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  1. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Mirran shrugged. "It is said that Niman is used as the diplomat's form, as it doesn't require too much-specialized training so one can focus more on study and diplomacy rather than focus on the skills of the other forms. It is a scholarly form." Mirran gave a slight grin. "You want me to go all out...ooookay...don't say I didn't warn you. I did so against...." Mirran's features suddenly paled. If she had eyes they would have gone wide. "Master...." Mirran's heart suddenly went thud in her chest. "My old master has returned...I feel her. She has come back...." It was true though...Mirran felt @Thuria Drinnaand Mirran wasn't sure if she should be happy or upset and angry. She had taken Mirran as a padawan and then promptly abandoned her and left her with no master at all. Mirran suddenly felt very pouty. "I am not sure I want her back in my life at all.... she took me on as a padawan learner then promptly left me with out telling me why." Mirran sighed. "Do Sith do such things?"
  2. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Shii-cho. It was a form that all Jedi learned when they first started learning lightsaber combat. Although Mirran did not enjoy Shii-Cho as much as she did Ataru or Niman. Shii-Cho was basic in form and yet it was basically the parent of all the other lightsaber forms even Niman and Ataru. Mirran said calmly. "I follow what feels comfortable to me. Ataru and Niman are like a very comfortable fit to me. It is said that even Exar Kun was skilled at Niman and it is known as a more diplomatic form of combat. So I suppose even Sith can be prone to diplomatic exchanges....occasionally." She kept her blade work within the framework of Niman to see how this lightsaber combat would play out. She kept a wistful smile on her face. Perhaps she felt like she was playing with the Sith Master in a teasing almost jesting type manner as she wove her blade work. Her combat moves seemed to take on that wistful almost jovial manner. The only way it could be described would be like a kitten playing with a kath hound.
  3. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Mirran ended back into a corner of the training room. Ataru's weakness was once back into a place without the advantage of acrobatics a practitioner of Ataru might as well be a wing clipped Mynock. This was why most Jedi didn't just focus on one lightsaber form. Although Mirran loved the graceful flow of Ataru she also practiced Niman. And Niman was a more moderate and temperate form. It was more of the style of a Jedi that relied on diplomacy and moderation. She had hoped to keep her Niman for use later on but it seemed that now was the moment to use it as Ataru was not useful now, But to rely on one single Lightsaber form was foolish and Mirran knew it. Her blade movements became much smoother and refined with Niman. She had a feeling that Verrin might be disappointed at the switch of blade forms but this was a focus of blade form rather than using Force abilities.
  4. A Glance Into Darkness

    Mandalorians..., Mirran had never met Mandalorians before. They seemed to be here for the same reason that she Zyaan were here....to help refugees. Mirran felt a bit unsettled. Why were they here in the first place? But the galaxy had been turned on it's head. Sith and Jedi were allies. Imperials and those that would normally be loyal to the Republic were fighting together against a corrupted government. Mirran kept mostly quiet her shy nature coming much more to the forefront than it normally would. The Mirralukan had mostly spent most of her time with Jedi. She watched as Zyaan munched away on a ration bar that one of the Mandalorians tossed her. Apparently Zyaan trusted them enough to take a ration bar from them. Stop being suspicious, Mirran! The aren't Kath Hounds ready to strike. Mirran felt nervous...walking around this planet. Her Force senses were going nuts...she kept feeling like something was in the shadows. Kaas wildlife wasn't exactly friendly. She muttered lightly. "The sooner we get done...the sooner we can leave. I can't help but feel like we are being stalked by something. Something dark...."
  5. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Mirran sighed. "Thanks for reminding me...one of my worst memories is getting pelted with stones by Knight Homra and I was too weak in my own skills to keep from getting pelted. But I was but an initiate then but...it wasn't exactly my most shining moment. But I did manage to take on a Kinrath queen on my trial to become a padawan...but that wasn't really lightsaber combat...more like innovative thinking. I confused the creature. It wanted my lightsaber crystal." Mirran tried to not act so...defensive in combat skills but it was hard. Jedi were defensive by nature. Yet, Mirran knew that not all combatants wanted to talk and would strike and lash out like a kath hound. There were several moments in Jedi history where a Jedi talking ended up dead anyway. Mirran managed a slight grin as she did a series of Ataru based attacks. Flips and acrobatic movements something that as a Miraluka, Mirran was good at since Mirran could perceive attacks before they occurred due to her Force based sight. She could see things before they happened but to Mirran it was like a dance and performance. Yet, Ataru was an aggressive form of lightsaber combat and Mirran loved it, in a strange non-Jedi way. It made Mirran relax and her muscles and body became fluid.
  6. A bright blade in the Darkest of Night

