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  1. Nurture

    Magnus smiled excitedly, he knew that if he messed up one this on this little mission then he would likely end up in quite a bit of trouble considering how he ended on this mission to begin with. But he just couldn’t help his excitement from leaking out, this was his first proper assignment off world, it may have been something a little boring but who cared? It was timed to show how he would be like on a mission and he would be damned if he didn’t do his best to make it helpful as well as laying to rest a few issues that others may have about him. “Right so, shall we get going? Cause I am ready to rock and roll! And practice a little something on the side of course.” He spoke as he sat down on a available seat close to him, taking his backpack off and retrieving a small rock that he had packed to help with furthering his abilities. side note: sorry about the late reply but I had recently had my uni exams and my laptop had desired to be a d**k and stop working on me so again, sorry but yeah, let’s get this story rolling finally
  2. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Magnus gave a roguish smile towards the two. “Well, if we are all good to go, then let us commence with this little royale. So, who wants the first shot?” Magnus immediately settled into his form III stance and waited for one of his opponents to initiate an attack towards him. His plan for the match was to simply relay on his current form as his means to defend himself, he knew that it was good to know how to throw a good attack at an opponent, but he knew that a great defence can help just as much. If he wanted his skills to improve then he would need to work at them. side note: sorry for the late reply. I recently had my uni exams and my laptop had decided to be a d**k and stop working on me 😠 so again, sorry about my updates
  3. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Magnus could do nothing to stop himself from cringing inside from Kale’s woods. While he understood what he was trying to say to Mirran, it was just that the way that he said it was somewhat blunt, so in a attempt to help him Magnus spoke up. ”I believe what Kale was trying to say was that while it is fine to follow what your parents want for you, it is still important to still do want you chose to do because in the end, it must be you who makes the choice. Otherwise someone else will and you’ll end up doing something that you don’t truelly want to do and it would be to late to change it. I mean if I followed my parents I’d... “ Magnus stopped for a moment, memories of a ship erupting into an inferno briefly flashing through his mind before he quickly stopped them. Not now, I don’t need that right now. He thought to himself before he continued talking. “Well, I’d... probably still be here actually. But anyway weren’t you practicing your moves Kale?” He quickly asked, hoping to move the subject along to something that doesn’t somehow link to his deceased parents. ”So, since battling against droids is not the greatest thing, how about we do something a little different to make things interesting?” He said as he moved to the wide area of the training room while igniting his training lightsaber. “How about we have a bit of a battle royale? I mean when we become proper Jedi’s, we will probably end up fighting against multiple opponents so why not have a little practise? But let’s keep this as a strictly blade work fight, unless you guys want to do something else” He finished with a friendly smile.
  4. Nurture

    Magnus quickly looked around the ship that he had stepped into and gained a slight sense of nostalgia, reminding him vaguely of all the glimpses that he saw of his parents working on similar ships when he was still a kid. He had remembered thinking that what they were doing at the time seemed somewhat pointless from his young perspective and, wondering what was so interesting, he picked up a small hammer and tried to smack it against a part of the ship they were working on. The key word being tried as when he brought his hand down, the hammer he had picked up was missing from his hand while he was pick up by his parents to be told off sternly for almost damaging the ship. Magnus shook his head lightly to stop his memories from going deeper down memory lane as he walked up to Jun Lee and the padawan with her with his question. "So just a couple of questions, well two really. First being what's it like being a padawan Aine? Hopefully I can be a padawan soon but I just have to wait and see don't I. And secondly, Jun Lee, will I be needed for something during our journey because there is something that I have wanted to try and learn on the way there, or at least start learning." The ability that he wanted to start trying was the more powerful version of his Force Phase ability where he would be able to phase other objects and willing beings through solid objects. Of course he would only use small objects to begin with but he will build up to the other stuff in time.
  5. Nurture

