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  2. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal looked up. He hadn't expected another drink. Maybe the bartender was right. Maybe he was too drunk and didn't need anymore. Still, he'd accept the offer. Anything to get him off this planet and away from the gangsters. To trust the Jedi was something new. He didn't think he'd be back to the royalty and what not. Maybe smuggling for the Jedi Peacekeepers was a good idea... "I'd like to take that job." Kal suggested, intrigued. "If it gets me off this backwater planet, then I've done my job. So yeah, I'll take you up on that offer." He said, smiling at her kindly. Yup, he was too drunk to think otherwise. Hopefully, he remembered this in the morning. If not, then he could find work elsewhere. "I suppose I am a smuggler then." He said, calmly.
  3. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal looked up, wondering if his emotions had shown across his face. He must have looked silly, but then it didn't help everyone's expectations of him. A smuggler, yes, but at what cost? What did it take for him to realize this wasn't the right career choice? He couldn't have been the first person to back out of the smuggler's joint. But then, would anyone understand what he went through to get here? Kal looked at Stell, keeping his composure for the first time. "Oh!" He huffed, frustrated. "All I wanted to do, to be, was to get away from Alderaan. Too many expectations, too much hassle to get everything right." He admitted, "Then I wished to become a smuggler and learned the hard way... or so I thought." He slumped in his chair. "This isn't the right job for me. Oh, what am I going to do?!" He clasped his hand against his forehead. He wouldn't normally talk like this, would he? He wondered that. Hopefully, he sobered up a little to remember what went on here. He looked up, smiling. "I guess that's too much to ask, isn't it?"
  4. What Stays in the Cantina

    "That's not what I was taught." Kal said, knowing better than to pick a fight with this lady. Given the way she spoke, Kal had this feeling he was getting nowhere with her. Since when did politeness not mean anything? Of course, he had to remember where he was. Nar Shaddaa: the one place where everyone was either a brute, a smuggler, or just didn't know any better. He sighed, finding it painful to even think about what anyone would do if he said the wrong thing again, acted like a jerk, or mouthed off. Was it fair that he had to act different? The truth was, and even he could admit it to himself, he thought that being a smuggler meant something. Meant something? What good did it get him into? He already betrayed his family, he couldn't help but wonder why Karter ditched him in the way he did. Now, he was screwed. Life as a smuggler was a lot harder than it looked, and he jumped into it all too soon, thinking he knew what he was doing. Thinking the smuggler's life would be a grand dream! He had never been more wrong-- Oh, right! The game! He looked at Stell as if he had seen a ghost. Frankly, he was on the verge of seeing one himself. "Yes. Well, a set is like rounds. Play for three rounds and if you've win all three, you win the game!" He sat back, feeling sick to his stomach. So much for playing this game!
  5. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal's brow furrowed. It wasn't the first time someone spoke harshly to him. He remembered Karter acting a bit pushy towards him, too. Was Kal sobering up a little? His instincts chimed in the second this young woman spoke to him like this. Didn't she know anything about manners? "Wow!" Kal said, feeling his senses return. "I was only trying to be polite! I'm not even from Nar Shaddaa!" He couldn't stand this. He hadn't been a smuggler that long and already he was getting beat up for it. Maybe he should head back to Alderaan and face his trial. That would be the responsible thing to do. Then he wouldn't have to concern himself anymore with ruffians and the like. Of course, what was he thinking? Going back would mean he would have to fess up to that arranged marriage or worse! How would the people of Alderaan react to seeing him like this? He would have to come up with something and fast. Maybe boarding a ship wouldn't be so bad. "Well, the object of the game is to reach 20 points. Don't go over and you should be fine. The minus sign subtracts the number of points you have in your deck. The plus sign adds points to your score. There are three sets per game and the higher score wins." Kal said, trying to be helpful. The last thing he wanted to do was offend anyone else... wow. He really was new to the smuggler's joint. Maybe this wasn't the best job for him after all.
