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  4. Wicked Messenger

    Selona, 3628 BBY Throughout Darth Tanit's career she had been on the receiving end of trouble that had hindered or ended her progress more frequently than she would have liked to admit. The Republic becoming the prime cause of unrest in the galaxy at-large had more widespread problems that affected her life beyond simply being placed on high alert. She had created an arms manufacturing company while sequestered away on Ziost, and with it she began to funnel portions of those profits into the Sith Remnant that they might rise from their shadowy hiding place on the fringes of society. That had come to a halt with the newly authoritartian government that had gained the majority in the Republic, as they began placing tighter and tighter restrictions on trade and traffic. Tariff costs aside, the oblique attack on her interests was entirely subsumed by the greater risk to her family on Corellia. Her father, though he had been retired for some time, was placed as the CEO of Karnok Arms PLC. As the figurehead of a new arms company that directly competed with more established brands in the galaxy, he was someone who had become a person-of-interest to the Republic. Tanit had no desire to see her father made a puppet of the Republic, nor did she have any designs on allowing Corellia to be truly subdued. She knew better than any how fierce her people guarded their independence, and even though she occupied a new body, her spirit remained firm and steadfast in her heritage. She had to do something to alter the flow of Republic progress on her world, and she needed volunteers. There was a surplus of available minions to do her bidding, but she knew it was likely that Corellia was being monitored more than most worlds given its reputation for independence. Those who were too obvious or too easy to spot in a crowd on a primarily human planet were likely to bring in unwanted attention. Even she knew that being a Zabrak physically would put her out of place were she to pursue this venture personally. While she planned to attend the event, she was going to be guiding the group she selected from the transport. Her familiarity with the Karnok Arms facility would be vital to their success, and she would not be pleased if she had to accept failure or defeat. Direct intervention on her part would only take place if the most dire circumstances were realized and victory would only be assured by a vulgar display of power. "DL-769, please place an open call to arms among the rabble. I aim to assemble a team. It matters not if they are Jedi, Mandalorian, Sith, or otherwise, just that they are ready to fight the Republic should it come to a contest of arms."
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  9. Won't Get Fooled Again

