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Star Wars: Fates

READ FIRST: Character Application Template

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Roleplay Character Application


This thread is a helpful guide to creating new Roleplay Characters for existing Star Wars: Fates Members or future members, the forum for applying to the site is located here.


To apply with a new Roleplay Character, you must provide a number of details before that character can officially be used in any plotlines or stories which involve this character. This ensures that no characters which are potentially rule-breaking or borderline God-tier are brought into the Star Wars: Fates Roleplaying Community, without first being vetted and checked by an administrator. This forum is so that the guidelines are uniform across the site - so that no characters get left behind or forgotten, and that due process is taken care of while problem character traits can still be fixed or altered without the need for undue stress.

Applications must be made in an individual thread, with the title "Roleplay Character: {{Character Name}}"


To make this uniform, the requirements to apply with a new character are as follows;

  • The character must have a decent biography.

By decent biography, this means that the main characteristics of a character as they arrive in the Star Wars: Fates Community must be reasonably explained. For simple characters, like a Shoe Maker on Coruscant, their backstory might only consist of a couple of paragraphs explaining how they entered into the shoe making business, and what is their main motivation for being a roleplay character. Perhaps his shop burnt down, or his family was abducted by the Hutt Cartel. There are no surprises in the manner of the backstory - certain facts may be omitted (if you want to allude to the fact that his daughter actually staged the abduction, for instance) but for the most part the biography exists to get into the mind of the character.

The biography is also a helpful tool for the writer, to get into the mindset of a character. There have been plenty of times that I've been writing a backstory for a character I've been thinking about, when I realize something important about their past. Something that gives the character dimension, or could potentially be a problem in the future. It can give you a clue on what sort of problems they might face in the future - and let you into the mind of the character you intend on sending out into the world.

  • Your character must have a profile picture, and a purpose.

Like all characters that apply to the Star Wars: Fates, you are required to have an avatar which in some way represents your Roleplay character. They must also have a purpose for existing - and comply with the site rules about characters (including Mary Sue / Godmodding). Characters should not exist for the purpose of a single RP, Roleplay Characters are expected to grow, learn and be a part of the community in their own way. They should not simply be support characters for another character's benefit, they need to have their own agendas and goals.


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Name: (The first and last name, singular name, or the moniker of your character)
Gender: (The gender of your character)
Species: (The species/race of your character)

Rank: (The rank of your character, and/or Force rank based on their strength in the Force and availability of teachings)
Date of Birth: (Staff can assist with this, basically take the character's age and add it to the current year located on the front page.)


Appearance: (Go into some detail on your character's appearance, their skin color, eye color, hair color and style, their physical condition (are they skinny, muscular, lean, or some other build), their height and weight, in addition to notable markings such as scars, tattoos, cybernetics and other distinct features.)

Possessions: (List your character's possessions, from armor, their own apartment, etc. - a list of available equipment can be found here. Note what your character typically wears (if it's armor or robes), if you do not often describe your character's appearance. You may add as much detail as you want to describing your character's possessions, though we do not enforce people to do that.)

Personality: (A brief summary of their personality, in addition to potential voice tones)


Skills, Abilities and Talents: (A summary of the character's strengths, or just a summary of what the character is average at. This will allow members and the staff to gauge how well balanced, or specialized the character is. Updating this section is not required, though it is encouraged to show your character's growth by expanding on their more simpler feats.)
Biography: (A simple three, or more, paragraph biography to describe the character's history and background, potential tie-ins for future plots and potential collaboration with members. Updating this is not required, though it is encouraged as your character progresses)
Character Skills and Abilities:
(A list of skills and abilities the character has to keep track of. The skills are located here and the Force Powers are located here.)
Final Notes: (If you are to request something, please leave it here so the staff can see it, this is not part of the full biography. If you are a new member and were recruited by a fellow member, please leave their name here - or their alias used.)


