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  1. Lustrous

    Mirran tried to keep herself going, she was worn out. She kept her training blade's strikes smooth and even. Yet she knew that slashing at the kinrath with a training blade only served to agitate and make them attack her and Homra with a vengeance. Her training robes had slashes in them from Kinrath claws that managed to slash at her. She just barely managed not to get stung. She had heard stories that kinrath poison was not fun. She said softly to Homra. "You know something Knight Homra. I am beginning to dislike arachnids." The knight said he had a plan and Mirran had no plans to escape this much attention. She simply nodded. She felt Homra push the Kinrath aside and they both made a quick dash away from the kinrath. Mirran's lungs burned, her legs ached, and she was frankly tired. Dejarik. Her mind thought back on the game she had left with Kaybee. Dejarik was the answer to this whole mess. Well, Knight Homra had made his move, he used the sparking of electronics to push the kinrath away. As they retreated from this whole thing, Mirran finally gave out totally. She plopped down her legs sprawled in a haphazard manner and she was breathing heavily. "You didn't drop your crystal, now did ya?" Mirran paused and reached out and touched the crystal with the Force. It lit up like a silvery beacon. Mirran reached with her hands and pulled the crystal from a pouch. "This crystal?" She smiled softly.
  2. Lustrous

    Mirran's hair was askew and her sash that covered her eyes slipped revealing a rather haunting view of a woman that had no eyes at all but an indentation of where eye sockets would have been. Yet being in the dark of the cave, no one could see such a thing. Mirran's used the training saber to hold the kinrath at bay. Her training blade, burned the kinrath that drew too close to her. The kinrath hissed in pain. Mirran flinched, she hated causing pain to any living creature. Mirran sensed and felt Homra as his pace stopped in front of her. "Need backup?" "Knight Homra... thank the Force you are here. I think I have made the kinrath mad. Their queen did not like that I stole a crystal. I did not realize that kinrath were that obsessive over crystals. Most interesting...from an academic standpoint. However, this does not solve the fact that the kinrath want me dead. They are...." She paused. It did seem a bit humorous if it wasn't so...perilous that her life was in danger. A rare joke came from her lips. "Clearly overreacting." Mirran was still tired. Her features looked bedraggled aside from the fact that the sash that normally covered the area where eyes would have been had slipped away from her face. Truthfully at the moment, Mirran could care less about the proprieties that a Miraluka normally had of having a sash that covered the area that normally had eyes. What good was a sash if you ended up dead?
  3. A Lack of Meditation

    “Wow… I ehm… I am sorry about that.” Mirran suddenly gushed forth with a score of words. She wasn't exactly sure she wanted Kale's sympathy and despite her shy nature a gush of words came pouring forth. "Sorry about what? My parents giving me to the Jedi? Or the fact that my memory is a bit sharper than most and I retain most of my earliest memories and then some? For the first one, I respect my parents, hard as that separation may have been and I still remember it. As for my memory, it simply is what it is. It's a good thing to have to remember difficult lessons but memories of things that are in the past are just that...in the past. They are mine to bear and mine to overcome and mine to live with. I am sure such is the case with every sentient in the galaxy. " Mirran nodded. "Your story reminds me of others I have talked to. Perhaps there are lots of initiates that have lost family and ended up coming to the Jedi either as orphans or have a desire to connect to the Jedi for knowledge."
  4. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Mirran bowed her head. It was obvious that Kale had very little tact to conversations. Something about him made Mirrian cringe inside. "I follow whatever the Force wishes for me, Kale Sakrkan. Combat may come easily for you but it does not for me. I have to work harder at it and focus my energies on it even though I wish to be a simple scholar. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I choose the path that I know I can be the most beneficial to the Jedi and to the Order itself. Perhaps I will be a seer, perhaps I will be a diplomat like my parents. I miss my parents but I wish to honor my parents and their vision. They gave me up to the Jedi because they had a reason for it. I will do my best to honor that reason."
  5. Lustrous

