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  1. Sign In/ Out

    Signing back in. Not in a great state, but keeping on
  2. Sign In/ Out

    Signing out starting tomorrow, likely until Monday. May have some access to site in that time, but unsure. May be a few days longer depending on recovery time, etc for this trip.
  3. Will be trying to get posts and stuffs done today. Struggling with the crap in mah head, but determined to try to get through some of it at least with writing :P

  4. War Thread: Coruscant

    I'm still here with Ves if so
  5. Sign In/ Out

    Signing back in. Still in a crap mental state, but its not getting better, so keeping on.
  6. Sign In/ Out

    Signing out for a bit for personal reasons. Should be back within a few days, hopefully.
  7. Feeling done with all this adulting nonsense. Gonna go build a pillow fort and pretend I'm a pirate. 

  8. Struggling with depression and stuff today, but going to try to post to keep it at bay. If I owe any posts, please respond here so I can make sure to get to em.

    1. Je'ka Cuyot

      Je'ka Cuyot

      Hope the posting helps and you feel better!

  9. Having a rough time with some stuff, but going to try to get posts done today. Sorry for delays

  10. Sign In/ Out

    Home from Scotland and signing back in Will likely be terribly slow the next few days in recovery, but will be here regardless
  11. Open Thread: A Night To Remember

    Just a bump know the advert was posted at an odd time with holidays and stuffs
  12. Sign In/ Out

    Going to be gone for just over two weeks, heading to Scotland so I may or may not have any internet during that time. I should be hanging around a bit for a couple days, but it's very doubtful I'll be able to post in anything. If needed, please feel free to skip my characters in any of the threads I'm in. I may or may not be able to post while I am gone, but I would say don't count on it xD Should be getting back around the 1st of February.
  13. Will be trying to get posts done tonight xD

  14. War Thread: Coruscant

    I'd like to sign Vesrai up for Republic, please
  15. If any Nuetrals/Pubs wants to go slum it in the underworld of Coruscant for drinks and shenanigans, I've got a thread for Kehra started that's open xD Here's the info :)


    1. Kad


      Nooooo, Kure! Bad Kure!