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Posted (edited)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


In this section you will be able to find answers to multiple questions asked to the staff by members of the community and questions that have been brought up through staff discussion. If you are on a computer, you can use the combination of Ctrl + F to find certain keywords by typing them in. If you have any questions that have not been answered in this thread, please do approach an on-duty Administrator and they will answer to the best of their ability, or have another Administrator deal with it if they are not sure.


Character Information: Are There Character Restrictions?

Unfortunately you are not allowed to have any familial connection to canon characters, clones, spirits attached to characters, the same history as canon characters, and having a faceclaim well known characters in the Star Wars mythos, this includes most armors of famous canon characters. Examples of this are being time traveling characters that fought alongside Darth Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, being the creator of the Darksaber, and having the face of Luke Skywalker.


An exception to the familial connection are the Chiss families and Mandalorian Clans due to them typically not having actual connections to canon characters. This includes names of popular characters in other genres outside of Star Wars, such as Bruce Wayne and other superheroes. This also includes being the son of the creator, or the creator themselves, of canon items such as '(the son of) the inventor of the vibroblade'. If you are not capable of creating a name, use a name generator to create a name, or use it to pick names and combine them.


Clones, while they are possible and really difficult to pull off, are typically not allowed as a mechanism to get a power boost or to be connected to a canon character. Cloning is a possibility, though it typically requires a plot reason more than just a want, like many things on this FAQ list. Clones, even in the Rise of the Empire era were dysfunctional, while clones were typically expected to only live a short amount of time. If you wish to create a clone of another writer's character, please approach the writer to create an actual story of how it transpired to create a solid plot, and then the administrative staff before going ahead with the idea.


Spirits, while they are cool to have bound to characters, are off-limits when you start your character. An exception to this is if your character is a hollowed out body for a Sith spirit, which then that is acceptable to a degree. Later on, you can obtain Force Walking to bind spirits to your character, but unfortunately at the start you are incapable of starting off with spirits bound to your character.


Time traveling characters are typically frowned upon due to the fact they are used to be alongside a character who was popular within canon prior, this includes carbonite freezing or Hyperdrive malfunctions. While you can have a character that was frozen in carbonite from a long period of time, it is expected that there is a reason for the character being frozen in carbonite, such as to save them from a disease, or a poison, or simply forgotten to time. It is important to remember that carbonite freezing causes people to be extremely weakened for a long period afterwards, especially when prolonged, and that should affect the character.


Sharing the same history as someone like Darth Revan is definitely a no-go, but having a basic history where your character was growing up as a Force-sensitive, gets selected by the Jedi/Sith, goes to train and excels in certain areas is alright. You could even have your character be a moisture farmer, so long as the story is not the same as Luke Skywalkers.


Faceclaims aren't something we keep track of, though your display picture should be something that fits your character's physical appearance. It is encouraged to find a picture for the character without resorting to a Star Wars picture that is posted on Wookieepedia, and if you are incapable, ask an administrator or to go to this thread and put in a basic request, so the community can attempt to assist you. Character appearances can be altered through photo manipulation to utilize a canon character, while having it distinctly different. An example of this is the character Darth Verrin, who uses a properly photo manipulated version of Darth Maul due to their characters sharing the same species, but outside of that they have almost no similarities, including skin color.


Armors are an iffy territory, as most people want to have the armor of Darth Revan, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader and other important characters, and while it is possible for your character to have a similar design, using a picture of the character is typically frowned upon. When in doubt, just use the written format to describe the armor.


Character Information: Are There Restricted Species?

Fortunately, and somewhat unfortunately, there are species that are listed as restricted and in this section you will be able to find them. Certain species that are on this list are simply extinct or simply haven't been to this portion of the galaxy yet. Other species that have been restricted are simply too powerful, or can be used to Godmod by either being literally immortal, or having some enhanced regenerative ability. While some of the species may be listed as extinct, there are two exceptions to these restrictions, alongside others down the line.


