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  1. Truth in Power

    "Thank you, my Lord. I will do my very best to ensure those I teach take that lesson to heart." Tanit said, appreciating the praise, even though she was certainly familiar with the Dark Lord prior to today's events. She could not help but feel a bit of nostalgia for her time as an apprentice, noting that she had learned a great deal simply by observation alone. Verrin was an educator though, and it showed. His dedication to not only the artifacts and the library, but to the future of the Sith proved that much to be true. The question of who had trained her came up though, and that was a bit of a worry deep down. Tanit was not too familiar with the roster of Overseers so she did the next best thing, "To fight with my hands, I learned from my family. To harness the Dark Side, I learned from putting the lessons of the Overseers to practical use. When the body fails, the mind can persist. I read that power in the Force can carry a Sith far beyond their physical limitations. I believe that Tomash is a valuable educator, and has quite a few good lessons to teach the Acolytes."
  2. Truth in Power

    Tanit heard the voice she knew would be watching at some point. Verrin took an active interest in his role within the Sith, so it was only natural that the fight she had just finished would have drawn the old man's attention. She stood, and then dropped to one knee, placing both fists on the dirt floor, "My Lord, I am called Nadi." she answer with respect and humility. In a time when she was working to conceal her true identity it only made sense that she wait until she was absolutely ready to emerge from her adjustment period as Darth Tanit once more. To be in such a state and revealing herself too early was a one-way path, and on that path were likely to be plenty of ambitious Sith who thought themselves ready to take her seat and with it her responsibilities. No, for now she must remain incognito. "If it is your wish that I instruct others in hand-to-hand combat then I would be honored to accept the duty." Tanit continued, her voice still offering deference to the figurehead of the Academy. He had earned his place, and she had no doubt about that. She had been there when he took his seat, and knew just what he was capable of when he was pushed to the very edge. Darth Verrin might have been more aged than many in the Sith Remnant, but to suggest that his age had made him weak was ignoring even the basic lesson that the Overseer improvised after their fight. Never underestimate an opponent, and by extension never underestimate one's peers or betters.
  3. Truth in Power