    Magnus remained quiet, simply absorbing the information that the commander before him said. He momentarily thought about the swamp environment of the planet and how it may affect him if he was in any situation. Not the greatest of places to be since I rely on Ataru so I will have to be mind full of my surroundings in case something there could possibly interfere with it. But the rest of his thoughts stopped immediately when she mentioned a Dark-sider was taken in to custody, shocking him slightly. ‘Wait what?’ He asked instantly as he followed after her. ‘Ok so two things to say. First, I feel bad for you Char if those robes are the only thing you brought with you because they do look expensive and will probably get ruined. Second, could we go back over the fact that there was a Dark-sider there because that seems like a really important thing that may deserve more in depth knowledge to know about, like what could he do or did he have a lightsaber or something? Or she if it was a woman.’ For Magnus, and most likely for most people, it was a good idea to get a decent amount of knowledge about them when it came to a Dark-sider since it could spell out something rather dangerous. For example, if this person was mindlessly throwing the Force around with no clear direction, then it was most likely that they were just doing things by instinct which would be easy to handle. Or, more worryingly, they could use it with a practised hand which would mean they were taught and lead to the question, who taught them? In the best case scenario, they were taught by a Jedi and lost their way somehow. But in the worst case scenario, they were taught by someone who wither had a Sith philosophy or were part of the Sith themselves. Magnus knew that the Sith were defeated in the recent war, but that didn’t mean that they were all gone, after all you can stop a fanatic follower but the idea would still remain untouched. An idea that can easily be picked up again and used. With this going through his mind, Magnus started to wonder if he should have brought anything else with him. ‘Ok so with the extremely small chance that there is some other Dark-sider there, which again is almost improbable, should I bring anything else with me? Because all I brought with me was some food, water and a small med-kit in my bag,’ he lifted the small bag on his back by the strap a little. ‘along with my blaster and training lightsaber, I know the blade can’t cut anything but it better than nothing. Oh and some light armour underneath my robes, although I always wear that so its nothing new, I mean if you were on a planet with Krykna all over the place for 10 years, you would want some protection too.’
  6. Set In Stone

    Magnus took the information in from the Jedi knight and looked at the hand, seeing it twitch slightly proving that he had indeed hurt himself, albeit a small amount. Huh. Guess I’ve just never managed to notice before. But in all honesty I’ve never used too much in the past and even when I did it was only because it was a last resort to use it. He thought to himself while he stood up and followed Homra. He took a moment before speaking to the knight again. ‘I know that this will probably sound stupid, but I’m sorry that this will causes you unwanted problems that you had no desire to sit through, so in an effort to make it somewhat easier I will explain more on how and why I use the ability. First off, I’d like to point out that I have only ever used the ability if it was absolutely needed, like a last resort backup if any and all means that I have at my disposal has been rendered useless. Secondly, when I do use the ability I make sure that I keep the balance to remain in control rather than let the anger that is use control me instead. This balance is, to put simply, place an equal amount of light with the darkness, so if and when I do use anger, I make sure that I use and equal amount of happiness or calm to act as a counter to create the needed balance, this being taught to him by my last master Randrow.’
  7. Nurture

