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  1. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    In all honesty, he would have been better off at Alderaan. But that time was past. Now, he needed to prove himself to Karter, another not so easy task. What made it worse was the whole 'believe in yourself' aspect. Honestly, Kal needed a life of his own and he didn't need it with his family. They wanted to use them. He'd get them back for it. They made him nearly suffer through an arranged marriage... well, there was no point in returning to Alderaan now. He was his own man, not his family's man. That much was clear from the start. Kal watched and waited as they moved out towards the swamp. So far, nothing bad. Did he really have to run and hide? Shouldn't he prove himself to be in the action? He wouldn't take out Jedi, for the sole purpose of keeping them alive and he might curse himself if he did such a thing. But these guys? These aliens? Well, there was no telling what they'd do to him. That was a fact. At last, they arrived. Kal moved out into position. The swamp was so mucky and red, nothing compared to what he'd seen on Alderaan. That terrain was beautiful, but he felt sure there were other planets out there that were just as beautiful. This swampy area... well, he'd take another planet another day. "Hey! What are you doing?" It was the alien's captain. How convenient. "I'm sorry, but... BLAST!" He didn't want to act stupid. Why then did he say 'blast' for? "Whoops. Time to head back!" He careened towards a hiding spot. Well, Karter could do the rest from here, couldn't he?
  2. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal looked up as if he had come out of a dream. What had happened to him since Alderaan? He acted like an idiot, but he remembered having some spine to take care of himself. First, his parents were ordering him around, making him find Karter. Now that he was with Karter, he was getting the same reaction. He needed to stand up for himself, or else risk being a lackey for life and he didn't want that. He would have to think fast in this case. "And what if they attack?" Kal asked, concerned. "If this plan fails. I can stun easily, but given all my misgivings that I made, I somehow feel like this is going to fail." Good. He was voicing his opinions. He wasn't going to let anyone stand in his way again, not even Karter. Even though he was his employee, he knew he would have to stand up for himself. Even now, that was the best idea.
  3. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal huffed a deep sigh of regret. Truly, he was doing it to annoy Karter, but still, he understood the risks well enough. Sure, he could put his idiotic skills to the test. It was what he did best, even under these circumstances. But to pull them off on purpose - a smile creased on his face. Well, if he couldn't annoy just Karter and see what the Dark Jedi was up to, what his story was, then this was just as good. A few lizards wouldn't be too big of a hassle. Still, he needed to play it cool. He could do this. He just needed the right motivation - a hologram of a candle! He could wail his sorrows with a tiny candle, a tiny speck that would show he wasn't too absorbed in his own mischief making. Oh, if only his parents and family were here to see him now. "Ow! Flame hot," he said, sounding precisely like a two year old. Well, even his family knew he was a little over the top sometimes. How was this any better? He smiled at Karter, sounding a bit more mature for himself. "What do I have to do?" he said, playfully. He could live up to his own bargain, at that... but this was better. Annoying Karter was his number one job. And yet, on the inside, was what he was doing the right thing? His parents wanted him to track down Karter and steer him towards the Light Side. He couldn't do it. He ran away for a reason. Now he was on his own. He needed to behave like it and stick with being a smuggler, or he would certainly lose everything.
  4. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    "I'm sorry?" Kal asked, both as an apology and asking a question. Well, he did agree to kill, but he had obligations towards what he was killing. He understood if there were droids. That was different. But this job was as dirty as they come. So this was one thing Karter did: missions that outright killed bosses without remorse or without cause. Surely he would have to find a way to use his own skills and take care of his own mission, before Karter suspected what he was up to. Good thing he was clever. "I'm sorry," Kal announced, doing his best to annoy both Karter and the Alien. He got good at it, smiling as he went. "I'm sorry. I do apologize but what exactly are we doing. I'm at a loss for words." It wasn't the best plan, but hey! He was doing something about it. He needed new jokes. Then again, were the Alien and Karter annoyed enough? Maybe he should try harder. No, joking usually comes from the heart. Don't put too much force into it and neither look like an idiot while doing it. Well, he was already behaving like one. Oh, how he couldn't wait to - nope. No. Stick with the plan. That was the only way he could - no. He was putting himself in a dreadful state. "I'M SORRY!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Good. Good. Maybe he would win an award for his efforts at jokes and annoyance factor. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.
  5. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal did as asked, even though this whole venture seemed pointless. How did he know if these Barab creatures were friendly or otherwise? Given their escape from Alderaan, Kal was lucky he and Karter didn't run into all sorts of danger. He already made a fool of himself before they came to Barab 1. What were the odds.... "We have a problem, Vonnar..." It was Karter on the comlink. Kal was quick to answer it. "What problem?" Kal asked, determined to get this over with. "I thought we were here to deliver weapons, as agreed." Great, Kal thought. If Karter couldn't live up to this bargain, then what were they still doing here? Kal had this funny feeling he was about to find out something bad and not good for him or Karter. Oh great. If only this plan wasn't meant for him to take risks or he'd be home on Alderaan now. He just hoped that Karter pulled through.
