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  1. Ugh, wanting to start threads and my brain is drawing a blank.  UGH!

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      Gotta find that muse and just EXPLOIT THE HELL OUTTA IT. Haha

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      Ehh listen to some Goth/symphonic metal music and that usually gets my muse running. I have my playlist. It's about four and a half hours long on Spotify and....well....it usually gets my brain motivated. 

  2. The Coward's Way

    Setie had known the day was coming but that didn't make it any less of a reason to panic for her. The summons were easy enough to respond to and inform Atrox that she was on the way, hopping the next transport going out. She probably could have demanded some captain take her but that would have required actually using her rank, not something she as willing to do so she waited like anyone else would have needed to. She only hoped that didn't aggravate Atrox. As she reached the throne room she had to lock her knees against the urge to bolt, knowing that was useless and more likely to get her killed as not. It might have helped to have Runt chattering away and annoying her. She was not unaware of the amusing parallels between the slave and herself but frankly she got really sick of hearing how great she was (specially when she wasn't) or how gracious Atrox was for letting her in (which he sure as hell wasn't). She pondered if there was a way to shut the chattering slave up, if only to ease the headache starting to brew from tension and nerves but was pretty sure Atrox would take offense to that. There wasn't any way she knew of that didn't include injury and Atrox likely would be aggravated if she went injuring his workers, even if the man was just a walking parrot. "You sent for me your excellency," she said, though toned as a question it was more of a statement as she gave a proper bow like she had been taught to. She did her best to quell her shaking, frustrated that she even was as she tried to focus on something to keep her from spiraling into a panic attack. Was she going to be like this every damn time she was called in? Maker just shoot her dead if that was the case.
  3. *flops in, swears at life, knuckles down to get some posts out*

  4. First life with throwing out the room mate and now a damn cold cause the weather has to bounce all over the place...*grumbles away*

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      Sel Anabasis

      Ahhh give it a bit, things will even out, you'll see. :) This place will be here in the meantime.

  5. The Subjugation of A-7

    At Luna's introduction Setie gave a smile and a respectful nod to a fellow student before introducing herself. She left off her rank, mainly because she didn't want to try and explain who's apprentice she was. Inoruti was not around anymore and she sure was not going to claim to be Atrox's in the open. As such she opted for just her name, as she preferred. Setie listened and did her best not to take Holle's rambling ways as anything but what they were. After all thinking out loud at least told Setie what she was thinking in the first place. "The map is a good idea. We can likely figure out where the village is most likely to be that way. They would have to be near water for example. Unless there are springs underground we don't know of or some other actions to collect water, that means they need a river or lake. We can start in that general area and work our way towards the hill from the nearest water supply. Odds are high we would find the village or come close enough to find a native then." She talked while they walked and collected the map. Looking it over Setie couldn't say the hill looked all that impressive, at least besides being the tallest. Without a method to speak to the natives about it to find out why they were defending it Setie would have recommended just farming the land around it. There wasn't nearly enough resources and combat ready Sith to go wiping out a settlement of natives. Least not without some serious tactics. Then again she might have been overestimating the powers and abilities of said natives. Frankly Setie believed in erring on the side of caution though to thinking they should sweep in and stomp the enemy flat just because they were Sith. After all the Republic had certainly cleaned their chronometers not that long ago.
  6. Deus in Absentia

    Thank the Maker! When Luna had said they would be swimming Setie was sure all the color had drained from her f a ce. Maybe she should see about swimming lessons or something. Not that that was the usual curriculum for the Academy. Maybe they had a survival class or something? This time around the Force took pity on her and there was a path. She followed the pair onto it much more slowly, keeping her feet planted and more shuffling forward than picking up her feet. She did her best to keep her center of gravity down so she wouldn't fall and eyed the murky water with trepidation. Was there something down there? She hoped not... Thankfully it seemed they crossed the bridge/path/whatever it was without incident. That left them with a massive stone down to deal with. Setie was also starting to agree that something was out there watching them. "Starting to feel like a gizka walking into a tuk'ata's den," Setie commented as she looked around nervously. She tried to remember what she'd read about Yavin before coming to the moon but her mind was drawing an aggravating blank right that moment as fear started to chip away at feeling prepared. She studied the door, trying to see if there was a easy and careful way to open it. No sense alarming everything by bashing the way open and potentially bringing trouble on their heads. "Don't suppose either of you know ancient sith," she asked. It wasn't a requirement for the Academy but she wished for it now with the engravings above the door. Another desire her mother had crushed from her. No use pouting over it now though. "Anyone see a way in? Short of the door. I'm not keen on opening it and making a racket to wake up every predator in a good 10 meter radius."
  7. Stupid life...

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      *pat pat*


      Hope things are ok with ya! D:

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      All things come to pass. :)


      Then it's nothing but sparring matches and studying and plotting our revenge and.. and stuff!

  8. Curse you Labor Day...  Posts to come...uh...Tuesday, we'll go with Tuesday.

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      Hopefully on Sunday I'll have something up for you.

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      Better than being like "posts to come at an indefinite date two months from now"

  9. *shakes board to try and get posts out for her threads*  

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      *hands Setie a crowbar* Try this.

