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  1. The Arrival

    Mirran quietly sipped the drink. It was warm. And it made her feel light-headed. What's being drunk like? She wondered. She wasn't drunk yet. Yet... couldn't a Force User get rid of that? She took the bottle and poured a little more of the drink. She sipped the drink. "Teach me more.." She laughed. Maybe that was the alcohol.
  2. The Arrival

    Enjoyable? People actually enjoyed this? Interesting to say the least. Mirran lifted the glass to her nostrils and took a snif. She lifted the glass to her face and stared at it. She went deep into her sight and saw the molecules of water and alcohol. Interesting. "And crazy people would light the liquid on fire. And swallow it whole. At least I have heard that. But I suppose some might enjoy the thrill of a burn going down their throats." Mirran quietly stirred the drink with the Force. She then took a sip of the drink. It burned just the same going down. But Mirran was expecting it. It was interesting. She felt something needling her, an inner voice warning her that she was going beyond her scope of the Jedi. But Mirran ignored it. Part of her wanted this....it was exciting.... learning something the Jedi would forbid.
  3. The Arrival

    Mirran smiled softly and withdrew the knife from her own throat. "And you have passed my own test...for I had doubts that you would try and stop me. Although weak that I am and not fond of blood. And yet..." Mirran took the knife and lightly scrapped it against Verrin's neck. "You do not fear it, do you?" She sighed. "I am content...you may instruct me as you wish in whatever technique you wish to show me. You have earned my trust...at least enough to keep a blade away from my own throat. Although that may change in the future. At the moment...there is enough trust that you have my attention." She sat down, for she felt weary and she looked at the beverage cart. She was filled with strange feelings and could not describe them. They felt different and were new to her. Her hands fingered another drink and she picked it up and took a sip and nearly coughed, she had something similar during that ill-fated party at the Dantooine Enclave when a Peace Keeper tried to force her wrap from her face. Yet, Mirran was not accustomed to alcohol. She held up the bottle. "What is this? I...I like it. And what do I feel? Everything and nothing. A momentary glimpse of glaring into oblivion....perhaps it is something I should try more often," "
  4. The Arrival

    Mirran found a knife placed in her hand. And her hand guided towards Verrin's throat. She giggled lightly like a child who was told to cut into a subject for a biology class for the first time. And then Mirran turned red, embarrassed that all her years of displign had failed her. She took the knife from Verrin's throat and then placed the knife against her own throat. "And what would you do if I decided not to cut your throat but my own?" She wondered though how far she could press. It was crazy, reckless and out of character for Mirran to even think of harming herself. Did she even have the guts to do so? But she wondered if the Sith Master would show any concern or rather he would leave her to this fate? It made Mirran wonder enough to dare something as reckless as this. Did he think she was bluffing? That was likely. Yet there was something gripping and potent about harming oneself. Mirran had not realized that till she felt the knife at her own throat. She pressed the knife further it's point a bit deeper and a red crimson bead came from her neck. The pain blossomed...it was raw and...she...gasped. She felt sick inside she disliked blood including her own and she felt and saw her blood in the Force. She felt wooesy and faint. Her legs began to tremble.
  5. The Arrival

    "I came because I felt that you could help me with my parents. And perhaps curiosity. Perhaps I am afraid that I will find answers that I won't like. Afraid that I am turning my back on...." She sighed. "I've said it before...that my parents gave me up to the Order. I have lived my life with the mindset that I would be fulling some sort of obligation to my family...some overreaching vision. But...." Mirran paused. "Another initiate once told me that I should live my life for myself...not based on the wishes or desires of others. I do not think I am cut out for your philosophy or your way of life. I think that perhaps that others of your...group would murder me. It would be like a nerf going to the slaughter. And yet...I am beginning to think that my path may not be fully with the Jedi either. I am afraid of the ramifications of such a thing." Mirran than offered a rare smile. "Let me ask you a question or rather questions. What is trust in your mind? And what is friendship? And what is a betrayal? In your words...I wish to know. Humor me if you will...."
  6. I got a new laptop with Windows 10. I am kind of mixed on it because I am not sure if I can install my old Star Wars games but I'll give it a try later on when I feel up to it. But go Black Friday sales. lol 

  7. Well my laptop decided to break. Quite literally actually. The charging port is broken and I can't charge it. I mulled it over on whether to repair or get out and buy a "new" one or at least an affordable one. Considering the fact that I am having issues with it other than the charging port. I think the HD is about to die. I am thinking more and more likely a new laptop is likely.

