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  1. Ludus Summus

    There was a sensory twinge, an irritation that Tanit could feel watching the woman go through the motions. She did not break contact with her, having been given that same feeling before in the Force. It was not difficult to place, and while she was watching her caution and alertness was rewarded. The flash of a metal blade and the swing of the lightsaber. Both of them from different directions but both of them blunted by the precognitive warnings that those attuned to the Force were granted. Now her irritation had elevated to pure anger. She had granted this woman the instructives all students should have with her own time, and chose to attempt to break form. Darth Tanit dashed backwards and glowered like a scorned professor. The student had some nerve, and she was not going to stand by and watch this overly ambitious attempt get someone killed because they felt they could impress someone with creativity. Now was the time to teach another lesson to Kai, and that was to teach that nobody was beyond reproach. Tanit grasped at the Dark Side, drawing its power into her body and channeled its power directly into Tyro Tsintah's shoulder and forearm on the same limb that held the knife. She held her hands out, squeezing firmly to cause maximum pain to her victim, "You are here to learn velocities and proper technique for Form I, not to draw a secondary weapon and make a fool of yourself." She admonished firmly. Tanit began to twist the grip she had on the arm, slowly, not attempting to break it rather trying to instill into her that her arm was in peril, "If you consider yourself so adept that you can draw a second blade, then what use is my instruction? You choose to ignore the basics. Maybe you would be better suited to learning the simple fundamentals of lightsaber combat if you had only one arm. Adversity breeds strength, or culls the weak. Tell me, Miss Tsintah, who does this arm belong to? Do you want to be strong or do you want to be culled from the flock for your ignorance?" She asked, wrenching lightly in order to cause more pain, "Choose your answer wisely." her voice and glare was full of venom as she continued her use of the Force.
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  3. Ludus Summus

    Tanit sidestepped the attack with, for how she had been in the past, rather startling speed. In doing so, she pushed herself beneath the blade and the arms swinging downward and instead of hitting with her full strength she left the back of her fist against the woman's face in a gesture of attack but not an actual attack. Her other hand went up and intercepted the clutched weapon, holding it with frightening strength for a woman of her stature and apparent health. "Body zone one, the head, and by extension the neck. Clearly, this is the most vitally protected zone of attack. To lose your head is obviously the end of your life. While the fundamental tenets of Shii-Cho are meant to be used non-lethally, as it was created by the Jedi, it still teaches each area of the body as a position to attack. The reason behind this was that the very first form was created at a time when the Jedi were transitioning from traditional swords to the earliest protosabers which had their powerpacks strapped to belts." Tanit was educating not only in the manner of Shii-Cho's use, but in the basic history of the form. To understand one's self as a warrior was to understand their methods. Should this woman pursue the path of the warrior, then it was up to Tanit to offer her a head start to make sure that she carried the Sith on strong independent shoulders. "When you raised your weapon to attack you telegraphed your motions with your eyes. While I do not expect perfection from a new student, one of your best allies will be your mind. Battles can be won by simply outmaneuvering your opponents rather than overpowering them. Try to focus your mind on the goal and not the process. You raise your weapon, but you raise it and it seems as though you are not fully confident in your ability to learn it. Feel the blade. Your eyes will betray you, but the Force will not. Center your mind on the lightsaber. If you attack without using your eyes, then you will be that much harder to read. Now, return to the base stance and try again." She said, putting herself back in a neutral stance in order to resume the lesson in the hands-on approach she had started with.
