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  1. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus immediately stopped at Mirran’s words. ‘... Oh come on we were doing so well.’ This recent development was something that he had hoped to avoid entirely. From what he heard Mirran say about them as well as his own knowledge, they didn’t exactly like guests in the caves with them, be it invited or otherwise. They weren’t actually defenceless against the creatures since they all did have some Force ability or another that will allow them to evade them or out run them if the situation arises, but since their blades were only for training they won’t really be effective. Luckily, Magnus always liked to be prepared. As he removed his blaster hidden in the belt behind him, looking it over making sure it was in working order, he continued to moan slightly. ‘I mean we couldn’t have just gone to the waterfall, had fun and then leave. No, we had to run into damn Kinrath with their stupid poison attacks. Is it so hard to go into a cave and then get attack by a litter of puppies instead or anything that is adorable and friendly? I mean just once would be great.’ ‘Ok, now that I’ve got the complaining out of the way quick question.’ Magnus turned and looked at his friends. ‘Are we all able to avoid them or out run them or anything like that?’
  2. Set In Stone

    ‘Oh well originally I was from Corelli but I ended up on some rock when I was around..., four I think. I never actually did find out what the planet was called I really should look into it.’ He mentioned as he stated to focus his attention towards one of the crystals closest to him. It didn’t take that long for him to sense it, it was somewhere to his right. It didn’t take much to feel the Force coming from the rock as if another person was just standing there, waiting for the right person to find them. It was incredible for him to feel how the small crystal felt, how it seemed to hold so much life despite it being an object; it all just brought a small smile to his features. Once his senses reached close enough to the crystal, he reached out a sort of hand with the force towards it and lightly touched it. Suddenly within his mind eye, he saw a light the glowed warmly, flowed with the Force as if it was the most natural thing that it can do, just like breathing. Within Magnus’s mind, he lifted out a hand and lightly touched it and was flooded with happy and calm memories. It took him by surprise that these where his memories, as it seemed that the crystal was acting like a mental mirror, all the different times that just made him happy. The time he watched a sunrise for what felt like the first time, meeting his friends for the first time and, something that brought a small sad smile to his face, when his mother was reading him a bedtime story. He never could remember what she was reading to him, he was a child back then after all, but he remembered that he felt safe, like nothing bad could have happened to him as long as she was there. So if you’re here, he thought to himself, then where’s..., No sooner had he thought the thought, he found it. In his mind’s eye, he saw collection of shadow that seemed attached to the light, swirling slightly. He was a little hesitant at first, but he slowly reach out and lightly grazed its dark surface and with no surprise at all, memories of his dark times came flooding into his mind. But even when he knew what was going to happen, he still flinched slightly as he remembered how scared and alone he had felt when he was hurtling towards a planet , how wet his checks were when he saw the fiery inferno engulf the ship with his parents still aboard. He pulled his hand back from the dark patch of his mind and looked at it with his mind’s eye. It still hurt, whenever he thought about them, it still clawed at his heart with its pain. It will never stop hurting he knew, it will still happen but he was getting better at dealing with it so that it couldn’t use him. And it was working, he had in fact used it plenty of times when needed with his Force shock ability and when he did, he made sure that this little dark part of himself was never in control, that it would never change him. He smiled slightly. I will never forget you but you will never define me.
  3. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus gave a strange look towards Mirran. ‘Well that rhyme was definitely different. But in all fairness it does not give a lot of choices with direction so might as well. I mean it’s not like we’ll get lost that easily.’ He spoke as he raised his datapad with its new code before putting back into his pocket and walking down the right corridor of stone. ‘You know,’ He continued as he walked. ‘It’s weird to me that so many people think that there are only two choices with most things although I get why most would think that. Most of the time there’s three, four if you count going backwards but mostly three. There’s one side then the other and no one rarely see’s that there is the middle ground to go to. Same goes with the force as well actually.’ He started to rub his head when he came to a sort of mental block. ‘Ahhh, what was it that Randrow told me once? Umm, there’s freedom in death? Wait no that’s not right.’ But after a moment of thought, Magnus snapped his fingers. ‘Oh now I remember it.’ ‘Flowing through all, there is balance There is no peace without a passion to create There is no passion without peace to guide Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act Power blinds without the serenity to see There is freedom in life There is a purpose in death The Force is all things and I am the Force.’ ‘A nice code don’t you think?’ Magnus asked his friends once he had finished. ‘Apparently there were a few Jedi who followed that and became known as gray Jedi and to me that sounds pretty good.’
