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  1. Where To Begin

    "Honoghr is the name of my homeworld, its in the Kessel sector on the outer rim. Not very developed, aside from the odd Czerka outpost. They come mostly to mine for precious metals, I don't think they've had much interaction with the Noghri thus far. At least the Noghri I know, they seem keen to give the outsiders a wide berth so long as they don't encroach on tribal lands or sacred areas. I spent the majority.. or rather the entirety of my life around one of their clans up until recently, they're grey-skinned humanoids about so high." Sel leveled his hand out at his breast to indicate. "They value honor and the collective well being of their tribe above all else, much like these Wookiees I've heard of. But they usually keep to themselves, in fact, its hard to find them if they don't want to be found. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss them." His voice was quiet, even slightly introspective. "Do you ever long for home, Master Verrin? And wonder how everyone is doing in your absence? Its strange not being in touch with people you've been around your whole life, and in my case it's not exactly like I can send a letter." Sel'vata exhaled through his nose, casting a glance of mild surprise when Verrin revealed that Vakar was - in fact - not Zeerah's father, but her husband. What a torrid love affair that must have been. The whole tale was fanciful to be sure, it had the makings of a great story; the missing ship of a legendary Lord of the Sith, all its treasures inside lost to the ages and an answer to an old mystery. No tale of treasure would be complete without a curse of course, considering most that searched for it either came up empty handed or missing leant credence to that superstition. In his minds eye he could almost see it, the capitol ship being consumed by the jungle - metal rusting, thickets taking root in the gutted hull and vines wrapping their way through the innards of long dead command terminals. And somewhere within, the glow of holocrons. It was a tempting call to adventure, without a doubt. He listened enraptured as Verrin told of Drackonis' exploits, hanging on every word, some of them were stories he had heard before, such as the Lorrdians affinity for telekinetic combat, but still others he had never heard before. "What brought the bad blood between he and Vakar?" He interjected, "Who was this sorceress? Why did the Emperors wife cut him in two.. and how could he possibly have survived that?" The questions exasperated him, it was his understanding that Lord Drackonis had never been defeated in battle. But cut in two? Surely that had it be a figure of speech.. of some strange kind. The inquiry into his studies prompted Sel to reach into one of the pockets of his acolyte robes as he stooped to pick up the dusting rod, presenting a datapad in his left hand. His very first. He was still getting familiar with all the features it had, or so called "apps", but it was a nifty little piece of tech that he quickly couldn't imagine his life without. "My current area of study is history and culture of the Sith, along with.. well, I wasn't sure if it'd be smart to practice any forms without someone to correct me. Setie and I have sparred but I think she's been busy as of late, I have been researching this 'fencing' as its called. I'd like to delve further but honestly I don't know where to begin?"
  2. Where To Begin