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  5. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit nodded in agreement with Verrin's words. There was a time when she was capable of relying on strength to break any of her chains, but those days were when she was merely a Master, and her peers were as one-dimensional as she had been. It was around that time though, that she realized her flaw was not being fast enough to compete with more rounded warriors. Being that she had built herself up as a defensive and immovable object, the thought had been she would simply bend but not break. The case was a lot more bending than she would have preferred to have done, and her body paid for it. That the student was willing, no, eager, to face her, was refreshing. While she might not look like much now with her deathly pallor, she was not a pushover by any means. She was perhaps, at least at her peak, one of the most physically adept Sith in the Remnant. While not at her peak currently, she was more than capable still. "The first principle of learning lightsaber combat comes with at least working knowledge of Form I, called Shii-Cho. It teaches you things like striking zones, and the basics of blaster deflection and footwork. These are your fundamentals. You use all of them to build on the more advanced forms. Even though Shii-Cho is very basic, it can be a reliable option to fall back on when more advanced techniques are not working." She offered as a lecture. Her voice was ragged, but her words carried with it the knowledge she had gained over her time as a Sith. While the ability to metaphorically move mountains can have a monumental effect, sometimes the solution to a problem was as simple as a spark of electricity or crushing someone's fingers with the Dark Side. Tanit pulled out her old and battered looking Lightsaber, the first she had claimed from a victory and had used ever since. It was functional, even though the form was nothing to look at. It had seen plenty of action, but the internal mechanisms were in perfect order. The red blade snapped to life. "I will not be using my weapon when we spar, but follow my motions. Take your dominant foot and place it behind you. The reason for this is so that you are free to step forward, to follow through with aggression like Form I asks of the practitioner. Shii-cho is meant to be a constant barrage of aggressive steps and horizontal or vertical attacks. Very basic, simple, and to the point." She offered a demonstration of the footwork, "The weapon should be held with both hands at hip height, directly in front of your navel and at a forty-five degree angle. From there you have the option to slash horizontally..." which she demonstrated while stepping forward and bringing a very quick slash across before stepping back into her basic stance, "Or you could come down vertically..." Which was also demonstrated. The redhead deactivated her weapon and put it away, "Go through those motions and once you are comfortable with that you can come at me while I teach you the zones of control and attack."
  6. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit returned the gesture, having taken from Verrin's training that a Sith need not sever off their ability to feel emotion other than hatred or anger. True, hate and anger were often the easiest and most potent feelings that the Sith could draw upon in order to bend the Dark Side to their will, but there was certainly some merit in remaining open to the full spectrum. Tanit put a hand on her former master's arm after she was released and smiled. Her skin had grown more pale than when she first started her training. A sickly luminescent tone that belied her physical state. Power though she had, her body was deteriorating beyond her capabilities. The wounds of a life of unchecked aggression and tactless battle without caution had finally caught up with her. "No rise is complete without the work required to do such a thing." She said, the rasp in her voice sounding quite painful. Tanit reached out telepathically to her former master, "When my body gives up entirely. For now, the pain gives me focus to pursue the craft I neglected in my warrior training. When the time comes, I will seek the help I need." She projected, emotionless. A moment later she looked down to the woman who remained on her knees, "Rise." she motioned with a hand. "There should be more students that show such proper signs of respect and deference. Remember, though, you are being trained as a Sith. Show respect, but do not become a desperate sycophant. Respect is one thing, but such obsequious behavior is easy to read as disingenous." Tanit said, a hard rattling cough catching up with her nearly before she could cover with the handkerchief. The stains of blood had set from repeated use, and by the looks of things the previously white fabric had been used for some time now. "Once you have learned the basics of simple Lightsaber use, you should give consideration to what path you will follow. To learn a form, and truly master it, takes many years of dedication and patience. It is best to take into consideration what it is you seek out of your Lightsaber. There are many paths, each of them strong in their own right. Do you wish to be an unstoppable force, or an immovable object? Do you want rigidity and strict focus on form and footwork, or would you prefer something more relaxed and open to interpretation? The choices you make as an acolyte are some of the most important ones you will make in the Academy. None of them should be taken lightly. Your success relies on your mind, just as much as it does your body." Tanit said, straining through the physical pain to deliver some nugget of wisdom she had gleaned from her experience. It was not perfect, but the point was an important one that she learned along the way. She looked the woman over once more and then back to her former master, "Since Darth Verrin praises me so highly, I feel as though it would be a missed opportunity if I did not assist him in teaching you the fundamentals. If he will allow me, I would like to go through the paces with you on what you have learned already." Tanit said, both of her hands clasped together behind at her lower back. She stood fairly formally and while she did not expect any protest from her former master, she could understand if Miss Tsintah had reservations about facing what Verrin had labeled a true warrior.