  4. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus looked at the two possible ways that they could go, on one had they could go left and possibly get attacked, find the waterfall or get lost in tunnels while on the other hand they could... do exactly the same thing. But they were Jedi, well Jedi in training, so they should be ok whatever happens. Magnus spoke as his reached into one of his pockets. ‘I say we go right. Not because I think it’s that way but I like going right, I mean I am a righty.’ He waved his right hand to emphasize. ‘That being said I don’t like lefties, they are always up to something. It’s the eyes that give them away. And Char, really? We literally just had a conversation about splitting up and how it’s a bad thing.’ After fishing around in his pockets for a little bit, he pulled out his datapad and started to put his plan into action, his fingers starting to dance over it as he spoke. ‘But in all seriousness, we should just go down one and follow it for a little bit and if it ends up a bad decision then we leave that tunnel and try the other one.’ ‘ And does so we don’t get lost...’ he continued as he put the finishing touches on his little project on his datapad. ‘... there we go. We can use this. With this bit of code it will track our movements and display whatever path we have taken so if we get lost we can return back here and find our way out again. But as for the path, you brought us in here Mirran so you’re in charge. Which way would you like to go?’ side note: Programming Proficiency
  5. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus had followed Char and watched as he took a crystal from the wall. He sighed to himself. He didn’t enough the prospect of this, taking a crystal that wasn’t yours didn’t feel right for him. It was more or less the same as stealing someone’s personal property that was so precious to them, but he knew that there were cases where an exception was made. Maybe the item was stolen originally and the rightful person was taking it back in their possession or it was needed more by the other. But the problem with exception was that it was a fickle thing, it always changed each and every time it was used and sometimes in the end, it blow up in your face. For this, Magnus decided to trust his friend even though he may not have agreed. ‘Ok so since you’re done with your picking can we get a move on please? Although I would love to find my own but I don’t think it’s in here but I am defiantly going to keep an eye out for it, or sense out since that’s more accurate in how you find it. Oh and Char, if you really need another crystal in the future give me a call alright. I happen to have a spare on me. one of the perks of being given a proper lightsaber before getting here.’ ‘Now onwards men, to glory!’ Magnus spoke with a large amount of humour and started walking in the direction that they were heading towards before they stopped. He then stopped after a few paces and walked back. ‘Actually you should probably lead Mirran since your sight will probably get use their faster.’
  6. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus couldn’t really argue with what Mirran was saying since it was pretty much true, it wasn’t the best idea to split up even if we weren’t that far from the entrance, he had heard that unless you knew what you were doing you can easily get lost in here. ‘I’m with Mirran on this one mate. I mean we came out here to hang out and we can’t do that if you split away from the group, I mean what’s the point if everyone’s not together if they all said that they would? It’s pointless. Also its really easy to get lost in here and from what I’ve hear the bugs in here have a real bad bite to them.’ ‘I mean,’ Magnus continued, looking slightly annoyed. ‘this waterfall sounds amazing. Think about it, a waterfall untouched for an untellable amount of time along with crystals that are however old they are, untouched as well. This really should be ticking all the right boxes here.’ Magnus then turned around to face towards the tunnel in front of them. ‘But if we are going to move forward as a group then I suggest that we try and sense either the oldest or strongest crystals that we can find. Since they would be untouched for such a long time then they should be sensed more easily, so with that in mind Mirran it’s probably the best if you take the lead sice your Force sight is stronger then what I can come up with. Unless Char has anything that’ll work better.’ ‘We should also leave a trail that we can easily follow back so we don’t get lost. Our lightsaber’s should leave a mark even if they don’t actually cut through anything, but if that doesn’t work then I can always use one of my tricks instead.’ Magnus took a moment thinking over what he just said. ‘Sorry, I went full tactician there didn’t I? Sorry, but it does sound like a good idea though.’
  7. Initiates sparring match

    Magnus laughed likely. ‘Trust me; you don’t have to worry about me being an enemy. I can safely say that I am a friend to you, just give me a call if you’re in a jam and I’ll help in any way I can. Or if you just want to hang out, that’s always a great option in my opinion.’ He turned off his training lightsaber as he made his way towards the book that he had placed a few on the ground at the start at the match and picked it up in a firm grip. ‘Its a good idea to take a little break though Mirran, after those matches I could use a little rest.’ He placed himself down on the green grass around him and opened the book to where it was previously. ‘I hope you guys don’t mind if we stick around here to rest, but we can move if you want.’
  8. Set In Stone