    Magnus was finally making his way to the docking bay after several incidents involving his sense of direction being more then off, but rather completely and utterly lost. Something which still both frustrates and mystifies him on how he manages to do so. At one moment he receives a message informing him that he has been placed on an assignment to do relief work on Telos with Jun Lee, peacekeeper commander from what he heard, the next moment he finds that he had managed to pass the docking bay at least 5 times before finally entering. While he made his way inside, he thought over why he was placed within the assignment and while he would have happily done the somewhat boring but helpful work with a grin, he did have an idea why he was doing it in the first place. Ever since his little trip into the crystal caves with Homra, he had been expecting something that would place him in some sort of situation where he would be observed and then reported on back to the Jedi Council. This was of course a reasonable action to take when he had demonstrated ability considered a dark sided ability but he was willing to do whatever test they thought was needed until they were satisfied. It may have sounded somewhat egotistical to say, but they didn’t have to worry too much when it came to him. While yes he can use Force Shock, he never used it unless it was absolutely needed, using it as a last resort and even then he made sure to keep control of the ability with an iron will and maintaining balance. The balance being something he old master had drilled in to his being, that when the darkness was used, always bring about the same amount of light so that Magnus would stay safe from a darker side of himself from taking control. He had, before coming, thought about what he should bring and wear. He would have of course wear his normal Jedi robes of dark and light brown with the light amour underneath just in case, but he wondered if he had to bring anything else with him such as some food, water, other bits and pieces and his training lightsaber and blaster. Since it was just relief work then he thought that he wouldn't have needed them but he decided to bring them both just in case so he had something to defend himself if the situation ever arrived, leaving the training blade on his belt and the blaster hidden in his belt behind his back. he also brought a small amounts of supplies in his pockets and bag some small amounts of food, water and a basic med-kit with bandages if needed. Now that Magnus was in the docking bay, he looked around for the peacekeeper commander, quickly sighting her along with someone else he know, and walked quickly towards them with his usual warm grin. ‘Hello. You alright Char?’ he quickly asked his friend before turning his attention to the woman in front of him. ‘And hello to you too, Jun Lee right. Sorry if I’m late but my sense of direction if appalling to say the least, anyway my name is Magnus Koaldor and I’m here for the relief work on Telos, its very nice to meet you.’ He finished saying while he extended his hand for a hand shake.
  8. Lightsaber basic's

    Magnus walked passed self after self in the archives, quickly scanning the backs of the books that were available to the young Jedi in training in hopes of finding a book that would help him with understanding the most basic tool that more or less every Jedi had, the lightsaber. True he had already had a lightsaber for the majority of his life when his previous master had given it to him back on the lonely planet and had plenty of time to look it over and take it apart, but in true he was worried that if he did, then it would somehow get damaged from his medalling and won’t work anymore. But he knew that this was an issue that has to be dealt with so here he was, searching the archives, a place that still amazed him with the sear amount of books and data cubes that it had, for anything that would give him a clear idea on how they worked. He had managed to acquire a data cube that held the information that he wished but he liked to make sure through other sources if he could. It didn’t take long until he spotted a book that had the title ‘Lightsaber basic’s’, where he quickly removed it from the self and found a quiet corner of the archives with a chair and table and sat down while he opened both the book and data cube to digest its information. Through both of them he found plenty of useful information that told him how a lightsaber was used, briefly going over dual wielding that peaked Magnus’s curiosity, and how it worked inside of its casing coming with a detailed schematic of them. ‘Ok that’s... not too complicated.’ He said to himself as he brought his training lightsaber out and placed it on the centre of the table. In principle, they were the same, a training lightsaber and actual ones, so the mechanics were similar except for the use of an actual kyber crystal. Magnus took one last look at the diagram of the lightsaber and its individual pieces, before calmly closing his eyes and levitated the saber in the air while he concentrated on imagining the different parts of the blade and began to try to take them apart.
  9. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    When Mirran first spoke, Magnus turned around in slight surprise. Man, I didn’t hear her come in. Note to self, work on my senses more. He quickly thought to himself. ‘Hey Mirran, how have you been doing?’ Magnus said to his Miraluka friend with a warm smile. He turned to the other boy in the room and reached out to shack his hand firmly. ‘The names Magnus Koaldor fellow Jedi initiate and jokester hehe. Unfortunately I don’t have anything else to go with my name so got to made do for now.’ ‘Now Kale, back on topic, I would have to partially agree with Mirran on Ataru for my preference but I do dabble in Soresu to help with conserving energy but hey, that’s just my opinion, everyone’s different. If everyone was the same then everything would be so boring.’ He continued to say when a question popped into his mind. ‘So what version do you want to use in form V? Shien or Djem So? Although it would seem likely that you would go with the second option, you and your big muscles.’ He said as he jokingly flex his own arms with a slight cheeky smile.
  10. Little activity is not bad for anyone.