  7. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit often enjoyed observing the education of the students in the Dathomirian academy. In her time on the planet her health had taken a sour turn, showing more of her wear and tear than she had prior ot the Empire's collapse. She liked to think that the problem was caused by witnessing her fleet collapsing in the defense over Bastion, but she knew that it was the humid atmosphere. Jungles bred disease, and in a compromised body it was only natural that the heat and moisture would cause problems that only compounded with her previous health issues. Still, she was no slouch. What most of the students had lacked, had been motive, drive, and they were naught but fodder. Though there were some flashes of brilliance, the impressions that many left had not imparted on her a lasting sense of confidence in their abilities. Of course, those more vocal students would have called her expectations unreasonable, that she was too harsh. Those students were likely the ones to die in the jungles trying to complete some menial trial that those more focused students would do without question. The silent Acolytes were the ones that more often than not festered with a hatred that was planted by the Overseers. That they were feeling such a thing was the greatest step. To harness one's own anger and rage was to harness the Dark Side. Those were the students she hoped to see ascend to service in the Order. Darth Verrin was lecturing, much like he always did when in the presence of the Acolytes. The man had a knack for educating others that she seemed to have lacked. Her previous attempts at taking an apprentice had fallen by the wayside, though not entirely by her own hand. Those that she had intended to shape into warriors ended up vanishing more often than not. While the rumors might have told that she killed them for some minor disappointment, she had matured since then and had taken on a more conservative and measured response to such things. Tanit raised a handkerchief to her mouth and coughed into it. The sound rattled in her scorched lungs. Bloody spittle spattered on the bloodstained white cloth. It was more severe than it ever had been and was continuing to progress at the crawling pace of a vine growing over an abandoned building. Tanit observed from the side of the pit. Heavy armor she had been known for prior was discarded for lighter Sithspawn leather. It fit well, offered the promised protection, and allowed her to blend in among the students more readily than a battered suit of heavy metal armor. She wore no cloak, and in the light her skin gave off an unsettling pallor that was only accentuated by her dark red hair. She wiped the blood from her lips and put the cloth back into the pouch on her belt. There was something refreshing about watching combat training, even just the fundamentals. Only through the basics could someone hope to become more. In that manner, she had to respect the method. Allowing one to feel even the slightest amount of pain for their failings was all the motivation needed to close up that gap. That was how she learned, and it was, to her, the best approach to getting those in their combat training to commit those lessons to memory. "The chains that bind are only weaknesses if you allow them to dominate you." Tanit said, her voice sickly, wounded, as she walked down into the pit. She did not quite catch the topic of discussion, but the idea of chains binding one to weakness was the most common thread that Darth Verrin taught students he interacted with. There was truth in his words. Those who bound themselves to their weaknesses were not free, and could not know the freedom of the Dark Side without first breaking those chains. There were, of course, weaknesses that could not be overcome. She was an example of that. The Dark Side could only do so much to hold a body together. Tanit channeled her pain and anguish into the Force, turning the Dark Side toward patchwork healing her body with the power it granted. It was always temporary, the Dark Side never granted its power without taking from the user. The more she patched up her failing body the harder it had become to do just that. Darth Tanit looked at the student, then to Darth Verrin, and back. "Your current instructor is wise, and you would be wise to take all of his advice to heart. He has lived through numerous regime changes and conflicts that have destroyed lesser Sith. It pleases me to see a student listen so intently to his words. Pardon my interruption, Darth Verrin..." She said, looking at the young woman while speaking to her former master. She had not introduced herself quite yet. She liked to see how someone took her current appearance more than anything. While her was definitively sickly, the power of the Dark Side was never to be underestimated. She was still a powerful Sith. "Young woman, would you be so kind as to tell me your name?" Tanit asked, curious to know the name of the student that had actually pulled her attention. Again, she coughed into the handkerchief, pain wracking her body as she did so. Blood expelled into the cloth once more, and though her expression had soured she had simply accepted that this was what her life had become.
