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  1. Char sighed. He knew that this would happen. "I did warn you that those caves are off limits for a reason. We should run and escape. We are no match for them. I have memorized the way through which we came, so we should have no trouble finding our way out of this place." Char held his training blade in his hands. While it wasn't much of a weapon, it still was something. He could use it to parry any attacks, although hopefully he would not have to actually use it. He could still remember the first time he had encountered the Kinrath. They poisoned him and he had been able to survive only thanks to Homra. Now, there was no true Jedi here to aid them so making a quick escape seemed to be the most sensible course of action for Char
  2. Carry On Wayward Son

    Char did not take well Iman's speech. He viewed it as yet another insult. Not only was he to stay in the hangar, but he was also lectured about 'underestimating'. He had grown more and more angry with the way Iman constantly lectured him and Homra kept rejecting his suggestions, yet he tried to keep himself from expressing his frustration. He forced a smile but he could barely hide his annoyance. In his eyes, one could see his cold stare. "Very well, I shall remain here.", he calmly replied although he was boiling with anger on the inside. "I am an aristocrat and fetching cubes is beneath me. That is work fit for slaves. So I am glad you are offering to go instead." He then turned his back to Homra and Iman, making sure that they both knew that he viewed them as social inferiors. Char, being son of a most famous aristocrat, always was arrogant but he did try not to show it. Now however in his anger he revealed his true thoughts. As Homra and Iman made their way to fetching the cubes, Char waited with Mirran for Homra's signal. He was growing more impatient and angry by the moment. He was nervously walking up and down. 'At the very least', he thought, 'I might be able to steal some of the cubes when Homra brings them here.' He was also thinking about his place in the order. He always had doubts but now he was certain that he would not remain for long in the Order. All his instructors were treating him with suspicion back in the enclave and here they kept treating him as if he was a nobody. Char could remember clearly his life in Onderon, where as son of a nobleman he was respected by everyone. If his father had not sent him in the Order, he could still be enjoying that respect. He sighed.
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  4. "So, we shall be going down the right corridor?", Char asked. "I say that we get going. You first, of course." Char was cautious as ever. He knew pretty well that the path ahead could be dangerous, so he didn't want to be the one going first. But Char also smiled all this time. He had managed to get the crystals and so this trip could be classified as a success from his point of view. He was already thinking of how he was going to use the crystals. He could barely conceal his excitement. He hoped to construct two lightsabers.
  5. Carry On Wayward Son

    When Homra mentioned the Flesh Raiders, Char had to force himself not to smile. They provided an excellent opportunity for him and could be used to his advantage. While Homra was telling the group about the raiders, Char exuded a sense of calmness and confidence. 'It seems that the Force is on my side...', he thought. "We need a distraction, but not something that'd have the whole tribe storming in and eating us. I could sneak off on my own and get there, but I can't really bring all the data cubes and crystals from the second floor to outside. If anyone has ideas though, now would be a good time to share them." "I say that we split.", Char said. "Me and you can try to sneak and bring the data cubes while the rest try to distract the Flesh Raiders. That way, we can bring the data cubes without alerting the raiders or having to fight them. While the raiders may notice if a whole group of people try to sneak into the map room, I doubt they would notice just the two of us. Mirran's idea seems to be a good way for the rest of the group to distract them while we two sneak into the map room." Char paused for a moment. "As for why it should be me coming with you to the map room.... well, due to her Force sight, I believe that Mirran is best suited with observing the raiders and trying to find a way to implement her plan. Iman would be easily noticed, so she too shouldn't be the one to sneak with you. Yusan should remain here in case the plan does not work and the raiders are alerted to Mirran's and Iman's presence; it would be unwise to leave behind only a padawan and initiates in a dangerous place. You also cannot get all the data cubes on your own, as you've already said. So, the natural choice would be for me to accompany you to the room." Of course, the reason Char wanted to sneak alone with Homra to the map room was because he wanted to obtain data cubes for himself. If there was only one other person in the room, and they were in a hurry, then that person would not notice that Char was keeping some of the data cubes for himself. Char hoped that Homra would accept his plan; he had tried to use all his rhetorical skills in trying to persuading him. If Homra rejected his plan though, he would have to find a way to alert the Flesh Raiders in order to cause a distraction that would allow him to steal the data cubes. Either way, Char wasn't going to give up on his quest, even if it meant alerting a dangerous and bloodthirsty tribe of their whereabouts. He hadn't come all this way to return empty handed.