    "This meeting has nothing to do with morality or your own personal thoughts on the Sith, Grand Master. I question the necessity of your expounding on how your hatred for us in the context of what we are all here to do. If you are so morally repulsed by us, then give into your anger. I can feel it even now. Your symbolic gesture of lenient cooperation is just that, a gesture. We all know how you really feel, and how you would so deeply enjoy finishing what you started. Try as you might though, the Sith will never perish from the galaxy. Even if you kill all of us here, those who pursue power will always find their way to the teachings of the Sith. Whether by personal interest or the providence of the Force, there is no way to truly undo what the Force put in motion." Tanit spat out hatefully. The Grand Master had struck a nerve with her for his grandstanding. For a Jedi, he certainly seemed to like having attention placed on him while he waxed philosophically on how the Sith were the threat to the balance of the Force. Her yellow eyes glared as if she was staring right through him, "Light does not exist without Dark. You call the Sith a threat to the balance of the Force, but in trying to eradicate the Dark Side and those that call upon its power, you upset the balance you seem to cherish so much. That vacuum you created paved the way for this Supreme Chancellor that we are now standing against. Do you consider him a threat to the balance? He commits atrocities, but would you place his deeds on the same pedestal you have placed the nature of the Sith Order? Your personal experiences are just that, personal experiences. The only thing you see of the Sith Order is entirely surface detail, and damn anything else that may exist. Some great Jedi Master, dealing in absolutes to suggest that all Sith are monsters and that we are all so single-minded that we cannot even pause to consider the consequences of our actions." She had grown more and more passionate in her speaking. Tanit was not going to stand for what she saw as hypocrisy or willful ignorance. It was nothing now, but she was going to hold onto this feeling, this indignant rage, and use it to topple the Republic. "Not a day goes by that I do not consider the lives of the people lost in that war. I felt each and every one of them snuffed out, I failed them. My defense over Bastion, I felt every single one of those ships lost, those thousands of lives so that the rest of the survivors of your crusade could hopefully survive to make a life of their own. The image of those vessels bursting apart haunts me to this very day, this very moment. They were all my responsibility, they trusted me to lead them effectively, and I failed. Yet you stand there and assume that I am callous enough to simply throw away lives for the sake of personal glory. I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. I am a military leader, I cannot put my own personal advancement ahead of what is best for the people that I guide in battle. They are trusting me to bring home the most possible people alive from war, and yet I could not keep that promise at Bastion. That is what leadership is, Grand Master, understanding that you cannot always bring everyone home alive. But to you, the Sith are monsters, again, and incapable of doing any good for the people they ruled. Far be it for me to consider my responsibility as the military leader of my people to be one of the most rewarding that I have ever assumed in the Sith Order. I stand to defend what we have left, because peace is a lie. Even if the Empire were to have hit a stalemate in that war, there would have been more to come. No matter what, you and the Jedi Order are just as responsible for perpetuating the violence and conflict in the galaxy." Tanit had hit a crescendo herself, and her passion was bleeding into the Force. She could not help but feel that anger at witnessing the destruction of Kaas City, the defeat over Bastion, and all those men and women that were killed for the moral crusade of a zealot. "Every day I live, I am motivated by those failings to become more powerful, more skilled, more knowledgeable, so that I never have to experience that type of loss again. I owe it to the survivors of that war, and to myself." Darth Tanit remained seated, and allowed the silence to linger for a moment. The topic at hand was forgotten for a moment, but it came back around and she digressed to the primary point of the meeting. "The Republic, is a threat to all of us. This we all agree is truth. Our outlook on the Force, Dark or Light, is a subjective truth, but comes second to dealing with the Supreme Chancellor and his rubber-stamp senate. He is getting his way, and with that he is tormenting further the people that survived the Empire's collapse. Punishing people simply for living in the Empire. Base, and crude, but he is using it as a political tool to continue surging his own power to the people. I find it disgusting that populism like that is allowed to claim power. It is the decentralized nature of the Republic that allowed a despot to take control. He is appealing to the people, standing as if he is some kind of martyr for his so-called service. One of the best ways to counter someone expounding as if they were the one true savior is to expose the lies. Will it change the minds of everyone? Absolutely not, but will it change enough minds to matter? I believe so. While people are by and large willing to live in ignorance, hard physical evidence of corruption on either his part, or the part of his appointees, will turn heads among the citizens in the Republic. The system by which the Republic maintains itself is far more susceptible to unrest and dissent than he wants to admit. I suggest we start by cultivating unrest on planets already wary of the Supreme Chancellor's intentions. He is willing to use brutality to put down what he calls former Imperials, but what will he do when the dissent comes from his own citizens? What then when the people of the Republic stand up against his agenda? He cannot stand up as a champion of the people while ignoring the concerns of those people. If we are going to dismantle this man we do it systematically, and ironically within the law of the Republic. While we cannot win a headfirst war, we can win small strikes here and there. Shaking the Republic's trust in their leadership will do far more good for our cause than slamming a dreadnaught into Coruscant..." She finished, the final line being delivered with a simple glance at the Grand Master of the Jedi.
  10. Character Sheet Rework

    Darth Tanit Strength: A Agility: S Perception: B Endurance: S Willpower: A Ma'rik Alesha Strength: B Agility: A Perception: A Endurance: B Willpower: B Orianne Theriot Strength: C Agility: B Perception: A Endurance: B Willpower: B Meracus Strength: B Agility: A Perception: B Endurance: B Willpower: S Holle Strength: C Agility: B Perception: B Endurance: B Willpower: A Iman Zana Strength: B Agility: A Perception: C Endurance: A Willpower: C
  11. Won't Get Fooled Again

