In The Land Of The Barabel!

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Selona 18th 3632 bby


Nar Shaddaa, orbit.


Karter had been held up in orbit for hours by the pirates-in-all-but-name who actually controlled Nar Shaddaa at the behest of Hutt Gangsters. Their cruiser had forced the ship to stay in orbit while they checked his claims of a pre-arranged meeting with a mid level Hutt Gangster he had done business with on Brentaal. The Hutt in question, Rejekk The Hutt, was not among the most powerful. His ownings and interests were modest. But he was not without his weight either. Someone would get punished if they crossed him. Rejekk, it turned out, unlike a lot of Hutts, understood the value of restraint but was nonetheless rather vicious when crossed. But he was strangely cautious also. Karter liked that about Rejekk, interestingly enough. 


Karter had been stewing in the co-pilots seat for the past fifteen minutes, waiting for clearance. He was quaking with rage at being held up for so long, unable to do anything about his current situation as he waited.


Finally, a ping on the comms caught his attention. "You've been cleared to land. Your arrangement with Rejekk will not be disrupted. But a warning first: WE may have beneficial arrangements with Rejekk, but other crews in orbit might not. Keep it in mind and be prepared to negotiate in the future," the voice of the male captain on the other end warned.


"Understood," he said, turning to Kal in the Pilot's seat. "Pilot in slowly. And let me do the talking. I've done business with Rejekk once before. Don't let people brush against you...there are pickpockets everywhere. We'll likely be under observation the moment we enter the compound. After we land, prepare the weapon shipments we stole: Not good to enter a crimelord's lair without a gift. I'll talk price for them and then find out about this assignment he wanted me for. Above all show respect. Show no fear. They smell fear and will use it as weapon of intimidation," he instructed his new employee.

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Kal nodded, pressing a few buttons and easing on the thrusters. The silver handles helped ease up on the piloting, which was good, but also more so for him to see the planet with its blinking golden lights on the planet's surface. In all honesty, this was his first time heading for Nar Shaddaa and already he felt at home here. Maybe he could do the job of a smuggler, but that would mean he would have to kill Jedi... great. But which Jedi would he kill?


"And if they don't negotiate? What then, Karter?" Kal asked, softly but loud enough for his Dark Jedi employer to hear. It was a good question, but even that didn't ease his confusion and nervousness. Sure, he would get the shipment ready for selling, but just what were they facing? What did the Rejekk look like? Come on, he knew he recognized species... but not all of them. Oh boy. Just what was he getting himself into?

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"I don't think they won't negotiate on a relatively insignificant matter such as the weapons we stole. But if they decide to be stupid, be ready to shoot. You ever seen those ridiculously violent action holos where, like, people are all flying around, dual wielding blaster pistols and like, for whatever reason, when some one draws a pistol or opens fire, white little birds end up flying around super dramatic and shavit? Yeah, uh, don't do that. You will die. Painfully. Super painfully. Find cover and shoot from cover. Dual wielding is possible but it requires training I haven't had time to impart yet. Or if you can run and shoot, move from cover to cover. But, don't pull a weapon until I do. Oh, and, uh, you're gonna want to wear some armor. I got a stolen police vest with some durasteel plating. I think it'll fit you. Left it in your room this morning. It'll protect your chest, but not much else. Remember, follow my lead," he explained before getting up out of the co-pilot's seat. He headed to his quarters retrieving his own, personal red lightsaber. He had grown used to his weapon, had become one with it. He knew it now better than he knew the back of his own hand.


He hid it up the sleeve of his own black jacket, getting into a lotus position and meditated, focusing on his rage and hatred towards the Jedi, shutting the door to his quarters with telekinesis. He had used the tip of his blade previously to trace a sign on its surface, in case Kal forgot his rule.


It read, in large, jagged letters, KNOCK FIRST!

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Kal nodded. "Understood." Well, if he was to get somewhere in life as a smuggler, this would have to do. Taking his time, as much time as there could be, he set the ship in autopilot and charged off towards his cabin. He sighed. Well, he made a little effort in decorating his room, with some pictures of his friends, who he abandoned and stunned back home. It wasn't the best reminder, but it would do. At least, he knew what would happen if he returned home to Alderaan... he would be in trouble for sure.


The police uniform certainly gave way to a more durable asset. Besides, the given color choice, which was black, the uniform fortunately had that vest. Well, at least Karter was sensible there. He strapped on the clothes, checked the suit twice to make sure his chest wasn't too bulky and returned to the cockpit. In haste, he flipped the autopilot switch to manual control. Good. That was done. Now, he needed to find the docking bay and reach the planet's surface, beforehand. He looked above his head. It had gone from inky black to a swelling on sunlight.


