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  1. Feel the Force

    "Communicate with the crystals?!” Mishi thought with concern, “Okay Homra, I trust you.” Mishi surveyed the ground of the chamber in detail that they Homra lead her to. Obviously, it was a place of significance because of the strong presence of the force. Even she could sense it, in spite of being an initiate. Slowly she walked around the center of the cave, and found a flat smooth surface. Gracefully she sat cross-legged on the floor, then took a few deep breaths. “It is just like my meditation I did this morning,” she thought to herself. “Come on girl, you can do this.” First, Mishi closed her eyes and placed her hands down, her fingertips barely touching the floor. Then, she drew a couple of deep breaths, finding her center in the force. Inch by inch, she pushed the boundaries of the center outward. After maintaining her breathing, she began to push the boundary outward and upwards, until she felt a small protective bubble of energy around her. With the bubble finally in place, she focused on providing more energy to her bubble, reinforcing it. Once the bubble felt stronger, Mishi took a deep breath in, and expanded her bubble with her mind as she exhaled. Next, slowly, breath by breath, Mishi expanded her bubble by inches at a time. As her bubble expanded, she felt every rock and crevice, eventually engulfing the crystals. The crystals altogether were different from the other objects in her bubble. In contrast to the rocks that were inanimate, the crystals were teeming with the force, like they could barely contain it within them. Each crystal shined equally of its natural hue, and made the dim cave flicker with shards of color. Certainly, Mishi understood the significance of the color, standing for the idea that the Jedi dedicated themselves to. She narrowed in on the colors around her in detail. Notably concentrations on the blue crystals that line the walkway, she felt a surge of protectiveness. Suddenly, shifting her focus to the green crystals clinging to the walls, she dwelled on the mysterious nature of the force that swirled inside the gem. Then focusing on expanding her energy, the allure of the purple and yellow gems, she felt no defining feeling, but an overwhelming sense of mystery. Finally, she crept carefully towards the ruby-like jewels that clung to the left wall. Suddenly, a surge of power came gushing forth, knocking her backwards. Without delay, Mishi cartwheeled back and landed on her feet. Shaking her head and flexing her ears, she in effect shook off the dark power felt in the last crystals. After sitting back down and calming herself, she stretched out in the force again. Reflection on what Horma previously stated, no one crystal, even one color stuck out to her. With a relief, Mishi quickly realized the red crystals had little allure to her the second time. She stayed there, in the middle of the cave, mediating until all the colors faded into dullness. Sighing, Mishi finally glanced up at Homra, awaiting further instructions.
  2. Feel the Force

    Thankfully for Mishi, the testing was not long-lasting; soon, the nurse lead her to a room, where she would have privacy to provide the excrement matter for the test. Afterwards, Mishi gave the test to the nurse, and started to return to Homra, ready to go. But, she remembered the additional exam, and returned to Lianne, thinking “Why the stupid needle, don't they have enough?!” Apparently not, because the dreaded needle soon made a debut. As the nurse drew her blood, Mishi stayed statuesque, barely moving. Meanwhile, the act transpired sluggishly in her mind. As the shining sharp projectile lunge at her arm, Mishi’s world slowed, and when the bloodletting needle pricked her skin, Mishi bit her tongue as to not cry out. “This witch is going to drain me dry,” Mishi panicked as her blood trickled into the vial, and the resilient Togruta remained still for an eternity for. Of course, the nurse ceased the procedure soon, and began cleaning up the blood. Nevertheless, Mishi was grateful the dilemma was over, and she bounded out to Homra, in order to flee the medbay. “Finally, time to start training,” she thought impatiently.
  3. Feel the Force

    Imagining being put through all those tests, made panic rise in Mishi’s throat. Suddenly, she was half-ready to turn and run from the room. Trying to calm herself down, she sucked in air through her nose, and let it out slowly through her clenched teeth. Just as Homra felt weird at the sight of blood, she felt sick at the thought of a medical exam. Although both their eyes were on her, Mishi took her time weighing her options carefully. Running away was her first response, but they would track her down easily. Re-explaining the situation again to Healer Lainne was another option. Hopefully, Mishi could persuade the Healer that Togruta can eat a raw meal, and nothing would happen. Finally, of course, she had the right to simply refuse any medical treatment, and not offer any explanation at all. But, Homra seemed very anxious about her greeting sick from food poisoning, and he was only trying to help. “Also, If I refused,” she thought, “He would probably bring it up again, and I would have to explain my fear of doctors.” Being adamant and refusing any medical help would be haughty and rude right now, considering the skill of the healer and the concern of the Jedi. Sighing, Mishi took a deep breath, and smiled at Healer Lianne, “Please, lead the way.”
  4. Feel the Force

    As Mishi trapped through the woods back to the Temple, she began to chastise herself. She knew she would be fine, she had hunted like this before, but "what was I thinking hunting on a day like this". Now instead of making a wonderful first impression, she would have to be extra nice for a little to redeemed herself. Despite all of that, she did not regret her actions for several reasons. For one thing, it was very difficult to spend all morning meditating and feeling the life of the forest while fighting the need to be a part of it. Also, she craved the delight of a simple hunt for the little rodent, and devouring it. Finally, if she had gone to the mess hall today, it would only exacerbate her anxiety. She knew she was being trained by an Jedi Knight today, and she was anxious enough as it is. She thought a simple meditation followed by a short hunt was a great way to ease her anxiety. Obviously not! It matters not now, she thought to herself, what’s done is done. As Homra began to lead her to the medical, she tried to study him. He was obviously a caring person, and very learned, seeing how he understood the dietary life of her species. Also, he must be a patient man, to be training a bunch of teens in the way of the Force. As they approached the Halls of Healing, she thought of a way to explain her predicament in the least embarrassing manner. She took a deep breath and said rather quickly, “I was meditating this morning, and the forest was teeming with life. It seemed natural to be apart of it. I am sorry for startling you.”
  5. Feel the Force

