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    Darth Cideon, the Emperor of the Sith Empire, has gone missing. In his absence, Darth Valerian was appointed by the Council to be the Lord Regent, and serve as the extension of the Emperor's will, in his place, while the Empire pretends as though nothing has changed.

    Meanwhile in the Empire, Darth Renatus has launched her attack on Darth Phynx, on a mysterious far away planet with a mysterious artefact. Who said Mystery wasn't granted.

    Darth Verrin, while on Korriban, was attacked by a Darth Venix and Corey Black while in the company of Darth Atrox before a prisoner's execution. Plots are beginning to move, as a restlessness begins to set into the Empire.

    In the Republic, the Supreme Chancellor has been slain by Grand Master Satele Shan. Shan, claiming to be defending the Jedi, is now on her way to the Jedi High Council to try and explain what happened.


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