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  1. A Glance Into Darkness

    Mirran felt like she had gotten pulled along for the ride. She was quiet and followed along with Zayyan. She let her take the lead because Mirran was only a Padawan. Yet Mirran vowed to help out where she could. So this was Dromund Kaas. Mirran had heard stories of this place and none of it good. The planet seemed to radiate sorrow, pain, anger and hate. Mirran could see it and feel it. It also radiated off the various life forms here. Mirran gasped and then bound her senses up as she had done on Tython. Mirran cocked her head curiously. Tython was broken, Dromund Kaas was broken. One planet a beacon of light, the other a beacon of darkness. Did this mean that the Force and the natural flow of the galaxy was out of balance? Mirran wondered about this and then said softly more to herself than anyone else. "Tython and Dromund Kaas must both be rebuilt. The two spectrums of the Force are imbalanced."
  2. The Arrival

    Mirran snapped to attention as if she had been in a fitful state between sleep and awake. "Huh?" She needed to be more aware of her surroundings. Why hadn't Kaybee said they were in the area that was controlled by the Sith? She turned towards her droid. "Uhh Kaybee why didn't you say this was the Sith area?" The protocol droid whined. "I did Mistress Mirran. But you didn't acknowledge me. You didn't say anything to me at all. You just wander, does Master @Giran Antur know where you are?" Mirran sighed. She shook her head wearily. "No. Probably not." Mirran opened her sight to the Force. All seemed dark and shades of murkiness and some very forboding and deep shades of purplish black. She turned her sight upon herself and frowned her spirit was muddled and grey. Perhaps she wanted to settle the disquiet within her by unconsciously seeking out the Sith. This was unsettling. Yet war brings out the turmoil of spirit and Mirran acknowledged the pain. The pain that Jedi wanted her to deny yet she knew existed.
  3. The Arrival

    Mirran wandered the halls of this place. She was not well, her days were fitful and Mirran had a habit of being like a wandering ghost when she was troubled in spirit. Like the day, when Master Giran had offered to be her master he had found the Padawan wandering the halls of Dantooine. Mirran meandered not saying a word. Kaybee kept chattering like bird about various things. Mirran tuned him out. The droid needed a memory wipe. He was getting erractic lately. Maybe..she paused a moment. "Kaybee play file 7." Kaybee whined. "But mistress you have listened to this file 57 times already. The data tape is going to degrade." Mirran hissed back. "Play it. I wish to hear it." Kaybee whined. "But the contents distress you. Please Mistress Mirran not this file. Not again!" Mirran turned to the droid. "You're a droid. An artificial lifeform. Play the file I wish to hear or I'll give you a memory wipe. Maybe you will be more inclined to play the file with your memory wiped." Kaybee whined. "As you wish... mistress." The file played. It had been one last letter Kaybee had intercepted from the dataports a letter from Mirran's parents before communique's and missives from the Republic were servered. The letter was obvious propganda. It kept going on and on about how wonderful life was now under the Supreme chancellor that there was peace in the galaxy and that all Mirran had to do was surrender to the Republic authorities and she would be pardoned for her crimes. The data tape ended and Mirran was silent once more. A wandering troubled ghost....
  4. Won't Get Fooled Again

    If Mirran could have cried she would have cried. Her heart burned in agony and pain. She tried hard to control her emotion. I can find no peace in the Force... I've lost it. Mirran thought to herself. The balance between the Miralukan gods, which were aspects of the Force itself. Ashla and Bogan, which were also the moons of Tython. The smuggler was right, unfortunately. She was plauged with a photographic memory. A curse that Mirran could remember everything including her past with her parents as a young child. Attachments. Why did Jedi forsake them? She moved woodenly with the smuggler. The station falling apart matched the mood she had. What kind of government held sentients as a gambit? Her parents were loyal to the Republic. They had forsaken their own home. She had no doubt that they supported the Supreme chancellor and his actions. They were *that* loyal. Perhaps it was because they were Miralukans and saw with the Force. It begged the question what the Republic would do to others who were sensitive with the Force but weren't Jedi or Sith. Come to think of it... why was she being lead by a rag tag smuggler who apparently had a Force connection but wasn't Jedi or Sith either? She broke her grasp away from the woman. The Smuggler laughed. "Woken up, huh? You know, kid you haven't let go of my grasp for about five minutes. Seen something in the Force, maybe?" Mirran shook her head negatively. " I am not a visionary. Unlike my parents." The Smuggler shrugged. "Parents...at least you know yours. Me, I never knew mine. A few faded memories is all I know." The station shook an apparent volley had hit. "Perhaps I should surrender to the Republic as my parents have suggested." The smuggler laughed. " Yeah unless you want to be a nerf that walks to the slaughter go ahead and do that. Apparently fracking Supreme Chancellor has a list of all the Jedi or he wouldn't be picking on you, kid." Mirran sighed. "Where is @Jun Lee? I was with their Jedi escort." The smuggler laughed. "It's every fracking man for himself, kid. You got separated. But don't you go worrying your pretty blind head about that Kala Ming has you in tow and I'll get you to wherever you need to be. And I'll charge the bill to your master or the Grandmaster. A Jedi artifact or something would be nice." Mirran sighed. "Are you *that* shellfish that all you think about is credits or things. I might as well have asked for a ride from the Sith." Kala laughed. "Yeah go beg to that nice helmeted Sith that you need a ride. No offense, kid but you are way way too virtuous for your own good. The Sith would tare you up and spit you out. Mirran sighed as they managed to get to a docking bay. Alarms blaring and warnings going off. "I need to contact my Master. Master @Giran Antur. Do you know where to go, Smuggler?" Kala shrugged. "No idea. I am heading towards Rishi or Tatooine. Outer Rim is your best bet, Jedi if you plan on hiding from the fracking Republic. You can regroup later and we can head towards wherever we need to go later on." Mirran sighed as she entered the Smuggler's ship.
  5. Having one of those days where Force Choke at this moment in time seems very, very tempting.