  8. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    Darth Tanit could not blame Atrox for assuming that her approach to the subjugation of Kelliadu had been heavy-handed. She had a history of being blunt, forceful, and a lack of good judgment that she had not shed yet. "With all due respect, the people of Kelliadu pledge allegiance to the most powerful figure that is the most worthy of their loyalty. It is a simple social contract, wherein I am trusted to lead them to prosperity and glory, and they provide service when I call upon them. A pseudo-feudalist system. Your misgivings are not without merit though. I know firsthand that my methods in the past have been less than diplomatic. One of the benefits of having a weakening body is finding a path where violence is not required. Adversity breeds adaptative strategies. If only I had learned that lesson sooner." Tanit sounded disappointed with her former self upon reflection. Immaturity and lack of control is what put her in the hard position that demanded the ritual in the first place. Had she been more measured, more conservative in her approach, she may well have been able to preserve this body for longer. The past was the past though, and in keeping with the nature of the Dark Side, she discarded the disappointment just as she discarded her past. This body was nothing more than a damaged vessel for the Dark Side. With a new form, she could recover and even exceed the limits of this fragile form. "Perhaps harvesting one of the natives of Kelliadu is the wrong choice in finding a new body, though. The petty lords have been remarkably amicable to their subjugated position. Strength and honor are the two most important virtues on that world. It is quite fitting that they should serve the Order, or become Sith themselves. There is potential in their people, and even those who cannot harness the power of the Dark Side can make powerful warriors. That is why I began the construction of a military training facility, to train the local warriors to take up a role as shock troops in our military." She continued on about Kelliadu. She was quite proud of the establishment she had placed, and though it was not yet completed the fruit such a facility could bear was well worth the wait. Tanit stopped and seated herself across from Darth Atrox, having had quite her fill of standing upright for the time being. Her health was demanding more and more of her energy to battle against, and as hearty as she was a pale comparison. The idea that she find an "apprentice" was useful though. To take someone only to have them disappear was only natural. Not every apprentice succeeded, and further those who failed frequently were likely disposed of by their own masters. With her own propensity toward punishment for abject failure nobody would have looked twice if someone she chose to try and train wound up gone. "To the primary point at hand though, finding a new body. The notion of using a so-called apprentice is the most simple. Sith hopefuls die out here with shocking regularity, so it would not be that problematic if one were to come up missing yet again. Rather than risk the loyalty of the people on Kelliadu, I think I will try to find one among the current students, or even the natives of this forsaken world. Regardless, once I find a suitable candidate I will inform you and then we can begin the ritual. I will take care of any of the small and inconsequential issues prior to shuffling this feeble body."
  9. Palliative Care & Convalescence

    Darth Tanit, first and foremost, had noticed that the demeanor of Darth Atrox was quite different than before he had departed on whatever mission he felt would give the Sith the power they needed to be resurgent once more. The book he seemed to protect with his very being was something of value to him, something that must have been important to the Order's future that he would hold onto it in such a way. He held it when he returned, and he held it now. Whatever was contained within the pages of that book must have been worth the Sith'ari's time and effort. The subject of the meeting came as quickly as she had hoped. To the point, the subject of her physical state took the center stage. Tanit had become quite bitter over the past few years regarding her body's rejection of comfortable living. She had grown used to living without the fear that she could be stricken in such a way, that the Dark Side was an aegis against the infirmities of mortal life. Unfortunately, it was almost a hubris that blinded her to the very nature of continued harsh wounds. Her ability to recover had been sapped after repeatedly surviving far more than the normal human could withstand. The toughness on which she placed such great value was deteriorating and it was obvious. If Darth Atrox knew it, so too did her inferiors, and among the Order it was only a matter of time before weakness was pounced upon and exploited. Darth Atrox, however, offered her respite. The methodology for replacing one's body had been something she most certainly learned of in writings within Darth Verrin's library. The accounts of such power were merely hearsay though, idle thoughts and