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  1. Sight without sight

    "I am distracting?" Mirran chuckled. "First off you can't blame me for your own faults and failings even though...you look..." She suddenly broke out in laughter. "Utterly ridiculous that you're in a heap of grass." She sighed and looked at the blindfold in his hand. "You know...if you wanted to be a Miraluka you could have just told me. It would have probably saved you from that rather embarrassing exchange." Mirran straightened herself up and said calmly. "I am a Jedi padawan now. I have had my trials and I passed them. Now I suppose I am just waiting for my master."
  2. Finished school....and now to find a job. :) 

  3. Sight without sight

    Mirran calmly walked outside the enclave she was looking for a place to meditate and hoping for quiet for the most part the training fields promised a quiet retreat for the new padawan. She paused, she had not seen Magnus for a long time but yet there he was trying to jump stones. She slightly giggled lightly to herself, was he trying to show off? She wasn't quite sure what he was doing. No, not showing off, since there was no one else here aside from herself and she hadn't even known she was coming here herself a few minutes ago.
  4. Update: And my father is coming home tomorrow. Woohoo! 

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      Kai Tsintah

      Awesome, Mirran - I hope your father is doing well. :)

  5. I will post when I can but I maybe delayed. My culinary training is ending soon, my father is in the hospital and simply trying to breath. I think I will survive but....everything is crazy atm. 

  6. And I am still here....really I am....just incredibly busy.  I am kind of feeling drained lately. 

  7. Bereft of a Master....

    "I suppose my family have good intentions but even good intentions can go awry. I wonder...." Mirran pondered thoughtfully. "I wonder if my friends' issues with not becoming Jedi are matters of attachment. Char never mentioned his family but I do know Magnus was an orphan and he lost his parents. Of course, I am speculating but it seems that in the end, attachments make it harder to become a Jedi. Even losing my master was a bit of an attachment of a sort." Mirran still sighed. "However, I still need a master...."
  8. Bereft of a Master....

    "Hiding in the archives is something I know very well..." Mirran saw the change of color in the Knight's aura. Something had shifted his presence. Mirran struggled to understand the meanings in what she saw in the Force and she knew better to pry. A person's aura and presence in the Force was their own and made up their own personality. It would be best not to ask Giran what had caused his mood and presence to shift. "You still remember that? Hmm... Do you wish they'd done something different?" Mirran sighed. "I suppose it is due to the fact that I do not see things like others that I compensate for a lack of visual not just with the Force but with my memory as well. I remember scents, people,....my last breakfast that day. It was a porridge with my favorite fruit, meilooruns mixed in. " Mirran then chuckled. "And thinking of meilooruns....kind of makes me hungry actually." She then sighed. "Do I wish my parents had done something different?" She paused in thought. "I am not really sure...perhaps...I am still slightly attached to them. But...that attachment is a bit....awkward. You see my memory is of my parents as a child and I am an adult now and I think my parents still see me as a child. I had thought at one time to follow in their footsteps and become a diplomat but now...." Mirran paused. "I am beginning to realize that maybe...just maybe I don't want to follow in my parent's footsteps. I am my own person. Although...I think I am more geared towards that way of life."
  9. No work....no school....good day to take it easy and to chill. :) 

  10. Bereft of a Master....

    "Yes, gossip becomes no-one. Especially a Jedi." Mirran merely nodded. "Perhaps having that master wasn't meant to be. But a master? I'm sure you can find one. It's simply a question of finding a good fit. Someone who specializes in what you want to do as a Jedi. Maybe that's where you need to start- figure out what you want to do. What your talents are, where you envision yourself in the future..." Mirran bowed her head in contemplation. "I am a scholar, Knight Giran. I....I am not much of a fighter or a warrior" She paused. "I hid away most of my time in the archives here so I would not have to meet others, My parents...decided that I was too shy for their liking when they visited me on my nineteen year and gave me a protocol droid in hopes that the droid would make me talk more either to it or to others. Then I met Char and Magnus and I guess...meeting them helped me open up more. There are really not that many Miralukas here and my parents are not in favor with the Miralukan government. They saw something within the Force and it was not popular with most of our people. They said they saw a future where our people would be united with the Republic and the Jedi. They actively decided to work towards that future...." Mirran sighed. "Part of that was giving me up to the Order. I was only three years of age. But...I still remember it...my memory is very keen towards remembering such things. Even though I was only three years of age. " She then stated. "I don't know a lot of the knights here...perhaps...I should meditate and like the crystal I found for my lightsaber pehaps the Force will direct me towards the right master."
  11. Bereft of a Master....