  10. Back to School

    "Progress is progress," Setie stated when Sel commented of needing to devote more time to a saber. "Some are good with a saber and others are good at other things. Follow what you're good at and work at what you are weaker at. I'm sure there are some who prefer to specialize but I always thought having a balanced set of skills was a wiser course of action." Setie opted to leave out that while she thought a balanced approach wise she was having trouble implementing it. Hence why she had been here working on her saber skills...or trying. She didn't thinking she'd gotten much better than when she arrived sadly but hopefully if she kept at it she would get better. It was all she could do in that arena sadly. Sel asked about the droids then and Setie eyed them with mild annoyance. They might not have been the actual bane of her existence but they certainly were the tools of it. "Both actually. They respond to general voice commands but for specific programs you have to access a panel on their back. It's how masters and overseers program them to surprise students more and how you can program them to surprise you as well. Either way however," Setie trailed off as she fixed Sel with a look and appraised him from his toes to his head. "Something for another time for you. Let's get you back to medical before you end up on the ground yes? When healing you should try to avoid straining yourself overly much. Exercise is good but to much can result in you taking longer. I would say you have pushed yourself quite far enough today." She rose a brow at him then. After all she technically did not have authority over him...at least not without trying to pull rank which she hated doing. If he wanted to stay she would let him but frankly in her expert opinion he was quite finished. It would not do to over extend but he would push or ignore his limits as he choose she was sure. Frankly she hoped he had some common sense though, that always seemed to be in short supply among Sith. Ones that possessed it though lived far longer in her experience. Thankfully Sel seemed to agree. Maybe she had somehow given permission for him to be tired and weak? Setie wasn't sure but Sel thankfully didn't protest as she got him back to medical and let the droids and personnel take him from there. He was an odd one to be sure but seemed a good enough sort. Being a good Sith was the question. Setie couldn't answer that one and figured someone else would. After all she wasn't his keeper. She looked forward to seeing if he survived whatever was in his future though. She had to focus on surviving hers.
  11. Back to School

    While Setie liked the sentiment that Sel was speaking of with choosing one's own life but considering he admitted to wanting a different life just because his mother wanted it. That was something she was far to familiar with and it made her squirm just hearing of it happening to others. She doubted Sel's mother was anything like her own but the end result was likely similar. She did agree with nothing growing under a shadow. That was why she was struggling to get out of her mother's after all. She still wasn't sure she was out of it. Her mother might not have physically been present anymore but that didn't mean the shadow wasn't still there. Sel's comment of her making her own place though stuck some. The thought had appeal... It also distracted. She barely blocked the first blow and missed the second entirely. The jolt causing her to yelp and drop her stick as he hit her arm. It drove her back at the same time, away from her own weapon because of his reach. While part of her was aggravated about matters he gave a slightly pained smile anyway. "Good hit," she told him as she rubbed at her arm in a vain attempt to get feeling back faster. "I think you'll do fine. At least in the saber department. You learn quick and adapt, obviously willing to learn from anyone too. Keep that open mind there though. People have a habit of closing it around here the minute they get favor or a bit of power. You can always learn something." Setie studied her arm then. It was still stinging from the shock but she flexed her fingers, trying to make sure things were still in working order. Shocks were nasty in that sometimes the damage was not apparent until one tried to use the limb. "Are you planning to make your own niche here then?" she asked, the concept of carving her own path was...alien to her. She wasn't talented enough or smart enough or good enough to manage that. She knew that was her mother talking but... well she was struggling a lot as it was just be something useful. Carving her own place sounded like something Atrox could do, or Verrin. The idea held appeal, but doubts plagued.
  12. Back to School

    Setie scowled as Sel commented that his parents would be ashamed of him. Parents were something of a sore spot of hers and with good reason. Amusingly enough though Setie didn't apply the same standards to her own lot that she did others. "If your parents would be ashamed then they can walk out an airlock," she stated with heat in her words. "They should have been helping you get here in the first place, obviously they did not for some reason but the fault is theirs not yours. If they had helped you in the first place your friend and you might not have had to suffer at all. I would be angry with them, not shamed by them." At least Sel seemed to be taking her points about the Force and using his anger to heart. Her smile returned at his enthusiasm, though not quite reaching her eyes. She couldn't help but shake her head as his comment of one day knowing as much as she did. Setie didn't consider herself knowing a lot. Well at least not a lot that was useful. Knowing history and philosophy and psychology was one thing but knowing battle and having power was something she was struggling with a great deal. "I wouldn't aim to be like me there Sel. Be yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on them, use them. Case in point you have much longer arms than I do. I bet your reach with a saber will be frightening where as I have to dodge in just to hit something. Find what style and abilities work for you and you shall find your feet here quickly." Setie looked down at the hand she held her stick in with a sight before taking a stance and inclining her head in invitation for him to try attacking her again. "Would that I could find my damned place here," she muttered sounding defeated. Her thoughts had turned inward again, distracting her and tearing her down from the inside even as she worked to try and build someone else. That was just how she worked. She had been taught so long that she didn't matter, that others did, even more specifically her mother mattered more than she did. That teaching made it easier for her to focus on others but focus on self and improving was far more difficult than it should have been. Being crippled in the mind and spirit, she would have preferred being crippled physically.
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