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  1. Corellia

    Corellia is a temperate planet defined by snowy mountains, warm coastal regions, and fertile farm land that stretches between the major cities on each of its three large continents. As a member of the Republic, the planet serves as a major source of both economic and technological power, as it stands on both the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine, as well as benefits from the Perlemian Trade Route.. It is a strategic point, with valuable assets invested in major starship production and large scale agricultural output. The people of Corellia are impetuous, iron-willed, and, brave to the point of foolishness. There runs an independent streak among the Corellians that runs deep and has defined their political participation in the Republic from the beginning. There remains a clause within the Republic Constitution, Contemplanys Hermi, which applies only to the Corellian Sector. It allowed for the Corellia to close its borders and recall its delegation to the senate. This means that they forfeit their right to veto, but exchange it for the right to refuse the Republic any military support With the current climate in the Republic, the Corellian disdain for overreaching external authority is simmering just beneath the surface. Public sentiment toward the Sith is decidedly cold, but equally do the Corellians feel that the power the Supreme Chancellor is wielding is skirting dangerously close to authoritarianism. Trouble is brewing for the people of Corellia, and only time will tell how it will sway in the coming storm.
  2. Character Face Claims

    This thread is dedicated to posting or showing which famous real life figure you imagine would best fit your character. We can also discuss them in depth how they would sound like or what sort of clothing/outfit your character would wear too! After your application is accepted, it is recommended you post here to have the faceclaim taken. Just a few things to note: The exact likeness to canon characters (Luke Skywalker, Padme Amidala, etc); but manipulated or modified images may be exempted. If you need more help or have any questions, don't hesitate to drop them in the thread or PM a mod! You can change your faceclaim if you find a better fitting one, so long as someone else doesn't have it already! Please submit it your faceclaims in this format: Faceclaims Name, Game/TV Show/Movie/Model/etc - Character Name or Artist Name, Link to Art - Character Name if it is an original piece of artwork. A B C Tait Hughes Geijer, Model - Clarus D E F G H Harisu/Kyung-Eun Lee, Police Line - Jun Lee I J K Koji Seto, Ajin: Demi-Human - Homra Azner L Linus Wordemann, Model - Silas Kitsuchi M N O P Q R Regis Lucis Caelum, Final Fantasy XV - Darth Evastus S T U V W X Y Z
  3. Alderaan

