Jedi? I don't know. Maybe...maybe just a little. A seed or kernel of hate within me...I am not afraid of that hate though...not like I use to be. I need to figure things out on my own...perhaps that is what makes me free. Perhaps I don't wish to be bound by any Order, any sect. My people never bound themselves to any although a few occasionally made themselves bound to the fate of the Jedi. But the Sith are linked to the same fate...you are both bound to each other like it or not. I know my history, even though it is colored by the Jedi...the Sith and Jedi were one...once. You cannot deny that, Verrin. No matter how hard you try to distance yourselves by philosophy or knowledge...in the end, you end up bind yourselves even closer together. Perhaps that is why there is such....." Mirran paused trying to find the right word and then settled on one word. "Contempt. The Jedi hide it, the Sith embrace it. Am I better for separating myself from both? Maybe....maybe not. But you are both linked to a common fate. It weakens you both. Although I am sure you might disagree...for I am young and my sight is young. But young sight can be just as powerful as the sight of older more seasoned ones.." She then bowed before Verrin. "But...for your insight...I am eternally grateful. I owe you a debt. if you are ever in need of an ally or....a friend. Call on me...I shall come."
  15. A Pilgrimage Home...

    Mirran sighed. "I suppose you have a point....master as in a master tradesman and apprentice learning a skill. I am thinking servant and master. It's just I haven't been too keen on such relationships." Mirran proceeded to walk out of the library and opened her senses to find the young man she had run into earlier when she first arrived. She got a sense of his Force presence and he seemed to be waiting for her. He smiled. "Hello Sister...I see you brought your mentor with you. She is your mentor....is she not? I feel your connection to each other."