  6. Char could tell that Mirran was annoyed at him. He took a deep breath and calmed down. He then said, "I am sorry. It wasn't my intention to make this trip unpleasant." He then smiled. He hoped that this would make the atmosphere less tense and would change the mood. Soon, they found themselves looking at two paths. Char thought for a while. Both paths entailed risk. If they made the wrong choice, they could be in serious danger. "I say that we follow the first path. Or we could always split. What do you say?"
  7. Char sighed. He had hoped that Mirran would understand his actions. Silent, he followed her and Magnus towards the waterfall. His face was devoid of any emotions but he was angry that his plan did not go as planned; now both Magnus and Mirran knew that he had the crystals and could talk about it to the Masters. He hoped that they would not do so. For a moment he considered the possibility of attacking them right now to make sure that they would not talk, but he quickly dismissed this idea; Magnus was better Force user than him and he considered Mirran to be a friend. Still, Char wanted to make sure that neither of them would speak about this trip. "You know", he said, breaking his silence, "I am pretty sure that the Masters aren't going to be pleased that we undertook this trip. So it would be a good idea not to talk about it. There is no need to stir trouble for no reason, is there? If no one asks any questions, there is no need to tell anyone about our trip to this cave."
  8. Char smiled. "Thanks.", he said as he took in his hands the crystal handed to him by Mirran. "Those two crystals should be enough, I guess. I do not think I will need any more crystals, for now at least." Char paused for a moment. "I have to be honest, I did not expect you to be so understanding. Thank you." Char placed the crystal to his backpack, alongside the other one, and then said, "Now, shall we get going to your waterfall?". Char wasn't very interested in the waterfall; personally, now that he had the crystals, he would prefer to leave before any Kinrath or some other dangerous creature would cause them trouble. But since the others wanted to go to the waterfall, he decided to agree to their request. He did not want to cause more friction between them.
  9. Char sighed. He wasn't going to give up on the crystals though. "Well, if you wish to remain with me, fine. However, please stay out of my way. Most importantly; do not interfere with my business." Char was going to proceed to finding the crystals; he did not care about some rumored waterfall. Char allowed himself to feel his surroundings and sense the crystals. He walked ahead, following the same route he and Homra had taken when he had first come to these caves. He had memorized that route in case he needed to come back. While his mastery of the Force was only average, his memory was pretty good. Char did not care if Mirran and Magnus were following him or not. Even if they did, he wasn't going to give up on his plans. He was pretty sure that neither of them would want the Masters to know about this expedition, so neither would report him. He soon reached the place where Homra had brought him for his meditation. Crystals were dotting at the walls and ceilings. They emitted a bright glow. Char could feel the powers of the crystals as he approached them. This time, Char was better able to hide his emotions so that they did not affect most of the crystals but one of them did start to bleed, just like the last time he had been here. "Well, here we are. The crystals! Now, if you will all excuse me, I have work to do. It will not take long. And, please, do not cause any trouble. We do not need any infighting in a cave filled with Kinrath, do we?" He approached a crystal; a green one. He then reached to his backpack and grabbed a small hammer he had brought with him. Char then tried slowly but steadily to remove the crystal, making sure that it was not damaged. Once he did, he placed it on his backpack. "Two more and we can then go search for your waterfall.", he remarked with a smile on his face.