    Alderaan’s devotion to peace and order have always been the one thing to put it above most other planets, with their passion burning so bright that they would at times war with one another in hopes of taking the crown and ruling Alderaan with every house united together. While Alderaan has only ever united together to face a common enemy, the most influential and powerful houses hold dominion within their respective cities, though few remain after their most recent and brutal civil war. Following the rise of the Supreme Chancellor, Iohannis Metac, the first planet he visited was Alderaan to ensure their ties to the Republic were just as strong as before with a dinner party. Inviting all the noble houses to the reconstructed Juranno, Iohannis welcomed all that entered and treated them with respect and gratitude. Following the dinner between Iohannis and the noble houses of Alderaan, countless houses that had aligned with the Sith Empire that held power still, along with those that refused to go to the dinner party, were apprehended and forced into war camps to be monitored and interviewed before being let back out into their estates, which were then stripped of half of their possessions. House Alde has continued to align themselves with the Republic after their matriarch, Sierenna Alde, was crowned queen of Alderaan, and they were provided a rebuilt Juranno for their dedication to the Republic, much to the chagrin of the other noble houses. Unlike previous times where House Organa and Alde had steadfastly supported the Republic, House Organa has realized the corruption that courses through the senate, and while their patriarch is unwilling to abandon the Republic, members of the House have decided to work with those that were imprisoned by the Supreme Chancellor. Smaller houses have willingly put forth requests for the support of the Galactic Coalition, sending envoys and resources to Nirauan, while also supplying shuttles and forged documents to get into the Core Worlds to provide relief. House Ulgo is the most staunch supporter of the Galactic Coalition, supplying them with arms and armor while on the planets within the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, while also House Rist providing targets on important Republic ambassadors and locations. Smaller noble houses put forth whatever they can supply, though many operate as spies for the Republic, hoping to trick the Galactic Coalition into providing their assassins back to their base. While many still hold allegiances with their former allies such as the Jedi and the Sith Empire, many would rather sacrifice the lives of the leaders of the coalition in hopes that they will obtain land and power. All the while, beneath the surface of Alderaan lies a secret facility where Iohannis has recommissioned a superweapon, the Death Mark Laser, that is capable of ending a war without needless casualties, but knowledge of is unknown to all who have ties to the Galactic Coalition. Perhaps overtime more information on this project will pop up... but how much time is left before the superweapon is fully functional? Only through efforts on Alderaan can this facility be uncovered and the superweapon be deconstructed, or utilized by the Galactic Coalition...
  4. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... The galaxy is fractured. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Sith Empire, the Jedi have withdrawn from the Republic. The Sith have retreated into hiding. The Force is full of uncertainty. On Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Iohannis Metac has taken office on a platform of equity for all- and punishment for former Imperials. His extreme measures, supported by the vast majority of Republic citizens, have seen mass roundups of Imperial veterans, war crimes trials, and executions. What was once the Empire is now governed by the Republic's military, and its citizens are denied travel rights. The Chancellor's methods are brutal- and his constituents love him for it. The Sith were forced underground, retaining control of only the frozen wasteland of Ziost and the humid jungles of Dathomir. In the brief years after the war, they established an academy on Dathomir and attempted to once again build their strength to strike back, but the Republic's pogrom against their former subjects has forced their hand. They have revealed themselves once more, and while only commanding a shadow of their former glory, have rallied many Imperial subjects back to their banner. The Jedi, in penance for the atrocities they caused on Dromund Kaas and Korriban, have retreated to Dantooine. Granted the system by the Republic, the Jedi Reaches now serve as a safe haven for the Order, and base of operations for the Jedi Peacekeepers, an intergalactic peacekeeping and relief organization. However, news of the new Chancellor's anti-Imperial measures have forced the Jedi Order to do the unthinkable: stand against the Republic, side by side with the Sith. The Mandalorians, having lost their greatest ally, have just emerged from a bloody civil war. Pro-Republic and pro-independence clans fought each other to the gory end; finally, those who wished to keep their independence triumphed. Under their new Mand'alor, they have distanced themselves from the Republic as far as they can, and have joined together with the Jedi and the Sith to form the unprecedented Galactic Coalition. The Coalition has headquartered itself on the planet Nirauan, in the depths of Wild Space. Here, it is relatively safe from the grasping hands of the Republic. From Nirauan, as well as the Jedi Reaches, Mandalorian Space, and the Sith-held planets Ziost and Dathomir, the Coalition begins its new war; however, despite their common goal in beating back the Republic, each faction still has its own agenda...
  5. The War Council Chambers

    Two chambers are dedicated to the War Council of the Galactic Coalition and are often occupied by guardsmen to ensure the safety of those within. These chambers are lined with ten chairs and tables, each for a member of the council when it is filled entirely, along with a holo-projector in the center of the chamber that often displays the galaxy, but can be changed by a member of the council to display the holo-net or any recorded holo-videos. Those leaders or members that can not make it there in person are often provided holo-projectors to be there in some form. Should there be someone, or multiple individuals, not on the war council seeking an audience, they will be guided to a secondary chamber that is similar to the regular one, with one exception. The main speaker is provided a podium on the other side of the chamber to give them the floor to discuss the issues being brought forth. Translators are provided to those that enter the chamber to ensure everyone within the chamber is understood, in addition to help those that can only speak one language such as wookiees. Should the speaker be unable to make it there in person, they are provided a holo-communicated audience to be there, though the communication is monitored frequently by a security team. Those that enter either chamber, outside of the war council, are disarmed of their weapons and receive them back afterwards, to ensure the safety of the war council and the guardsmen. Those that do not comply with this are not allowed within these chambers, and those that put up any resistance are apprehended. Should a guardsman, or any other individual, be injured or killed within the chambers, the individual who attacked will be apprehended and sentenced by the war council for their crimes.
  6. Poniard Station | Poniard Spacedock