    Mirran's Force sight flared up and right in front of her was the kinrath queen. She should have suspected that narrowing her Force presence to nothing would not have made the kinrath not notice....then Mirran realized it was the crystal in her hand. The queen wanted the crystal, her crystal. In terms of warmth and heat, this whole cavern was a comfortable den to a kinrath that probably spent most of its life laying eggs. How sentient were kinrath? They seemed to be sentient enough to know when people were in this cavern. They knew where to attack. They also seemed to congregate around the crystals. Why? There wasn't anything extraordinary about these crystals, except.... that these crystals seemed to soak up the Force, like water soaked up around growing plants. The crystals seemed to resonate and pulse with the Force. The kinrath seemed to bathe in that connection somehow and seemed drawn to it. Were the kinrath sensitive to the Force? Maybe....maybe not. Yet, what made the kinrath seem to draw close to places strong in the Force? If they weren't sensitive to the Force then perhaps the kinrath and the crystals shared a common link they both drew the energy of the Force in and soaked it in passively. Perhaps that was the mystery all along, the kinrath grew red crystals in eggs because like the crystals themselves they soaked in the Force and the kinrath and the crystals were linked in some sort of symbiotic connection. Maybe. It really was hard to say but there was little time to ponder the eternal mysteries of kinrath and crystal caves with a Kinrath queen and her fangs ready to deal death. There had to be a way out of this cave, short of summoning Knight Homra to her aid. The queen wanted the crystal that she had taken. Yet there was a whole damn cave of crystals. Yet, the kinrath queen probably could sense if one crystal was out of place or removed. The queen was like a krayt dragon in a story she read or rather a story Kaybee recited to her. Kaybee was such a clever droid, he even managed to mimic character voices. The dragon seemed to congregate in a cave filled with gold, treasures, and stones. It seemed to sense when one piece of gold, one item was taken from its lair. Somehow the hero of the tale had managed to use some sort of talisman or ring to fool the dragon and get out of the cave. But the dragon called the hero, a thief and went rampaging after a nearby town. Mirran smiled internally, yea she guessed taking a crystal from this cavern made the queen perceived her as a thief of sorts even though the crystal was technically hers, to begin with. Yet wasn't one crystal just as good as another? She paused in thought, that was an idea. The crystals liked the Force and the kinrath liked the crystals because they liked the Force. Mirran remembered back to when Homra had told her to reach out with the Force to the crystals. She remembered when she first meditated in the Force she had poured her own Force energy into the crystals themselves and they sensed her. Were not the crystals like mirrors? They reflected back her energy and surrounded her. The crystals to most sentients were not alive but in a sense, but because they absorbed the Force they were very much alive to a Jedi and to any being that was sensitive to the ebbs, flows, and currents that flowed within the Force itself. There was a way out of this, a way that Mirran could leave this cave and not have to throw a single training saber blow. Reflect yourself, reflect your sense into the crystals. You did it when you meditated and touched the crystals the first time. Although she doubted she was consciously aware of doing it the first time, but this time she very much was aware of it. She sighed and slowly entered a meditative state and touched the crystals, pouring her energy into the crystals of this chamber cavern. The crystals lit up like glow flies. The queen hissed suddenly confused. It sensed Mirran but Mirran was everywhere, an afterimage of a thousand shards of crystal found in this cavern. Mirran felt suddenly weary, this type of subterfuge drained her and she felt slightly disoriented. She couldn't keep this up, she just couldn't. She backed away from the chamber and slipped out. She stumbled and almost tripped over her own feet. But her worries weren't over and she could feel the hive kinrath trailing and pursuing her. She held up the torch and pushed the button. A bright blinding light went outward. She had to rest. She couldn't go on much further. She just couldn't, her energy level was drained from that little trick with the Kinrath queen in the cavern. The overwhelming desire to rest filled her, but she couldn't rest, she just couldn't because the hive kinrath seemed to recover from the torchlight and were still pursuing her. She sighed, she didn't want to call on Knight Homra but...she had done what he had asked of her. She had traversed the cavern, avoided the kinrath as best as she could, retrieved her crystal, and she hadn't even ignited her training saber. She didn't want to kill any of the kinrath and so far she hadn't had to rely on killing any of them. Yet, the kinrath didn't want to stop pursuing her and Mirran sighed and pressed the button on the comm unit to ping Homra for help. She tried to muster her own strength against the kinrath and attempted to do as she had done earlier a dust and rock storm but the storm was weak and lacked the strength she had previously. Mirran's heart ended up beating nervously in her chest, she had to wait for Homra to come and the kinrath finally came to her. Mirran finally in her own defense ignited her training saber.
  6. Lustrous