    Magnus was walking around in the enclave with an annoyed expression plastered on his face, searching for a training room within the building but being undeniably lost. He had been searching for about half an hour already and had only managed to find the toilets. Twice. During his endeavours, he had questioned time and time again where the signs where because are far as he was concerned, there were none. How hard is it to place an arrow down or something that tells you where everything is!!?? He thought, in a somewhat annoyed tone. Before he walked down another corridor that he wasn’t too sure if he had walked down it before or not, he heard the ever memorable sound of a training lightsaber activating within a room close to him. Being curious, Magnus walked to the door and entered the room. He soon realised that he entered a training room which he was thankful for since he didn’t have to continue to look for one anymore, but what really caught his attention was that there was another initiate in the room already, a saber in his hands and a couple training remotes surrounding him. Hmm, looks like he training to deflect blaster fire and from the look of his form he using Sii-Cho. A basic form, not exactly suited for this though. He thought to himself as he judged the situation. Maybe he would like someone to train with and who knows, I may get a new friend. ‘You know,’ Magnus started with a friendly voice and a smile. ‘Form I isn’t exactly suited for blaster fire deflection, let alone blade to blade work.’
  11. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus looked towards Mirran for a moment, thinking over her suggestion. ‘Well that is a good idea but quick question, who doesn’t know how to do that?’ he asked in a whisper, before he raised his other hand, since he right was currently holding his blaster, above his head and pointed at himself. ‘This guy. This guy doesn’t know.’ ‘But if their attracted to heat...’ He continued as he looked at his blaster. ‘I could levitate this over them down a different tunnel and pull the trigger a few times. This would hopefully attract them down the tunnel with the sounds and the heat. What do you guys think?’ AN: Apologies for the late reply, my life has been quite hectic recently
  12. Set In Stone

    Magnus took the question into consideration. Whenever he trained with his previous master Randrow, he never said to block certain emotions, but to let them flow, to understand them, to use them and finally to control them when he needed too. In comparison to the Jedi, this could have probably, no, it would have sent every red flag that they had up at his method on using the Force. But it was how he did it and to be fair, it worked so he would stick with it. He looked up at the older Jedi with a calm expression. ‘In all honesty, most of the time. I know that Jedi’s don’t normally do that but it’s the way I have done it and to me, it right. And I’m sorry if this sounds slightly disrespectful to the Jedi, but the fact that they try to get rid of their emotions and then saying that they no longer have those emotions, be they light or dark, is both idiotic and stupid. Trying to deny those emotions means to deny more than half of yourself which can have disastrous consequences for them when they come to a situation that causes them to lose control because they have never felt the emotion before so they don’t know what to do.’ ‘I on the other hand try to understand them, to feel them. I am in no way saying I’m better than any other Jedi, I still have a long way to go before I can even consider myself a master at anything, but I know that I’m more with my emotions then without them.’ He paused for a second debating whether or not to show the Jedi before him his ability, be knew that everyone was going to find out sooner or later so might as well show them now. He raised his hand and gathered energy and a ball of electricity in his hand, lighting up his hand slightly with its tendrils of power. ‘I’ve used them enough, it’s how I learned this trick. But whatever happens, I’m always in control. I have never and never will let my darkness control me.’ he finished as he throw the small ball towards the ground where it dispersed over a small area, leaving behind a slight scorch mark. ‘I’ve been trying to make it slightly stronger like Force lighting without the, you know, anger that causes you to turn into an evil crazy person, but so far this works.’ He finished. He turned towards Homra, interested in his response. AN: apologies for the late reply, my life had become quite hectic recently force shock used
  13. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus immediately stopped at Mirran’s words. ‘... Oh come on we were doing so well.’ This recent development was something that he had hoped to avoid entirely. From what he heard Mirran say about them as well as his own knowledge, they didn’t exactly like guests in the caves with them, be it invited or otherwise. They weren’t actually defenceless against the creatures since they all did have some Force ability or another that will allow them to evade them or out run them if the situation arises, but since their blades were only for training they won’t really be effective. Luckily, Magnus always liked to be prepared. As he removed his blaster hidden in the belt behind him, looking it over making sure it was in working order, he continued to moan slightly. ‘I mean we couldn’t have just gone to the waterfall, had fun and then leave. No, we had to run into damn Kinrath with their stupid poison attacks. Is it so hard to go into a cave and then get attack by a litter of puppies instead or anything that is adorable and friendly? I mean just once would be great.’ ‘Ok, now that I’ve got the complaining out of the way quick question.’ Magnus turned and looked at his friends. ‘Are we all able to avoid them or out run them or anything like that?’
  14. Set In Stone