  10. Char wasn't pleased with Mirran and Magnus. He needed to be alone if he was going to snatch some crystals. He couldn't have the others bother him or, worse, notify any Jedi Master about his activities. "You can go ahead.", Char said. "I will follow you shortly. No need to worry about me; I can handle myself. It is not the first time I have been in these caves and, quite frankly, I do not believe that if Kinrath do appear you will be of any help. Also, Mirran, you are not responsible for me. I am responsible for my actions. Need I remind you that I am older than you? I am older than Magnus too. As the oldest one here, I know how to handle myself." Char paused for a moment. "After all, I will be here for only a few minutes. I will join you shortly. I insist strongly about it." Char made sure that he left no room for misinterpretations. "Now, please, go ahead. In a moment or two, I will be with you. Hopefully you will have found the waterfall by the time I join you." Char softened his expression a bit. "Be careful though. If you do see a Kinrath, do not try to be heroes. Fleeing is the best option."
  11. "You should go ahead and search for the waterfall.", Char said. He wanted Mirran and Magnus to leave him alone with the crystals. That way, he would have an easier time attaining them. "I will remain here for a while to rest. I will be joining you soon though." Char put up a smile as he talked and tried to look as sincere as possible.
  12. Char simply smiled. He had expressed a similar view on the Force himself, that Jedi should use their emotions when in danger to strengthen themselves, and he had gotten into a debate about it. Needless to say that this debate did not end well, especially after Char bragged about having read Sith philosophical texts. Nevertheless, Char found it to be intellectually stimulating; he loved rhetoric and philosophical debates. "Trust me, it is better to keep such views to yourself. Although I have to admit that arguing with Giran was fun."
  13. Carry On Wayward Son

    Char had made his way to the hangar. He had almost fallen but thankfully he had avoided a possibly dangerous fall. The hangar was empty. To Char's delight, there seemed to be no Flesh Raiders around. Char wasn't very thrilled with the prospect of fighting them. Yet he was thrilled with the prospect of taking one or more Jedi artifacts with him. Now was his chance to put his plan into action. He was going to be cautious; he did not allow himself to think about what he was going to do and his face had a bland expression. He had learned how to hide his emotions from others. Homra spoke and explained to them what they were going to do. He then asked them if they had any questions. "I do have a question.", Char said. "What exactly does the map room contain? Aside from maps that is..."
  14. Char followed Mirran and Magnus into the cave. He knew better than to be overexcited. The cave was off limits for initiates for a reason. Char knew only too well the danger of Kinrath. He was in the cave for the crystals, not to get killed. Magnus and Mirran did tease him for his cautiousness. "I am alive", he replied to Mirran, "and I would like to remain that way." Char was cautious of his surroundings. He was looking around and moving slowly, silently. His expression was serious. He was studying the place, memorizing it in case he needed to make a fast retreat or if he had to come back some other time. "Making lots of noise in a place filled with Kinrath is not the best way to proceed.", he said. "Alerting your enemy of your movements is the best way to end up injured or worse. This place is off limits for a reason. Caution is necessary in such a situation." As Char walked forward, he could feel the crystals. He didn't show it and his face was bland but he felt a sense of delight that he was so close to acquiring a few crystals. He would grab one or two for personal use and another crystal to be kept in case of an emergency. He knew that he could make a good price out of it; if he was ever in dire need of money, a crystal could save him. Last time he had visited the caves, he had allowed his emotions to show in the crystals and that had almost gotten him arrested. Now, he was far more cautious. As he walked deeper into the cave, and closer to where the crystals were, he began playing a game of Pazaak in his mind. After having used this trick more than a couple of times, Char was by now pretty good at hiding his thoughts and emotions.
  15. Char smiled a bit when he heard Mirran referring to crystals as puppies. For Char, crystals were tools to be used in the construction of a lightsaber. He wasn't really interested in a crystal calling to him; once inside the cave, he planned to take whichever crystals he liked. He would certainly take more than one. Char walked slowly forward. He had no desire to run. Nor did he have any interest in getting inside the cave first. He would prefer to go in last. This way, if there was any danger, he wouldn't be the one to face it and it would make a retreat easier, if one was needed. Magnus asked them to lead the way; Char did so. He followed the same path that he had followed when he had gone to the caves with Homra. He still remembered that day. He had almost been arrested by Homra. After some walking, they finally reached the entrance. "Here is the entrance", he said, pointing at it. "You should go first. I will be following closely behind."