    "... really?" She hadn't really wanted to say anything about her exploits earlier but one does not lie to a Jedi. If pressed she would have admitted to everything that she, Char and Magnus had come to the cave and it was her idea. She had always had a desire towards finding knowledge, it was the scholar within her. Homra gave her a few guidelines about what was expected out of her. He handed her a bright torch. She looked at it in her hands, well felt it's cool metal within her hands. It outlines transparent in the Force and She could probably tune it up even brighter than daylight if she had a mind to do so. It wouldn't blind her since...well...she didn't have eyes to blind her to begin with. She took the comm device so she could contact him. She reiterated his statements. "Find the crystal....avoid the kinrath, do not fight them unless absolutely necessary, and call for help if it's beyond my skill. Yet..." She paused. "I get the feeling that you would prefer that if possible that I should try and figure out a way to do this on my own because it would not be a proper trial of my skills without at least trying to solve this on my own. Yet...if I get too stuck, I will not hesitate to call on your assistance. " Mirran managed a light smile. She quietly went on alone deep into the caverns of the caves. It could be easy to get lost in here and find yourself trapped. There were several tunnels within this cave. The kinrath were busy creatures. They burrowed deep, laid eggs, hatched new kinrath and the cycle continued over and over again. It was a cycle of birth, renewal and death. She did as she did last time she gathered the Force around her and sent it outward, helping her basically locate the path she needed to go in the Force. The kinrath were close but there were several paths and several either doubled-back on itself or ended up creating a circular path. Those would be paths created by the kinrath. They were truely hive builders and Mirran wondered idly about the queen of this hive. She groaned inwardly, she could sense that the queen was in the cave she needed to go. No wonder, the kinrath fought hard when she had tried to go down this path earlier. She couldn't avoid the queen and she couldn't exactly come back to Homra empty handed either. She sighed, this was like a game of Dejarik with Kaybee. She paused and contemplated what she could do to distract the kinrath with her skills in the Force. She had the torch that Homra had given her and she had the Force. She remembered her sparing matches she had with Magnus and she remembered she had used the Force to whip up a whirlwind of dirt, dust, and rocks. Homra had told her the last time to pelt the kinrath with rocks. Won't that make them mad.... Well, of course, that would make them mad but she wasn't planning on pelting the kinrath with rocks, she needed a distraction and she called upon the Force and whipped up dust, dirt, and rocks and sent it in a storm like fashion. The storm followed with her and she shone the torch that Homra had given her. The kinrath scattered away from the dusty rock storm and from the bright light. Mirran found herself in the cave. It was beautiful and nearly took her breath away. A loud hiss filled the air. Mirran crouched, the queen was in this cavern. She could sense the queen. Mirran had yet to activate her training saber. She remembered her lesson with Homra and he had scolded her the last time she had automatically went for her saber. Yet, she doubted the queen would budge from this part of the cavern. This was the queen's domain and it hissed seeming to sense Mirran as much as Mirran could sense the queen. Mirran squeezed her Force presence tight, like she had back on Tython, like she had done in the presence of the Flesh Raiders and any other potential threat. There wasn't much difference between an angry kinrath queen and hunger driven Flesh Raiders. She only hoped that squeezing her presence down to nothing would keep the queen at bay. Mirran quietly made it to the crystal pillar and found her crystal. It shone brightly outward to her. Mirran put her hand to the crystal. She whispered softly in the Force. ::I am here...:: The crystal responded and as Mirran pulled the crystal gave way and broke away from the main crystal and the crystal was now in her hand. She heard a noise....now what!! She turned around crystal in hand....
  7. Lustrous

