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Mission Idea & Interest Checking

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With tensions ramping up in the galaxy between the Empire and the Republic, there are some questions that come into the periphery. One of those questions is how neutral planets are approached, and how they deal with a war between two great powers. It can't just be that they are left out of it entirely, not universally at least, so I had the idea that maybe there could be some neutral planet in the galaxy that has something both the Republic and the Empire want and/or need to help their respective positions in the war and galaxy.


What the resource is, remains up to debate, as does the planet in question, but the idea is generally this: The Empire and Republic send diplomatic envoys to the planet in question in order to meet with the leaders on that world to discuss either entry into the Republic, or being extended into the protection of the Empire. As to be expected, missions such as this are both dangerous, and pose different issues. One of those is the potential for the Empire to attempt sabotage or assassination of the Republic diplomat sent to negotiate, and/or vice versa, while others are there defending their respective political charges. This is a loose idea so far, so I would love for people to throw their input and ideas into this as well to see if we can get the idea off the ground.

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