conjecture of prior Sith speculating on the nature of such a potent Dark Side ritual. She listend, intently. Such a power could be her savior, granting her reprieve from the infirmities of her slowly decaying body. Even now the nanites seemed to struggle more and more to replace the dying cells within her physical form. The explanation was as plain as such an esoteric use of the Dark Side could be, but it was fascinating as it was enticing. Tanit raised the rag and coughed. A ragged and rattling noise. She looked at the table where the book had been for a brief time, paused in thought as she weighed the decision. "Old adages say that life finds a way. The risk of such a ritual is considerable, but there is no reason for me, as a Sith, to accept mortality. While we had our differences in the past, I trust that this is for the best possible future of the SIth Order." she said, placing what was previously very difficult trust to earn in someone with whom she had once shared a mutual enmity. Times had changed, circumstances had changed, and she had matured with her position. While it would be simple for Darth Atrox to end her during the ritual, it was either death at the hands of a worthy opponent, or death brought on by the creeping maladies that plagued her. "A suitable replacement will be the easiest task to complete. While you were away, I ventured to Carnifex's native world and subjugated many of the local feudal lords under the thumb of the Sith. They answer to me now, and have been providing the labor necessary for the construction of a military training facility in the Outer Rim, far beyond the Republic's jurisdiction. There are many powerful warriors that reside on that world, I am sure with some small amount of time I could find one of their women and acquire them for the ritual." Tanit admitted to her work while the Sith'ari was away. It was for the good of the Remnant that she tried to expand their abilities to train soldiers, even if the harsh conditions were breeding a special kind of warrior. She wiped away another bit of blood. Darth Tanit had but one question, though. Her misgivings about the risks were allayed by the fact that she was going to die in either event. Failure of modern medicine to replace or repair the damages would result in her slow demise, and a failed Dark Side ritual would fling her spirit into Chaos. She was stuck in a hard place. "I trust that while I am recovering from the ritual, that my location will be hidden from the plebes among the Order. It would be a pity to perform something so time consuming and draining only to have the efforts undone by an overly ambitious fool. Would you have any recommendations on where I should sequester myself while I regain my power?"
  10. The Upper Chambers of the Sith Academy Elona 3629 The ability for Darth Tanit to function at a higher physical level than the average human body had come and gone with the passage of time. The ravages of constant warfare, injury, and survival, among the Sith had done to her in equal measure what she had done to others. Still, she was alive, which was more than she could say about the many people who saw to hindering her ascension to the Sith Council. While she had achieved her goal, and found the seat to be as comfortable as she imagined, it placed in sharp relief the vast difference between herself in the present, and herself in the past. The hard line she used to take had softened in kind with her ability to control the wild emotionally charged powers of the Dark Side. Experience brought to her a tempered approach, a more measured response, and a more conservative outlook on how to deal with challenges as they came. She was no longer able to charge headfirst into battle and expect to wipe the floor with weaker bodies. Regardless of her physical condition, she had witnessed the return of the Remnant's rightful leader. It was no coincidence that the confidence she had placed in the Sith'ari was rewarded with return. Her lingering questions of their whereabouts answered, it only made sense that the consolodation of power would take place in a sector of space that was nearly impossible to navigate. The Hapes Cluster was an excellent strategic point of control, and seizing that was a game changer when it came to how the Sith would grow from where they had been pushed. The winds were blowing in a different direction, and to that end Darth Tanit was prepared to seize the opportunity for what it was, a chance to return the wounds inflicted on the Sith. That, to her, was the point of the meeting which she had silently agreed to. The discussion of how to manage the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi was first and foremost in her mind. Whatever the methodology, it would be worth the suffering and pain to watch their carefully constructed narrative of total victory come crashing down around them. Tanit was not as quick as she once was on her feet, nor was she as physically sure. The environment of Dathomir had played havoc on her already deteriorating body. Her lungs had always been the weak point following her rewnewed military focus. An explosion in battle had scorched them, leaving her breathing