    Mirran nodded, she took a deep breath and sat cross-legged on the floor of the cavern. The cavern floor was cold. Deep meditation was part of being a Jedi. How deep? How far? She relaxed calmly and let herself go into the meditation. She had been afraid of meditation earlier, but really she was fearful of the memory of her parents whose vision through meditation had told them to give Mirrian up. You are shy and reclusive because you hold onto a memory you had no control over. Truth. Your parents abandoned you to the Jedi all on a whim from the Force itself. Yet, you are not your parents. You are Mirran Kai, you are something unique and special all on your own. Your vision, your sight, is your own. It belongs only to you. Whatever your parents did...they set you on a different path altogether so make it your own. Embrace the Force and let it guide you. With that realization met, Mirran's reservations disappeared. She sunk into a meditation that was deeper than she had ever been before. Crystals glowed before her. Her last time here was unbidden and she had sought out a mysterious interior cavern she had read about in the archives, there was a cavern that was nothing but a pure crystal that was an extension of the cave, it was a crystal stalactite and crystals grew all over that primary crystal and water flowed all over it and it sang deeply in the Force. Her last time there they, Char, Magnus, and she had to abandon finding it to the kinrath. Yet as she stretched out her senses forward she saw that cavern clearly now. The crystals in that part of the cave called out to her, they had been forgotten for such a long time. They were alive in the Force and Mirran bent her head in a curious fashion, which crystal? So many called but only one was truly hers, a bright silver-colored crystal, similar in color to Mirran's hair cried out louder than the rest of the cavern. It;'s song within the Force, reminded her of her shy and timid nature. It was as if it was drawn to her. Mirran nodded, she had found her crystal at last. Mirran smiled and said quietly. "I have found it, Knight Homra. It is further in. it grows on a primary crystal and water flows down the crystals. I..." She paused a moment. "I read about the spot actually in the archives, from the journal of a Knight who explored the caves long ago."
  8. Lustrous

    Mirran had been busy playing a game of Dejarik with her droid Kaybee. Dejarik was a game of skill and Mirran knew playing the game with a droid would at least get her to think more analytically. She was about to make her next move when she received a summon to head to the crystal cave. She sighed. "Looks like our game will have to wait, Kaybee." The droid protested. "But Mistress Mirran, you are close to defeating me." Mirran sighed, "Droids make poor liars. Force know why I continue to play you. But then there is an old proverb about falling down seven times and getting up eight. I suppose I play you to hone my skills in humility. You have already defeated me ten times already. Perhaps one of these days I will eventually defeat you. Stay put Kaybee looks like my eleventh straight loss will have to wait." "As you wish, Mistress Mirran." Mirran left the Enclave and continued down the path into the caverns. She smiled softly to herself, thinking about the trouble that she, Magnus, and Char had gotten into coming here alone without the permission of the Order itself. One of her more crazier ideas and completely out of character for her, she wondered what possessed her to disobey and come here on an excursion. Perhaps it was to know her fellow initiates a bit more. Magnus seemed a loyal and true friend. He seemed to know that whatever the risk you always stand by your friends. Meanwhile, Char seemed to only favor himself and seemed a bit self-centered and unwilling to stand by his friends even in danger. Mirran sighed, she would rather have one Magnus by her side than a hundred Chars or similar mannered individuals who seemed only to care about themselves. She could hear from a distance the water that dripped from the ceiling, it was rather peaceful and these caves would be more peaceful if they weren't infested by kinrath. Yet, she knew why the Jedi didn't come into these caves and cleared them all out. As much as a pain, the kinrath were they served a purpose in the Force and in life itself. They were connected and deserved the right to exist as much as she did. She sensed Knight Homra near these caves. "Knight Homra...I don't bite...." She said with a wistful smile on her face, recalling her first conversation with the Knight and he said that he didn't bite due to her very shy reserved nature. Mirran was still a bit reclusive but she had progressed a good deal since her time as a youngling to an initiate.
  9. Big interview today. Might change everything in my life. Let's just say If I get the position I may end up going from small time grunt to a medium head honcho. No pressure....right! No pressure at all. :P 