Well, this was it. This was where his smuggling expertise would come in handy. He looked around for his employer. Surely, Karter would want to know they had arrived. "Karter, we're here." They were in the docking bay. He pressed the button for the landing gear. The ship docked with ease. He sighed. So far, so good. Now on to get those weapons.

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Karter rose from his meditation, properly focused now that he had immersed himself in his hatred. He exited his quarters, face concealed under his hood. He exited the ship, finding a Rodian in green combat armor escorted by bodyguards.


"Rejekk will see you now, please follow us," the Rodian ordered them.


Karter followed, calling out to Kal. "There's a cart next to the weapon cases, load them on and follow me."




Rejekk's compound on Nar Shaddaa was deep in the urban center, an unassuming, converted and reinforced black office building about six stories high with gold tinted transparisteel windows. Karter and company were led past the security checkpoint at the front lobby.


Karter took note of the surroundings in the interior. Creamy pastel walls and ceiling with amber running lights and a gold marble floor. The dozens of guards armed with slugthrowers caused Karter to realize Rejekk had told them about him.


Fine. He could deal.


The black doors ahead, giant and carved with simple engravings slid open revealing Rejekk the Hutt resting on a golden sofa, flanked by a golden protocol droid and two gold painted Twi-lek slaves wearing VERY little. Karter was reminded of that senator he had once rescued with Arkanus. He almost smiled but crushed the good memory. He had to focus on the now. Focus on the hate.


The room was vast, filled with pilferred museum pieces from the Great Sith War. Ancient armor, mostly. 


"Mighty Rejekk, good to see you," Karter said with proper deference. He sweapt a hand behind him. "I bring you a minor gift. Sonic pistols, custom jobs from an Alderaanian palace. One of a kind.


The Hutt spoke slowly. Karter sensed Rejekk seemed pleased.


"Rejekk thanks you for your gift. He is prepared to offer you twelve thousand for the whole thing."


Hmmph, not what Karter had been expecting but he could deal. He still had one more play though.


Karter removed the lightsaber of the Jedi he had slain on Alderaan from his jacket. He flashed the blade on. It was yellow in color.


Rejekk's eyes widened. He spoke quicker now to his droid.


"Mighty Rejekk is prepared to offer you twenty four thousand credits for your rare, yellow bladed saber."


"Done," Karter confirmed.


"Rejekk is also prepared to offer you access to his markets as a gesture of gratitude," the droid continued. "Provided of course you are willing to accept his mission."


"Of course. I and my employee stand ready to serve your interests."


Rejekk spoke quicker in Huttese.


"Mighty Rejekk wishes you to journey to an obscure planet of great danger known as Barab 1. It is an irradiated wasteland and uninhabitable in the daytime, and just barely tolerable at night. Severe torrential downpours. Vicious predators. You will be delivering a shipment of blaster cannons and grenades to a strong tribe of Barabel, so that they may wipe out a rival tribe. Complete this task, and you will be greatly rewarded. Not only with credits, but with something relevant to your situation..."


Karter raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"


Rejekk snapped his stubby fingers, and a small cylinder was brought out, and the droid opened it.


Karter stared at the drawing. It was a drawing of a curved hilt lightsaber.


"I presume you have the scematic that goes with that drawing. One question...how? The Jedi guard such knowledge jealousy."


"You are aware of the recent bombing of Tython?" The droid inquired. 


Karter had heard something about that. Satele Shan herself had been killed in it. And while he hoped his brother had survived, and maybe Brison, though his feelings towards her were VERY mixed, along with Inoy, for the rest, he merely regarded it as divine punishment from God, their Karma for destroying the Confederacy.


To be honest, he had considered abandoning his crusade against the order then and there, but the Order needed to understand why such a thing had been rendered to their doorstep. It wasn't enough that Karma had exacted its wrath for the Jedi's hubris...the last confederate survivor had to render his own wrath before he was satisfied that the Jedi had been sufficiently punished.


"I am," Karter answered. "I presume you managed to steal it?"


"Not quite. When the wretched Jedi Order fled their temple, many attempted to carry multiple documents with them. Some were lightsaber schematics. When they were all captured, inside men who had managed to insert themselves into the teams responsible for cataloging all seized contraband and equipment seized documents also. As some were relatively unsecured, photos were taken before put into storage as originally intended. This was one of those documents," the droid finished. "As Rejekk is aware of your nature as a Dark Jedi, he is prepared to reward you with this should your mission on Barab be successful."


Karter bowed. "I accept your mission. When do I leave?"


"As soon as possible. Rest first, and avail yourself of our resident merchants on the second floor," the droid answered as cases of credits were dropped at Karters feet by surrounding guards.


It was time to go shopping.

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