    'Patched up' Why, what is wrong? Mishi looked into the Jedi’s eyes and followed his line of sight. Oh, the blood. He thinks I'm injured. Mishi glanced up to the man standing there and let out a small chuckle, as she got herself up and brushed off. “Hello. I appreciate the concern, but this is not my blood,” she stated calmly. When she saw the shock of horror in his eyes, she quickly added, “It's the blood of my breakfast, I caught a small rodent. Shili’s are carnivorous,” she claimed proudly. Cocking her head to the side, Mishi thought if a way to place the Jedi at ease. Her montrals picked up a faint bubbling sound, and she smiled at the Jedi. “There is a brook nearby, and I can go wash up. I'll be right back,” she promised and she rushed off towards the noise before he could say anything. When she got to the little stream, she knelt down and. scooped up some water, splashing it in her face. Then she gazed down at her reflection, and smoothed out her tunic. Satisfied, she returned to where she left the Jedi Knight, hoping to redeem first impression. When she got back to the clearing, she sighed. “Now, that's better," she stated while walking up to him, and gavle the traditional bow. “Hello, I am Mishi Vicck, Jedi Initiate, pleased to meet you.”
  6. Feel the Force

    The floor she sat cross legged on the cold floor beneath her, grounding her to a sense of calm. Her pulse was at a tranquil pace, this was unlike the rush she felt through training. The unnatural calm started in her toes, and with each breath she drew in the peace of her environment. The small Togruta since the power of the force crawl through her feet and up her legs. When the sensation reached the tops of her ears, she forced the energy outward and down. Inch by inch the energy crawled to the floor. When she sensed the energy touch the floor, she opened her eyes smiled at herself. The moment she broke concentration, her force bubbled popped. Mishi groaned when she saw her solar clock on the wall. That dumb exercise took over an hour, and it failed! She thought to herself. She knew she should sit still and go through the exercise again, but she had enough for one morning. Besides the sun was rising, and it would soon be time for breakfast. As per all chambers in Jedi temple, Mishi’s room was close to bare only containing a few essentials, a dresser containing Jedi garb, a basin, simple bedding, and a small window revealing the lush forest of Dantooine. Looking out the window now, the beautiful forest became illuminated, and the deep emerald leaves soothed Mishi’s mind. Her teacher often reminded her that anger would never change the situation, and it is better to adjust and move on. Right now her stomach told her that “adjust and move on” meant breakfast. She left her small chambers and went to one of the access points into her wing of the temple. Yes, the temple provided everything that the initiates needed p, including a dining hall. However, her meditation made Mishi crave contact with nature. Outside there was so much she hear, smell, and feel. The forever damp grass crushed softly on her feet as she wandered through the forest right outside the temple. It did not take long for her montrals to discover a small rodent. She quickly pounced on the rodent, and devoured it quickly. Then she heard the call for the lessons to start, and she headed back to the temple for her morning lessons.
  7. Mishi Vicck

    Name: Mishi Vicck Gender: Female Species: Tortuga Rank: Unified Initiate Date of Birth: 3620 BBY Age: 17 Affiliation: Jedi Order Appearance: Rusty red skin tones, white stripes, three lekku (head tails) Montrals (ears on top) good at sensing things Sharp canine teeth Green eyes Average height Medium Build Possessions: Tan Jedi Tunic Tan Pants Brown Leather Boots Yellow Youngling Jedi Lightsaber Personality: Mishi is a sweet, caring Youngling. She is one of the most social in the youngling class, and she is already ready to help those who are struggling. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, a warm smile, and is sensitive to her fellow younglings emotions. However, she likes her teacher and her routine, and is quite upset when there is a change of schedule. Also, she really tries to be a perfect Jedi, and gets discouraged when she is corrected. She has a friendly voice, and loves to giggle. She uses trills to express delight, and she exaggerates her vowels. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Since she is a youngling, she has very little skill with a lightsaber. However, she has great force sensitivity, and has a really high midichlorian count. She knows how to read and write Torgruti and Basic. Biography: Mishi Vicck was found on Shili when she was three years old. Her parents noticed her force sensitivity when she was a year old and contacted someone they knew in the Jedi Order. She was taken to the Jedi by Jedi Master when she displayed force sensitivity. When she was taken by the Jedi Order, she was cared for in the nursery. When she got older, she got her own room. She bonded with her classmates, and loved to use the force to get them to laugh. After lessons, she loves going outside and playing in the Dantooine Forrest. She loves the routine of waking up, going to Lessons, and playing with her friends. She was close to the Force Master, and loved when he told stories of the Rebellion. She wants to grow up and be like Luke Skywalker. As she has grown, her abilities in the force has only gotten stronger. Character Skills and Abilities: Force Mend Force Rage Force Temperance Force Valor Force Sphere Beast Control Novice Blade Weapon Shield Proficiency Novice Single Lightsaber Novice Shii-Cho Novice Survival
  8. Introductions

    Hello, I am new to RP in general but I have been a starwars fan for years. I am a college student. I am taking the Jedi track. I love writing stories, and I am excited about RPing with you.