  6. What Stays in the Cantina

    Kal looked up. He was surprised to see someone talking to him! A young woman, too! Well, what was the worst that could happen to him after Karter fired him? He smiled a toothy smile at the woman, keen on getting her attention. He felt sure he would regret this in the morning, but why not? "Sure. I'd love to help you out!" Kal said, passing around the cards. He asked, out of curiosity, "So, where are you heading after Nar Shaddaa? I need a ship. I wouldn't mind crashing in your ship for a time. What do you say, miss?" This was ridiculous! What was he doing?! Him, talking to her? She might chase after him or worse, pull out a blaster and start shooting at him! If he was lucky, he wouldn't try flirting with her, let alone flattery... wait. What was he doing? He was a smuggler, for crying out loud! Didn't women love smugglers? He smiled again, trying to get her attention. So far, he wasn't sure how well his plan worked, but hey! It was a start.
  7. What Stays in the Cantina

    Nar Shaddaa Elona, 3629 BBY Kal took another sip of his Juma Juice. It had been too long since he played Pazaak. The feel of the card deck was great. Oh, how he wished things hadn't been so drastic! Karter was no longer his employer and Kal wasn't returning to Alderaan soon enough, not with everyone on his case over there. He sighed, knowing he would have to face trial eventually. He looked around the cantina. The lights were dim, except for above the tables. All sorts of aliens, creatures, and humans wandered to and fro about the cantina. Like him, they were eager to talk or play cards. He shuffled his deck, in hopes of finding someone who would play a game with him. Anyone! "Ah!" Kal grunted, annoyed. "This is great! I lose employment and must now seek another ship!" He asked the bartender aloud, "Say, bartender, how about another drink?!" "You've had one too many, Kal!" The bartender said, annoyed. "You don't deserve another drink!" "I don't deserve--" Kal stood up, advancing towards the bar table in a comedic stance. "Hey, hey, hey! Have I steered you wrong? I ordered a nice drink and hopefully, I'll get to play a nice game of Pazaak. Is that really too much to ask?" He pressed his hand against his chest, showing remorse in the best possible way. "You're still too drunk, Kal!" The bartender said, more annoyed. "Now, seeing as you're a paying customer, I'm going to have to ask you to keep quiet. Otherwise, I'll kick you out of my cantina, before you can say 'The Gizka are here!'" Kal raised his hands, retreating to his table. "Alright! You got me, bartender. I'll be quiet. I'll be as still as a grophet on a really bad day!" He sat down, staring at his empty glass in shame. He really wanted another drink, but sadly that wasn't about to happen. He sighed, wondering who he could talk to now that would understand how he was feeling.
  8. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal looked up. The Chieftain... he was charging straight towards him! Oh no! Kal nearly froze. His blaster... no. He couldn't-- He ducked, snaking away from the Chieftain, blasting at the Barabel. One shot to the knee was rather lucky. Kal smiled as the Chieftain winced in pain. Oh great! The Chieftain was up again, limping. Kal shot at one of the arms. It worked! But only for a short time. The Chieftain's hand was nearly on him! "Not today! Whoa!" Kal was grabbed by the waist by the Barabel. He spun Kal around fast! Kal did his best to hold on for dear life! Was this to be Kal's end? He almost felt the Chieftain nearly reach for his blaster. Kal looked at the arm. It was switching between grabbing the blaster and holding only him. He only needed one shot... BLAST! The Chieftain's eyes rolled up. The blast had reached its forehead, straight through it. The Chieftain released its grip on Kal's arm. Kal winced in pain, not realizing how tightly the Chieftain held onto him. His arm nearly went limp, and his waist... he collapsed on the floor, doing his best to hold on. He looked at Karter with dignity. "It's over, isn't it?" Kal asked, smiling. At least they won, but still... he hadn't expected to do this much killing. Was it worth it? He hoped not, but at least he didn't lose his employer. That was good, right?