    ‘Oh well originally I was from Corelli but I ended up on some rock when I was around..., four I think. I never actually did find out what the planet was called I really should look into it.’ He mentioned as he stated to focus his attention towards one of the crystals closest to him. It didn’t take that long for him to sense it, it was somewhere to his right. It didn’t take much to feel the Force coming from the rock as if another person was just standing there, waiting for the right person to find them. It was incredible for him to feel how the small crystal felt, how it seemed to hold so much life despite it being an object; it all just brought a small smile to his features. Once his senses reached close enough to the crystal, he reached out a sort of hand with the force towards it and lightly touched it. Suddenly within his mind eye, he saw a light the glowed warmly, flowed with the Force as if it was the most natural thing that it can do, just like breathing. Within Magnus’s mind, he lifted out a hand and lightly touched it and was flooded with happy and calm memories. It took him by surprise that these where his memories, as it seemed that the crystal was acting like a mental mirror, all the different times that just made him happy. The time he watched a sunrise for what felt like the first time, meeting his friends for the first time and, something that brought a small sad smile to his face, when his mother was reading him a bedtime story. He never could remember what she was reading to him, he was a child back then after all, but he remembered that he felt safe, like nothing bad could have happened to him as long as she was there. So if you’re here, he thought to himself, then where’s..., No sooner had he thought the thought, he found it. In his mind’s eye, he saw collection of shadow that seemed attached to the light, swirling slightly. He was a little hesitant at first, but he slowly reach out and lightly grazed its dark surface and with no surprise at all, memories of his dark times came flooding into his mind. But even when he knew what was going to happen, he still flinched slightly as he remembered how scared and alone he had felt when he was hurtling towards a planet , how wet his checks were when he saw the fiery inferno engulf the ship with his parents still aboard. He pulled his hand back from the dark patch of his mind and looked at it with his mind’s eye. It still hurt, whenever he thought about them, it still clawed at his heart with its pain. It will never stop hurting he knew, it will still happen but he was getting better at dealing with it so that it couldn’t use him. And it was working, he had in fact used it plenty of times when needed with his Force shock ability and when he did, he made sure that this little dark part of himself was never in control, that it would never change him. He smiled slightly. I will never forget you but you will never define me.
  15. When the Loth-Cat's away the Mice will....

    Magnus gave a strange look towards Mirran. ‘Well that rhyme was definitely different. But in all fairness it does not give a lot of choices with direction so might as well. I mean it’s not like we’ll get lost that easily.’ He spoke as he raised his datapad with its new code before putting back into his pocket and walking down the right corridor of stone. ‘You know,’ He continued as he walked. ‘It’s weird to me that so many people think that there are only two choices with most things although I get why most would think that. Most of the time there’s three, four if you count going backwards but mostly three. There’s one side then the other and no one rarely see’s that there is the middle ground to go to. Same goes with the force as well actually.’ He started to rub his head when he came to a sort of mental block. ‘Ahhh, what was it that Randrow told me once? Umm, there’s freedom in death? Wait no that’s not right.’ But after a moment of thought, Magnus snapped his fingers. ‘Oh now I remember it.’ ‘Flowing through all, there is balance There is no peace without a passion to create There is no passion without peace to guide Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act Power blinds without the serenity to see There is freedom in life There is a purpose in death The Force is all things and I am the Force.’ ‘A nice code don’t you think?’ Magnus asked his friends once he had finished. ‘Apparently there were a few Jedi who followed that and became known as gray Jedi and to me that sounds pretty good.’