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      Yesssss... give in to your feelings, young Jedi!

    3. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      I am okay today. I just hate Temp agencies. They screwed me, just like the last time I tried to work a job through them. They are evil. 

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      Darth Verrin

      Mmmm... I see... that gives me an excellent idea, thank you... a Sith Temp Agency... The STA will both be a job pool for the Empire to draw upon, and a Dark Side promotional agency.  I like it.  Thank you, young Jedi.



  6. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Mirran's comm went off. It rang and rang and rang. Mirran debated on answering it. Yet, she answered it to hear the employing tone of her protocal droid Kaybee. "Mistress Mirran I have received a transmission from Diplomats Rishan and Karri Kai." Mirran bowed her head. It was her parents. She hadn't been in contact with them in quite some time. Mirran had a bad feeling about this. She sighed. "And?" "May I put through the transmission, Mistress Mirran?" Mirran mulled it over. "Very well, Kaybee put...put..the transmission through. Although I have a feeling I am going to regret this." The transmission came over and the voice of a woman came through. "Mirran...surrender to the Republic authorities. Please...we are begging you to submit to the Republic." Mirran could sense the fear in her mother's voice. Mirran said softly. "Mother...are they threatening you and father? " There was a long pause and Karri responded. "Please Mirran surrender to the Republic authorities... please. I am begging you to...the Republic is our future...we have seen this...the Force...." Mirran shook her head. "The future is always in motion, mother. You know this. You gave me up to the Jedi. You said my future was with them. So if my future is with them then I shall live and...die with them." Karri gasped. "Please daughter.... you must surrender...to..." "If your lives are threatened in any way then the Republic of your visions is *not* mine. Tend to *your* Republic, mother and I shall tend to restore the one I believe in." "But...." Mirran turned off the comm. Mirran knew her course was set as painful as it was. Her head bowed a mixture of emotional turmoil. She was Jedi and it would be easy to let her emotions run away from her. Yet .. she breathed hard, the Republic was making this personal. There were choices to be made. Sacrifices to be considered. The lives of two Miralukan diplomats were not really worth the fate of the galaxy in the long run. Yet such a decision as Mirran had made was bound to eventually tare Mirran up inside both body and soul.
  7. Sight without sight

    Mirran sighed. "I was actually worried about you. I mean I had heard that you had failed." She paused a moment and then turned deep red. "I guess I worried that I never was going to see you again." Mirran felt like that was totally awkward and she then stated. "I am sorry...we should probably get back to umm...well...you want to learn Force sight. You're probably going to have to open yourself up a bit more empathy. Although that's another layer of it as well and well it can overwhelm people because Empathy is feeling and understanding others. It's hard to explain though...there are several layers of vision for a Mirraluka one is looking for the Force within others. It's pretty basic. The other is feeling out the emotions and senses of others around you and Then there is a deeper vision as well. My parents had it, they could see the future and perhaps the future of others around them. However, the Force isn't stagnating so those visions can change. "
  8. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Although Mirran could not see the holo-projection she could feel and see through the Force: The pain, the agony, and the sorrow. Mirran was fair skinned as it was and her features blanched and her stomach reeled in protest. She felt sick. How could the Togruta Jedi ask for food at a time like this? Mirran's voice cracked. "This cannot be allowed to continue. On that cannot we all agree?" Mirran managed to get her voice back and she said firmly. "I stand on the side of those in need, those who cannot protect or defend themselves. If this leads to war....then so be it. If this means I must stand with our normal enemies I will stand with them. They are..." Mirran paused. "The Sith were once a part of our order, and although that is abridging our history by a wide margin, they were with us till we disagreed with each other. They are our brothers and sisters whether we like it or not." Mirran stepped forward and said calmly. "My lightsaber is ready, be it for peace or be it for war."
  9. I solumnly promise that I will probably post sometime tonight....maybe. I've been busy. I had to take my Servsafe exam. But then going to a potluck tonight. 