    The sound of a voice so near and unexpected was enough to give Sel a fright, the dusting rod fell from his fingers but was quickly stopped with a boot so that it sounded with a soft thud instead of a loud clatter. He didn't get up when he bent to reach it however, having recognized the origin of the voice. "Master Verrin, good morning." He addressed him as a ward would, though whether 'Master' could be used interchangeably with 'Lord' or the ever present 'Darth' remained to be seen, Sel felt it'd probably be best to mind his P's and Q's. Especially considering he hadn't spoken to the Kaar of Ancient Knowledge since that fateful day in his office a few months ago. At first he was worried he might have jostled something loose on one of the shelves, something important. But the first words out of the zabrak's mouth weren't chastisement, but a title - and a name. Vakar Sadarii? Sel'vata furrowed his brow, turning his head from Verrin to the portrait. His eyes blinking in thought, "My mother spoke of a Zeerah Sadarii fondly, and often. But I'm afraid I've never heard of a Vakar, her father I take it?" It was conjecture born of the ignorance of the ravages of dark side corruption, which had sunk its roots deeply into the man in the portrait. The reverence in which the name was said implied that surely Verrin had known him in his time, but then.. just how old was the Librarian? He didn't linger on one portrait long though, directing Sel's attention to the portrait of a raven-haired woman who was fair of skin, which was identified as Temple Lord Ahashra - and also Abraxas, the distinction confused Sel'vata at first. But the confusion was blindsided entirely by the identity of the next portrait, Temple Lord Drackonis. The young man stumbled to his feet, the dusting rod forgotten, as he stepped in for a closer look. That's really him, isn't it? The Lorrdian's face was one of grim determination, his hair hung long past his brow and was almost entirely obscured by the dark cowl that draped over his shoulders. In his left hand was a blackened metallic saber with a golden blade that extended beyond the confines of the portrait. As if Drackonis was attempting to cut his way out and into the library to give Sel'vata and his former apprentice a startle. "From the stories I'd heard Lord Drackonis was a painter too, sans the brush. When I was younger I wanted to be him, the prospect of training under him was.. well.." Sel trailed off, slightly embarassed. It was a childlike fancy best left forgotten now, wherever Drackonis was. Alive or dead. He wasn't here. He wasn't overseeing his education and he wasn't providing him with the knowledge to succeed, to that credit Master Verrin was his saving grace. He listened with interest as Verrin explained the history behind the portraits, and was a bit taken aback when the Iridonian dropped in the little tidbit that neither Vakar nor Drackonis had been confirmed as anything beyond missing - and the one known as Abraxas was still quite alive and among them today. The idea of a victory over death was a bittersweet sentiment, both fascinating and infuriating for those that have already lost someone they loved. In Sel's case it was most definitely his mother, followed by Bolmar and Adirahk. They had all died that evening - and all the years did nothing to stave off that hurt. And it was on that thought that Darth Verrin's introspective inquiry into the past hit him on a particularly melancholy note, Sel's eyes casting downwards before meeting the Zabrak's own, "I see mud up to my knees, torrents of rain that last for weeks on end and ivy that encroaches on absolutely everything. I see.. a ship, the ship I grew up on. No longer serviceable - sitting so long in the jungle soil that it swallowed the ruts right up to the top of the loading ramp. My mother Arali taking up the moniker of 'woods witch' among the Noghri, offering her healing and even counsel to their Dynast - often times in exchange for food for the both of us, even protection from the more aggressive clans upriver. Most of all I see Honoghr."
  3. Where To Begin

    Raking his tongue across his teeth, Sel'vata cast his eyes across the weapons at his disposal. Which would be wielded this evening? The mop was already freshly wrung and hung up to dry, one of the slaves or droids had seen to the marble floor. Though it was definitely the latter when it came to the fresh buffer job that had set the tiles to sparkle. There were always the brooms, but this morning.. this morning called for something special. After all, he could have never had a eighteenth birthday were it not for the certain Darth's patronage. The subservient obligations that came with wardship were unsurprisingly natural to the meek young man, who took his meager duties with a great deal of seriousness. So it was on this particular day at this particular early hour that Sel'vata treated himself to a dusting, grabbing one of the many assorted rods and screwing on the flexible feathered tip. Droid servos could only extend so far and the slaves more often than not would pass the rods up for other more obvious lacks in cleanliness. Even with his height, the tops of some of the racks could only be reached on the tips of his toes with the rod fully extended. The first few weeks had made his emaciated arms burn from the calisthenics of it, but it seemed like lately he hardly noticed. Just like he was hardly noticed by his peers, who at most stared with distaste at this servile morning ritual. He would clean for about an hour before breakfast; Guntr had been amicable enough when it came to his double rations the first few weeks he was here. The Kel-dorian was probably among the few people Sel'vata genuinely liked since coming here; moreover he had never skimped on the hard boiled eggs, toast and blackened bacon. Which was a deciding factor for their friendship. The rest of the morning would be spent data dumping as much information as he could find on saber and swordplay into his personal datapad, the afternoons consisted of practical application. Starting at the far corner of the library, Sel'vata worked his way across the shelves from bottom to top. Gingerly raking the rod across row after row, it wasn't long before he had grey feathers instead of white. His work went uninterrupted aside from moving for the occasional fellow acolyte that needed a certain edition, or a guardian that sent his gaze to the floor and his head tilting in deference. Rounding a corner, Sel found himself in a part of the library he had never been before - at least he was quite certain he hadn't, these portraits were striking. Sel'vata shifted his weight against the rod as he leaned in for a closer look, the one of the bald man was particularly unsettling. Ink had given the man a pair of shrewd eyes, eyes that belied intelligence for all their sulfuric glow. The artist's hands were skilled to have made such an impression. He admired the work momentarily, oblivious to his surroundings and any approaching individuals.
  4. Sign In/ Out

    Annnnnd back! Time to get to work, hope everyone is more or less alive and kicking.
  5. *nudges the Sith*

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      The time of my laptop returning is almost upon us, take heart!