  9. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal's heart raced in his chest. The Durgolosk was dead. Why did he have this feeling the battle wasn't over yet? Where was Karter? "Kal!" Karter screamed. Kal swung around. He saw the Chieftain's hands wrapped around Karter's throat. No! Kal looked up to the heavens, wondering what to do next. He turned to his blaster. He didn't want to do this, but if it meant saving Karter's life, then he could at least be a hero. What was he good at? Dodging? Darting around the area? Distraction... maybe just this once he could draw the Chieftain's attention away from Karter. It was a risky move, but he would have to do something -- and fast. He had the thought planned out in seconds. "Hey, Chieftain!" Kal shouted to the lizard man. BLAST! "Hey! I'm talking to you!" Kal shouted as he blasted at the walls, close to the Chieftain. To his surprise, the Chieftain stopped and looked at him. Was that rage Kal could see in the monster's eyes? "You're a big lizard man! Why don't you pick on someone your size? Like me! I hear that I'm better looking than you and more cunning." He smirked. "You want to try your hand at a game of Pazaak, or something more enriching? Like darts? Darts are good. Come on! Let's toss around some darts, have a few drinks, and you can ease up on trying to kill people! What do you say?" "Grrr!" The Chieftain snarled. "Hey, come on, pal!" Kal said, smiling. "Let's be friends. You'd like that, right?"
  10. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    "Whoa boy!" Kal cried, dodging the Durgolosk's jaw before it snapped. He heard about the Durgolosk, but hadn't expected to see one up close before. This beast was too dangerous-- He moved away before the creature struck again. The last thing Kal wanted was to be bitten, for fear that the venom would spread immediately. There had to be a way to defeat it... defeat? That's it! He moved out of the way, taking out his pistol and aiming it at the Durgolosk. The Durgolosk seized the opportunity, letting out a loud bellow. Kal flinched at the sound and dived again before the Durgolosk snaked its way towards him again. "I will not be taken down by this beast!" Kal said in haste. He prepared his blaster and jumped out of the way. The Durgolosk moved forward, stomping the earth with its feet. Kal groaned. How much longer would this take? This was a life or death! He'd have to be careful.... He rolled away before the Durgolosk struck him with its teeth. He survived, but flinched in pain at the bruises he received from rolling across the ground! Luckily, the wounds weren't bad-- "Oh come on!" Kal dived, rolling on the ground again for another second. He righted himself and-- BLAST! He hit the creature's skin. The Durgolosk let out a bellow in pain. The beast saw him again, snaking its tail around in fury. The tail snapped, sending vibrations on the ground. Kal's body lurched at the sound the tail made. The sound left his ears ringing. BLAST! BLAST! More screams came from the creature. Kal could feel a tug in the air, invisible talons coursing through his veins. The beast was defending itself, but it also wanted food. Him most likely! He'd have to try to take the beast down. Kal loaded the blaster, aimed and fired at the creature! BLAST! The Durgolosk was struck on the chest, collapsing on the ground and drawing its last breath. Kal sighed. The pain of losing the Durgolosk was almost unbearable. Why did he do that? To save his friend, Karter. His employer. But why? There were so many unanswered questions. Kal felt a strong pull in the air. He could feel others surrounding him. The fight wasn't over. There was still the chieftain to deal with. Kal sighed again, feeling the Light Side return to him. If this was the price of battle, then he didn't want it, but neither would he run from a fight. He just hoped that Karter knew better than to kill senselessly.
  11. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal gulped, nodding fiercely. Okay, he needed to find the chieftain. Right. Watch out for booby traps. Yes. He could do this. He could do this. He wouldn't let the chieftain get away! He turned to Karter with a remorseful look. "Okay. Find me when you've recovered." Kal said, taking off. He would have to watch his step, as he moved across the field. There was one booby trap. A mine. He recognized some part of the mine from its silver plating. There was another. He moved this way and that, ensuring he wouldn't set one off. That would have been deadly if he did. At last! He reached the other side. No more mines! Good! He rushed on ahead, keeping a low profile. He stopped when the Barabel looked around. It was time to flee! Kal swept across the area. Where was Karter? They could fight off the Barabel, if they worked together! But he was alone. Being silent was everything in this stealth mission. Finally, he reached the other side. There was the chieftain, standing next to a ship. No! The chieftain wasn't doing anything, except talking. Did the chieftain know about Kal and Karter? Maybe he didn't, but Kal would have to wait until Karter regrouped with him, wherever the Dark Jedi was.