    In Nirauan’s sky, silhouetted by the red sun, hangs the Poniard Spacedock (known to the military as Poniard Station), the beating durasteel heart of the Galactic Coalition’s military. It is both battlestation and spacedock, the home of several hundred beings as well as the First Coalition Fleet. All those who come or go from Nirauan pass through the station, under the watchful eye of its sentinels. In low geosynchronous orbit over the planetary citadel, Poniard Station is never out of sight of the planet’s inhabitants. Poniard Station is composed of two wings and a central spire. The spire holds all the administration components of the station, including the Grand Admiral’s office, the fleet coordination center, the central droid control unit, and the sensorium. Though technically open to all those holding the appropriate security clearance, appointments are generally preferred over walk-ins. The larger wing of the station, pointing eastward as perceived from the ground, is the spacedock. It has thirty ray-shielded hangars, numbered from Aurek-1 to Chenth-10; Aurek and Besh hangars are for strictly military use, housing fighters, interceptors, bombers, and gunships, while Chenth hangars are for personal spacecraft. In addition, it features a large external dock plate, where capital ships may be docked for repairs and maintenance. While the plate can accommodate a full-sized Star Destroyer, it is far more common to see multiple smaller vessels put in for repairs. Inhabited by spacesuited repair crews and droids, the plate is also where fuel tanks are kept, as it is safer than storing it near pressurized areas of the station. Pilot accommodation is on this wing of the station, so as to be nearer to their vessels. Security is quite heavy on the spacedock wing, as smugglers are a common source of necessary supplies. While Poniard Station is primarily a military installation, as the port of entry for Nirauan, the spacedock wing features all the necessary amenities for those passing through. Of particular note is the cantina, lovingly christened the Nest, where beings of all descriptions may be found fraternizing. The smaller, westward wing is the home of the Poniard Station garrison. The station houses a battalion; there are three decks of barracks, one for each company, as well as three ray-shielded hangars housing their transport shuttles. In addition, the Coalition’s military supply depot is situated on this wing- should one need weaponry or armor, this is where it is issued. There is a small live-fire range attached to the depot, for testing and training; while it features simulator capability, this can be unreliable, and for the most part functions as a simple shooting range. As everything in the Galactic Coalition, Poniard Station is both cobbled together and a work in progress. The spacedock and central spire were bought together from the Corellian Engineering Company, as they were to be replaced by a newer model. The garrison wing is an obsolete old-model Imperial troopship, stripped of its weaponry and engines and grafted to the spacedock to form a fully functional station. Shield modules salvaged from Star Destroyer wrecks and a network of point-defense quad cannons sourced from a junked corvette, supplemented by two enormous turbolaser batteries, protect the station. Despite its dubious origin, Poniard Station is entirely operational, and is being continually improved.
  7. Poniard Spacedock Offices

    Every individual that comes to Nirauan for the first time is brought through the same registration process, with their ships being inspected and their belongings searched to ensure they are not carrying any explosives, or any objects that could inflict mass destruction on Poniard Station or anything on Nirauan. After being searched thoroughly, you are brought to a turbolift that has two branching paths. In the center of the branching path is a receptionist that alternates every five hours, varying from humanoids to protocol droids and one that will simply ask for your name. Within the Poniard is two offices dedicated to the registration of new members to the Galactic Coalition, with two eccentric beings working at the desks to quickly get people through the spacedock and onto the planet itself. The left office contains P0N14RD, a multi-armed droid with a chrome coating with a very carefree personality, and a tendency to not follow his programmed nature. The right office contains Domhnall, a persnickety near-human with a thinning widows peak and mustache. While both individuals will alert a member of the Galactic Coalition on the spacedock of the new arrival to be escorted away, the halls have durasteel chairs dedicated to those waiting to meet with either of them. Those that meet with P0N14RD are greeted by a cluttered office filled with datapads and other electronics, as well as a single desk with multiple projected displays surrounding the droid. Unaware of your presence, the droid continues to deal with messages from the military, though it is audibly annoyed by the requests. “Hello, hello. I am PEE-ZERO-EN-ONE-FOUR-ARR-DUH, or Poniard as I was named after this marvelous spacestation!” Without even looking at you, the droid would withdraw a datapad with one of it’s four arms and hand it to you, as well as a device that looks like it could draw blood from a simple prick of the finger. “Please tell me your name, as well as your occupation prior to coming to Nirauan! In addition, I will require a small amount of your blood to keep on record.. just in case of a viral outbreak and you are patient zero!” After speaking, the droid would swivel in it’s hover chair before looking at you and nodding repeatedly as if confirming that you are a good fit for the Galactic Coalition. Turning back around to look at the viewport behind it, a map of the spacedock appearing on the datapad, as well as an assigned number. “A member of the coalition will be with you soon, please take a seat in one of the chairs, or on the ground if you are one of those mystic fellows. Enjoy your stay within the Galactic Coalition, and make sure to get medical check ups daily! Or Domhnall will have issues with you...” Those that meet with Domhnall are greeted by an exceptionally tidy and well kept office, with countless projected displays surrounding the male, a view to the fleet of the Galactic Coalition behind him, and a holo-book that reads “The History of the Rakata” on his desk. Completely aware of your presence, the man sits up straight and straightens his clothing as he clears his throat to speak to you. “Let us begin, shall we? I will require the following information in this exact order and a sample of your blood. I will require your surname, your forename and your middle initial, unless you go by some foreign name, then write down your full name on this piece of flismiplast. Afterwards I will require your homeworld and former or current occupation, as well as any past medical issues.” Those that appeared unprofessional or filled out the information wrong would notice the man’s slight disgust, though those that followed the orders would merely be met by a neutral expression as if viewing you as a simpleton capable of following orders at best. Walking to the side of you to examine your appearance, he would quickly jab your hand with a device meant to draw blood before circling back around to his desk and placing the sample into the database before looking back up to you, even if you protest. “Right, well.. one of the more hands-on members of the Galactic Coalition will be here soon, I would recommend reviewing picking up one of the datapads on the other side of the room and looking over the simple map on it. Even a neanderthal can figure out such a simple device, but if you truly require any assistance.. It is the center right button on the datapad that powers it on.” Turning back to his book afterwards, any responses or comments are met by a glare from over the holo-book and no words, clearly annoyed that there was a chance you had messed up, even with the blood he took from you.
  8. The Training Facility

