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  1. Sparkling Stars are Calling You

    Mira smiled, a bit of a coy smile, like she was toying with prey. Or excited. One of those. "Alright, it's settled then. I've got a light freighter, so I could act as a decoy, or an actual combat escort, whatever you'd prefer." She hopped onto the crate nearby, swinging her legs a bit. "Ooorrrrr I could help haul cargo. Though I think you've got enough room. And probably don't want to entrust a cute little Twi'lek like me with part of your shipment." Mira winked, grinning wide as she leaned back a bit, staring at the other Twi'lek.
  2. *cracks knuckles* Am back bitches. But only on Wednesdays.

  3. Sparkling Stars are Calling You

    She watched as the other Twi'lek advanced, pushing his friend out of the way. Mira rolled her eyes, the man obviously trying to look tough as he straightened his clothing. She'd seen it countless times. Mira hoped she could get something out of this, preferably a cut of the payment. She just had to use her feminine wiles. "I mean, I guess. It did its job. Up until that bit, I guess." The Twi'lek snorted. "Riiiight. It looks like it's putting you on edge more than anything. 'One Galaxy Order'? I take it you're not one of those nutjobs, then, and it's the spice talking?" The Twi'lek smiled, pulling one of her lekku over her shoulder. "I can find you better spice, your dealer sounds like a schutta." She grinned, moving towards the ship a bit. "So what's in those crates?" Mira smirked at the Twi'lek, hands on her hips as she raised an eyebrow. "And would you like an escort? Cuz if it's cortyg brandy like the crates suggest, you're going to need some help beyond your own ship if you're planning on getting that anywhere."
  4. Sparkling Stars are Calling You