    "No, you won't be released from the Order. That's absurd- we always have places for those with good intentions in their hearts. I'm sure you've heard of the Agricultural Corps, or one of the many other sub-organizations of the Jedi Order, and those will always welcome volunteers with open arms. The traditional Padawan-Knight-Master path is not for everyone, after all. But I see no reason why it shouldn't be for you. You're as well-suited for it as any other Padawan learner I've met. And it's not as if you've lost all contact with them. You've still got comlinks, haven't you? Wherever you may roam to, you'll always be able to return to the Enclave, and so will they. They're just at a different place in their journey as Jedi than you are." Mirran sighed. "I suppose so...but Char makes me nervous. He seems unsettled somehow. I worry if I contact him...he will be angry and hostile that I became a Padawan and he was rejected. Plus he is older than I. As for Magnus...I think his heart is in the right place. I wasn't expecting him to be rejected. But then I guess..." She paused a moment. "His aura....was mixed...not fully,,." She suddenly blushed. "I...I apologize...it is not proper to talk about what I see of others in the Force. I was told it is the height of bad manners to tell others...what I see from the presences of others. " "As always, you've got to keep your chin up and keep going." Mirran nodded. "I...guess...but I still don't know what I am going to do. I was so happy to have a master and...I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I suppose the Force has other plans for me."
  12. Bereft of a Master....

    Mirran sighed and dug into her pocket and pulled out the handwritten letter which Knight Thuria Drinna had given her. It didn't mention much just that the knight had left of her own accord and couldn't take Mirrian with her. She handed the letter to Giran. Mirran sniffed lightly. "Is it true that if I can't find a master, I'll be released from the Order? I...I don't even know what the outside world is like, Knight Giran. The Order has been my whole life since I was a child." Mirran bowed her head reflectively. "Plus my friends...the ones that I've met here...they were rejected for training. Char....Magnus...I feel so alone, Knight Giran. Is this what it means to be Jedi? To have a solitary life without anyone beside you to support you? I always thought...well I thought I'd at least have friends, compatriots along side of me. I suppose I have made an incorrect assumption."
  13. Bereft of a Master....

    Mirran gave a weary sigh, she had reverted back to her shy reclusiveness. She found a seat on a bench that overlooked a garden. The garden was tended by initiates and padawans. At this moment, there were no padawans or initiates tending the garden. The garden was a good place to meditate. She sat down on the bench in a weary manner. Part of her wanted to tell the Knight to go away, to leave her alone. She felt herself struggling to even say anything at all. It was as if she had lost her voice altogether. There were no words that Mirran could say that explained how she felt. She sighed, as she took a stick and using her Force sight so that she could see what she did, she started scribbling in the dirt of the ground. She proceeded to write her response in Aurebesh in the dirt. because she simply couldn't open her mouth at the moment. She didn't feel like she had the fortitude to do so. So instead she calmly and quietly scribbled in the dirt and she wrote in the aurebesh characters... I lost my master... Only been a padawan for a few days. What do I do now?
  14. 2 days of school and my brain feels like information overload. Blah....

  15. Bereft of a Master....

    Telona, 3629 BBY Mirran was sulking, what had she done wrong? One moment she had a master and the next her master had taken off on a perilous mission leaving her a message that she could not continue teaching her. It wasn't as if she had much training with her. Now the Miraluka was left without a teacher and a master to help her understand the Force. She had left her protocol droid in her chambers because she did not want to deal with Kaybee's annoying prattle. She sighed and wondered what now? She was pretty sure if she had eyes she would have been crying. Fortunately for her, there were no tears to be shed from a species that had no eyes to shed tears. Yet that didn't mean that Mirran didn't feel rather dejected. She looked around the Enclave feeling rather lost. What if she couldn't find another master? What would happen to her then? Would she be asked to leave? Would her career as a Jedi come crashing to a halt as suddenly as it had begun? She needed to stop being so pessimistic, such thoughts were unbecoming for a Jedi padawan. She needed to have faith. Faith that someone would learn of her predicament and take her on as a student.