    Mirran nodded as she heard the voice of the Sith Lord. She said nothing, she was still disoriented from her vision. It left several possibilities in her mind. One day the Jedi could turn against Mirran because her ideas on the Force were unconventional. But visions were fleeting, it could serve as a warning, it could serve as something that might happen or simply having the vision itself could forever change the course of events entirely or not. But it left Mirran feeling a bit numb. Plus the knowledge of her parents spying on her actions. It left Mirran feeling out of sorts. She grasped up the training saber mutely and ignited it. Igniting it reminded her of her time with Homra in the crystal cave. It gave way to the memories of him pelting her with stones and she not being able to deflect those stones. She had come a long way from that but...it still reinforced the fact that Mirran was not geared towards combat. She mostly focused on Niman and Ataru. She put herself in a strong defensive stance. It was a typical move for a Jedi Padawan who had been trained to hold a defensive position.
  7. Mirran had needed a few days to recover from her rather impromptu drinking with the Sith Master. She never could hold drinks that well and ended up a bit drunk. The miraluka managed to recover though and she needed a few days to think. Yet, the final straw that broke her back was when Kaybee came back with an official report that the droid had been bugged and sending updates to her parents on a regular basis. The Miraluka sighed that did not surprise he. In fact, she knew...somehow she always knew the droid had been spying on her. So going to the training room to meet up with Darth Verrin sort of held a mixed feeling within her. A sense of broken loyalties. Her parents had not been honest with her. She entered the training room and sat down in a meditational stance waiting for instruction. A vision came before her unsighted eyes... A group of individuals stood around her lightsabers ignited and ready to strike. She still sat in meditation. "Mirran Kai....we judge you to be in err with the Jedi Order and spreading teachings contrary to the Jedi. You are considered a threat to the Order. Recent your position or you will have no place within the Order. " Mirran rose from her seat. "I will not...recant and I am unarmed. Would you strike against an unarmed person?" "You have the Force, Mirran. You are hardly unarmed." Mirran frowned. "I am a Jedi...you would strike against me? I have done nothing!" "To prevent false teachings....yes..." Mirran stood up. "Then strike...if you dare..." Mirran gasped as suddenly the vision ended, She was quiet as wondered if she should let such a thing go. Visions were not certain, even to her as a Miraluka. Yet the vision left her a bit disoriented.
  8. Due to RL circumstances in my family..I am going to have to take a leave of absence. Not sure when I will be back but...I will be back. Just have to take time out for me and my family.  ;(

    1. Isa Sal

      Isa Sal

      Take as long as you need - I hope all works out ok!

    2. Darth Verrin

      Darth Verrin

      best wishes to you and yours.  Good luck!

  9. The Arrival

    Mirran took another sip of her drink. She was having a difficult time concentrating after all that drink. Learning any Force techniques or fighting techniques now would be unwise. She was almost garanteeing she would get hurt if she did anything now. He said he didn't want her to 2nd guess him and although part of her nature among Sith was to 2nd guess. Combat training would not allow for such things. If you did 2nd guess you made things five or even ten times harder to learn. It wouldn't be a smooth training. She said softly. "Letting go of preconceived notions and ideas is not easy. It might as well be wind against a mountain. But...there is a reason for your request and I will do my best to comply with it. I realize why...a non-committed student only weakens themself and their teacher by not giving one hundred percent their full attention. Now I must go since.... I feel very off centered due to our meeting...no doubt it was my sampling of your drinks. As for what I wish to learn. Give me time to think on it and I will let you know tomorrow."
  10. The Arrival