  8. The Arrival

    Mirran sighed. "Try and look at it from my point of view. I don't know you that well. What I know of Sith is that your Order and mine have always been enemies. And when this conflict is over we will sadly go back to being enemies. I wish it wasn't this way but it will be. Perhaps we both are looking for something in this arrangement. Me my family and you perhaps are looking for an ally or perhaps someone who won't strike as Jedi have always done against a Sith. Perhaps it is I who am greedy and self absorbed and you are not. I am wanting... perhaps the proper word is desire.... something beyond the scope of the Jedi Order. And I want it because I know you have it. But...." Mirran said almost inaudibly. "I am afraid."
  9. A Glance Into Darkness

    Mirran was not sure she agreed with Zyaan's assessment. Yet she was certain there were several viewpoints in the Force. As many as the beings I'm the galaxy. It was enough to overwhelm Mirran. The smuggler in the front of the ship stated that she had supplies in the back of her ship. Although where the woman had gotten them Mirran did not know. Mirran had a feeling that the smuggler had either stole them or got them through questionable means. The smuggler dumped a load of these supplies into a couple of packs and gave them to Mirran. Mirran opened one up and fingered rations, first aid kits and other survival gear. Hmm... Mirran nodded. "I am ready to do whatever the Force wishes and this planet is restless it is not warm or inviting. There are things in the shadows that wish our death but it doesn't matter if we are Jedi or Sith. It treats everyone in the same manner."
  10. The Arrival

    Mirran chuckled. "I was born seeing everything through the Force. I don't know what possessed me to actually want to see how others see. Now that I have. I am now acutely aware that colors are dull and things are bland." She sighed. "But anyone... who has the Force can see the way I see. But I suppose that my people have more trust in the Force than most because we have no choice but to trust the Force or be utterly blind." Mirran said camly. "Because Sith are not known for their charity. For brutality, yes...but not charity. Or is that due to our never ending war?"
  11. The Arrival

    Mirran wasn't totally convinced. Verrin was a Sith and giving away help and or training without any strings attached was not what a Sith would do. A Jedi would do something out of the goodness of their heart but she doubted Verrin would it didn't fit what Mirran felt or knew. Mirran might be young, naieve and impressable but she wasn't stupid. "You expect something in return... I have little of value. Except myself. And most beings put value on themselves.. Or others." She paused in thought thinking perhaps that was why there was slavery."And I am not a slave either." She licked her lips they were dry and she took a sip from her drink. Mirran heard Verrin's speech in her mind. And she said back in the same ways. The whims of an ignorant child. Perhaps I just wish a glimpse of what someones motivation is. To understand them. And why they do what they do. The vision came unbidden and was shown to her. She frowned. Was this how others saw? It seemed dull and lacking focus. "It is crude..." She muttered. "I don't think I like it...sight like this..." She paused. "How do people manage? It seems so limited."
  12. The Arrival

    Mirran's blood ran cold. He wanted her to join them. To turn her back on all she knew. All her teachings. All her training. It would be like flinging herself off a precipice. It would be.... betrayal in every sense of the word. Not just to the Jedi, but to her parents and to her people. Her pulse quickened. Force...why had she come here in the first place? The answer came back to her.... Because it is forbidden... because you know it goes against all the teachings you know. And deep inside yourself you know their are limitations to the Jedi. Mirran said firmly. "I am not your student. Why should I turn my back on my training? So I can satisfy some quaint whim. I am content being a Padawan."
  13. The Arrival