weakened and the tissue scarred. This was only compounded by the issues her harsh lifestyle had caused. Her body was held together by willpower and hatred, combined with palliative medical care to try and delay the symptoms. What she was doing was living on borrowed time though, and she knew it. There were solutions, but she had no time of late to search for them personally. She knew that the Dark Side was capable of many things that were considerably unnatural. Darth Tanit entered with little ceremony. She showed respect, certainly, but ceremony held little sway over her life. She preferred to deal with things like a fine blade, thrusting to the heart of the point. A fine rag was brought up to her mouth, which was used to wipe away blood expelled from her lungs. "Darth Atrox. I presume you found what you were looking for on your journey beyond Dathomir given the grand entrance." She said, coughing into the rag once more. "Dathomir has not been kind. It breeds disease and infirmity, strikes down the body with plagues and poisons. The witches prey on the weaklings and through them the Dark Side weeds out those unworthy of the Sith. It is a double-edged blade. We lose students, but those students lost are of no consequence when those that remain are more powerful for their deaths." She shared her observations from her time sequestered in the Academy trying to recover her body's once mighty fortitude through medical science. "I take it you are not meeting with me for my thoughts on the Academy and the student body though. I am prepared to serve the Sith'ari as the Dark Side sees fit to use me." Tanit said, placing her loyalty openly so that there was no question as to her motivations or desires for the Sith. Though she would relish a chance to be the true leader of the Remnant and the Order, it is not she who chooses who leads the Sith, but the Dark Side. Only those worthy to be called Sith'ari, and she understood that quite completely by this point in her life.
  11. Birthright

    The time spent sequestered on Dathomir had been more or less the worst period of Darth Tanit's life since she had become a Sith. She had a driven purpose, guided by the Dark Side to lead people into battle and drag her enemies over hot coals. Without the resources or manpower to do just that, she had become as driftwood in the vast oceans of this rough and wild world. She drifted through the Academy walls like some kind of spectre of her former self. Beneath the somber visage there still burned a hatred and anger that could raze cities. What the Jedi and the Republic had done to her fleet and her people had never faded from her memory. The sight of an entire military force vanishing amidst the clouds of explosive debris still haunted her mind. Those memories did not grant her the clarity to understand the fickle nature of the Dark Side, but they did grant her the clarity of mind to know that her purpose had not changed in the slightest. If given the chance, she would take the battle to the Republic and the Jedi, and avenge every single lost soul claimed in their misguided crusade. The oppressive ideologues leading the Jedi had taken their next logical step and used the war as an excuse to attempt genocide. To Tanit, their fatal mistake was not finishing the job properly. She had been left alive, so too had her former master Darth Verrin. The question had lingered for some time though, of where Darth Atrox and Darth Sanguira had gone in the mean time. That left much in doubt about the future of the Sith. Her concerns that the Remnant were left leaderless were not unfounded. In the past she had lived through the periods of time in the Sith where power vacuums were created by the absence of a strong leader. While those stirrings had not yet come up, in the absence of both Atrox and Sanguira there were only two truly viable candidates to take over; herself, and Darth Verrin. Her former master had spent his whole life avoiding the limelight, and if it came down to it he would likely have put his support behind her if she felt there was no other option to unify the Remnant and try to rebuild with a more aggressive policy. Fortunately for both herself and the old man, those fears were allayed by the sudden return of the Sith'ari himself. If she could ever have thanked someone for her life after the war, it was down to his order to retreat and live to fight another day. It was a bittersweet notion, that she should live while her fighting force crumbled in an untenable position. Still, the rage that burned for that very memory was the motivation she needed. Tanit watched from the balcony of the room she had made her own as the Sith in the Academy were given the kind of speech that was easily meant to stir passions and manipulate emotions. She needed no such thing. Her desire to see the Republic undone and the Jedi crushed had been the motive for her continued training and study. It seemed, now that Atrox had returned, that the torturous existence of a military leader without a proper military were to come to an end. For the first time in ages, the faintest smile crossed her lips. It was time, and she was prepared to do whatever was asked of her.