Species that are extinct in this current era are the Kwa, the Gree, and the Ancient Rakata. Though a Rakata character can be made still, they can not possess the knowledge of the Ancient eras and their technology, due to the fact almost all their technology were superweapons powered by the dark side of the Force. A near-extinct species are the Taung and they can be created, though it will require a proper explanation as to how they have survived this long.


Species that have yet to make their appearances known to the galaxy in this current era are the Yuuzhan Vong, Chazrach, Ssi-ruuk, Diathim and Maelibi. While Diathim, or space angels as they are called, have been sighted, they have not purposely gone out of their way to make themselves known, alongside the Maelibi who occupy the same planet and are regarded as space demons. The Yuuzhan Vong and their slaves the Chazrach, as well as the Ssi-ruuk are three species that have not made the travel to the known universe and simply are regarded as 'non-existent' in this era.


Species that are simply too powerful are the Celestials and Celestial entities, Dragons, and most Gen'dai. Though Gen'dai seem weird to be on this list, they are regarded as simply too strong with very little weakness outside of minor insanity, as they are extremely fast, have an incredible regenerative factor that makes them nearly immortal and they are extremely strong. Like the Taung, Gen'dai are near-extinct due to the fact they barely reproduce. While it is possible to approach the administrative team to portray a Gen'dai, it would need to be weakened significantly as not many characters carry around nuclear weapons, fortunately.


Character Information: What About Dathomir Witches and Vampires?

Witches in this current era are almost all light sided, they barely even scratch the dark side like in the future eras - they are typically called shamans due to their focus on healing and other natural uses of the Force. While it is possible to roleplay one, most natives are very primitive, though they'd have a firm grasp on beast-related Force abilities, and healing, alongside hunting skills and melee weapons. These are not the same as Nightsisters, who did not come into being until around 600 BBY.


Vampires, while an iffy thing, are typically regarded as okay so long as they are portrayed realistically, though the affliction can not be spread to other characters. They have their own weaknesses and strengths, though how the character became a vampiric creature must be explained in their biography in some detail. When creating a character such as this, give them some form of blatant weakness outside of 'needing to feast' or 'weakness to sunlight' - delve into how their body reacts when they haven't properly fed such as the degeneration of cells, and explain their moral compass, how far they will go to feed and if they reject it.


An example of this is the formerly afflicted Lucian Eidolon, who was a character that had been afflicted by the experiments of the Sphere of Biotic Science to create a new breed of super soldiers - though the serum failed creating a deprived human who slowly withered away due to the need to constantly feed to properly sustain himself. Due to the deprived nature of this affliction, it also caused Lucian to wither away due to the dark sided nature, hastening cellular degeneration to the point of eventually becoming a human husk.


Character Information: What About The Events of SW:TOR, How Much Does the Site Stick to the Game?

Due to the rather restricting nature of the expansions (The Outlander and such), the site canon splintered off around Makeb and the Dread Masters uprising. This means that Revan's rather shoehorned resurrection never occurred, and Zakuul did not take off as a superpower in the galaxy - though Zakuul does remain as a force in the galaxy. Allied with the Hapes Consortium, they are neither pro-Republic or pro-Imperial, preferring to, currently, stay neutral in the war and to rebuild their damaged utopia.


Due to a past storyline where Vitiate was officially banished to Chaos by a former Emperor, Vitiate (Valkorion) did not succeed in creating his (temporarily) perfect vision of the galaxy. Due to the disappearance of the family of Valkorion after Vitiate was banished to Chaos, Zakuul eventually fell into disarray and had it's own civil war which tore apart most of it's government. In place of an Emperor now sits council of seven, simply known as the Council of Zakuul, who are selected members of both the Knights of Zakuul and the Zakuulian military. While the Knights of Zakuul exist in some form, they are few and far between, most of their surviving members acti as law enforcers. The Heralds of Zildrog are weakened, though they have successfully infiltrated the Council of Zakuul.


Well-known characters such as Darth Nox, Cipher Nine, the Hero of Tython and the Emperor's Wrath have been confirmed to be killed in action, while the other reputable characters are simply missing in action. 