    Within the left wing of the High Tower sits countless training chambers of varying sizes and a database of information on lightsaber forms, martial arts and other combative knowledge, as well as recorded battles of the past. The central hall that contains the database is a hexagonal room that has countless monitors displaying training sessions that are occuring in the present. Multiple pathways lead to stairs that go underground that lead to the larger training rooms, while the smaller ones litter the hallways above. The central hall has multiple seats to provide comfort to those that wish to simply watch the fights from afar, while also providing an armory for those seeking to utilize weapons they may not immediately have on them. The training chambers are made out of tiles of unknown materials that resemble the exterior of the High Tower itself, while also appearing to be shifting between multiple shades of grey, white and black. Within each chamber is an ancient device of Rakatan origin, and while these devices are ancient they are far beyond the capacity of standard simulators. These devices allow the individual to alter the environment to copy all forms of terrain and weather, as well as create simulacrums of individuals of the past and present; should their combat information be stored within the database. Combat droids are available to be programmed and are capable of simulating what is required for each individual, while also having specific settings to accommodate the skill of the individual, or individuals, utilizing the training rooms. The training facility is patrolled by maintenance droids to ensure the areas are pristine and fixed immediately should a chamber be damaged during a training session, in addition to medical droids that are located in each chamber to deal with injuries that may occur during simulations or training. Life threatening injuries immediately cancel the simulation itself to stop any further damage to an individual, unless overwritten by the participant who is injured.
  9. The Archives

    Within the right wing of the Higher Tower sits the archives that are filled with ancient texts, as well as artifacts discovered by former settlers. Dedicated to the Sith and the Jedi, these archives are overseen by Jedi Master @Homra Azner and @Darth Verrin, with both having hold over specific sections of the library due to their knowledge on the topics at hand. There are sections that are considered grey areas and are overseen by both, though these sections are few and far between. In addition to these stalwart librarians, lie the Guardians of Sith Knowledge under Darth Verrin and the Jedi Lorekeepers under Homra Azner, two groups who are determined to ensure the protection of the archives and the knowledge it holds. Built down into the ground, the archives have multiple levels that provide a plethora of information on Jedi and Sith teachings, as well as stasis pods for datacrons and holocrons that have been obtained through previous archaeological adventures by previous settlers. Appearing almost archaic due to the libraries ancient past, it is far from it due to the technology obtained by the previous occupants of the High Tower. At the lowest level sits a vault, simply called The Vault, that contains artifacts that have yet to be peered into and are regarded as dangerous, even to those of higher rank. Unlike the vault of Dathomir, this vault is open to Jedi, Sith, and Force-sensitives wishing to try and assist in uncovering the mysteries of the artifacts. While it is not uncommon for an overconfident individual to perish trying to wield the power of the artifacts, those that enter the vault are warned by the droid Maggie or another droid that may be nearby. Under the behest of Darth Verrin or Homra Azner, these artifacts can be taken from the Vault once they are understood to be used by individuals to assist in the war itself. While these archives are currently filled only with some information from both sides, both librarians continually expand their own personal libraries in hopes of educating those that walk within the archives’ halls. To continually expand on the information within these halls, a segregated expedition chamber has been given to those wishing to pursue archaeological expeditions, as well as assist in the recovery of artifacts of Force-based origin, as well as those that were previously in the Mandalorians’ possession to return it to them. Jedi Master Homra Azner and Darth Verrin also have their own offices that are nearby one another, allowing those wishing to get clearance to certain holocrons the privilege to speak with either beforehand. It is known that Darth Verrin is often one to keep his door open to intellectuals to discuss views on the Force and the galaxy at large, as well as to indulge in fine beverages from the beverage cart that is always filled with common and exotic beverages from around the galaxy.
  10. The Districts