  12. For the Discerning Killer

    "The weapon is not something for the sporting type, unless you consider sentient life to be fair game. Perhaps in your previous line of work that was accurate, if you forgive the assumption that you worked as a mercenary warrior. You hit one of the right marks though, as the weapon that I would like you to create for me would be a slug rifle, though you certainly know the purpose of such a weapon if the implications of sentient life as fair game are enough to work with." She said, appreciative of his to-the-point manner of things. Tanit herself was something who tended to get to the point more and more as she got older. The longer one survived among the Sith, the more discerning someone became regarding social connections. There was no danger to her on Mandalore, at least not that she had picked up on in the Force. Tanit put her blade back in the sheathe, "Perhaps you like a challenge though, and this is something that I do not want on my company's official records, so humor me for a moment. The weapon you already know to be a slug rifle. What I would like though, is a slug rifle that fires a high-caliber subsonic projectile with an integrated suppressor. Fire-selector for semi-automatic, two-round burst, and automatic fire. Twenty round magazine. Does this sound like something you and your workshop can manage?" Tanit questioned, laying her specifics out plain and simple. They were not impossible, certainly, but certain shops specialized in certain things. This one had a reputation for working with rifles so it was definitely the best place to start to find an outsourced custom-made weapon.
  13. For the Discerning Killer

    Tanit noted that she and the Mandalorian shared a deep scar across the throat. He was a survivor or he was lucky. Regardless, she approached close enough without really saying anything for the first few moments. She looked at the forge, the sword, and the man that apparently owned it. It was what she expected. A small manufacturing group, which typically meant slower production for higher quality. "I am." Tanit said, her own voice about as hoarse. She paused for a moment, considering a few things. "My name is, Chen Karnok..." She said, offering her birth name over her Sith name. It had been many years since she was addressed as such, but it was perhaps the safest way to introduce herself in the galaxy as it was now. "Karnok Arms PLC. Your forge looks like it is put to good use if that one blade is anything to go on. Function and form. I can appreciate the craftsmanship of a good blade." Tanit drew her own sword to hold it up in the light. The single-edged blade was a pristine specimen. Concave near the hilt and convex near the point. It was a classic design meant to distribute the weight of the weapon with the momentum of an axe while possessing the length of a sword. The hilt was undecorated, simple and functional. The sidearm, on the other hand, was high quality but a very new weapon on the market. "More to the point, though, I would like to commission a weapon, a rifle. I have certain specifications for what I would like the design to entail, and cost is of no concern. I imagine we can come to some kind of arrangement?" Tanit offered, dangling what was usually an enticing prospect. She could pay most any cost. What she wanted was flawless functionality, which itself did not have a true price.
  14. For the Discerning Killer

    Mandalore was not a planet that Darth Tanit had visited before, but in these uncertain times for the Sith and for herself necessity dictated that she attempt to reach out to the proud warrior people in some capacity. There were certain risks that were associated with traveling outside of the safe space in which the Sith now hid, however, it was unlikely that the Republic or the Jedi would be present on the planet considering the long and storied history the Mandalorian people had with fighting both groups. She herself had some measure of history with them, at least some of their less honorable members long ago, but the woman that experienced those things was no more. Since then she had become so much more powerful, and in that time she had recreated herself in the Dark Side. There was no more of the weaknesses of the past, no chains which bound her to those petty fears and nagging doubts that once plagued her. Tanit had become a leader of military personnel, and a killer, and a woman like her had no time to dedicate any thought to what she had been at one point in time. Keldabe was a large city, comparable in some ways to Coronet City on her own home planet, Corellia. People went about their business as she disembarked from the transport which had ferried her through Nar Shaddaa. She took some precautions to keep herself from being traced back to Dathomir or Ziost, if only because to her the best way to minimize risk was to take several paths. In spite of the roundabout trip she was in relatively good spirits. The semitropical environment of Dathomir did not agree with her. This planet, she agreed with climate and had tremendous respect for a people that lived the lives those