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Star Wars: Fates

Equipment List

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Equipment List


Novice: Durasteel, Duraplast, Plastoid, Hide, Low Quality Silks
Intermediate: Lashaa Silk, Nanosilk, Cortosis Weave, Krayt Dragon Scales
Expert: Ultrachrome, Songsteel, Shell Spider Silk, Pure Cortosis Bracer

Faction Restricted: Phrik(Republic) Sithspawn Leather(Empire) Beskar’gam(Mandalorian)


Armor Upgrades

Novice: Rebreather, Optical Enhancer, HUD, Oxygen Reserves, Fibercord Launcher, Wrist-laser, Wristband Blades

Intermediate: Gauntlet-blade, Shield Generator, Stealth Field Generator, Motion Tracker, Mag Boots, Wrist-mounted flamethrower, Wrist Rocket Launcher

Expert: Carbonite Emitter, Wrist Vac, Toxicity Dart Shooter, Data Spike, Stimulant Injector, Sniper HUD

Faction Restricted: Crushgaunts (Mandalorian)


Novice: Basic Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Heavy Blasters, Sniper Rifles, Lightsabers, Slugthrower Pistols, Durasteel Vibroweapons, Light Blaster Cannon, Throwing Blades

Intermediate: Heavy Blaster Pistols, Light Repeating Blaster Rifles, Sonic Blasters, Advanced Sniper Rifles, Slugthrower Rifles, Automatic Slugthrowers, Heavy Blaster Cannon, Cortosis-weave Vibroweapons, Vrakolian Spin-blades

Expert: Heavy Repeating Blasters, Songsteel Weapons, Disruptor Weapons, Charric Weapons, CryoBan Rifle, Chemical Launchers
Faction Restricted: Beskar Weapons (Mandalorians)


Ranged Weapon Upgrades

Intermediate: Larger Power Pack, Energy Pak Dampener, Incendiary Rounds(Slugthrower)

Expert: Explosive Launcher(Rifle Add-on), Explosive Rounds(Slugthrower), Cryogenic Rounds(Slugthrower),


Melee Weapon Upgrades

Intermediate: Mullinine Edge, Sonic Energy Cell, Neutronium Edge, Enhanced Energy Cell

Expert: Devaronian Edge, Ostrine Edge, Ion Energy Cell, Electric Energy Cell


Lightsaber Color Crystals

Novice: Blue Adegan Crystal, Green Adegan Crystal, Red Synthetic Crystal, Orange Synthetic Crystal

Intermediate: Permafrost Crystal(Icy Blue), Eralam Crystal(Aqua Blue), Ankarres Crystal(Sapphire), Hurrikaine Crystal(Purple), Dantooine Crystal(Magenta), Qixoni Crystal(Blood Red), Solari Crystal(Orange), Sigil Crystal(Amber), Dantari Crystal(Yellow), Synthetic Crystal(Any Single Color - Not Black)

Restricted: Black-bladed Lightsabers

Lightsaber Upgrades

Intermediate: Crossguard(Single), Fibercord, Cell Recognizer (Hilt), Alarm (Hilt)

Expert: Magnetic Pommel, Dual Phase Switch, Extendable Hilt, Guard Shoto, Shock (Hilt)

Restricted: Dual-Vented Hilt

Novice: Frag Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Pulse Grenade, Sonic Grenade
Intermediate: Ion Grenade, Low Yield Thermal Detonator, Nerve Gas Grenade, Adhesive/Glop Grenade, Detonite (Tape or Putty)

Expert: Thermal Plastoid, Toxic Gas Grenade, Corrosive Gas Grenade, CryoBan Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Military Grade Thermal Detonator


Personal Vehicles

Novice: Speeder, Speeder Bike, Swoop Bike, Shuttle

Intermediate: Starfighter, Personal Starship, Light Freighter

Expert: Militarized Personal Starship, Yacht, Heavy Freighter, Sail Barge


Ship Upgrades

Intermediate: Improved Shielding, Improved Reactor Core, Enhanced Hyperdrive, Improved Weapon Power, Improved Armour Plating, Improved Ion Engines, Registry Manipulation, Improved Ion Cannons, Ship-to-Ship Grappling Lines, Improved Missile Capacity, Enhanced Maneuvering Package

Expert: Military Grade Power Core, Military Grade Shielding, Military Grade Ion Engines, Military Grade Sensor Suite, Internal Defences, Tractor Beam Emitter, Quad Laser Batteries, Backup Life Support Generators, Military Grade Thruster Package
Restricted: Cloaking Device, Specialised Armor Plating Reinforcement (i.e. Beskar, other rare/restricted materials), Boarding Pods. Other restrictions apply based on the size of the craft being upgraded (e.g. A starfighter wouldn’t be able to fit a Quad Laser Battery, as it lacks the size and power supply)

Droid Personnel

Novice: Protocol Droid, Servant Droid, Mouse Droid

Intermediate: Astromech Droid, Medical Droid

Expert: Security Droid, Assassin Droid

Restricted: Battle Droid, War Droid

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