  10. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Mirran was quiet, she meditated around her which was hard considering the fact that the Sith were like Kath Hounds. Yes, that was probably the best term to be had for them and they acted like it too. Selfish, greedy, petty. Was there anything of them that could be not so...selfserving? She doubted it. It was the nature of the Dark Side to be in such a way. But Mirran wasn't appalled, she could have been but she wasn't. It was the dualistic nature of the Force itself. As a Miralukan, Mirran strove to understand her people's ways along with the ways of the Jedi. Her people did not approve of Dark Jedi or Sith and Miralukans, in general, became Jedi. Mirran supposed all beings in the galaxy had the potential to be like Sith or Jedi. She sighed and she said quietly. "There is the Force and what we must do is the will of the Force itself. Not Dark...not Light but the Force itself. We all must..." The woman, the smuggler snorted, "Enough of this drabble. You child are naive...bet you grew up sheltered in the confines of a Jedi Enclave or Temple." Mirran bowed lightly. "I am but a scholar, smuggler. But I sense the Force within you, I feel it as crude as you try to present yourself...are you so callous of its touch in your own life that you would mock my words?" Kala snorted. "You are a child. You know nothing. I'd rather leave then be apart of this...gathering. I got suckered into it...not by choice." Mirran chuckled lightly. "The Force brought you here...it has its touch on you. I see it. Deny it if you wish. Run from it if you can but you are marked by it. You are no Jedi, smuggler nor are you...with the others here. But you are part of this just as much as the others." Kala sighed. "And that suits me fine...little girl. The Sith killed my family. Do you think I like being here? And the Jedi threatened to put me in jail if I didn't try to learn your ways. You all present yourselves above others and really all of you are hypocrites and vipers. Go space yourselves out an airlock and keep your damn Force." The smuggler took off from the midst of all the participants and found herself staring out a nearby port window. Why did this damn gathering need her to begin with? She was just a smart mouth Corellian with a little skill in the Force. Did these people really need her smuggling skills? She took another sip of the wine. She'd get drunk, it was better than anything else at this moment in time. She laughed a bit. Damn, she was just as mixed up as the rest of the people at this confab. Mirran took a glance at the smuggler and shook her head. "We must work together regardless of our feelings...our prejudices and our biases. Swallow whatever issues we have and plow forward because apparently, that is what the Force wishes of us all."
  11. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Mirran had come with the peacekeepers. The Padawan had never been away from the Enclave before so she probably was quantifiably green as they came. The Miraluka looked around with her sight. It was interesting... She had never experienced the Darkness of Sith before and it caused the Miraluka to pause. It was interesting as one side of the room was as if bathed in fire and the other bathed in the darkest night. But Mirran was a scholar and her parents diplomats. Miraluka as she was she had a unique way of viewing the Force. It seemed to her that there had to be some bit of Darkness that creeped within light and some bit of Light that creeped within Darkness. Lines could blur till Mirran saw in her sight a bridge connecting between both sides of the Force. She wore the simple robes of a Padawan and the traditional Padawan braid was in her hair. She was nervous but she took a breath and spoke. "I am Padawan Mirran Kai. Although I am only a lowly padawan and my words are simple but...the Jedi cannot be without the Sith and the Sith cannot be without the Jedi. We may kill each other eventually but the Force will still exist even after all our bones crumble into dust. What good is it to kill a Sith? Does it get rid of the Dark Side? And what good is it to kill a Jedi? Does it get rid of the Light? Perhaps you will think I am naieve but perhaps just once we can put aside our differences and work together." Mirran blushed she hadn't meant to speak so much but the Miraluka spoke as she saw or comprehended in the Force and perhaps she couldn't express it that well but she had to try even if it failed.
  12. Character Sheet Rework

    Mirran: Strength - C Rank Agility - B Rank Perception - A Rank Endurance -C Rank Willpower-A Rank Kala: Strength- C Rank Agility - B Rank Perception - A Rank Endurance -B Rank Willpower - B Rank Vashlai: Strength - D Rank Agility - C Rank Perception - A Rank Endurance - B Rank Willpower - A Rank Not sure if I have this right or not....so let me know if I made any mistakes or whatnot.
  13. Bereft of a Master....

    Mirran's mouth dropped open. If she had eyes they probably would have gone wide. She wanted to hug Giran and show....well that probably wouldn't have been proper. Yet a sense of relief flooded over the padawan. "Me....your padawan!" She then said softly. "I am honored Master Giran. I....well I am not much of a student or a fighter for that matter but I will do my best to be a worthy student. Which reminds me....what do you expect out of your padawan?" It was a good question...one she had not asked of anyone. She knew most teachers had expectations from their students she hoped Giran's weren't too extreme or too lenient. She hoped to be pushed but not to be pushed too hard and she hoped for a good learning experience one that would eventually lead to her own knighthood.
  14. Sight without sight

    "I am distracting?" Mirran chuckled. "First off you can't blame me for your own faults and failings even though...you look..." She suddenly broke out in laughter. "Utterly ridiculous that you're in a heap of grass." She sighed and looked at the blindfold in his hand. "You know...if you wanted to be a Miraluka you could have just told me. It would have probably saved you from that rather embarrassing exchange." Mirran straightened herself up and said calmly. "I am a Jedi padawan now. I have had my trials and I passed them. Now I suppose I am just waiting for my master."
  15. Finished school....and now to find a job. :)