Character Information: Where Does My Character Start?

Fortunately we have nice little sub-forums for each main faction that have locations for everyone within a faction to start at. For neutral characters, we fortunately, or unfortunately, lack a sub-forum for every known planet within the galaxy, though we do have a Greater Galaxy section that encompasses most of the galaxy they can begin where ever they wish. 


Jedi characters will start on Coruscant after just finishing their second Jedi Trial, which cannot be the Trial of the Spirit as this needs to be achieved through roleplay, given to them by another Jedi Knight or Jedi Master, to provide them with a nice 'character boost' at the start, giving them something to write about in their biography. Sith characters will typically start on Korriban after finishing their second Embodiment, and that cannot be the Embodiment of the Dark Side, given to them by one of the overseers, to provide them with a nice 'character boost' at the start, giving them something to write about in their biography.


Republic Military characters can begin either on Anaxes or Coruscant, and Imperial Military characters can begin on Dromund Kaas, both factions just finishing their basic training and their own specialized training. 


Character Information/Advancement: How Do I Gain More Skills and What Should I Avoid?

A question that had been asked by the staff when the system was introduced was 'how can characters advance normally?' and we came to a fairly easy solution of allowing members to train at least one rank above their own from a person with said skill. While this wasn't the only solution, it was the one that was at the forefront of our minds - though there was a secondary method. Another method of doing this is by simply appealing to the staff with why the character would want the skill. Some characters may not just have these specific skills and some members may be on the opposite line in the galactic war, so it is only fair that we provide the secondary method to be fair and balanced.


We wanted some sense of natural progression, without forcing people to throw out constant training threads, to instead focus on roleplay and adventures with other members of the community.


If you were wondering where the martial arts are listed, you can find a temporary list right here. This list will be expanded on accordingly, including mentions of Mounted Combat and other unorthodox martial arts in detail to assist in writing them. While we do not allow for the creation of martial arts as there are a lot in the Star Wars universe, once you reach Expert in multiple you are capable of crafting and forming your own, by mixing together a blend of those available.


You may notice that there are only three ranks for Skills and four ranks for Force Powers, excluding the Restricted abilities and skills, and may wonder as to why this is the case. The simplest answer is, we wanted Force-blinds to advance at a quicker rate in terms of skills, instead of providing them a fourth tier that only assists Force-sensitives. There are normally only three normal ranks for Force-blinds to advance from, while there are four ranks for Force-sensitives to provide Force-sensitives with an incentive to reach the higher echelons within their respective Orders. However, Restricted skills are not provided a rank for a reason, they simply require a member to approach the staff and provide evidence that their character deserves them, along with proof of how they will utilize threads to develop these abilities.


While there are ways to do this properly, and somewhat improperly, there are two things that are regarded as a simple no-go, which will be covered in this paragraph. The first thing to note is selecting and choosing powers and skills to fit an upcoming thread with a group of individuals is regarded as metagaming, unless there is proper lead up - this goes doubly for player-versus-player threads. In addition to this smudge on what is considered against the rules, there is also grabbing a skill you never formerly had and immediately boosting it to the max rank possible (only applies to high ranking characters), this is typically regarded as a bad thing solely because it skips actual character growth. This creates a bad environment for members, as those that choose to skip ahead of the pack tend to become 'super heroes', or godmodders.


Character Advancement: Can I Start As A Lower or Higher Rank?

Fortunately if you wish to start as a Jedi Initiate or Sith Acolyte, you may do that, or even a lower rank in the military. Obviously giving yourself a disadvantage isn't always the best option, but if you feel like it can provide you the most amount of character development, then please do go for it. You will not be expected to do all five necessary 'trials', as that would be unfair, but you can do them if you feel like they will allow you to shape your character properly.