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  11. Homesickness

    "I'll have to keep those in mind... If I could find someone to let me hunt maybe my I'll relax a bit." "I...I'd go with you...but hunting is not...not my thing. I cringe at combat in general. I am no warrior or a hunter. I simply don't have the constitution for it. I could....however...use some help to improve my skill in fighting. To me, most combat and fighting skill are more academic to me than...anything else. I have never met someone before whose life was based on hunting. What...." Mirran paused. "What is it like? I do not mean to be rude but what is a hunt like? What did you hunt? Is there skill involved? Did the Force help you? Or did you simply rely on instinct? I suppose instinct would be indirectly the Force as well. I am sorry if I seem curious and perhaps a bit..." Mirran pondered the words before she spoke, "Naive...or child-like. You see I have only been raised among Jedi and parents who were diplomats. Yet...." Mirran giggled lightly. "I have heard that diplomacy is a different type of hunting of sorts. You must know the ones you talk with like a hunter stalking prey. Find the right words like a weapon and strike to make the point carry forward. Results can either result in success or in war, which is diplomacy by other means." "I'm obviously new to all this. The force, powers, visions, moving objects with your mind, even your sight is all new and strange to me. I don't understand how someone could have visions and claim them as real simply because they feel it. " Mirran looked thoughtful. "Force visions are hard to understand and they can mislead. They require much pondering, forethought and reflection. I do not know my parent's vision. They never told me what they saw. Yet their conviction was strong. I admire their strength." "Sorry, again. This is all so strange. My mother told me stories of this stuff and I never really believed it. Even meeting the jedi has been... Well she wasn't what I would think a jedi was, but coming here... They aren't the heroes I always thought they were. They're just... another group with beliefs. Now I am one here with doubts, so many of them I'm not sure how I can even begin to join these ranks or how I am expected to. This isn't my territory, you know?" Mirran sighed. "We are mostly normal individuals, aside with the ability to use the Force, with a different perspective on the galaxy, the universe and even among Jedi those philosophies can vary. Get a group of Jedi Masters together and they will talk for hours in a heated manner on how they view the Force itself. There isn't a one fit for all when it comes to the Force, despite the fact, there is a very standard code and very standard ritual and very standard practice." Mirran pondered Varia's question on how she could join the ranks of Jedi. "I would say to join the Jedi ranks you should focus on your strengths, try and improve your weaknesses, be true to yourself do not try and be someone you cannot be. Perhaps you will succeed in the path of the Jedi, perhaps you will not. There is no shame in failure, there are many beings in the universe that attempt to be Jedi and cannot make it. They simply focus on what makes them strong and follow a path that is there own. If you are true to your own self you will find the peace, harmony, and balance you seek within yourself. My peace, harmony, and balance are not yours though. It varies from person to person. And..." Mirran sighed. "I am a fine one to talk. I still have many weakness I must improve among myself and strengths I have not found yet among myself." "If possible, could you explain why the force is revered as a source of power and knowledge? Why you trust it so?" Mirran looked contemplative. "I....I don't have much choice to be honest. I must trust the Force or I could not see. There is simply the Force to me. The Force is life...to revere life is to revere the Force itself. It is also death, pain, anger, and sorrow as well. You cannot have life without death. Happiness without sorrow. Pain and anger without joy and wellness. Do you not revere your own life? How about the lives of others? The knowledge and wisdom that others have? Do you revere that as well? All are connected to the Force even those who are unable to touch it and use it. Without the Force, nothing would exist, this is why it is revered as a source of power and knowledge. It has always existed.
  12. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Mirran smiled at Magnus' voice. She liked the initiate and he was a good friend. She didn't know Kale all that well, sure she knew him from Coruscant but they were so dissimilar in personality and background that the initiate and she might as well have been strangers. She shrugged at his comments. "I am more of a scholar and will probably follow in my parent's footsteps. They are diplomats and Niman is more of a scholarly diplomatic form. Atrau is only because a lot of Miraluka Jedi I have known also practice Ataru. However, Ataru also relies on some physical prowess as you must be in shape to perform the acrobatics. Yet, I could use some practice in Form I as it is the basis of all the other forms. " Mirran sighed, "Shii-cho is something I learned a long time ago...but I never really thought it was that great a form. Course I was proven wrong about that later on. So I do need to work on this basic form."
  13. Homesickness