    Tanit could feel the force drawing into the Overseer, and she too pulled onto the Dark Side herself. If he was going to do such a thing, then she too would match his escalating aggression with her own. The audience was silently absorbed in the battle at hand. She too was absorbed by it, feeling quite alive as the Overseer stood up once more. He'd had is pride and power challenged twice now, by a student no less, and it showed that he was quite furious with how he had been made a fool. His renewed aggression and reliance on the Dark Side was admirable. She had chosen the path of the warrior long ago as well, and had often fought with the same kind of aggression. Tanit focused her power in the Force to a fine pinpoint, centering all of her anger and hate to do just the same as the Overseer. The both of them moved faster than before, and instead of shirking away from the fight and avoiding contact, she stepped into his range and began using blocks more than dodges to bring this fight to a head. She lived for battle, and for moments like this. The newly-Zabrak Sith absorbed a blow to the body again, opposite the initial landing kick, but the pain was dulled by the Dark Side. The blow made her slide a few inches to the right, but she pushed inward again and delivered her own crushing blow with a kick to his left thigh. Tanit had a look on her face that suggested wild-eyed enjoyment of the fight. He stepped back and then took another step in and found his attack intercepted and his arm locked beneath her own. The pressure she leveraged on his elbow caused him to shout with enraged pain, which was immediately stifled by a step in and a hip toss that send him sprawling across the floor again. In no time at all though, he rose to his feet and lunged in a predatory manner. He was getting more primal with his attacks, and she was getting just as rough and aggressive with her defensive posturing. The Overseer speared into her and drove her back into the wall behind them. It was a loud impact, and the students watching were completely absorbed, making reactive noises now and then to each landing attack. Tanit impacted the wall with a thud and coughed hard from it, but she raised her arms up in an axe-handle position and smashed down on his back. He did not move, but the impact loosened his grip. She smashed down again and this time put her arms down around his midsection and with the power of the Dark Side and her adrenaline, picked up the Overseer and body slammed him back down onto the dirt floor. Their exertion was not without consequence though. The Overseer lay there after rolling onto his back, having the wind knocked out of him by the landing. Tanit also found herself winded. She looked to the prone man from one knee, and stared right into his utterly shocked expression. The new Zabrak body had once more aborbed plenty of damage and felt as if it could take more. This physiology was something she could get used to. He glared at her, catching his breath, and she returned the glare with her own. Tanit stood up first, and in a show of good faith to someone who had earned her respect, offered her hand. For a tense moment, he stared at the hand, but then clasped it at the wrist and pulled himself up to stand opposite his so-called student. Their hands on each other's wrists, they shook, a mutual show of respect. "This might not have been the lesson I intended to teach." he said, sounding slightly winded still, "But there is an important lesson to learn here. Do not underestimate your opponent, ever. This woman showed that she is capable of learning hand-to-hand combat, but also that she is far more adept than I assumed. It was my mistake to consider her incapable. Consider this your lesson. When you face your enemies, be they Jedi or otherwise, never drop your guard or toy with them. Too many Sith have died because of their unchecked arrogance. We cannot afford to lose numbers to ignorance. You are all dismissed for the day." he finished, slapping Tanit on the shoulder as if he had actually earned a warrior's respect for her. She looked at the other students, each of them expressing some kind of envy or disdain for her now. It was good that they felt these things, as they would fuel their progress among their peers through that competitive sense. Tanit seated herself in the pit though, legs crossed and hands on her knees as the others left, including the Overseer. It was a good time as any to reflect and meditate on what she learned about controlling and using the strengths of this new body. She could not help but feel like she had been clumsy, even oafish at times on her feet. Nimble though the figure was, she had been used to her shorter, stockier form for so long, that occupying a quicker and slimmer body, let alone a taller one, showed she was not without growing pains. Furthermore, she had to get used to how this body could call upon the Dark Side, as her connection with her previous body was through time training that body. For now though, she let go her pain and fed it to the Dark Side, letting its power come to her slowly. It was obvious to her that she had some time left in her adjustment.
  4. Truth in Power

    Tanit felt a familiar presence in the Force watching over the training pit. She did not break eye-contact with the erstwhile embarrassed overseer though, knowing better than to let her guard down against someone who had just had their pride challenged in such a blatant way. The man looked furious, restrained in his anger, but furious nonetheless. He was certainly standing across from her now, in his own stance, and she had assumed a defensive position herself while they stood against one another. It was a battle of who would flinch first it seemed, and she had no intention of flinching. With all the eyes on him, it was up to the Overseer to avenge his wounded pride, and on the student to take the beating that they were expected to take. This body was more nimble than her old form, as it became more apparent when he launched into an offensive, this time more guarded than his other half-hearted attempt. Tanit weaved to the left, away from the fist, and ducked beneath the opposite fist as well. While she was still working on getting her feet beneath her in this new body, she definitely still knew her way around a fist fight, let alone one that took more skill than just lobbing punches left and right. Unfortunately she ducked right into a body kick that came quite quickly, more quickly than she had anticipated and more so than she could react to properly. The impact shook her certainly, and she staggered to the left from the blow. Among the Sith, pain was power though, and in her staggered state she let that pain flow into her freely. The Dark Side was her greatest ally, not her eyes, not her ears, and not her body. The intangible power had tangible effects on the galaxy, and the one she had reached for in this moment was simply to dull the pain slightly. Tanit leapt out of the path of another kick, this time aimed at her head. She slid along the dirt floor, dust flying up from the landing. The Overseer glared at her for having the audacity to stay standing after taking the kick to the ribs. In the brief pause between the two she regained a more solid footing in time to intercept the next attack, a kick into the opposite side. Tanit took the blow, and locked her arm around the leg. She lowered herself into a shoulder tackle and lifted the man off the ground to slam him down on his back before getting proper spacing away from the clearly furious man. He rolled and slapped his hand on the dirt floor and shouted in a rage that she could feel more palpably than before. It excited her to be challenged again, and while the challenge was due mostly to the fact that she was adjusting to a properly new form, she could not help but smile and show her enjoyment of this fight. To smile must have insulted him though, as he continued to grow more and more furious with how he had not managed to beat a simple student down. It occurred to her that she may well have been ruining his intended lesson, but the lesson learned from watching this would be equally effective. Tanit focused herself on the Overseer again, this time centering herself entirely on his anger and feeling his fury. She closed her eyes and assumed a defensive posture, to allow the Force to guide her hand this time. The moment he lunged inward, was the moment she too lunged, this time lower to the ground and beneath a straight jab. She pushed forward with a flat palm strike to the chest, and with it unleashed a small telekinetic push to send him back onto his rear. As he slid on the ground, he looked back to Tanit, the supposed student he had chosen to demonstrate on, dumbfounded and infuriated. He had no words for what had just happened to him, and from the look on his face once she opened her eyes, he had no clue how to proceed from here. He had never been put in a position like this by a student, and she could not help but enjoy seeing him in such a state.
  5. Truth in Power