    Mirran giggled lightly. "Is this....I have never...." She took a larger sip of the drink. "So....is this is what feeling...lightly drunk is like? I drank once...with Peacekeepers. But never like this..." Mirran sighed. "One of the Peacekeepers tried to..." She paused. "Tried to take my blindfold. He was drunk. it was not a pleasant thing. I...felt helpless. Although I Force Pushed him away. I am not a warrior... teach me to fight back. Jedi urge peaceful resolution but not all confrontations end peacefully. This war with the Republic proves that."
  11. The Arrival

    Mirran quietly sipped the drink. It was warm. And it made her feel light-headed. What's being drunk like? She wondered. She wasn't drunk yet. Yet... couldn't a Force User get rid of that? She took the bottle and poured a little more of the drink. She sipped the drink. "Teach me more.." She laughed. Maybe that was the alcohol.
  12. The Arrival

    Enjoyable? People actually enjoyed this? Interesting to say the least. Mirran lifted the glass to her nostrils and took a snif. She lifted the glass to her face and stared at it. She went deep into her sight and saw the molecules of water and alcohol. Interesting. "And crazy people would light the liquid on fire. And swallow it whole. At least I have heard that. But I suppose some might enjoy the thrill of a burn going down their throats." Mirran quietly stirred the drink with the Force. She then took a sip of the drink. It burned just the same going down. But Mirran was expecting it. It was interesting. She felt something needling her, an inner voice warning her that she was going beyond her scope of the Jedi. But Mirran ignored it. Part of her wanted this....it was exciting.... learning something the Jedi would forbid.
  13. The Arrival

    Mirran smiled softly and withdrew the knife from her own throat. "And you have passed my own test...for I had doubts that you would try and stop me. Although weak that I am and not fond of blood. And yet..." Mirran took the knife and lightly scrapped it against Verrin's neck. "You do not fear it, do you?" She sighed. "I am content...you may instruct me as you wish in whatever technique you wish to show me. You have earned my trust...at least enough to keep a blade away from my own throat. Although that may change in the future. At the moment...there is enough trust that you have my attention." She sat down, for she felt weary and she looked at the beverage cart. She was filled with strange feelings and could not describe them. They felt different and were new to her. Her hands fingered another drink and she picked it up and took a sip and nearly coughed, she had something similar during that ill-fated party at the Dantooine Enclave when a Peace Keeper tried to force her wrap from her face. Yet, Mirran was not accustomed to alcohol. She held up the bottle. "What is this? I...I like it. And what do I feel? Everything and nothing. A momentary glimpse of glaring into oblivion....perhaps it is something I should try more often," "
  14. The Arrival

    Mirran found a knife placed in her hand. And her hand guided towards Verrin's throat. She giggled lightly like a child who was told to cut into a subject for a biology class for the first time. And then Mirran turned red, embarrassed that all her years of displign had failed her. She took the knife from Verrin's throat and then placed the knife against her own throat. "And what would you do if I decided not to cut your throat but my own?" She wondered though how far she could press. It was crazy, reckless and out of character for Mirran to even think of harming herself. Did she even have the guts to do so? But she wondered if the Sith Master would show any concern or rather he would leave her to this fate? It made Mirran wonder enough to dare something as reckless as this. Did he think she was bluffing? That was likely. Yet there was something gripping and potent about harming oneself. Mirran had not realized that till she felt the knife at her own throat. She pressed the knife further it's point a bit deeper and a red crimson bead came from her neck. The pain blossomed...it was raw and...she...gasped. She felt sick inside she disliked blood including her own and she felt and saw her blood in the Force. She felt wooesy and faint. Her legs began to tremble.
  15. The Arrival

    "I came because I felt that you could help me with my parents. And perhaps curiosity. Perhaps I am afraid that I will find answers that I won't like. Afraid that I am turning my back on...." She sighed. "I've said it before...that my parents gave me up to the Order. I have lived my life with the mindset that I would be fulling some sort of obligation to my family...some overreaching vision. But...." Mirran paused. "Another initiate once told me that I should live my life for myself...not based on the wishes or desires of others. I do not think I am cut out for your philosophy or your way of life. I think that perhaps that others of your...group would murder me. It would be like a nerf going to the slaughter. And yet...I am beginning to think that my path may not be fully with the Jedi either. I am afraid of the ramifications of such a thing." Mirran than offered a rare smile. "Let me ask you a question or rather questions. What is trust in your mind? And what is friendship? And what is a betrayal? In your words...I wish to know. Humor me if you will...."