  6. Force Power and Skill Suggestions

    Figured I'd get around to posting in this thread sooner than later since I've got some precious free time on my hands. Novice Beast Taming: A basic understanding of the nature of wild creatures, allowing small creatures to be tamed and kept as pets. Examples include gizka, wamp rats and mynocks. As well as other small herbivores and non-threatening carnivores. Intermediate Beast Taming: An advanced understanding of the nature of wild creatures, allowing medium sized creatures to be tamed and kept as pets. Examples include slice hounds, swamp panthers and the spitting rawl. As well as utilizing these creatures in combat. Expert Beast Taming: A complete understanding of the nature of wild creatures, allowing a large creature to be tamed and kept as a pet. Examples include the nexu, tuk'ata and the infamous rancor. As well as utilizing this creature in combat. Master of Beast Taming: A complete mastery of beast taming; only beast masters of this level of skill could hope to tame the dreaded drexl, vicious acklay or deadly kimogila. The above was thought of in favor of providing force-blind a means to tame without using Beast Control, as well as providing people the opportunity to have pets (because who doesn't love puppies), in addition to providing a tool for people that might want to follow the beast master character archetype. Novice Linguist: An understanding of up to three languages without droid assistance, including written and verbal forms. As well as learning new languages at twice the normal rate. Intermediate Linguist: An understanding of up to six languages without droid assistance, including written and verbal forms. As well as the ability to understand a language that is either extinct or considered exotic. Expert Linguist: A complete understanding of up to nine languages without droid assistance, including written and verbal forms. A linguist of this caliber can gain a tenuous grasp on a new language in a matter of days, seamlessly immersing themselves in a new culture almost effortlessly. The above was always kind of a touchy subject, since typically *every* character is at least bilingual with galactic basic and something else. But there are a few highly intelligent characters with a grasp on several languages; as well as acolytes currently pursuing an understanding of the language of the ancient Sith. Business Acumen: An understanding of how to properly start and run a business efficiently. Including management, staffing and the day to day operations that come with business ownership. (Restricted to non-force users) Credits have also been a subject of debate, how do you determine a character's wealth? There were attempts in the past to keep a running account for every community member, but things always got *extremely tedious* for whomever was micro-managing the purchases. The simplest way was always to equate in-character position to wealth. You had your paupers, the poor, the middle-class and upper class. Non-materialistic characters such as Jedi would get a wider access to Temple resources at their disposal, rather than lining their bank account. It's the most efficent way to deal with credits without having an overly complicated, corruptible system. In the case of skills like intermediate counterfeiting and business acumen it would bump their wealth up by one standing, poor to middle-class and so on. Novice __________ Crafting: A basic understanding of how to create ______ of average quality; as well as any maintenance involved in its upkeep. Intermediate ____________ Crafting: An advanced understanding of how to create ________ of superior quality; as well as upgrading existing _______. Expert ____________ Crafting: A complete understanding of how to create _________ of masterful quality; _________ of this level of quality and caliber are considered quite rare and take a great amount of painstaking effort to create. Masterwork __________ Crafting: An absolute mastery of the crafting of _________ , resulting in _________ of exceeding quality that are second to none. I.e: (Blaster, Blade, Armor, Bow, Architecture, Droid, Jewelry, etc) I'm aware that this somewhat overlaps with existing skills, but it provides a good alternative for people that want to persue characters that are creative minded. Speaking of creative, it'd be interesting to have something akin to the following. Creative Art: ______ Proficiency: A understanding of _______ with a degree of skill, quite better than your average individual. Creative Art: ______ Mastery: A complete mastery of ______ and unparalleled without peer. I.e: (Painting, Dancing, Sculpting, Writing, Pazaak, Mandolin, Dejarik, etc) Obviously not to imply that a character wouldn't already have an understanding of one or many of these skills, (everyone knows the Ghhhk can move two spaces at the start of Dejarik) some might simply be more adept than others in a particular area of expertise, maybe a hobby perhaps? All of this is in the interest of having people persue characters that are well rounded, and perhaps not entirely combat oriented the universe will become even more rich for the inclusion of it, I think. The only additional thing that comes to mind is perhaps a generalized Novice: ______ Weapon to Master: _____ Weapon , encompassing anything that isn't a lightsaber or a blaster. Like bows, axes, polearms, natural racial weapons, et cetera. Which could also include bludgeoning and bladed weapons, in it's own post similar to martial arts that just kind of lays out the wide variety of options. Annnd my phone is about to die! Haha
  7. Atrox is my hero for the sole fact he included Stava on the martial arts list. ❤