    Tanit had not considered the implications of visiting this backwater space station, but knowing that she was not alone did help her remain calm walking through the halls. There had been a tense moment when she showed up to the summon Darth Verrin gave, asking for Darth Tanit to accompany him to this place. She had not yet revealed herself at the time, but now was as good a time as any to re-enter the Sith Council as she had more or less achieved full control over the form she occupied. She had not come unarmed, nor did she ever travel unarmed. Of course, the armor meant for her old form had to be relegated to storage, which suited her just fine considering the increased speed of this new slimmer figure. Tanit brought her old lightsaber, a relic itself in Sith years since it was the very first she had received. She had since then upgraded it internally, but the exterior remained the same. It had stood the test of time enough that she could not foresee a time when she would discard it for a new weapon. In spite of its dents and burns, it was a sentimental item that she kept close to remember that it was this tool, the Dark Side, and her dedication that overcame her weakness. Darth Tanit entered after her former master, lowering her hood upon stepping into the room. The Sith'ari was already present, as was Darth Sanguira. That made up the entirety of the council that survived the war. She knew they lived, but it was satisfying to see them all in the same place with the so-called Grandmaster that assumed he had succeeded in eradicating the Order. Tanit felt from him his regrets, but whether they were over failing to finish the job or if he had reached a crisis of conscience and realized the grave error he made in pushing the Sith to the darkest corners. Whatever it had been, her enjoyment of his suffering was visible in the small grin on her black lips. Her eyes looked from her peers, to the Jedi, and the Mandalorians present as well. Truly someone felt like smashing together every misfit in the galaxy in this one location. "The Republic taking the role of the enemy of the Jedi. Allow me a moment to savour this truly rich irony." she said, sitting down with quite a mirthful look on her much more youthful face. Oh, how times changed.
  12. Truth in Power

    "You are absolutely correct my Lord, I should never lose track of my natural advantages in the heat of the moment like that. Thank you for your praise and consideration." She said, bowing her head one last time as he turned to leave. Tanit had some hint of nostalgia for being talked to like this. It reminded her of a simpler time, really, when her responsibilities had not been as monumental as the survival of an entire way of life. The Sith had been pushed to the brink, and she was there to witness it. No military leader ever wants to admit defeat and crawl away while their forces crumble. That image still haunted her, still fueled her desire to crush the Republic in totality. Without the resources though, it was but a dream. Tanit stayed behind, pausing for consideration at what it would mean to adjust herself to the new body she occupied while educating fledgling Sith on how to master their own forms. She had not yet grasped fully what this body was capable of performing, and it showed when she failed to recognize that her head was far more solid than her previous body's. It was a small mistake, but one that could expose her in the future if she forgot again, especially after Darth Verrin reminded her of that fact. It was definitely something to keep in mind. For now though, she silently left the empty pit and blended herself in with the rest of the student body.
  13. Truth in Power

    "Thank you, my Lord. I will do my very best to ensure those I teach take that lesson to heart." Tanit said, appreciating the praise, even though she was certainly familiar with the Dark Lord prior to today's events. She could not help but feel a bit of nostalgia for her time as an apprentice, noting that she had learned a great deal simply by observation alone. Verrin was an educator though, and it showed. His dedication to not only the artifacts and the library, but to the future of the Sith proved that much to be true. The question of who had trained her came up though, and that was a bit of a worry deep down. Tanit was not too familiar with the roster of Overseers so she did the next best thing, "To fight with my hands, I learned from my family. To harness the Dark Side, I learned from putting the lessons of the Overseers to practical use. When the body fails, the mind can persist. I read that power in the Force can carry a Sith far beyond their physical limitations. I believe that Tomash is a valuable educator, and has quite a few good lessons to teach the Acolytes."
  14. Truth in Power

    Tanit heard the voice she knew would be watching at some point. Verrin took an active interest in his role within the Sith, so it was only natural that the fight she had just finished would have drawn the old man's attention. She stood, and then dropped to one knee, placing both fists on the dirt floor, "My Lord, I am called Nadi." she answer with respect and humility. In a time when she was working to conceal her true identity it only made sense that she wait until she was absolutely ready to emerge from her adjustment period as Darth Tanit once more. To be in such a state and revealing herself too early was a one-way path, and on that path were likely to be plenty of ambitious Sith who thought themselves ready to take her seat and with it her responsibilities. No, for now she must remain incognito. "If it is your wish that I instruct others in hand-to-hand combat then I would be honored to accept the duty." Tanit continued, her voice still offering deference to the figurehead of the Academy. He had earned his place, and she had no doubt about that. She had been there when he took his seat, and knew just what he was capable of when he was pushed to the very edge. Darth Verrin might have been more aged than many in the Sith Remnant, but to suggest that his age had made him weak was ignoring even the basic lesson that the Overseer improvised after their fight. Never underestimate an opponent, and by extension never underestimate one's peers or betters.
  15. Truth in Power