    Mira watched the fanatical display from across the hanger. She slowly edged closer to the group, trying to pick up what they were saying. The twi'lek eyed the cargo that was being loaded into the freighter. The boxes identified it as brandy. But she felt like that wasn't all that may have been in them. The twi'lek made sure to keep out of sight as she watched them load it, lest the crazy one making a huge show of everything turn his pistols on her for interfering. "I knew it! You're working for them. You're working for them!" The crazy twi'lek didn't seem to like whatever the human poking his chest just said, and she watched as the twi'lek lifted the man up with the barrel of his pistol. The sounds to her left indicated the human's partner didn't like that one bit. Mira casually pulled out her own pistol, aiming it in the direction of the other being. She wasn't sure what was being loaded, but she was sure if she saved the twi'lek from being splattered across his own ship, she'd be more likely to get a cut of whatever this interesting cargo was. But it didn't happen. The crazy tailhead seemed to calm down, letting the human off the barrel of his pistol. The two slowly went back to loading the cargo, and the twi'lek returned to leaning against his ship next to his partner. Mira eyed the other one. She had observed his skin changing color earlier. Hmm... Shi'ido? Clawdite? No, the twi'lek mentioned influence when he touched him... Falleen, most likely. She had seen many in her time on Nar Shaddaa. Mira slowly sauntered towards the two by the ship, holstering her blaster. "Got some bad spice, huh?"
  5. Name: Mira'elith, AKA Mirae Lith, Mira, Rae Gender: Female Species: Twi'lek (Tukian) Rank: Rank I Date of Birth: 3651 BBY Appearance: Mira is short for a Twi'lek, coming in at 1.6 meters (5'4"). She weighs 130 lbs. and has a curvy build. She is fit, despite having a little extra weight, though her muscles are not well-defined. As is usual for Twi'leks, she has no hair. Her lekku are long, hanging down to the small of her back. Her skin is green, and her eyes are a deep contrasting purple. Possessions: Mira can usually be seen wearing a sheer lace vest over a black bikini top, with skin-tight black shorts, thigh-high black leatheris high-heel boots, and long black leatheris cloak. She does not usually wear armor, preferring the freedom her usual outfit gives her. Strapped to each thigh is a heavy blaster pistol, and on her arm is a gauntlet housing a small datapad, along with a sleep dart and magnetic grappling hook launcher. Her ship, the light freighter Jade Lylek, is equipped with a top-mounted 360-degree swiveling quadcannon, and two forward-mounted autocannons. Stored in the Lylek's cargo hold is a two-seater civilian swoop, a concealed autocannon housed in the front. Personality: Mira is a fairly even-tempered Twi'lek, as she realized you can't get anywhere as a smuggler if you pick fights with all of your clients. Her voice is soft, and she often charms her way out of sticky situations. Though fairly calm, she is known to quickly lose her temper if her ship or her pay is threatened. Skills, Abilities and Talents: Mira is a novice in many things, though technology is her strong suit. She's quickly learned how to slice and sneak about on the surface of Nar Shaddaa, typically employing her knowledge to help her get a meal or a place to sleep. She turned to swoop racing in her times of trouble, and she has recently 'acquired' a ship, which she has been slowly learning to pilot. She frequently takes potshots at signs across the promenades of Nar Shaddaa, fairly unskilled with pistols. Biography: Though born on Ryloth, Mira does not remember much of her life there. At a young age, her family left the planet and embarked upon a smuggler ship headed to Nar Shaddaa, the captain of the ship promising her father untold riches. It was too good to be true, and the smuggler sold both her and her mother to a lesser-known Hutt, keeping her father to work on his own ship. As a slave, her mother was forced to provide entertainment for the Hutt and his entourage, while Mira was taught how to clean the palace until she became a more suitable age. Her fourteenth birthday came, and the Hutt demanded a new slave. Mira did not know what had became of her mother, as she had not seen her since their arrival to the palace. She was taught how to dance, and clad in the traditional dancer's outfit. For two years, she danced for the Hutt, wondering where her mother was. The Hutt had apparently made someone very, very mad. Mira didn't know who, all she remembered was the bounty hunter storming through the palace, leaving a trail of blood and corpses in his wake. He didn't speak, simply put a few shots through the Hutt's skull and vanished. The slaves quickly worked to free each other, and as they spilled out of the palace, Mira quickly did her best to blend in with the crowds. She wasn't sure what to do now, all she knew was that her mother was still missing. Fending for herself on Nar Shaddaa was a chore. She learned how to sneak around, stealing her way to survival, and breaking into abandoned apartments to find shelter. It wasn't long before she caught the attention of a swoop gang. The gang took her under their wing, teaching her how to slice more efficiently. She showed prowess on the swoop track, and quickly rose to be one of their top racers. She hoarded her credits, hoping to one day get off Nar Shaddaa and search for her mother. One day, as luck would have it, she learned of a ship that had been abandoned for a few years. The owner had apparently left it in an unused area of Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to be unseen, and never came back. Mira didn't know if he had died, or had been thrown in jail, or worse, but she didn't care. The systems locking the dock down were old, and she easily bypassed them. Over the next few days, she worked on beefing up the door's security, and set about making a home for herself in the hanger. Character Skills and Abilities: Novice Blaster Pistol: A basic understanding of blaster pistols, including the skills for maintaining, repairing and safely handling one in combat. Dual Blaster Proficiency: An understanding of how to dual-wield blaster pistols, including the knowledge that dual-wielding typically lowers one's accuracy while requiring more focus and concentration, while increasing the amount of fire power. Ground Vehicle Proficiency: An understanding of how to pilot ground vehicles, including speeders, tanks, walkers, and other ground-based vehicles. Personal Starship Proficiency: An understanding of how to pilot mediums-sized ships, including light corvettes, troop transports and light freighters. Novice Vehicular Combat: A basic understanding of vehciular combat, including skills necessary to safely utilize vehicular weapons, such as turrets and explosives, in addition to how to properly perform in a squadron by understanding basic defensive maneuvers and attack formations. Novice Stealth: A basic understanding of stealth, including how to blend in with crowds and with shadows, in addition to silencing footfalls, picking locks and picking pockets. Slicing Proficiency: An understanding of hacking, understanding how to create viruses, bypass alarms, freeze timers, deactivate systems and retrieve data from secure technological devices.
  6. Sign In/ Out

    Well, I GUESS I'll come back. I'm actually feeling not burned out on RP any more. And apparently my other RP ventures haven't panned out, so... You guys are stuck with me. Until I burn myself out again. Damn, I need a computer.
  7. Name: Rylena Sarkin Era: The Old Republic Biography: Wikia Page Character Sheet: Skills: Pistol Proficiency (1) Vibro Proficiency (1) Light Armor Proficiency (1) Hypermech {Expert} (2) Navigation Proficiency (1) Piloting {Novice} (1) Conditioning (1) Stealth (1) Endurance (1) Subtotal Points (Skills): 10 Total Points Spent: 10 Base Rank Points: -- 10 Bonus Points (Posts): -- 0 Bonus Points (Membership): -- 2 Bonus Points (Accolades): -- 0 Bonus Points (Competitions): -- 0 Bonus Points (Referrals): -- 0 = Total Points Earned: -- 12 Notes: Rylena does not side with either the Republic or the Empire. Also, since this is a new character, do my points from referrals, accolades, and veterancy apply here?