  12. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal didn't know what to say. Karter accepted what he did. Injuring those Barabel... how could he do that? What did he do it? How was he able to unleash that power? His thoughts returned to the present. Karter needed his help. Kal said it himself that he wouldn't kill anyone. He would resolve to do just that. Could he succeed? What was the cost? He didn't like this, but he was a smuggler. Smugglers needed to do their job. But was it right? He followed Karter, minding his steps and only looking at the Barabel one last time. It was unbearable to witness, but here they were about ready to finish the job. Kal just hoped they chose the right path, even if that path led to far graver circumstances. He didn't like this. He didn't like this at all. What was he doing? What did he know about being a smuggler to begin with? There wasn't any turning back, and yet there had to be a way to undo his wrongs. He had no choice. He would see this job to the end, and make sure the Barabel leader was alive, enough for an interrogation. Yes, it was a sound plan, one he hoped would work out well in the end.
  13. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal barely made it out of the cave when swarms of Barabel came charging at him. They clawed their way through, not stopping until they circled around him. They wanted to attack him, attack him at full capacity. What could he do? This madness needed to stop! "STOP!" Kal shot his hands in the air. He looked around. The Barabel were still breathing, but they were unconscious. Had they been struck by what he did? What had he done? He looked at his hands in alarm. "No. I have Force powers." How was that possible? He only told the Barabel to stop. He panted uncontrollably. How did he do that? It drained him of strength. Could he handle finding Karter? He needed to rest. No! He needed to find Karter and stop the creatures from getting to him. But where was Karter? Then again, maybe a Jedi was what he needed, but would the Jedi even let him back in after following Karter's word? There was only one way to find out and he wasn't retreating to his parents' home. Not yet. Not until he had a good explanation for his crimes. At least, he could do some good while he was at it. He didn't bother waiting for the Barabel to wake up. At the same time, he had to leave the cave. Fast. He heeded his steps as he left the cave. His panting increased, but then so did his determination. How did he do that? How did he knock the Barabel unconscious? Surely, he could do it again, if he willed it. There was Karter, being beat up again. Well, it was now or never. "Leave him alone!" He shot his hands into the air. Some of the Barabel were thrown all over the place, groaning in agony. Others were still upright, but downright confused. They weren't injured. Kal looked at Karter as if he had seen a ghost. "We should leave. They might wake up." Kal insisted, using kind words. His panting increased. He felt like he was about to faint. Too much raw power he didn't understand. He collapsed on the ground, unable to move but forcing himself to sit up. "We did it." Kal told Karter, softly.
  14. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal shot down another creature. Wait. Shot? He looked at his blaster. It was on kill. He thought he set it to stun. How did that happen? He looked up. The Barabel were angry, now more at him because he killed one of their own. He would have to make a beeline and save Karter. There was no time to waste. BLAST! BLAST! BLAST! The creatures were down one by one. Hey. He was getting good at this. More were coming. He moved in to kill more of those creatures. Stunning just wasn't good now. Don't let them touch me! He told himself. Of course he wouldn't let that happen. He pinned down another creature and shot it, too. Finally, all the creatures were down. He was free to find Karter, but where was he? Where did he go? Was he at the cave? He could sense it somehow. Karter was in trouble. Forgetting about the ship, he ran as hard as his legs could carry him. Seething pain ached inside his thighs and his ankles, but he had to keep running. His employer needed him. He reached the cave at last. There was the Captain. He could do this. Just aim at the right spot and.... BLAST! The Captain was down and out. Now to see to Karter. For a moment, Kal nearly took in the losses. Just for a moment. He couldn't let the weight of the loss creep into his heart. Not yet anyway. "Are you all right?" Kal asked, concern dwelling in his eyes.
  15. In The Land Of The Barabel!

    Kal breathed in and out, in and out. So far, so good. Well, he convinced the Captain to come to Karter. So, he did fulfill that part of the deal. What he didn't get was why Karter wanted to make him his lackey, instead of facing his own battles? Now, he had to save his life? This was more than he could bear. His parents should never have decided that it was his duty to search for Karter, of all people. A good stunning might do these creatures some good. Moving from his hiding spot, Kal targeted the creatures and stunned each one. The effort worked, but at what price? Now some of the creatures were staring at him. He didn't have a choice. He would have to run. "They're all yours!" Kal shouted to his employer. If he had to play his game, then he would do it by his rules. He shot down a few creatures, alerting the others. There were too many of them. BLAST! The creatures were down. How? He looked at his hands. Had he done this before? What sort of trick was this? He needed to get back to the ship, right away, even if that meant saving Karter's life as well.