    The city of Praetorium boasts many different architectural styles for their buildings, with those being located near the High Tower resembling much more advanced and stoic Imperial architecture while the further away from the city stonework buildings and temple-like structures emerge from the ground and tunnel underground to tombs of unknown origins that have been excavated. As the expansion efforts grow, more and more of the city adapt to the cultures they hold within, with construction work being done everyday to ensure everyone has a place to live. Surrounded by a wall of durasteel to protect it from the wildlife, the gates are kept open to allow expeditions and adventures to be readily available to all citizens, and is protected by guardsmen that are stationed at the barracks there. Segregated into different cultures, the factions are provided with their own dominions to practice their own beliefs, as well as to keep their own ways of life. In every district there are parks, marketplaces and bars to provide those seeking comfort a chance to kickback, though some districts are known for their bars or marketplace. Hospitals and medical services are littered throughout the districts, and even outside of the five main districts there are countless markets and medical services readily available. Methods of travel vary from district to district, with speeders and other variants being used to navigate the city, while an underground train system is utilized to transport goods from one district to another, as well as prisoners of war to the High Tower to be dealt with accordingly. The Sith and the Imperials are currently the closest to the High Tower itself, with the towers of ebony durasteel being occupied by a mixture of Sith and Imperial personnel to readapt to the life previously provided to them on such planets as Dromund Kaas and Ziost. While the Sith and Imperials are only partial allies, they work together in an attempt to deal with crime and unrest among their populace. There is a single building dedicated to the Sith in the furthest corner of district itself where the Dark Council deal with their new situation, as well as to deal with new Sith that have come to Nirauan to serve and retake their homeworlds. The Imperials are provided with their own command center in the center of the district to work with the Coalitions military, as well as to deal with the resettling of new Imperial personnel. Housing is provided in forms of the towering durasteel buildings in forms of apartments, though few individuals have been provided with manses to accommodate their losses during the war, providing servants of the former Sith Empire with living quarters on the manses themselves. The Mandalorians are located in the southern most reach of the city itself near the outerwall, with small pockets of communities littered throughout the city to work alongside the other factions. Due to their neutral stance and their freedom to choose who they align with, this district is one of the largest and most sprawling of them all, with every Mandalorian clan being accounted for within the city’s limits. Apartments made of durasteel are supplied to Mandalorians and mercenaries living on the planet, though vheh'yaim's are built to supply much more tight knit clans with a traditional living spaces. Being the largest district of all of them, they have the most manufacturing buildings available to them to assist in creating arms and armor, as well as other technological items. Due to this, a chunk of their district is dedicated as a marketplace and is almost always filled with members of the Galactic Coalition looking to trade goods and credits for items of value or for other services. The original civilians, and those without ties to the factions, are located in the northern most reach of the city itself near the single lake that is near Praetorium. Varying in different styles of architecture around the entirety of the district, taking from their own planets, as well as standard durasteel and stonework. Known for its laid back atmosphere, countless bars litter the district that are varying in quality, from the slum-level bars to fancy establishments, with 'The Drunken Dragonsnake' being the most common drinking place for those looking to gamble and to get drunk enough to forget their sorrows. The central building is the 'House of Praetorium', a large stonework building that is reinforced with durasteel, and serves as the gathering place of all factions for parties and relaxation. Holding the only spaceport in the entirety of Praetorium, it is where all citizens go to get clearance to go to other planets. The Jedi and Republic refugees are situated between the Mandalorians and the House of Praetorium, keeping them distant from the Sith and the Imperials to ensure there are no comeuppance between the four factions. Unlike most of Praetorium, most of the buildings are made out of only a small amount of durasteel, instead relying on stonework and other types of materials, keeping a much more natural appearance. Regarded as in comparison to most other districts, it is the most visually beautiful in terms of the nature that surrounds it, and has a park with a statue erected in honor of those that fell during the war, including those Imperials that were wrongly hunted and killed. In the furthest corner near the mountain range where the wall of the city intersects, a small enclave has been built and furnished to be utilized to train new generations of Jedi. Beneath the mountain range lies a crystal cave with a variety of crystals being embedded in the foundations, a rare occurrence that is being studied currently by both the Jedi and Sith in-depth. The refugees of the Republic worlds that are escaping the stricter laws of the Republic are provided with housing for themselves and their families, as well as are given land outside of the city for agricultural means. To keep the peace, Jedi and the Peacekeepers of the Republic are utilized as law enforcement and are typically segregated from the refugees, though those with family are provided housing with the refugees to keep families together.
  11. The Settlements

