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  6. War Thread: Silent Invasion

    Might as well throw Bara into the mix.
  7. Name: Tyrinn Shaul Biography: http://www.starwarslnl.com/index.php?/articles.html/unaligned-characters/tyrinn-shaul-r373/ Primary Rank: Mandalorian Character Sheet: Strength II Endurance I Conditioning I Camouflage Pilot Personal Starship Vehicular Combat Basic Proficiency Determine Direction Determine Threat Assault Blaster: Basic Weapon Proficiency
  8. Tyrinn Shaul

    Name: Tyrinn Shaul Gender: Male Species: Human Height: 6’1’’ Weight: 185 pounds Appearance: (As shown in the image below) (Armor shown in link http://i.imgur.com/bGhJ68t.jpg) Biography: Tyrinn was born on Welona 3654, he was born to two human but left orphaned on Nar Shaddaa at the age of six. He was left to fend for himself, he witnessed many things on that planet which later provided him with a source of credits. The first time he realised that when he watched a suspicious person avoiding the main streets, a bounty hunter approached him about identifying a target for him. Tyrinn noticed it as the suspicious person he saw earlier, and led the hunter to the target. The hunter gave him some credits for his help, which made the boy decide to continue helping any bounty hunters he came across. When Tyrinn turned eight he landed on a spot of luck, stilling trying to help any bounty hunter that needed information he came across a Mandalorian bounty hunter. The hunter need to find someone and his contacts were being slower than normal, Tyrinn offered to help the man find the target. The boy had a knack at finding people or traces of them, it only took him a day to find information about the target. The Mandalorian was generally impressed by the boy’s skills for seeking out “prey”, the Mandalorian offered to adopted the boy and train him. Tyrinn excitedly accepted, as he had no one to care for him. It took them half a year to return to his new father’s home of Mandalore, his father wanting to work and train the boy on the way. When they finally arrived on Mandalore and the location of his father’s clan, where Tyrinn met his new mother and a sister that was the same age as him. The boy was welcomed by his new family and his training to begin the next day. His mother began by showing him how to make and maintain blades and armor, while his father showed him how to hunt. Tyrinn was more of a natural at hunting than he was at creating blades and armor, but he still loved both skills his parents taught him. By the time he was ten his parents had twins, giving him a younger brother and sister. It was at this time that his mother took him out hunting more, teaching him more about hunting and making him support his family. During this time his sister was the person who made him push himself to prove he was better than her. Eight years after the birth of his little siblings, Tyrinn felt like he was still an outsider to the clan and that he needed to prove himself to his family and as a Mandalorian, he wanted to go out and see the universe as a mercenary or a bounty hunter. His father decided to give Tyrinn his first armor, which Tyrinn helped designed. Once the armor was finished Tyrinn left Mandalore and decided to travel around and seeing what planet would be the best for his new career, his search lead him to Ord Mantell. His work on Ord Mantell was focused on taking down targets from a distance and hit and ran tactics. Most of Tyrinn first jobs were simple, which ended with someone being killed by his blaster rifle. After two years of working on Ord Mantell, he wanted a new hunting ground after using Ord Mantell as his hunting ground, he was bored with it. He left Ord Mantell behind, leaving with a slightly bigger name than what he started with, and started to explore more planets and hunt down more targets.