    As Magnus entered deeper into the cave with the Jedi knight, he started to notice the clusters of gems around them and it was probably one of the most impressive sights he has seen, although the sun sets he saw back on the planet with his master Randrow was still his favourite, the crystals did not disappoint. They seemed to give off their own light slightly, shinning off a spectrum of colours off of the rough, dark walls of the cave. Curiously, he reached out with his Force sense to be greeted with a feeling like he was surrounded by a group of people, each one different in one way or another, never the same. This made sense to Magnus since he knew that each of these crystals belongs or will belong to some future Force sensitive at some point. He tried to feel around to see if he could find his own crystal, or crystals if he was extremely lucky, but ended up feeling nothing that felt familiar to him amongst the crystals around him. It wouldn’t be that easy. If it was then where’s the fun. He thought to himself with a slight chuckle. When they entered the clearing Magnus immediately gave some of the tunnels around them a knowing glance. ‘Guessing the critters in here like to explore around a bit huh? They must be tough to be able to tunnel through the rock here.’ He commentated and gestured to some of the scratches around some of the tunnels that he could see. ‘Reminds me of the Krykna back in my old stomping grounds. Have you ever seen one before?’ "Alright, so this is pretty straightforward. Just meditate right at the center, I'll be observing and see how things go from there." Magnus walked straight towards the middle of the clearing and sat down and tried and failing to find a comfy spot on the hard floor. ‘So what exactly do I do? Do I meditate towards a certain area or spread my awareness or just become a statue that becomes the backgrounds of peoples pictures? If they come in here that is and don’t mind the creepy crawlies of course.’ Never the less, he closed he eyes and began to relax.
  9. Initiates sparring match

    Magnus saw how Mirran held herself and from that he knew she was tired, but that didn’t stop her from trying one last thing with her blade. She had managed to block his strike that would have caused her to fall over and instead used the momentum of that strike to propel her own to attack his legs. He had managed to avoid the attack by simply flipping over it where it hit nothing but air and as he landed on the floor firmly with his feet, breathing heavily. He had to admit to himself that he had endured a long time, considering he had used a few more active Force abilities that can drain a being of their energy but with Soresu he had a good grip on energy conservation. He stood up straight and couldn’t stop the smile from blossoming on his face as he spoke with sincerity. ‘I do hope you have more tricks left Mirran, because that was a brilliant match. Using the Force to blow dust in my face so that you had the advantage. Clever stuff and your Ataru isn’t bad at all. If you would like I can show more about the Form and I’ll even throw in some Soresu as well, it really does help with conserving energy but I only know the basic’s really which was kind of why I was practising in the first place to improve it.’ ‘I’m mean we can start now if you like.’ Before Magnus could continue a growling sound start to emit deeply from his own stomach. He scratched his head lightly while smiling a sheepish grin. ‘Although we may want to get something to eat first.’
  10. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    "We haven't come to discuss the finer points of the Force." Oh great, we haven’t been here for even 5 minutes and I’ve already started an argument. Magnus hated it when stuff like this happened, even more so if he had somehow started it even by accident. He know that sometimes when stuff like this comes up you had to deal with it, but there are times and places and this was neither of those options, they were here for fun so he felt like he had to rectify this mistake he had caused. He moved over to Mirran where she seemed to be more relaxed and spoke. ‘Hey, Mirran. I’m...,’ he stopped himself. He show her smile and he immediately knew that she had obviously moved on from the conversation, so apologising now would probably not have the right intention that he wanted it to. I’ll say sorry after we’re out of here. For now just focus on having fun. ‘..., I’m wondering, what’s all the fuss about the crystal waterfall? I mean, I haven’t heard of it so can you drink it or is there like a pool near it were you can go for a swim or something, I mean what are the rules? I mean if there’s a pool then I’m unprepared. I haven’t even brought a towel or anything with me, or even a set of spare clothes. You know what, I’m just going to do both anyways. I mean I can just get out of my robes and go in my light armour then change out of that. Thank the Force that I have it on me all the time.’
  11. Initiates sparring match