    A mixture of settlements and outposts litter the surface of Nirauan, along with different levels of advancement that are based on the distance between the city and the settlement itself. Closer settlements are up-to-par in terms of technology, as well as having buildings that are dedicated to agriculture and development, along with the outposts being named after the aurebesh alphabet. Varying in different sizes and structures, these settlements provide assistance to those nearby and attempt to co-exist together, though it has been known that former Imperials and those that originally lived on the planet sabotage each other in an attempt to gain more trade routes between the settlements. Usually built along rivers to generate power, as well as to have a constant supply of water, these settlements are often attacked by predators of the forests and jungles. Certain settlements have moved to desert areas to adjust to a life they are more familiar with, and while they are relatively safe from the predators of the forest, there have been rumors of expeditions disappearing out in the unforgiving heat, leading many to believe the desert sands are cursed. In addition to settlements that are aligned with the Galactic Coalition, there are ancient settlements that have been occupied by old Sith cults and the offspring of Jedi that had crashed and lived on the planet prior. Located in the southern hemisphere of the planet, the Sith and Jedi of these settlements are constantly at war and actively are pushing back and forth, both sides losing and gaining ground. The most prominent Sith cult is the Order of Ravus, a cult dedicated to their leader's bloodline, Darth Ravus, and actively roam the settlements terrorizing and claiming their citizens as slaves and acolytes to their Sith Order before moving onto their next victim. While their main settlement is hidden deep within the southern jungle, they are the few Sith that are unwilling to align with the main Sith Order due to believing Darth Ravus is the true Sith'ari. The Jedi settlement is known as the Sunrider’s Legacy, a temple that was carved into a cave system, and was originally comprised of the Jedi that had trained under Vima Sunrider, holding onto her holocron as a way to teach future generations. They have been unfortunately unaware of the circumstance outside of Nirauan, having had lost communication with the rest of the galaxy and are trying to understand the reason the Jedi are fighting the Republic's attempt at galactic peace. While neither are willing to ally themselves with the Galactic Coalition, the coalition attempts to quell their fighting in hopes of eventually recruiting the Jedi to their cause, and those Sith that can see reason.
  12. Outpost Csaplar

    Regarded as an anomaly in terms of advancement, this outpost is on-par with the High Tower in terms of defenses and sustainability, in addition to being one of the oldest settlement raised on the planet, almost over 2000 years prior. Resembling a military base, this outpost has the most advanced research facility on the planet and offers more scientific minds to work within their walls for resources that are difficult to obtain in the northern hemisphere. The terrain surrounding Outpost Csaplar is barren and frigid, leading to most fauna surrounding it to be imported beasts from Csilla and other cold climate planets. Tauntauns are often used as forms of scouts to find new mineral rich areas, while also serving as sacrifices to more aggressive beasts that managed to be brought over to the planet. Maintained and governed by members of the Chiss Ascendancy, the individuals that work and live within this outpost in the northern hemisphere actively work alongside the Galactic Coalition, actively working on advancing current medical treatments and the development of charric weaponry to assist in reclaiming the galaxy. Unfortunately for the coalition, the Chiss Ascendancy will not put forth their full support, and are utilizing this outpost as a testing ground to see if they are worthy of assisting, while also utilizing them as research to see how resolute they are.
  13. The High Tower