in the Mandalorian culture lived. She even appreciated the reasonable welcome she had received on the street, with people acknowledging her but not going out of their way to speak to her or anything like that. That was where it ended as far as she was concerned. While she could relate to the warrior culture, the differences between it and the Sith Order were enough to make it obvious that she was an outsider. Fortunately, it was not readily obvious as to where she had come from. She did not wear her armor, nor did she carry her lightsaber. Today she was dressed much like someone who could be called a spacer as she had for the previous couple of days. She carried one of her company's own SR-181 revolvers, and the only item of consequence that could mark her as a Sith, her sword. She knew though that it was only What Tanit had come to Mandalore for was to appraise competition in the arms manufacturing market. With Karnok Arms PLC taking its place in the small batch manufacturing game it only felt natural. As she wandered through Keldabe her attention was called away from a food vendor to a poster on the wall behind him. Waiting in line to eat something local was not something she had ever really done, but under cover of an assumed identity she felt like she could at least in some way enjoy herself. Cuyot Arms-For the Discerning Killer... By the time Tanit made her way through Keldabe, she had learned that while the city itself was fine she prefered Coronet City. It might have been her bias, but Corellia was always home to her. The speeder pilot she hired to take her to Cuyot Arms was thankfully silent. That was how she preferred it. Small talk was not her forte, and with the things on her mind she did not really feel like breaking the monotony of public transit trying to find some kind of common ground with the pilot. Even the end of transaction was simple and to the point; payment for services rendered and nothing more. She was dropped off, and he left. Tanit watched the speeder leave for a few moments. She was on her own for getting back to Keldabe it seemed. So be it. Tanit turned toward the buildings, and found that it was indeed a forge. The man outside was working on a blade. That was a weapon she could truly appreciate. Even in her spacer disguise she was someone who looked like a warrior. The scars and physical shape she was in gave that away. Tanit approached the forge and the man, "So this is Cuyot Arms?" she asked, looking around the place more so than she looked at the figure working with the sword.
  15. Down From the Glen Came the Marching Men

    Tanit walked beyond Carnifex toward the source of the fear she too felt in the Force. These people knew nothing of fear, nothing of loss and pain, not yet. What they feared before paled in comparison to the destruction she could sow on this world. They were all on the cusp of realization, of understanding what it meant to truly feel fear and loss. She drank that in, relished in their pain and terror, and found them wanting still. Tanit channeled the Force and threw flaming wreckage aside, clearing her path while also tossing the burning shards of wood through their streets. "Carnifex, you speak their language." She called out, her voice metallic through the vocorder. "Kindly inform them that their power has been shattered, and that what was theirs is now mine. Those that obey my will are to be rewarded for their loyalty. But, if they choose to attempt to resist our will, or attempt to overthrow us in any way, they will be enslaved and die in bondage without honor." No sooner did Tanit issue that order to her second-in-command did one of the warriors answer the fight-or-flight reflex with fight. As he drew his axe she too drew it, through his hands and to her own. That ended his will to fight and in a fitting display he bowed to her without any hesitation. She looked at Carnifex, "What is the word your people have for someone who attempts to destroy you, then cowers at your power? Tell him that is what he is..." She said while walking toward him with his axe in her hand. Tanit planted her sword in the ground next to him and stared at the fearful lot before looking down directly at the man who had even though it a good idea to try and fight at this point. The spirits of his bretheren were broken, and now he condemned himself to die as the final display. Every ounce of rage and pain in her body came down in the heavy hammer swing that brought the axe down into the back of the man's head. While he died from that blow alone, she delivered a dozen more while pusling with pure unadulterated hatred. "This hold is mine! You will obey me or you will be put to use where treachery is no threat! This village will be rebuilt as a true fortress, and you will be safe under my protection, if you remain obedient and loyal to my command. I will tolerate absolutely no in-fighting. You will all be united toward the same goal, or you will be put to use as slaves for people who remain true to my cause. Am I understood?" She said as loudly as she could, trusting that Carnifex would relate the message to them in the most fitting way.