    The Sith Academy, Training Pits Telona 3629 BBY The path to power was always an arduous one. Through pain and dedication anyone could become more powerful, but only those who could withstand the siren call of the Dark Side could truly call themselves powerful Sith. Tanit had transcended death, and in a ritual heavy with the Dark Side discarded her old body and acquired a new one to continue pursuing the one truth of hte Sith, power. The ceremony was not without dangers. Had she a weaker will she would likely have been subsumed entirely by the spirits of the dead and drawn into chaos itself. One misstep and her attempts to stem the forward march of mortality would have ended in disaster. Tanit had never been one to dabble in true ritual power, though she had witnessed the results of both failed and successful ventures into those heady waters. Darth Atrox had come to her, already knowing of her failing health, and through his knowledge and power assisted in preserving her life not out of any sort of liking for her, but for the future of the Sith. In doing so though, he had weakened himself and as a result required time to recover just as she needed time to get herself in full control of this new figure. That put two of the primary figures of the Sith Remnant out of commission for a while, which meant that the danger to the Sith was at an all time high. She had never been this tall in her life. The body she had chosen was a fit young Zabrak woman who had made herself the prime candidate by proving she was physically adept. Tanit's greatest concern was to acquire a body that could take full advantage of the skills she acquired over time. Nearly six feet tall and with lean muscle, it was only natural that the unfortunate acolyte that her crosshairs landed on was the choice in the end. Now that she stood among her so-called acolyte peers she looked at others from a position of height that still surprised her with the perspective change. The Overseer was roughly the same height and looked over the group of students Tanit stood with appraising them. Such disdain was expressed in his face that she could not help but wonder what time period of the Sith he was living in. There was no way that the Overseers could eliminate lesser students. With such few resources on hand, nobody was expendable anymore. Tanit remembered a time when the chaff could be brutalized and removed, but those were in the more halcyon days of the Sith Empire. In her momentary reminscing she had not paid any mind to the Overseer. She was not concerned with him, so when he chose her for the demonstration she could not help but conceal a slight grin. Unused to the body though she may be, she had not forgotten her basic training principles. Some kind of guff about bare fisted proficiency being the only good fallback. Tanit ignored it, having stepped ahead of the other students watching the Overseer stand across from her. There was a palpable tension and fear from the students as they watched their trainer. He had commanded their respect it seemed, though she could not say just why yet. He was physically fit, tall enough, and looked like he had been a hard working fighter. That, she could respect. It became clear why he had stricken fear into them though, when he launched into some kind of fighting style she did not fully recognize. Tanit backpedaled quickly, perhaps more quickly than she should have as she still needed to get used to the length of her legs. The step back was finished by a kick she threw out, straight forward into the Overseer's chest and sending him stumbling back onto his rear. It was a reaction that no student had expected, and the Overseer clearly did not expect it himself. She assumed a defensive stance while he watched her from the ground, and looked to his students. Silent tension hung in the air, thick like a malicious fog, and left her and her opponent watching one another sharply. Who would make the first move after that?
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  11. Ludus Summus