    Grandiose and filled with high quality technology, the inner main chamber of the High Tower boasts high ceilings and a beautiful interior. Unlike the outside, the inside is bright and colorful with banners of all factions displayed proudly above, along with the Coalition’s symbol being engraved into the floor below. Guardsmen rotate every five hours to ensure no conflicts arise in the central chamber, and even though they usually only break up physical fights, they will attempt to keep those within the chamber protected no matter what. There is a large information desk near the entrance, with droids available to assist those with questions and concerns about the tower itself and others available to act as guides. Behind the information desk there is four turbolifts located in the center of the chamber that are labelled accordingly in aurebesh, with the "Living Quarters" turbolifts being positioned at the front, while the "War Council Chamber" turbolifts are located in the back, each with protocol droids ready to assist those moving into the High Tower for residence. Countless chambers litter the High Tower, though many of the chambers are dedicated to research and development, as well as medical procedures. There is an embassy in the furthest point of the chamber itself where individuals from the Galactic Coalition gather to diplomatically discuss relief efforts and war efforts with representatives of the Chiss Ascendancy and other neutral factions that have been affected by the Supreme Chancellor’s move to deal out swift justice to former criminals and those he deems war criminals. While nothing fancy, the room hosts a variety of seats and a central holo-projector to discuss current happenings in the galaxy. The leftmost chamber near the Training Facility is a hospital that is highly advanced to deal with limb replacements and other tedious and precise procedures, as well as containing six bacta tanks to assist in helping wounded soldiers once they return from missions. While this chamber is constantly built upon to accommodate the resources gained by the Galactic Coalition, it is sanitized daily to ensure the safety of the patients, as well as to give it a clean and friendly look. Working within this chamber are Jedi Healers and medical personnel from all backgrounds that work overtime to assist in the safety of the coalition’s populace. The rightmost chamber near the Archives is a factory that is dedicated to the development of new technology that is not military-based. Utilizing the resources provided to them by all four factions, new medicines, cybernetic replacements and augments, as well as civilian vessels are created daily to supplement the ever-growing population of Praetorium. Workers within this factory are provided with housing nearby to ensure they can return to their jobs safely and securely. On the floors above the main chamber lay countless living quarters that are small in comparison to the housing within the districts, supplying all the necessary requirements while not over committing to these apartments. Individuals that arrive at the High Tower and are not with family are provided with a simple bunk, rations, clean water and a refresher to help them while they wait to be housed within one of the districts. Families that come to Praetorium are provided much more high quality rooms to compensate for the amount of space required, though most families are immediately redirected to a district to keep the population within the tower stable.
  14. Nirauan Wildlife

    The world outside of the walls surrounding Praetorium is lush with life and small lakes that bring many different fauna and flora to light, though mostly thanks to previous settlers many fauna have adapted to the life they have been provided with. Countless species around the galaxy litter the surface, while rare and unknown species are learned about daily. The native fauna have records on them, though only the ones living underneath the surface of the planet have any detailed information on them, and even then it is pretty straight forward. Underneath the surface of the planet even life blooms, with the vicious fire creepers eating whatever gets caught in their webbing The intelligent Qom Jha and Qom Qae patrol the skies and cave systems, though they tend to avoid contact with the settlers and instead prefer to watch them from afar. With new settlers arriving every day, the fauna continue to expand and new species are discovered, leading many to question what else lies within the depths of the forests, deserts, lakes and caverns. Known imported fauna in the central and southern hemispheres of Nirauan include nerfs, tusk cats, vornskrs and rancors. Nerfs and tusk cats are used as beasts of burden and were brought over by the former settlers of the planet in hopes of developing new life, while the vornskrs and rancors were brought in by big game hunters from long ago,and they have unfortunately survived in the wilderness by eating whatever they could to sustain themselves. Due to the vicious creatures brought over, it is recommended individuals do not go out alone into the wilderness, unless well trained. Known imported species that have been seen within the northern hemisphere of Nirauan include tauntauns, jakobeasts, gorgodons, and asharl panthers. Tauntauns and jakobeasts were brought by the Chiss to be used as a form of protection from the lifeforms they discovered on the planet, while the gorgodons and asharl panthers were brought in by big game hunters from long ago. Unfortunately for the Chiss, they have survived in the frigid wastelands by adapting and eating what was available, killing Chiss and stragglers that accidentally fell upon their lairs. Will you discover some new species of flora or fauna on Nirauan, or will those untold wonders go to waste?
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