  6. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal grumbled as he returned to his room. The sonic blaster was right there, sitting on his bed. He would need that for what lay ahead. Quietly, he strapped the blaster to his belt, departing the room in seconds. Well, he thought, it won't be much longer. But then.... wait a minute. Radiation suit? Radiation suit?! Would they really need one where they were heading? Well, there was no point in denying they would. Well, he wasn't disturbing Karter now. Might as well leave him alone for a while. Still, he wanted to prove his stealth and even so... oh this mission was important. He knew he couldn't abandon the plan. The plan was the most important rite of passage that he needed. He couldn't keep this a secret for long, but he had to. To protect himself. To protect his family. That's what counted right now. At last, he left his room and made his way to the cockpit. Well, there was no sense in delaying much longer. They would move out of hyperspace soon. In three.... two.... one. They were there. The Barabel planet was before them. Now to get the radiation suit and strap in, before they landed. "Karter, we're here!" Kal called, knowing without a doubt the Dark Jedi would find his way to the radiation suits, like he said. It was his ship after all. No turning back now, he thought while grabbing his gear. Whatever lay ahead for him.... well, he would wait and see, wouldn't he?
  7. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    "Hmm." Kal grunted with slight satisfaction. The Dark Jedi was good with his skills, but that moment of pain in Karter's arm concerned him. That's what it felt like to be a Darksider. Though he didn't show it, somehow he knew that Karter needed to let whatever was going on inside of him out, or else risk bottling it up. And bottling up emotions was never a good thing. He sighed, reasoning that maybe it was for the best to let Karter have his alone time when he needed it. He must be in a lot of pain, Kal thought. He felt sure his reasons were sound. "Well, I may not be a Darksider," Kal spoke in turn, "but if there's one thing I've learned, while spending time in my family's palace, you don't give up on people, especially when they need you." He nodded, making his point sound. He may be naive and a bit senseless at times, but if humility stood tall... well, he'd take it. It was what he did best and he wasn't about to waste it on just anyone. He was with Karter for a reason and he knew the challenge he would face now. But how to admit the truth would be a harder task to endure.
  8. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal managed to raise an eyebrow. Karter definitely looked like he was talking to someone. Who didn't matter. Were all Dark Jedi like this? Oh, right. The target. Remember what he had to do... and... BAM! BAM! He was hitting the target, but then at the same time he hoped to confuse Karter. No, maybe that would make him mad. But then... "So, tell me, what made you become a Dark Jedi?" Kal asked, in-between shots. "Was it a worthwhile trip? Or do you Jedi become dark and light all on your own?" To be honest, he was intrigued by the Light Jedi over the Dark, but he didn't want to risk giving that away if Karter grew suspicious of him. Throughout his life, he always saw the Jedi as those woven through the Force, guided by the Light and find the afterlife a pleasant place. Being around Karter already gave him a different perspective, but he had to remember the plan. He wasn't just an ordinary smuggler.... well, his shooting could use some work. Or maybe he was just goofing off again. Oh well. Might as well gain some practice while he was here... and he was perhaps upsetting Karter... or rather choosing to annoy him. He smirked again with great effort. "So, how did I do?"
  9. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    "Okay," Kal nodded his approval, taking the blaster Karter had on hand. Yes, he knew he should be friendly to his Dark Jedi friend, since he was his employer. At the same time, he remembered a fragment of a couple of articles he read in his parents' control room back on Alderaan. Something about a man named Karter and the fact that he was wanted. Kal himself could admit, at that time, he wouldn't harm Jedi, but he was specific to just that. Also, if all worked according to plan, there may have been another way this could all go down. Sure, he was asking to be a smuggler, but he knew his end game, as did his family. This was only the beginning of unraveling the mystery behind Karter. And it started now... Oh, he needed to focus. Right then! There was the target. And bam! He was off. "Whoops," Kal said, sheepishly. Had he done that on purpose? Or was he here to annoy Karter? Remember the plan. Remember why I'm a smuggler, Kal thought. He smiled. "Did I do it right?" He knew it did it wrong, but oh well. Fair was fair.
  10. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal saluted. "You've got it, sir." Sir? Saluting? Was he asking for trouble? Then again, being a smuggler might not be such a bad life... as long as he didn't kill any Jedi. That was the last thing that crossed his mind. Who knew? Maybe he could find his own way to becoming a smuggler, even if it wasn't the typical way to go about it. Still, he took the pilot's seat, before Karter said another word. Oh, what did Kal know? Karter, his employer, would likely lecture him again... no, no. He mustn't anger this fellow. That would be bad. What was he supposed to do again? Oh, that's right! Barabel. Well, he hoped the locals were friendly. Still, the red shapes were starting to scare him. He was over the fear, sure, but maybe someday he would afford a ship of his own. One that didn't creep oneself out, even in the darkness. "Strapped in and ready for flight," Kal said, pressing the right buttons. And... yes! They were locked into the ship's coordinates. "Let's see what this ship'll do." They were off into the air in no time.