Unfortunately, starting at a higher rank such as Jedi Knight and Sith Master is not possible, without the right circumstances. The only notable time this is ever lifted is in the case of in-character death, where your new character can inherit the rank of the previous one - be it in the same faction, or another faction. Very rarely will the staff team allow a member to start with a character higher than the starter ranks due to it eventually becoming an expectation for other members - it would create an unfair environment.


Character Advancement: How Do I Ascend the Ranks?

Another question the staff sat on for a bit, before coming to the easy conclusion;


At the start of a character's life (the first rank), they should have some things completed, in the sense of what skills they begin with and what they have accomplished, allowing members to fulfill three important threads for the character. For Jedi and Mandalorians, as well as Sith, they must fulfill three Trials and Embodiments (respectively) and complete the advancement ceremony to the next rank. For military types, smugglers, pirates, and other types of characters, they must fulfill three threads that prove their character is growing, be it through reputation or simply through some significant event - from the death of a lover from a rival gang, or even fulfilling contracts for both sides of the war machine. This process should take only one month to five months to complete, based on the amount of story and character growth within.


The second rank consists of the character blossoming into their potential, taking on apprentices or allies, and providing assistance and training to their stories. For Jedi, Sith and Mandalorians, this typically means helping them with their Trials and Embodiments, while also showing your own character growth during these threads - though, unlike before you are only required to complete two of the Trials and Embodiments with the other individual to properly progress forward towards the next rank. For military types, smugglers, pirates and other types of characters, they must provide assistance to a group of individuals, by taking them under their wing, working alongside them or in most cases, assisting a faction with a certain endeavor. This process, like before, should only take a short amount of time, though it is expected that you continue to grow your character into what you want them to be.


The third rank, the final one in most regards, consists of the character reaching their max potential, taking on apprentices or allies with much more force, taking responsibility with the rank they are provided. Jedi Masters and Sith Lords may start to use their threads with their apprentices as a way to obtain attention from Council members, to ease them up to the position by proving they are capable of actually performing in the line of duty. For those that are within the military, or otherwise, they begin to take to the forefront of conflict, seeking to interact with the other faction and low ranked members to help guide them towards a certain goal that aligns with their faction, or with their own beliefs.


The fourth rank is reserved for those members that prove themselves to be capable of holding a leadership position within their factions. Jedi characters can ascend to the Jedi High Council by their ability to show character growth, work with other members and their ability to lead. Sith characters can ascend to the Dark Council by their ability to show character growth, their ability to work with other members, and ultimately to face off in a Kaggath against a player character, or non-player character. Mandalorian characters can ascend to the Clan Council by their ability to show character growth, work with other members and their ability to lead. Military types and those within spy organizations can reach their highest rank by doing the same, though the positions are typically regarded as less important mainly because they provide only in-character political power and doesn't provide more skills to be selected from.


Very rarely will the staff, alongside the respective faction hierarchies, work together to fill the ranks through raising members upwards.Though, there may be rare cases where certain lower tier members are showing incredible character growth, yet slow progression, and the staff will bring them aside and speak to them personally about the potential of being raised to a higher rank without fulfilling the requirements.


Character Advancement: How Can I Get Better Equipment, Why Are Some Items Restricted and How Does Crafting Work?

This question, mostly the last part, was a question the staff sat on for a long while on a potential solution to bring those characters that are less combat focused to the forefront of character progression, giving them a niche that fits them quite nicely.


Equipment is tiered according to what rank your character is, and like Skills, there are only three tiers. Should you want something from a higher tier, do not be afraid to request it to the staff - if there is backing as to why the character would have such an item, then we will definitely accept the request. Once an item is unlocked, it can be roleplayed out retrieving a similar piece of gear once more, if the item is destroyed. Items listed in the profile can range from their armor and weapons, to their own personal vehicles and housing arrangements. As Housing is not listed due to how restricting it is, it is recommended that you are realistic as to what your Jedi, Sith, or such lives in, and correspond it to your character's rank.