    1. Tenebris


      Stava's like the only true assassin-oriented martial art, besides like Teras Kasi. Obv :P

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      Sel Anabasis

      I was completely oblivious of it's relation to the Noghri, it's one of a handful of things that would make complete sense for Sel to have a rudimentary understanding of, haha.

    3. Tenebris


      Stava was taught to Force-sensitives more often than not, they just needed to prove themselves :P

  8. The Jedi wax as the Sith wane! Where are all the Remnant posts? We'll be hunted to extinction by these pacifists if some of these threads don't get moving. :P

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      There's always.. ALWAYS that one person that comes along every so often that's super adamant about implementing it, but trying to add gameplay mechanics to something ad organic as free form roleplay never works - at least not for any length of time.

    3. Tenebris


      Only thing I'll ever agree with is the sheet system that way there's some form of quality control - don't need Starkillers out the wazzo :P

    4. Mirran Kai

      Mirran Kai

      Wait a minute....I thought Wookiees are not supposed to fight with claws. Course if they are disreputable Sith then I suppose they could because they are already accursed madclaws as it is. But still that doesn't seem completely fair. And unless you're playing a table top game, then dice rolling seems a bit iffy to me. I never implemented dice rolling in any of the rping forums I was foruming a looong time ago. I don't do it now because being a forum admin takes up sooo much time. I just got crabby if a player didn't get hurt sometime during a fight and I would pm them to remind them to take an arrow to the knee because they weren't perfect or work something out with their opponent etc. 

  9. Character Application: Ormala Arragi - Accepted

    Welcome to the community! Are you sure you don't want to join the dark side? We don't have cookies but we have basic human emotions. I jest, I jest.. most of these new Jedi types are pretty cool from what I've seen, look forward to roleplaying with you! A staff member should be by shortly to review your application.
  10. Char is the David Blaine of Jedi.

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      His whiskey trick reminded me of  something a magician would do :P




  11. Sel is starting a rigorous dieting and physical therapy routine, so if you don't see him around for a bit, you know why. ^_^


    Also the Knife's Edge was an inside job.

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      Psssh, could've been worse!

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      Im sure some people would testify otherwise... lol... 

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      Wait.. which cannibalism incident are you referencing?

  12. Sign In/ Out

    I'll be preoccupied entirely with work for the next 60-70 days (think that's the longest timeframe anyone has signed out for, sheesh) and away from my laptop, pretty busy but I'll have my phone on me - so I'll see what I can manage. Anyways, I luv you guys and please don't burn the house down.
  13. Back to School