  11. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal looked once more at the weapons. There were so many blasters, of different shapes and sizes - some color styles he quite enjoyed - that it was hard to pick which one. That is until he saw the lilac-blue sonic blaster. It certainly looked unique and lightweight when he picked it up, as if it hadn't been properly modified or was in its beginning roots. He turned his gaze to the seller, intent on buying the blaster. "Um, how much for the sonic blaster?" Kal asked him. "For that blaster, five hundred credits. It hasn't been modified. Just came out and new for its class," the seller told him. Kal pulled out his credits, passing them to the seller. "Here you are. And I didn't buy too much either." Lucky him, the holster came with the blaster. Deciding to test it out, he strapped the holster to his waist, before plucking the blaster out and shooting it at something. BOOM! SIIIIINNNNGGGG! "Wow," Kal said, delighted to see the blaster worked. "Hey! What are you trying to do, huh?" the seller asked, completely beside himself. "Whoops. Sorry there," Kal said, slotting his blaster back into its sheath. He turned to Karter with a warm smile, "So, I did good, eh?"
  12. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal observed the merchandise with interest. Okay, what was he going to buy? He was a smuggler, he might as well start owning up to it... but then, he needed to look for something he could use. Something useful. Something that wouldn't draw too much attention and yet, still would be important... wait. There was a rebreather. He hadn't had one of those before... not in a long time anyway. "How much for the rebreather?" Kal asked the merchant. "For that. 1,000 credits," the merchant told him. "No problem," Kal said, handing to the merchant the 1,000 credits. He grinned sheepishly Karter's way. He knew what he was doing... at least, for the moment. "Here you are. Finest rebreather available," the merchant said, passing to him a rather fancy rebreather. "Does it work properly?" Kal asked, testing the rebreather, barely spending a minute with the thing wrapped around his nose and mouth. "It'll work fine. What else do rebreathers do?" the merchant told him. Kal right away took it off. It seemed all right. At least he could breathe in it. "Now, let me see. What else to find?" He hoped he didn't take too long or annoy Karter with his shopping. Still, it was worth the trip.
  13. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal left the craft to the Hutt. They were in good hands now, but it was sad to see his family heirlooms (yes, he was including the rifles) be sold to anyone, particularly a Hutt. As far as he could remember, he didn't exactly have any love for the Hutts. They were the one creature he couldn't stand, particularly for his own reasons. They were selfish. They knew hardly nothing about self-sacrifice. All they cared about was money. From his past, there had been a fallout once between his parents and the Hutts. The arrangement was over the one Hutt, who Kal hardly recalled its name, taking about three crates filled with the ceremonial rifles for a low sum. He already could sense it was a bad thing to do, let alone seek out this Hutt. His parents did raise the price and ended up with a good amount of money, but why were his parents selling weapons to the Hutts in the first place? To keep an alliance between them. He admitted he loved his parents and his family, but there were some things even he wish he could have done better. it was no wonder he left Alderaan in the first place. "Karter, do we really have to barter with Hutts?" Kal asked, the minute they were away from Rajekk's ears. "Couldn't we have sold the rifles to someone better? I know my parents sell their rifles at much higher prices. They're a specialty weapon, true, but... I have my own faults with the Hutts. My parents sold weapons to them. The same weapons you sold to this Hutt. its one reason why I left Alderaan. But to do this again... don't you think we've picked the wrong buyer?"
  14. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal nodded. "Understood." Well, if he was to get somewhere in life as a smuggler, this would have to do. Taking his time, as much time as there could be, he set the ship in autopilot and charged off towards his cabin. He sighed. Well, he made a little effort in decorating his room, with some pictures of his friends, who he abandoned and stunned back home. It wasn't the best reminder, but it would do. At least, he knew what would happen if he returned home to Alderaan... he would be in trouble for sure. The police uniform certainly gave way to a more durable asset. Besides, the given color choice, which was black, the uniform fortunately had that vest. Well, at least Karter was sensible there. He strapped on the clothes, checked the suit twice to make sure his chest wasn't too bulky and returned to the cockpit. In haste, he flipped the autopilot switch to manual control. Good. That was done. Now, he needed to find the docking bay and reach the planet's surface, beforehand. He looked above his head. It had gone from inky black to a swelling on sunlight. Well, this was it. This was where his smuggling expertise would come in handy. He looked around for his employer. Surely, Karter would want to know they had arrived. "Karter, we're here." They were in the docking bay. He pressed the button for the landing gear. The ship docked with ease. He sighed. So far, so good. Now on to get those weapons.
  15. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal nodded, pressing a few buttons and easing on the thrusters. The silver handles helped ease up on the piloting, which was good, but also more so for him to see the planet with its blinking golden lights on the planet's surface. In all honesty, this was his first time heading for Nar Shaddaa and already he felt at home here. Maybe he could do the job of a smuggler, but that would mean he would have to kill Jedi... great. But which Jedi would he kill? "And if they don't negotiate? What then, Karter?" Kal asked, softly but loud enough for his Dark Jedi employer to hear. It was a good question, but even that didn't ease his confusion and nervousness. Sure, he would get the shipment ready for selling, but just what were they facing? What did the Rejekk look like? Come on, he knew he recognized species... but not all of them. Oh boy. Just what was he getting himself into?