    Tanit could feel the force drawing into the Overseer, and she too pulled onto the Dark Side herself. If he was going to do such a thing, then she too would match his escalating aggression with her own. The audience was silently absorbed in the battle at hand. She too was absorbed by it, feeling quite alive as the Overseer stood up once more. He'd had is pride and power challenged twice now, by a student no less, and it showed that he was quite furious with how he had been made a fool. His renewed aggression and reliance on the Dark Side was admirable. She had chosen the path of the warrior long ago as well, and had often fought with the same kind of aggression. Tanit focused her power in the Force to a fine pinpoint, centering all of her anger and hate to do just the same as the Overseer. The both of them moved faster than before, and instead of shirking away from the fight and avoiding contact, she stepped into his range and began using blocks more than dodges to bring this fight to a head. She lived for battle, and for moments like this. The newly-Zabrak Sith absorbed a blow to the body again, opposite the initial landing kick, but the pain was dulled by the Dark Side. The blow made her slide a few inches to the right, but she pushed inward again and delivered her own crushing blow with a kick to his left thigh. Tanit had a look on her face that suggested wild-eyed enjoyment of the fight. He stepped back and then took another step in and found his attack intercepted and his arm locked beneath her own. The pressure she leveraged on his elbow caused him to shout with enraged pain, which was immediately stifled by a step in and a hip toss that send him sprawling across the floor again. In no time at all though, he rose to his feet and lunged in a predatory manner. He was getting more primal with his attacks, and she was getting just as rough and aggressive with her defensive posturing. The Overseer speared into her and drove her back into the wall behind them. It was a loud impact, and the students watching were completely absorbed, making reactive noises now and then to each landing attack. Tanit impacted the wall with a thud and coughed hard from it, but she raised her arms up in an axe-handle position and smashed down on his back. He did not move, but the impact loosened his grip. She smashed down again and this time put her arms down around his midsection and with the power of the Dark Side and her adrenaline, picked up the Overseer and body slammed him back down onto the dirt floor. Their exertion was not without consequence though. The Overseer lay there after rolling onto his back, having the wind knocked out of him by the landing. Tanit also found herself winded. She looked to the prone man from one knee, and stared right into his utterly shocked expression. The new Zabrak body had once more aborbed plenty of damage and felt as if it could take more. This physiology was something she could get used to. He glared at her, catching his breath, and she returned the glare with her own. Tanit stood up first, and in a show of good faith to someone who had earned her respect, offered her hand. For a tense moment, he stared at the hand, but then clasped it at the wrist and pulled himself up to stand opposite his so-called student. Their hands on each other's wrists, they shook, a mutual show of respect. "This might not have been the lesson I intended to teach." he said, sounding slightly winded still, "But there is an important lesson to learn here. Do not underestimate your opponent, ever. This woman showed that she is capable of learning hand-to-hand combat, but also that she is far more adept than I assumed. It was my mistake to consider her incapable. Consider this your lesson. When you face your enemies, be they Jedi or otherwise, never drop your guard or toy with them. Too many Sith have died because of their unchecked arrogance. We cannot afford to lose numbers to ignorance. You are all dismissed for the day." he finished, slapping Tanit on the shoulder as if he had actually earned a warrior's respect for her. She looked at the other students, each of them expressing some kind of envy or disdain for her now. It was good that they felt these things, as they would fuel their progress among their peers through that competitive sense. Tanit seated herself in the pit though, legs crossed and hands on her knees as the others left, including the Overseer. It was a good time as any to reflect and meditate on what she learned about controlling and using the strengths of this new body. She could not help but feel like she had been clumsy, even oafish at times on her feet. Nimble though the figure was, she had been used to her shorter, stockier form for so long, that occupying a quicker and slimmer body, let alone a taller one, showed she was not without growing pains. Furthermore, she had to get used to how this body could call upon the Dark Side, as her connection with her previous body was through time training that body. For now though, she let go her pain and fed it to the Dark Side, letting its power come to her slowly. It was obvious to her that she had some time left in her adjustment.