    "I'll have to find out what that niche is first, I think." Sel replied, still coming down from the elation of having landed a successful hit. His heart was thrumming in his chest and he felt like dancing. If only he knew how to dance - it probably wasn't the most appropriate reaction though. His emaciated forearms trembled under the dark cloth from both exertion and adrenaline. There was fleeting concern in his eyes as Setie rubbed her arm and for a brief second he thought he might have accidentally burned her with the charge. Thankfully however, that wasn't the case. He knew from experience now that the numbness of the stun stick could last a minute or so, the pins and needles sensation definitely lasted several more. It wasn't a good feeling in the slightest, but it had a way of making you wary of your mistakes. Just like in a real fight, the devil was in the details, any mistake could and more than likely would cost you your life. Which is why his sheepish grin faded when the realization dawned on him that were this a true fight to the death and they were using real swords - or moreover sabers, he would've landed a glancing blow on Setie. Whereas Setie would have cleaved his lower leg clean off. Exhaling with a distinct hmph, he cast her a sidelong glance, "I'll need to devote more time to the saber department it feels like, if I'm to have any meaningful progress." But Sel'vata couldn't deny that in the short time meeting Setie, he had made the first steps to progress because of her actions - her pointers had spurred that interest in him. Saberplay was something he could latch on to and study in length without having a detailed understanding of the nature of the force. He might be a laughable amateur now, but then Coruscant wasn't built in a day. Fatigue crept up on him as the adrenaline wore off and his pulse slowed. Weakness checking his progress like a brick wall. Perhaps he had overexerted himself without realizing it. Suddenly he was very dizzy, blinking several times he continued, "Do these droids.. do they.." he faltered, "..respond to voice commands? Are there difficulty settings for their sparring parameters and whatnot?"
  14. Introductions

    Don't mind him Talia, he's harmless for the most part. Usually the old cuss keeps to the library but he's been getting bolder as of late, we'll switch up the medication.
  15. Back to School

    Evidently he had touched some sort of nerve Sel'vata had not anticipated in touching, whatever dynamic Setie had with one or both of her parents, it wasn't a positive one. The difference in her demeanor as she talked about it was night and day, one had to just look to notice that. But her comment about sending his parents out the airlock had him laughing under his breath, she had a peculiar sense of humor. "I'm not resentful towards them, if that's what you're getting at. I suppose I could be with very little effort though." He responded thoughtfully, tilting his head to the side, "Either one of them could have imparted something to me beyond my genetics, but they chose not to. They each had their reasons I imagine, as mother said it would bring me down roads that had been walked before. She told me that when I came of age I could leave Honoghr and go to university on Coruscant or maybe even Arkania if I wanted to. Study something that interested me, devote my time to it and get good at it. Maybe meet someone who could stand how dense I was and have kids and grandkids one day. For the longest time I thought that's what I wanted too? But after she died I came to realize I only wanted it because she wanted it." He gave Setie a knowing look, "We decide what we want to do with our lives. Us, nobody else. Nothing grows under a shadow." It wasn't his own insightful comment but a Noghri proverb, where once their children reached a certain age they'd stop being hunted for and start doing their hunting on their own. There was a certain appeal to that he thought, you could only give a person so much before you started hindering them instead of helping them. People needed adversity to grow, in that belief he was Sith right down to the marrow. To hell with coddling. Sel'vata found it interesting that Setie had encouraged him to make use of both his strengths *and* weaknesses. The turn of phrase prompting some thought on his part that he didn't expect. What were his weaknesses? Too many to count. He scoffed internally. He was largely ignorant of Sith culture and customs. He had trouble speaking to people he didn't know. To those he did know, he had trouble speaking his mind due to his introverted qualities. His immeasurable curiosity with the force hadn't prompted him to feel it yet, nor was he entire certain he could when it came down to it. He had progressed from not being a swordsman to a meddling swordsman, but graveyards were full of meddling swordsman. How could he use any one of those to his advantage? She gave him an interesting tidbit shortly after, something he hadn't brought into consideration, the advantage of reach. Granted he had always been tall for his age, the tribe had loved to comment on it. Rukh often told him to let him know 'when it was about to rain', since Sel would know hours in advance. Deadpan Noghri humor was an acquired taste, you had to pick up on the subtle nuances otherwise it wouldn't be funny. Falling into her stance, Setie motioned for him to come at her a second time - but not before she muttered something he found to be unexpected, "I'm no expert in fitting in by any means.. but why would you try finding a place instead of making a place for yourself, Setie?" He inquired, the question proceeded the thrust of the stun stick, his left hand taking predominance over the right as he stood his ground and attempted to meet her center mass. Drawing his weapon upward shortly after the initial strike, it came down a second time in a move entirely lacking finesse but attempting to utilize what she had suggested.