    Mirran was taken back by such an acerbic tone. She didn't know what to make of it and the woman's presence in the Force seemed to shift colors. Mirran wasn't sure if the woman's presence in the Force was from annoyance or from agitation. "That's one way to put it. I've spent my entire life traveling, constantly moving and constantly hunting. The excitement is one of the many things I miss. And may never get back. I'd be devastated if my parents put me here by their will..." Mirran paused, she wondered if she had offended the woman somehow. But how? They had only just met and Mirran was certain she had not meant any offense of any kind. Mirran kept her voice soft and soothing just in case to defuse a tense situation. Mirran gave a calming sigh, "Then I suspect our parents are of different backgrounds. My parents...." She paused reflecting on them, "They had a vision they saw in the Force itself. I was given up to the Jedi as part of that vision." Mirran then smiled softly. "And one learns not to argue with a Miraluka's vision. Although...." Mirran shoulders slumped in sadness, "Sometimes what one sees is not always accepted among one's own people. But I hold no ill-will towards my parents. They did simply what the Force required of them. Yet it can be hard to understand vision when one does not see what others do." "Sorry, Varia Octarian. I guess you could say I'm a new student." "Then welcome to the Enclave, Varia Octarian. There must be a way to balance the ways of the Jedi and the ways of your past...." Mirran looked thoughtful. "There are animals here, not all of them are necessarily benign. There are kath hounds, although I am sure the masters try and keep their populations down. Then there are the crystal caves, they have kinrath in them. Perhaps...a hunting trip would suit your needs. If not that then perhaps as a test to keep your skills sharp. However, I doubt the Masters would allow you to simply go off on your own." Mirran then smiled a wistful smile, thinking back on her time in the Crystal caves when she, Magnus and Char went off on their own. Yea, they broke quite a few rules and it had been the Miraluka's own idea. "But sometimes it is better to go then have permission and ask for forgiveness later on." When Varia asked about her issues with meditation, Mirran sighed. "Meditation is...." She paused. "When one is a Miraluka and when one's parents see things in the Force. I..." Mirran bowed her head. "I could be more open to the Force but I am afraid. Most Jedi close their eyes when they meditate. I have no eyes to close. When I meditate my vision is made sharper, clearer. If you knew your parents saw something in the Force...would you not fear that the possibility might exist that you might see something as well, something you might not wish to see?" "Why do I submit myself to such things? Because I wish to be a Jedi. I know someday I will have to overcome my fears and perhaps someday I will be able to face them fully. A..." Mirran paused. "I suppose someone might say, a hunter must hunt and a Miraluka must see in the Force, even though she doesn't always wish to see what the Force offers to her."
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  15. Homesickness

    Mirran cocked her head curiously. The woman's presence and sight in the Force was hard to read. Mirran saw in greys around her with the color of a person who was alive in the Force. Most things pulsed with it, The woman's presence seemed a strange color that Mirran had troubles understanding, Although Mirran decided not to voice that, most people didn't like their whole Force presence read off to them plus it would seem downright rude. This woman her presence seemed a mix of so many different shades. Mirran could only surmise that this woman's presence was under some sort of emotional strain of some sort. "Can't go very far, so it's hard to have any sort of privacy in this blasted place. Sorry, not that you're invading privacy... Just this place... This place is too quiet." Mirran blushed a bit red. She was still terribly shy. "I...I...don't recognize you. You must be new." Mirran paused and took a deep-seated breath. "Quiet is hard to accept if you are not use to it in your life. You must come from a life that is a lot more fast-paced than the one that is here." Mirran bowed her head. "I am but a humble student of the Jedi way, my name is Mirran. Mirran Kai. This...." She spread her hand forward. "My life has been nothing but the Jedi since I was but a child and my parents gave me up to the Jedi. But...if you are not use to this life....then I suppose it can be hard to accept." "Studying meditation are you?" "I...I struggle with meditation. If I spend too much time in meditation....it...." Mirran paused uncertain whether to explain what she felt. "Well I feel like....it's hard to explain. It's like...I fear that I will be swept away somehow. I suppose such fears are unjustified but....there is power to be found in meditation and sometimes I do not like it."