Restricted items are the best part of all, mostly because they fit certain niches for each faction, as well as being able to be gained through specific manners. Like a lightsaber is iconic to a Jedi and Sith, Beskar'gam and beskads are available to Mandalorians right out of the gate, though like most heavy armor, it is expected that members slowly progress with which pieces they have, before finally obtaining a full suit of armor. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for the Republic and Empire, their respective Phrik and Sithspawn leather armors are only available to them once they reach the third rank, due to how effective they are compared to beskar'gam, though they obviously are not as tough or as durable.

Crafting works through roleplay, so long as it makes sense for the character to have such materials. At the beginning characters can replicate armor and weapons to their rank, in addition to being able to eventually ascend and obtain the ability to craft restricted pieces of gear through roleplay, though it should be realized that a Jedi wearing Sithspawn leather may be frowned upon and characters incapable of proving themselves to Mandalorians while wearing pieces of it may put a target on their head.


Restricted droids and beskar items can be crafted by showing a proficiency in the skills, in addition to appealing to the staff when you feel you are ready to obtain such skills.


As this system is typically self-policed, we expect members to carry and own a certain amount of things that would be available to them, instead of providing them with a large arsenal of weapons that would make someone from a fantasy RPG blush. In addition, you can not use your own character to create another character of your own items, as that is typically regarded as unfair play.


Character Advancement: How Do I Obtain Weapon/Armor Upgrades and Why Are There No Cybernetic/Droid Upgrades Listed?

These two questions are simple, though you may have figured this out in the last paragraph. Weapon and armor upgrades are gained through achieving certain ranks, while crushgaunts are reserved for the second rank of Mandalorians.


Cybernetics obtained normally are durasteel by default - or other light weight materials without much advancement. This is only in place so people do not give themselves crushgaunt levels of crushing power and other overpowered cybernetic immediately. Cybertechs can create a mixture of powerful and useful upgrades that can vary from increased gripping power to being able to amplify a hearing implant to be able to pick up specific conversations by adjusting it. Cybernetic upgrades grow more powerful as you have your character tinker, similar to the other abilities - this just provides significantly more freedom.


Droids can gain armor upgrades that are realistic for them, in addition to being able to have Cybertechs create their own customized upgrades for droids.


The only exception to cybernetic upgrades is providing people with Force Powers through cybernetics, as this can replicate the same issue within the Skills section.


Character Advancement: I See People With Humanoid Personnel Instead of Droids, Where Is This Listed?

Droid personnel can be swapped to human personnel easily and that is what they did. It removes the durability of droids for the lack of ion weaknesses, a fair trade at the end of the day. Reach a high rank as a pirate or smuggler and want a crew? Simply do what they have done, though this does not make your character have an advantage over others.


Character Advancement: How Do I Obtain Animal Companions, Where Are They Listed?

Animal companions are not listed due to there being countless fauna in the Star Wars universe, and you can select most types of animal companions, within reason. This is a little tricky in the sense that, due to it being a self-policed system, that the writer must be willing to write how the character obtains such a companion and to be realistic with what it is. Starting out with small companions is completely fine, unless they are aggressive and dangerous like a nek dog. In addition, there must be a suitable reason for the character to take an animal companion, besides wanting a war mount or a nek dog - what brought them to want to ride on beasts and to fight?


There must also be a way written to control them and have a place for them to be sustained outside of storing them all within a small location, as Korriban and Coruscant can't really hold every animal an individual wants, mainly due to Sith wanting to infuriate their rivals and the fact they may rampage about on Coruscant.


There are some restrictions on animal companions, notable enough are Sithspawn, since every Sith and their mother want one. Very rarely can individuals tame Sithspawn, even temporarily, unless they are masters of Beast Control, and even then most Sithspawn are too dangerous to keep around - most of them are venomous or are extremely deadly. Should you wish to obtain such a 'pet', please approach an administrator with reasoning of why the character would want one and how they would be able to handle them.


As with Droid Personnel, this does not make your character have an advantage over others, unless they have combat training to be able to perform mounted combat.



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