    Magnus saw Mirran move away, from his point of view it looked like she was gathering up strength for an attack. In that moment Magnus used Force speed and cross the distance that was between him and Mirran before she could use whatever ability she was going to use and move behind her out of the way. He know that he couldn’t constantly use Force abilities and other skills indefinably since his energy would be used up, but with Soresu he could conserve energy and use only the needed amount, but even now he was running a little low. He could still keep going for a little while but the slightly limited amount of energy was still there. What he planned to do was to quickly sweep out her legs from under her, catch her with one arm while the other would bring his training lightsaber down towards her body. He would stop before he actually hit her, since if he managed to perform the move correctly then he would effectively win the match, now it was time to see if it worked. side note: Force speed active
  12. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    ‘Don’t worry too much Char.’ Magnus said to reassure his friend. ‘If these guys are anything like Krykna then as long as we give them plenty of space and show them that we mean no harm then we will be fine. But if that doesn’t work I do have a little trick as a last option.’ He stopped himself there and looked away from them while he scratched his copper hair with a bit of anxiety. He wondered if he should tell them about that particular ability he had, after all it wasn’t highly regarded in the Jedi Order since some anger was used to make it work. But he made sure that he was always careful when using it, always thinking about happy memories so that the anger didn’t take any form of a hold on him and only used to power the ability. He took a breath. They are my friends; they have a right to know. ‘Hey guys...,’ He began uncertainly. ‘have you ever heard of an ability called Force shock? It’s an ability that uses a small amount of angry to releases a single current or a ball of electricity towards a close target where it can stun or temporarily hurt someone and, well you see..., I..., I can do it.’ He then panicked slightly and raised his hands to shake them from side to side. ‘But I swear I’ve never used it to hurt anyone or will use it to hurt anyone. I only use it to disable electronics or stun or scare creatures like Krykna away if they are hostile and when I do use it I make sure that I’m very careful that the angry mess with me by thinking about happy memories to act like a counter measure to keep it in check. I would never try any of the really big stuff, I stay clear of that.’ Magnus’s hands started to fiddle with themselves. ‘And well, since I consider you guys as my friends, I thought that you should know that about me. Please don’t think of me differently because of it, I’m still me, that guy who tries to make jokes when he can, you know.’ He wondered worryingly if they did change their minds about him. He didn’t want that to happen obviously but if it did, then he would respect their decisions and their wishes if they wanted him to stay away.
  13. Initiates sparring match

    As soon as Mirran landed in a split, Magnus immediately went on the offensive. He unleashed a multitude of powerful attacks coming from every possible angle that he could reach which he hoped that would overwhelm Mirran. She had taken a defensive arc with her blade, but he was sure that he could easily get past it with his attacks, if it worked then he would probably win the match where he would help her up and congratulate her on the match, most likely offer her a hand with her own Ataru style. But he will come to that bridge when he came to it, right now he attacked. side note: Form IV - Intermediate Ataru
  14. Set In Stone

    Magnus took a look at the entrance of the smile with excitement. ‘Nah, I’m good. Let’s just get this show on the road, to be fair I just can’t wait to get in there. I hear that it’s quite a thing to sense the crystals in there. So please, after you.’
  15. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    ‘Hey no fair.’ Magnus said as he jogged to Mirran while he pretended to sulk with his arms crossed. ‘I wanted to go into the Cave first and possibly be attacked by spider like creatures that give you nightmares for the rest of your life.’ He paused for a moment. ‘Oh yeah that happened already with the Krykna before I even got here. Oh well, at least I’m not a rotten eye like someone behind us. Come on Char, where here for a little fun so get some get up and go in you ok.’ Curiously, Magnus extended his sense when he entered the cave. Partly to see if there were any Kinrath around which he couldnt, he knew that Mirran’s sight was probably far better than his Force sense but he liked feeling helpful so if he could do even a tiny bit then that was enough for him. And the other reason was to feel the Force around him. He felt Mirran’s and Char’s presence immediately, feeling their connection to the Force and a little about how they think. For Mirran, it was what you expected, a little shy sure but underneath she really was a kind and noble person, as for Char though, something seemed a little... off but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Mirran had said that Char was having problems with the Order so maybe that had something to do with it. He didn’t give it much more thought as he felt what was laying at the end of his senses. ‘Whoa, you weren't kidding about the crystals were you Mirran. Even from here I can sense them and boy do they feel like their alive, their practically dripping with the Force.’ side note: Force sense active