    Darth Tanit allowed the moment to pass, standing amidst the kicked up dust and debris from the sudden push that slid her back several feet. The stumble it caused was due in part to the fact that she had not expected the young woman to do such a thing. She stood upright, out of her attack stance and looked at the woman from where she stood, then to her former master and current peer, Darth Verrin. "My friend, it is my judgment that this young woman has potential among the flock. She stood against me without backing down, and gave me her best. To me it means she has some ability to manage her fear. If she can do that now, I imagine that she may yet become a great Sith." Tanit said, praising the woman's efforts and clearly ending her assault. She had seen quite enough and had been satisfied with what she had witnessed. Even with the flaws and mistakes in her stance and approach she chose to press on and do her very best. That in and of itself was enough to the ailing redhead to give her a good mark in her favor. Tanit looked at Miss Tsintah after speaking with Verrin, "You should be proud of how you stood against a superior opponent. One of the most important lessons any aspiring Sith must learn is to control and manage their fear. Fear is the one thing among the Sith that truly causes the most self-imposed chains. Through the power you seek, and with a dauntless approach, those chains will not bind you. Learn that lesson and hold onto it, and you will have a bright future." She offered her hand to the prone figure to help her rise to her feet, "Do not expect the same charity that I have shown you from others though. Be cautious, but remember to work on being in control of your fears and doubts."
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  14. Ludus Summus

    Tanit was relentless when the initiative was hers, and so she pursued the scrambling woman with her unarmed attacks. The lesson to learn was to defend herself now, as the lesson had changed the moment she drew a blade outside the intended curriculum. Seeing that she had landed the flat palmed strike to the chest, as well as the leg sweep, the balance and center of gravity for Miss Tsintah had changed for the worse. Her pursuit angle was straight, direct, and to the point. Tanit hustled forward with a look on her face like a feral animal, one that had seen battle time and time again and came out of it alive regardless of her condition. She was one of, if not the toughest Sith left in the Remnant in terms of ability to endure pain and punishment. Darth Tanit pushed forward, keeping herself in a guarded striking posture. Teras Kasi was not meant for self-defense, but for overwhelming and aggressive offense. It suited her, and so she was going to show this young woman what it was like to bite off more than she could chew. Perhaps that lesson would get her to be more measured with her ambitions. Her attack was not a strike now, but a push to grapple around the woman's leg to pick her up and slam her down on the ground after lifting her over her shoulder. From there it was only natural to pin her, and end the fight. Provided of course she did not dodge. Were that to be the case and she evaded the grapple, Tanit again would go for the leg sweep then attempt the pin.
  15. Ludus Summus

    Tanit sidestepped the first diagonal slash, and ducked the horizontal to place her center of gravity lower. With her posture this low, she stepped inside the woman's strike zone, close, and instead of igniting her lightsaber she drew the hilt out and intended to use the weighted end as a club. The flurry of strikes caused her to move from side-to-side, taking steps back until the proper opening showed itself. She let the student work though the motions of Form I, watching what looked like desperation. Her body was weak, but to Tsintah's credit she refused to be cowed. That had earned her respect. To be a student facing an impossible task that she did not back away from was more admirable than the small population of acolytes that avoided hardship. Darth Tanit let the vertical attacks come, and by the time the fourth one was raised up, the redhead thrust a flat palm directly into the woman's chest, using enough force that she would likely be winded. The follow up was to be a leg sweep intended to knock the woman to the ground, whereupon the hilt of her lightsaber would be used to club either the left or the right leg, not to break but to bruise heavily. She was intent to drive home the lessons, even with violence. Pain was an excellent teacher. Pain was what had Tanit seeking new ways to ease her pain, to repair her failing body. Blood dripped lightly out of the right corner of her mouth as she grit her teeth. She remained wordless, knowing that the young woman, even if she did not find herself the victim of every maneuver Tanit threw at her, would likely need a moment before the lesson could progress from physical to verbal.