    "Only a person who refuses to feel anything would -" "And only a Sith would allow their emotion to drive them to extreme action. How many of your Order feel and then react because of it? They feel anger or hate for something and react in violence? If one cannot restrain their passion and their power in the process then they will hurt others. Our gift...makes us more responsible for our emotions and our attachments and how we react to them with the Force. More so than any others. And you would counter and say that I am afraid of showing my emotions. Or you may say something in a similar vein. But...perhaps I am here because I do acknowledge that I feel something for my parents. They are my parents. I..." she bowed her head. "I..." she struggled to find the words but they came from her lips. "I love them. I worry about them. To not worry or love them would be unnatural. And that is something I know I cannot ignore. But I know there are Jedi who have felt love and acted on it. The ones who did; did not become Sith. They still held strong to the Jedi Order and the Jedi code...although the Jedi do tend to overlook that knowledge. Satele Shan would not have existed if it weren't for love. Nomi Sundrider became a great Jedi because of her love for her husband. Although that history is so long ago...yet is it so wrong to feel love? Some of the greatest Jedi do not follow the code to the letter. That puzzles me." Mirran paused "How can love be wrong when some of the most noble of Jedi seemed to keep their balance." Mirran sighed. "And I could never be that hard...never that cruel to think of killing one's own Master. What manner of relationship would a student become to worry about being betrayed or to be on guard that a master might depose their student or a student to kill their master? That sort of lifestyle is not healthy. At least I don't find it healthy. it breeds suspicion and mistrust. Shadows in every corner. Everyone an enemy and everybody a potential threat. But if that is how you wish to live your life....then so be it." "You are indeed a diplomat. I can see why you bear no scars. But could you kill, should the need arise? Or would you simply perish, rather than taint your spirit with someone else's death? Time will tell. We of the Force tend to encounter the reaper in one form or another, no matter what." "I...I do not know. Why do Jedi carry lightsabers? Surely our Order is much more violent than we claim we are. What is the need of a weapon if we claim non-violence? I am not fond of fighting. I find it distasteful, crude, and ineffective. To be honest, I see the lightsaber skills we practice, the various forms of combat more of a scholarly pursuit than anything else. I am not that strong a fighter...there is a saying that a writing implement is greater than the vibroblade. Yet....if I must face death in combat I will face it. To lay down my life for the cause of others...or in defense of my beliefs or others beliefs. I would stand by them even if I knew my death was coming. Such is the path for most Jedi and I accept that. Am I afraid of death?" Mirran paused. "What creature isn't? There is an unknown about death....but if sentients didn't fear death they would not consider their life of value or of worth. But then perhaps that is what separates a Jedi from a Sith. A Jedi is nothing without sacrificing everything including their very self to the Force. And if my worth is nothing....then I should not fear death. For there is no death...there is the Force. And I do not believe that you would agree with such self-sacrifice of oneself. But then perhaps I am wrong." Mirran sighed. "I...see in the Force....but often I wonder what vision would be like for those who do not. For example, to me you are a dark inky purple to me. You are taller than I am." She paused. "You feel heavy to me. You carry a lot upon you...both physically and in your presence. But that is all I can sense." "And as for seeing through their eyes? Actual sight? Telepathy can do that. If you were so inclined, I could show you how I see you now. And if you were interested, I could attempt to teach you how to 'feel' what I'm feeling. But that would require trust, Miss Kai. Opening one's mind to another is a scary thing, and if you don't have experience or skill in defending yourself from intrusive mental efforts, you can be seriously hurt - even killed if the other's intent is vile in nature. I have no such ill will towards you, Miss Kai - but right now, you can only take my word for it - you cannot tell if I'm lying. " "And the only question is why? Why bother with me....why bother spending time with me? Sith are not known for being generous, kind, or even gracious. You expect something out of me in return. Surely I am not that important. I am of the least of the Jedi. A mere padawan...what purpose do I hold to you that you would even go out of your way to help me find my parents or even consider teaching me some skill in the Force?"
  14. The Arrival

    "And emotions are a drug as well for some." Mirran cocked her head at Verrin's joke. She had not been sure he had been joking at first. But then realized he was. "Your humor reminds me a bit of the smuggler I met earlier on the space station. She is a strange breed herself. I see the Force in her...but it is wild. Untamed. She seems to revel in her emotions. I think she said she had some training but I could sense her...disgust towards both our orders Yet...she seems to tolerate being here. I wonder..." Mirran paused. "If I could see and feel through the eyes of another what that experience would be like. It would be an unusual and interesting perspective. " She sighed. "But I digress. But some Sith are too dangerous. They would destroy everything in their pursuit of power including other Sith. My people have died because of such Sith in our past. It is probably why my people are leery of Sith and the Dark Side. But then there maybe a grain of truth to your joking, that the galaxy may not be open or receptive towards Miralukan's view of the Force. We have paid for it... with our lives." She took a sip of the fizzy drink, almost forgetting it. "My spirit is clean...for the most part. I have not shedded the blood of anything. Perhaps I wounded some kinrath. There queen was most possessive over lightsaber crystals, including the one that resides in my lightsaber.'
  15. The Arrival

    Mirran sighed. "Using emotions to empower the Force is fleeting. It provides only temporary gratification. One requires more and more emotions to find their strength. So one would do anything to fuel that power. It makes one irrational. It's not practical. Yet, to deny ones emotions is also an error. One is not an emotionless droid either." Mirran managed a slight smile. "It is rare to discuss one's own personal views of the Force and not be scolded or repremended for it or perhaps worry that one will be condemned for it. Yet... I am pretty sure that there are several Jedi in the past that have had similar views. " "Answer your question? I thought I had... perhaps indirectly. But if you wish a more direct answer then very well. Sith let their emotions and passions drive them...feed them. Particularly strong emotions such as anger, hate, lust. It takes more and more of these emotions so then you become nothing more than driven by one emotion after another after another to sait that hunger within you. It is not enough...my people are very familiar with what happens when a Sith let's their hunger for power drive them."